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7:12 AM MDT, Sun. 4/1/01 (day #1558 week #224 month #51 year #4)
1. justice in Boulder?

Good Morning!

I'm having one of those Alice in Wonderland moments when I find that Steve Thomas has not only hired a PR firm (a PR FIRM?!?!) but has also set up a "legal defense fund"...chit! (from v_p on Justice Watch..."Steve Thomas has hired Sherill Whisenand of the Los Angeles PR firm, Wise Communications, and has set up a legal defense fund. Phone number 818.762.4422") tacky.

The Camera finally reports on the Enquirer-ish scoopette on Burke feigning sleep - and contains this non-denial denial from Lin Wood - - "Wood said the interview is the result of a "challenge" presented by the Enquirer but not a part of any settlement. "There was no money paid to John and Patsy Ramsey for this interview," Wood said of the Enquirer article. Yep.

Bless their flea-pickin' lil hearts, the Daily Camera staff not only fixed yesterday's bad link on the New York Post suit, but moved the whole story to the Sunday edition too - a good read, embellished with juicy nuggets!

The Longmont Daily Times Call turns the whole lurid "Victory, SBTC!" crank into a full-blown article, if the link is stale I also saved it here on this server.

And this from Boulder Colorado: Turn off your computers. Take the rest of the week off. Solar flares are coming!




7:30 AM MDT, Mon. 4/2/01 (day #1559 week #224 month #51 year #4)
1. Smiling?

Good Morning!

Sorry I'm so late, this time change is killing me!

The "Burke feigning sleep" story has been picked up by the AP and is running in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"It happened in my Christian home": Victims of a child molester come forward, Boulder DA strikes again..."The plea was offered by the Boulder County District Attorney's Office without Donna Rae's knowledge or consent". This is an important article and since the Times-Call does not archive online, I also saved it here in case the link above is stale.


Today - Parties to the Linda Hoffman-Pugh vs. Alex Hunter freedom of speech suit will meet to discuss scheduling and depositions.

Tomorrow - Statement from the plaintiff expected in the matter of Ramsey vs. Thomas. Watch for Lin Wood to spin his version on the early morning news shows.

April 17th - Live chat with Darnay Hoffman, attorney for Hoffman-Pugh and Chris Wolf (Wolf vs. Ramsey), post your questions in advance on the CrimeNews2000 forum.



6:39 AM MDT, Fri. 4/6/01 (day #1563 week #225 month #51 year #4)
1. Beckner and Lee

Good Morning!

Weeel this came out on Wednesday (but my search engines didn't pick it up) and Thursday my server was suffering sunspots or something, but here it is, E&P looks at all the Ramsey-related lawsuits, handy cheat sheet for what's coming up - print out and keep near your CPU to avoid Brady-esque befuddlement...

In other Boulder news, the BPD is under fire again for the handling of a suspected murder, which wasn't. Transient held in BOCO jail for almost a month. But he wasn't a CEO with a prominent Pearl Street business...

Seery FREED! Murder suspect and his attorney critical of BPD handling of the case.

Trial by media, defender says " Seery "was jailed because he is homeless. "If he had a home and a job, then he could have been released,"...

What not to do when you wake up next to a dead man...Seery says he's learned his lesson.

"Seery's defense lawyer revealed on Thursday that Seery was interrogated for four hours about the death of Joseph Bernal, 40, whom Seery said he had just met...Seery had no legal representation during the interrogation..."

Lazy Coroner: died of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage (scroll down to "Coroner")

So why did it take almost a month to determine cause of death? A hemorrhage is pretty obvious...

No Killer On the Loose: Highlands Ranch, Colorado cops try to reassure community. Family of five wiped out in suspected murder/suicide. No signs of forced entry. Described as 'normal', 'all-American' family.

Some Justice: Denver man sentenced to 48 years for raping 9-year-old.

Peter Boyles Sighting: Alive and well and out to lunch (scroll down to "The Seen").


Stun Guns in the News: Kid zapped his schoolmates during horseplay that sent a dozen youngsters to the hospital - the zap to his leg felt like a hard slap. "Nobody thought it was dangerous. Everybody thought it was fun."

Moxley case update: Murder in Greenwich author Mark Fuhrman will provide daily, on-air analysis of the Skakel trial on the Court TV Catherine Crier show. AND the trial will be held in Stamford, not Bridgeport.





8:47 AM MDT, Sat. 4/7/01 (day #1564 week #225 month #51 year #4)
1. Schematic for murder

Good Morning! I'm severely sleep depped and in a cranky mood, so don't take any of the below seriously (as usual)...

Johnny Get Yer Gun (if it hasn't been burgled): Sick Puppy sentenced to 146 years for kidnap/rape of 11-year-old, also linked by DNA to a 1995 rape, get right on that, yes bwana...

Columbine secret search warrant revealed that would have stopped tragedy, (why haven't any of you lazy oafs sought the release of the secret search warrant on an undisclosed Boulder location from late 1996/early 1997? I'm getting quite sique of being the only one doing any work around here.)

Apparently Darnay Hoffman wants us to take note of this article in today's New York Times on fingerprinting since he's posted it on every single JonBenét forum from here to Honolulu, but I think this one on crime, punishment and the American way is much more interesting, IMHO.

Lovett School: Burke Ramsey's private educational institoootion is mentioned in today's Atlanta Journal Constitoootion.

Every once in a while this old Time Magazine online poll pops up, good for another glance at public opinion and odd that the old "for entertainment purposes only" legal disclaimer is not there.

Joa, Joa, Joa: If you haven't been keeping up with Denver-area news in general you may be unaware that the Ramsey Mountain News and our faded-love Denver Post have entered into an strange-bedfellows financial/business agreement (approved by Janet Reno, thank you very much) which results in a single issue between the two being published on weekends. Today is the first day of this twilight zonish confabulation - - The Rocky takes on Saturday, April 7, and with the Post silenced, manages a sound slap.

Elsewhere: You'd think, unlike Postal workers or day-traders, employees at Playboy Magazine would be happy-go-lucky folk.




8:23 AM MDT, Sun. 4/8/01 (day #1565 week #225 month #51 year #4)
1. Grrrrr.....

Good Morning!

Sideshows, Snideshows: Child abuse expert and former Miss America Marilyn Van Derbur Atler and the FBI together in Clint Talbot's Daily Camera column.

Sick Puppy Nabbed: Murderer arrested is a registered sex offender ("on probation for an assault on a child") and cops are "searching for links between the suspect and other homicide and assault cases."

Things that make me go hmmm, and make me late...

Cows as Road Hazard: So What Happened to the Cow?

Cows as Sky Hazard: BOOM!

TV ALERT: Medical Detectives, (Simms Case) "'Sim'ilar Circumstances",6 PM EST/PST, EDT, Paula and Randy Simms report their daughter missing, leading investigators to question a similar disappearance of the couple's first daughter. Forensic testing and testimony analysis prove Paula Simms to be the murderer.

TV ALERT: Medical Detectives, (Routier Case) "Invisible Intruder", 6:30 PM EDT/PDT, With no apparent motive, an intruder carries out a late night assault, injuring a mother and killing her two children. With only the mother's description of the assailant as a clue, local authorities and FBI agents are baffled.




6:35 AM MDT, Mon. 4/9/01 (day #1566 week #225 month #51 year #4)
1. dubious achievement

Good Morning!

Glad someone got something done this weekend...

Candy Rose has started a web site devoted to Steve Thomas, his past interviews and the lawsuits.

And Lisa Cee has set up a forum where you can leave messages of support for Steve.

Call 911: Well, if you are in Boulder don't bother...false emergency calls still plague city - with a Tom Koby blast from the past ala Marie Antoinette...

Why don't the Rammer's ask Jay Leno to apologize? Why doesn't the BPD for that matter?

Rich Justice Colorado-style: This case is so wacky it makes me feel like I'm reading a piece of fiction, not fact. Rich momma bails out her liddle boy responsible for a ...
"35-year-old woman was hogtied, shackled, beaten, shocked with a battery, burned with cigarettes and had
alcohol poured on her legs and was set afire," ..."also had an unknown chemical poured into her eyes, was threatened with a handgun, was choked to unconsciousness and was bitten twice by a dog sicced on her"...and the perp is free...

TV ALERT: Medical Detectives, "Broken Bond", The Learning Channel, 7:30 PM EDT/PDT, When a baby boy is repeatedly hospitalized for apnea and seizures, authorities place him in foster care. His recovery, coupled with the discovery that his sister had died of similar symptoms, leads to the mother's conviction for endangerment and murder.




7:16 AM MDT, Tue. 4/10/01 (day #1567 week #225 month #51 year #4)
1. JonBenét on Black Velvet

Good Morning!

"No, we're not talking about the Ramseys": Heavy on JonBenét references but the New York Post walks softly around the "Burke issue" in this review of Court TV's (see TV ALERT below) documentary on the Crowe case tonight.

News is slow, time for some fun: Candy Rose has started updating her Ramsey Internet Subculture Parody/Satire pages...enjoy!

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, erstwhile murder-suspect, Poverty-Justice Poster-Boy Seery has been arrested - again! scroll down to "Police arrest man freed last week".

TV ALERT: The Preppie Murder, LifetimeTV, Noon CDT,1 PM EDT/PDT, 2 PM MDT, based on a true story, two upper-class New York college students, Jennifer Levin and Robert Chambers, meet up at a bar. During a night of rough sex, Jennifer is strangled and Robert is eventually tried and found guilty of murder. Stars Lara Flynn Boyle, William Baldwin and Sandra Bullock.

TV ALERT: The Prosecutors, "Every Parent's Nightmare", Discovery Channel, 7 PM CDT, 8 PM EDT/PDT, 9 PM MDT, a San Diego County prosecution team battles an insanity plea in the murder of a nine-year-old boy who was stalked and killed in a public restroom. After a startling courtroom confession, prosecutors fight to put the killer on death row.

TV ALERT: The System, "Interrogation of Michael Crowe", CourtTV, 9 PM CDT, 10 PM EDT/PDT, 11 PM MDT, this powerful documentary sheds new light on the interrogation process: the strategies, tactics, and pressures used by some police officers to elicit incriminating statements.




6:50 AM MDT, Wed. 4/11/01 (day #1568 week #225 month #51 year #4)
1. rare hardcovers?

Good Morning!

Inexplicable: no longer carries the hardback edition of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town...and more in updated book rankings...

Sick Puppy: Bears repeating that this creep has it all...strangulation, sexual assault, assault on a child, registered offender...

Ghost from the past: Boulder Valley School Districts' greatest embarrassment, David White, convicted in 1997 for fondling students in his elementary computer classes, has been denied his appeal, scroll down to "Court upholds teacher's sentence".

Boulderana: Boulder free-lancer Jim Moscou, who wrote the excellent lawsuit wrap-up for E&P last week, writes on the "burning couches" issue in today's Camera (scroll down to "Sofa law cowtows to monied interests").

Only one more week until the CrimeNews2000 LIVE chat with Darnay Hoffman, to be sure they get asked, post your questions on this forum thread.

Offbeat: The National Enquirer web site is featuring a truly awful picture of Kathie Meeeeee today, check it out.




6:36 AM MDT, Thur. 4/12/01 (day #1569 week #226 month #51 year #4)
Media Magnets

Good Morning!

(Found on CrimeNews2000) From the Fulton County Daily Report (nah, I never read that), Lin Wood claims the Rammers are NOT public figures...check the logic here, slowly, read his lips... what is he forgetting?

The natives are restless... Mary Keenan takes heat for not charging a child molester as an adult (he's 16), says he can be "rehabilitated"...stay tuned.

TV ALERT: Susan Smith- Nine Days of Deception, The Learning Channel, 8 PM MDT, 9 PM EDT/PDT, 10 PM MDT, Susan Smith told police that a carjacker forced her out of her car and sped off with her two sons inside. While law enforcement officers and volunteers searched for the stolen car and missing boys, the facts would lead police to a horrible conclusion.

Housekeeping: There will be no Friday or Saturday issue because the Brady's are taking their annual pre-Easter trek to commune with nature, sans computers. See you on Sunday for our special "Risen from the Dead" issue...






7:18 AM MDT, Sun. 4/15/01 (day #1572 week #226 month #51 year #4)
1. Sketchman's Mom does Bish case

Good Morning!

4/15 - JonBenét and Jann Scott both get mentions in today's Camera Talk of the Town Column, scroll down halfway to "Local TV host..."

4/14 - Stun Gun in Boulder: Murderer was on a "cocaine binge" when he stun gunned, victim was "beaten, bound with duct tape and chains with shackles, choked with a cord" a former friend...sounds good to me, where's Lou?

4/15 - Another eerie parallel to Columbine, the "key witnesses", the Brown Family received the Fleet White family treatment from the local officials and the community.

4/13 - Another witness punished, complainants that headmaster of private school was a peeping tom are summarily discharged, now they are suing.

Elsewhere: Jeanne Boylin, sketchman's "mom", weaves her magic again, new leads in the disappearance of Mollie Bish (found on Cybersleuths).

Also from Cybersleuths: How often am I able to report on an intruder entering a home and attacking a child - not damn much.

Risen from the Dead: Just for fun, archives on Ramsey case characters from the past...

Eleanor Von Duyke - almost knew JonBenét, now subject of a Burke libel suit...

"Author of JonBenét Ramsey Book Assaulted Before Book Signing Event - Author Believes Assailant Tied to Ramsey Family"


Alli Krupski - almost knew everything, perky innocent was early Deep Throat"...

Alli Oops - Day three coverage of her "trial" on purloined case documents by Justin arrest warrant? Nope.


6:11 AM MDT, Mon. 4/16/01 (day #1573 week #226 month #51 year #4)
1. Melanie Stanton

Good Morning!

Grand Jury, The Ramsees: Colorado sniffing around it's restrictive grand jury laws - again - keep your statutes close to you, there's a lawyer on the loose!

Hell Hole neighbor (southeast) and CU prof Patricia Nelson Limerick rising above the mundane again (scroll down to "CU Professor") - wish she would research recent history too.

Wild and Woolly: Look at the type of cases get filed in Boulder. This one would make a great book.

TV ALERT: Forensic Files, "Trail of Truth-The Nancy Newman Case", CourtTV, 8 PM CDT, 9 PM EDT/PDT, 10 PM MDT, in 1987, a mother and her two daughters were found brutally murdered and sexually violated. Despite the fact that the crime scene had no shortage of evidence - fingerprints, bodily fluids and blood - investigators could not find a conclusive link to their prime suspect. In order to establish not only that the perpetrator was in the home, but that he was there when the crime was committed, a FBI analyst designed an unique experiment relying on pubic hair.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "The Mind of a Criminal", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CDT, 11 PM EDT/PDT, midnight MDT, Take a close-up look at the criminal mind to learn what motivates perpetrators to break the law. Experts in criminal behavior, as well as the criminals themselves, shed light on violent actions in an effort to prevent future crime.

UPCOMING: Tomorrow, April 17th, live chat with Rammer nemesis Darnay Hoffman, CrimeNews2000.


7:10 AM MDT, Tue. 4/17/01 (day #1574 week #226 month #51 year #4)
1. backhand to Hunter

Good Morning!

Grand Jury, unrelated to Ramsey, wants to issue a report - lawyers squawk! How predictable. And more on the same from KMGH Denver TV 7.

I1AHUG: (I used to work with someone who had that PA vanity plate, she got rid of it because of constant slimy propositions from other drivers) - trouble in Smitland, former El Paso County under-sheriff bounces back after sex-harassment charges and firing.

Article on cold cases and murder statistics vs. prosecutions in Orange County California is heartening after Boulder's miserable failures (found on CrimeNews2000).

Pretty sad that that's all I can find, but there is plenty to see and do today and tonight...

TV ALERT: A Season in Purgatory, Lifetime, Noon CDT, 1 PM EDT/PDT, 2 PM MDT, miniseries based on the novel by Dominick Dunne which is admittedly based on the murder of Martha Moxley.

INTERACTIVE: LIVE chat with Darnay Hoffman, 9 PM EDT, 8 PM CDT, 7 PM MDT, 6 PM PDT, instructions on how to connect can be found on this CrimeNews2000 forum thread as well as the questions that were submitted.

TV ALERT: Cold Case Files, "The Boy and the Monster/The Secret in the Cellar", A&E, 8 PM MDT, the body of a teenaged girl is discovered in the woods and a three-year-old boy provides police with evidence that sends his father to prison for murder and investigators doggedly pursue the killer of a Maine housewife, who mysteriously disappeared only to show up buried in her own cellar.

TV ALERT: Forensic Files, "Material Evidence", CourtTV, 8 PM CDT, 9 PM EDT/PDT, 10 PM MDT, a young girl was found dead the victim of an apparent sex-killer, authorities focused on the unusual orange fibers embedded in clothing found near the victim.

TV ALERT: 60 Minutes II, CBS, 8 PM CDT, 9 PM EDT/PDT, 10 PM MDT, a segment on the Columbine massacre which revealed the existence of the Eric Harris search warrant drawn up one year before the murders.


7:10 AM MDT, Wed. 4/18/01 (day #1575 week #226 month #51 year #4)
1. Charlotte Church a JonBenét clone?

Good Morning!

The transcript of last night's live chat with Darnay Hoffman is already cleaned up and ready for your review (thanks Mapek).

Creepy memorabilia: Publicity stills from the PMPT miniseries up for auction on Ebay - Marg Helgenberger as Patsy, Ann-Margret as Nedra, and Dyanne Iandoli as JonBenét - get 'em while they're hot!

Sex Offenders on the Loose! "Sheriff George Epp and District Attorney Mary Keenan fielded many of the angry questions" from local residents, had no answers...

Elsewhere: Discarded cigarette butt a perfect DNA match for rapist in Florida (found on CrimeNews2000).

Ah, remember the good ole days?: Jerry Springer show forced to close down it's bulletin board due to smut and threats.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Deadly Magnolia", A&E, 7 PM MDT, A review of the diabolical plots of Patricia Allanson, nee Taylor, a southern belle who encouraged her husband to kill his parents, served time for attempting to murder his grandparents, then after parole, opened a private nursing care service and tried to kill two clients. Once again free on parole, some fear she will strike again.


7:14 AM MDT, Thur. 4/19/01 (day #1576 week #227 month #51 year #4)
1. Wanted in Slidell, La.

Good Morning!

Deja Vu all over again: (Fasten your seat belts, hard spin ahead) Daily Camera editorial, "as a community, we tend to swim upstream in our thinking on crime", supports Mary Keenan's decision to not try a child molester as an adult.

Remember Tom Haney? Borrowed from Denver to conduct the Broomfield interviews ala June '98? ("Don't go there pal!") Well, he just got a break on an old murder case, circa '94, not ours.

Dumb, Dumb-Dumb, Dumb: Never, never, never violate parole conditions if you are a sick puppy...Murderer/rapist collared by DNA match after he was caught in the act, got a deferred sentence back in '96 for sex assault on a child - cops looking at perp in connection to other unsolved murders.

Have Good Southern Common Sense: Kidnapping in Slidell Louisiana (found onCrimeNews2000), looks like a serial situation - and more details here.

And this, (JOY!) from Cybersleuths - Two inmates beat up a child killer and rapist and then write to the local newspaper to tell all about it, yee haw!

Totally off topic: I saw Bridget Jones's Diary yesterday and can't get it out of my head, glowing review here, I may go back today and watch it again!

More off topic: Browse a lot? I do. And I love the "Zap" tool from (not to be confused with the infamous legal document archivist) which cleans up muck from busy web pages.


7:17 AM MDT, Fri. 4/20/01 (day #1577 week #227 month #51 year #4)
1. coming April 29th!

Good Morning!

Not just an incident...Media "trapped in ...technological storm", causing over-coverage of "episodes" like JonBenét - says former N.Y. Times Editor.

Bangkok, Thailand - maybe it took a while to translate into Thai? - book review of PMPT, verdict: It's too long. No lie.

CNN's Larry King Live will rebroadcast the "live debate" between Steve Thomas and the Rammers last Spring on Sunday, April 29th...if you didn't tape it then, now's your chance.

Boulder County child porn sting! Sounds all locked up. Did it by the book. Looks like a total creep-o-zoid. Hope they lock him up forever. Optimism. Then - wait until you get to the last sentence - shish boom!

FREE LISA!: "Our primary interest right now is not catching you, it's getting Lisa back safe and sound," Morris said. "So we're asking you to please drop her off at a shopping center or somewhere else where she can get help." - - update on the Slidell, La. kidnapping.

Stun Guns in the Nooozze: Comedian David Spade's zapper pleads guilty in court - blames cocaine.


6:35 AM MDT, Sat. 4/21/01 (day #1578 week #227 month #51 year #4)
1. "Evan from Heaven"

Good Morning!

Early Edition: (Not uploaded to the Longmont Daily Times-Call website yet) "FLEET WHITE FILES APPEAL" by B.J. Plasket - seems there was some convenient miscommunication in the dismissal of the Whites' criminal libel suit, tsk, tsk.

Who's been sleeping in my bed?!: Intruder breaks into Boulder woman's home, takes nap on her bed. My what big eyes you have, Grandma! Go get 'em. Get his mouth swabbed and while you're at it pluck some pubic hairs too...

Reward posted for kidnapped Louisiana 11-year-old - $25,000 just to turn in a creep (see Thursday issue below for police artist sketch and search update in Friday's issue). Case details and a poster/flier are also available from the NCMEC.

David Spade's stun gun "incident" reduced to probation and a few paragraphs on the entertainment wire.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Mother on Death Row", A&E 2 PM MDT, Darlie Routier is on death row for the murder of her two sons--but is she guilty? Bill Kurtis examines the controversial case of the Texas woman who was convicted of killing 6-year-old Devon and 5-year-old Damon. We hear from a juror who now thinks that Darlie is innocent, the lead prosecutor and defense attorney in the case, and Darlie herself.

HOUSEKEEPING: There is a possibility, however slight, that there won't be a Sunday issue tomorrow. I'll be traveling with a new laptop that is not "broken in" yet.


6:03 AM MDT, Sun. 4/22/01 (day #1579 week #227 month #51 year #4)
1. Brunch!

Good Morning!

There's nothing out there! So what do we do when the case gets stagnant? We party on!

The tre' liberal New York Times is shocked by the maltreatment of child molesters. Truly shocked.

President Putin rigged the results of this year's Miss Russia beauty pageant.

Maybe more tomorrrow, in the meantime enjoy your boob tube...

TV ALERT: Mugshots, "Robert Ressler", CourtTV, 10 PM EDT/PDT, biography of the father of criminal profiling and frequent Ramsey case critic.

TV ALERT: Secrets of Forensic Science, "Danforth Lady / Little Girl Lost", The Learning Channel, 6 PM EDT/PDT A forensic artist reconstructed the image of a human skull found under a slab of concrete enabling a man to identify his missing mother. Fibers gathered from the scene of a little girl's murder were the basis for Canada's first DNA trial.


6:00 AM MDT, Mon. 4/23/01 (day #1580 week #227 month #51 year #4)
1. a civil resurrection

Good Morning!

Bring Out 'yer Dead!: This type of article always reminds me of Monty Python's Holy Grail, JonBenét case not quite dead yet, a brief look at all the civil suits in the making, similar to what ran recently in E&P, and reminiscent of the back in Westword tangental crimes recap back in December '99. But, hey!, it's the freakin' New York Times, so I'm not complaining...

Amen, brother/sister! "Our local justice department has become a national joke." Letter in today's Daily Camera protests Mary Keenan as a "softie". Scroll down to "JUSTICE" about halfway down the page.

Sounds like a punch line for a Jay Leno joke, but the BPD is establishing a a "historical hall" that includes photographic portraits of past police chiefs and other photos of record. Wonder if they will include the one with Koby waving the Constitution....nah...

It's WORKING, slowly but surely the DNA databases are starting to click, this one on a murder 20 years ago (found on CrimeNews2000).

TV ALERT: Small Sacrifices (miniseries), Lifetime TV, 1 PM EDT/PDT, based on a true story, Diane Downs and her three young children are shot by an unknown gunman. As the investigation proceeds, the Asst. DA discovers Diane's sordid and psychotic past and evidence that she shot her children and herself. Stars Farrah Fawcett, John Shea.


7:46 AM MDT, Tue. 4/24/01 (day #1581 week #227 month #51 year #4)
1. Popeye Patsy

Good Morning!

Wonder what the ramification on the Ramsey case will be of the Colorado Supreme Courts liberalizing DNA comparisons/testing admissibility? And wonder why this particular test case was assigned special prosecutor? Even though it happened in Boulder? Makes my head hurt.

Sick puppy: This bud's for you.

Sick Puppy Too: Pedophile, who previously assaulted three other children, in three other states, gets 100 year prison term, a Denver record.

""It guarantees us we'll never have a dirty little family secret that goes to funeral and gets buried in the ground."" Boulder County mulls term-limits and the potential loss of board certified forensic pathologist Coroner Meyer.

The natives are restless, "hardly any pedophile in Boulder County goes to prison on his first plea of guilty to child sexual abuse" yeah, man, another letter denounces Mary Keenan's decision to not try a child molester as an adult.


More on the Slidell, LA kidnapping, the reward is now up to $45,000, and a web page has been set up and the FBI has added the case to its missing persons section.

Voo Doo Science: Sociologist who is "an expert" on false confessions may be "Frye-ed"...which rolls off the tongue easier than Dalbert-ed...found on CrimeNews2000.

We've been down this road before...Aussy Mommy does a Munchausen on her munchkins.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Coroner's Casebook", Discovery Channel, 9 PM EDT/PDT, A good coroner provides what's necessary to solve a crime. A bad one can spoil an otherwise rock-solid case. Cyril Wecht and Henry Lee, two of the country's most respected coroners, share their cases and insights into crime-solving.


7:33 AM MDT, Wed. 4/25/01 (day #1582 week #227 month #51 year #4)
1. Classic vid-caps series!

Good Morning!

Newsworthy!: Hey I told you that the New York Times exposure would help, the Moscou story was picked up by (drum roll please) the Foster's Daily Democrat, Dover New Hampshire...never heard of it or Dover itself for that matter.

Rocky Mountain News columnist revisits Colorado's Parents of Murdered Children organization, contrast that! Too bad he doesn't mention the most famous murder of all, JonBenét...

Just for fun, someone dragged out this old gem, The Tré Unofficial Lou Smit Detective Exam, a great review just in time for the Loose Smit show on NBC next week, enjoy! (I scored 80%)...

Elsewhere, Creative use of Adjectives: Slidell, La. search for Lisa Bruno "refocused" says cop, interpret that!


7:22 AM MDT, Thur. 4/26/01 (day #1583 week #228 month #52 year #4)
1. C.A.P.

Good Morning!

Heads up kiddies, the Smit is about to hit the why is the TIMING of this revelation not questioned by this able reporter? Huh?

Shaping up to be nasty, the story is also on the National AP wire...

The latest Boulder County sick puppy used spankings to teach patience - sounds likely to plead too.

A bill that would begin Colorado DNA testing of ALL felons passes a hurdle, currently they only test those classified as "sex offenders, violent felons, burglars and habitual offenders".

What's up with Colorado Daily? Remember the good ole daze when they used to break all the Ramsey case nooze?


6:58 AM MDT, Fri. 4/27/01 (day #1584 week #228 month #52 year #4)
1. What is Patsy saying?

Good Morning! comment, won't rebut Smit, that's that.

Rocky digs further and finds out that Smit will be joined by both Ainsworth and DeMuth too in this little junket (what junket? The Perky Couric interviews on NBC's Today Show all next week).

Oink, Oink, OUCH!: Stun gunning piggies to be major topic, KCNC Denver 4, a CBS affiliate reports.

Kind of odd isn't it that other Networks are actually helping to pimp the junket? This one from KMGH Denver TV 7, an ABC affiliate.

Not near a TV on weekday mornings? You can catch this prime example of media bias on streaming video.

Deja Vu: scroll down to "muder (sic) hearing delayed", to wit ..."Deputy District Attorney Pete Hofstrom told a judge that some issues still needed to be taken care of, including having a face-to-face discussion with one of the victim's parents."

Boulder County recognizes their victim advocates, who apparently don't serve bagels and wipe down countertops anymore.

No-I'm-not-making-this-up: Former Miss Colorado gives birth to Siamese Twins - life imitates art.

UPCOMING: SATURDAY, April 28 - Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, rebroadcast of the face-to-face confrontation of the Rammers with Steve Thomas. Watch Larry flirt with Patsy. Watch Patsy acting badly. Watch John get really angry. (NOTE: this appears to have been bumped up to TOMORROW night because Larry has nabbed Denise Rich of pardon-gate fame for Sunday).

Housekeeping: Enough already with the caption contests! (Love ya, Cassandra) Y'all are artificially inflating my hit numbers right when I need accuracy, and it's too much stress. But feel free to continue playing, Skydog has an awesome archive stored here for you.


8:57 AM MDT, Sat. 4/28/01 (day #1585 week #228 month #52 year #4)
1. resentful

Good Morning! I'm late because softball season began today - really....

So hot it's smokin'!: The Merry band at Cybersleuths have a gift for you, so grab a beer, curl up in a comfy chair and delight in the full BPD report on the Fleet White Criminal libel suit, I like in particular page 19...(many thanks to Candy and Skydog, be sure to go to the main page and click on some ad links to help out the kitty).

Elsewhere: A prime example of media manipulation and tampering with witnesses' memories from a sister publication of the revered WestWord. Long, but worth it (WARNING: tawdry, sexual innuendo and other).

Birds do it, Bees do it, even Mommies do it: Bushy haired strangers kidnapped baby, killed it says Mom. Not! (Found on CrimeNews2000).

Otherwise: (Found on the Drudge Report) Former CNN staffers launch "parody" site, not to be missed.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, rebroadcast of the May 2000 showdown between John/Patsy and Steve Thomas (NOTE: This was moved UP by one day, originally scheduled for tomorrow).

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Coroner's Casebook", The Discovery Channel, 10 PM CDT, 11 PM EDT/PDT, midnight MDT, A good coroner provides what's necessary to solve a crime. A bad one can spoil an otherwise rock-solid case. Cyril Wecht and Henry Lee, two of the country's most respected coroners, share their cases and insights into crimesolving.


7:00 AM MDT, Sun. 4/29/01 (day #1586 week #228 month #52 year #4)
1. Insipid

Good Morning!

The Daily Camera tends to run re-written Ramsey pieces on Sundays, so here we go on Smit although it repeats a lot of the previous information, but here's the key phrase...the Smit intruder theory "much of it reported many times before".

Entertainment Tonight, aka "ET", will be doing a pasteurized version of the Smit Today show piece on their Monday night show, check here for local listings.


A possible break in the case of missing 16-year-old Molly Bish, man in custody "matches composite"...

70 volunteers searched marshes from dawn to dusk yesterday for clues in the case of missing 11-year-old Lisa Bruno.

Serial snatcher in San Jose, California uses bicycle as vehicle.

Elsewhere: The most reverend Jesse Jackson has been sued for child support.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow 4/30, Today, NBC, (check local listings), part one of the Loose Smit/Perky Couric interview.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow 4/30, ET (Entertainment Tonight, see above), segment on the Smit un-revelations, dat's entertainment?

Take a mind break from JonBenét, I really like the Broderick case...

TV ALERT: A Woman Scorned-The Betty Broderick Story, Lifetime, 4 PM CDT, 5 PM EDT/PDT, 6 PM MDT, When a husband divorces his wife for another woman, the wife becomes obsessed with revenge and kills both her husband and his new wife. Stars Meredith Baxter, Stephen Collins.

TV ALERT: Her Final Fury-The Betty Broderick Story, Lifetime, 6 PM CDT, 7 PM EDT/PDT, 8 PM MDT, sequel to "A Women Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story. Based on a true story, a woman becomes obsessed with revenge when her husband divorces her for another woman, and eventually kills both her husband and his new wife.


5:33 AM MDT, Mon. 4/30/01 (day #1587 week #228 month #52 year #4)
1. what is the penalty?

Good Morning!

I can see clearly now - we are being manipulated, I'm being "used", and that's it, no more. After today don't expect to see one more word from me about the Loose Smit show...

EXCEPT I changed my mind and actually watched it and all I can say is if you missed it, oh well, don't cry in your are some digital pics I took directly from the TV screen (cuz I couldn't figure out the VCR, grumble, grumble).

TV ALERT: Today, NBC, (check local listings), part one of the Loose Smit/Perky Couric interview.

TV ALERT: Tomorrow 4/30, ET (Entertainment Tonight, see above), segment on the Smit un-revelations, dat's entertainment?

First things first...LISA BRUNO ALIVE AND WELL! The "good Samaritan" web site set up on the case has been updated with photos of her neighbors celebrating...

A parallels case: Check out all the weird coincidences in this Denver murder....businessman, generous, donated, volunteered, helping his wife overcome...cancer, reporting her missing to police, on the floor of the couple's home, search, affidavit, perhaps causing him to snap. murder suspect, convinced police have the wrong man. . The person who did this is still out there." detectives don't seem to be investigating other possibilities..." Blah blah blah, and the beat goes on...

Mark Fuhrman is trying to "solve" the mysterious, contentious death/murder/suicide of Vincent Foster.