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6:05 AM, MST, Thursday 4/1/99 (day #827, week #120, month #27, year #2)
Day #214 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 103
1. Cruelty to animals?

Good Morning and Happy April Fools Day!

"Prepared to be prepared" - Grand Jury conclusion media frenzy anticipated but the official spokes people are resolved to remain calm.

Excellent AP article on the financial burden on small communities because of high-profile cases, passing mention of JonBenét and Boulder's cash outlay (tip compliments of Steven).

A keeper! Kenny Be of West Word never fails with his loony take on the JonBenét drama - check out this Patsy cartoon (and be sure to clip and save).

The Candy Rose Guide to the Internet Subculture has a new home - please change your bookmark for this important site which will help you understand "us".

The index to Perfect Murder, Perfect Town has been updated with an extensive amount of new items - just print it out and tuck it in the back of your copy.

March 7th article from the Traverse City Record Eagle on the use of psychics by law enforcement to help solve murders.

Longmont Daily Times-Call coverage of the latest Boulder County child abuse resulting in death plea bargain.

Larry's Coat tails: Mrs. Brady's URLs had 25,057 visitors in the month of March, a new record - thank you for your support!

Housekeeping - I'm leaving today on a road trip to try to shake something loose...I'll have internet capability but I might not be able to access to upload a Friday and Saturday issue (but I'll try), so if I'm MIA tune in on Sunday for our special "risen from the dead" issue...

TV ALERT: The Unexplained, "Secret Societies", A&E, 7 PM, MST, revealing look at the Freemasons, the world's oldest and largest secret society.



April 29, 1999

6:40 AM, MDT, Thursday 4/29/99 (day #855, week #123, month #28, year #2)
Day #242 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 75
1. She's Baaaack...

Good Morning!

Charlie Brennan scoops and dishes an interview with a ranting and raving Crazy Aunt Pam - just wait until her lawyer finds out.

Ticked by the paper chase? The answer to yesterday's "crawled out from under the bus" riddle can be found in the "Reported By" in the bottom center column...

Rockford Files: Satellite dish owner and Justice Watch community member Rockford caught this encrypted audio in the FOX one-hour wild download to affiliates, recorded in apparent anticipation of an indictment, Fox's Eric Burns says...

"A Grand Jury has taken the 1st step towards solving the mystery - it has told us in its view whodunnit. But even if the Grand Jury is right a bigger mystery remains - WHY did they do it?' ...

Only the Mitchells can get away with quips like "As with many Boulder events, you never know who you'll wake up with." in this week's CityWise, and new JonBenét Trivia Challenge.

Yeah, but WHAT is he rolling in that paper? More on the guntoting, pot smoking high school principal applicant - "He looked good on paper."

The murder trial of 911-dialin' James Garner has begun with the screening of a pool of 500 prospective jurors - suppose Boulder County will need 5000 then.

You've heard of trial of the century...what was the trial of the Millenium? The first "runaway jury" detailed by Presumed Innocent author Scott Turow in today's New York Times (and yes, I'm proud to be a Pennsylvanian).

The Boulder Weekly cover story on Ramsey case commentator and BPD apologist Jann Scott is now up.

VCR ALERT: Listen Carefully - The Leeza show,( syndicated, check local listings), "Patsy Ramsey Revealed" will now air on Monday. Friday's show will also include a segment on JonBenét.


April 30, 1999

6:40 AM, MDT, Friday 4/30/99 (day #857, week #123, month #28, year #2)
Day #243 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 74
1. Another inmate heard from

Good Morning!

Mid May = May 15th? Although the Ramsey Grand Jury is "wrapping up" it's pace has slowed, meeting only one full day's worth in the past two weeks, from Matt Sebastian of the Daily Camera. (I still think it will be on my birthday, May 26th...)

Karen Auge of the Denver Post has a nifty little summary of where the Grand Jury likely is in the process and what the next steps will be.

Covering all the bases: The Hollywood Reporter contained a blurb yesterday that claimed that Perfect Murder, Perfect Town will be dramatized for CBS-TV as a mini-series sometime in the year 2000. Lawrence Schiller's last book "American Tragedy" is currently filming for ABC-TV (Norman Mailer wrote the screenplay). Schiller has said in the past that he will not address the issue of PMPT until the winter of 1999. Schiller, who is still in Boulder covering the grand jury for The New Yorker Magazine, and appears on TV for NBC-TV was not available for comment...

EXCLUSIVE! -Another inmate heard from: (see picture of the missive above, click for full-size image) J.T. Colfax has found more sick puppies who have never been interviewed by the BPD - but they should be (Warning: Graphic language).

Shades of JonBenét: Lawyered up early, the Harris and Klebold families still have not been interviewed by the cops.

Transcript of Thursday's Burden of Proof (CNN) with passing mention of the Ramsey case.

The South Boulder serial rapist is still at large, after the BPD admits that their best suspect has been cleared by DNA typing.

Spooky: "Ms. Ramsey indicted by Grand Jury for murdering her child!" - (scroll down to last story on this page) - problem is that this is Natachia Ramsey, and the case is from Maine, not Colorado...

TV ALERT: Leeza, (this is not a drill!) syndicated, check local listings, "Patsy Ramsey Revealed", guests are Dan Caplis and Michael Tracey.

UPCOMING: Monday, May 3rd, Leeza, syndicated, check local listings, "Ramsey Buzz", panel of guests including Peter Boyles, Frank Coffman, Judith Phillips and Tom Miller.


PS - Sorry I've been running so late lately, I've been listening to Peter Boyles on the net-cast of KHOW and it distracts me