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January 1, 1999


7:37 AM, MST, Friday 1/1/99 (day #737)
Day #124 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 175

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

The Denver Post's Colorado Year in review includes quips on Roamin' Roy Romer and the Never-ending story of the quest for justice for JonBenét.

Boulderites "regaining dignity" by "moving on" to other subjects, ranking the Ramsey case as a mere #3 on their list of top stories for 1998.

If they were called Prairie RATS...The readers of the Boulder Daily Camera selected the prairie dog poisonings/relocations as one of the biggest stories for the year 1998, diminishing the Ramsey case and other human murders.

The only Ramsey case story in the tabloids this coming week, the Globe's January 12th issue is now transcribed and in the Joshua-7 archives.

Wire service pick-up of the Charlie Brennan interview with Hal Haddon whines that the Ramsey's are still waiting for their Grand Jury "invitation".

BPD now suspects that there is a serial rapist on the loose in Boulder, a repeat of the two Tantra Lake rapes on Wednesday night, finally being reported in Friday's Camera, let's see how long Boulderites can ignore this...

And, just in case you didn't believe it, KUSA Denver TV 9 (home of Paula Woodward) confirms that Tom Koby is gone...really gone.

RADIO ALERT: WROW, Albany, midnight to 2 AM, EST, "JonBenet and the Internet Subculture", you can participate by calling in to 1-800-WROW 590, listen live via Real Audio with G2 at the WROW web site, and java chat with Lisa Flowers will run simultaneously.


January 2, 1999


7:41 AM, MST, Saturday 1/2/99 (day #738)
Day #125 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 174

Good Morning!

The Longmont Daily Times Call bids farewell to Tom Koby , with comments from co-workers and besieged Alex Hunter.

KWGN Denver TV 2 confirms with this wire story that Koby is really gone , do you sense the delight of the media?

Retrospective: this January 1997 profile of Koby from the Houston Chronicle in his glory days, before he was sucked into the vortex and became the most prominent victim of the Ramsey bus...

More on the serial rapist skulking around Boulder, with error of no mention of the third assault at Tantra Lakes.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "Women in Prison", A&E, 3 PM, EST, revealing probe into a disturbing new phenomenon--the growing number of women in American jails.


January 3, 1999


7:19 AM, MST, Sunday 1/3/99 (day #739)
Day #126 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 173

Good Morning!

The big news today is that there is no news. The Daily Camera offers a preview of the Grand Jury week to come but it's another bad link, while they work on it you can salivate over the summary here.

Terror in Boulder? Not likely. But a serial rapist declared on the loose this time of year is sure to make them cautious.

More on the rapist murderer, a former cop, who moved his crime spree from Florida to Colorado and Nevada. The dates of his attacks span the time of the Ramsey murder.

Hoping for more news as investigative journalists return from their holiday hiatus...


January 4, 1999


6:17 AM, MST, Monday 1/4/99 (day #740)
Day #127 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 172

Good Morning!

News? or a misquote?: According to KMGH Denver TV 7 (ABC) Governor Elect Bill Owens expects results from the Ramsey Grand Jury, if not he will appoint a Special Prosecutor.

Need your Zzzzzzz's? Auntie BJ has converted key sections of the two most recent "JonBenét and the Internet Sub-Culture" shows on WROW-Albany to Real Audio format, including the famous "Wilton under the bus" segment.

An interview with KHOW's Peter Boyles on his reflections on the first two years of the JonBenét murder investigation (tip compliments of Jean).

The Globe's web site has been updated to depict their January 12th issue cover and summary of the article "JonBenét's Mom: New Cancer Crisis!", the full article is available in the archives.

No more Tom to kick around - the Denver Post joins the pack today in rejoicing over the final departure of Tom Koby. I miss him already (sniff).

Archived Colfax antics - this ancient wire service story on the infamous Clarksburg Project, see "Beats a pen pal, I guess" the second story from the top of this page (tip compliments of Magenta).

Do you wig out over bad links? I do. I get the shakes and sometimes the sweats. Like yesterday's bad link on a Grand Jury preview article in the Daily Camera, which still isn't fixed. So pitch in, and email Dan Berko, the Online Content Editor to let him know you'd like to read this gem.

TV ALERT: Dateline, NBC, 10 PM, EST, JonBenét Ramsey segment (tip compliments of Israel)

CHAT ALERT:Tomorrow, Tuesday, 1/5, 10 PM, EST, live, moderated chat on the two year anniversary of the Ramsey case, The Mining Company, java-enabled browsers enter enter here.


January 5, 1999


6:05 AM, MST, Tuesday 1/5/99 (day #741)
Day #128 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 171

Good Morning!

(Ramsey apologists! Put this in your toilet and flush it) The unabashedly and overtly sympathetic Rocky Mountain News has named Mrs. Brady's URLs as one of it's annual "100 Great Colorado Web Sites" - the only JonBenét site on the list! (tip compliments of Sally Denver).

Governor-Elect Bill Owen's spokesman stands by his comment that a special prosecutor is being considered, but received a tongue-lashing from "beleaguered Alex Hunter".

Mervin is not in Florida, Linda and Mervin are not divorced, Owens is not threatening a Special Prosecutor - Whew! Got that? Rumors debunked in today's dose of Ramsey news from Charlie Brennan.

The source of the Owens "misquote" is Sunday's Daily Camera article on the resumption of the Ramsey Grand Jury, now readable after 48 hours as a bad link.

The Owens story has also been picked up by KWGN Denver TV 2.

Repeat of the Owens intervention rumor in this Grand Jury reconvening article running on the Yahoo's States News Wire Colorado section.

To drive the point home, (or ensure that the Ramseys see it?) the same story with a more direct thrust is running on this morning's state of Georgia wire.

A transcript of last night's Dateline NBC opening segment on the Ramsey case is up on the MSNBC site, complete with interview quotes from Schiller, McCrary and the Poz. Very dismal prognostications, read only if you're in an optimistic mind-set.

A rather dry rehash of the past four months as an announcement of the Grand Jury hearing resumption in today's Denver Post.

Frank Coffman's annotated Ramsey Basement layout can now be seen on Ruthee's web page, exact locations of various items are pinpointed.

JonBenét as icon I: Described as "a child so done up she looks like she belongs in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum" in this review of the book "Bitch" (tip compliments of Alien Watcher).

JonBenét as icon II: Used as an example of the "tween" look of "PINS", speaking in tongues? Nah, another article on the precocious maturity of America's children in yesterday's Washington Post.

Boulder Police are trying to calm residents through a community meetings on the serial rapist striking in South Boulder. DNA has been sent to the CBI.

It's too late for JonBenét, but maybe not for this 6-year-old girl - an emergency prayer request.

CHAT ALERT: The Mining Company Crime Guide, tonight, 10 PM, EST, live, moderated chat on the two year anniversary of the Ramsey case, java-enabled browsers enter here.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The Sinatra Kidnapping", A&E, 9 PM, EST, the spectacular 1963 kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr. The kidnappers received $240,000 in ransom money from Frank Sr., but they all eventually landed in jail.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Camera Clues", Discovery Channel, 9 PM, EST, police often overlook clues at a crime scene but forensic photographers create a permanent record that can be used years later to find to truth and prosecute the guilty.


January 6, 1999


6:40 AM, MST, Wednesday 1/6/99 (day #742)
Day #129 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 170

Good Morning!

The Brits love JonBenét! Quaint anniversary update from The Independent, U.K., with lots of hyperbole and misspellings.

Hybrid of past articles, including Charlie Brennan's on Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, on the Grand Jury proceedings in Boulder yesterday.

Short wire story announces that Linda and Mervin are expected to testify before the Grand Jury this month. Bet that drives the Ramseys nutz.

The official word, City of Boulder press release on the serial rapist, promises a composite sketch on the BPD web site but I can't find it...

Report on the Boulder serial rapist from KMGH Denver TV 7.

Has the BPD turned over a new leaf? Accolades and inevitable criticism at the community meeting to discuss the South Boulder serial rapist. Note that the perp sketch is also missing from this page on the Daily Camera.

Maybe not: The BPD SWAT team goofed up a raid on a Boulder residence threatening the lives of neighbors with wild gunshots. Here we go again...

And a wild titter ran through the crowd - after trapping them in an elevator, a Boulder man faces sexual assault on a child charges for fondling two teenagers, see story at the bottom of this page, and he'll probably get work release right?

TV ALERT:Inside Edition, syndicated, check listings, segment on the Fahey/Capano Case, another "rich justice" situation, will make a great movie some day (tip compliments of allipat).


January 7, 1999


5:55 AM, MST, Thursday 1/7/99 (day #743)
Day #130 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 169

Good Morning!

Hat in hand, the BOCO-DA has requested an additional $79,723 to cover Ramsey case expenses. (Odd amount?) Loads of trivia and speculation fodder in this article from today's Daily Camera.

Similar article, with fewer details, from Kevin McCullen of the Rocky Mountain News, but it did not make it into today's online edition.

Oh boy - it's another Poll - but this time not on the murder, but on JonBenét's pageant costumes. Too provocative? Would you let your daughter parade around like that?

Chill out: More on the squabbling between Alex Hunter and Owens' spokesman Wadhams over the Special Prosecutor issue from yesterday's Denver Post.

The Boulder Planet Week in Review column also addresses the Owens/Hunter tussle, as well as the South Boulder rapist and other Boulder-ana.

Celebrity Q&A Columnist in Spokane seems to agree that the Ramseys are getting rich justice in this response to a Colorado reader's question.

Rewrite of the Denver Post article from Tuesday to welcome back the Grand Jury has been picked up by the Associated Press.

Clint Talbot calls for radical update for the way sex offender lists are maintained and distributed in Boulder. Sorry state of affairs, wouldn't have done JonBenét any good.

He's BACK? The BPD is now considering the possibility that the current serial rapist has returned to Boulder after a four-year hiatus. (Jail term?) And his victim from June '98 calls him "pathetic".


January 8, 1999


6:07 AM, MST, Friday 1/8/99 (day #744)
Day #131 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 168

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Carol McKinley!

Today's news is dominated by the DA request for 1999 funds for the Ramsey Grand Jury. But don't plan on it ending when the money runs out.

More, but with fewer details from Charlie Brennan in today's Rocky.

Even the Associated Press took notice, times are tough.

Short wire report on the budget being carried by KWGN Denver TV2.

Preliminary comments about the $ request from yesterdays Denver Post (missed our deadline).

And, just think, we get to do these stories all over again in April...

Something to do when you're bored: Need immediate feedback? Justice Watch has added a live chat function, but the bugs are still being worked out, be patient.

The BPD plans to compare notes on the recent rash of rapes in South Boulder with other Police Departments along the Front Range.

But despite the bluster and PR spin, some in Boulder still doubt the sincerity of the BPD - THIS IS A MUST READ... "Serial Incompetents" in this week's Boulder Weekly.

Also in the Weekly - letter from the second-string Colfax supporter Lisa Flowers condemns Boulders lack of a sense of humor (by beyond that I am scratching my head - what does "insouciance" mean anyway?). Scroll down to the second letter from the top.

Meanwhile, back in Michigan (home of John Ramsey, our Chris Wheeler and alma mater of Mark Beckner), a chilling tale of a serial killer who is about to be let loose on the unsuspecting community.

Just how overt and blatant can you be with your jury tampering? If you wrote a book, don't send it to the Grand Jurors! The noive of some people...

Update on the advances made to diagnose ovarian cancer early. before it reaches "stage four".


January 9, 1999


7:10 AM, MST, Saturday 1/9/99 (day #744)
Day #132 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 167

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Digerati!

Headline Gone Bad: This is how rumors start, twisted, sensational headline on the bland AP budget story.

The CBS news web site has caught up with the latest Ramsey news, and has a transcript up on the Boulder County DA's Grand Jury funding request, with streaming video from a local reporter.

Yep, it stinks - cartoon in yesterday's Denver Post depicts the 'Ramsey Case' passed from one year to the next. Notice the fumes.

The transcript of the Mining Company chat earlier this week is now up. (Excuse my babble, I was half-asleep and cranky.)

Matt Causey has created a delightful birthday page in honor of Digerati's 60th birthday, complete with links to some of her finest web parodies.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Sinatra Kidnapping", A&E, 3 PM, EST, the 1963 kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr. - maybe JonBenét's kidnapping was a publicity stunt gone wrong - didn't check their kidnappers resume?


January 10, 1999


7:30 AM, MST, Sunday 1/10/99 (day #745)
Day #133 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 166

Good Morning!

The only tabloid article this week, the Globe's "Parents fight to stop Burke telling all", in the January 19th issue is now transcribed and available on the archive.


January 11, 1999


6:25 AM, MST, Monday 1/11/99 (day #746)
Day #134 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 165

Good Morning!

Forked Tongue: Newsweek celebrates the end of Geraldo Rivera's 'JonBenét obsession' in this column on the new influences in National Media (scroll to bottom).

Also in Newsweek: Don't expect to see a JonBenét story on the new 60 Minutes II. premiering Wednesday on CBS.

The Globe has updated it's web page to reflect the January 19th issue, and a short summary of the "Burke Silenced!" story.

Featured prominently in the Globe, their response to Suzen Johnson's change of heart over her fling with Frank Gifford last year, more in today's New York Post.

What Patsy should be doing - Victim impact statements from a mother of murder victim to inmates is having measurable success.

Well, we knew it was big, really big, but did you know how truly huge the Ramsey Theory really is? (scroll down to "Googol") .

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, BPD rookies are due to hit the streets this month, a welcome relief for the swamped detective division.

TV ALERT: Montel Williams, syndicated, check local listings, Martha Moxley murder investigation (tip compliments of Susan).

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports,"Punishing the Pedophiles", A&E, 9 PM, EST, more than a million cases of child sexual abuse are reported to the police each year.


January 12, 1999


6:00 AM, MST, Tuesday 1/12/99 (day #747)
Day #135 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 164

Good Morning!

Just when you thought things couldn't be more dismal, some delicious satire on the case from the Washington Pissed 'zine...glad there will be some use for all that DNA...

Denver Post tech section article on a new software to analyze crimes, ironically the developer is from Boulder, about CourtLogic, and view the Ramsey Case example here. (Warning: you can spend hours here, best to bookmark it and return later.)

It's done! Our on-line visionary Ruthee's impressions on the case from February 1997 onwards.

Gun-totin' mamas - In response to the recent serial rapes in Boulder a community seminar on handguns for women called "Take Back the Night", scroll down to second story "Panel discussion ".

TV ALERT: Maury Povitch, syndicated, check local listings, John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted".

TV ALERT: Biography, "Geraldo Rivera", A&E, 8 PM, EST, can you stomach a whole hour on skunk-head? Shure you can!

TV ALERT: Dateline, NBC, 10 PM, EST, a mysterious murder in an Atlanta suburb leads many to mistrust the police.


January 13, 1999


6:12 AM, MST, Wednesday 1/13/99 (day #749)
Day #136 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 163

Good Morning!

Police are hobbled by probable cause restrictions, expect more unsolved crimes like the murder of JonBenét. Commentary with plenty of errors from the New York Post.

He who laughs last...Stephen Miles' brother is the creator of the Court Logic software with a Ramsey Case example (see yesterday's issue below).

A Boulder businessman has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the Boulder serial rapist. And he's not even related to the victims.

As usual, the Boulder Planet Week in Review column is full of all kinds of cool Boulder trivia, including the latest on the serial rapist.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Marriage and Murder", A&E, 9 PM, EST, three cases where husbands and wives have murdered their spouses.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Psycho Killers", Discovery Channel, 2 AM, EST, serial killers Danny Rolling, George Marquardt, and Jeffrey Dahmer.


January 14, 1999


6:12 AM, MST, Thursday 1/14/99 (day #750)
Day #137 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 162

Good Morning!

"JonBenét's Law"? You know the case is really old (or over) when it spurs corrective legislation. BOCO-DA's appeals expert Bill Nagel is behind legislation to block publication of personal information on Grand Jurors, shielding their identities in the future.

Attention John and Patsy! The parents of Colorado murder victim of multi-state serial killer David Middleton are suing the local police department for a flawed investigation.

Sorry, that's all I can find - they are doing a VERY GOOD job in Boulder in keeping this Grand Jury from leaking!


January 15, 1999


6:20 AM, MST, Friday 1/15/99 (day #751)
Day #138 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 161

Good Morning!

The Ramsey Grand Jury has again heard more on the unrelated case from the State Attorney General's office (scroll down to the second story, "Grand Jurors...") delaying our outcome again.

The National Enquirer has again requested dismissal of the Miles suit, but the Globe's Jeff Shapiro's testimony could hamper their efforts.

This week's only tabloid story, claiming that Patsy will be indicted, from the National Enquirer is transcribed and now available on the archives.

Wire story on the "JonBenét's Law" proposed to squash information on County Grand Juries.

"G. Bodley" letter to the editor calls for the arrest of the Ramsey's, scroll down to "Could you solve the Susanna (sic) Chase case next?" midway down this page.

(The excellent "Serial Incompetents" article referenced above can be read here.)

Also in Boulder Weekly, a recap of the meeting this week in Boulder to urge female residents to buy guns for protection, with comments from crusading attorney Lee Hill.

TV ALERT: Extra! with Maureen O'Boyle, syndicated, check local listings, segment on child beauty pageants with heavy emphasis on JonBenét.

TV ALERT: Inside Edition, "Michigan Murders", syndicated, check local listings, high school student charged with killing his family in cold blood.

TV ALERT: L.A. Detectives, A&E, 9 PM, EST, segments include one on a 36-year-old man who has been forcing a 12-year -old girl to have sex with him.


January 16, 1999


7:00 AM, MST, Saturday 1/16/99 (day #752)
Day #139 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 160

Good Morning!

The DNA of Boulder Bondage-Bludgeoner James Gettings will be tested for connections to both the JonBenet and Susannah Chase murders. Surly Gettings, who is now a suspect in several Utah assaults, refused to enter a plea in his Boulder attack.

Susannah's legacy may well be the capture and charges against another Boulder rapist, found when DNA tests were run to solve her murder.

Colorado legislaters ask why no bills to protect beating victims like Susannah Chase while considering hate crime laws inspired by the Matthew Shepherd murder.

Chilling story of a forensics lab gone bad that resulted in a serial killer investigation stymied (tip compliments of Joy).

RADIO ALERT: "Two Mysterious Disappearances", WROW, midnight to 4 AM, EST, cases of missing SUNY-Albany coed Suzanne Lyall and pregnant NYC resident Kristine Kupka, broadcast on Real Audio-G2 and accompanied by live chat.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "Punishing the Pedophiles", A&E 3 PM, EST, more than a million cases of child sexual abuse are reported to the police each year.


January 17, 1999


6:00 AM, MST, Sunday 1/17/99 (day #753)
Day #140 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 159

Good Morning!

The Boulder Daily Camera Executive Editor and Publisher Colleen Conant prognosticates that the murder of JonBenét will be one of the top 10 stories for 1999, and ranks it in the top ten for 1998, with reasons why.

Editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune answers the charges made by the American Society of Newspaper Editors that the news media's credibility is suffering with over-coverage of items like the murder of JonBenét.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The McKay Kidnapping", A&E, 5 PM, EST, story of the brutal 1969 kidnapping of Muriel McKay and the ransom demands of her attackers.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "John Christie of Rillington Place", A&E, 5:30 PM, EST, murderer of eight people in 1940's London.

TV ALERT: The FBI Files, "Polly Klaas: Kidnapped", The Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, Polly Klaas was kidnapped from her own slumber party and murdered, lasers helped the FBI identify and find the perpetrator. It took 200 FBI agents two months to find Richard Allen Davis, who was convicted and sentenced to death.




January 18, 1999

7:30 AM, MST, Monday 1/18/99 (day #754)
Day #141 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 158

Good Morning!

(Yeah, I overslept, but it's a holiday and there's no news anyway...)

Have a daughter around between the ages of 10 and 15? Frightening statistics on assault, murder,
kidnappings of pubescent females in the U.S. and what the NCMEC has developed to prevent them from becoming the next Christina Williams.

Article in today's Colorado Springs Gazette on the use of unnamed sources in news gathering, and
off-the-record information.

TV ALERT: Biography, "Gypsy Rose Lee: Naked Ambition", A&E, 8 PM, EST, wherever we go, whatever we do, we're going to get through it, together!

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Getting Away With Murder", A&E, 2 AM, EST, murders can and do go unsolved. Hear the stories of three individuals who some people believe may have gotten away with murder.


January 19, 1999


6:00 AM, MST, Tuesday 1/19/99 (day #755)
Day #142 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 157

Good Morning!

Charlie Brennan has hot scoop from someone who knows someone who shall remain nameless - Barbara and John Fernie have spilled the beans to the grand jury! Hope it went beyond bagels and Windex...

(The Brennan article on the Fernies is also being run in the Daily Camera.)

Wicked - Digerati is back, and more twisted than ever, with a new spoof on the case and it's surrounding divas, "THE RST WORLD TOUR".

Shucks - no more "web of influence"? The new Colorado Governor Bill Owens has announced a strict code of ethics for state public officials.

Last Chance: Today is the deadline for your entry in the West Word JonBenét Trivia Challenge, only 18 easy questions, let's all show West Word that we know our stuff!

TV ALERT: FBI Files, "Melissa Brannen: Missing", Discovery Channel, 10 PM, EST, a 5 year old girl wandered out of a Christmas Party in 1989, and has never been found.


January 20, 1999


6:10 AM, MST, Wednesday 1/20/99 (day #756)
Day #143 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 156

Good Morning!

The big news of the day can't be found on the internet - yet...Carol McKinley of the Fox News Network has reported that Fleet White has testified, twice, before the Grand Jury. Officials are sneaking witnesses into the Justice Center by putting wigs on them (making Geraldo Rivera a psychic when he flubbed and referred to Fleet as "Wig White" one evening last year).

Charlie Brennan again has scooped the rest of the pack by revealing that Ariana Pugh, daughter of
former Ramsey housekeeper Linda Hoffmann- Pugh, provided DNA samples on January 10 - of 1999.

Slightly different version of the Brennan story from today's Daily Camera truncates the Pugh information and has more on the Fernies testimony before the Grand Jury.

Short wire story on the Fernie's testimony from UPI, based on the Brennan story from the 19th.

Ruthee has added a forensic science page to her case web site focusing on the footprint evidence.

JonBenét is the subject of a new artwork seeking to depict "perfect combination of beauty and
emptiness, of seduction and repulsion, of desire and disdain", with picture.

Boulder County convicted murder/"mercy killer" David Gordon has been sentenced to life in prison, although the son of his victim says he should have gotten death.

More on Jury tampering - author of book surrenders after being charged with "attempting to influence a juror" in the Oklahoma City Bombing - got a bit too enthusiastic, beware!

Sick Puppy? Hey test THIS - Colorado prison escapee, with sexual assault and robbery history, has been recaptured - escaped in 1996 and then kidnapped a child.

Colorado Serial Killer: Hoping to solve a 20-year-old murder, officials are reopening an investigation on the chance that advances in DNA testing will pinpoint the murderer as the killer of petite blonde females.

TV ALERT: Roseanne, syndicated, check local listings, the mouth that roared kicks off her stint as guest editor of the National Enquirer with a look at tabloid headlines, Mike Walker is a guest.


January 21, 1999


6:15 AM, MST, Thursday 1/21/99 (day #757)
Day #144 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 155

Good Morning!

Another one bites the dust...The Boulder News Ramsey forum, affectionately known as "BNF" has been taken off line by Scripps. If you are going into withdrawal, another free forum using the same Web Crossing software is located here at the MysteryNet web site. Look for the Ramsey case discussion under the "True Crimes" listing. If you're not picky about software, many refugees can be found in the on-going Justice Watch forum.

More from Darnay Hoffman: As background for his TV appearance today (see TV ALERT below) here is a copy of his letter to Alex Hunter which draws parallels for the Ramsey case to the Lindbergh kidnapping/murder sent to him in 1997. Other Hoffman files on line are his May 1997 letter, November 1998 letter to Governor-Elect Owens, and his "Five Myths" editorial.

Short wire service story on the collection of DNA samples from Ariana Pugh based on Charlie Brennan's article yesterday.

Updates on the James Gettings and South Boulder serial rape cases can be found mid-way down the page of the Boulder Planet's Week in Review column.

One Boulder murderer sentenced, one (or more) to go...Longmont Daily Times Call article on the
sentencing of David Gordon to life in prison in Boulder County's first murder trial in recent memory. Note that his public defender is the same one who is representing performance artist/arsonist J.T. Colfax.

More on incestuous relationships in Boulder's legal community, former Mayor Greenlee's complaint of conflict of interest has been kicked back to the County level, convoluted but interesting.

TV ALERT: EXTRA!, syndicated check local listings, segment on the Ramsey case with appearance by crusading New York attorney Darnay Hoffman (may be aired Friday in some markets).

TV ALERT: Montel Williams, syndicated check local listings, psychic Sylvia Brown on missing


January 22, 1999


6:40 AM, MST, Friday 1/22/99 (day #758)
Day #145 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 172*

Good Morning!

No Ramsey case news today, so we'll focus on the Boulder courts and diverse sentencing...

Larry Pozner has gotten his client, a molesting Boulder dentist, off on a mere one-year probation for five counts of sexual assault.

More DNA to check? In a different Boulder County court, a man faces 10 to 32 years for fondling a 12 year-old child. (Scroll down to "Broomfield" near bottom of this page).

Meanwhile a 17-year-old may get up to 48 years for building a homemade bomb based on instructions he found on the internet.

Another Boulderite awakes: Letter to the Boulder Weekly ("Cold fear, warm gun") expresses disgust with the city's habit of sweeping little nasty violent crimes under the rug.

Peripheral character update - Pam Regensberg of the Longmont Daily Times Call has jumped ship and now will be reporting for the Daily Camera, see "Freedom from the F.O.E." midway down this page.

Boulderana: Did you know that "Boulder is the center of the RNA world"? Maybe all the CU experts can help out the BPD?

Housekeeping: I've adjusted the number of days until J.T. Colfax is released to reflect a new date of July 13th.

TV ALERT: Extra!, syndicated, check local listings, the Darnay Hoffman segment didn't air yesterday, so it's probably on today's show.


January 23, 1999


6:05 AM, MST, Saturday 1/23/99 (day #759)
Day #146 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 171
Sick Puppy perch? A tree house next door to the Hell Hole (photo by GSquared).

Good Morning!

The BPD released updated figures on the cost of the investigation, inspiring two articles, this one from Charlie Brennan implies that the County will go broke if there's an indictment (and trial?).

Same old, same old - Marilyn Robinson scored only another comment from Bob Grant in today's Denver Post to confirm that they are emotionally prepared to go through March.

Small change: The Daily Camera focuses on the figures, total case cost has exceeded $1.5 Million, but one of "the suspects has deep pockets".

A separate article in the Camera breaks down all the city expenses on the investigation.

Boulder County police solve a slaying!!! It was a "sick puppy" that committed a double murder (tip compliments of Steve).

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a he, It's a she, It's an IT - rampaging transvestite strikes again! 6 feet tall, hairy legs, likes mini-skirts!

TV ALERT: Today Show, NBC, 8 AM EST, an in-depth look at the crime of the century - the Lindbergh kidnapping.


January 24, 1999


6:00 AM, MST, Sunday 1/24/99 (day #760)
Day #147 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 170
What does Glen Stine see in JR?

Good Morning!

The JT Colfax site has been almost completely repaired and new letters have been added for late

Hellcatz "Mountain Maul" has 3 new pages! WHOR Radio (be sure to watch the news ticker), Jury Room Bar, and Lou & JC's Shoes Shoes.

Is JT Colfax a Broncos fan? Not. scroll down to "Here and There" midway down the page.

TV ALERT: The Case of the Hillside Stranglers, A&E, 1 PM, movie based on the serial killings that terrorized Los Angeles in the late 1970s.


January 25, 1999


6:25 AM, MST, Monday 1/25/99 (day #761)
Day #148 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 169
Pat Korten pictured above spinning the tale

Good Morning!

The silence is deafening...

Something to ponder - New/Old theory on the Ramsey case from upstart Press Pass Media Research (wander around and you'll find the cupboard is bare).

The Real Audio file of the 4 hour long Erin Hart show on the two-year anniversary of the JonBenét Ramsey murder is now up on Talkspot.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Behind Closed Doors", Discovery Channel, 2 AM, EST, incest, rape, physical abuse and murder can tear apart event the seemingly happiest of families.


January 26, 1999

6:30 AM, MST, Tuesday 1/26/99 (day #762)
Day #149 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 168

Good Morning!

The Boulder News Ramsey forum is BACK! Be sure to read the message from sysop thread for new terms and conditions effective 1/25/99.

The Morning Show with Peter Boyles (KHOW 630 AM, Denver) can now be heard on the 'net via a LIVE AUDIO FEED, you need Real Audio with G2 to be able to hear the show broadcast from 5 AM to 9 AM, MST weekdays.

"The road to government secrecy, like the proverbial road to hell, is paved with good intentions." Editorial in the Boulder Daily Camera urges lawmakers to NOT change Grand Jury secrecy provisions as recommended by the BOCO DA.

Depressed about it's crime-rate, Boulder has recorded the highest number of suicides in one year since the coroner's office began keeping records.

RADIO ALERT: Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Morning Show with Peter Boyles, guests include Jeff Rutledge author of an investigative article on the Ramsey case coming out in next month's Penthouse.


January 27, 1999

:30 AM, MST, Wednesday 1/27/99 (day #763)
Day #150 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 167
1. Cover art from the new Industrial-Rock Band "JonBenét".

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Burke Hamilton Ramsey who turns 12 today!

All Boulder is agog with speculation over Lou Smit's visit to the Justice Center yesterday, from Charlie Brennan, but Norm Early doesn't think Lou will testify.

What does it mean? Coverage of the happenings in the Justice Center yesterday with analysis and prognostication of who the Grand Jury will hear next and how and why.

KUSA Denver TV 9, home of Ramsey sympathizer Paula Woodward, is running a brief summary of their Lou Smit sighting story, wishfully stating that it was to prep him as a Grand Jury witness.

Comparably vague story on the Smit sighting from Marilyn Robinson of the Denver Post.

The Boulder Planet Week in Review column has articles on the DA/BPD Ramsey case expenses and other recent Boulder Count crimes.

Coincidence? or Conspiracy? Who are John and Patsy rooting for in the Super Bowl? And did they, and/or their spin-team, have a hand in a Denver/Atlanta match-up? (tip compliments of Byron).

News as entertainment: JonBenét among the ongoing soap operas that have inspired a new media faction.

The audio feed of the Peter Boyles talk radio show has been taken off-line for a few days to work out some glitches. Stay tuned to this space for updates.

The online edition of the National Enquirer is now featuring the "Grand Jury to Charge Mommy" story from last week, complete with really awful picture of Patsy - scared me!

Also from the Enquirer - Will Roseanne crack the JonBenét Ramsey case?

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession", A&E, 9 PM, EST, the shocking story of how Susan Smith drowned her two sons, and then tried to fool the nation into believing that an African-American man had committed the crime.


January 28, 1999

6:20 AM, MST, Thursday 1/28/99 (day #764)
Day #151 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 166
1. Cover of the Lawrence Schiller book

Good Morning!

Harper Collins has added Perfect Murder, Perfect Town to it's on-line new releases section, with more description of the Lawrence Schiller book on the Ramsey case.

Also on that site, a list of book Ordering links, an opportunity to shop around for the best price (don't forget shipping and handling).

This is funky - Greek to me, but here are Tarot card readings for JonBenét, I got lost before they solved the murder, but it's "all about sex"...ah huh.

The unsolved murder of an 8 year-old girl last summer in Texas has been ignored by the media compared to the saga of JonBenét, part one, part two and part three.

UPCOMING RADIO ALERT: (Since many of you are about to pooh out for the weekend), Saturday, January 30th, midnight to 4 AM, EST, WROW, Listen live via Real Audio on the 'web - all JonBenét show with exclusive premiere interviews with Charles Bosworth, Dale Yeager and Stephen Singular, guests also include Darnay Hoffman, Dwight Wallington, Andrew Hodges, Linda McLean and Pam Paugh.


January 29, 1999

6:18 AM, MST, Friday 1/29/99 (day #765)
Day #152 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 165
1. Less than 24 hours and I'm sick of him already

Good Morning!

TWENTY FIVE MONTHS after the murder of JonBenét, new information has been released in the form of a public plea for leads on a Teddy Bear, no I am not making this up...and it's all over the news...

The press release from the DA's office, the FIRST to be posted on their web site despite promises 18 months ago (Hi Suz!) that started the media frenzy...

Web-published at 10 AM, EST, was this article from the upcoming 2/9/99 issue of The Globe the reason why the DA had to act?

Bear package from the Denver Rocky Mountain News to assert their ownership of the Ramsey saga:

Charlie Brennan with the background and exclusive quotes from Pam Paugh and Linda Hoffmann...
Lisa Levitt Ryckman with Pozner and McCrary analysis...
Tillie Fong on the Bear photo itself...

Lure or Loose Ends? Beary article in today's Boulder Daily Camera.

Short story from KCNC Denver TV 4.

A "loose end that could be a defense issue..." from KMGH Denver TV Channel 7.

Two versions of an AP story by Sandy Shore, the early version with few details, and a more informative evening version

A woman called a bear store in Estes Park and claimed to be from the DA's office? Hmmmm, from Marilyn Robinson in the Denver Post

Boulder "still are missing some bear facts", unusually humorless assessment from Chuck Green in today's Post...

Slap dash - the Denver Post whipped out a copy of the Sandy Shore article in a "January 28th" edition

An attempt to SOLVE the case? Brief from Yahoo! States News Service

Reuters wire story on CNN

The Dark Side of Bears: It was inevitable, I'm just surprised it happened so quickly - "Most Dangerous Bear" compliments of Dusty Hat.

Okay, ENOUGH of the Bear...

In other, non-Bear news, Vassar Professor Don Foster will get his day in court, reports the Camera's Matt Sebastian, his determination that Patsy wrote the note is "crucial to the police theory of the crime".

Boulder Weekly strikes again! Wayne invites criminals to partake of Boulder's casual crime-fighting attitude while busting those underage drinkers...hysterical yet frightening.

Also in the Weekly, Boulder Community TV Talk Show host Jann Scott has named Julie Hayden the worst reporter of the year for her "breathless" report that the Grand Jury will indict Patsy Ramsey.

No moss growing on Alex Hunter this week, the BOCO DA is seeking volunteer "victim advocates" (article at the bottom of this page), course work to include bagel purchasing and crime scene windexing.

TV ALERT: Biography, "Remembering Patsy Cline", A&E, 8 PM, EST, ...."Crazy"...

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Guilty Or Not?", Discovery Channel, 2 AM, EST, many guilty verdicts are handed down despite great reason for doubt.


January 30, 1999

7:00 AM, MST, Saturday 1/30/99 (day #766)
Day #153 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 164
1. JonBenét in the Arts - subject of this forbidden delight.

Good Morning!

One way to shut her up...FOX News has reported that Pam Paugh, and Susan Stine, will testify before the Grand Jury next week... Karen Auge of the Denver Post has a Bear update today complete with other news as reported on the FOX News Network by Carol McKinley.

From Charlie Brennan - DA Hunter's site got 10,000 hits in 24 hours?!!? It's a wonder it didn't bring the whole BOCO.CO.GOV to it's knees. (Makes our paltry 1,000 look skimpy.)

Early cooperation - rumor has it that the Coldwater, Michigan Police site had this Bear search request up in early January - but it's just a rumor, don't quote me, I dunno nothin'...

Yet another bear parody - we can do these daily, I can't get enough of the Bear, Keep 'em Coming!

If you can stand it - more Bear sightings...

From CBS News with streaming video report from Diana Olick.

Brief report from MSNBC only links to the DA's site (no wonder why they got so many hits).

Bears repeating? (Sorry, couldn't resist) I don't like to give you pickups, but this is so cute and gives an idea of the scope of the frenzy...Charlie Brennan's Bear Hunt report has shown up in the Log Cabin Democrat of Conway, Arkansas. Nope, didn't make this one up either.

Early report on the response to Alex Hunter's plea for public help from UPI.

Short update from KUSA Denver TV 9 on the response to the DA's press release.

That's it for the Bear, for now...

Buried in the Scramble - there is a second tabloid story next week on the Ramsey case, the National Examiner's "Experts' shocking discovery - JonBenét on videotape begging mom for mercy!", now available (below the GLOBE story on the BEAR, oops) at the archives.

Another FOX report - Patsy has been hospitalized for pneumonia, and apparently the cold, flu and resultant pneumonia cases are rampant in Atlanta-Metro.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession", A&E, 5 PM, EST.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Women Who Kill", Discovery Channel, 11 PM, EST, though female killers are as deadly as males, they choose less violent methods. They're often more cunning, calculating; but thanks to forensics, no more likely to get away with it.

AUDIO ALERT: WROW, midnight to 4 AM, EST, The Dave Lucas show, all on the Ramsey case with guests (alphabetically) Charles Bosworth, Darnay Hoffman, Linda McLean, Pam Paugh, Stephen Singular, Dwight Wallington, and Dale Yeager (hope I didn't forget anyone). Listen live via Real Audio with G2 enhancement.


January 31, 1999

6:21 AM, MST, Sunday 1/31/99 (day #767)
Day #154 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 163
1. Be careful what you wish for...

Good Morning!

A "similar" teddy bear has been located, story from today's Rocky Mountain News.

Similar "similar" story in today's Denver Post, on the Bear hunt.

As usual, the Daily Camera has a Bear story, but it's a bad link.

The City of Boulder's JonBenét "habit" is costing $2000 a day, see "HERE AND THERE" , maybe they need counseling.

What do JonBenét and the Super Bowl have in common? Not much, but this Sports columnist found a tangent.

They called it the Hell Hole - Auntie BJ's page of Ramsey house photos has moved to a new location, enjoy!

Update on the measures Boulderites are taking to protect themselves from the serial rapist.


PS - If you are still doing a group prayer on Sundays at Noon, EST please include a mention for Babe/Postergal and her family, she is back in the hospital.