Mrs. Brady’s Archives - April 2000

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6:13 AM, MDT, Tuesday 4/25/00 (day #1217, week #174, month #39, year #3)

1. Good Morning! Weeeel, no need to rush around and fix my web site problem when there's no news, eh? If Elian and JonBenet were black, would we care? Been there, done that commentary from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel... Both links with mentions of yet another Ramsey book - Donald Foster is writing on his linguistic analysis and will include the Ramsey note (see separate thread, research by deanner)... Department seeking volunteers for Citizens Review Panel Attention Boulder residents! May 1 deadline approaches for a BPD citizen review panel - mayhaps the Ramsey case is one to be inspected?

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "Cold Case Files", A&E, 7 PM, MDT, a part-time missionary is convicted, 38 years later, of killing her 5-year-old stepdaughter, and the skeleton of a Michigan boy, dead for 10 years, leads police to a serial killer.

TV ALERT: FBI Files, "Melissa Brannen: Missing", Discovery Channel, 8 PM, MST, 5-year-old Melissa Brannen disappeared from a Christmas party on Dec. 3, 1989, leaving behind a family wracked with anguish.



6:26 AM, MDT, Wed. 4/26/00 (day #1218, week #174, month #40, year #3)

1. Good Morning! From Rueters - Ramseys do a Roseanne Rosanna Danna and say "nevermind" to the WORLD...lie detector offer retracted (are you surprised?)... "Heh, Heh, Heh" is all I can say...Rocky Mountain News FRONT PAGE story on the polygraph bluff - note that Lisa with the two-last-names is no where in sight today... Spin the spin - Lin Wood admits that the press will spin the story as an offer revoked, with recollections of the Rammers appearances on Larry King Live, on the CNN site... The Associated Press has not one, not two, but THREE versions of a polygraph-bluff story running all over the nation... The Daily Camera describes the high stakes poker game, Rammers blink, Beckner stands pat...,1597,188506-326,00.shtml Brief report with BPD slant (gotta love it) from Denver CBS affiliate KCNC TV 4... But this one is the best (IMHO) - Denver Post front-pager with comments from Steve Thomas and this zinger from Mark Beckner..."if they want them for their own purposes, for public relations" (they can still contract and take their own test)... Compare all of the above to this terse, diplomatic, official statement from the BPD... And (LOL!) compare all that to this oh-so-obvious spin from the home of Ram-hugger Paula Woodward, Denver's KUSA TV 9 (this is funny and worth a click to read, really!)... In other news...1 Totally tongue in cheek take on the Elian frenzy, let's get over it and "get back to JonBenet", from the Orlando Sentinel... Sacrificing childhood - letter to the editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (scroll down to "Self-aggrandizement") denounces Ramseys and involvement in child beauty pageants... American Tragedy, with mention of recent PMPT mini-series, scroll down to the last story on this page... And, BTW, KHOW has moved it's audio feed to a new server, please bookmark this location to listen to Peter Boyles LIVE on the internet (weekdays, 5-9 AM, Mountain Time)...

TV AVOID: (Oh, gag me) Rebroadcast of the A&E Biography episode on Kris Kristofferson who portrayed Lou Smit in PMPT...6 PM, MDT...





6:41 AM, MDT, Thursday 4/27/00 (day #1219, week #175, month #40, year #3)

1. Good Morning! A keeper! Denver Post cartoonist Mike Keefe on the Ramsey bluff! Coincidence? Ramsey book has same title as a "1981 book that explored the sexualization of children and its dangers" - from the National Enquirer... Loving biography of Dokka Henry Lee from the New York Times - JonBenet is one of 800 unsolved murders he will work on in his retirement... Update on Larry Schiller's new project, the American Tragedy mini-series, with mention of PMPT... (If you can stand it, more on the American Tragedy mini-series in today's New York Post)... Obscure: The Boulder County Commissioners today (April 27th) will declare April 2000 (yep, this month) the "Month of the Young Child" (shows their priorities and lack of alacrity, yah?)...



6:18 AM, MDT, Friday 4/28/00 (day #1220, week #175, month #40, year #3)

1. Good Morning!

NOTE: Rammers on Burden of Proof today, see TV ALERT below... Uh oh! The Rammers are in Beeg Trouble!...Editorial in today's Daily Camera shames them, exposes the polygraph ruse (HINT: this is your future jury pool Patsy!)... Oh, LOL! Negotiations have started again on the polygraph? No way! (tip compliments of Anderson) and tell me WHY they went to an Atlanta station to spew this swill?... "Experts to review hair fiber tests" is title of missing Ramsey case article in today's Daily Camera, another bad may show up later here - More trouble in River City - ANOTHER retired Boulder cop speaks out against the Hunted's plea bargain coziness in letter to the Rocky (transcription by Fiddler)... Steve's book is hanging in there - now #11 on the Wall Street Journal best-seller non-fiction list... Murder on idyllic Carribean island compared to Ramsey case - homicides are rare on Tortulla, from the New York Post... "Elian has joined JonBenet as an instant TV icon" - commentary on the two 6-year-olds from MSNBC... Obsure (Boulderana) - MTV may air a sitcom based in Boulder - imagine a viagra incident with a pit bull, no I'm not making this up - maybe Alex can snare a role?

TV ALERT: John and Patsy take the PR campaign to Burden of Proof, LIVE, CNN, 10:30 AM, MDT...(hope Greta is on vacation, Roger can be relentless)...



7:48 AM, MDT, Saturday 4/29/00 (day #1221, week #175, month #40, year #3)

1. Good Morning! From Reuters (remember this runs world-wide), update on the Rammers whining on CNN yesterday and the meeting next week of the BPD, FBI, CBI and BocoDa dream team on hair and fiber evidence... "there will be arrests in January..." says DA candidate Ben Thompson (hey, I think we should all quit our jobs, abandon our families and move to Boulder to be his campaign workers...)

Yesterday's Denver Post has an article by Marilyn Robinson on the hair/fiber meeting (missed my deadline) but today their server is down (as of 8:45 AM, EDT)...later you can read it here...

(and "god only knows but he's not telling" what might be in today's Denver Post)... Darnay Hoffman's representation of Chris Wolf in a $50 Million libel suit is big news...Associated Press story running in the Colorado Springs Gazette (you can almost hear the journalism community cheering in the background)... Daily Camera headliner on the Chris Wolf suit, most fun Boulder has had for a long time... This is surprising! RamFan central KUSA Denver TV 9 on the Wolf lawsuit is pr-ram spinless... The Chris Wolf lawsuit is so hot it made the Atlanta papers, heh heh heh, scroll down 3/4 the way in this Nation in Brief column in today's Journal-Constituion... This is new, Greta taped a second, short interview (sans Roger) that will be only be aired over the internet...WARNING: very touchy, feely, sympathetic, no hard balls..but Patsy calls for Sheriff Epp to be given the investigation - curiouser and curiouser... Definitely a keeper, the transcript of the Rammers on CNN's Burden of Proof yesterday - Patsy gets Kerflumoxed and Roger get's her POed, got to love it!

TV ALERT: (maybe this will cover stun guns?) Sci-Trek Saturday. "Non-Lethal Weapons", Discovery Channel, 5 PM MDT, 4 PM EDT/PDT, 3 PM CDT,weapons attack that the nerves, muscles and brain, causing temporary incapacitation.



6:04 AM, MDT, Sunday 4/30/00 (day #1222, week #175, month #40, year #3)

1. Good Morning! OoooohWeee, lengthy interview with "hothead" DA candidate Ben Thompson in yesterdays Denver Post (their server was down), says he will arrest Rammers in January if elected in November...,1597,189947-326,00.shtml Brief summary/coverage of the Rammers latest appearance on CNN (whats this - the FOURTH time?) from KCNC Denver TV 4... (From Mame's post above) The actual City of Boulder press release on the Ramsey refusal/retraction to take polygraphs... Grab that Globe! - issue dated May 4th with Ramsey financial information now pictured/summarized on their web site... The Thomas book ('ITRI') will be #5 on next weeks New York Times Bestseller list based on sales through April 22nd... And it's #3 on the NYT list as of April 15th (todays issue) and DOI has plummeted to #19...