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6:28 AM MST, Mon. 4/1/02 (day #1923 week #276 month #63 year #5
1. Good.

Good Morning!

CNN's "step-father"'s obituary notes his contribution to that network's extensive JonBenét coverage.

Ray of Hope: Boulder getting bolder in DNA testing, still looking at Sid Wells case and unspecified others.

"Something bad happened" how BPD Commander characterizes the rape of a CU student over four months ago to Colorado Daily. Wonder what the victim would call it.

Maybe they will look into Alex Hunter gallavanting across the country in his post-Grand-Jury victory lap? Columbine parents question DA's cooperation with the media.

Gaddis/Pond: Another $1700, and more tips, total is now over 2000.

The Boston Globe updates the Skakel/Moxley case in today's edition.

Leaving you smiling: Good. The Mikelsons of Urban Legends fame may finally be able to cash in. They deserve every cent.


7:10 AM MST, Tue. 4/2/02 (day #1924 week #276 month #63 year #5
1. CD cover

Good Morning!

Boulder's latest murder: 'Coroner and cops tight-lipped over cause of mysterious death that "appears" to be caused by stab wounds.

What a twinkie (there I go, blaming the victim again), lying about her age, Boulder 14-year-old is "visibly upset" that man she was caught with was 33 years old.

Colorado now, officially, has an Amber alert plan after Governor Bill Owens signs bill.

Sounds like a witch hunt: Boulder judge Roxanne Bailin, up for retention election in November, to be one of the subjects of a Judicial review hearing.

Just Desserts/Deserts: Punny. In the weird Colorado crime news category, this new use for photo radar. Gotta love it.

There is absolutely nothing about either the van Dam or Pond/Gaddis cases in the news today. America's Most Wanted's John Walsh will be on Larry King Live tomorrow night, possibly shaking something up.

Completely off topic, but with a Larry King segue, did you catch Madeline Albright trying to cover her (tres wide) butt last night? Washington Times did and debunks the madame - take that.


6:30 AM MST, Wed. 4/3/02 (day #1925 week #276 month #63 year #5
1. Skakel

Good Morning!

This borders on health discrimination: BPD and coroner still not sure if Boulder's latest murder is a homicide or not. Daily Times-Call quotes cop saying they do not have the deadly "probable cause" to do anything. Here we go again.

Whining only that the "district is in the process of trying to fire him" teacher goes on trial for molesting students for years, as officials passed him from school to school.

van Dam: The trial of David Westerfield has been assigned a really cool judge "If someone in his courtroom acts like a jerk, Mudd is happy to treat him like one."

Pond/Gaddis: School officials criticized by parent group, mothers of Ashley and Miranda say fundraisers are more psychological crutch than necessity.

Slow Process: Only two jurors for the Skakel trial were selected yesterday and some of the witnesses expected to be called is leaking out.

Heh: Mike Tyson has to register as a sex offender wherever he goes.

Double Heh: Apparently I'm not the only person with an aversion to adults dressed like rabbits.

TV ALERT: John Walsh on Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MST, updates on Pond/Gaddis and van Dam cases promised.


6:15 AM MST, Thurs. 4/4/02 (day #1926 week #277 month #63 year #5
1. Where were you in November?

Good Morning!

"Don't Let This Happen To You": (Reminds me of the old I Love Lucy episode when she wrote a novel) Poor old Boulder Police Department. Can't get no respect. Can't escape stigma. Governor Owens holds them up as lousy example of awful murder investigation work. And, no, we're not talking JonBenét (but he could), but a case from 1982.

Michael Blagg is probably even more suicidal now. The heat is on, baby. Cops reveal (five months too late, IMHO) that they believe that the family's van was used to remove the bodies (?) of Jennifer and Abby from the house. Snow melt season in Colorado marks beginning of intensive search.

Good Morning, Chicago! In Chicago? Well, go get dressed and hussle downtown to see the clemency hearing for notorious murderer William Heirens. Scheck and his gang have taken up the cause of this JonBenét-murder-like sick puppy.

Gaddis/Pond: The Oregonian asks locals how the missing teenybopper case has affected locals and their families.

Barf Bag One: The National Examiner has settled a libel lawsuit brought by Kathie MEEEEE Gifford. Tawdry.

Barf Bag Too: They like me! They really like me! O.J. does Atlanta, no mention of whether the Rammers were with him. Looking for the killas at cocktail parties. No I'm not making this up.


7:35AM MST, Fri. 4/5/02 (day #1927 week #277 month #63 year #5
1. Vili no longer loves her

Good Morning!

Late today because I was researching Chappaquiddick for my daughter's Social Studies project...

The annual Best of Denver issue of Westword is out, and, no, we did not receive an award (again) this year...but JonBenét did get a mention.

We have competition! Found this in the above Best of Denver listings, a cynic's view of Boulder, and if you dig deep enough you will find a special award for JonBenét groupies. Just don't take it personally.

"Whether Coulter died from a disease or the stab wounds make the future of any arrests uncertain" - Boulder's latest murder is fascinating! You have a guy stabbed several times, blood all over the place and they aren't sure if it's a homicide or if his brain tumor (or whatever) killed him. Classic.

I'll help!: David Westerfield's lawyer claims the sick puppy is being abused by cops. Good.

Almost 2,500 tips and slowing: The latest on the Gaddis/Pond case which is starting to look cold.

Also in the Northwest, Vili Fualaau says he's no longer in love with Mary Kay.


6:41 AM MST, Sat. 4/6/02 (day #1928 week #277 month #63 year #5
1. The Fuhrman Treatment

Good Morning!

Is it just me, or does Boulder Coroner John Meyer almost always fail to ascertain manner of death?

Other than that, the Daily Camera's police report column today is full of goodies, the Rocky is a snooze and the Post is technically on an 'off' day.

Elsewhere: Heads up, SDPD! You are about to be "Fuhrmanned" in the van Dam case. And likely to get "Schecked" (on DNA) also.



Hey, it's Sunday and the news biz is sleeping. We'll be back tomorrow after digging up something.




6:19 AM MST, Mon. 4/8/02 (day #1930 week #277 month #63 year #5
1. Not funny?

Good Morning!

JonBenét sighting: We can always count on good ole Cindy Adams of the New York Post to name drop America's most favorite forgotten murder victim.

A "Fashion" Photographer? Major child porn bust in Denver metro, and a picture of the sick puppy here. - Interesting because both KUSA and KMGH are claiming credit for the bust.

Another unsolved sex assault in Fort Collins, investigators unsure if it's the same unsub as the six serial rapes last summer, linked to Philadelphia's "Center City Rapist" by DNA.

Deja vu all over again: Where is the outrage? Apparently UGA students are a leetle bit more skeptical than their CU cousins, gang rape by athletes, almost three months ago, also suspected of purposeful delay due to championship playoffs (this time basketball).

The only development in the search for Ashley and Miranda is that there was a similar looking snatching on Friday night, more also from KATU and KGW TV.


7:03 AM MST, Tue. 4/9/02 (day #1931 week #277 month #63 year #5
1. Gaddis and Pond

Good Morning!

Big, national news out of Denver this morning is the Tattered Cover/Privacy case, shades of when BPD wanted to peek at the Rue Morgue's sales records for Ramsey reading propensities.

Case Dismissed: Too bad. She's scuzzy. She's slimy. She's a lousy mother. But Boulder judge rules (again, Meyer is key, can't figure out cause of death) she's no murderer.

Saying that "He didn't do anything wrong, Jimmy's a good guy", one of 50 victims of Denver's largest child porn bust speaks out as the Rocky finally gets wind of the story. And KMGH has an "exclusive" interview with a "model" who is not quite so forgiving.

The Blagg search kicks off with a Town Hall meeting on the 16th. Cops ask landowners and hikers to check areas where bodies of Jennifer and Abby may have been dumped.

Ashley and Miranda sightings, sometimes together, sometimes apart, among the new tips investigators received after the Saturday airing of America's Most Wanted.


7:22 AM MST, Wed. 4/10/02 (day #1932 week #277 month #63 year #5
1. Naked Cherub?

Good Morning!

And so it goes - veteran JonBenét beat reporter, Marilyn Robinson of the Post, has retired.

BOCO-DA gets Federal grant aid to add two more assistant DA's. Keenan says her office has doubled the number of felony trials in her first 15 months in office. No more plea bargains?

More "True Teen Babes" come forward to defend the 'fashion' photographer charged with child pornography.

Families of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis urge that school board adopt "policy that would make it a requirement for schools to call parents if their children dont show up for classes".


6:22 AM MST, Thurs. 4/11/02 (day #1933 week #278 month #63 year #5
1. Burke

Good Morning!

Omigawd - Not one but two JonBenét related happenings in one day!

1. Linda Hoffmann-Pugh's lawsuit against the Rammers has been dismissed - no surprise there, heh?

2. Alex Hunter's legacy continues to haunt Boulder, generous big mouth leads to court-ordered revelation of investigation files, may jeopardize BPD files as well. (No surprise about Alex, humorous and weak defense by Keenan included).

Other Boulder Weirdness...

Well, my momma always told me that if any man flashed his genitals at me to just laugh! Registered sex offender in Boulder County just doesn't get it.

Spring Peeper: Electrical contractor who would peer at coeds in CU showers via drilled peep holes (and then retreat to the men's room to masturbate) arrested in Boulder.

Eerie Erie: A raft of teenage boys sexually assaulting young children.

Describing themselves as scared, worried and afraid, Oregon City residents respond to question about how their lives have changed since the disappearances of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

Throwing the baby out with the bath water, the San Diego Union-Tribune will appeal the judge's ruling that documents on the van Dam case be sealed, possibly jeopardizing Westerfield's right to a fair trial?