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6:16 AM MST, Fri. 2/1/02 (day #1864 week #268 month #61 year #5
1. Nip and tuck...

Good Morning!

This is why when a case is dead, it's really dead. Bureaucrat declares Columbine OVER despite lies, ineptitude. If the Columbine victims can't get Fed's interest forget JonBenét's chances.

Dang liberal defense attorneys! Listen to the dribble in the case of Boulder's latest child-murder.

Colorado's version of the Amber Alert Plan is one step closer to reality, but way too late for JonBenét.

Felony Criminal Libel: Bizzarre Colorado harrassment case, suspect is "missing".

In other news, Greta VonCistern has had some plastic surgery in preparation for her debut on FNC.

Meanwhile the relationship between CNN and Al-Jazeera is toast.



Due to yet another teenager-in-crisis/mom-to-the-rescue situation, Mrs. Brady is taking Saturday off.

She will return tomorrow for a special Super Sunday edition (heh).



8:25 AM MST, Sun. 2/3/02 (day #1866 week #268 month #61 year #5
1. Closet liberal?

Good Morning!

Mary Keenan's defeated Republican opponent, Dave Sanderson (remember him?) has a guest editorial in today's Daily Camera on reforming the legal system - but it's a liberal shocker!

Down in Denver, cops busted a pit bull ring and confiscated a treadmill (NINMTU) used to exercise them.

And, if that's not enough (this is for you Bob) - cops rescued 183 pigs using the jaws of life when the tractor-trailer hauling them (likely to the slaughterhouse) overturned.

In other news, CBS will air a mini-series based on the life of psychic James Van Praagh, who speaks to the dead, but hasn't called upon JonBenét - yet.


7:20 AM MST, Mon. 2/4/02 (day #1867 week #268 month #61 year #5
1. Super Bowl!

Good Morning!

My old eyes read "Crampy" as "Cranky" in this headline, Ramsey case "Dream Team" member Bob Grant (he of the bedroom eyes and spousal abuse) whines that his office is too small.

Another case character, Dr. Bob McFarland (he of the grand-jury-tampering allegation) is still being a character. Can you say "priorites-straight"?

A case-place, DIA, is back in the news again, and it ain't flattering. Dang I hate DIA! As Patsy would say, "Don't go there, pal!".

The Dead-Cat-Alibi: O.J. has resurrected the "Columbian Drug Lord" excuse to 'spain away his girlfriend's dead cat...and the National Enquire lapped it up with a big spoon. Go figure.

TV ALERT: Greta debuts on FOX tonight, can't find out the time though, the FNC web site has no mention of her. Maybe because she's still in bandages from the plastic surgery? UPDATE: Okay, it's 10 PM EST, found it here in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, no mention that she is a Scientologist though.


6:37 AM MST, Tue. 2/5/02 (day #1868 week #268 month #61 year #5
1. "well-dressed" man

Good Morning!

Boulder and Sicko's - Perfect together: Scroll past the missing snowboarders and senior citizen fraud, and you got not one but two child molesters and a domestic in the Camera's Police column.

All walks of life: Meanwhile, down in Denver the October '01 case of sex assault in the 6th grade, at knifepoint, in class, in full view of a teacher, four boys terrorizing one little girl, NINMTU.

Busted! But it took 21 years to find the psycho who slashed a young woman to death in Adams County in 1981. Kudos to Illinois for fingerprinting the guy they nabbed on a mere expired driver's license rap. With comments from our third-favorite DA Bob Grant (see also yesterday's issue below).

Colorado may extend mandatory DNA testing to all felons, even juveniles who committed crimes equating to adult level felonies, increasing the database to over 18,000 individuals.


7:27 AM MST, Wed. 2/6/02 (day #1869 week #268 month #61 year #5
1. I'd be "missing" too...

Good Morning!

Blagg is a creep! Father of missing child, husband of missing mother is an official criminal - read all about it in the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, KMGH Denver TV 7, KUSA Denver TV 9 (with perp hugging by Paula Woodward) and the Associated Press.

Oh Goodie: A Boulder child molester is out on bail - May he get struck and killed by a run-away soy-yogurt cart and yak.

The school district SPIN on the little girl who was assaulted at knifepoint during a class and confirmation that parents are just finding out now about the incident which occurred three months ago.

He's Da MAN: Dan Caplis has volunteered to do the Legislative investigation into the Columbine vortex - pro bono. Bleeding heart liberals skeptical due to heavy media influence.

Bleeding Heart Liberal of the Day: Boulder Weekly columnist, late of Colorado Daily and brief stint at the Rocky, Pamela White, thinks smothered baby/drunk parents deserve pity not prison.

In other news, cows are disappearing in Colorado - UFO's? Small Foreign Factions?


6:30 AM MST, Thurs. 2/7/02 (day #1869 week #269 month #61 year #5
1. All dogs go to heaven

Good Morning!

The Blagg case is getting almost (but not quite, yet) as bizzare as the Rammer mess - Michael Blagg attempted suicide yesterday and escaped death only because two detectives (serendipity) showed up at his townhouse to question him on the theft case (see yesterday's issue below). NINMTU.

JonBenét Sighting: The van Dam case in California is getting lots of exposure, and unfortunately for her parents, comparisons are already being made to the Ramseys. This one is from the other side of the earth, Australia.

JonBenét Sighting Too: Snatched from her bed by an 'inturder' in the middle of the night, Danielle van Dam hasn't turned up garroted or otherwise, but Reuters draws a parallel anyway.

TWO MONTHS LATER, they are still chawin' the fat in Boulder over just WHAT TO DO with that sticky, nasty, potentially-explosive gang rape case. Contrast that with the quick and excellent work on the Asian Crips gang rape of August '00 (or was it '99?) talks, and if it has a CU angle it's a sure bet to get swept under the rug...Added oddness - - Denver Mayor's grandson was one of the recruit/attendees at the scene of the crime. Power and influence.

Ala Pasta Jay: Meanwhile, baseball bats are STILL the weapon of choice in Boulder-land. Amazing!

Damn Straight: The Rocky Mountain News has an editorial today condemning the behavior of the Denver School District administration's handling of the sex-assault at knife-point case. Ironically, the Denver Post and KMGH are both reporting that ANOTHER, unrelated assault has occured...

Cold Case: Sarah Skiba is still missing, $35,000 reward offered at three-year anniversary.


6:50 AM MST, Fri. 2/8/02 (day #1870 week #269 month #61 year #5
1. ex-Rammer-nanny

Good Morning!

Whip it out: Flasher captured near elementary school in Broomfield, may be a "serial" situation.

It's a RAID!: Taxidermist shop invaded by SWAT team.

Blagg left a suicide note. Cops mum on contents.

More sexual hijinks in Denver Schools, teacher was a "suspect" since 1995.

And El Dildo Bandito gains some support.


6:22 AM MST, Sat. 2/9/02 (day #1871 week #269 month #61 year #5
1. Aliens?

Good Morning!

Pedophile who struck in Boulder over Christmas 1996 is (finally) arrested.

Rocky Mountain News catches up on the latest sex-scandal to hit Denver schools - teacher arrested for sex assault is bailed out - then rearrested the same afternoon after more charges surface.

That's all for now, I have a nasty cold and need to go back to bed.


4:57 AM MST, Sun. 2/10/02 (day #1872 week #269 month #61 year #5
1. are you being "served"?

Good Morning!

Missed one: December 26 '01 Denver Post anniversary story has sidebar listing significant events in the case and includes my visitor count so far, very flattering.

The National Enquirier has published a flashy coffee table book of photos including JonBenét.

Blagg case compared to another case of missing woman and mum husband. And what was he doing with a paper shredder?

Leaving a trail of evidence, Greeley stepfather records, on tape, his "lessons" to step-daughter. Sick, and stupid.

Can't trust anyone, Fort Morgan, Colorado cop offers to ignore DUI in exchange for sex.


7:00 AM MST, Mon. 2/11/02 (day #1873 week #269 month #61 year #5
1. why I hate dogs

Good Morning! Sorry I'm so late, have the "crud" as Wanda (Panico) Cartwright called it. Good news is that you can't catch it from just reading this page. Bad news is that it makes me fuzzy and cranky.

I haven't been visiting the forums lately, just got sick of all the trivial chit, but I found a goodie on Cybersleuths this morning, another "mystery woman" has emerged - and claims to have authored the ransom note (transcription by Candy, scroll down to first posting to read).

There's another pedophile on the loose! Molested not one, not two, but three of his GREAT grandchildren, and armed with a gun. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my.

The Supreme Court will be reviewing Colorado's death penalty sentencing by panel of judges, could overturn three now sitting on death row.

Also in El Paso County, the court house is a mess! I get visions of Loose Smit standing in line then getting frisked. Imagine that scenario at the Boulder County Justice Center.

COMPLETELY off topic, but as a former, reformed, dog-owner/guardian I found this column by a vet on why dogs eat poop to be enlightening and further refined my resolve to NEVER waiver again...



Due to some "real life" commitments, Mrs. Brady is taking Tuesday off.
She will return tomorrow, Wednesday February 13th


5:52 AM MST, Wed. 2/13/02 (day #1875 week #269 month #61 year #5
1. No charges

Good Morning!

The two smarmy process servers, who goofed up royally in the un-service of Steve Thomas in the matter related to the ransomed-ransom note, will walk. Scroll down halfway to "No charges filed" on this page. So ends another lurid chapter.

Evil Twin: Michael Blagg, he of the missing wife and missing daughter, he of the office equipment theft, he of the attempted suicide, is "saddened" by his actions - meanwhile it looks like his mother-in-law has grown some healthy skepticism.

Confession is good for the soul: The latest sex scandal to rock Denver Schools is wrapping up with a confession from the molesting teacher.

Hug me, I'm Mentally Ill: Good. Boulder judge Judge declines to lower bond refuses to lower bail for a man held on charges that he stalked the same woman for 20 years, with additional charges and side soap operas too. Mental illness is no excuse.

Another excuse - powers-that-be in Boulder are waiting until they can "package" all the DNA samples they've collected in the December gang rape case together for one easy shipment for testing. Oh.


6:29 AM MST, Thurs. 2/14/02 (day #1876 week #270 month #61 year #5
1. Sell This

Good Morning! Late because I was watching Paula Zahn. 'nuf said.

JonBenét and Valentines tribute here's a passle of tacky poems and tributes. Diabetics warning! Proceed with extreme caution!...

Whoo Knuu? Carol Anne and Giovanni are at it again, complete with morbid music...

Please forgive us JonBenét - poem points finger...

Git out yer tiny violins (gag alert!).

People are strange: Radio show called JonBenét's Crackhouse. NINMTU.

Get a life: "Isn't this precious, these little angels?" Oh, puhleeze...

Dark Side: Retrospective of Madkowz Valentines Tribute

McGuckin's Hardware, of the rope and the tape, gets into the cupid act today.

And here's a complete google search if you are a glutton for punishment. (Or, if you don't expect to receive any valentines yourself today, you can live vicariously through others who deify the dead kid.)

As for me, I have fond memories of the time I posited on a long-dead forum whether the infamous 6-year-old was culpable in her own demise. Happy Valentines!


7:44 AM MST, Fri. 2/15/02 (day #1877 week #270 month #61 year #5
1. chalk it up to 'S.A.D.D.'

Good Morning!

Late because I was reading WestWord...nothing relevant to our case beyond a Paula Woodward sighting, but I look forward to it every week just the same.

Drug-Free School-Zone, Boulder-Style: BVSD substitute teacher busted for traffiking meth. NINMTU.

And here is a classic example of the "Citizens Republic of Boulder" in action. Juxtapose that with the above. No wonder I'm late. It makes my head hurt.

South of the Boulder, Denver is still FUBARed beyond recognition: father of quintuplets turns out to be a child molester complete with churchy enablers; man strangled by his beloved snake, complete with weird audio file of the 911 call, they couldn't find a knife(?!); and, speaking of animals, the feebies are wondering why the Denver zoo permitted a male bear to kill his female bear, rare. (It's no wonder I don't get anything done).

After that diatribe, here's something quasi-related, or should I say "queasy"...Jeffco DA Dave Thomas wants to bring his style of justice to the whole of the U S of A. NINMTU, he's going to run for Congress. Seriously. Have nice day anyway.


7:30 AM MST, Sat. 2/16/02 (day #1878 week #270 month #61 year #5
1. Fear and Dread

Good Morning!

What we most dreaded and feared has happened. And sadly, this development has only been revealed because of inquiries (read: threats) from the detested media.

Lin Wood confirms that Patsy has cancer again. Although reports are unclear, citing privacy concerns, implication that it's ovarian, detected via liver biopsy, cannot be correct.

Times like this, just like when Nedra passed away, make me question my own culpability and contribution to the feeding frenzy. Must shake it off and soldier on, right? On the other hand, I'm rather proud of myself that I've avoided this whole smarmy Van Dam case in San Diego. I suppose I am naive (what a great excuse).


7:55 AM MST, Sun. 2/17/02 (day #1879 week #270 month #61 year #5
1. Vidcap from PMPT

Good Morning!

Husband, father, bread-winner-NOT: Michael Blagg has been fired from his job. Wife and daughter missing. Accused of theft. Attempted suicide. What's next, aliens?

Another bizarre and deadly "domestic violence" incident in Boulder County leaves one teenager dead and two others seriously wounded. Chalk it up to cabin fever.

Better late than never, DPS apologizes to victim of sex-assault at knife-point. Promises to develop policy for dealing with victims.

Shades of Boots, Sketchman and Stun-gun-Man, Robert Blake says he has found the "real killer" of his wife Bonnie. Note to JR and OJ: maybe you can pin your murders on this dude as well.

I bet Barry Scheck couldn't be reached for a comment also: Inmate who ordered DNA tests to clear him of rape is instead implicated in a second one as well. Shish boom.

Today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution ponders why mothers kill their children by reflecting on a local case that mirrors the Andrea Yates' murder of her five kids.

Feeling Guilty: Wonderful guest editorial in today's Boulder Daily Camera sums up the conflicted emotions following 911 and notes that "chaos should be regarded as very good news".


7:10 AM MST, Mon. 2/18/02 (day #1880 week #270 month #61 year #5
1. Recycling, Bolder-style

Good Morning!

Typical Monday, no news worth even reading, compounded by the Presidents Day holiday, but we have one JonBenét sighting in an article premised on "all is not well in America's child protection system". Duh.

Slightly different, enhanced version of the AP's Patsy-cancer (see Saturday's issue below) is running on KMGH Denver TV 7.

Get a dog: Controversial Mayor of Greentown, Colorado, a former stripper, has been attacked and vows to get a "big dog". The mind boggles.

Another Mayor, another "Green" Colorado: The wife of Greenwood Village, Colorado mayor busted for marijuana possession.

Yet another Denver-area eductional institution sex scandal erupts after man caught using his subsidized computer to collect child pornography. Homeschooling is starting to look very good to me.

8:10 AM MST, Tue. 2/19/02 (day #1881 week #270 month #61 year #5
1. Softball

Good Morning!

UnNews: Colorado Governor Bill Owens is running for re-election. Bad news for the Ramseys.

Van Damned: The San Diego Union-Tribune wrings it's hands over the to be or not to be seamy sideshow developing over the latest little missing girl case.

Shades of the good old days when the Daily Camera just did not know what to make of us kooks hanging out in their forums, here's the disconcerting proof - the Union-Tribune bulletin boards are full of the outraged and professional apologists.

Poor Boston!: Lest you forget that not one, but two of the four jet-bombs of 911 were their fault, I find it ironically comforting that an airline deposited a real live terrorist in their laps - but now they're whining over the COSTS of incarcerating him.

Stuff like this makes me late: Utah has sent a truckload of jello to a Denver Post columnist who wrote a satirical column about the state. NINMTU.

7:06 AM MST, Wed. 2/20/02 (day #1882 week #270 month #61 year #5
1. Official Sick Puppy t-shirt

Good Morning!

We're havin' a heat wave...Denver metro flashers get more agressive, incidents now categorized as serial in nature, 19 unsolved cases of hanging 'em out to dry.

Maybe they should check this sick puppy out - another Boulder County man busted for child molestation. I wonder why it took from sometime in January until February 18th to arrest him? (Scroll down to last item on page).

Thinking outside of the box, at last, the Van Dam case investigators are, finally, taking a look at other unsolved missing child cases.

Press Credentials: It finally happened. A group of thugs invaded the Colorado capitol by pretending to be members of the media.


6:48 AM MST, Thur. 2/21/02 (day #1884 week #271 month #61 year #5
1. Mayor, with cleavage

Good Morning!

Two sliding closet doors were removed from the home of missing Danielle Van Dam yesterday...18 days after she disappeared...and four people have continued to live in the house all that time. Go figure.

Another "Ramsey": Cannibal/child molester on trial for sex-assault in Montana.

Hope it includes mandatory sterilization: (Blast from the past) Infamous Colorado murdering mommy, freed by reason of insanity, Bethe Feltman is out on parole.

Rocky Mountain News' Gene Amole comments on Greta and her plastic surgery (yeah, I miss Roger too).

One flasher down, three (or more) to go: Denver cops busted a flasher yesterday.

Hats off to KCNC (Denver TV 4, CBS affiliate) and KMGH (Denver TV 7, ABC affiliate) for their breaking, investigative news that is leaving the Post and News in the dust.

Speaking of breaking, controversial Georgetown, Colorado mayor, fomer-stripper, Koleen Brooks has launched her own website.


7:23 AM MST, Fri. 2/22/02 (day #1885 week #271 month #61 year #5
1. Sarah Rocks!

Good Morning!

By Friday of each week the news cycle has ripened to the point where finger-pointing inevitably occurs...

Finger-Point 1: Denver cops accuse school district officials of being lax in reporting sex crimes.

Finger Point 2: Defense attorney obtains gag order in the Georgia crematory case when the body count reaches 300.

Finger Point 3: Carolyn Condit (ninmtu) sues the National Enquirer for $10 Million...

Finger Point 4: If in doubt, blame it on Mexico - seems to be the Californian mantra. The search for Danielle Van Dam is expanded to include Tiajuana.


7:38 AM MST, Sat. 2/23/02 (day #1886 week #271 month #61 year #5
1. "duck" tape in the news

Good Morning!

Cable modem is being twinky this morning so I'm slogging along at 48.8 Kbs, very depressing...

KMGH Denver TV 7 has gone further with the Denver schools sex-assault reporting fiasco, beyond fingerpointing, this is ranking right up there with pedophile priests.

Also in down in Denver, another kidnapping and duct tape case (hello, sick puppy).

Closer to home, the Longmont Daily Times-Call became part of it's own news yesterday when they had to call 911 to have an employee forcibly removed, and cops had to subdue the dude with a taser. Unreal.

But the big news, in case you were under a rock yesterday and missed it, is that San Diego cops have finally arrested David Westerfield in connection with the Danielle Van Dam disappearance. Packages of note...

KGTV San Diego channel 10

San Diego Union Tribune

No such thing as a coincidence?, two men from San Diego and Poway have been charged in a child porn/molestation sting. Related to the Van Dam case? We'll have to wait and see.





6:13 AM MST, Sun. 2/24/02 (day #1887 week #271 month #61 year #5
1. Conservative Misses not welcome?

Good Morning!

Adams County has not one, not two but count'em three murder trials starting tomorrow morning. With quotes from the DA with the baby-blue-eyes, Bob Grant.

Classic Chuck Green: Oh woe to any person or group who draws his attention. Today he takes on the slothful Denver Public Schools administration and their total lack of responsiveness or compassion in the latest spate of sex assaults on school grounds.

Updates overnight in the Danielle Van Dam case...

Associated Press on the search and searchers yesterday.

Slightly more spectacular (and speculative) report from the UPI.

Su'em: Classic Australian perversion of the facts (remember what they did to the Ramsey case?). Funny to read after the bland wire services stories above.


6:27 AM MST, Mon. 2/25/02 (day #1888 week #271 month #61 year #5
1. Condit and Chung

Good Morning!

The first official action that does not bode well for the fate of Danielle Van Dam, David Westerfield, arrested on Friday, will be charged with her murder.

Other weird confluences of the Ramsey and Van Dam cases, locally a man was stunned by a taser and robbed, and a woman was kidnapped and held for ransom.

We knew this but (and it's ironic when Parents Magazine lists Boulder as a great place to raise kids) but Colorado officially is one of the child-abuse capitals of the nation.

Today is the day for the fate of fingerprint evidence, forensics and expert witnesses in jeopardy.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MST, tonight's guest is Gary Condit. Wonder if Connie Chung is secretly writing out questions for Larry to ask?


7:30 AM MST, Tue. 2/26/02 (day #1889 week #271 month #62 year #5
1. Wecht in the news

Good Morning!

If you haven't seen it yet, the cover of the current National Enquirer is a must see - the catalyst for the Patsy/cancer admission last week.

JonBenét on your resume?: Patster's nemesis Cyril Wecht back in the news on a new case.

Clean Up: Denver Public schools officials are compiling a sex assault list to give to the Denver Police - meanwhile this mess may be clarified by a proposed new law.

Transcript of the Gary Condit interview on Larry King Live last night is very revealing ("I mean"), and the New York Post says he's about to be supoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury investigating Chandra's disappearance.

Van Dam updates overnight...

Afternoon update from the San Diego Union-Tribune which broke the murder-charges angle in yesterday's edition

The blood was key to murder charge decision, in today's New York Times

Story, video clips and poll from KGTV San Diego channel 10

Short article from the UPI wire service

Longer one from the Associated Press

Interview with America's Most Wanted's John Walsh on CNN yesterday morning

CNN transcript of the San Diego DA's press conference announcing the murder charge yesterday


6:09 AM MST, Wed. 2/27/02 (day #1890 week #271 month #62 year #5
1. creative use of duct tape

Good Morning!

Sick Puppy on Rampage!: Two little girls were snatched off the street while on their way home from school and sexually assaulted yesterday. Released unharmed in two different locations in Denver. Perp description similar/match to two earlier exposure incidents.

Similar MO's: Murder of former Boulderite involved duct tape, stun gun and torture, now in trial.

Did the former-stripper turned mayor of Georgetown, Colorado fabricate a "bushy haired stranger"? Looks like it....

How drunk is drunk, when is a plea bargain not a bargain, how special is a special prosecutor? Mary "stinky fish" Keenan's daughter gets deal in overt DUI case, and scroll down for a Boulder Daily Camera reporter who was also busted on DUI.


6:11 AM MST, Thurs. 2/28/02 (day #1891 week #272 month #62 year #5
1. Rest in peace

This is one of those days when I hope you're not hearing this here first.

Volunteer searchers find a body in Dehesa

DA: Danielle's Body Believed Found

There will be no searches till further notice

Police think girl was abducted for attack, documents indicate

Friends remember outgoing little girl

Answering the Call - Ragtag team joins in mission to locate girl