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6:14 AM MST, Sat. 12/1/01 (day #1801 week #259 month #59 year #4
1. Santa and GSD

Good Morning!

Today is December 1st, which means we're counting down to the 5-year-anniversary of the slaying of JonBenét - and the Bradys become dog guardians at 1 PM EST...I'm so nervous I can hardly type! What if she doesn't like me? Woof! Grrrrrr.....

More creepy, (smelly) details are leaking out on the Blagg case. As usual the Rocky Mountain News takes the lead. Nice job!

Playing with Fire: (This is why my daughter is going to have a big dog, with big teeth) Boulder Judge Hale gives deferred sentence to man charged with rape. Sounds like a true case of victim-participation to me.

And this Boulder case is just plain sad. We have a similar case going to trial in Montgomery County, PA - that intruder/neighbor was shot dead. Homeowner claims it was justified - DA being hard-nosed. Very sad.

No laughing allowed in Boulder: This one smells like a witch-hunt.

Housekeeping: The incredible shrinking web page. Weight loss is good and expected this time of year, but check out the stats. 14,000 visitors in September...13,000 in October, 10,000 in November...? Yee gads. Makes me want to hang up my skates...

TV ALERT: Colorado Buffaloes at University of Texas. Yee haw! I don't know if this game is being carried nationally or not, it's a moot point. But if you want to observe the Buffs at their best, Bill Owens beaming, and a whole herd of Boulderites behaving badly, tune into ABC at 6 PM MST. Will Ava allow me to watch the game? Or will she chew the cord off the TV? Tune in tomorrow to find out...





6:08 AM MST, Sun. 12/2/01 (day #1802 week #259 month #59 year #4
1. My hand, Ava and Marcia

Good Morning!

Typical, first-Sunday of the month, typical December. Not much out there so I updated the JonBenet books page for you. They're still flying off the shelves (Hear that Mary Keenan? Amazon customers can't be wrong...)

Newsflash: Boulder has a gang problem. Doh. First Small-Foreign-Factions and now this.

But the big news out of Boulder today is...they're burning couches on University Hill again - no, just kidding, (but they are) it's that CU "messed with Texas" and came out the Big 12 conference champs last night. Good game.

Ava Whimsy von Donnerwetter - Day one: No major problems to report. Cats are hiding out somewhere (they all needed to lose some weight anyway). Ava likes football! By halftime she was asleep though.


6:15 AM MST, Mon. 12/3/01 (day #1803 week #259 month #59 year #4
1. Dogs like cats, really!

Good Morning!

Oh goodie: It's the most wonderful time of the year, time once again to stuff the ballot box at the Boulder Daily Camera, and redirect attention to the JonBenét Ramsey case - Note: be sure to scroll down and select the Ramsey item for your first vote, there are 10 vote pages in all.

Lengthy, thoughtful interview with the Boulder gang rape victim in Sunday's Longmont Daily Times-Call.

Well, I thought the Boulderites-behaving-badly would be in Texas on Saturday night, not so, the true cretins were rabble-rousing on University Hill, home of the "Hell Hole".

In other news, if it looks like a traitor, smells like a traitor, talks like a traitor, it probably is - "American" Taliban fighter in custody (hope he gets a hanging judge).

And murder, including one with duct tape, is back in style in the Big Apple.

Housekeeping: If Ava permits, I'll be doing an internal audit of our numbers (hit counts and day/week/etc. counts) today and you may notice a stark shift tomorrow depending on how good my math was.


6:05 AM MST, Tue. 12/4/01 (day #1804 week #259 month #59 year #4
1. Busted?

Good Morning!

One week from today, according to a little bird, Patsy will be deposed, under oath by Darnay Hoffman (be afraid, be very afraid!)...

Man, they screwed up royally in Boulder County with term limits, and now it's finally sinking in...

But a woman is running for Sheriff Epp's position...this could get interesting!

No new leads in the Blagg case, they are just now sending the blood samples to CBI, and local DA says cops are not looking for an intruder.

The weird case of the stripper turned Mayor has taken an even more bizarre turn.

Gads, I love Florida! They will not give up trying to nail O.J. for something, anything!

All kinds of goodies in today's New York Times...

Ironically heartening, a look at people who are alive and well, but have turned up on the WTC "missing" lists - explains the recent drop from 5,000 to 3,232.

The memorial to Flight 93 is growing in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, a new "Gettysburg".

And Fox News Network's style is demolishing competition, including CNN. Heavy mention of their new "star" here (gag).

Ava update: We saw the vet yesterday, turns out she's 15 weeks old not 13, oopsy. No accidents yesterday, she's trained us well. Nipping has been a problem, discipline is difficult because it's hard to stifle laughter during the "ignore" period.


6:21 AM MST, Wed. 12/5/01 (day #1805 week #259 month #59 year #4
1. JonBenét and D.B. Cooper

Good Morning!

Remember When: The BPD wanted to look at Rue Morgue bookstore records for Rammer's crime reading interests? Similar case on Meth bust goes before Colorado Supremes.

Charlie Brennan is BACK!: The hilarious Best-Lil-Stripper-In-Colorado case..."If there was a reckless disregard for the truth by the police officer, that could constitute criminal libel...When you talk to a representative of a newspaper that is distributed statewide and make a claim of that nature on a law enforcement officer, I'm going to take it seriously."

B.J. Plasket is BACK!: The BPD is back in hot water (wonder why the Camera didn't report on this?). And if you're interested you can scroll UP on that page to another article on Epp/Meyer forced retirement due to term limits.

Maybe the city elders and the Camera editors are just too obsessed with dog poop...

Well, Abby didn't do it, so that leaves us with either Michael or Jennifer...update on the Blagg case in today's Denver Post.

They are everywhere: A Colorado lawmaker might really be a child a town called "Wetmore" (NINMTU)...stay tuned.

Wisdom: Boulder City Council refuses to renew look at couch-ban, despite post-game riots and bonfires on the Hill Saturday night.

"Vaporized": Glum assessment from NYC Coroner, with comment from both Michael Baden and Cyril Wecht.

But, of every item I've read today, I like this one the best (should have headlined it) - Geraldo "Skunkhead" (aka Jerry Rivers) Rivera is being intentionally frozen out of the hot stories in Afghanistan by the U.S. Military, who (justifiably) remember his wanton Clinton-hugging...heh!

Ava Watch: Asleep at my feet. Accident-free to the point where I call her "conditionally house-broken". Fed. Happy. Me too. Cats coming out of hiding. Thin.


5:45 AM MST, Thurs. 12/6/01 (day #1806 week #260 month #59 year #4
1. No more 755 15th St.

Good Morning! Really GOOD morning...

Ramsey news today. The "new owner" (oopsy, they forgot to tell us the Hell Hole sold, didn't they) of 755 15th St., Boulder has changed the house NUMBER to thwart Lookie-Lou's...

Relegated to mere side-bar status, the Camera also notes that the Rammers will be deposed under oath next week in the Wolf lawsuit.

Other JonBenéts in the news, the New York Times book review, mentioning JonBenét and O.J., on the Sam Shepherd case is running in today's International Herald Tribune.

In "Training": Lurid details from search warrant affidavit on the Colorado Legislator/Parole Board member busted in kiddie porn sting. Shades of Mystery-Woman. (Don't go there pal!)

Miscellany - - I'd love to get traffic on this site like the BPD gets, and lucky Middle Schoolers will get a briefing from Mark Beckner today.

Git out yer tiny violins - Aggravated incest perp sues Colorado over toughened offender registrations, cites "stigma" (you betcha).


6:09 AM MST, Fri. 12/7/01 (day #1807 week #260 month #59 year #4
1. Crafty and Smug

Good Morning!

What would you expect from the Ramsey Mountain News? Fair and Balanced? or SLANT? It was inevitable. Today they turn the Patsy deposition (scheduled for next Tuesday in Atlanta) into another "Chronicle of Cooperation". Keep barf bag handy. Better yet, pinch nose and deep breathe through your mouth.

Meanwhile back in Boulder - Patsy's CRIMINAL lawyer, Pat Furman, was busted for DUI last night - heh (scroll down to second blurb).

Notorious is the word for it _ "more famous than Mork and Mindy's house", KMGH Denver TV 7 notes the new Hell Hole address to hide it's horrid past.

In other news, the child-porn/incest case is getting even more creepy (and stinky), with comments from Craig Silverman.

Fort Lupton child molester, on the lam for two months, has turned himself in. This is the "fell through the cracks" Vance Martin case that had me so filed up last month.

Girl Power: 6-year-old Summer Cast of Boulder receives award from the BPD. Nice.

I'm too disgusted to search more (see item 1), but might add on later this morning (hit reload/refresh).



Mrs. Brady is celebrating surviving one week with Ava by taking the day off.
See you Sunday morning!


5:17 AM MST, Sun. 12/9/01 (day #1809 week #260 month #59 year #4
1. Looks like a rat...

Good Morning!

Truncated version of Owen Good's Friday Rocky article on Patsy's "cooperation" is running on the Scripps' national wire. (If that's cooperation I'd hate to see her in a bad mood.)

Doth protest too much: Also picked up for nation-wide release the implausible-denial that the Hell Hole house number change has nothing to do with JonBenét. Yep.

Shades of O.J.: The Hebert Case. Wife found shot dead in trunk of car. Cops enter home because of "possible other victims" - judge throws out case based on illegal search. Shish-boom.

The night before...mystery, murder, mayhem - the disappearance of Abby and Jennifer Blagg, leaving only a pool of blood behind.

Denver Post cover story for the big Sunday edition is an investigative report on the Colorado sex offender registry and it's failings - most notably the recent case of Vance Martin. Long, but worth reading. With graphics and sidebars on the internet database and a look at the huge volume of names.

Elsewhere, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will appear on Sesame Street, and not to endorse Bert as a "good guy".


5:27 AM MST, Mon. 12/10/01 (day #1810 week #260 month #59 year #4
1. more computer simulations

Good Morning!

Jumpin' Jehovasatz! JonBenét in a Burqua! Was it inevitable, or is this over the top, or do internet-people have too much time on their hands...

Check out this week's Star tabloid - Oops, they did it again. Not satisfied with running a computer simulation of JonBenét at 10 (December '00), they have updated with JonBenét at 11 - - complete with low-rise jeans, halter top and platform shoes. Wait, there's more. They even have Judith Phillips commenting on the pic.

Michael Blagg - husband of missing Jennifer and father of endangered Abby - has moved into an apartment, but kept the same phone number "in case they call"...

The Boulder Curse: Confused? Me too. How on earth can they send the Cornhuskers to the Rose Bowl?

CNN shake-up, Redux: Joie Chen, Roger Cossack and Bill Tush get the ax...Burden of Proof officially DOA.

In other news, Skunkhead almost had a new streak added to his coif. Is that buff enough for you? And the Dems are worried that Gary Condit is hurting the party.




6:56 AM MST, Tue. 12/11/01 (day #1811 week #260 month #59 year #4
1. Enough already

Good Morning!

Mike Kane Rocks! He's back in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania rank as Deputy Secretary for Taxation...notes JonBenét on his resume.

This anthrax stuff is getting a little stale - like the evacuation of Colorado Attorney General's offices yesterday. Not funny anymore.

Besides Ah-nold getting banged up in a motorcycle accident and a slimy Florida grand juror who may have tipped O.J. that his house was going to be raided, I can't find anything else significant, and, since Ava has been a brat this morning, I sign off...


6:38 AM MST, Wed. 12/12/01 (day #1812 week #260 month #59 year #4
1. be a fly on the wall

Good Morning!

Lin Wood issues Press Release - Rocky Mountain News swallows it whole.

AP via KMGH is more circumspect. Both are gross. I'm going to go sit in a corner with my binkie and whimper and suck my thumb.

Before you do, today is the last day to vote for the Boulder Daily Camera's Top Ten articles of the year - obviously, vote Ramsey please.

In other news, the DNA tests are back in the Blagg case - but cops aren't leaking who the pool of blood belongs to.

And on the East Coast, Michael Skakel has lost another round in court.


6:11 AM MST, Thurs. 12/13/01 (day #1813 week #261 month #59 year #4
1. Looking for the killer in all the wrong places

Good Morning!

Looks like an "exclusive": KMGH Denver TV 7 (ABC affiliate) gets quotes from all the parties in the Darnay v. Patsy drama, AND VIDEO!

(Is she wearing one of her famous wigs? Looks like it.)

Okay, today's Rocky Mountain News coverage of the Wolf v. Ramseys suit is a little bit more "fair and balanced", but not much. At least he tried.

More - Hey, the story made the Denver Post today too. Long time no see, although most of the content is from the AP. Here is the unadulterated AP version running in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Sounds like I was wrong. And when I'm wrong I admit I'm wrong. Looks like Jennifer Blagg did not lash out and kill her daughter, Abby age 6, and then disappear with the body - the pool of blood is from the mother, not the daughter. She is probably dead. Sorry Jennifer. R.I.P.

What's in the water out in Boulder? Another gang-rape investigation is opened, but this one involves two sacred cows - CU and football. Watch how quickly it's swept under the rug.

Tying up all the loose ends in a nice tight bundle (hey, we do things right on the Right Coast), Philadelphia files "John Doe" warrants in the Center City/Fort Collins (CO) serial rape case based only on a DNA profile.

Jay Leno classic:

"Geraldo is busy reporting in Afghanistan. He has a video of a sniper bullet missing his head by an inch. Today the American government decided to help out and sent him a pair of elevator shoes."

Elsewhere, in the Mid East, bridegroom chokes to death on brides fake fingernail. NINMTU.



Due to a bizarre server problem, there was no Friday the meantime...


Don't miss the Ramseys on South Park, it is a SCREAM! Comedy Channel 10:00 PM EST Saturday (December 15th).

Or something to do with your kids, the fourth annual Santa Radar compliments of

6:30 AM MST, Sat. 12/15/01 (day #1815 week #261 month #59 year #4
1. was there a lawyer present?

Good Morning!

Just when you thought the Ramsey Huggin News couldn't get any worse (like Ryckman, for example) - they have a beeeg front page Weekend-feature on the Poor-Poor Ramseys - Start here, just a "launch" page with all the links...

Then, not naming names, they chronicle the changes in the lives of most of the weirdoes...

And onto the complimentary interview, though Owen doesn't say if their attorney was present (where was Lisa all through this? Did she get canned? Inquiring minds want to know.)

Totally off the wall, thrown in for good measure (because there's not much else to say) a leetle sidebar on the change of address for the Hell Hole.

Oh but there's more, a (tata) "slide show" with a whopping 5 pictures, (3 new, 2 oldies) and a "forum" with a bunch of old stale posts.

Then, yesterday when the holoworld site mysteriously became truculent, Good Ole' Owen ran with another Lin Wood press release - but it blew up in their faces when they tried to be democratic by adding a poll - check out the stats on the Rammers' credibility.

Be still my heart...

Meanwhile, the National DNA database continues to amaze, a match has been found linking Boulder's Tantra Lake rapist and an assault in Austin, Texas. Appropriately article mentions the recent breakthrough with the Fort Collins/Center City (Philadelphia) rapes/murder.

Damn straight. Victim advocacy group calls for the removal of the CU cops from the latest Boulder gang rape investigation - involving CU football players - citing "bias". Duh.

Dateline Wetmore, Colorado: WhooWhee, the Denver Post has gotten hold of the search warrant inventory of the nasties taken from the former State Legislator/former State Parole Board member - sick, sick, sick. Are there antenna bobbing out there? (Hi Lou, Hi Ollie, Hi Johnny). Take note: Examine your home video collection and make sure your prepubescent daughter doesn't appear doing a gymnastics routine...

TV ALERT: South Park, Comedy Central, 10 PM EST, 'bout time those bad Colorado boys included America's favorite ex-parents in the script. Early reports say this is not to be missed. Set up your VCR and snag some vidcaps. We'll feature one on this page Monday morning.


6:50 AM MST, Sun. 12/16/01 (day #1816 week #261 month #59 year #4
1. Print edition cover

Good Morning! Very Good Morning...

This is why it's love/hate. When the Boulder Daily Camera is good, like Mae West, she's very very good...

"JonBenét Ramsey case languishing" - How bad is it? Much worse than even I (the cockeyed optimist) thought. Can you say "cold case"? Color this mess frigid - subzero...

"JonBenét Web sites dwindle as case stagnates" - Yep, includes interviews with Jameson (note, she's older than me, neaner, neaner), Candy (when candy's good she's verry good!) and moi. (Sarcastic? No, I'm serious, caustic mayhaps, but sincere.)

"Ramsey story takes on a life of its own" - They're just plain "sick of it" in Boulder. Yawn (fine, then ship it out to Denver, better yet D.C.).

"Five years later" - A really neat timeline/chronology including all the weird sideshows. A keeper!

But, they didn't stop with the print edition. The home page also has links to six, count'em six, audio interview clips, with Beckner, Smit and mother-of-the-year, Mary "Stinky Fish" Keenan.

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but my RealAudio software is FUBARed so I can't listen to the above, maybe some nice net-head will transcribe them? You know, one of you slugs that haven't contributed anything. You know who you are.

The Camera promises 3 more stories in tomorrow's issue. Oh goodie. I love the Camera.

On topic, the Camera also is running a LA Times opinion piece today on the state-of-the-fifth-estate. Mentions JonBenét, and O.J., of course. So, we morph...



6:27 AM MST, Mon. 12/17/01 (day #1817 week #261 month #59 year #4
1. Ramseys on South Park

Good Morning! I'm late because Ava stepped on the power button on the surge strip, turning off the computer and all peripherals...thank goodness I had just done a save...

More fascinating stuff in the Boulder Daily Camera today...

Jury's findings still secret - but not if the Camera had it's way...

Libel suits could lead to trial - Patsy could still hang...but there are doubters...

Where key players are now - police, prosecution, Ramseys themselves, witnesses.

And in sister publication 'Ramsey Huggin News'...

Citing health, Santa relocates - Bill and Janet, those poor people, I feel so sorry for them.

'Our lives will never be the same again' - On Hoffmann-Pugh, who sounds very sane, I almost feel sorry for her too. Almost.

One tree succumbs, but another thrives - Brief sidebar story on the JonBenét memorial tree, and it's replacement.

Friends and neighbors of the Ramseys five years later - interesting tidbits, not much substance.

The Rocky also has a picture of the McReynolds' that I don't remember seeing before.

In other news, reminiscent of Alexander Haig, Mark Beckner insists he's "in control" of the latest CU gang rape. Yep.

If this is your first visit since the weekend be sure to check out all of the Daily Camera stories from Sunday below.


6:00 AM MST, Tue. 12/18/01 (day #1818 week #261 month #59 year #4
1. Primping

Good Morning!

Long, thoughtful interview with my hero, Michael Kane, by former-hero Charlie Brennan, it's a very good morning again (I'm getting a tad optimistic even).

(Dang, I love this time of year) And there's more, a Brennan interview with Rammer investigator Ellis Armistead. Very frank, open and honest. I actually came away liking him, a leetle bit.

(There's even a neat picture of Armistead, very artsy, I like the mini-blind shadow, tres apropos! The Rocky always has nice pix.)

Weeel, I was so busy with the Denver Metro papers that I totally missed this one that ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on St. James Cemetery, Marietta Georgia - resting place of my boss, JonBenét Patricia Ramsey, and one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world.

Patsy's deposition in the Wolf suit is now online at the Boulder Daily Camera.

Expenses of the Ramsey case supposedly updated, but I have had those figures since at least August 11th, go figure.

I guess they are trying to inspire confidence in the integrity and UN-BIAS in the investigation, but when I see that the BOCO-DA is now involved in the CU gang-rape investigation it does the exact opposite, for me, IMHO.

'L.A.D.N.A.V - The Reverse Vandal' has struck again. I "broke into" my parents house some years ago and re-wallpapered their guest bathroom. Left a note behind crediting good ole' LADNAV. Scroll down to Inflatable Gorilla, LADNAV is operating in Boulder now too.


5:29 AM MST, Wed. 12/19/01 (day #1819 week #261 month #59 year #4
1. A Learning Opportunity

Good Morning!

I've been relentless with the Rocky, and legal writer Owen Good lately. Today they redeem themselves with another case-character profile of an un-likable. Koby. Koby. Koby. The word makes you shudder? Read on, he's a good dude after all. Not a leper. Not a weirdo. Just good people. Merry Christmas Tom.

(Did I mention that the Rocky has wonderful photography too? Another winner. Look forward. Chin up.)

If: Clintonesque. Depends on what "is" is. If, quantifier, IF. Loose Smit leaves door open on Rammer guilt. "IF"...

Crazy as a Fox: More gems from today's Rocky - John Eller revisited, calls JonBenét case "crazy", hell yes. Crazy is being kind.

Our own "Where's Waldo", Steve Thomas, profiled/updated, disembodied voice, reduced to a parlor game. Merry Christmas to you too, wherever you are.

PTSD and Pin-Ups: Arndt and Beckner, reduced to side-bars. Glaring contrast of one in control and one near-certifiable due to the lack of it. Very effective work by the Rocky.

Oh the Irony: I thoroughly enjoyed Charlie Brennan's interview with Ellis Armistead yesterday (see linkage below), but someone in Atlanta is not happy and might even sue - guess gotta love this crazy case.

When I'm good, I'm very very good: I thought those BPD Ramsey case expense figures in yesterday's Daily Camera looked stale. They were (heh). The updated figures are now on the City's web site. And because I am anal, here's the version I made for sanity's sake.

Because she's so efficient, and getting swamped by phone calls from noosey reporters, City Spokesmama Jana Peterson has a press release up also with more stats on the vortex and a statement from Mark Beckner.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - or is it? Those wits who write to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cast doubt (scroll down, JonBenét is in there, of course).

In other news....

Someone on Mary "Stinky Fish" Keenan's staff is taking time to actually READ (as in functional-literate) the Boulder Daily Camera - they've issued not one but two corrections/clarifications to yesterdays edition. Interesting. This on top of not one, but two DUI charges in the immediate family...someone is sober in Boulder. Praise be.

Had an interesting conversation with a security-staffer from America's oldest zoo last night. He asked me what I did for "a living", so I told him. He proceeded to eviscerate the Poor Ole' BPD...poor, misunderstood Boulder. Durn outsiders don't realize that when the holidays come 'round it's time to git out of Dodge. No wonder the poor kid is a cold case.

Long time ago in a galaxy far away: This article conjured up memories of another "Cohen", who was quite vocal 5 years ago, until Time magazine revealed his true nature.

Housekeeping: At 11:30 AM EST we depart to take "Ava" home, back to the breeder. I never, in five years following the JonBenét mess, appreciated the full extent of the love, support and power of the internet community like I did once I became a GSD mom. This is not a failure. Despite the heartbreak, it's a epiphany and catharsis, we are all stronger for it. Thank you, dear friends.


6:00 AM MST, Thurs. 12/20/01 (day #1820 week #262 month #59 year #4
1. Bucky's back!

Good Morning!

We're having yet another family crisis this morning, so I'll make this brief...part 5 of the Rocky Mountain News' 5-year-anniversary series...

'This has made me unemployable' - on Chris Wolf

Case still intrigues ex-reporter - on Jeff Shapiro

Lawrence Schiller and Michael Tracey: 5 years later - self-explanatory

I love Westword. Today they take a peek at the circus it's been over the years.

John-Boy's deposition is now up on the Boulder Daily Camera site.

In other news, the 14-year-old who murdered his mother and grandmother has finally plead out. His attorney also represented J.T. Colfax back in our golden years.

Typical. When someone cries "rape!" already they are blaming/disparaging the victim, who insists she will pursue the most recent CU gang rape allegation.


6:28 AM MST, Fri. 12/21/01 (day #1821 week #262 month #59 year #4
1. With friends like that...

Good Morning!

Heh, this one is sure to spawn a libel suit - Don Foster calls the "code six wingnut" a STALKER! More also, reflections on Team Ramsey, Trip DeMuth and Darnay Hoffman.

The other parts of the Rocky's part 6 of the JonBenét series...

Mary "Stinky Fish" Keenan

"The Hunted"

Repeat after me - The Rocky has GREAT photography!'s masterpieces...

An artsy Trippy, and...

Mother-of-the-year Mary.

(Call me confused, but how can the Rocky write accurate "where-are-they-now articles w/o mentioning Keenan's kids' and Patsy's lawyer's DUI troubles....and did I get those apostrophes right? who cares, not me.)

In other news, another Boulder murderer is still trying to work out a sweetheart deal with the BOCO-DA. Good Luck buddy, though you don't need it.

Tears. I've been following the death march of my favorite columnist. By Lisa "with-the-two-last-names" today in the Rocky. I'm starting to mellow on her too.

I may come back with more, right now I'm bogged down with, uh, holiday-issues.


7:50 AM MST, Sat. 12/22/01 (day #1823 week #262 month #59 year #4
1. "Bushy Man" strikes again

Good Morning!

This will keep you jabbering for weeks - Jeff Shapiro has penned a "cover story". or what the paper calls an editorial for Boulder Weekly. The punch line is that it's full of inturders. It's also full of holes (large enough to drive a white Bronco through), but el Jefe is a good egg so I won't say that. Enjoy!

Okay, if you've been with me over the past almost-5 years you know that nothing gets Ma more peeved than opinion pieces in the news section. I'll give them a pass this time though, "Ramsey case takes toll on everyone" by Charlie Brennan is a gem. I might frame it.

Today's Ramsey Huggin' News installment pales in comparison with the two above, but apparently they think the total B.S. we've seen over the past year qualifies as "new developments". (Note to RMN: The case is cold and moldy. Get it?)

Weird. Patsy needs a "body language" coach, not a "personal life" coach, don't you agree? This is better than the incident with the scarf...

Lastly, Pessimists or Realists? A poll on JonBenét Justice with depressing results.

Now listen carefully! It's time to cast your vote for the 2001 "Creep(s) of the Year". You know what to do...write something witty...make the subject line enticing...let's roll!

Give a Dog a Bone: Here ya go, Jeff, John, Lou and Ollie - a sick puppy caught red-handed with of the teeny dead beauty queen. Go git 'em.

Fools Rush In: It's that time of the year, so even Reuters musters up a drab 5-year anniversary story, appearing in "Japan Today".

The CU gang rape investigation is heating up as we head into Christmas Nooze Snooze - they've requested voluntary DNA samples, VOLUNTARY so that they don't need a court order which would reveal their identities to the public. How nice.

Housekeeping: I finally got around to auditing the stats for accuracy and found that I was off by one day ("day #1823" above) and undercounted visitors by only 10...damn I'm good, and now really ready for the 5th Anniversary on Wednesday.

What I'm Watching: Mommie Dearest on HBO-Plus East, started at 9:15, have Bloody Mary in hand, purring cat on my lap. Despite what Charlie and Jeff may say, LIFE IS GOOD!

Your Humble Servant,


7:32 AM MST, Sun. 12/23/01 (day #1824 week #262 month #59 year #4
1. Christmas 1997 in Boulder

Good Morning!

Typical sleepy Christmas Eve-Eve,I can find nothing germane today but this reiteration from the Boulder Daily Camera that they want the Ramsey Grand Jurors ungagged. To their great (ka-ching!) benefit of course.

Other than that it's just Chuck Green has his Christmas Shopping done, one CU football player crows that he passed a polygraph in the gang-rape case, and Rudi is TIME's person of the year. Oh yeah, and Osama's Mamma says he's innocent.

So, hug a kid today, eat a cookie, examine a snowflake, and maybe there will be more tomorrow (but I doubt it).


7:03 AM MST, Mon. 12/24/01 (day #1825 week #262 month #59 year #4

Good Morning!

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime...

The New York Post attempts (and fails) to eulogize JonBenét on the 5th anniversary of her murder...The Post should know better. The Post should learn from past mistakes. This is awful and so full of mistakes and misquotes that it's worthless.

The Denver Post, however, ran a neat guest column yesterday (yeah, I missed it) on "JonBenét's Legacy", co-authored by Dr. Krugman.

Related: The Rocky is now running, now that their JonBenét series has ended, an investigative report on the sad, sorry Colorado child abuse registry.

Back to the ridiculous again. Geraldo Rivera, aka Jerry Rivers, affectionately known among the JonBenét-Internet community as "Skunkhead", has offered to resign from Fox News. (Don't let the door hit you in your buff maximus glutinous.) Check out this memorable Rivera-ism...

(The whistle-blower) "has slandered a journalist who is an honest person and has contributed arguably much more to American society than he has..."..."This cannot stand. He has impugned my honor. It is as if he slapped me in the face and challenged me to a duel. He is going to regret this story for the rest of his career."

Sublime: Random acts of kindness - One Colorado teen memorializes 911 victims by performances - nightly.



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1. Hey, it's Christmas Day - you don't expect me to WORK do you?
Buck up kiddo, Mrs. Brady will be back tomorrow in rare form.

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1. Anger and frustration

Good Morning!

JonBenét was MURDERED five years ago today. Every morning I get angry all over again.

Chuck Green takes it out on Tom Koby in his column today. I say "Blessed are the inept, for they make all the rest of us look good."

The sad anniversary of five years of B.S. is noted in the soggy old "this day in history" wire story.

The Associated Press does a nice job in summing up where we are now.

TV ALERT: Carol McKinley of FNC will have an exclusive interview with former-Ramsey case prosecutor Michael Kane, scheduled to air sometime today.


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1. slithering Geraldo!

Good Morning! Sorry I'm late...

This is the one I've been waiting for - The Longmont Daily Times-Call take on the gruesome anniversary, also saved here because the link could go stale and sometimes they archive and sometimes they don't.

Another goodie, the Times Call revisits Mary Keenan and her competitors in the DA race last year (ditto above, also saved here for you).

Buried on page 3A of yesterday's USA Today..."JonBenét mystery's grip remains powerful" is full of neat little the reward isn't a reward, yada yada.

A sign of the times: Columnist David Broder notes that the American psyche is all better now, pointing to recent JonBenét sightings in the news. Are you ready? (Let's roll).

Sick Puppy: A Boulder woman was attacked early Sunday morning in a manner that is WAY TOO similar to the murder of Susannah Chase back in '97.

In other news, another Denver-Metro murder suspect gets hugged by the Rocky Mountain News...


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1. January 1, 1997

Good Morning!

This is all I could find today case-relevant, but it's kind of neat - CBS News (must have whiplash) on the anniversary with some very snide but revealing comments attributed to Boulder residents - enjoy!

A mention in passing, Westword bemoans the loss of JonBenét and Tim McVeigh in the headlines saying "Mile High City is no longer the center of the universe".

Quasi Related: Another version of the Susannah Chase copycat attack on December 23rd in the Colorado Daily. Interesting that the neither the City of Boulder nor it's Police Department have commented yet, are they all on vacation? Again?

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1. Frozen Pops (and Moms)

Good Morning!

There is nothing remotely Ramsey out there today and the forecast through 1/3/02 is more of the same, and that's being optimistic.

Some dang fool wrote a letter to the Boulder Weekly giving a backhanded compliment to Jeff Shapiro for his INTURDER cover story though (scroll down midway).

Meanwhile, the Rocky, trying to sell it's weekend edition, features an update on Nederland's most famous-dead citizen.

O.J. is back in the news, and it ain't pretty.

Heads up, it's not safe to fly out of Tampa and Atlanta (but you probably already knew that).

And, don't belittle the numbers as your shock wears off, ignore the pundits who are trying to make 911 look insignificant, it's all a plot.

Housekeeping: We are approaching the One Million Visitor mark, so I'll update the stats daily and won't round them off to the nearest thousand. Stay tuned.



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1. Banned in Boulder

Good Morning!

Five years ago today JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was laid to rest. However, she is not in the news today. Try again tomorrow..

Criminals think it's open season in Boulder, stupid crooks. Nice work by besieged homeowner makes Epp and his gang look good.

In other news, how 'bout dem iggles? If you saw the game you saw some durn lousy football...

TV ALERT: Tomorrow, Colorado vs. Oregon, Fiesta Bowl, ABC, 2:30 MST, everyone who's anyone from Boulder will be there.

HOUSEKEEPING: Farewell, 2001! I'm glad to see you go!