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6:40 AM MST, Thur. 2/1/01 (day #1499 week #214 month #49 year #4)
1. photo © 2000 Tom Alessi

Good Morning!

JonBenét, Columbine and the capture of the Texas 7 named "Jumbo Topics" by Westword (scroll down past all the boring, JOA talk).

Peter Boyles underwent a quadruple bypass yesterday (scroll down to "Ticker Trouble") - this case can give you a broken heart...

Rich Justice: Charges dismissed against Colorado Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy - faced one year in jail and possible deportation (he is a Canadian citizen).

Sharp eyed photo-processor nabs... pornographer/child molester...Greeley, Colorado

In other news - Judge rules that Michael Skakel may be tried as an adult for the murder of Martha Moxley, read all about it at




6:54 AM MST, Fri. 2/2/01 (day #1500 week #214 month #49 year #4)
1. 100 unsolved homicides

Good Morning!

Mini-bio and book review on Henry Lee's new (and messy and inaccurate) book from CourtTV running on the national wire.

Oh Goodie! The Longmont Daily Times-Call, which is definitely NOT a "Chamber of Commerce" mouthpiece (ala the Daily Camera) will start running an investigative series tomorrow on "nearly 100 unsolved homicides in the four county (Boulder, Larimer, Weld, and Adams Counties) area".

New Web site: Worth a visit, Sarah's Home looks at various stages of Ramsey "hinkiness", that tend to tongue-tie us all.

Boulder Scandals: The latest on the Special Prosecutor/Imported Judge dismissal of charges against one of the new DA's kids....

Decision in Keenan son case called "aberrant" by a BOCO Sheriff deputy.

Sum Tin Wong...Boulder resident reacts to the Keenan dismissal with sarcasm (scroll down to "JUSTICE: Something seems amiss").

Nopey, nope, nope, nothing stinky (like fish) here, denials all around in the dismissal of Mary Keenan's son's DUI charges.

Sidebar: Aberrant judge was named one of the "worst judges in America" by Readers Digest.

Just for Fun - Attention Fellow Beer Can Collectors! Here's another reason to plan a visit to the Rammers home state!




7:13 AM MST, Sat. 2/3/01 (day #1501 week #214 month #49 year #4)
1. age-progressed JonBenét

Good Morning!

Another Boulder resident is skeptical, very skeptical, about the "preferential treatment" given to the new Boulder DA's son (scroll down to "Keenan")/

Okay, yeah, I have a sick sense of humor - the dark side beckons - he who looks into the eyes of the monster - and all that...this suicide attempt "cracked" me up (found on Cybersleuths).

TV ALERT: Love Chronicles, "Obsessive Love", A&E, 1 PM MST, a look at obsessive love in all its forms, from innocent high-school infatuation to serious cases of stalking, assault, and even murder.

TV ALERT: Mugshots, "Robert Ressler", CourtTV, 6 PM CST, 7 PM EST/PST, 8 PM MST, rebroadcast of the biography of Ressler and a look at his famous profiling cases.

TV ALERT: "Unsolved-Who's Getting Away with Murder?", part of the Fox News 31-Denver 9 PM MST broadcast, based on the Longmont Daily Times-Call investigative series on 100 unsolved murders in a four county area including Boulder.

TV ALERT: Home Sweet Hell, The Discovery Channel, 9 PM CST, 10 PM EST/PST, 11 PM MST, usually a safe refuge from a troubled world, some homes harbor unspeakable violence. Video reveals a husband drugging and raping women at home; wives and daughters live under the threat of abuse; and grandparents fight for visitation rights.

TV ALERT: Traces of Guilt The Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, midnight MST, from a few fibers to a smudge on a piece of tape, tiny bits of evidence can lead to big convictions of terrible crimes. Meet three murderers convicted with evidence they didn't even know existed.





7:03 AM MST, Sun. 2/4/01 (day #1502 week #214 month #49 year #4)
1. proof of bedwetting

Good Morning!

Mini-review of John Douglas' latest CYA with mention of the Ramsey case.

B.J. Plasket is back...and authors part one of the Longmont Daily Times-Call series (to run through the 28th) on the 100 unsolved murders in Boulder, Adams, Weld and Larimer Counties.

Xiana Fairchild is dead.

If you would like to email get well greetings to Peter Boyles visit the KHOW site or just click here.

Cast of Characters Update: Former Boulder Mayor Leslie "no Killer on the Loose" Durgin is the new chairman of the Boulder Childrens Museum.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "It's Not My Fault", A&E, Noon MST, Attorney Alan Dershowitz, author of "Abuse Excuses", leads us through three very strange defenses, commenting on their dangers and the reasons why they work or don't, and the harm they can cause to our legal system. Susan Estrich, political consultant and author of "Getting Away with Murder", is interviewed

TV ALERT: Medical Detectives, "Beaten by a Hair", The Learning Channel, 5 PM CST, 6 PM EST/PST, 7 PM MST, A missing Maryland woman and a single wig fiber found at her house lead investigators to a murder conviction built on physical evidence, before a body is recovered.

TV ALERT: Medical Detectives, "The Common Thread", The Learning Channel, 5:30 PM CST, 6:30 PM EST/PST, 7:30 PM MST,Forensic experts used the observations of one survivor and red carpet fibers found on ten other assault and murder victims to convict a serial killer.




6:27 AM MST, Mon. 2/5/01 (day #1503 week #214 month #49 year #4)
1. Huh?

Good Morning!

Part two of B.J. Plasket's series on unsolved homicides focuses on the lack of regional shared information.

Child molester, striking for the FIFTH time, is finally caught in the act, attempts suicide. Walked on "misdemeanor" in Boulder County last February.

TV ALERT: Mugshots, "Danny Rolling", CourtTV, 9 PM CST, 10 PM EST/PST, 11 PM MST, the serial killer who plead guilty to five counts of first degree murder and two counts of rape for the 1990 deaths of five college students. Mugshots looks at the penalty phase of this compelling case, including riveting testimony and an interview with Danny Rolling.




6:53 AM MST, Tue. 2/6/01 (day #1504 week #214 month #49 year #4)
1. Marketable

Good Morning!

Taking the case's EKG: Ramsey investigation "boomlets" allow time for silly media mini-frenzies, i.e.: the "E" word (WARNING: this is about that Cuban kid I promised never to mention on this page, but, hey, they used the "J" word, so here it is).

Part 3 of the Times-Call series on unsolved murders focuses on the CBI - the "Colorado Bureau of Investigation becomes the glue that holds the state's law-enforcement community together" - by our own B.J. Plasket.

Boulder murderer who confessed to be arraigned today - good thing, because the case "confounded several law enforcement agencies" - but the powers that be insist he's not "involved in any other unsolved deaths in Boulder County, including the December 1997 beating death of CU student Susannah Chase"...

16-year-old Boulder baby-sitter charged with sex assault on at least 3 toddlers, released on bail - victims' parents protest.

Caze Coinzidenzez: Peripheral character Lanze Matthewz haz moved to Amzterdam...Whee!

TV ALERT: Pros and Cons, Court TV, 5 PM CST, 6 PM EST/PST, 7 PM MST, Robert Ressler will be interviewed re the new Hannibal movie.

TV ALERT: Cold Case Files, "Through the Eyes of a Child/The Killer Next Door", A&E, 8 PM MST, In Missouri, a part-time missionary is convicted, 38 years later, of killing her 5-year-old stepdaughter, and the skeleton of a Michigan boy, dead for 10 years, leads police to a serial killer.




7:03 AM MST, Wed. 2/7/01 (day #1505 week #214 month #49 year #4)
1. More huggers

Good Morning!

Today's installment of the unsolved murder series focuses on Boulder County in particular, and the peculiar prevalence of domestic homicides. Promises that future articles to "shed some new light" on the Ramsey case - by B.J. Plasket.

Kidnapping foiled in Lakewood, Colorado by "common-law stepgrandfather" (pretty remote), but has "prior arrests for attempted homicide and kidnapping"...sounds like a sick puppy suspect to me, take a note...

Boulder County Sick puppies, 3 items: Confession of Boulder murderer, unsolved for three years - and scroll down to two Lafayette, Colorado deviates as separate items.

The murder arraignment gets it's own free-standing article in the Denver Post.

And a longer, chattier version in the Longmont Daily Times Call.

Oh goodie...Ram-hugger turned tree-hugger Dan Glick will address the Denver Press Club on February 15...topic, not Ramsey, is his new book on the Vail arsons.

Just plain ridiculous: Martha Stewart will be one of the judges for the Miss USA pageant.









5:32 AM MST, Wed. 2/14/01 (day #1512 week #215 month #49 year #4)
1. Latest Boulder molester

Good Morning!

Cool Coup Lou: Smit as a pundit? Yep, in an article on cold cases in today's Colorado Springs Gazette, with mention of JonBenét and the Heather Dawn Church cases.

Strange juxtaposition: Local news briefs in today's Daily Camera leads with the molesting montessorian and JonBenét's studio Dance West, the connection to another home-invasion case used as a Rammer smoke screen.

Always a day late: The Longmont Daily Times Call coverage of the Montessori School director arrest for molestation.

(Really creepy quote found on his website: "Who touches the child touches the most sensitive part of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future.").

And today's installment in the LDTC series on unsolved murders will appeal to the conspiracy theorists - the 1994 shooting of the City of Boulder's director of Information Systems, shades of the taxi accident that took out Kelvin the former PIO?

Remember the Antonio Davalos murder last year? That really threw me for a loop. The 11 year old was reported missing and his body was found in a dumpster four days later - The trial is about to begin. More with pictures and video also at KMGH.

Elsewhere: Tres Apropos!: I remember as a kid passing a funeral home near my grandmother's house. We would always giggle about the name - "Colflesh". Well, here's a pervert with a great last name (found on CrimeNews2000).

Completely off-topic just because I can: Say ta ta to Tinky Winky, Po, Dipsy and Laa Laa.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The California Killing Field", A&E, 7 PM MST, the serial murderers Charles Ng and Leonard Lake.


6:47 AM MST, Thur. 2/15/01 (day #1513 week #216 month #49 year #4)
1. Burke's school pic?

Good Morning!

Wooh, oooh, front page story in the Cincinnati Enquirer on the similarity of their recent morgue photo fiasco and the J.T. Colfax performance art in Denver (full of inaccuracies), and a nasty opinion piece with more.

New York Post gossip maven Cindy Adams has an update on Bernie Goetz, Darnay Hoffman's most infamous client (though Linda will resent that).

Rocky gossip columnist has an update on the health of Peter Boyles (scroll down to 'He's all heart').

Boulder's latest molester has been ordered to stay away from his 14 year old daughter, friends say he's a "physically affectionate person whose hugging troubled some students and teachers." Truly touching, get out your little violins....

The primary suspect is dead (how convenient) in today's Times-Call unsolved murder, but, lo!, "he had been convicted of rape and given a deferred sentence" how typical.

TV ALERT: Willing to Kill-The Texas Cheerleader Story, Lifetime, Noon CST,1 PM EST/PST, 2 PM MST, based on the true story about a mother is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure her daughter becomes a cheerleader, even commit murder.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Missing Without a Trace", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, midnight MST, people who vanish, leaving no clue as to their whereabouts.


6:36 AM MST, Fri. 2/16/01 (day #1514 week #216 month #49 year #4)
1. Colfax mugshot

Good Morning!

Chalk one up for the good guys...Atlanta judge refused to dismiss the Chris Wolf lawsuit against the Rammers - PATSY TO BE DEPOSED!

Buried in Daily Camera, the "Local" pages, the "Police and Courts" column is mention of the Chris Wolf victory.

Meanwhile, something to look forward to, save your pennies and fly to Denver in May??? Linda Arndt's suit against Koby, Beckner and the City of Boulder has been scheduled for late May - and the cast of characters as witnesses looks positively Schillerite©...

JonBenét's legacy: "Do we want to have another JonBenét mess?" Nope, cops keep mum on the Zantop case (found on CrimeNews2000.)

Related: Defense in Boulder gang rape case blasts media, requests change of venue due to excessive publicity, "newspaper articles that included details of the crime tainted the Boulder County jury pool"

Totally unrelated: "Reverend" Jesse Jackson to be walloped by a totally new scandal in the National Enquirer hitting the stands today.

TV ALERT: Woman on The Run -The Lawrencia Bembenek Story (miniseries), Lifetime, noon CST, 1 PM EST/PST, 2 PM MST, ex-model and then cop, was arrested for the murder of her husband's ex-wife.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Safe at Home?", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, midnight MST, the home is increasingly becoming a site for crime, the risks from both unknown intruders and trusted acquaintances.


8:20 AM MST, Sat. 2/17/01 (day #1515 week #216 month #49 year #4)
1. Henry Lee - again

Good Morning!

AP Awards: The Daily Camera won first-place awards for coverage of the Ramsey grand jury and Lisa Levitt Ryckman, won a first place in feature reporting for a story on a "murder of a child and how it tore a family apart" but not Ramsey.

JonBenét is "on the agenda" for the American Academy of Forensic Scientists meeting in Seattle next week.

If you want a vicarious thrill, or if you are skeptical that maybe I made the whole thing up myself, B.J. Plasket's Friday article on the Arndt lawsuit (and the cast of witnesses expected - ANTICIPATION) is now up on the Daily Times-Call web site.

Today's Times-Call look at unsolved murders in the Boulder area looks at the use of the internet to get information out to the public, and promises "In a later installment, this series will examine the efforts of private citizens to solve homicides through use of the Internet." Oh goodie.

"Recall the hypocrite": Boulder residents are already getting irked at Mary Keenan.

And her team won only a four-year deferred sentence for a CU student accused of raping an intoxicated 16-year-old girl - and criticism from the judge.

TV ALERT: City Confidential, "Socialite and the Politician", A&E, 4 PM MST, The tale of a murder that rocked a ritzy Florida town. Supermodel Athalia Ponsell-Lindsley, the mayor's wife, was murdered and nearly decapitated with a machete in 1974. A politician who despised Athalia was tried and acquitted, and police never looked for another suspect.

TV ALERT: Liar, Liar -Between Father and Daughter, Lifetime, 5 PM CST, 6 PM EST/PST, 7 PM MST, the true story of a celebrated case in Canada in which a father is accused of molesting his young daughter, who they are not quite sure if she is telling the whole story.


7:00 AM MST, Sun. 2/18/01 (day #1516 week #216 month #49 year #4)
1. Infamous issue of the Globe

Good Morning!

(Gee, and we thought it was awful) The Daily Camera won a first place in another competition for their Ramsey grand jury coverage - this one is from the Colorado Press Association.

Such a deal - the January '97 "banned-in-Boulder" issue of the Globe featuring "autopsy" photos (were actually "coroner's" photos but...) is up for auction on Ebay, only $4.99...

The Times-Call Unsolved murders series looks at 30 homicides in Weld County, Colorado.

Ain't he sweet?: New York Times (New York Times?!?!?) profile of the O.J. adoration phenomenon. Perp huggers are everywhere.

TV ALERT: Menendez-A Killing in Beverly Hills (miniseries). Lifetime, 3 PM CST, 4 PM EST/PST, 5 PM MST, true story of Beverly Hills teenagers, Lyle and Eric Menendez, grizzly murder of their parents.


6:58 AM MST, Mon. 2/19/01 (day #1517 week #216 month #49 year #4)
1. The "other Mrs. Brady"

Good Morning!

- Welcome to the shelf, Sabrina, it's a cold, hard, lonely place... "The story of Sabrina Aisenberg will be filed on the shelf with the one about JonBenét Ramsey."

Also found on CrimeNews2000: Investigators in the Zantop murders are trying to avoid mistakes made in other big cases and specifically cite the JonBenét Ramsey case.

No 911 call, no body, no arrest but prime suspect and a case that smells like "a Ramsey" in today's installment of the Daily Times Call "Unsolved" series.

UPCOMING: Tomorrow, Tuesday 2/20 - Darnay Hoffman and Lin Wood square off on the Today Show (NBC, check local listings), Burden of Proof (CNN, 10:30 AM MST) and CourtTV (program and times to be determined).

TV ALERT: Forensic Files, "Trail of Truth - The Nancy Newman Case", Court TV, 6:30 PM CST, 7:30 PM EST/PST, 8:30 PM MST, One morning in Anchorage, Alaska in 1987, a mother and her two daughters were found brutally murdered and sexually violated. Despite the fact that the crime scene had no shortage of evidence - fingerprints, bodily fluids and blood - investigators could not find a conclusive link to their prime suspect. In order to establish not only that the perpetrator was in the home, but that he was there when the crime was committed, a FBI analyst designed an unique experiment relying on pubic hair.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "DNA on Trial", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, midnight MST, the future of DNA testing as experts and former inmates present the pros and cons of this investigative tool. Personal accounts from men whose sentences have been overturned after years behind bars show the dramatic effects of DNA evidence.


5:50 AM MST, Tue. 2/20/01 (day #1518 week #216 month #49 year #4)
1. People who live in glass houses...

Good Morning!

Darnay Hoffman and Rammer mouthpiece Lin Wood square off over the Chris Wolf lawsuit on live TV today...

TV ALERT: The Today Show, NBC, 35 minutes into the program, hear Lin Wood call Chris Wolf "a former male stripper" and "arrested for indecent exposure"...rebroadcast later on MSNBC (check local listings)

TV ALERT: Burden of Proof, CNN, 10:30 AM MST (let us pray that Greta is on vacation) and...

TV ALERT: Catherine Crier Live, CourtTV, 4 PM CST, 5 PM EST/PST, 6 PM MST, count on Catherine to ask the tough questions!

Why hasn't Boulder Mayor Will Toor solved the JonBenét murder? For that matter, Susannah Chase's slaying as well? Tongue-in-cheek retort in today's Camera letters section (scroll down to "Will Toor").

Another boring, Weld County installment in the Times-Call unsolved murder series today, skip it.


6:00 AM MST, Wed. 2/21/01 (day #1519 week #216 month #49 year #4)
1. Enter stage left...

Good Morning!

In an attempt to inspire a renewed hate-crime investigation into his daughter's murder, John Ramsey either scuffled or wrestled with a tall, black man in Che' Ramzee yesterday...Just as we were all tsk-tsking over the lack of media attention and how it must be driving them nutz...

Enter Wits: " the burglar, never showed a weapon, but he decided that "I'd better just let him have his way." "Had I had my wits about me, I'd have said ... I'm outta here,"...from the UPI.

Enter Violence: "He jumped me and we scuffled for what seemed like a long time"...This is the AP version y0u can find in most of today's papers.

Enter Lisa Levitt Ryckman: The SCUFFLE is spun into John "dukes it out" with intruder, "exchanged punches with the man". And the bushy haired stranger entered by "breaking down a basement door". This article should come complete with sound effects. Ala Mighty Mouse. Enter the cord: "tying the door". Enter SketchMan! "a composite drawing will be made". "Patsy was very upset. She was beside herself," - hey, I saw her, she was more upset than she was at JonBenét's funeral.

Enter Paula Woodward: Dumb crook took his wife's "Kmart jewelry"...More breathless ramblings in the wrong tense..."It's a horrible invasion of your privacy and your feeling of safety. We certainly went through that with JonBenét. It certainly has resurfaced. Our house here is we think ultra-secure. Again he was able to bash down a door and just come in" - from today's Boulder Daily Camera.

Enter the 15 minute long struggle: "...grabbed Mr. Ramsey by the throat," Jackson said. "They wrestled for some time"...John was quoted as saying the scuffle lasted 15 minutes! From CNN, but with stale pictures (bummer).

Enter Bondage: "...and was tied-up..." and more like that, with complete interview transcript, video, ooh la la, from Ram-hugging KUSA Denver TV 9.

Enter Garroting: "...and choked him" - Very nice, long, detailed report from the Journal-Constitution with pictures of the Patster and her REACTIONS. (Give that kid a pill, nice work.) I have just one question - what the heck is a 'personal life coach'? Sounds Hillary-esque.

Enter Tabloid-Sensationalism: "he feared for his life" and more from the tre smarmy New York Post...

Enter Religion: Help me I've been spun and I can't shut up - More from the broadcast media...early reports indicated that Patsy was "out to lunch with a friend" the time Lin Wood was reached for comment it became "at bible study class". Ah huh.

Enter the Stoopid Burglar: "no, they don't have the money. That's another misconception that continues to exist about the Ramseys. They're not wealthy. The money that John Ramsey had worked hard to accumulate is gone." (Lin Wood, about three hours before the burglary, on national TV, in response to Katie Couric's question on the Today Show).

Enter Security-Complacency (and CONFLICTING STATEMENTS): Denver Post's Marilyn Robinson, a long-time case reporter, cuts to the chase..."The Ramseys' security alarm was not on at the time of the break-in"....John Ramsey says "it does happen. To us, it happened twice." Only TWICE? No, no, no, Johnny, you are forgetting the SCRIPT! Get your facts right man!

Enter Small Foreign Factions: Also from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Neighborhood watch member says "she was unaware of any other recent burglaries in the area. Police echoed that comment this afternoon." ...Atlanta police were being assisted by an FBI crime scene technician." FBI???!!!??? Wait a can't trust dem dose dudes!

Enter Karma: "It just seems that back luck finds its way into this family" mumbled Lin Wood sorrowfully.

Enter the Boudoir: "Police also said an upstairs bedroom was ransacked", from ABC News.

Enter "No, I'm not making this up": O.J.' Simpson's girlfriend's house was also burglarized yesterday. Bet ya dint no dat dough.

Enter Sick Puppy: Charlevoix, Michigan area man sentenced in attempted murder using ether, duct tape and strangulation.