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7:30 AM MST, Tue. 1/1/02 (day #1833 week #263 month #60 year #5
Happy New Year!

1. Good Morning!

Ha! I missed one on Sunday and I'm almost glad I did - JonBenét "Hell Hole" reference in the Denver Post cover story.

"Tabletop Exercise": Argenbright screws up the nation's air travel - again. DIA officials have solution, jargon and jingo.

The Daily Times-Call has a neat article on the local effects of 911 - random acts of kindness. We are all different people now.

TV ALERT: Fiesta Bowl, ABC, 2:30 PM MST, Colorado Buffs vs. the Oregon Ducks. NINMTU. Ducks...


6:15 AM MST, Wed. 1/2/02 (day #1834 week #263 month #60 year #5
1. Animated Rammers

Good Morning!

'BREAKING' NEWS: Our fearless leader, Chris Wheeler, aka "Catnip", slipped on some ice last night and broke her leg in two places. She is in Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, Michigan, room 415-2, (517)-483-2700. Please keep Chris, Jerry and Zak in your prayers.

Congratulations to our friends at, finally getting the recognition they deserve and managing to put "JonBenét Ramsey" back in the news as well.

Stress Kills: FEMA employee who worked for three weeks at ground-zero suspected of murdering his wife in Denver. I knew they would wigging-out. Remember Oklahoma City? Remember Columbine?

Ducks Like Their Buffalo Rare: Joey, Joey, Joey...though robbed of a TD by a half-blind, senile, about-to-retire Ref, CU was fricasseed by Oregon last night. Irony is both teams will be rooting for Big Red tomorrow...

O.J., Junior: I think Havana is the perfect place for Mike Tyson.

And on the Right Coast, is Gwinett County, Georgia the new USA Child Porn headquarters? Must be something in the water...

In other news: Have I told you lately how much I hate AOL?


6:34 AM MST, Thur. 1/3/02 (day #1835 week #264 month #60 year #5
1. Another South Park shot

Good Morning!

Oops!: (Not confidence-inspiring) El Paso County might utilize the talents of Loose Smit in it's inherited Columbine investigation, and...

The Rocky Mountain News is calling on Jefferson County DA and former Ramsey brain-trust member Dave Thomas to convene a grand jury to look into the Columbine vortex, which has gotten really messy lately.

Heatin' Up: The latest CU gang rape investigation is moving out of state, interviews in California soon, but no arrests predicted for at least a month. Meanwhile, CU remains MUM.

'BREAKING' NEWS: Buddy, Bill Clinton's doggie, has been hit by a car and killed. NINMTU.


7:14 AM MST, Fri. 1/4/02 (day #1836 week #264 month #60 year #5
1. Ack!

Good Morning! Late because...

Got the "blue screen of death", Windows registry corrupted, had to re-install...and...

Had to drive first-born to the airport for his trip to Sydney.

Whoo Hoo: Governor Bill Owens is presuring JeffCo DA Dave Thomas to convene a Grand Jury to look into the latest Columbine scandal. Developing...

Stupid Crooks: The cretin who broke into a Boulder home, tied up the residents and sexually assaulted their daughter may face life in prison.

Stupid Crooks Too: Fool. Into a pet shop through a ceiling vent. Snatched some exotic reptiles. Then tried to sell them. While still in Boulder. Idyot.

'Tis the Season: Wyoming Mall Santa arrested on child sexual exploitation charges.

Say 'Uncle": Oh, Roger! How could you?!?! My fav cable news network, already tarnished by the (occasional) presence of Jerry "Skunkhead" Rivers, has hired (gag) Greta VonCistern! Ack! I may have to start tuning to CNN again.



So that she may work out some technical problems with her computer,
Mrs. Brady is taking the weekend off. She will return on Monday January 7th.


5:52 AM MST, Mon. 1/7/02 (day #1839 week #264 month #60 year #5
1. Usual Suspects

Good Morning!

Will the Real Code-Six-Wing-Nut Please stand up?: Boy, this sounds familiar. Deja vu all over again. Las Vegas man threatens lawmakers because they are ignoring the "information he had developed in the unsolved JonBenet Ramsey slaying case." Maybe he should write a book?

"Yeah, there are a lot of parents who choose to put their children in those pageants." Slight disdain for JonBenet's 'rents from former Miss America Suzette Charles (who still looks fab at age 38).

Another JonBenet sighting - really obscure resume-reference in Boulder County Court retirement, that's all.

Boulder Connections: If you were like me on Saturday night you were glued to MSNBC watching the breaking news on small plane crashes in Puerto Rico, Florida, Colorado and California - turns out that the Puerto Rico and Colorado incidents involved Boulderites. What are the chances of that?

HOUSEKEEPING: Computer is still very sick. Spell checker not working and I'm connected to the internet via DUN. Connection speed is 26400 bps. Depressing. The Sims works great though. Heh.


7:24 AM MST, Tues. 1/8/02 (day #1840 week #264 month #60 year #5
1. Yuck

Good Morning!

No JonBenet sightings today other than this tripe someone is passing off as "comedy".

Get out your tiny violins: Boulder County Stalker appeals sentence, gets new trial, squeals double jeopardy. Victim remains 'optimistic'.

Making a Federal Case out of it: Columbine victims' families are formally requesting a Federal Grand Jury today to look into cover-ups and police performance.

Meanwhile, the former-stripper turned Mayor of Georgetown, Colorado is facing a recall election.


6:08 AM MST, Wed. 1/9/02 (day #1841 week #264 month #60 year #5
1. Hell Hole East

Good Morning!

Denver Post columnist proclaims JonBenét dead. Blames 'rents "manipulation of the criminal justice system by the overprivileged". Agree and disagree.

Looks like the writers at the Daily Camera and the Rocky Mountain News are bored. But they haven't lost their sense of humor as you can see in these two articles today - both chock full of double entendres.

In the Rocky - Poor, overworked coroners. Features Michael "Stun Gun" Doberson.

In the Camera - Sick Puppy as a jailer (note the url assigned...very funny).

Another Boulder County sick puppy says that his case is "not a big deal"...mull that one over.

Only in Boulder: The city hired a "personal life coach" for the Municipal Judge...your tax dollars at work.

Two months later, scant updates on the mysterious disappearance of Jennifer and Abby Blagg in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Elsewhere, Perfect Murder, Perfect Terrorism? PMPT author Larry Schiller is producing a CBS movie on the Flight 93 thwarted hijack/air bomb.


7:10 AM MST, Thurs. 1/10/02 (day #1842 week #265 month #60 year #5
1. Patsy cooperating with cops

Good Morning!

Late because it's Thursday and I had to wade through WestWord (at 28800 bps) to no avail...

BPD Commander, head of the Detective Division and leader of the SWAT team, Joe Pelle is going to run for the BOCO Sheriff vacancy caused by forced (term-limited) retirement of George's hoping he can straighten out Steve Ainsworth, who's public lashing at JonBenét's expense is mentioned.

JonBenét on Your Resume: More on Larry Schiller's projects in development running on Reuters and the Hollywood Reporter.

Something else new on video - Maybe spy the Patster and Crazy Aunt Pam? PBS to air a new documentary on Miss America, premiering on the 27th, check local listings for times.

Chuck Green manages a brief JonBenét citation in his column calling for a renewed Columbine investigation.

Sick Puppy of The Day: Man arrested in Castle Rock, Colorado for DUI and car theft confesses to three unsolved murders...Now, you know, I just do this to make THEIR hearts go (as Patsy would say) Pity Pat...


6:18 AM MST, Fri. 1/11/02 (day #1843 week #265 month #60 year #5
1. Linda

Good Morning!

JonBenét sighting of the day - Beheaded quote from a book review, near bottom of this page. Glad I'm not a book-reviewer, what tripe! (If you have time scroll up and read the hysterical story of the writer and his hard drive, I can empathize.)

Last chance for Meyer and Epp to have term limits revoked, and save their jobs, turned down.

Ditto Loose Smit buddy El Paso County Sheriff John Anderson, who never really apologized to Beckner for his remarks on the Today Show last May. (Don't let the door hit you in the _ _ _.)

Boulder cops say they are still investigating the latest gang rape - but it happened over a month ago...

Inturder?: Jewelry was stolen from the home of missing mom and daughter Jennifer and Abby Blagg, their husband/father/suspect says (scroll down halfway for story).

Dumb, dumb, dumb. Convicted (TWICE!) child molester permitted by a relative (AND THE CHILD'S OWN FAMILY) to have contact with a four-year-old girl, and, (WHAT A SURPRISE) are just shocked to find out that he molested her too. Hey, get smart, people.

Suspected of murdering his wife, Hal Hebert is being sued by his wife's family. Apparently Colorado has a "Slayer" law which prohibits them from profiting from the crime...hello, shouldn't that apply to the Rammers' book profits as well?

Litigation: Family of creep (yes, a creep) sues Denver PD - claims excessive force used. Read carefully. Stolen car. Police chase. Hepped up on coke. Suspected purse snatcher. Tried to run down cops in the stolen car. -- Shot 17 times. Tré dead. You've got to be kidding me.

New on Video: "Gossip: Tabloid Tales" on A&E January 20th will feature Mike Walker of the National "Inquirer" (sic). Now, have I mentioned recently, as a Philadelphia-Metro-ite, home of the esteemed Inquirer, how much it GALLS me when anyone calls the Enquirer the Inquirer?

Tabloid Fodder: O.J.! Call Greta! She loves you and has lots of dough!

In other news, a carrier for Boulder Publishing, aka the Daily Camera, was killed in a freak accident while delivering the paper. What popped up in the right column advertising on the same page is even freakier. It's essy for me to see that's in bad taste. Is it essy for you too?


6:20 AM MST, Sat. 1/12/02 (day #1844 week #265 month #60 year #5
1. Silly Suspect Sketch

Good Morning!

Remember the JonBenét vortex and stay out of the Columbine mess - warns Rocky columnist Johnson.

JonBenét in the Washington Times in conjunction with Schiller projects update.

New Colorado legislation will tighten up sex offender registries at CU and elsewhere

No Yolk: Crime is on the rise again in Boulder.

Elsewhere: Fruit Loops and Flip-Flops are part of the packages given to the scum detained at Gitmo Bay.

Housekeeping: Sometime tomorrow or early Monday we should hit the ONE MILLION VISITORS mark.


7:00 AM MST, Sun. 1/13/02 (day #1845 week #265 month #60 year #5
1. Gitmo suit

Good Morning!

Beyond a molesting babysitter in Canon City, Colorado, there's not much news on this typical Sunday.

The New York Times is reporting on another blow to the credibility of fingerprint evidence.

Also in the Times, headliner on gender confusion and an interesting wire story on the reproductive revolution.

On the lighter side, entertainment critic gives three thumbs up to Geraldo's "performance".


7:44 AM MST, Mon. 1/14/02 (day #1846 week #265 month #60 year #5
1. Just because...

Good Morning! Late just because I felt like it...

It is fitting and apropos that on the day that we will have our ONE MILLIONTH VISITOR that all there is to report is more weird, bizzare Boulder crime news...

El Dildo Bandito is establishing a web store-front for charity. This guy needs an agent. Don Wrege of MediaWhore is helping out in his inimitable way.

The Doggie Poop (scroll down to last item on page) crusader will be featured on an upcoming edition of the Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Because it is bizarre, another undenial denial that the gang rape investigation is stalled.

In more substantial news, five years too late, Colorado is establishing a missing child alert system.


6:48 AM MST, Tues. 1/15/02 (day #1847 week #265 month #60 year #5
1. Angels as Weapons

Good Morning!

Boulder, Bludgeonings, Angels: Apparently baseball bats are no longer the weapon of choice (scroll down halfway).

Too little, too late JeffCo DA Dave Thomas calls for a public coroner's inquest into Columbine cover-ups. Victims's dad says "what it is right now is an attempt to distract us from looking into the corruption that has taken place in law enforcement before, during and after Columbine".

They just can't help it - Another Colorado released sex offender re-offended and is rejailed.

Elsewhere, LA Cops say the 8-month long investigation into the murder of Robert Blakes' wife is bearing fruit and Bruce Willis is snatching up film rights on the Durst case (found on Cybersleuths).

Just for Fun: January 21st is the Third Annual Jesse Jackson Repudiation Day.


6:58 AM MST, Wed. 1/16/02 (day #1848 week #265 month #60 year #5
1. Con-Did-It's Mistress

Good Morning!

Go get 'em Steve: Latest in the twisted Mirabal saga, I hate to admit it but Steve Ainsworth did good work on this one.

Another "Don't let the door hit you in the _ _ _" event. BPD officer cited for harassment after he physically tries to apprehend 14-year-olds riding "go-peds". Teens father feels like "leaving the state". Go. Please.

And on the Right Coast, another murder case that will boggle your mind, very Ramsey-esque, and I'm not talking about the Worthington murder (but that one is a "case to watch" as well).

From the ridiculous to the sublime -

Bleeding heart liberals complain that the Gitmo prisoners had to shave their beards...

The Chandra Levy probe has been upgraded from a missing-person to a criminal case complete with (drum roll please) a Grand Jury. There is a God.


6:13 AM MST, Thurs. 1/17/02 (day #1849 week #266 month #60 year #5
1. Durgin, at it again

Good Morning!

Ah, a sighting! JonBenét and Columbine and Grand Jury secrecy, forever joined at the hip.

Blast from the past: Former Boulder Mayor, Leslie "No Killer on the Loose" Durgin, testifies on behalf of armed robber, begs for lenient sentencing.

CU cops and BPD, pressed for update on the gang rape investigation, are now using the term "decades" as goal for solution.

Oh so Politically Correct Boulder and the Thought Police are at it again...

Smoking ban extended to rural areas of the County...

High School cheers censored, students disciplined.

Weirdness elsewhere includes another off-the-wall comment by the Georgia lawmaker who had a psychic "visit" from missing Chandra Levy and in Chicago more chicanery from Argenbright Security at O'Hare.


6:40 AM MST, Fri. 1/18/02 (day #1850 week #266 month #60 year #5

Good Morning!

One of Patsy's criminal defense lawyers is teaching a class on "wrongful convictions" and leading a Colorado branch of Sheck's Innocence Project. Gag me.

Did you hear the one about the two Colorado terrorists? What was on their hard drives is really frightening.

Heh, followup/retort on the "go-ped" article linked here Wednesday (see "BPD officer cited for harrassment" below), slams Daily Camera coverage. Thank goodness there is some sanity left in Boulder-land.

In Steamboat Springs, Larimer County Colorado, another murderer, another trial, another appeal.

Something to look forward to: We know that there are "two systems of justice. There's a system for the haves, and another for the have-nots" and CourtTV is launching a new series in June featuring Dominick Dunne and his investigative work. Good news for us. Bad news for the Rammers.

Something not to look forward to: "Sexy" CNN has hired a blonde bimbo from MTV saying her "phenomenal flair ... make[s] her an ideal addition to the CNN team."


7:29 AM MST, Sat. 1/19/02 (day #1851 week #266 month #60 year #5
1. Awful police sketch

Good Morning!

Not much out there today. There is a series of rapes in Denver that is shaping up to look like a serial rapist targeting teenage girls in schools and churches. Linkage is weak. Witness reports 'sketchy'. But they caught him on video tape. Stay tuned.

Late today because I was sniffing around Amnesty International's web site, full of bluster and contradictions.

It's going to snow here today, our first big one, so I'm off to the grocery store for eggs, milk, bread and toilet paper....

So I leave you with this cynical prediction - Bears by 3.


7:00 AM MST, Sun. 1/20/02 (day #1852 week #266 month #60 year #5
1. Remember "Boots"?

Good Morning!

In what looks like quick work and efficiency, the authorities have a man in custody who may be the Denver-metro serial rapist. But not so fast. Watch for much hand-wringing, butt-covering, and finger-pointing - this creep was walking around loose and shouldn't have been. Stay tuned.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb: Boulder County emergency dispatcher called the cell phone number of the hostage in the home-invasion/rape case.

And in Traverse City Michigan, near the Rammer's vacation home (yes, they do), a woman's phone has been "hijacked" - very scary. I think they need an exorcist.



It's so dead out there in Newsville that Mrs. Brady has decided to take MLK day off.
She will return tomorrow, Tuesday January 22nd,


8:19 AM MST, Tue. 1/22/02 (day #1854 week #266 month #60 year #5
1. Alex Hunter Cartoon

Good Morning!

Sorry I'm late, I was waiting for the Daily Camera to upload today's issue (never did) and time slipped away...

The excrement is hitting the fan in Denver metro over the serial rapist that was walking around loose.

Found a neat web site on Daubert that you can explore for hours (I just did). Be sure to bookmark it.


6:45 AM MST, Wed. 1/23/02 (day #1855 week #266 month #60 year #5
1. Sketch and Reality

Good Morning!

Mother Mary, Quite Contrary: Keenan is on vacation and hence unavailable for comment. But, the mind boggles, another one of her offspring, raising hell in Boulder-land, faces a special prosecutor since her office has recused itself...stay tuned.

Boulder Bustings: A middle-school student had a "hit list" in his notebook

Boulder Un-Bust: Six and a half weeks later, dangerous rapists are still "on the loose" in the latest CU football/gang rape scandal. Murmurings of "progress" from CU cops and DA.

Denver Dud: Serial rapist slipped through cracks, leaped tall legal impediments with a single bound. Finger-pointing continues. Rocky attempts to blame Colorado Governor and Rammer-Nemesis Bill Owens.

Bi-Coastal: Both Colorado and Pennsylvania getting tough on convicted felons who attempt to erase their past by legally changing their names.

Gossip: Connie Chung, who made mincemeat of Gary Condid-it in an interview this fall (which should be required viewing by Baba Wawa and Perky Couric) is leaving ABC for CNN. Good get.

Gossip Deux: O.J. again. Girlfriend missing. Cat dead. I'd like to see a celebrity death match with Mike Tyson.


7:06 AM MST, Thurs. 1/24/02 (day #1856 week #267 month #60 year #5
1. Keenan celebrating

Good Morning! Sorry I'm late, I think I'm developing stage fright...

JonBenet sighting! The Yomiuri Shimbun (NINMTU) reviews the film "Beautiful" which is apparently just now getting to Japan, and they cite the obvious JonBenet/pageant-weirdness influence.

Enjoying the misfortunes of others: The Longmont Daily Times-Call has a story (always a day late) on Mary Keenan's daughter's DUI case.

Followup: The Boulder middle school student says the "hit list" was just people who irked him, no big deal.

The Denver serial rapist is also suspected of stealing a 'double bass', whatever the *ell that is.

You gotta love it: Boulder pursuing and prosecuting accomplices. Hang 'em high!

Creepy-Crawly: CU student, with admitted alcohol problem, breaks into Boulder homes, caught with DNA match (scroll down to second story).


7:28 AM MST, Fri. 1/25/02 (day #1857 week #267 month #60 year #5
1. Mary and B.J.

Good Morning!

Can you handle another JonBenet book? Sure you can. This sounds as silly as the one by the pedophile truck driver, but here it is anyway...

...but be careful of WHO you meet on the internet, caveat emptor and all that.

No word on the gang rape investigation in Boulder, but now they are busy seeking a man who waved a gun at some idyot, police sketch and all. Oh so PC.

Slooooow moving Justice: Do you remember another Christmas? Also in Boulder County? Also when all the cops were on vacation? Not Susannah Chase, but close. The disabled boy who was sexually assaulted, twice in one day, at SCHOOL and they didn't even tell his mother until early January. Well, she sued and finally recovered. By B.J. Plasket so you know it's worth reading.


9:15 AM MST, Sat. 1/26/02 (day #1858 week #267 month #61 year #5
1. See-through-skater

Good Morning!

Ever have a day like this?


Cable modem crashed

Blue screen of death causes loss of 2 hours work

Deja Vu: A look inside the Boulder County jail almost make me long for the good old days of J.T. Colfax and his journal.

Otherwise, Denver's serial rape suspect is now granting interviews, ala Ramzee, and Colorado's "Make my day" law does not apply to vehicles - apparently.

Life goes on: Canadian speed skaters detest their uniforms (see photo above) and Tonya Harding is homeless. If we care one way of another then we are truly recovered, right?


5:45 AM MST, Sun. 1/27/02 (day #1859 week #267 month #61 year #5
1. Mr. Peabody would approve

Good Morning!

Amazing. Surfing around on my other obsession (The Sims), I found this link. Rev up your zip drive and have a blast. What you thought was "GONE" - isn't. Just enter some oldies but goodies like... (NOTE: this is not an endorsement of bull****)

...and it's all THERE. My jaw dropped. My eyes bugged out (heh). I'm burning CD's the rest of the day. No, make that the rest of this WEEK...

Blagg: Denver Post article on missing mom and 6-year-old shows optimism, cops using "helpful" psychics, plural.

As ranked in May, but I don't remember noting it then, JohnBoy's company Access Graphics (scroll down to #16) is still among the top 50 largest employers in Boulder-land.





7:22 AM MST, Mon. 1/28/02 (day #1860 week #267 month #61 year #5
1. Hmmmmm...

Good Morning!

Time to play with their heads again. Colorado Daily is running their own Best of Boulder poll, have fun or just make something up. HINT: Nominate me for something, anything, best Chinese food perhaps? Be creative.

The BPD has released it's 2001 stats, no surprise - crime is up and arrests are down. Added 4 officers, but added 20 support staff - go figure.

I'm late today because I read this entire biography of this amazing man who is heading up a volunteer Most Wanted project for Court TV. Totally inspiring and humbling at the same time, worth your time, read through to the end.

Which led me to the following discovery - The updated, revamped Colorado Sex Offender Registry is an amazing place, chock full of enough sick puppies to keep JohnBoy, Loose and Ollie busy for the rest of their lives - and into the next one. Enjoy!


6:46 AM MST, Tue. 1/29/02 (day #1861 week #267 month #61 year #5
2. Hanging 'em out to dry

Good Morning!

Another Boulder BVSD gets threatening letter anonymous letter - this one is a death threat. No word on whether they are getting the handwriting analyzed.

El Dildo Bandito refuses to fold, wants to go to trial.

Just plain dumb - calling it "a violation of our constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures" judge frees druggie in Adams County.

No "dirty old man in a trenchcoat", sex offender expert says they are diverse group.


6:15 AM MST, Wed. 1/30/02 (day #1862 week #267 month #61 year #5
1. It's snowing...

Good Morning!

Check it out, it's snowing in Boulder...

Boulder's latest murder is a really sad case - sad because the two perps were "on the loose" - sadder still they were breeding.

Another suit settled out of court, six victims of the molesting Boulder Montessori School founder. That leaves another 32 victims who still could sue them.

Lakewood, Colorado flasher is now getting more agressive, attempting to lure children into his car.

Boulder-area "terrorist" finally busted on gun charges. FBI disinterest surprising - and not.


6:52 AM MST, Thurs. 1/31/02 (day #1863 week #268 month #61 year #5
1. Breed 'em and kill 'em

Good Morning! Late due to another blue screen of death...

"Freedom of the Press is giving way to Freedom of the Criminal". Classic Cindy Adams and she mentions the Un-Parents of the Year too.

Speaking of former-parents, more on Boulder's latest murderess in the Camera, the Rocky and KMGH. Ugh.

And another Boulder couple who are going to make lousy parents. What is that judge thinking?