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“Interview Lenny Wawczak - “Peterson will be charged with murder”






Lenny Wawczak Says Drew Peterson Will be Charged with Murder

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Wawczak Interview

Chicago -- Drew Peterson’s former friend is speaking out. Lenny Wawczak says police are getting closer to what they need. Wawczak says he and his wife secretly record conversations with Peterson. Peterson has never been charged in the death of his third wife and the disappearance of his fourth. But his former friend says he's helping to change that. Lilia Chacon has this Fox News Chicago exclusive.

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LILIA CHACON: Drew Peterson came out to get his mail at that mail box and he says he has yet to receive letter from the Will County States Attorneys office informing him that he's been the target of under cover surveillance but his former friend, Lenny Wawczak says it's only a matter of time when they receive that letter and faces murder charges.

(VOICE OVER) Len Wawczak and his wife Paula Stark insists they are a part of a carefully orchestrated effort to put the squeeze on Drew Peterson, a effort spearheaded by Illinois State Police.

LILIA CHACON: Do you feel you are authorized to release these tidbits?

LENNY WAWCZAK: For sure. Yeah because the thing of it is, I can tell you this much, my last conversation was from somebody from the Illinois State Police Department and that was today.

LILIA CHACON: Why should we believe what Lenny Wawczak say?

LENNY WAWCZAK: Well first off it would be real easy for the State Police to simply say to you NO, just one word NO but they don't.

(VOICE OVER) State Police refuse to comment on any surveillance efforts Wawczak and wife Paul say they wore wires for seven months and captured Drews own words incriminating him in two murders, that of his third wife Kathleen Savio and his fourth wife Stacy who disappeared last November.

LENNY WAWCZAK: I think Drew is probably sitting there trying to rack his brain and try and figure out exactly everything he said but you know that's seven months.

LILIA CHACON: Why do you think they want you to leak these damaging information?

LENNY WAWCZAK: Probably to rattle his cage at which it is indeed working.

(VOICE OVER) Wawczak appeared on Fox's morning show with Mike and Juliet Monday morning with Drew Peterson and his two attorneys and Wawczak said their facaud of cool is starting to crumble

LENNY WAWCZAK: I'm looking at em, You got Drew scratching his chest, you know a, Brodsky's over there rubbing his face all frantic, the other guy keeps looking at him, I mean, that to me shows nervousness. Drew's thing is this, he's famous saying, never let them see ya sweat. Well they dropped the ball yesterday because we got to see him sweat.

(VOICE OVER) Wawczak doesn't downplay by his own checkered past but he says he's go no reason to lie.

LENNY WAWCZAK: I filed bankruptcy, I was involved in an accident, had a couple disorderlies but you know what I don't kill for money.

LILIA CHACON: Peterson declined to talk with us on camera but he says he's tired of living in legal limbo. He says he just wants a fair chance to face charges and have an opportunity to clear his name.