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For your dining enjoyment, presents:
1. The COMPLETE UNEDITED interview transcripts of
Nancy Krebs, aka "Mystery Woman"
by the Boulder Police Department
in February and May 2000 - where she


Thanks in part to the legal actions of
Fleet and Priscilla White, this file has become public!


6:40 AM MST, Mon. 12/2/02 (day #2165 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Wild Week

Good Morning!

I was supposed to be taking the week off, but two blatant acts of stupidity that came to a head over the weekend made me busier than ever...

The first began to unravel on Monday, when Lin Wood emailed a scathing, scorching denunciation of the skank who sold off his bonus-baby for a whopping FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS - dang, he wanted to milk that stuff for years. But we knew all along that the skank was leaking to the tabs, didn't we? This episode even made the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post. Unfreakenunbelievable, but NINMTU.

Close on the heels of that faux pas, the arrival of a plain brown envelope, no DNA on the stamp, no return address, postmarked Boulder, Colorado - - inside, digitalized, the entire February and May interview transcripts of Nancy Krebs, AKA "Mystery Woman" by the Boulder Police Department...Oh, what to do? Wringing my hands, remembering that the skank had just copped 40K, knowing that this stuff was far more explosive...BINGO! It's all slapped up on Holoworld's Ramsey Internet News for your enjoyment - FREE! No money has changed hands, I just hope that ToppCat doesn't fire me (it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission).

Meanwhile, the $40,000 bonus baby was hitting the stands and getting snatched up like Cabbage Patch kids - I got the last copy at my local Quiki Mart. Abdul says 'howdy'.

In light of these three debacles, how is the Boulder Daily Camera handling this mess? Not. Not at all. The silence is deafening, although one of their writers managed to slip a JonBenet reference into a story on traffic mitigation. Traffic mitigation? What? Cars looping by the Hell Hole? No. Boulder hopes to gleam it's tarnished, by Ramsey case in-action and deceit, reputation with this crapola.

The only other movement in our case is another JonBenet-on-your-resume item out of Iowa - - Maryland's Cellmark labs worked on a serial rape case out there.

In other cases of interest, little forward movement...

Alejandro Avila's defense attorney will ask the court today for another delay so she can study DNA results and other prosecution disclosure in the Samantha Runnion kidnapping and murder.

Case watchers Ponder Pond: Ashley may have decided to just blow off school the day she died and go to Ward Weaver's to hang out and get drunk - alone?

Searching, prayer service, searching, gulp some turkey, searching, appear in a parade, searching, hold a press conference, searching...such are the days of missing teen Shawn Hornbeck's family.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's OMEGA MAN - and another opportunity to play the race card in the bizarre Jahi Turner case - cartoonist says white kids get all the attention.

First, let's kill all the lawyers...: The criminal defense attorney we most love to hate, Steven Feldman, who tried to barter a dead baby's body to get his client reprieve from 'ol sticky', whines about his treatment by the media and the public - says he's gotten death threats (I say, look in the mirror, jerk!).


6:10 AM MST, Tues. 12/3/02 (day #2166 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Sherlock?

Good Morning!

Housekeeping: I was remiss yesterday, had my tongue too far in my cheek, not crediting the heroes who worked frantically over the Thanksgiving holiday to get the Krebs transcripts and related documentation ready for the internet. From the fellow who scurried around Boulder collecting the pulp version on Thanksgiving eve to the mom who let her gravy burn while doing almost 300 .jpg to .pdf conversions, the proof-readers, the faxers, the cheerleaders...thanks! And I apologize if there was any implication that I did anything more than hit a couple of buttons...

This one got by us too - Proving once again that although they are lousy at public relations, those Rammers are no slouches in the real estate investment arena, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that, thanks to the Patster's amazing interior decorating, they more than doubled their $664,000 investment in the Vinings Pink Palace by sacrificing it this summer for a mere $1.8 MILLION. That's 1,800,000.00. No, NINMTU, go read it yourself. (What's that IRS tip line number again? No comments about "bad Ethan Allen".)

Fighting hard for mere public defenders, Michael Blagg's attorneys failed to get him freed on reduced bond - tipping their defense strategy-hand in the process. Coverage in the Grand Junction Sentinel, Denver Post, and Associated Press.

What we have here is a failure to communicate: Letter writers, mere citizens true, seem to have their lefty heads too far up their collective orifices to see the forrest for the trees (did I throw out enough cliches there?) claims that Ashley Pond's fate was an economic issue...another claims that Mallori Weaver will benefit, and needs that liberal pap "closure", by visiting her murdering, molesting daddy in jail. We can only hope that when the big one hits LaLa land that it snaps Oregon off the continent as well.

Now, wait for the other shoe to drop - this smells like a plea bargain, there's no way Alejandro Avila's attorney is actually going to take this to trial. But yesterday she tried - and failed - to get a delay in proceedings so that she can review the voluminous, mountainous evidence against him. Samantha Runnion's accused rapist/murderer returns to court on the 16th.

Don't cry for me San Diego...another media outlet picks up the "me, me, poor me" Steven Feldman ramblings about death threats, etc., regarding his slimy tactics in hiding Danielle's body to protect poor ol' David Westerfield, that wonderful humanitarian who made so many disabled people's hum-drum lives better.

Names in the News: Barry Scheck's Innocence Project successfully argued for a delay in the execution of a prison inmate who raped and murdered a 68-year-old woman, and then set her house on fire to cover-up the deed - and then returned to his work detail covered in blood.

Names in the News Too: A little bird tells us that Lawrence Schiller suffered a heart attack before Thanksgiving. He's home recuperating from angioplasty and shunts, and apropos thankful that friends and paramedics immediately dosed him with aspirin - possibly saving his life. Get well Larry.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...time for's annual Santa Radar tracking and audio reports from the North Pole starring our buds and hosts Frank and Debi DeFreitas (LIVE! From Allentown!). Share with a kid you love...

Totally Unrelated Rant: Anyone else already sick of Mariah Carey? Sheesh. Shut up already. I've, so far just this morning, switched from CNN to ABC to NBC to CBS (yuck) just to avoid her.


4:49 AM MST, Wed. 12/4/02 (day #2167 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Perfect Murder, Imperfect Book

Good Morning!

Nasty timing: You have to wonder if Jeffrey Shapiro regrets filing his libel suit against Lawrence Schiller after finding out that Larry had a heart attack on November 19th - anyway, here is the latest on that sideshow compliments of an anonymous source. For background on this mini-vortex, Google Shapiro + JonBenet. And always, always, carry some aspirin on your person. You never know when those dreaded blue papers may arrive...

More slag on Blagg - This reminds me of the Craig Rabinowitz case that happened, oh, two-three years ago right in my backyard. Hubby takes up with stripper/call girl. Wife begins to look dowdy in comparison. Hubby offs wife then designs crime scene to look like something all together different. Shish boom.

Baby, It's Cold out There: Salt Lake City opens it's annual Festival of Trees and notes that there will be one decorated with "baby blue ornaments and harps" in honor of kidnapped and still missing Elizabeth Smart.

Meanwhile, Brett Michael Edmunds, now cleared as a suspect in the Smart probe, has been sent back to prison.

In a hurry today, spent 11 hours shuttling Marcia around yesterday, she ended up having surgery on her hand finishing up at 6:30 PM, spent the night in the hospital with her binkie, stuffed bunny (she's 17 but still the baby of the family), chapstick, ear plugs, cell phone. I have to be back at the hospital at 7:30 AM, with her favorite breakfast - Burger King French toast sticks. More later.


:53 AM MST, Thurs. 12/5/02 (day #2168 week #312 month #71 year #5
1. And Colorado let him go!

Good Morning!

Where were you in 1979? A little girl in California was being kidnapped, raped and murdered. Left for dead, nude, in an alley. The GOOD news is that after 23 years her killer has been nabbed by the new National DNA database. The SHISH BOOM is that he, like so many others, fled to Colorado, where the nimnutzes there released him after molesting one child, so he could go on to prey on another. AND those two are the only two we know about, there's probably more. Joseph Cordova Jr. now faces the death penalty in California. (NOTE: He was in prison the night of December 25, 1996.)

Van Dam Killed her 6-year-old Daughter: No, not Brenda, BONNIE. In an eerie parallel, another van Dam case. Another first-grade girl murdered. In another state. By different means. This one back in 1978 but just now coming to a head.

Shades of Mystery Woman: Update to the infamous "Boy in the Box" case. Woman who came forward and claimed to have known the unidentified boy found dead in a cardboard box way back in 1957, is called a hoax and a fruitcake. And worse. And then in the last sentence DA muffs, says she's not lying get the picture.

Dead: Missing Arkansas 13-year-old found dead along with her abductor. Cops mum.

Back to the Future/Present: Report out of South Africa estimates that there are about 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) pedophiles actively using the internet on a daily basis trolling for children. Don't let this happen to you.

Speaking of child abusers, Michael Jackson was back in court yesterday, sans mask but missing one shoe.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I'm done my Christmas shopping, have plenty of turkey left and apple pie and brownies...and cat food! I'm going to play Sims Unleashed all day and eat turkey sandwiches and pie and watch hubby shovel the white stuff, heh. Maybe if I feel frisky later I'll start wrapping presents!




4:02 AM MST, Fri. 12/6/02 (day #2169 week #312 month #71 year #5
1. My, What big ears you have...

Good Morning!

I think he's sliding too: This is one of those 'wild hair' moments. Stung by the skanks duplicity and resultant rabid Enquirer issues, the release of the Uncle Johnny implications, looks like Woody is dazed but still leaking, gets the Daily Camera's Pam Regensburg to infer there's yet another unidentified DNA source based on Beckner's Wolf deposition over a year ago. Say what? What we need here is some new blood.

In case you missed it, the missing pages of the first Krebs interview have been obtained and are now available - Part three was the only one not missing pages before. Find a friend with good eyesight, a sense of humor and some theatrical ability and have them read the interviews aloud to you. IOW, treat it like a conversation, not a document.

Yer Judged by the Company Ya Keep: I kind of classify him as Boulder's Don Quixote, but Krebs attorney Lee Hill shure does have some odd friends - has the full story.

Also from the Smoking Gun - It's that time of year again...time to roll out SANTAS GONE BAD - here's one who's so proud of his accomplishments that he gave them an interview to boot.

Michael Blagg's preliminary hearing is on Monday. Yesterday the prosecution countered defense claims that the case against him is purely circumstantial and that he's not a flight risk. Not so fast they said. Here's a guy who tried to commit suicide to avoid paying the piper for shooting his wife in the eye as she slept and did God only knows what to his still missing 6-year old daughter. Decision on Monday.

Lions and Tigers and Bears and bags of hair and handcuffs and a full-size chest freezer, oh my: Search warrant affidavit released yesterday by Oregon cops reveals some of the grisly items removed from a storage unit rented by Ward Weaver. He's still pleading not guilty. Meanwhile the two Social Services workers, one a supervisor with the Department for 12 years, have been canned after being implicated in the Ashley Pond paperwork FUBAR.

*Hick!* - Gary "Storm" Bowman, the very un-suspect person-of-interest in the Short family murders in Viriginia, was convicted and sentenced to seven days in the clink for a drunken driving rap from June. (At least they'll know where he is for seven days, but he could have gotten up to a year.)

It's sad but true that there are better methods in place to find stolen cars than missing children, but this UPI report on child abuse and abductions seems unduly harsh on our beloved NCMEC. So let's give it a kick in the butt and move onwards.

TV ALERT: The Interrogation of Michael Crowe, Court TV, TOMORROW (Saturday) 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST/PST, 9 PM MST, I caught this program on Court TV the other night and it was excellent! A must see especially for those BDI's out there, heh.




5:40 AM MST, Sat. 12/7/02 (day #2170 week #312 month #71 year #5
1. Could it be? Nah!

Good Morning!

Got to make this brief, have to take Marcia back to the Emergency Room, lots of pain at the wound site...makes me wonder why she was discharged without antibiotics, without assuming that's what the problem is...more later.

The Associated Press and the Rocky Mountain News each have articles running today on the newly disclosed, second, alien DNA. Yes, it's in there, just use your "Find" function and search on DNAX, note the "X" on the end, and then read one or two pages forward of that to set up the testimony in context.

My great leap earlier this week, a segue from a dead, kidnapped teenager with an internet pedophile article (see Thursday issue below), is confirmed. Arkansas girl met her murderer in a chat room.

Elizabeth Smart is one of the top ten A&E Biographies up for "Biography of the Year" to be announced on Monday.

TV ALERT: University of Colorado vs. University of Oklahoma for Big 12 crown, 6 PM MST, check local listings (GO BUFFS!) followed by riot coverage in downtown Boulder, this will be a blow-out (with apologies to Oklahomans).

TV ALERT: The Interrogation of Michael Crowe, Court TV, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST/PST, 9 PM MST, simply mesmerizing and scary at the same time. Why I've always told my kids to tell cops only their name, rank and serial number...and then yell they want their mommy!



Saturday - Addendum - 7:32 AM MST

1. Scroll down for main Saturday news below (Marcia's finger is fine. It just needed to be unbandaged and re-splinted.

They did it on the other side of the pond, and quicker too. Man arrested for the rape and murder of a 17-year-old girl on New Years Eve 1996. Caught via DNA screening. Smashed her face in with a brick.

And this is how they do it in Oregon. Rape victim demands $10,000 reward from CrimeStoppers. Believes her testimony was the key to the capture of a murderer (also December, also rapes dating back to '97).

But why stop there, this DNA stuff is so fun...More... Computer forensics meets DNA analysis: Sordid details of the great police investigation in Arkansas that ended too late to save 13-year-old Kacie Woody. (See also "My great leap" in the main Saturday issue below).

Good News... CHILD RECOVERED! Kidnapped in 1996 as a baby. Mother murdered. Perps locked up. Happy news. Here's the NCMEC report that likely will disappear soon to show up instead on their success stories area. And here's another article with a picture of his "sperm donor" here.

Gotta wind up somewhere and I like to leave you laughing... don't try this at home kiddies...and don't forget - scroll down for the regular Saturday news below.

6:53 AM MST, Sun. 12/8/02 (day #2171 week #312 month #71 year #5
1. selling photographs, not information

Good Morning!

JonBenet: The Police Files

...sounds ominous...In the process of updating the JonBenet book sales ranking, I found the new American Media, Inc. JonBenet book is already listed on Amazon and can be pre-ordered...that's the only reason to go to that link. No details. No cover art. No author even. Nary a mention of the skanky Media Whore and how they got those "files" (but we can add that into the comments/review area, can't we, hmmmmm?)

Boulder's annual Christmas parade, called by some a motive for JonBenet's murder, was held as usual last night. No mention of the lil' dead beauty queeen...

Short auction: Relatives of the murdered Short family held an auction of their possessions, including Jennifer's toys. Say they are moving on with their lives...

The scene of the crime: Where Samantha Runnion's body was dumped, life goes on.

Tick, tick, tick: Yeah, I love to joke about Oregon, and Southerners, but here's the explanation of why it took so long to find the bodies of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis, and put Wacko Ward out of business...seems they had a Loose Smits type on the case.

Follow-up on the Le-Zhan Williams case in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle. I hope CPS keeps a close eye on this child for the rest of his life.

Cry Babies: Coroners complain that TV crime shows have raised public expectations, amateur sleuths are sticking their noses into their cases.

Totally Unrelated: In the interest of disclosure, boy was I ever WRONG about CU vs OU...but my neighbors couldn't understand why I was cheering on "rapists"'s hard to explain.

Housekeeping: In case you came early yesterday and did not return, there's interesting items in a late-Saturday addendum below.


7:10 AM MST, Mon. 12/9/02 (day #2172 week #312 month #71 year #5
1. horror stories?

Good Morning!

A break in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping? I knew there was a reason why the Kacie Woody case set my antenna all aflutter (I've added her as a case to watch in the right hand column, btw). ANd have no idea how we missed this story along the same vein in Saturday's San Diego Union Tribune that has the linkage - the perp Fuller's father lives in Salt Lake City.

More - Local officials stress the need for parents not to panic, monitor their children's internet activity.

Perp was an internet addict.But a search of his California home revealed no computer (maybe he took it with him?)

Her funeral is today, here's the obituary.

Bland, Knight-Ridder TV review of the ballyhooed A&E "Biography of the Year" has run-down of the candidates including Elizabeth Smart.

Monday is always a slow news day, so lets have some fun. Death threats, I get a few, and wished I had saved them, like that kook in Germany who was always emailing me about knives, but this is a new one by me...

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 12/5/2002 7:39:10 PM Eastern Standard Time

hope you're sued for this

...that's it. Not very uh articulate is it? I wonder what "this" is? Maybe Evon has suffered a brain injury since August, when he/she/it was writing a book? A little internet research revealed this posting on a kiddie-beauty-pageant discussion board...




Date Posted: 08:46:00 08/31/02 Sat




So, anyway, EVON/ELLE, since you've expressed concern and are curious/anticipatory (maybe it will help your book sales?) I'll keep you posted on the litigation front.

TV ALERT: Montel Williams, syndicated, check local listings. Bob Levoy will be appearing along with his mother and the mothers of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis. Bob's sister Barbara was the victim of Ward Weaver II, back in 1981. The focus of the show is how one family - the Weavers - has affected their lives.





6:22 AM MST, Tue. 12/10/02 (day #2173 week #312 month #71 year #5
1. Blagg still has supporters

Good Morning!

Found via being bored and skulking around the internet, just for trivia or entertainment purposes only, the order dismissing Linda Hoffmann-Pugh's appeal over the dismissal of her libel suit against the Rammers.

Boulder's Father of the Year? Another case for parental licensing, this guy is an idiot.

Career criminal offers vague information on Short family murder case in attempt to shorten his federal drug sentence.

Another article on the auction of the Short home and possessions.

No Direct Evidence: Blagg had gun, motive, police files reveal. Blood in the van matches Jennifer by DNA test.

As an aside, I noticed that about an hour ago someone found my page by entering "skanky+media+whore" in Google's search engine. Heh.


6:22 AM MST, Wed. 12/11/02 (day #2174 week #312 month #71 year #5
1. Bore-a Bore-a in Tora Bora

Good Morning!

Classic PTSD: Man sues Colorado after year of sexual harassment in the prison system. Just reading this made my hysterical neuralgia (sp?) come back.

Speaking of hysterical, Geraldo Rivera, AKA 'Skunkhead', is the focus of this Scripps wire story, with mention of his JonBenét dramatics. More on his weirdness at the Center for Media and Public Affairs and at Accuracy In Media.

Whatever. Back to the case(s)... Michael Blagg's mother issues statement!...His defense attorneys attack evidence and witness statements during prelim...

Animal Control officers trying to change their image...joining Amber Alert patrols - now isn't that dumb? Why even publish this. A non-story.with mention of the Samantha Runnion kidnapping and murder.

Reminds me of New York: ...Neighbors ignored teenager's screams for help, no one called 911.

That's too nasty to leave you with, so here, it has come to this, is selling t-shirts! Get 'em while you can...


6:27 AM MST, Thurs. 12/12/02 (day #2175 week #313 month #71 year #5
1. Mayhem? I hope not

Good Morning!

It amazes me that no one else is posting to the Boulder Daily Camera's community forum. It's open again, duh. Does "BNF" ring a bell? Ding a ling...

Also Amazing: The Colorado Supreme Court is allowing ABC's news division unprecidented access to their criminal courts...this could get interesting and it's something to look forward to, say in 2004 or '05.

Someone had to say it. Just too bad it's from an anonymous source. Ashley Pond's mother is skanky white trash who put her daughter in harm's way. There! Ha! And the fact that she's lawyered up and saber-rattling a possible lawsuit against the state of Oregon now is just plain wacky. has added a page for Arkansas murder victim Kacie Rene Woody, who's death is likely AOL's fault (parents, get your kids off of AOL NOW!). Notice how studiously all the media coverage has NOT mentioned AOL. Notice how there hasn't been a single new item on this murder since the weekend.

A single New Item: Ending the news dearth since the weekend, the AP has a surprisingly good item on the Le-Zhan Williams case, (see the Saturday-Addendum and Sunday issues below for background, and the Fairfield Daily Republic archives for the full history). And breaking today is the un-spoken implication that the sperm-donor, rapper-turned-robber, is good for it - or some of it. The kidnapper/murderess herself gives an interview to local press.

School District sponsors self-defense class for kids. Chicago Sun-Times reporter not sure what he thinks about this "empowerment" which included "groin kicking, eye clawing and nose punching". Kink is that it's all a marketing plan by some kook to sell video tapes, evokes name of Elizabeth Smart to get there. Tacky.

Okay so I've alarmed the Daily Camera, destroyed the good name of a murder victim's mother, libeled a huge corporation, and implied a illegal boycott of a budding industrialist - all in one issue. I ought to shut up.


6:15 AM MST, Fri. 12/13/02 (day #2176 week #313 month #71 year #5
1. More nostalgia

Good Morning!

Wacky Boulder: Maybe this is part of his plea bargain, ala "Community Service", but ostensibly one of the CU Football stars implicated in last year's gang rape charge (the victim is now suing CU) has started a foundation for children. Yep, another foundation.

Wacky Boulder Too: The 13-year-old autistic boy who was raped in the YMCA sauna by a non-registered sex-offender/transient may be put on trial himself. Sick.

Mom who 'enabled' her daughter to get away with murder, arson and kidnapping for six years will get a cozy plea bargain in the Le-Zhan Williams case.

Another nominee for father of the year from the tiny state of Delaware

Speaking of "of the year": I knew he was up to no good when he got married last year, but I've just realized yesterday afternoon that John Montgomery, of Creep of the Week fame, has retired, and hence, there will be no year-end rush to nominate the Rammers for Creep(s) of the Year. Bummer. Another tradition gone.

Bad Karma: Be careful what you wish for...BPD should take note, explained further on Wednesday how the internet community led to one of the most damning pieces of evidence in the Westerfield trial. Dusek says that the jurors could sense that something horrible had happened in Westerfield's R.V.

The chief of the Oregon Department of Human Services is stepping down. Says it's because he's tired, not related to the Pond/Gaddis scandal - yep.

Downunder and underhanded: Australia has passed a law that would allow its citizens to sue foreign web slowly and just think of the nasty possibilities.

That's scary, and this story about a Microsoft employee who got burned sticking his hand in the ol' cookie jar, is funny as hell, but I have a sick sense of humor.


6:50 AM MST, Sat. 12/14/02 (day #2177 week #313 month #71 year #5
Mackie Boykin mugshot, choose
1. Small (31K) or Large (344K)

Good Morning!

Don't you love that mug shot above? A real chick-magnet - NOT!

Only in Boulder: I guess they didn't want to hear her whine - or provide some cheap wine...murderess gets slap on the wrist for stabbing her room mate to death. Confessed even. Boulder, in it's infinite wisdom, gives her 12-years probation. No, I'm not making this up.

They eat their young: Another little girl dead. Another case of mamma's main squeeze gone bad.

And another: 11 year old girl kidnapped in Hawaii on Tuesday is found dead. Suspect is being questioned.

Missing five years, remains recovered: In the land of Blagg - Skeletal remains recovered identified as missing 18year old, Coty Vernon.

Another attempted kidnapping in Samantha Runnion-land has cops and residents getting wiggy.

Follow that story...a tipster kindly sent me the new web address of the "late" John Montgomery, papa of "Creep of the Week" fame, so you can see what he's up to of late (no, he's not dead, just becoming more...'responsible', LOL).



Mackie Boykin mugshot
(click image for full-size view, 344K, be patient during load)


7:30 AM MST, Sun. 12/15/02 (day #2178 week #313 month #71 year #5
1. Blast from the past

Good Morning! Sorry so late, started watching a movie...

Big news out of Boulder - a possible break in the Susannah Chase case? Or is it a way to move Sunday papers and mark the anniversary at the same time? With a sidebar stories on the evidence and CU response..

Editorial in the Oregonian blasts the state for letting Ashley Pond "fall through the cracks".

I wouldn't want to have this job: Profile of the unlucky fellow who has to keep track of registered sex-offenders, with reference to Samantha Runnion and weird misspelling of Danielle van Dam's name.

In case you missed it, we had Mackie Boykin's mugshot up here for Saturday's issue, see below for links.





6:13 AM MST, Mon. 12/16/02 (day #2179 week #313 month #71 year #5
1. 2 year old missing since 7:15 MST last night

Good Morning!

How cool is this: An anti-Doug-Pierce web site/grass roots movement, aptly named "Douglas Pierce Sucks". Enjoy and interact! You can also email them at

Contrast This: Almost 6 years for JonBenet: 5 years for Susannah Chase: 4 year anniversary for, another Polly - Polly Sullivan who was murdered in Denver at Christmas time 1998. Her parents have used a novel method to observe the date and press for justice. Not mugging for the cameras, or writing a book, or staging curious polygraphs. Not the quiet dignity of the Chase clan of Connecticut, (whose unwavering support of the Boulder Police is curious at best).

While we miss Creep of the Week, this is a 'noble' project: Washington Times seeks votes for Nobles and Knaves of the Year...Nominees include the brave jurors who convicted David Westerfield and recommended the death penalty and Philadelphia's Erica Pratt, who struggled out of duct tape and broke a window to escape her kidnappers.

Sperm Donor of the Day: Patrick Gleeson, who kidnapped his two children and shot at least one of them before dumping his body in a river. Joshua Gleeson, only three years old. Just a baby. His 5-year-old sister, Ashley, is still missing.

Heads Up Oregon: Another missing child (see picture above) may trigger the state's first use of it's new Amber Alert system.

But the Beeeeg News today is...the final inevitable demise of Al Bore. Don't let the door hit you in the...


6:47 AM MST, Tue. 12/17/02 (day #2180 week #313 month #71 year #5
1. How would you like your kid's mug splashed all over the world?

Good Morning!

Very late because I was groping around in the old computer for Christmas-themed pictures...

Lin Wood files huge libel suit against Dominic Dunne on behalf of Gary Condit. This will be one to watch. Even the New York Times picked it up and has an original story today. Maybe this is why Woody's threatened lawsuit against the BPD hasn't materialized - yet - and the clock is ticking - - only 15 days left in '02...

False Alarm: A registered sex offender with the last name of "White", busted for parole violations in Longmont.

Otherwise, Boulder County is just snoozing along - like JonBenet and Susannah Chase never existed - evidence this - their obsession with dog excrement.

Travis Adams, featured on this page yesterday, was found dead in an overflowing creek near to where he disappeared on Sunday night. No foul play is suspected (just too many kids).

More slime oozes, while more is exposed, in the Westerfield defense. Just reading this stuff makes me want to smack someone.

Found alive, and the fix is in: The kidnappers of Le-Zhan Williams, and at least one who murdered his mother, are busy spinning plea deals in Southern California.

The accused kidnapper/murderer of Samantha Runnion chalks up a win, public defender gets a new judge assigned by alleging "bias".

Also in California, good news for those following Runnion, van Dam, and Klaas...the courts rule that the Governor has the final say so on the release of murderers.


5:55 AM MST, Wed. 12/18/02 (day #2181 week #313 month #71 year #5
1. FDI theorist

Good Morning!

Another wing-nut: Way back, like a year ago, I found the web site of a Liverpool, England based private investigator who said he was investigating the Ramsey case and would announce his findings soon - well, he has, and it's a doozy - grab a cuppa and read on (and look for holes, I found plenty).

Chandra Levy and Gary Condit's home town paper reports on the Dominick Dunne Lawsuit.

The autopsy on Travis "Bubba" Adams indicates that he drowned, and his "biological mother" is saber-rattling - hey, Rebecca! CPS does not remove children, TWO in this case, unless they've got a durn good reason...waiting for the investigative report on this one.

Another Ward Weaver situation - this time in Louisiana. Convicted rapist, with rap sheet dating back to '78, marries woman with 11 year old daughter. Within 6 months the child accuses him of sexual assault. (No word on WHERE this investigation stands) - and then a year later he strangles her and dumps the body.

Shades of Blagg and Jahi: Wilmington, Delaware dump is searched for baby taken by his sperm donor and not returned.

Sperm Donor Redux: The body of Ashley Gleeson was found Monday afternoon, close to where her 2 year old brother's body was found (see also Monday's issue below)


7:55 AM MST, Thurs. 12/19/02 (day #2184 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Pistil (sic) Packin'

Good Morning! Slept late, sorry...

Missed this one due to damned hyphen phenomenon: University of Buffalo is studying the Ramsey Ransom note - on whose behalf? Be afraid, be very afraid...

JonBenét Sighting: Not too many of these close to the anniversary, but this is cute, and worth the trip. Will we start getting JonBenét sightings like there are Elvis sightings?

Meanwhile, a Boulder jury has acquited a man accused of trying to lure a little girl into his limosine.

Ah, good. Someone is awake in Boulder ( scroll down to the last letter on this page, see also the Saturday 12/14 issue below for the actual articles).

Ick! I am rudely reminded of another reason why I dislike this time of the year - the trite, year-end summaries that sneak into my search parameters - here's the first one, out of California with mention of Runnion and van Dam, California is always first.

Case Law to watch: "Appearance Presumption" may allow child pornography possessors to walk - just like this creep in Virginia. So, unless the child gives name rank serial number on the video...disgusting but true.


6:06 AM MST, Fri. 12/20/02 (day #2185 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Casting the movie

Good Morning!

Call me jaded, a cynic, a skeptic. Call me a pessimist. But this latest puff of smoke out of the Boulder County DA's office looks just like that - smoke (we'll get the mirrors later). The Rocky, Denver Post and it's partner KUSA are running stories purporting that Mary Keenan is reopening the Ramsey case. What, just in time to start the re-election campaign? Why? How? What?

Porn addict with a novel M.O. - breaks into homes just to access their computers in order to view pornography, sometimes 'revisting' the same house multiple times.

'White' is a rather common last name - but I'm still amazed that there have been two Whites arrested for offenses against children in Colorado within one week, this one a Nebraska resident with ties to Colorado - see the Tuesday issue below for the other.


5:35 AM MST, Sat. 12/21/02 (day #2186 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Huh? What's the question?

Good Morning!

While you were sleeping, dining, wrapping gifts, glogging some grog...the modis operandi for those thinly veiled Keenan press releases yesterday has become clear...The Vortex is starting to suck again...

Ramsey Investigation Takes New Direction

Keenan at helm of Ramsey inquiry - Police Chief Beckner says move responds to needs of case

Boulder DA takes lead in Ramsey case

Police won't join DA on Ramsey probe - Boulder cops' feud with family cited

Frankly, I don't know WHAT I think of this turn of events - call me ambivalent. All I do know is that about 3,000 average, mostly non-law-enforcement types of all races, genders and backgrounds were drawn to this case almost six years ago via the internet, and we're all still here, and we all had the same inkling - - - this case smells like Mary Keenan's fish. It's mired in politics and hampered by a prevailing Chamber of Commerce mentality in Boulder. We knew it in early '97 and we still see it now. (And we're not going away and we won't shut up.)

Oh goodie, just in time for Keenan's "Probe": Colorado juries to become "more engaged, attentive and empowered" if allowed to ask questions during trials. Jury reform movement leaps another hurdle towards becoming reality.

And, you really need something to laugh about today. Celebrate! It's the weekend and anything you haven't done yet for Holiday preparations is down d' toylet anyway.





7:18 AM MST, Sun. 12/22/02 (day #2187 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Hmmmm...

Good Morning!

Heh. I told you it was all about POLITICS and IMAGE, didn't I? Denver Post discovers more about Mary Keenan's MOTIVES, and yes, it's all about SPIN, damage control and cost/benefit analysis...

And the clock is ticking...Five years ago today, Susannah Chase died in Boulder. Her murderer remains at large and is considered extremely dangerous. Be afraid, be very afraid...

The Wires: It's a love-hate thang. AP, UPI, Reuters, AFP...when they pick up a story it's like a feeding frenzy for all the lil' mom&pops...100 versions of the Associated Press, UPI, and a new phenomnenon, what I'll call "AP-LITE" (a chatty, conversational, easy-reader version of AP) on the Keenan "take-over" are running from sea to shining sea.

New details are leaking out on the Blagg case, Michael is wrapping himself in the Bible. Meanwhile the community has thought up a novel idea to raise money for the Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation.

Another trite, year-end story device, a winners/losers or up/down list out of Oregon names the DHS as a loser for it's handling of the Ashley Pond case. No wonder, another study finds most accusations of child abuse are not investigated in the state.

If you're expecting a Westerfield-style quick resolution to the Runnion case - stop. The trial date for her accused murderer, Alejandro Avila, has been set for January 12th...2004.

Scam Alert: Dancing on a dead babies grave, so prevalent this time of year. Here's another "businessman" in the style of Douglas Pierce who's evoking Flight 93 and Elizabeth Smart to raise cash. The IRS and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania know not what/who/how...but hopefully will shut him down soon. Note that, buried in the article, he is a Democrat.

(Speaking of lil' Dougie Pierce, he's updated his website and finally removed all that blather from his front page.)

Leaving you Smiling: Woman Power! Three women named Time Magazine's Persons of the year! 2002 - the year of the WHISTLEBLOWER, God Bless them all!

Leaving you Laughing: In a tribute to Simba and Johnny Carson, yeah it's from CNN, but this is a must click!


6:28 AM MST, Mon. 12/23/02 (day #2188 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. Whoa, Barbie!

Good Morning!

Crazy Colorado Crime of the day: Man shoots men, flees crime scene in limousine.

In San Diego, the 'Westerfield Syndrome' is having lasting results - murderers defense attorneys roll over and play dead.

Kacie's Legacy: Maybe, at last, finally, parents will be more willing to accept the fact that you cannot leave your children alone on the internet. I like this analogy..."If I were to tell you that an individual who is mentally ill and perverse in his beliefs, someone who is cunning, was going to come to your house and enter your son or daughter's bedroom and spend four or five hours (alone) with them, I doubt you would stand for any of it".

Oh Barbie!: Featured on Drudge, but just in case you missed it. Mattel seems to be losing it's focus. Mixed messages with limited edition "Lingerie Barbie". No, no, no, you'll lose your next lawsuit. Nimnutzes.

Bad Santa: It's that time of the year again. Time for more arrest reports featuring a chubby guy in a red suit...

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas? Could it happen? Sometimes we have some yicky dribs and drabs of left-over snow for Christmas here in the Philly area - but the last truly white Christmas was when my kids were in diapers...

But it doesn't really's something that does, let the champagne flow! is celebrating it's 20th anniversary! We shall party all of the year 2003! Congratulations Frank and Debi! And don't forget to visit the Santa Radar reports too.





6:30 AM MST, Tues. 12/24/02 (day #2189 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. How to generate a Santa NPC

Good Morning!

Sounds like a C.Y.A. to me: Mary Keenan grovels at the feet of L. Lin Wood. Wood then leaks the letter. Leak recipient Rocky publishes it. Then ANALYZES it. But the analysis is 'off' - can you spot the leaps?

Desolving into a good old fashioned Southern-style pissing match, a historical (hysterical?) example is this article from last December that generated not only a correction from the Rocky, but two rebuttal letters - no longer available on their web site, no wonder.

(Here's a gal who did not grovel, I like her style!)

The land of fruits and nuts: Tis' the season! Fa la la la! Well, Woody lost a faucet (for leaks), and hence has to leak himself. How demeaning. Tipster ala jailhouse snitch sends a fax offer to Woody, and somehow the fax ends up at the Boulder Daily Camera too. Lawdy! Ain't technology wonderful...more corruption of the jury pool, where is the outrage?

Rocky's Outraged: Editorial in today's issue pulls out the "Q" word regarding Beckner's folding and crumpling. Quite the contrast to all the hand-wringing and remorse when handing off the JonBenet files circa June '98, yah? I've got one word for you - complacent.

Missed one - November 7, 2002 Rocky article on (no, you won't believe this one) Thomas Nelson publishers planning a "spin-off" (dig the irony there) of the Rammers' book - a fictionalized "Christian Detective" based on Loose Smitz.

Making a Federal case out of it: (Please don't throw me in the briar patch!) CU lawyers want the lawsuit over the December '01 gang rape by the football team and recruits moved to Federal Court. Victim/Sue-er should be thankful - although for some reason the Associated Press identifies her by name in this article.

Santa in the Sims: I generated my first Santa yesterday while playing the Sims! You need to have a (1) Christmas tree and be sure to open all the presents that come with it, (2) a fire working in a fireplace, (3) Christmas cookies, make sure they're fresh!, (4) all the Sims on the property asleep at midnight. - It's cool and he even brings a present - my Sims got a chess set.


3:42 AM MST, Wed. 12/25/02 (day #2190 week #311 month #71 year #5
1. All I want for Christmas is - a solution

Ho, Ho Ho!

It's 4:30 A.M. and I wake with a start! Did I stuff the stockings last night? Hang them by the chimney with care? Did I carry the presents down two flights and chuck them under the tree? Did it SNOW?

Yes. Yes. Yes. YES! We have about 3/4 of an inch...a perfect snow! All the grass and trees and bushes have a lovely white cover, the teeny clear add-a-string lights look lovely. Best of all, the sidewalks and streets are merely WET. Ho! No shoveling today, thanks Santa!

Three of the five cats are quarreling at my feet. Bayberry candle flickering on top of the monitor. Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee in my favorite mug. Charlotte Church on ABC's World News Now singing Silent Night. First born asleep in his childhood bed. Marcia, healing, dead to the world in hers. Spouse snoring alone. My hangover numbed by two Tylenol. Doesn't get much better than this.

Only one thing would make it perfect - for that deceitful, sick scumbag who whacked that baby across her bleached blonde crown and then strangled her hideously to come clean. Do roses know that their thorns hurt? All I want to know before I join Ruthee, Kate, Wanda, Pat, Kelvin, Bill, Beth, Nedra and JonBenét is that they are behind cold iron bars - or in a huge glass jar, with some leaves and twigs, out on the plains near Boulder, for all to observe and tease.

So, I'll hug my tiny nieces and marvel at their perfection, and light more candles and wonder - and dream.


4:40 AM MST, Thurs. 12/26/02 (day #2191 week #312 month #72 year #6
1. Home

Good Morning!

I suppose a lot of editors spiked JonBenét stories proposed for yesterday and today due to the Keenan/Wood developments, which is just as well. All I can find that's new is...

The UPI's daily "this day in history" which notes the 1996 kidnapping/body found in basement scene...

I missed this drama-queen letter from Woody in response to the Rocky's editorial...

An original, though bland, article in the Washington Times on the Keenan-takeover.

Those were the days: Sure miss Alli Krupski, she was on the case from day one, here's her first JonBenét story out of Boulder.





6:01 AM MST, Fri. 12/27/02 (day #2192 week #312 month #72 year #6
1. Laci Peterson, missing in Modesto

Good Morning!

Everything but the kitchen sink? Six years ago today I was up to my elbows in warm soapy water washing dishes and listening to KYW 1060 AM on the radio when I had my first encounter with JonBenét...are we having fun yet? Nooooooo.....

Calling it "the case that never ends", Longmont Daily Times-Call's Travis Henry updates Longmonters on new Ramsey case twists and turns (also saved here on this server if that link is stale).

Steve Dunleavy gets it: The JonBenét case as seen through the eyes of one of the most notorious tabloid investigative reporters. His conclusion? It stinks. It's all about politics and image. Duh (I said that last week).

Urban Legends: With the passage of time, historical appreciation of Larry Schiller's ponderous PMPT grows. If only this Scottish writer had managed to wade through it, he could have made fewer mistakes. This anniversary story from over the pond is full of 'em.

Notable Blurb: People magazine notes "new" Ramsey case probe, ironically just below a brief note on the Steven Seagal/Anthony Pellicano fracas.

Weird Science: Polygraphs under attack, Colorado sex offender/probationer uses study to get out from under authorities thumb.

Meanwhile in Boulder - a contortionist who performs on Pearl Street was arrested in a domestic incident (scroll down to last story, it's just a classic, weird-Boulder thang).

In other cases of note...

Heads up, Georgia! There's a killer on the loose! Michael Blagg gets bail cut by half, may be in Georgia right now, with his loving mamma.

Shawn Hornbeck, 11, of Missouri, is still missing, but his presents are under the tree.

The honeymoon is over: The Smart family of Salt Lake is demonstrating a schism with the local coppers, transcript of John Walsh's remarks on Larry King Live here.

Three little girls: The murders of Samantha Runnion and Danielle van Dam, along with the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart made the list of Newsweek's top stories for the year 2002. Elizabeth, on her own, made #4 ranking for Biography of the year.

Jahi Turner not forgotten, by a handful who held a candlelight vigil (what good is that going to do?). Of course his step-daddy could not attend, he's probably in jail.

And the suits are still squabbling over David Westerfield's fate in San Diego. Hope he had a lousy Christmas because surely the van Dams' was much worse.

Fear - It's a good thing: Opinion piece says parents in Conway, Arkansas are scared silly over what happened to Kacie Rene Woody, and so they should. (First Kacie sighting in a long time, just because the perp is dead we should still learn from her case.)


6:55 AM MST, Sat. 12/28/02 (day #2193 week #312 month #72 year #6
1. Sins of the father...

Good Morning!

Long, but worth the trip, a look at the strange world of Ward Weaver, the accused murderer of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

Still Missing: Laci Peterson of Modesto, California, cops want to talk to anyone who spoke to her between Sunday and Tuesday (12/22-12/24). A bloodhound led them the opposite direction, and then alerted on a dumpster. A woman who lives near the park heard a woman screaming around 10:15 A.M. This is horrible. But her family is doing all the right things, and quickly too. Full biography in the Modesto Bee.

Attention KMart Shoppers! Life goes on. Another pregnancy with an entirely unexpected outcome.


5:20 AM MST, Sun. 12/29/02 (day #2194 week #312 month #72 year #6
1. Geragos and client

Good Morning!

Jumpin' JonBenét! Some fool with the County government in San Diego was cooking up a scheme to sell Danielle van Dam crime scene photos to the National Enquirer - got burned. Idyot.

Has an alibi, so don't get too excited - sexual predator, out on bail, of course (this is Colorado), with history of crimes dating back to 1990, attacks and rapes a woman in Denver. Reading his rap sheet stats will make you shudder (and get angry).

Lin Wood AND Mark Geragos? In the same room? (Is there a room BIG enough?) Love to be a fly on the wall...Modesto Bee visably chews its nails in this piece on libel suits generally and the Condits specifically. (this is today's MUST READ of the day)

...and here is FindLaw's Julie Hinden's article on the case noting that it's a loose/loose situation and recommending that Condit immediately withdraw his suit against our beloved Dominick Dunne.

Well, that case is a sure looser, so here's a treat for Woody - my hero, Lucianne Goldberg, in an interview on CSpan Friday, that aired not once, but twice, blatantly 'slandered' John and Patsy - (shame I can't remember how the subject even came up, but I remember spewing coffee all over my lap.) Video available, rev 'em up.

(Speaking of civil suits - here's an O.J. Simpson sighting.)

From Boulder: Retiring Sheriff George Epp gets a loving Sunday sendoff by the Daily Camera. No mention of JonBenét - of course.

A friend of the Laci Patterson family has donated $375,000 bringing the reward up to a cool half-million. The search has broadened to the fringe areas of the county and her husband's boat has been impounded for testing.

That's the problem with west-coast papers, it's like...drip...drip...drip...a timeline of weirdo Ward Weaver's movements is a necessary companion to yesterday's Portland Tribune insight article (see 'Long but worth it' below).

Also in Ward-Weaver-land, a new syndrome, family annihilators, has been prevalent in Oregon this year. Maybe it's the weather. No, that's Seattle, isn't it? Yes, and dentists specifically.

Southern Californians seem glad that 2002 is almost over - this is about the 6th article I've seen that summarizes the year and notes that two of the nation's most high-profile kidnappings occured there - Danielle and Samantha, may they rest in peace.

Proof that AOLers have their heads up their arses - the IP that loves to "byte you back" releases it's annual "clicks" survey with some dubious creatures listed first - but, lo! (no JLo) Elizabeth Smart came in number 8 (but, mayhaps, it was that cretin who tried to extort money from the family).

Internet Addicted? It's a growing problem in of all places Salt Lake City, Utah - purportedly. Interesting article looks at internet pornography as a "gateway" to other social ills, perhaps explaining why Sick Puppies are what they are (see: Westerfield, David, et al).


6:04 AM MST, Mon. 12/30/02 (day #2195 week #312 month #72 year #6
2. "Hairy" the Perp

Good Morning!

Not a suspect, is a suspect, whatever, this Denver area rapist is one severely sick puppy. The judge who gave him probation on December 9th (a mere 16 days before his latest assault) should be defrocked.

Oregon AP writers have voted on the top stories for 2002, and sadly the murders of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis came in first (no celebration there).

The bizarre kidnapping/recovery case of Le-Zhan Williams made the Vallejo News' top stories of the year as well.

The latest on missing Modesto woman Laci Peterson...

Los Angeles Times

Modesto Bee

KRON San Francisco Channel 4

In other News: Indiana media self-examine why they did not notice there was a serial killer on the loose.





6:30 AM MST, Tue. 12/31/02 (day #2196 week #312 month #72 year #6
1. I kind of like this one...

Good Morning!

As we wrap up another year, a humorous ending: The Boulder Daily Camera staff discovered that someone had the chutzpah to mention the unmentionable (JonBenet) on their sacred forums and removed not just one, but both threads on the case. Susannah Chase was allowed to remain - as are prairie dogs and ceramic peni - this calls for a letter to the editor! Any volunteers?

Also need a volunteer(s) to remind the City of Boulder that it's that time of year again - time to issue a report on Ramsey case expenses for the year 2002 - there must be some. Here's the expenses for 96-01 at a glance.

It's been a busy week for the Modesto PD - they've questioned 155 sex offenders, impounded tons of evidence, reviewed surveilance tapes - and still have no clue to the disappearance of Laci Peterson.

Let's stop putzin' around - San Diego Prosecutors are shoring up their case against David Westerfield in anticipation of appeals. Sentencing (Life? Death?) is scheduled for this Friday, January 3rd, 2003.