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7:07 AM MST, Wed. 1/17/01 (day #1484 week #211 month #48 year #4)
1. Quiet Samantha Foster

Good Morning!

Oh goodie - an actual reference to JonBenét today - a review of Professor Donald Foster's book in the Village Voice.

Defamation suit is 10 years old? Watergate related defamation case proceeds to court. Good reading.

Ten of them. Count 'em. Ten: Louisville, Colorado man pleads guilty in Boulder County court, "assaulted the girls, who were between 6 and 10 years old, from January 1994 to April 2000."

Sick Puppy?: Name and picture of the creep who snatched the 7-year-old off the street on January 8th - he's still on the lam.

HOUSEKEEPING: The Cybersleuths site is back up again after an outage lasting several hours. Maybe the server is in California....

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Murder in the Family", A&E, 7 PM MST, the growing number of homicide victims murdered by members of their own families. Cases include the Freeman Brothers, Jeffrey Howorth, and Lizzie Borden.


6:00 AM MST, Thur. 1/18/01 (day #1485 week #212 month #48 year #4)
1. Keenan

Good Morning!

No JonBenét references, oblique or otherwise, in today's news...

New Colorado law proposed will allow all convicted felons blood to be collected for DNA database, currently only sex offenders and violent crimes.

Let nature take it's course - another Colorado murderer walks, without a trial, due to terminal illness.

Denver's Library flasher formally charged, scroll down to "Man charged in flashing cases" near bottom.

Ala Colfax, a Cincinnati photographer has been raided - corpse photos, staged with props, seized.

The Supremes uphold unlimited confinement of sex predators.

Intruder: Marietta, Georgia teen raped by man who entered unlocked house.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "The FBI under Fire", A&E 8 PM MST, how the FBI has lost the confidence of many Americans as a result of the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, the botched Richard Jewell Olympic bombing investigation, and a scandal that rocked the bureau's crime lab.


6:35 AM MST, Fri. 1/19/01 (day #1486 week #212 month #48 year #4)
1. two of the Brady cats

Good Morning!

Both the Globe (prior molestation) and Enquirer (pig stun gun tests) have Ramsey case stories this week. You can read Candy's transcriptions at the Cybersleuths forum.

Sylvia has added her canny insights of the RamSpeak in Dearth of Innocence to her LePassageNouveau site.

The Feebies are now involved in the Denver kidnapping/molestation case of January 8th.

Despite demeaning Joint Operating Agreement disaster, the Rocky Mountain News unveiled a new web site design this morning - who says internet news is dead?

Just for fun: Some doofus uploaded Steve Thomas' picture to the "Am I Hot Or Not?" web site.


7:43 AM MST, Sat. 1/20/01 (day #1487 week #212 month #48 year #4)
1. Feel free...

Good Morning!

No Ramsey news today - but if you want to avoid the inauguration coverage, we've got lots of true-crime choices today (see TV ALERTs below), including the excellent mini-series on murdering mommy Diane Downs based on the Ann Rule bestseller...

Keenan regime negotiates plea bargain sweetheart deal....for drug dealer, happenstance is a CU prof...officer astounded, says case was "strong".

Three of five cases in the Boulder gang rape are tanking - was one of Keenan's campaign cap feathers.

Speaking of which/witch: The Boulder County District Attorney web site has been updated to reflect the new empress (link compliments of momo).

Offbeat: RamFan case character J.T. Colfax comments on the recent corpse abuse as performance art case in Cincinnati.

TV ALERT: Small Sacrifices, Lifetime, 3 PM CST, 4 PM EST/PST, 5 PM MST, One horrifying night in 1983 Diane Downs and her 3 young children were shot by an unknown gunman. As the investigation proceeded, the Asst. DA discovers Diane's sordid and psychotic past and evidence that she shot her children and herself to be free to marry her boyfriend. Stars: Farrah Fawcett, John Shea.

TV ALERT: Prosecutors-In Pursuit of Justice, "Every Parent's Nightmare", Discovery Channel, 6 PM CST, 7 PM EST/PST, 8 PM MST, A San Diego County prosecution team battles an insanity plea in the murder of a nine-year-old boy who was stalked and killed in a public restroom. After a startling courtroom confession, prosecutors fight to put the killer on death row.

TV ALERT: Medical Detectives, "Broken Bond", The Learning Channel, 7:30 PM CST, 8:30 PM EST/PST, 9:30 PM MST, When a baby boy is repeatedly hospitalized for apnea and seizures, authorities place him in foster care. His recovery, coupled with the discovery that his sister had died of similar symptoms, leads to the mother's conviction for endangerment and murder.

TV ALERT: Case Reopened, "Lizzie Borden", The Learning Channel, 8 PM CST, 9 PM EST/PST, 10 PM MST, Borden was accused of the murders of her parents, but the murder weapon was never found and there was little evidence at the crime scene.Was someone else the killer or was it Lizzie all along?


6:00 AM MST, Sun. 1/21/01 (day #1488 week #212 month #48 year #4)
1. ugly shoes

Good Morning!

Not much out there...

Denver kidnap/assault suspect turned himself in to police yesterday - photo was widely circulated...maybe all the inauguration coverage drove him to such desperation...

Creepy coincidences in Boulder-area murder..."...not saying whether the stun gun was used on the 17-year-old female victim, who was found bound with tape and shot in the back of the head... A green plastic wire was found around her neck..."

Related: Daily Camera timeline of the Rogers murder.

sIcK pUpPy?: Dateline Greeley, Colorado - defense attorney for child molester loses bid to surpress evidence - sadly amusing, I like defense attorneys who are creative.


7:12 AM MST, Mon. 1/22/01 (day #1489 week #212 month #48 year #4)
1. be well rested

Good Morning! Don't look at this as the death of the case - look at it as a REST...

Young Man with a Scanner: is now up for auction on AfterNic, asking price is $5000...I should live so long but I hope some benefactor comes along to rescue that place.

Internet sting, with a real kid this time, and smart too (found on CrimeNews2000).

Georgia nabs rapist with DNA tests - headliner because he is the first "non-sex offender in the state to be matched to a rape under the new testing law".

FOX, the network we love to hate, is developing another, new "reality show" - inmates will receive their 'Schecked' DNA results - live - on the air - sounds kewell to me.

TV ALERT: Cold Case Files, "Murder Illustrated/Blood Relations", A&E, 8 PM MST, Police solve the murder and sexual mutilation of Peggy Hettrick when they are finally able to link graphic sexual materials found in the home of suspect Timothy Masters, though no hard evidence was ever found. And DNA from a semen stain helps cops crack open the 23-year-old case of a man who raped and killed his sister-in-law


5:45 AM MST, Tue. 1/23/01 (day #1490 week #212 month #48 year #4)
1. no cable TV?

Good Morning! This is starting to look more like a BLog everyday...

1974 murder solved in Jefferson County Colorado - are you willing to hang in there for 27 years?

Boulder County's first homicide of the year 2001 is a murder/suicide.

Fun with Semantics: The "Denver Rocky Mountain News" (a name I never used, heh) has changed its' name back to "Rocky Mountain News".

But the big Colorado news today is the capture of most of the Texas prison fugitives outside Colorado Springs - finally Colorado cops do something right - with the help of Americas Most Wanted (which, oddly, has not updated their web site with news of this success story as of this morning).


Domain for sale: For the Dyslexics out there -

"No Killer on the Loose": After body of 2-year-old girl is found in a Chicago dumpster, cops assure local residents "This is not part of a larger incident" (found on Cybersleuths).

What Geraldo (aka "Skunkhead") is up to lately - certainly not out to slander the Rammers to get back on the list (anyone have an email address?).

Bar-Jonah case: New York Times look at how the system failed him, his victims and all of us.

Feeding the Monsters: Is a "virtual" child still a child? When there is no victim just a computer generated one is it still a crime? The Supremes to rule in "virtual child pornography" appeal.

TV ALERT: Secrets of Forensic Science, "Stalked/Double Jeopardy", The Learning Channel, 6 PM CST, 7 PM EST/PST, 8 PM MST, two sisters are murdered and recovered DNA points to a possessive, domineering ex-boyfriend. A murderer escapes conviction, but when evidence surfaces that proves him guilty, he can't be tried again due to the laws of Double Jeopardy.

TV ALERT: Forensic Files, "Material Evidence", CourtTV, 6:30 PM CST, 7:30 PM EST/PST, 8:30 PM MST, In 1982, a young girl was found dead in Marshallville, Ohio, the victim of an apparent sex-killer. There was little evidence of the killer's identity, but authorities focused on the unusual orange fibers embedded in clothing found near the victim. Months passed and the case went cold, until a van turned up with what appeared to be the same orange fibers. With many inconsistencies in the case, the police had to turn to the latest in forensic technology to prove a definite correlation between the crime and their suspect.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Killer in the Family", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, Midnight MST, when someone murders a member of his own family, the surviving relatives are left with intense emotional scars. Some forgive the killer, but the wounds of others never heal. The law has its own point of view.


6:00 AM MST, Tue. 1/23/01 (day #1490 week #212 month #48 year #4)
1. Henry Lee in Boulder, 1/8/01

Good Morning!

Just when you thought it was all over, here comes ANOTHER BOOK! Yeppers, I wonder if Alex Hunter is getting a piece of the action?

Hey! Some doofus used the "J" word in an article about election irregularities! Really - from an opinion piece in the Colorado State student paper - obscure, but hey...

"Chuck Green" kidnapped and held hostage, ransom note sent!

Ironic: Well, J.T. Colfax, performance artist, found some old pictures and with the help of Wilton they are now uploaded to the 'net for all to enjoy - complete with J.T.'s descriptions, the parallels are amazing, no wonder he was a suspect! (heh)

Taking a page from the Rocky's book - Sleepy 'lil KMGH Denver TV 7 (ABC affiliate currently getting boo koo national exposure due to their neato helicopter videography of the Colorado manhunt) has updated it's web site, now calling it "TheDenverChannel", cute.

Charles Zewe, Gene Randall, Jim Moret, Sonia Ruseler and more axed in CNN make-over.

Xiana Fairchild - found? (link compliments of Hergus).



6:50 AM MST, Wed. 1/31/01 (day #1498 week #213 month #49 year #4)
1. Enough to drive her over the edge....

Good Morning!

Oversight?: Former Denver Post staffer elevated, "oversaw reporting teams for news events like the Oklahoma City bombing trials and the JonBenét Ramsey case."

Longmont Daily Times-Call coverage of the upcoming Michael Ballard release - back onto the streets of Boulder County.

Colorado to experiment on child molesters, giving them a happy drug "cocktail", some will be given placebos...putting the public at risk?

Elsewhere: Florida man advertised 13-year-old girl on a Web site for prostitution - and a Texas truck driver has a creative excuse for possession of child porn (found on Cybersleuths).