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6:12 AM MST, Thurs. 1/2/03 (day #2198 week #313 month #72 year #6
1. Adonis and Layla, clones?

Good Morning!

Did you notice today's date? The Rocky Mountain News did...I think I'll just go hide under a rock.

JonBenét sighting of the day is a bittersweet one: Passings. Another case figure bites the dust - in a way. Local profile of the new police chief in tiny Frisco, Colorado, Tom Wickman, who used to head up the JonBenét investigation in Boulder. (After naming his kids Miikka and Tuomas it looks like he got out of Boulder just in time.)

More Boulder Looney Tunes: Won't be such smooth sailings for the new Boulder County Sheriff, Joe Pelle, another BPD refugee...he's stepping right into a murder investigation - or perhaps at least wrongful death, excessive force or a lawsuit. Eeerily reminicent of this shooting that occured in Denver in early October, I predict this one will be exonerated as well.

Looney Tunes? Boulder is full of 'em: Horse-Handler/Dog-Walker/Hula-Instructor/Environmental-Terrorist strikes! "Listen Carefully!"...

More Crazy Colorado: Do you remember the case of the Colorado catnapped cat? I sure did because the cat in question looks like a clone of my beloved Layla (now 2 and a half years old and still a spoiled brat), see the photos above. Anyway, poor ol' Adonis has been returned to his mommy making a belated happy ending.

The Laci Peterson case remains unsolved, she's still missing, and darker tones emerge as the cops are talking in terms of "foul play" and there is no such thing as coincidences.

Georgia breathing a sigh of relief? Michael Blagg, though his bail reduced, is still in a Colorado jail.

Ashley Pond's teacher, who reported the sex abuse allegations to authorities and then whistle-blowed deficiencies in the Oregon system, has formed a mentoring foundation for other children.

Calling her Utah's "Child of Darkness", Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping in June is contrasted with Salt Lake's Olympic euphoria in this 2002 wrap-up piece in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Don't Mess With Texas?: The Lone Star State has one less dirty old man after he falls for an internet sting complete with voice sythesizer and panties. You have to marvel at the brilliance.

On a lighter note, and I really do LOVE Canada and Canadians, seriously, but it appears that the Mounties really fubar-ed the latest U.S. terror alert. Simply must be seen to be believed. And I wonder what Tom Ridge will say about this? Let alone Mueller or Ashcroft...

TV ALERT: The System - JonBenet, a Second Look, Court TV, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST/PST, 9 PM MST, repeat broadcast of the Crockumentary III, starring Lou "Smits" (sic).


6:19 AM MST, Fri. 1/3/03 (day #2199 week #313 month #72 year #6
1. An appointment with ol' sticky?

Good Morning!

More and more you are seeing Laci Peterson's husband mentioned in the news coverage. He hasn't lawyered up yet, but dig this quote...''When asked if the husband was cooperating with investigators, Ridenour said, 'To some degree, yes'."

Other missing persons:

Nebraska: Described as a "frequent runaway", 12 year old Ashenafi Nega...

New Mexico: A 7-year-old native american girl, Niesha Tsosie, her father says he can't remember where he left her. Okay.

Your ass(ets) is mine: Brenda and Damon's much anticipated lawsuit against David Westerfield was filed yesterday, unspecified damages but freezes his assets.

Today is the Day!: Poor, misunderstood David Westerfield is going to find out his fate today...but before you tune in to watch the sentencing, read this to generate the appropriate level of outrage.

TV ALERT: Westerfield sentencing, Court TV, 9:30 AM, MST.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MST, Brenda van Dam is his guest.


5:45 AM MST, Sat. 1/4/03 (day #2200 week #313 month #72 year #6
1. I'd rather see the van Dams than Mark Klaas

Good Morning!

Only have a few minutes, new addiction, Sims Online! Now I really need that catheter...

Michael Blagg is about to post bail (50 grand) and be able to walk out of jail.

Laci Peterson is still missing. The case looks cold.

Southwestern Virginia ponders unsolved murders, including the Short family of Danville.

Michael Skakel's father, Rushton, died Thursday in Florida.

Why CBS? The siblings of Elizabeth Smart will give their first public interview next Friday.

David Westerfield, as predicted, was sentenced to death yesterday. I sobbed during Brenda's and Damon's impact statements. The transcript of Larry King Live last night is a real tear jerker too.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, another murderer on the lam is captured there (a great place to hide out!) and a pervert/music teacher is extradicted.


5:26 AM MST, Sun. 1/5/03 (day #2201 week #313 month #72 year #6
1. Tough Love?

Good Morning!

I'm beginning to think that Laci Peterson is dead. And I'm beginning to think that her husband is suspicious. Big leap, huh?

Sick with a capitol "S": Kenneth Parnell, who kidnapped Steven Stayner 30 years ago, has been re-arrested...for trying to "buy" another child. Unbelievable but true.

And, rounding out a slow Sunday, "Family Annihilator" Edward Morris (who is suspected of killing his wife and three children then dumping them in the woods), has been captured. Yee haw...

Something to read: The British have an odd sense of humour, as evidenced in this list of the "Top 12" web sites for the year 2002.

Off to play Sims Online (it's worth the $10 a month!)...


5:48 AM MST, Mon. 1/6/03 (day #2202 week #313 month #72 year #6
1. DianneE hiding behind menu

Good Morning!

David Westerfield, and his oh-so-smug attornies, made California history, the fastest murder trial on record. Only problem is that their strategy blew up in their faces. Can you say "neaner, neaner, neaner"?

A San Diego columnist updates the Jahi Turner...uh... "situation". Is he missing? Dead? Forgotten? Dunno. Still don't know.

The Laci Peterson case is cooling off. Investigators admit this is a cadaver search now.

Damsels in Distress: Carmen Alcarez and Susan McFarland. Texas - two missing women - both mothers of three. One hispanic. One not. Media covers one of them like all get out. Ignores the other. Why? Because one "deserved it" and the other "didn't" (so don't race-bait and rip your bodices over it), moving on...

Crazy Colorado: In a case to watch, cops have arrested the son of a man who died of a heart attack, claiming that he caused it to happen.

Today's must read of the day: They're doing something RIGHT in Colorado, and if you love furry pets you're going to love this story.

Housekeeping: Danger! Sims Online only comes with an age warning. It should come with an ADDICTION warning - I don't eat, I don't sleep, I don't bathe, I don't clean the house...if this keeps up I may have to leave my family and move to Brazil...Be warned, be very afraid...



I hate to do this but I simply MUST take the day off so I can stay on Sims Online today - I started an HIV/AIDS outreach project on there and if I can give it a little nudge it might become a movement...I'll be back on Wednesday, promise!


6:11 AM MST, Wed. 1/8/03 (day #2204 week #313 month #72 year #6
1. Still missing, clock ticking

Good Morning!

The sheriff who got national exposure and praise for the quick, but sad, resolution of the Samantha Runnion case celebrated his re-election with the victim's mother, Erin.

It's a good thing: A proposed bill would force law enforcement agencies to enter missing child cases to the NCIC within 2 hours of receiving the report.

There oughta be a law: The Westerfield files will be released by next Monday, meanwhile the video taped interview with the paunchy sick puppy is out and will make your head spin on your shoulders (pea soup optional).

The search for Modesto's Laci Peterson, and her baby, continues but looks stone cold.

The land of fruits and nuts: California has lost track of 33,000 sex offenders. No, that's not a typo. 33,000.


5:23 AM MST, Thurs. 1/9/03 (day #2205 week #314 month #72 year #6
1. Perky Keenan

Good Morning!

Well, isn't that special? The Rammers and the New York Post have settled their lawsuit. So glad for them. Now let's see what the Post shook loose from the Keenan files...

Heads Up Georgia: Michael Blagg is on the loose! He is he's free to keep on destroying evidence, and maybe even moving Abby's body. Just think about that.

Chutzpah: The human services supervisor who got canned over the Ashley Pond FUBAR is pressing to get her job back. Your tax dollars at work. Ashley disappeared one year ago this morning.

More from the Mudd Tapes: Westerfield failed a polygraph, admits he is emotionally "unstable".


5:50 AM MST, Fri. 1/10/03 (day #2206 week #314 month #72 year #6
1. Mother of a year

Good Morning!

I'm beginning to tire of death and destruction - and those that are entertained by it. In a Sim world we can laugh and slap each other silly, throw fits, and it's only electrons...

...Dr. Stun Gun/Doberson is profiled in this very un-funny article that mentions his Ramsey case meddling.

...this small item from the AP, buried in the Daily Camera caught my eye. Columbine. The foil of slimy Michael Moore. At the behest of the press pictures, writings, wills, prayers and games etched by those waiting for rescue inside, have been released. They can't even have privacy, or closure, now. I remember watching it unfold, live, on CNN, while on the phone with Lance Matthews. "underwater object", that could be a human body, has been located by searchers for Laci Peterson and her un-born son - in the marina Scott Peterson used. Due to rough weather and fatigue it may be several days before they know for sure.

...friends of Ashley Pond attended a one-year anniversary of her disappearance vigil, featuring her irresponible "mother" in name only.

..."a plane crashed in Peru!" Those were my husbands words as he rushed to get our first-born's Peru-Brazil itinerary, and I sat still and bloodless because I knew they were flying yesterday...but it was not his flight...someone else's son...I sigh and get back to playing with electrons...



taking the weekend off to take of Real Life things, see you Monday, the 13th!


6:30 AM MST, Mon. 1/13/03 (day #2209 week #314 month #72 year #6
1. Shawn Hornbeck

Good Morning!

First mention of missing Missouri 11 year old Shawn Hornbeck in 3 weeks, his case will be featured on ADVO's direct mail pieces.

Laci Peterson is still missing. They've given up searching the marina area. Maybe it's time to admit that Scott wouldn't kill both his wife - and his son.

More later (refresh to see latest view).


7:36 AM MST, Tues. 1/14/03 (day #2210 week #314 month #72 year #6
1. Laci Peterson

Good Morning!

JonBenet sighting: Southern Utah is worried about crime, citing Laci Peterson (still missing) and going back in history...

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that local governments can't control how many juvenile sex offenders live in one household.

Back later with more


5:52 AM MST, Wed. 1/15/03 (day #2211 week #314 month #72 year #6
1. another life, another time

Good Morning!

The kookie transient who signed off on a letter threatening the president "Victory, SBTC", has been rearrested in Boulder for a parole violation.

Druggie: Jahi Turner's sperm donor and his stepfather are both dirty.

While I was busy Simming, more Westerfield transcripts were released.

After a news dearth of about a month, a mention of the Kacie Woody stalking and murder in Arkansas.

Giving up the Modesto area for some reason not disclosed, Laci Peterson searchers now turning to the Los Angeles area.


7:05 AM MST, Thurs. 1/16/03 (day #2212 week #315 month #72 year #6
1. JonBenet CD cover

Good Morning!

Rocky Mountain Sick: Students conspire to poison an 11 year old girl while in school in Denver.

Oregonians warned that if they aren't willing to pay more in taxes, there will be more cases like Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.


7:16 AM MST, Fri. 1/17/03 (day #2213 week #315 month #72 year #6
1. From Ebay

Good Morning!

Sorry so terse lately, I'm trying to get someone to cover my early A.M. shift on Sims Online so I can spend more time here, just be patient, it's coming...

What do JonBenet and String Cheese have in common? Intrigued? Read on...

The reward for information on the Short family murders has risen to $42,000 - first update in over a month.

California law may change so there will not be anymore embarassing episodes like Westerfield's lawyer Feldman bartering over a dead baby's body.


January 25, 2003


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