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5:25 AM MDT, Wed. 8/9/00 (day #1323, week #189, month #43, year #3)
1. Keenan by a landslide

Good Morning!

Good news/Bad News - The good is that it's not Trip DeMuth, the bad is that it's Mary Keenan, of the stinking fish and Mary-gate (attempted break-in of the war room) here are the results - she won by a by a landslide, more than a 2/1 margin

Keenan's victory is national news - - from the Associated Press...

And local coverage includes...

Rocky Mountain News

Boulder Daily Camera

Denver Post

Colorado Daily

Back to the case - after a long drought, B.J. Plasket of the Longmont Daily Times-Call is BACK! This time with an interview with Darnay Hoffman on the Linda Hoffmann-Pugh suit to can the Grand Jury secrecy law.

Elsewhere, in Florida, AMI CEO Pecker calls the Burke Ramsey libel settlement "confidential amounts not material to the company"

And in Charlevoix, more prosecutorial misconduct.

Justice Watch is moooooving! To a server that can handle the traffic - stay tuned to this channel for the new address.

TV ALERT: Biography, "John Wayne Gacy: A Monster in Disguise", A&E, 6 PM, MDT, A politician, a clown, an entrepreneur, a family man--these were the roles played by John Wayne Gacy to hide the fact that he was a serial killer who murdered 33 boys and young men. Rare archival materials and interviews with family and friends paint a portrait of Gacy from cradle to grave.






6:37 AM MDT, Thur. 8/10/00 (day #1324, week #190, month #43, year #3)
1. Foster book

Good Morning!

The sideshow story on Linda Pugh, "housekeeper challenging law", by the Associated Press ran in yesterday's edition of the Glenwood (CO) Post.

More Keenan national exposure - her landslide victory made the CNN politics section, mentions JonBenét overplay.

The Longmont Daily Times-Call has some nifty quotes from Keenan, DeMuth and Thompson in their election coverage.

Keenan's Republican opponent Dave Sanderson comes out swinging, says that Alex Hunter is "the puppet master behind the candidacies of the deputy DAs..."...

Daily Camera editorial calls DA race clean, seems glad/relieved that the Ramsey case was not an issue.

The Justice Watch status was updated as of this morning - stay cool and stay tuned, when the forum address is announced I'll use it as the the meantime many refugees have found safe harbor at the Cybersleuths forum.




5:46 AM MDT, Fri. 8/11/00 (day #1325, week #190, month #43, year #3)
1. JonBenét Knows Evil Love

Good Morning!

Just when you thought things couldn't be more squirrelly (with my apologies to rodents everywhere) Alex Hunter, FBI's Ron Walker and the Rammers have granted interviews to A&E, to air Monday, August 28th, 8 PM, MDT, as a Fall kickoff for Investigative Reports.

Now that it's been filed in a Denver Court, the Daily Camera comments on on the Hoffmann/Hoffman development.

Updated by the AP, Hoffmann-Pugh lawsuit filed, BOCO DA has no comment, Lin Wood supports it!

Steven Singular tapped to write quickie bio-book on Joe Lieberman, notes his work on JonBenét 'culture of pornography'.

The JonBenét forum-of-record, Justice Watch, is back on-line with a new host!

Elsewhere, in Arizona a convicted child molester has been cleared by DNA testing, references Barry Scheck's Innocence Project.

And in California the case of missing8- year-old Xiana Fairchild is headed to a grand jury - mother's boyfriend and his family have been subpoenaed (link compliments of Cybersleuths).




The Justice Watch community forums are



7:44 AM MDT, Sat. 8/12/00 (day #1326, week #190, month #43, year #3)
1. victory celebration

Good Morning!

Good 'ol Longmont Daily Times Call strikes gold on an otherwise dead summer weekend...

Hot, hot hot! - "prosecutors ... threatened in July to convene a new grand jury if the Ramseys didn't submit to new interviews with Boulder police..." or read an archived copy here at Holoworld if that link is stale.

In Vallejo, California another child has mysteriously disappeared. Authorities say it is too early to assume foul play or link to the case of missing Xiana Fairchild (link compliments of CrimeNews2000).

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Murder - Family Style", Discovery Channel, 9 PM CDT, 10 PM EDT/PDT, 11 PM MDT, mothers, fathers and even children commit murderous acts that leave family members dead and others searching for the reasons behind the violent rampage.




6:30 AM MDT, Sunday. 8/13/00 (day #1327, week #190, month #43, year #3)
1. Bye Bye!

Good Morning!

Don't let the door hit you in the ass! Trip DeMuth RESIGNED from the DA's office! Watch for him to show up on the Rammer's payroll soon...

Quick quips - Darnay Hoffman at his sarcastic best is quoted in this week's Talk of the Town column.

TV ALERT: Deliberate Intent, FX, check local listings, telemovie based on the true story of Boulder's Palladium press.

TV ALERT: The FBI Files. "Polly Klaas: Kidnapped", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CDT, 11 PM EDT/PDT, midnight MDT, Klaas was kidnapped from her own slumber party and murdered, lasers helped the FBI identify and find the perpetrator. It took 200 FBI agents two months to find Richard Allen Davis, who was convicted and sentenced to death.




6:30 AM MDT, Monday 8/14/00 (day #1328, week #190, month #43, year #3)
1. smirking Patzee

Good Morning!

I think it is so sweet - Larry "Trip" DeMuth, before calling Alex Hunter to announce his resignation effective immediately, first went for a nature walk with not one but three reporters...

...and here is the Longmont Daily Times-Call version of the little hike, methinks taking a page from the Ramsey book on how to line up your ducks (or also saved here if that link is stale).

Speaking of books - I just updated the JonBenét book sales ranking page, no surprise Thomas is still selling, while DOI is now in the basement...




6:42 AM MDT, Tues. 8/15/00 (day #1329, week #190, month #43, year #3)
1. Beckner meets the press

Good Morning!

Bigger than a breadbox? More coy parsing on the Atlanta summit from the Denver Post..."meetings will take place in Wood's Atlanta office sometime after Saturday and before the end of the month" ... and hence between the 20th and the 31st or a 12 day window...

Dull, bland, been there, done that account of Trip DeMuth's resignation from the Associated Press, heavy on the JonBenét angle.

Crying Rape in Boulder: Another case where the school district got caught (excuse the double entendre) with it's pants down...

Elsewhere - Missing Kentucky baby case smells like another Aisenberg to me...(link compliments of CrimeNews2000).




6:46 AM MDT, Wed. 8/16/00 (day #1330, week #190, month #43, year #3)
1. It's a miracle!

Good Morning!

The Denver Post article yesterday seems to have spawned a copycat version from Reuters, it's running all over the nation, on CNN, and the Boston Globe, have fun!

I found this August 1 column by Clint Talbott of the Daily Camera urging reforms in the DA's office - I agree with him...

Other Colorado goings on include the sentencing of the cop who diddled his daughter for years, more mysterious goings on in the rebirthing death case, and the Travelers (weirdo home-improvement cult who market their daughters like a product) are back!

Missing Kentucky Baby Case (aka Sabrina II) - In a bizarre development, the parents have agreed to take a polygraph...(link compliments of Cybersleuths)...

And just plain prurient gossip - O.J. is suing Larry Schiller...




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