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6:44 AM MDT, Sun. 8/4/02 (day #2045 week #294 month #67 year #5
1. There's no place like home...

Good Morning! We're back from vacation, burned, bruised and poorer...

"I see guilty people": Rocky Mountain psychic claims she sees murderer of JonBenét and Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper. Okay. But still this is a MUST READ, if only for the charletan-alert. NOTE to Brewer: watch your mail for a letter from Lin Wood.

JonBenét not a ballot issue, but Sheriff Epp throws the name out anyway. Snide.

Hell Hole Redux: Loving profile of the CU Trainer who bought the JonBenét murder house.

Got Pictures? Videos? Baby, we're gonna make you a star, another racially divisive screed notes that photogenic kids ala JonBenét get the most publicity. Meanwhile Alexis Patterson's step-dad says despite his past, he should be trusted and get help. Yep.

Boulder's latest sick puppy/intruder (or "inturder", if you prefer) looks like Jesus Christ...No, I'm not making this up.

The wacky, weird Mirabal case is finally a wrap, with Lisa admitting she had an affair with murdering Matthew - with comments from the Prince of Darkness, Trip DeMuth.

I didn't find anything formally ending the search for Abby Blagg's body, but it sure sounds like it's over.

Beach house had CNN, watched the entire Samantha Runnion service, live.

I am very worried about the outcome of the Westerfield murder trial. Undertoad.

In Salt Lake, the Smarts are still at it, mounting another volunteer search.

Serial rapist Troy Graves got reacquainted with six of his victims, and charged/sentenced for more crimes.


8:00AM MDT, Mon. 8/5/02 (day #2046 week #294 month #67 year #5
1. like planning a pregnancy...

Good Morning! Late because a year from now I'm getting a Maine Coon kitten to replace Marcia when she leaves for college (empty nest planning)....

Since it's the "dog days" of summer, and our neighbors are away for a week allowing me to play with their Bichon and Skye, heh, some dog news from Colorado...

One of Sheriff Epp's canines sniffed out a loaded gun used to threaten Frat boys. Odd.

Shot in the paw... police dog still gets his perp, whata dog!

It's Monday. It's summer. Worse, it's August. That means, short of shark attacks and kidnappings there's not much news. Ditto for the Elizabeth Smart case which has really stagnated. Shaken by Runnion, they seem have gone to ground. Why not send them a message of encouragement, I just did. I really 'feel' that she's still alive and is being held somewhere.


7:15 AM MDT, Tue. 8/6/02 (day #2047 week #294 month #67 year #5
1. Willie Nelson rocks!

Good Morning! Blasts from the past today...

Hunky yet Quixotic Boulder lawyer W. Lee Hill was arrested this weekend for "felony menacing and misdemeanor assault". Dummy me, when did he get married? Sounds like a Bonnie Bakley Blake situation here.

J.T. Colfax (scroll down past dull photographer story) is becoming a neighbor, kind of. He finally found his dream home and is moving to Binghamton, New York, a mere 200 miles north of me.

A bit stale, but I just found this follow-up in the delightful Westword on the mysterious, sudden departure of Denver Post columnist and JonBenet pundit Chuck Green.

Must be something in the water - 14-year-old Longmont girl raped while passed out drunk.

Bring back public hangings! Orange County DA will seek death penalty for Samantha Runnion's murderer saying "If there was ever a case where justice would be served by seeking the death penalty, it is this case."

All van Dam, All the Time: It's bittersweet that the closing arguments for the murder trial of David Westerfield are today. Still praying the jury is composed of perky, peppy people who can see through the smoke and mirrors, but have nasty case of undertoad that this could be another O.J.

Older stuff I missed while on vacation...

California D.J. suspended after non-PI crack about the Philadelphia kidnapping, allusions to duct tape.

From an email tip, a child rapist/pornographer with ties to victim was only 3-years-old! Yes, I still occasionally check my email...

Robert Blake is still trying to get out on bail and Michael Skakel gets another sentencing delay.

HOUSEKEEPING: We're off on another roadtrip to celebrate Mr. B's birthday. Laptop-less, I'll be offline until Friday morning. See you back here then.


6:46 AM MDT, Fri. 8/9/02 (day #2050 week #295 month #67 year #5
1. 'Trujilloed', I may copyright that too

Good Morning!

Another day, another reason to smirk, Ramsey-style, probably just had Tom Trujillo's pudgy prints all over it, nuff said.

I knew Westword would do the "J.T. Colfax-moves-to-Binghamton" story right, and they did.

Saying it's too bad BPD commander Joe Pelle "wasn't the first cop on the scene after JonBenet was killed", Boulder Weekly endorses him for Boulder County sheriff to replace term-limited Epp. Further down in same column...the real story on the Lee Hill arrest (see Tuesday's column below) comes out.

Fleet and Priscilla White are on a tear, still. Now pushing the Boulder City Council to push the Boulder Police Department to release "mystery woman" case documents. Yawn.

John Walsh on Larry King Live last night, disgusting. At least he didn't do a Clinton.

"Danielle. Elizabeth. Samantha. Erica. Alexis. In a perfect world, or at least a safer one, these names would be part of a birthday party invite list...". Column in the Seattle Times on the summer of kidnapping hysteria and a similar one in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, both praise the upcoming summit (mentioned by Walsh in transcript above) and call for Amber Alert systems.

Or is it hysteria? Here in Philly land, a 6-year-old snatched by a family friend is dead. An Everett, Washington kidnapping attempt thwarted, barely. Truly brazen perp just walked into an unlocked apartment. In Utah, a 7-year-old escaped a kidnapper who tried to shove her in his car. And in Denver a plucky 11-year-old "screamed and bit" a man who tried to snatch her off the street.

Denver sick puppy molested little boys for years, gets nifty plea deal, but will put him behind bars for likely the rest of his life.

In Oregon, the search for Miranda and Ashley continues in earnest. Probably because of impending snow pack season.

And in California, Runnion-murderer Avila's ex-fiancee is said to be wracked with guilt that she did not do more to keep him off the streets.

It's good to be home, I'm going to play The Sims all day while I wait for the Westerfield verdict.


8:15 AM MDT, Sat. 8/10/02 (day #2051 week #295 month #67 year #5
1. more CourtTV fodder

Good Morning!

Not one but two kids whacked while sleeping, no sign of intruder, coroner ( "Stun Gun" Doberson) is stumped.

The bad news is that the AP got wind of that nasty story yesterday - the good news is that it's such a non-event that only 13 papers picked it up.

Avila pleads innocent to murder/rape/kidnapping of Samantha Runnion while his public defender complains about disclosure, authorities are eyeing another molestation rap against him too.

Probably a tabloid goon: Someone tried to break into Elizabeth Smart's Aunt's house in late July and the Deseret News is just trying to keep interest up in the kidnapping, now two months gone.

Four days worth of dog searches discovered nothing in Oregon related to missing Ashley and Miranda.

Sitting around and playing The Sims all day did not produce a verdict in the Westerfield murder trial, but we have a new batch of released documents to look forward to.


8:24 AM MDT, Sun. 8/11/02 (day #2052 week #295 month #67 year #5
1. ...summer doldrums

Good Morning! Not much out there...

Calling it an "essay", the Salt Lake Tribune looks at the phenomenon of adult males preying on little girls. Blame mass media. Cure by feminism.

Can pedophiles be "treated"?: Apparently the Orange County Register thinks so.

Un-updates on the Westerfield trial: A look at the importance of the jury instructions, and the weekly wrapup for Sunday readers.


7:57 AM MDT, Mon. 8/12/02 (day #2053 week #295 month #67 year #5
1. nifty new web cam

Good Morning!

3-year-old was "acting out", so his grandfather gave him a "time out" by putting him in the trunk of his Monte Carlo, observers report it as a possible kidnapping and all of Boston goes on alert. NINMTU.

Elizabeth dropping off radar: Only one new mention of the kidnapped teenager in today's papers, and it's as a hindrance to other Salt Lake investigations. Shades of JonBenet.

Some good news, KGTV San Diego is running an opinion poll on the Westerfield verdict, locals overwhelmingly voting for guilty.

Timely: The Smoking Gun has some neato court documents on Anna Nicole Smith and the original arrest warrant for the creep who kidnapped and raped the two California teens earlier this month.

Apparently the internet streaming of Denver's KHOW radio has resumed, but all I get is dead air, sat watching Peter Boyles on the cool new web cam though.


6:07 AM MDT, Tue. 8/13/02 (day #2054 week #295 month #67 year #5
1. Peripheral Character

Good Morning!

In a hurry today, have to have two cats at the vet at 7 AM MDT...

Boulder may have a new serial rapist on the loose, it's that time of year again, hot nights and unlocked windows...

Colorado news of note: Today is the primary election that will decide the fate of Ramsey case peripheral players BPD's Joe Pelle (running for Boulder County Sheriff) and Jeffco DA Dave Thomas (running for Congress).

Hurry up and Wait: No verdict yet in the Westerfield murder trial, I remain, glued to the set...

Well, duh: Elizabeth Smart's dad tells reporters his theory behind the kidnapping - Ricci is chief suspect, but did not act alone.

In Elizabeth Smart-Land: Photographer busted in Federal kiddie porn probe.

And in Pond/Gaddis territory, child enrollments in martial arts training has skyrocketed due to this year's highly publicized kidnappings and disappearances.


7:00 AM MDT, Wed. 8/14/02 (day #2055 week #295 month #67 year #5
1. JonBenet internet sighting

Good Morning!

Jeffco DA Dave Thomas will not be going to Washington DC as a congressman, but BPD's Joe Pelle is all but already annoited successor to BOCO Sheriff George Epp after taking a whopping 72% of the vote yesterday.

The self-proclaimed number-one suspect in the disappearances of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis has been arrested for (an apparently unrelated) rape. Verrrry interesting!

Congratulations all around, in particular to the media, after the successful retrieval of kidnapped LA 4-year-old yesterday. Mention of still-missing San Diego 2-year-old Jahi Turner.

The Silva/Lisk murders in Virginia, circa 1996-97, are formally closed with the announcement yesterday that serial rapist/murderer Evonitz commited all three slayings and acted alone.

The stress is killing me: When oh when will the jury in the David Westerfield trial quit goofing around and get on with it? Meanwhile the side-shows continue. Grrrrrrrr.....

WARNING: Don't read this if you have a weak stomach. Michael Skakel might be freed pending appeals based on a Connecticut Supreme Court ruling in an unrelated case earlier this week. Yuck.

Just for Fun: (or to make you feel better after that Skakel item) The latest proof that there is absolutely no intelligent life at the ACLU.


6:20 AM MDT, Thurs. 8/15/02 (day #2056 week #296 month #67 year #5
1. killer in custody?

Good Morning!

Calling him a "performance artist", Westword manages to place one last J.T. Colfax item, more likely he planted it himself though.

"Stun Gun" Coroner Doberson knows the results of the toxicology tests on the two little kids found dead in their beds last Thursday, but stays mum. Meanwhile Mummy and Daddy have lawyered up and shut up.

She always gets her man: JonBenét detective Jane Harmer is on the case of Boulder's latest possible serial rapist, who attacks in a Troy Graves-like method.

Are Colorado sex offenders unnecessarily humiliated by public registration lists? Who cares!

"I think you're good for it": Not only has Ward Weaver been arrested for (an unrelated) rape, now, according to ABC News, his son says that he (Ward) confessed to him that he killed Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

Ed Smart writes letter to Richard Ricci pleading with him to give up Elizabeth, will be posted on the family web site.

Still no Westerfield verdict, but the sideshows and kooks continue to thrive and make news.

I am shocked, positively stunned, that Clinton-lovin' CNN did not play up the race card in this story on disparity of media coverage in missing child cases. The writer will prolly be canned.


7:05 AM MDT, Fri. 8/16/02 (day #2057 week #296 month #67 year #5
1. Missing, Jennifer Short

Good Morning!

Did the two little kids overdose on cough syrup? Their uncle says they were smart enough to foil any child-proof cap. Looks like a Rocky Mountain News exclusive here.

The FBI search for trace evidence on Chandra Levy's clothes has been fruitless, an anonymous source tells CNN.

With two kidnapped children in a row recovered, the media is quickly pouncing on the next "shark attack" - this one is particularly vile, both parents shot to death and their 9-year-old daughter missing.

Elizabeth Smart is still missing. But her family is mad as hell. Here's the letter to Ed Ricci posted on their web site (in .pdf version).

Posted to the internet too late for yesterday's edition, here is Ward Weaver's son's claim that his father confessed to kidnapping and murdering both Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

You just gotta love Judge Mudd. Yesterday he turned down another Defense motion to sequester the jury during the remainder of deliberations for the Westerfield murder trial. I am still pessimistic, but I like what the jurors are requesting to re-examine.


6:00 AM MDT, Sat. 8/17/02 (day #2058 week #296 month #67 year #5
1. Deadly?

Good Morning!

There's a reason why they're Number One: KUSA Denver TV 9 has "confirmed" that the cause of death of two little kids last week was cough syrup overdose.

Denver Post catches up with the cough syrup-as culprit angle in the mysterious deaths of a brother and sister in their beds.

Jennifer Short, age 9, is still missing from Southwestern Virginia.

The FBI and Oregon City police are still denying that Ward Weaver is a suspect or even a "person of interest" in the disappearances of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

Elizabeth Smart's plight has deteriorated to a mere footnote in the Volunteer Opportunities page in the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Westerfield jurors apparently are taking their time because it takes so long for all this testimony read-back that they have requested.

The prison union whose members responsible for Michael Skakel say they are "outraged" that he is getting special treatment. Compare that to the Left-Coast treatment Robert Blake is getting. 'Somting Wong' here.

Gary Condit's wife, Carolyn, is suing The Star tabloid for $15 Million. Yawn.


6:53 AM MDT, Sun. 8/18/02 (day #2059 week #296 month #67 year #5
1. New photo of presumed kidnapped Jennifer

Good Morning!

Heads up to the murderer of JonBenet: Boulder DA Keenan might be preparing (an related) death penalty case right now, and hence, you're not off the hook. With mention of her predecessors leaning toward merciful plea bargains.

The Credibilty Factor has reared it's ugly head in the case of the Weird Weaver family of Oregon City, Oregon in connection with the disappearances of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

The search for Jennifer Renee Short has been "broken off", cops believe the murders of her parents and her snatching committed by someone who knew the family. At least two more recent photos of Jennifer released to the media and CNN has exclusive video footage of her.

The San Diego Union-Tribune Sunday offering for once-weekly readers is varied speculations from former jurors and Jury Consultants on whathahell is going on in the Westerfield jury room.

The Salt Lake Tribune Sunday cover story is on Ed and Lois Smart, parents of kidnapped and still missing Elizabeth, and offers up another column of parent-comfort pablum.



Since she overslept and just woke up at 6 AM MDT, Mrs. B has decided to take Monday off.
She will return as usual on Tuesday morning August 19th.


5:26 AM MDT, Tue. 8/20/02 (day #2061 week #296 month #67 year #5
1. Surprised they didn't hire Lin Wood

Good Morning!

Boulder, Colorado: Saber rattlin'! Another article implying that Boulder DA Mary Keenan is considering the death penalty in a current murder case.

Centennial, Colorado: Drunken intruder strips, gets into bed with 9-year-old girl. Father, alerted by the familys' dog, restrains him while mom calls 911.

Denver, Colorado: Guy who liked to dress up in women's lingerie and who got caught and then killed the witness, sentenced to 40 years in prison, one year for each stab wound he inflicted.

Aurora, Colorado: Uncle of two dead tots doubts the 4 and 5 year old passed a bottle of cough syrup betweeen them, fatally overdosing, demands cops release reports saying parents are being persecuted.

Midvale, Utah: 11-year-old girl snatched from her bedroom while sleeping, brother witnesses the intrusion, sexually assaulted in her backyard, perp captured. Similarities to the Smart case probed.

Oregon City, Oregon: It's all over but the clapping - cops are only waiting until an eviction of Ward Weaver and his family is complete before busting open a concrete slab in the yard that may contain the bodies of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

San Diego, California: They're back! But the Westerfield jury is still listening to read-backs and not deliberating.

Collinsville, Virginia: No footprints in the snow? Cops says that there was no signs of a struggle inside the house where Jennifer Short was apparently kidnapped and her parents shot dead. Meanwhile, the local sheriff finds the media daunting.

Tampa, Florida: A blast from the past. The parents of missing Sabrina Aisenberg are filing lawsuits aleging "pain and suffering and damage to their reputation".

Poland Springs, Maine: State investigators have cleared the Elan School in a probe prompted by revelations in the Michael Skakel murder trial.

Heh: One of my contributions made Lucianne's Must Reads list this morning.


7:04 AM MDT, Wed. 8/21/02 (day #2062 week #296 month #67 year #5
1. McKinney - as good as gone

Good Morning! Sorry so late, have a very sick cat here....

Well, it doesn't really change anything, doesn't make it hurt any less, but Steve Thomas has finally spoken re: the "settlement" of the Ramsey lawsuit. Whatever, personally I still feel betrayed. The entire text of his letter can be read here. (And the Daily Camera fixed the link to it's Ramsey archive, it can be accessed here.)

Arapahoe County, Colorado officials say that father who discovered and restrained naked intruder in his daughter's bed is a hero, with quotes from the unidentified man.

More on Utah Perverts - The little girl who was snatched from her bed in the middle of the night, taken to her backyard, raped and bludgeoned with a hammer, remains in serious condition. A Colorado pervert kidnapped a teenager and on the way to Utah raped her repeatedly. She escaped and is on her way home.

Clock ticking in Clackamas County: It's only a matter of hours now before Ward Weaver is formally evicted and the mysterious concrete slab that may hold the remains of Ashley Pond and/or Miranda Gaddis is cracked open. Closure is a good thing, keep your fingers crossed. Meanwhile his relatives are weakly rallying to his side, calling his son's claim of a confession a lie.

Jennifer Short is still missing, her relatives went public yesterday pleading for her release. And some Florida low-lifes are attempting to make a buck by invoking her name.

In Connecticut, more rumblings about a possible Michael Skakel release - that would be a crying shame, he'd have to change his name, have plastic surgery and move abroad. Yuck.

Totally unrelated, but a reason to celebrate - the most hated, radical members of Congress, both from Ramsey-land (is that merely a coincidence?) were defeated in embarassing primary races yesterday. Buh bye, Braid-head and Barr!


6:45 AM MDT, Thurs. 8/22/02 (day #2063 week #297 month #67 year #5
1. Westerfield with mounted trophies, gun

Good Morning!

It is a very good morning indeed, McNinney almost gone and Westerfield convicted possibly facing the ultimate penalty. And we have the delicious next phase to look forward to when "the life and character" of this slimy creep will be revealed in all it's salacious gusto, including the previous, yet unrevealed details of his past.

Serial rapist on the loose with string of rapes through Arizona, Nevada, California, known to have ties to Colorado.

A "Small Foreign Faction"?: Cops in Virginia say they are focusing on a "small group" of people in the double-murder and resultant kidnapping of Jennifer Short.

Ward Weaver entered a not-guilty plea yesterday in the un-related rape and assault charges that he is currently in jail for. Still number-one-person-of-interest in the Pond/Gaddis disappearances.

Amber's Legacy: The family of Elizabeth Smart announced their support of a bill co-sponsored by Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) and Diane Feinstein (D-CA) that would make the Amber Alert a nation-wide program.

Sick Sickler: Cretin who attacked 11 year old girl leaving her in critical condition has been linked to another Salt Lake area rape.

An example of leftist, Clintonista media run amok, only...Time Magazine on the Summer of '02's "Invasion of the Baby Snatchers".

Broken Male Psyches: Big bad wolves sees little girls in the woods, no evidence of mature relationships - male columnist ponders the 'whys' of women and girl-child murderers with mentions of the summer of '02 cases.

Tacky: Universal Studios is releasing DVD editions of suspected murderer Robert Blake's stale old TV series "Baretta". There ought to be a law against this, but who will buy it anyway?


6:58 AM MDT, Fri. 8/23/02 (day #2064 week #297 month #67 year #5
1. footprints in the snow - again

Good Morning! Overslept due to sick cat, may have to have her put to sleep today.

In the meantime chew over this nugget - Charlie Brennan on "investigators" debunking two "intruder" signs in the Ramsey case. Haven't read the whole thing yet myself.

Be back later with more....And here you go...

White, Billionaire Parents: Weeeel, Boulder Weekly is a little off, I don't remember anyone estimating JR's weath at a billion, but whatever. A reference to rich justice and the Rammer's at the top of this column.

What do JonBenet and Adolf Hitler have in common: New CBS Mini-series attempts to "humanize" a young Adolf, Jewish groups cry foul.

The Jennifer Short and Elizabeth Smart cases get joined at the hip in this look at missing-child-investigations in today's Roanoke (VA) Times.

Salt Lake 11-year-old, snatched from her bed by intruder, raped and beaten with a hammer, undergoes surgery, has condition upgraded.

Meanwhile, the state of Utah is hexpanding it's version of the Amber Alert, the Rachel Alert, after the Summer of '02 high profile kidnappings. It's a good thing.

Speaking in Code and Reading Between the Lines: Ah ha! I told you we might be hearing about some as-yet-to-be-released sordid details about David Westerfield's past, and now confirmed by the San Diego Union Tribune. Be still my heart, call me bloodthirsty, but I can't wait!

Samantha Runnion's biological father and a neighbor comment on the Westerfield verdict and remain hopeful of the same outcome for slimy sick puppy Alejandro Avila.

Robert Blake's attempt to be released on bail so he can help prepare for his murder trial is looking more and more likely.


7:45 AM MDT, Sat. 8/24/02 (day #2065 week #297 month #67 year #5
1. Jennifer Short

Good Morning!

Pooh poohing Charlie Brennan and his annonymous source, the Associated Press takes a whack at the HiTec footprint and palmprint story from yesterday's Rocky (see lead story Friday). Unfortunately, this story got picked up by about 30 newspapers across the U.S.

I like this version better - short, terse and to the point, with no Lin Wood spin, a gift from KUSA Denver TV 9, home of Paula Woodward, go figure.

Today is the day! The FBI admits that they will be searching Pond-Gaddis suspect Ward Weaver's home today and hopefully also cracking open that concrete slab.

After all the hub bubb over the Westerfield verdict, the AP has decided to revisit the case of missing 2-year-old Jahi Turner, also in the San Diego area.

Speaking of Westerfield, the plot thickened yesterday with tantalizing hints about some witnesses that the defense is attempting to ban from testifying about his past. Golly.

Psychics, including the smarmy "Cyd" of Colorado, are swarming all over the case of missing Jennifer Short in Virginia.

Cat showed improvement yesterday, so euthanasia is off until at least Monday. Keep your fingers crossed (I won't ask you to pray for a cat!).


6:34 AM MDT, Sun. 8/25/02 (day #2066 week #297 month #67 year #5
1. Remains found

Good Morning!

Sometimes I hate being right: "Human remains" have been found in a shed on the rental property previously occupied by Ward Weaver, likely to be either Ashley Pond or Miranda Gaddis. The concrete slab has been tapped, but yielded nothing - yet. Here's a Mapquest satellite view of the Weaver property with the apartments visable just to the North. And here's the police report on that rape that led to the discovery of the body.

There's something worse than being JonBenét's parents, says Cindy Adams, today's only JonBenét sighting.

Bittersweet: It's that time of year again. "The most wonderful time of the year...", Ashley, Miranda, Jennifer should be returning to school. So should Elizabeth Smart. But her remaining siblings are, which is likely to strike new terror and paranoia among the family.

What will you tell your children, or grandchildren about the summer of '02? Deseret News columnist ponders his paranoia and fears for his 3-month-old daughter.

1999 - 134
2000 - 106
2001 - 93
2002 - 62, through August
...Here they go again, child abduction statisticians claiming that your kid has a better chance of being struck by lightning than by being kidnapped by a stranger, and crowing about the RATES declining...I don't care if it's one, it's one too many.

And for San Diegans who have been living under a rock for the past week, here's the Union-Tribune's weekly summary of van Dam murder news.



6:42 AM MDT, Thurs. 8/29/02 (day #2070 week #298 month #68 year #5
1. Five fools, count 'em, five, married this woman

Good Morning!

This latest child snatching just stinks to high hell, no wonder they only issued a regional (as opposed to state-wide) Amber Alert. I'll save you the suspence...Mommy is good for it.

With both Skakel's and Westerfield's penalty hearings yesterday I was madly flipping dials, Court TV is so infuriating with it's commercial and "news" breaks...

No matter what you think of Brenda van Dam you have to admit that her testimony yesterday was heart-wrenching, I sobbed and went through not one but two paper towels in the process, and as I predicted, vid-caps from yesterday are all over the net, ie: "Brenda van Dam, in this image captured from the courtroom video feed, dabs a tear during her testimony."

This is a real tear-jerker, relatives of Ashley and Miranda came to the memorial fence around Ward Weaver's former home yesterday to publicly thank the community, the media and law enforcement. Meanwhile, "He's come undone", Weaver has been accused of yet another sexual assault.

Richard Ricci might die. Love the way they call him "a potential suspect", dropping that sickening "Person Of Interest" (POI) crap. Scroll down near the bottom and you'll find that the Smarts have hired Dr. Henry Lee...feh.

I just hate doing this to you, but it's necessary. The Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise and the Fox News Network are petitioning the court to release the names of the jurors who acquitted Alejandro Avila on child molestation charges last year - freeing him to kidnap, rape and murder Samantha Runnion. Catch is that this is a registration-required site, but tell 'em you're a 102-year-old grandpa interested in personal fitness and it will let you in anyway.

(And once you get in there, read this article on just two California Counties and their sex-offender databases, the numbers are staggering!)

Awww, poor Mikie Skakel. He's lost weight. He's pale. He was crying in court yesterday. Awwww. I hope the court shows you as much sympathy as you showed Martha.

The other Martha, just for fun, apparently has some fans who want to "save" her.


:37 AM MDT, Fri. 8/30/02 (day #2071 week #298 month #68 year #5
1. Ugh.

Good Morning!

Heh. Michael "The Slug" Skakel sentenced to 20 years-to-life yesterday despite stack of pleading letters from all his wealthy relatives, here's Len Levitt in NewsDay and the Greenwich Times on the sentence.

Westerfield as big, huggy, love puppy: I'm beginning to hope they don't kill him. Just like the JonBenet murderer(s), he belongs in a big glass bug jar out in the desert somewhere, with holes poked in the lid, with some twigs and branches to crawl around on...

Can the feds resist tabloid temptation? Sure they can - NOT, and why not? JonBenet sighting of the day is a must read if only to make you smile.

Dirty. The Farber-Rose-Landrum kidnapping is getting more bizzare by the second.

Richard Ricci is still in a coma but showing some response to stimulii.


6:53 AM MDT, Sat. 8/31/02 (day #2072 week #298 month #68 year #5
1. Hope they harvested organs first

Good Morning!

Richard! You scumbag! You took the easy way out, you coward! I hope you burn in hell for all eternity!

Meanwhile the Smarts have released new details, say intruder in both June and July instances used a patio chair to stand on and cut screens of both houses, offering a new reward on the July case too.

As an argument to loosen Amber Alert standards, the Farber case is one for the books, 9 year-old recovered only 60 hours after being abducted by thugs at his mother's behest. And another California child has been snatched by an unstable mother.

Three Oregon governments (two Counties and Oregon City) are "doing a Florida", denying responsibility for follow-up on Ashley Pond's allegation that Ward Weaver molested her. Meanwhile the Portland Tribune has dug up even more smarmy details.

A murder in South Carolina two years ago has been solved due to the State of Georgia revising their DNA collection scope on prison inmates. As the collection gets applied to Federal inmates as well, the bleeding-heart-liberals are screaming!