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December 1, 1998


6:40 AM, MST, Tuesday 12/1/98 (day #706)
Day #93 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 189

Good Morning!

Today's big news has not been leaked to the electronic media yet, the Ramsey Grand Jury will meet today and then go on hiatus until sometime next year.

NEW!: Review of the book "A Mother Gone Bad" by moi. Should you buy it? If you bought it, should you finish reading it?

Speaking of books - as we wait for the release of the Singular (imminent) and Schiller (March) books, comes word that Simon & Shuster has inked a deal with two "insiders" to write their own Ramsey case guide. No release date available yet, stay tuned.

Using the Colorado DNA database, a series of rapes in Boulder eight years ago has been solved. They shure do move fast in Boulder don't they...

Another "Susan Smith" type case, a Florida dad, who called 911 to report his daughter missing, has been charged with her murder on Thanksgiving Day. Another blonde, blue-eyed, 6 year-old baby is gone.


December 2, 1998


6:15 AM, MST, Wednesday 12/2/98 (day #707)
Day #94 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 188

1. Good Morning and Happy Birthday to puma_overlooking_boulder and Zane!

Word is now out, and official, that the Grand Jury is taking a month off, article in today's Camera with history of the proceedings to date and a un-grumble/grumble from JR's attorney Hal Haddon.

Charlie Brennan (today's Rocky) also includes the quote from Hal Haddon but identifies him as the lawyer for BOTH John and Patsy. With more unintelligible murmurings from Bob Grant..."I don't think there ... is any foot-dragging going on," (Zzzzzzzzzzz).

While we are waiting for Presumed Guilty: An Investigation of the Ramsey Case, the Media and the Culture of Pornography (Singular) and Bear No Witness: The Death of JonBenét Ramsey (Schiller), here are some novel suggestions on the crime-and-the media genre....

Breaking News, by Robert MacNeil, (a murder similar to the Ramsey case)
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
, by Mary Jane Clark (murder and media treatment)
Reporting Live
, by Lesley Stahl (available January '98)
Those Who Trespass
, by Bill O'Reilly (murder and TV news)
Sign Off
, by Jon Katz
Station Break
, by Steve Friedman and Rosemary Ford
Do You Promise Not to Tell?
, by Mary Jane Clark (not yet released)
Deliver Us From Evil
, by Bill O'Reilly (on TV talk shows, not yet released)

Sick Puppy? - A rape, attempted kidnapping and murder, eight years ago in Boulder has been solved, through a check with the CBI's DNA database (wonder where he was in December '96?). Stories on this case are also running on KMGH Denver TV 7 (ABC), KWGN Denver TV 2 (WB), and today's Denver Post.

But will the charges stick? DNA databases are rarely checked, and there are strict guidelines for inclusion. Questions are raised on whether this perp belonged in that group.

Well, we finally did it - somehow the group at Justice Watch convinced Catnip to accept donations to help maintain the forum. Checks or money orders made payable to "Chris Wheeler" can be sent to her at this address...

P. O. Box 25
Okemos, MI 48805-0025

TV ALERT: Jenny Jones, syndicated, check local listings, "precocious physical maturity"

TV ALERT: Dateline, NBC, 9 PM, EST, a Dallas minister who is accused of trying to murder his wife.

TV ALERT: Discover Magazine, "Science Detectives", Discovery Channel, 9 PM, EST, forensic science helped solve a 20-year-old crime.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Battling the Rapist", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, rape victims offer tips in hopes of preventing other attacks.


December 3, 1998


6:10 AM, MST, Thursday 12/3/98 (day #708)
Day #95 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 187

1. Good Morning!

My heart can't take it - I opened today's Petoskey News Review to find a shocking headline - sleep dep, stress or...wishful thinking?

Whatever happened to Allie Krupski? The former Daily Camera lead reporter on the Ramsey case lost a round in court yesterday when the judge allowed a postponement in the civil proceeding on purloined papers and damaged reputation. (After all this time it seems almost quaint - an throwback to a more innocent era, ah - 1997!).

Charlie Brennan's article on the Grand Jury hiatus got picked up by the Scripps wire, but only reprinted by one paper, the Contra-Costa Times. ("The big news in the Ramsey case is that there is no news, and won't be for a WHOLE MONTH!" Yawn).

Home for the Holidays: Short wire service blurb on the Grand Jury's month long vacation from Yahoo!

Westword loves J.T.! This week's Off Limits column links the recent Boulder journalist domestic violence cases (KOA's Keith Weinman and the Rocky's Bill Johnson) with Boulder Jail overcrowding and the shell game of moves from jail to jail of J.T. Colfax, at the bottom of this page.

Grab some tissues first - Matt Causey has updated his JonBenét tribute page for the month of December, including a lovely poem by Nikki and a surprise tribute dedication reflecting his good taste and wise judgement ;-)

Letter to the editor of the Camera decries the foot-dragging in the Sid Wells murder case - signs of intelligent life in Boulder?

Boulder latest attempted murderer busted - was going to poison his ex with weed killer (yummy!).

Articles in both the Longmont Daily Times Call and the Boulder Planet on the 8 year old Boulder rape case solved through the use of the CBI DNA database. They sure do celebrate when they get one right, don't they?

TV ALERT: Internight, MSNBC, 7 PM, EST, update on the case of missing baby Sabrina Aisenberg (tip compliments of Linda).

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Child Stalkers", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, how sexual predators stalk their innocent victims.


December 4, 1998


6:20 AM, MST, Friday 12/4/98 (day #709)
Day #96 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 186

1. Good Morning!

Yesterday about 8 AM, MST, Carol McKinley broke the story that five members of the Paugh clan will be submitting DNA samples and finger and palm prints - and the spin has begun (hold on to your seat)...

Totally spun - today's Atlanta Journal Constitution headline story is an interview with Pam Paugh in which she admits she is stupefied, peppered with facts on the GBI samples.

Ugh! Charlie Brennan and Lisa Levitt Ryckman collaborating on an article on the Paugh Clan DNA testing - thought you had better taste Charlie.

Looks like the Denver Post's Marilyn Robinson slept through McKinley's report (not Jeff, Grant!), but she balanced the spin anyway by inserting quotes from various sources including the Poz.

The Daily Camera's article on this breaking news is a mere reprint of the Brennan/Ryckman article above - Where's Matt and Chris?

Ramsey side heard from - short blurb from Yahoo! news wire contains JR's brother Jeff's take on this development - means that they are looking at others besides P&J...huh? (curiously biased for a wire service, I'd rather hear from Scheck and Lee).

Script of what was reported on KMGH Denver TV 7 (ABC) on the testing.

Short AP wire story on the Paugh story from KWGN Denver TV 2 (WB) and in today's Colorado Springs Gazette.

Your normal, bland wire report from the National news briefings of the Star Tribune.

Re-run of the "Happy Holidays" AP story on the Grand Jury hiatus in yesterday's Glenwood (Colorado) Post.

Note: The December 14th issue of People magazine has a JonBenét case cover story.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, a rapist/attacker who was once a suspect in the Chase case has been sentenced to WORK RELEASE! Money matters folks.

Sick Puppy of the West- Hope they checked this guy's DNA - A "white man in his 30s or 40s, of medium build, and with short, brown hair that is graying" is the serial rapist of girls aged between 9 and 15, striking in 3 states. Suddenly, after a 2 year lull, he has started his attacks again and will be featured on an upcoming "Americas Most Wanted". Stay tuned.

Sick Puppy of the East- Child molester has the Marietta, Georgia area terrorized.

Chuck Green's best buddy passed on to his great reward on Wednesday, our condolences, (have tissues handy for this column).

RADIO ALERT: The Morning Show with Peter Boyles, KHOW 630 AM, Denver, 5 to 9 AM, MST, more on Carol McKinley's report and a Boulder photographer who was once considered a suspect in the case (nope, not Steve Miles, not Randy Simmons, another photographer).

TV ALERT: Science Mysteries, "Power of the Paranormal", Discovery Channel, 10 PM, EST, telekinesis, telepathy and other psychic powers.


December 5, 1998




7:20 AM, MST, Saturday 12/5/98 (day #710)
Day #97 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 185

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to BobC!

As promised yesterday, People magazine has a detailed anniversary story on the investigation, with links to previous stories and yet another discussion board.

(If the margins and page flipping at the Pathfinder site drive you batty, I also pasted the full text of the article in the archives.)

The cover of People can be seen here, make sure you buy the right one! (scan compliments of catnip) .

After two weeks of silence, one of the December 15th tabloids has a Ramsey case article, but, woe, it's another Burke-did-it stretch (transcription compliments of Linda).

Clint Talbot's column in today's Boulder Daily Camera is an interesting retrospective of the conflicts of free-speech and censorship, chock full of interesting Boulder history. A must read for Ramsey-philes.

Steve wants us to know that not all Colorado cops are inept, check out this zippy collar made in Fort Lupton.

Fresh on the heels of the demise of Chuck Green's dog, we have a birth to celebrate! Benjamin Noah Silverman was born at 9:40 p.m. on 12-2-98 at Rose Medical Center in Denver. Baby Bennie, Mama Trish and Daddy Craig are doing great. Congratulations to our favorite talking head and his family!

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "Stalking the Stalkers", A&E, 3 PM, EST, a LAPD unit that targets stalkers. Includes actual filmed arrests of stalkers, and the story of one victim who was violently attacked.


December 6, 1998


7:00 AM, MST, Sunday 12/6/98 (day #711)
Day #98 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 184


Good Morning!

Group prayer day: TODAY, no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, no matter how you're DRESSED (we can't see you), please stop and say a prayer for Justice and resolution to this mess at 12 NOON EASTERN TIME (11 AM Central, 10 AM Mountain, 9 AM Pacific). Don't pray for a confession, just ask the Big Boss for Justice and resolution.

Ruthee, our resident psychic and internet diva, has finally unveiled her own web site. Interesting reading and under construction.

Problems and backlogs at the CBI shake confidence in the state's fingerprint system. What next?

Duh! Colorado youth pastor tried three times, and failed, to poison his wife. Try weed killer next time.


December 7, 1998


6:10 AM, MST, Monday 12/7/98 (day #712)
Day #99 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 183


Good Morning! No news is good news...

Errata: Correction to a previous title, the March '99 Lawrence Schiller book is "PERFECT MURDER, PERFECT TOWN: JonBenét and the City of Boulder". Advance orders can be placed at various on-line booksellers, but the best price is at

Boulder County's FIRST murder trial in six and a half years begins with jury selection today. Article on the Foulks case with background on the BOCO-DA's propensity for plea-bargaining and comments from local legal experts.

The Boulder Police Department has elected a new union chief, Jerry Babiak is the new president of the Police Benefit Association (scroll down to the middle of the page).

In case you're interested: Lunch today at the Boulder Valley Schools is Waffle sticks or French toast sticks, sausage patty, hash browns, cinnamon applesauce, and milk. Yummy! Thanks to the Daily Camera for bringing us this vital information! Tomorrow we'll do a weather report...

Off topic (again) - a perfect example of netizens serving their community, ToppCat has created a Santa radar site . Share this link with a kid!


December 8, 1998


6:10 AM, MST, Tuesday 12/8/98 (day #713)
Day #100 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 182


Good Morning! 100 days! And we've only heard from her sister...sad.

Pammy, Polly, Nedra, Don and Grant (Polly's hubby) all gave samples to the GBI yesterday, Carol McKinley of FOX NEWS reports, along with another spinning interview with Crazy Aunt Pam, you might catch it on the live feed available at the FOX NEWS Channel web site.

Can't catch the Fox feed? KMGH TV 7 Denver (ABC) summarizes the McKinley report above.

Boulder justice - today's Clint Talbot column in the Daily Camera is critical of the wrist-slap sentence of 2 years work-release for a recent creek path assault with a metal pipe.

And so, Boulder's latest murder should walk if he claims, as expected, that his girlfriend was sick, so he shot her four times, with two different weapons.

Oh, the irony! Lame duck Colorado Governor and Clinton buddy Roy Romer has published (at State expense) a vanity piece for the media entitled "The Best Place to Raise a Child: Colorado in the Romer Years".

Recommended reading - yesterday's Washington Post offered this book review of A Bright Red Scream which details self-mutilation as a symptom of past child abuse (tip compliments of GSquared).

Speaking of books, in case you missed it - my review of A Mother Gone Bad (Hodges, 1998) and, for comparison sakes, a past review of A Little Girl's Dream (Wallington/Von Duyke, 1997).

Housekeeping: Lost? Technical difficulties has prevented the proper URL registration of the Justice Watch forum, please bookmark this main entrance.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Dead Wrong", Discovery Channel, 9 PM, EST, murderers use staging of the body and crime scene to mislead investigators.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "The Search for Amy", A&E, 9 PM, EST, a mother's 23-year search for her missing daughter, abducted by a biker gang, and reveals the dramatic ending to the story.





December 9, 1998


6:07 AM, MST, Wednesday 12/9/98 (day #714)
Day #101 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 181


Good Morning!

The People magazine message board is smoking in response to their 12/14 issue cover story on the Ramsey case (tip compliments of BobC).

No wonder J.T. Colfax can't get any help from his public defender, Adam DeChar. He's busy defending Boulder County's first murder case to go to trial in 7 years. Opening arguments in the Foulks case reveal odd motives and tenuous chance for the killer to walk.

And more on the Foulks murder trial in yesterday's Longmont Daily Times Call, with backhand swat at the Daily Camera coverage.

No wonder there's no Ramsey case coverage lately, token defense talking head, Larry "the Poz" Posner is busy defending a Boulder Dentist in the midst of plea-bargaining negotiations on a sex assault charge with BOCO-DA's sex specialist Mary Keenan.

BPD goes high tech...They have hired an Internet expert just to surf and hook would-be child predators.

Call 911!...deep intrigue within the Boulder County Emergency Dispatch Center includes a sex discrimination charge after Board members (including Mark Beckner) asked a female staffer about her interior decorating plans. In P.C. Boulder?

Is this the infamous pilot's wife? Article about the resignation of Pam Archuleta as the director of the Boulder County chapter of United Way.

Roamin' Roy Romer denies that public funds will be used to publish his manifesto on his contributions to children's issues over the past 12 years, but I wonder how his children and grandchildren feel about his admitted 25-year-long affair with a top aide?

Psycho Stimulant?: Editorial in the Longmont Daily Times Call claims the internet is leading to failure of real-life relationships, likens surfing to doing habit-forming drugs. (uh huh).

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The Preppie Murder", A&E, 9 PM, EST, the death of Jennifer Levin, who was killed in New York City's Central Park while having sex with Robert Chambers.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Missing", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, the search for children who have vanished into the hands of strangers, acquaintances, and even family members.



December 9, 1998


5:55 AM, MST, Thursday 12/10/98 (day #715)
Day #102 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 180


Good Morning!

(A birthday present for Jameson) Your cat burglar is BACK! See bottom of the Week in Review Column in the Boulder Planet. Also with a brief article on the Paugh clan DNA and palm print retrieval.

On a more serious note - the Susannah Chase investigation has been declared officially inactive by Chief Beckner and the files assigned to Ramsey investigator Jane Harmer (?) and another detective for follow-up on an as-needed basis only. Beckner declares "there is no serial killer on the loose" in Boulder. Yepper.

Boulder's latest murderer, David Gordon will testify today in his own defense. This quickie murder trial is expected to wrap up this morning.

Late story from the Longmont Daily Times Call on the proceedings Tuesday in the murder trial of David Gordon.

Short story on the opening arguments in the Gordon trial with details on the odd assisted suicide defense.

Barnes & Noble has updated it's database to reflect the correct title and publication date of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town. Synopsis is complete with publisher's promo squib, with typos/misspellings.

Wire story on the Boulder County Emergency Dispatch center employee who has filed a complaint with the EEOC from KWGN Denver TV 2 (WB).

Do you feel comfortable with having a convicted rapist bagging your groceries? Letter from Boulder rape victim agrees with the Clint Talbot column and criticizes Judge Hales' decision to sentence a rapist/bludgeoner to work release.

Cooking up a plot? Elsewhere in Colorado, a man has been convicted of the murder of his roommate 5 years ago, cremated the victim in the backyard barbecue pit.

Too dreary - here's some lightness to end your session - especially for our AOL readers - New York Post article on the man behind the voice who cheerily announces "You've Got Mail!".

TV ALERT: The Unexplained, "Cannibals", A&E, 9 PM, EST, (unrelated, but I thought you might need a good scare), killer-cannibals, survival cannibalism, and cultural cannibalism around the world.


December 11, 1998


6:17 AM, MST, Friday 12/11/98 (day #716)
Day #103 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 179


Good Morning!

Globe issue dated December 22nd revisits the suspicion of Santa Bill McReynolds and claims Lou "The Fox" Smit named him and six others as an addendum to his resignation letter. Now available in the archives, "Finger of Guilt Pointed at Santa -But he insists he's innocent".

A letter from Lance Matthews with the history of the recent J.T.Colfax jail moves, appears in the latest Boulder Weekly, mid-way down this page.

And speaking of J.T. - Watch for a new Colfax thread on the Boulder News Forum - "BLACKMAIL?-A Radioactive LOU posting" - 12noon EST today, promised to be EXPLOSIVE...

The case against Boulder's latest murderer has been given to the jury, reduction of the charge to manslaughter in this "assisted suicide" case has been refused.

TV AVOID: Kathie Lee - Christmas Every Day, CBS, 10 PM, EST, a full-hour of perky Kathiee Mee! Gather up some stale cookies to toss at the boob tube!


December 12, 1998


6:55 AM, MST, Saturday 12/12/98 (day #717)
Day #104 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 178


Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Darla!

EXCLUSIVE! Seen and Heard - John Ramsey was in Boulder last night - wonder if Patsy knew?

Good News! J.T. Colfax has been returned to the Boulder County Jail! Thanks to everyone who called or wrote, we'll never know if it made a difference, but at least we did something.

VOTE BY 12/26 -Last year, in an example of cyber-activism at it's finest, we managed to get John and Patsy named the 1997 Creeps of the Year, we need to all vote again to make it two years in a row, 1998 Creep of the Year or simply email the Creep of the Week webmaster. Remember - they were just as creepy, if not more so, during 1998 - this year they made the Crockumentary and practiced shameless jury-tampering appeals and media manipulation! (tip compliments of DianneE)

Boulder's cat burglar is back and now in Pueblo, Colorado a 15 year-old girl has been found murdered in her bedroom, an intruder is suspected.

David Gordon has been convicted of first degree murder in the multiple gunshot "mercy killing" of Angela Foulks in Boulder County earlier this year. One conviction under their belt, maybe now the BOCO-DA team is ready for the tough one...

Coverage of the closing session in Boulder's latest murder trial from the Longmont Daily Times call.

Incestuous relationships revealed! Letter to the editor of the Daily Camera (see bottom of this page) notes that the kidnapper/bludgeoner-potential-rapist recently sentenced to work release (yes, work release, I am not making this up) had two family members write letters to the judge responsible for sentencing, an uncle and his stepfather who both work for the Denver Probation system. Yee Gads, sometimes it's money, sometimes it's WHO you know...

For those who embrace the drug-conspiracy theory - a major drug bust in Boulder yesterday netted $9000 worth of cocaine.

Two weeks until Christmas!...History of Santa tracking web sites featuring the grand-daddy of them all, NORAD. Bookmark this link and the one for ToppCat's site for sharing with cyber-tykes on Christmas Eve.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Dead Wrong", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, okay, you've killed someone, it's time to stage the crime scene and position the body to make it look like a suicide, an intruder, or someone else.


December 13, 1998


7:25 AM, MST, Sunday 12/13/98 (day #718)
Day #105 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 194


Good Morning! I overslept, so shoot me.

That's entertainment! (Hey, we made the New York Times, things are looking up!) "After decades of steady inundation, we have come to think of nearly everything as entertainment" - examples given are O.J., the murder of JonBenét, and Monica, Monica, Monica. (Note: New York Times requires registration.)

Anniversary article in today's Calgary Sun expresses optimism that the Grand Jury will finally receive the truth and end this 2 year-long slow speed bronco chase.

The Globe's web site has been updated to reflect the December 22nd issue, with a picture of the cover screaming SANTA DID IT with image of Bill McReynolds (I have just three words for Bill - Sue Sue Sue).

In other news...

Short wire service story on the first degree murder conviction won on Friday by Boulder County prosecutors against David Gordon for the shotgun "mercy killing" of Angela Foulks.

More details on the 15 year-old girl who was found murdered in her bedroom, body was discovered by her father (who called 911, wonder if he contaminated the crime scene first?), an intruder is suspected.

You never know about those self-proclaimed 'good Christians', a church deacon has been convicted of child molestation for a second time, his attorney anticipates that he will be sentenced to life in prison.

Deck the Kid with Garrote and Bludgeon, Fa la la la...Tis the season for mommies and daddies to wig out as delineated in this AP story on Holiday Stressors and the after effects and victims.

Print and broadcast tabloids, (i.e. Hard Copy, Inside Edition and Extra!) are suffering as mainstream media (i.e.: 60 Minutes I and II) steal their genre, and live Court shows eat airtime. With comments from Geraldo in today's New York Post.

TV ALERT: Biography, "The von Trapp Family: Harmony and Discord", A&E, 8 PM, MST, just in time for the holidays another tell-all mommy-was-a-monster expose', this time the victim is Maria von Trapp accused of being a task master with a volatile temper--her demands made many of the von Trapp children miserable for years.


December 14, 1998


6:07 AM, MST, Monday 12/14/98 (day #719)
Day #106 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 193


Good Morning!

Patsy Plea Bargain? The National Examiner Ramsey case article, "Mom's Deal to Save Brother, 11", from the December 29th issue is now available in the archives.

A longer version of the Jean Sonmor anniversary article from yesterday's Toronto Sun news service, includes details on the 911 tape, fibers, and the Ramsey's counter-measures to manipulate public opinion.

Editorial in yesterday's Longmont Daily Times Call reveals the darker side of Colorado crime statistics, including the CBI fingerprint backlog, and calls for more funding.

Boulder will hate this - looks like the Denver suburbs murder rate has surpassed the city's for the year 1998. Article cites Boulder's rising homicide rate.

Pot calling the Kettle Black - A&E comments on CBS' 60 minutes faux pas in a lapse in fact-checking, both buyers of foreign documentary footage, A&E claims it goes over material "with a fine toothed comb". Yepper.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Reasonable Doubt", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, Habeas corpus is the principal recourse in mistaken convictions.


December 15, 1998


6:06 AM, MST, Tuesday 12/15/98 (day #720)
Day #107 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 192


Good Morning!

JR showed his true colors on Friday night in Boulder, read all the gruesome details in today's Charlie Brennan article with interview comments from John's victim.

Another anniversary overview of the Ramsey case to date from Crime Magazine, (tip compliments of Linda).

Parallels again between Zippergate and the Ramsey case - Page 72 of this week's Entertainment Weekly contained the following short article.... (transcription compliments of Katie).

Ken Starr seems to have launched another trend: the bookstore subpoena. Investigators in the JonBenét Ramsey murder case have attempted to compel Boulder, Colo.'s Rue Morgue Bookshop to turn over all records of purchases made by Patsy and John Ramsey, parents of the slain 6-year-old. Owners Tom and Enid Schantz replied that the Ramsey's were not listed in the Rue Morgue's customer database. "But if we did have records, we wouldn't turn them over" says Enid. "We feel very strongly that what people read is their own business." So strongly, in fact, that the Schantzes notified the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE), the same organization that defended Washington's Kramerbooks from the subpoena demanding Monica Lewinsky's records. Says Chris Finan, president of ABFFE, "If prosecutors could subpoena bookstores just to get an idea of the kind of books people read, that would be a dangerous precedent." Tom thinks one reason prosecutors want the records is because of the theory that JonBenét's killer drew inspiration from Alan Folsom's 1994 thriller The Day After Tomorrow. Boulder's district attorney has not taken further action. "We're hoping this will be the end of it," says Tom. "If we're the key to solving the murder, then the murders never going to get solved."

How can I compete with Roseanne? The loud, plump one will be the guest editor of an upcoming issue of the National Enquirer, see "Ladies of Letters" halfway down this page, to include her take on the JonBenét case, maybe broadening her appeal?

"Headline hogs" and the quest for the "sexy story" make the Ramsey case coverage a target of a new survey on perceived news credibility problems in this AP wire story. Also available, the press release announcing the survey from the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the the whole report here if you are really bored.

Boulder bludgeoner/kidnapper James Gettings, has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Will be charged in the May 1998 case, with frightening similarities to the murder of JonBenét, next month.

Pueblo County family of a 15 year-old girl found bludgeoned to death by an "intruder" are not suspects because they are your "basic, All-American" types. Here we go again...

What's good for the goose...Colorado death penalty defense teams have been dealt a blow with a high court decision mandating disclosure to the prosecution of witnesses the defense will call. Oink, Oink!

Housekeeping I: I added some HTML coding that should cause the news links to open in a new browser window. If you experience any difficulty with this feature, please email me with the brand and version number of your browser.

Housekeeping II: I've adjusted the number of day's until J.T.'s release, we've learned his anticipated release date is June 25th, 1999, not the 9th.


December 16, 1998


6:36 AM, MST, Wednesday 12/16/98 (day #721)
Day #108 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 191


Good Morning!

Appearance by Cyril Wecht on the Ramsey case today, see TV ALERT below...

Anniversary article on the sllooooowww case in today's New York Times complete with a copy of one of the infamous Coffman "scuffle" photos.

Larger view of the Coffman photo of John and John Andrew, also from the NYT site.

The UPI picked up the story about Frank Coffman's scuffle with JR in Boulder on Friday night. Oddly slanted considering it is a wire service.

The decision from the district judge on whether or not to dismiss the Stephen Miles slander suit against John Ramsey and the Enquirer is expected today, scroll down to second article on this page.

Another article from the most recent issue of the National Examiner, "Ramsey Family DNA to be Tested", is transcribed and ready for you to read at the archives.

Playing it safe: The night ride/walk escort programs at CU-Boulder are very popular in the year after the slaying of Susannah Chase.

Sick Puppy? A Serial Rapist task force is looking into a series of kidnapping/rapes of young girls over the past two years in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Belly Bump? Process servers are busy in Palm Beach, Florida handing out subpoenas in the Martha Moxley murder investigation. Case update in today's New York Post.

Momma, don't let your babies grow up to be BPD officers: The Boulder Police Department is seeking recruits for it's annual Citizens Police Academy. Call Now! Space is limited!

TV ALERT: Montel Williams, "True Crime Stories", syndicated, check local listings, Cyril Wecht on the JonBenét Ramsey case!

TV ALERT: American Justice, "False Witness", A&E, 9 PM, EST, man who wasn't released from prison even when the woman who accused him of rape admitted that she'd been lying.


December 17, 1998


6:00 AM, MST, Thursday 12/17/98 (day #722)
Day #109 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 190


Good Morning! No news is good news...

EXCLUSIVE: Yesterday's New York Times article on the case quoted Colorado Governor-Elect Bill Owens saying he was not inclined to intercede and appoint a Special Prosecutor. Here is a copy of Darnay Hoffman's letter to Owens urging that he jump into the fray.

West Word manages to keep us smiling with this reference (at bottom of page) to the Twelve Jurors Drumming? in Boulder on the JonBenét debacle.

Our favorite intuitive, Ruthee , has added more to her web site with her thoughts and impressions on the case.

TV ALERT: The Three Faces of Eve, American Movie Classics, 8 PM, EST, woman possesses three distinct personalities and leads three separate lives.

TV ALERT: FOX Files, FOX, 9 PM, EST, segments include one on exposing internet stalkers.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Kids Who Kill", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, the question of how to treat children who commit violent crimes, some states treat them as adults and others follow separate rules for children.


December 18, 1998


6:10 AM, MST, Friday 12/18/98 (day #723)
Day #110 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 189


Good Morning!

Another two year anniversary article, this time from Judith Crosson for Reuters, focuses on all the nasty sideshows and subplots.

Miles suit: Judge Brimmer has dismissed claims against John Ramsey, and will only permit the trial to proceed on the "pedophile and child molester" label charges against the National Enquirer.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Decadent Boulder Weekly has a cute recap of the Ramsey/Coffman confrontation last Friday night.

Clinton/Ramsey crossover: An Ohio congressman is so skeptical of Wee Willie's motives that he predicts he will create further amazing miracles as a diversion, like solving the Ramsey case.

The National Examiner postulates that JonBenet was a human sacrifice in the December 29th issue now available in the Joshua-7 archives. Also listed, headlines and summaries of the Globe and Enquirer 12/29 issues (any transcription volunteers for those?).

Unrelated murder in Scottsdale, Arizona is compared to the JonBenét case and O.J., suspicious murder/suicide by gunshot - or is it a homicidal plot? Call 911!

In case you missed it, the New York Times article (sans photo) from Wednesday is being run in today's Dallas Morning Herald.

Did the Wiccans do it? Paganism and Wiccan sects are alive and well in Boulder County.

Mark your calendars I: 12-4AM 12-23 EST (Tuesday night at midnight) WROW, The Dave Lucas Show. "Internet subculture surrounding JonBenét Ramsey and The Mysterious J.T.Colfax"

Mark your calendars II: The Mining Company will host a Live chat on the first two years of the JonBenét Investigation, Tuesday, January 5th, 10 PM, EST.

TV ALERT: Law and Order, "Baby It's You", A&E, 11 PM, EST, (repeats at 3 AM, EST) syndicated re-airing of the controversial episode based on the Ramsey case. A shared plot with "Homicide: Life on the Streets", a 14 year-old model is raped, and her parents (shielded by wealth and influence) are the primary suspects.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "A Crime Never Forgotten", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, incest and repressed memories.


December 19, 1998


6:57 AM, MST, Saturday 12/19/98 (day #724)
Day #111 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 188

Good Morning!

The Globe and National Enquirer articles from their December 29th editions are now transcribed and available in the archives.

The Globe's web site has been updated to reflect it's December 29th issue, with small summary of the cops-consult-psychics articles near the bottom of the page.

Longer version of the Christopher Anderson article yesterday on the dismissal of parts of the Stephen Miles suit from Friday's Boulder Daily Camera.

The dismissal of claims by Stephen Miles against John Ramsey made it into today's Washington Post, second story from the top.

Is Roseanne lurking among us? The loud plump one will be editing an upcoming issue of the Enquirer, and promises to reveal a solution to the Ramsey case (scroll down to the second story).

Heads up, Denver! If J.T. Colfax gets his Christmas wish his thoughts may be flying overhead (at bottom of this page).

A bit late, but the Nederland Mountain Ear finally has an article on Boulder County's first murder conviction in 7 years, the Nederland gunshot "mercy killing" of Angela Foulks by David Gordon.

Also in the "Ear", friends of murdered Angela Foulks have established a domestic abuse foundation - maybe it will be more productive than another foundation in a murdered victim's name?

TV ALERT: American Justice, "False Witness", A&E, 5 PM, EST, accused rapist wasn't released from prison even when the woman who accused him admitted that she'd been lying, was eventually cleared by DNA evidence.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Women Who Kill, Discovery Channel, 10 PM, EST, women often kill family members and intimates, but not always.


December 20, 1998


7:10 AM, MST, Sunday 12/20/98 (day #725)
Day #112 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 187

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to August and szudi!

Probably the best two-year-anniversary article we'll see is in today's Rocky Mountain News, spin-less and from Charlie Brennan, the only weakness is brain-numbing double-speak from the fringed-one, Gerry Spence.

Yesterday's Boulder Daily Camera lists an article on the subpoena of book purchase records from the Rue Morgue shop in Boulder, but the link is bad (again), maybe it will be fixed on Monday.

In today's Camera, an anniversary article on the Susannah Chase murder in Boulder one year ago tomorrow implies that DNA may crack the case.

Meanwhile, back in Connecticut, Henry Lee has been called in to assist in a violent murder of a Vassar student. With brief mention of Lee's involvement in the Simpson and Ramsey cases.

A preview of Boulder County's next murder trial is foreshadowed in this preliminary hearing coverage of the Kaleb Bernard McClary child abuse case in Longmont.

A Link to watch: Any day now we should see the 1998 Ramsey family Christmas message pop up on this page. Will we get more "and hence"-s, or exclamation points!?!?!?!?

Another couple, frustrated by tabloid smears, have taken to the web to promote the truth. Kelsey Grammer, and his wife Camille, have unveiled their own web site as previewed in Neil Travis' November 17th gossip column in the New York Post.


December 21, 1998


6:25 AM, MST, Monday 12/21/98 (day #726)
Day #113 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 186

Good Morning!

EXCLUSIVE: In May '97 Darnay Hoffman sent this letter to to Alex Hunter outlining his theory on the murder. Needless to say, the silence was deafening.

One year ago tonight Susannah Chase was attacked by a stranger in Boulder, this anniversary article focuses on her family and how Boulder residents are coping with fear.

Plea Bargaining: In Durango, Colorado, a Dirty Old Man has been sentenced to a mere 90 days for repeatedly molesting a child.

Meanwhile back in Boulder, a violent sex attacker has gotten eight years - go figure.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Falsely Accused", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, how miscarriages of justice happen, and how technology is evolving to make false accusations a thing of the past.


December 22, 1998


11:40 AM, MST, Tuesday 12/22/98 (day #727)
Day #114 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 185

Good Morning! Sorry, I'm late, the server was down!

REMINDER: TONIGHT, midnight EST, Dec 22nd, talk radio appearance by Lance Matthews and a cast of characters on the JonBenét Ramsey case and the Internet Subculture. Tune in via Real Audio on the net, WROW.

Short wire story on the anniversaries of two Boulder murders, Susannah Chase (12/22/97) and JonBenét Ramsey (12/26/96).

The anniversary of the Susannah Chase attack is observed in this wire story on KWGN Denver TV 2.

More diverse Colorado sentencing...rapist gets six years in "community corrections", and a 4-year deferred sentence on an accessory to murder charge.

A Colorado handyman and a strangled child, maybe this was the case Dorothy Allison was envisioning last January on Leeza?

Sick Puppy?: A 14-year-old boy has been arrested for the sex assault of a 9-year-old girl in Grand Junction, Colorado.

(Okay, this is sick, but with my twisted sense of humor, I found this hysterical!) DANGER: don't let your kids watch Barney and Teletubbies alone! Kids being severely injured because they are hugging their TV sets!

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Body Count", Discovery Channel, 9 PM, EST, serial murderers tend to leave one more clue to their identity with each killing.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow, Wednesday, 12/23, Inside Edition, syndicated, check local listings (11:35 PM, MST, KMGH-TV 7, in Denver), 2-year anniversary story on the Ramsey case, "in a special report, INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the case that still has the country wondering why the mystery surrounding a little girls death remains unsolved." (tip compliments of Lilac).


December 23, 1998


6:10 AM, MST, Wednesday 12/23/98 (day #728)
Day #115 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 184

Good Morning! A Ramsey case show today, see "Inside Edition" below...

Something to muse...Two years ago tonight, the Ramsey's threw a lavish Christmas Party at the hellhole.

A ray of hope? or more hype?: An infamous Texas private detective has announced his semi-retirement to work on high profile cases like Nicole Simpson and JonBenét Ramsey. But has he been hired by BOCO? Or the RST?*

Hate to admit this but...El Paso County homicide investigators (home of Lou "the Fox" Smit") are HOT! Batting 1000 so far this year in clearing homicide cases, with a little bit of luck.

Does the killer lurk among us? Handyman-murderer (see yesterday's edition below) was also a "computer nerd", methinks he also used the internet to follow murder investigations.

The Los Angeles Times, better late than never, has run the wire story on the partial dismissal of the Stephen Miles suit.

Should murderers be permitted to profit from their crimes? The US settled the issue with Son of Sam, but Britains are still struggling with the ethics, as demonstrated in this recent development in the case of the kidnapped and murdered 2-year-old, found on train tracks, back in the 80's. More also on the Mining Company crime guide.

TV ALERT: Inside Edition, syndicated, check local listings (11:35 PM, MST, KMGH-TV 7, in Denver), 2-year anniversary story on the Ramsey case, "in a special report, INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the case that still has the country wondering why the mystery surrounding a little girls death remains unsolved." (tip compliments of Lilac).

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Fall from Grace", A&E, 9 PM, EST, "good people" doing bad things, includes profiles on former Miss America Bess Meyerson (involved in a bribery case), Congressman Mel Reynolds (convicted of child pornography) and Marv Albert (no comment).

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Behind Closed Doors", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, incest, rape, physical abuse and murder can tear apart event the seemingly happiest of families.


(*BOCO = Boulder County, RST = Ramsey Spin Team)

December 24, 1998


6:50 AM, MST, Thursday 12/24/98 (day #729)
Day #116 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 183

Good Morning! A WHITE CHRISTMAS! Gee I hope all 3/4 of an inch of it doesn't evaporate today...

West Word comments on upcoming JonBenét projects, books and or video, fiction and non (scroll down to the story, "Only One Shopping Day Left") and expresses unabashed amazement at the continuing interest in the case.

Perhaps prompted by our super-sleuth GSquared, Karen Auge of the Denver Post has an article on the Rue Morgue bookstore subpoena to access the Ramsey's reading tastes.

Sandy Shore has penned an anniversary article, "It isn't normal", for the Associated Press. (Yes, the Ramseys. Not Normal is an understatement.) But it mostly revolves around quotes from Linda Edison McLean ("JonBenét's Mom: The Tragedy and the Truth!"), so a heavy-duty spin-filter is called for.

'Tis the season - for recycling...Canoe (Canadian News Service) is re-running the Jane Sonmor (Toronto Sun) JonBenét Murder Anniversary story from 10 days ago in today's on-line issue.

And, accompanying that re-tread is a re-write of the AP article above, leaving the sappy Edison-McLean quotes intact to set the correct, somber, sympathetic tone.

Disturbing: But that's what we love about Salon, isn't it. A look at the "My Twinn" doll phenomena, with frequent mentions of JonBenét Ramsey look-a-likes, and the blessings and curses of femininity.

(Don't want to encourage him, but...) This web site "sleighed" me: How would you off your least favorite Brady Bunch character, scroll down to Cindy for an amusing link to the Ramsey technique (tip compliments of Carter28).

The Boulder Planet's Week in Review column catches up with news on the dismissal of portions of the Stephen Miles lawsuit (3rd from the top).

Seriousness from West Word: Improvements have been made in lie-detectors veracity, but debunked image and varying usage from state-to-state still hinders it's use.

Boulder Travelers: Remember the infamous U-Inn? Ah, the broken blinds! The rattling AC! The smell of mildew! Welp, a lodger was robbed and assaulted there this week.

Off-topic, but in case you neglected to bookmark...Tonight you can follow Santa's annual mission compliments of NORAD or our own Toppcat's Holoworld site.

RADIO ALERT: Monday, 12/28, (realizing that many of you won't be back here before then), Peter Boyles will be broadcasting a two-year Ramsey case anniversary show LIVE FROM BOULDER. Plenty of peripheral characters and pundits are promised, KHOW 630- AM Denver, 5 to 9 AM, MST.


December 25, 1998


6:00 AM, MST, Friday 12/25/98 (day #730)
Day #117 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 182

Merry Christmas!

If it's from Chuck Green you know it's gonna be good - his Ramsey anniversary column dated Sunday.

JonBenét is listed among famous people who have died on Christmas Day in this wire service story on the darker side of the holiday.

The Rocky Mountain News tosses us a stale reprint of the Daily Camera article on the Rue Morgue bookstore subpoena, and changed the byline from Christopher Anderson to Matt Sebastian in the process. Scripps! Aieeeeee (primal scream).

Sweet: In another discussion forum far, far away, the first Christmas wish posted is the hope that the Ramsey case is solved and the internet continues to contribute productively.

Darn nice of them: Sometimes just the headlines fascinate (and amuse) me - check out this brief wire blurb, "RAMSEYS AGREE TO JURY APPEARANCE", I'd think that would be obvious, don't you?

(And speaking of headlines, look how staid Fox News intro's the Sonmor AP article from yesterday..."PARENTAL DESCENT", huh? a play on "parental CONsent"? I don't get it.)

In other Colorado crime news - the teenager who practiced "creepy crawly" by breaking into homes has been charged as an adult in the sexual assault of a 9 year-old girl.

Associated Press version of the Rue Morgue bookstore subpoena by the Ramsey Grand Jury in today's Colorado Springs Gazette.

One year ago today, the Ramsey Family web site was updated for the last time, with the infamous "and hence" letter.

Only in Boulder: Letter to the Daily Camera supports Boulder County Judge Hale's decision to sentence a rapist/bludgeoner/rich-kid-with-connections to work release, scroll down to "Criticism of judge is unjustified" near the bottom.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Something Snapped", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, light a candle for JonBenét, turn off that Chipmunks Christmas CD, and cozy up to the boob-tube with some chilling stories of seemingly normal people who suddenly "wig out".


December 26, 1998


7:00 AM, MST, Saturday 12/26/98 (day #731)
Day #118 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 181

Good Morning!

Well-balanced and accurate anniversary article by Matt Sebastian in today's Boulder Daily Camera.

Karen Auge of the Denver Post has chosen to profile Alex Hunter instead to mark the beginning of year number three.

Reality Check: According to the Vidocq Society, thousands of murders remain unsolved. Anniversary article on the Ramsey case in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

Red Herrings serious side has added "A Visit With JonBenét", a collection of photos.

Today's Ramsey hometown paper has another 2-year-in-review that is slanted and inaccurate.

Accompanying the AJC article above is a brief timeline complete with rare photos.

JonBenét is now a part of history, note also that today is John Walsh's birthday, and interesting coincidence.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "The Case of JonBenét: The Media vs. The Ramseys", AKA "Who Killed JonBenét", AKA "JonBenét's America", A&E, 2 PM, EST, rebroadcast of the FOURTH version of the documentary by David Mills and Michael Tracey.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Body Count", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, three serial killer cases.


December 27, 1998


6:50 AM, MST, Sunday 12/27/98 (day #732)
Day #119 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 180

Good Morning!

Surprisingly sweet and optimistic article on the Ramsey case from upstart APB online, all the experts predict indictments!

Looks like the "crock-u-mentary" and the "green light" may have cost Patsy a defender...local coverage from Charleston, WV on the murder.

Maybe I was a bit TOO relaxed during this interview - "Ramsey Case Consumes Many in CyberSpace" by Justin Mitchell - either that or I was misquoted...nah, Justin is too "nice" to do that.

Ramsey case sideshows featuring the interview with J.T. Colfax, also from Justin Mitchell for MSNBC.

A very thought-provoking amateur theory page complete with a photo of the bondage rope that I had never seen before (tip compliments of Magenta)

The murders of JonBenét and Susannah Chase has destroyed Boulder's innocence according to this story from KCNC Denver TV4.

CNN kicks off year #3 in a lackluster way, heavily relying on Canadian Judith Crossen's article for quotes and prognostication from vacuous Linda Edison McLean.

UPI wire story on the 2nd anniversary quotes the dismal outlook by Dr. Henry Lee from the Daily Camera.

A rather terse and unexciting assessment of the first 24 months from NBC's case "expert"Dan Abrams.

Dull and emotionless pabulum from the Reuters wire service to mark the 2nd anniversary of the case.

(They "snuck" this one in late trying to trip me up) From Denver Post's Saturday edition, "Time, Technology May Tell" by Marilyn Robinson, trying to give up a ray of hope by comparing to other cold cases that were solved by luck or confession.

Today's Rocky Mountain News is carrying a reprint of Matt Sebastian's Camera article on Joe Barnhill.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Kidnapped", A&E, 5 PM, EST, the cases of biathlete Kari Swenson in Montana and Exxon executive Sidney Reso in New Jersey, and examines just how effective law enforcement authorities are in investigating and negotiating tense kidnap situations.


December 28, 1998


6:20 AM, MST, Monday 12/28/98 (day #733)
Day #120 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 179

Good Morning!

Editorial in today's Boulder Daily Camera marks "A Sad Anniversary" of JonBenét's death and the beginning of Boulder's national shame.

Cyril Wecht - "John Did It!", on a Pittsburgh Radio talk show yesterday. Be careful Cyril, the Rammers are making a list and checking it twice...

The South China Morning Post has a brief article marking the beginning of year three, and links to two previous articles, "The Digital Detective" on Professor Donald Foster, and "America's Thoughts With JonBenét" marking the first anniversary.

CBS has an anniversary article on the Ramsey case complete with a streaming video report.

Ruthee has added her thoughts on the night of December 26, 1996 to her "the almost perfect murder" web page.

Shots have been fired for the first time in four and a half years by a Boulder Police officer. Ironically, the last BPD member to shoot his firearm was our hero Steve Thomas in the summer of 1994.

RADIO ALERT: The Morning Show with Peter Boyles, Ramsey case anniversary show, live from Boulder, KHOW 630 AM Denver, 5 to 9 AM, MST.

CHAT ALERT: The Erin Hart Show on, 12 noon to 4 PM, EST, live chat/call-in/Real Audio show on the internet, today's subject is the JonBenét Ramsey case with guests Chuck Green, Michele Thompson, Ken Polzin, and Dr. Cyril Wecht.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 9 PM, EST, Pam Paugh with back-up group of professional mourners including Dan Glick and Lisa Levitt Ryckman.


December 29, 1998


7:50 AM, MST, Tuesday 12/29/98 (day #734)
Day #121 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 178

Good Morning! Sorry I'm late, the server was down again...

Transcript of the Larry King Live show last night - Aunt Pam was BACK in all her raving glory, stopping a mere breath short of naming FW and PW as murderers of JonBenet.

Yesterday's Los Angeles Times predicts "Strange Days Ahead" including a break in the Ramsey case. Read it and weep.

The National Enquirer's web site is now featuring the December 29th issue article "JonBenet Parents Suicide Drama" complete with still photo from the documentary.

Now that the hubbub over the anniversary is over, and most of the pundits are predicting dismal, depressing outcomes, it's apropos to revisit some more enlightening and uplifting stuff - Mom's assignment for today is for you to re-read Darnay Hoffman's April '98 column, "Five Myths About the Ramsey Case", if you have difficulty accessing that page, I reprinted it here so you can access it without a password.

Cash cow - can you name Colorado's fourth largest crop? Take that! It will give you some perspective.

RADIO ALERT: Tomorrow night, WROW Albany, New York, JonBenet and the Internet Subculture, BACK BY LISTENER DEMAND - midnight to 4 AM, EST, listen in live via RealAudio (they promise it will be working this time) at

TV ALERT: Inside Story, "Scene of the Crime", A&E, 9 PM, EST, the often grisly work of Baltimore's crime lab workers that investigate and photograph bullet-riddled bodies, dead fishermen dredged from the harbor, and scenes of mass murder.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Electronic Witness", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, when murder is committed, our electronic "Big Brother" takes the side of the law and helps put perpetrators behind bars.


December 30, 1998


6:20 AM, MST, Wednesday 12/30/98 (day #735)
Day #122 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 177

Good Morning!

Pretty sad - the saga of JonBenet has now hit the pages of Business Week, short AMAZED blurb on the subpoena of the Rue Morgue bookstore.

Another poignant anniversary theme tribute page, get your tissues handy.

Letter to the Daily Camera praises the work of Boulder County Crimestoppers and it's web page (scroll down to "Crime").

Statistics lie: How safe is Boulder with only one homicide a year? If none are cleared over 10 years that equals 10 killers on the loose, right? Check out how convoluted New York City's 90% clearance rate for homicides has become.

RADIO ALERT: JonBenet and the Internet Subculture, WROW Albany, New York, BACK BY LISTENER DEMAND - midnight to 4 AM, EST, listen in live via *RealAudio (they promise it will be working this time) at

*NOTE: You will need the most up-to-date version of RealAudio to hear the show. Go to and click on the blue box in the top of the right hand column, it says "free realplayer G2", then download and install. Or, take this shortcut directly to the freebie version download page.


December 31, 1998


8:00 AM, MST, Thurssday 12/31/98 (day #736)
Day #123 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 176

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Panico!

Sorry I am so late, I stayed up until 2 AM, EST listening to Pam Paugh on the WROW show last night. Many revelations - including the factoid (?) that the DNA under JonBenet's fngernails is unusable becase the coroner used dirty, CORUPTED and CONTAMINATED nail clippers. Yepper, shades of OJ...

Oh puhleeze send me a subpoena, beg the Rammers in this shamelessly parsed appeal under the by-line of Charlie Brennan.

I hate to do this but - the AP wire version of the story above is subtlely different, and I'm beginning to wonder why? Does Haddon have editing rights? Have fun spotting the differences.

Year of Shame - year in review article from West Word lists Koby and Hunter (Mr. Plea Bargain) as shameful, at bottom of this page.

Something for fun and profit - West Word has a JonBenet Trivia contest - you could win a set of Ramsey case books and some Little Princess jewelry - and fame!

To mark the passing of 1998, the Cincinnati Enquirer takes a look at psychic's predictions for the past year, including Patsy Ramsey's confession.

Denver Post also marks the end of the year with this look at how the world views Colorado, through jaded glasses of bitter Ramsey Whine...

Working hard for their money - this new web page markets the services of H. Ellis Armistead, the lead Rammer investigator, who Haddon claims is turning over new leads constantly. Ah Huh.(tip compliments of Geno)

Don't let the door hit you in the A$$...Tom Koby is gone...really gone.

Providing understanding of John Ramsey's "relief" in finding JonBenet's dead body - this poignant article about a family who has waited 9 years for their abducted son to return home. Get your tissues ready. (Note: N.Y. Times requires registration).

So, as we surf into another year - 1996, 1997, 1998, and now '99 - Mom says to remember not to drink and drive.