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6:19 AM MDT, Sun. 7/1/01 (day #1650 week #237 month #54 year #4)
1. Beating them off with sticks...

Good Morning!

The Fleet White "cited for contempt of court" story has been picked up by the AP, running coast-to-coast, (well, at least Boston to Vegas).

While we are waiting for the Tom Miller and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh books, the current JonBenét books are still selling at Amazon.

(Haven't been there in a while) Our friends at Cybersleuths are running a new poll - What do you think happened to Chandra Levy?

WARNING! O.J. is still looking for Nicole's murderer...

And just because I can: Public Service radio ads featuring flatulent cows have been dropped after being (belatedly) deemed tasteless.


5:50 AM MDT, Mon. 7/2/01 (day #1651 week #237 month #54 year #4)
1. Still hanging?

Good Morning!

Warped: What if Selena and JonBenét were in a beauty pageant? Competing against each other. For Prettiest Angel?

Fleet White jailing(?) is buried in Denver Post "Metro Briefs", and sounding suspiciously like the AP version.

Governor Bill Owens won a 64 % approval rating from Coloradans in a recent poll - despite/because of his noisy Ramsey stance?


6:23 AM MDT, Tue. 7/3/01 (day #1652 week #237 month #54 year #4)
1. Suzanne Goebel, registrant

Good Morning!

The mysterious (attention investigative reporters!) "Friends For JonBenét" organization has updated it's web site - truly awful html and broken/dead links, in addition to shameless pandering - have a barf bag handy.

And the sponsor of an on-line petition to put pressure on Colorado officials has yanked their effort - go figure.

And Thomas Nelson has yanked the content from Deathof - maybe all that talk of a fake foundation was in conflict with the current 'positioning'... Columnist pokes fun at those that register spurious domain names, mentions JonBenét (someone send him an email).

Dominick Dunne "suspicious", would cover trial in Ramsey case (scroll down near bottom of column).

Vilifying the Victim: O.J. tells New York Post that Nicole was a stalker.

The attacker of "Girl X" has been sentenced to 120 years in prison.

The Condit/Levy mystery is heating up - FoxNews exclusive reveals witness tampering.

HOUSEKEEPING: Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the US of A, so I'll celebrate my independence by taking Wednesday off - see you Thursday.



Due to the holiday in the U.S., there was no July 4th issue.


7:15 AM MDT, Thurs. 7/5/01 (day #1654 week #238 month #54 year #4)
1. age-enhanced JonBenét

Good Morning!

Shhhh, don't anyone tell the Rammers that they were targeted by the Grand Jury...they might flee to Spain, or Aruba, or Costa Rica, or Idaho...that's how inane the grand jury secrecy law is...

Similar story yesterday in the Rocky Mountain News, also running in today's Camera, and a truncated version is running on the Scripps National wire.

Hope it was a big'un: Really, I hope Burke gets filthy rich off of the sleazoids like the ninny at, who was so hard up for material that he/she paraphrased the infamous Richard Gooding article in the Star - cha! they settled - one down infinite number to go...Note: article is full of bollixed factoids.

Not likely to be added to their trophy case, the Rammers have been named the Anti-Christs of the month (link compliments of Ribaldone).

O.J.: "Help me I've fallen and I can't shut up!", seriously at what point should the networks just-say-no to giving him any more air time?

TODAY: This will be interesting, today at 2 PM MDT Linda Hoffmann-Pugh will hold a press conference (no, I'm not making this up) in Denver on her pursuit to bust Colorado's grand jury secrecy.


7:05 AM MDT, Fri. 7/6/01 (day #1655 week #238 month #54 year #4)
1. Victory! Linda!

Good Morning!

Out of the hot tub and into the hot seat!: Hoffmann & Hoffman prevail in court, predictions that this will expose Alex the Hunted...

More, local view via Sandra Fish in today's Boulder Daily Camera...

And late afternoon edition yesterday with less edited Linda comments...

Unusually inflammatory version from the Rocky Mountain News...

You can just imagine a coifed and blow-dried newsreader spieling this report from KCNC...

Oh goodie, a poll, I love polls, with story from KMGH.

Nice, comprehensive report from Reuters.

The Associated Press focuses on the future Hoffmann-Pugh book.

Sidebar in the Post has pundits saying Hunter better watch his tookus.

Ooof: Chuck Green comments, but says our boy Darnay wrote a book - ? what book?

Pompous editorial from the Rocky supports court's decision - skippable.

Speaking of pundits: You can't swing a dead cat (or kid, for that matter) in metro Denver without hitting one. Westword takes a peak at the thriving 'industry'.

In other news, the Camera notes that Team Ramsey has settled the suit.

On the lighter side (the porkier side?), Pigs rights.


7:00 AM MDT, Sat. 7/7/01 (day #1656 week #238 month #54 year #4)
1. Well-dressed Sketchman by Cutter

Good Morning!

B.J. Plasket reports on the Hoffmann-Pugh breakthrough, also saved here if that link is stale.

Various legal beagles debate the Pugh decision in today's Camera

Thomas asks for dismissal of Rammer's libel suit against him.

Elsewhere, kidnapping for ransom gets etiquette in the Philippines.


5:03 AM MDT, Sun. 7/8/01 (day #1657 week #238 month #54 year #4)
1. New parody by Dunvegan

Good Morning!

Steve Thomas' request to dismiss the Rammer's suit against him is running on the AP wire.

Missed one: Yesterday's Rocky had a piece with pundits doin' their thang on the Hoffmann-Pugh Grand Jury ruling.

Elsewhere (on a slow Sunday)...

Bummer: One less criminal-defense lawyer in the world, Barry Levin went to a veterans cemetery to commit suicide.

Chandra Levy Case: Mr. Blow-dry admits to affair with missing intern, causing me to speculate on other meanings implied by his nickname.



6:11 AM MDT, Tue. 7/10/01 (day #1659 week #238 month #54 year #4)
1. JonBenét look-alike

Good Morning!

Candy has transcribed the Crier Live (CourtTV) appearance by Darnay Hoffman yesterday, thanks Candy!

Jayelles on Websleuths has collected all the British TV weekly descriptions (six so far) on Michael Tracey's latest crockumentary, fun read!

Cases to watch...

Forensic hair evidence debunked (found on CrimeNews2000).

"John Doe" warrants fought (found on Cybersleuths).

Boulder: Sick puppy, with rap sheet dating back to '95, nabbed in Boulder after assaulting 13-year-old girl.

Charlevoix: Sick puppy, intruder, strangler, bludgeoner sentenced for '00 attack.

Schmatzfeld (Germany): Sick refuse.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM, MDT, David Smith, ex-husband of Susan Smith, will discuss murdering mommies and the men who love them.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 11, Crime Stories, Who Killed the Pageant Queen?, ITV, check local listings (sorry Yankees, UK only).





6:45 AM MDT, Wed. 7/11/01 (day #1660 week #238 month #54 year #4)
1. Deputy (in the) Dog (house)

Good Morning!

Oh HO!! This one made me WHOOP and run around the room (extrême difficilé since lé rec room is diffusé with teenager debrís)...somebody send Mark some flowers! Send Sandra some flowers too!

Just go read it and then come back...

Makes your heart go, as Patsy would say, pitty-pat
, eh? Big hug to Sandra Fish for making my day.

Stale, despite being canned: Lucky (?) Sandra Fish got to view the new (?) Traceymentary, and a lot (?) will sound familiar. Only one question remains...will Mikey use his ITV proceeds to reimburse the taxpayers of Colorado? Or to have some orthodontia?

Is it (Crock, Junior) biased? Sure. Even Bucky admits it. Okay, WHO nicknamed him Bucky? Trivia that will drive me crackers all day...Help me Jeezus.

Sumting Wong: Another story on the Boulder sick puppy (see yesterday's column below), who walked FIFTEEN TIMES before his latest arrest for 'forcible fondling'.

I like this poll, I like the results better (see upper right corner of this page).

Highest and best use for the RST..."The unscripted series follows 22 strangers in a secret location who compete to solve a murder for a $1 million prize. Contestants will be asked to complete challenges while trying to find the killer among them. As the game proceeds, bodies will continue to drop."

Just for fun, it's rare when a dry KMGH report can make me laugh, read the last line carefully.

TV ALERT: Crime Stories, Who Killed the Pageant Queen?, ITV, check local listings (sorry yankees, UK only).


7:42 AM MDT, Thurs. 7/12/01 (day #1661 week #239 month #54 year #4)
1. Diane Downs Dream Perp

Good Morning!

Heh. (Looks like the Rocky needs dinky lil Daily Camera to feed it stories) Anyway, a day later they do dig up some interesting comments from the players in the Beckner/Ainsworth tiff (see yesterday's headliner below), and reveals that the BPD is ticked at El Paso County Sheriff John Anderson too. Yee Haw! (as J.T. would say)...

What WAS he thinking? Lawd. The Boulder County Sheriff web site STILL sports "media parking" and "media photo area" on the official JAIL map!

And this - They are really accommodating, surely there is something interesting to be had...Jeff Shapiro's mug shot at the very least.

Above and beyond the call of duty (or doody)...Jayelles of Websleuths musta stayed up all night to be able to type up a transcript of Crockumentary, Junior, aka, "Who Killed the Pageant Queen?" - Warning: Twisted Logic. Shameless Pandering. Sharp Spins. Not healthy for the very young, the very old, the very naive.

It's just sad that Bucky (BTW, it was Cassandra who nicknamed him that) is so misguided, evidence this totally twisted rendition disguised as a TV review, in today's Guardian.

Review of the crock in the RamseyMountainNews... just read the last three paragraphs, they're all pretty funny.

Rocky columnist ponders why we are enthralled by the Chandra Levy case? Perhaps because Gary reminds us of the Rammers.

What do O.J., JonBenét, Elian and Chandra all have in common?

Did CNN go overboard on the JonBenét case? Heck no, they STARTED the whole dang thang.

Polygrapher Ed Gelb wants to have it both ways. Statistics lie and liars quote statistics.

And what the **** is going down in the Chandra case anyway? Yikes.

TV ALERT: The Hunt, "Criminal Profiling", A&E, 8 PM MDT, Profiling, the science of deducing what kind of person a criminal suspect might be, is now used in many places, but how reliable is it? We look at some of the most famous criminals who were profiled, including Seattle's Green River Killer, New York City's Mad Bomber, Germany's Vampire of Dusseldorf, and London's Notting Hill Rapist.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow, Friday 7/13, Oprah, syndicated, check local listings, rebroadcast of interview with the most infamous murdering mommy of all, narcissic psychopathic bitch Diane Downs, and update on her by authoress-extraordinaire Ann Rule.


6:40 AM MDT, Fri. 7/13/01 (day #1662 week #239 month #54 year #4)
1. Hoppin'Lou

Good Morning!

It doesn't get much better than this: What the Camera started (see Wednesday below), and what the Rocky continued (see Thursday below), the Colorado Springs Gazette scores a home run in the latest mini-drama side-show - Beckner vs. Ainsworth/Anderson! With the added bonus of some deliciously scandalous comments from Governor Owens... Also saved here if that link is stale (and because the Gazette does not archive online).

You may wonder why Lin Wood hasn't jumped into the fray, yet...well, he's been busy elsewhere...just wait, Madamewozzle Brady knows and sees all...he will...

Busy Jayelles has added some still pictures from the Bucky Tracy crockumentary - WARNING: EXTREMELY, HORRIBLY, I-CANT-BELIEVE-THEY-USED-IT, DISRESPECTFUL OF THE DEAD, DALE EARNHARDT-LIKE, UGH.

No JonBenét stories but Slate's Keeping Tabs column notes that Chandra is getting the "full JonBenét" treatment.

How hot is Chandra? She's so hot that she's bumping up my stats. Listen carefully. This page is about the Ramsey Vortex. If you want the down and dirty on Levy/Condit, try my friends at CrimeNews2000 and Cybersleuths. You are welcome to hang out here (but I can't guarantee any Chandra news) .

TV ALERT: Oprah, syndicated, check local listings, rebroadcast of interview with the most infamous murdering mommy of all, narcissic psychopathic bitch Diane Downs, and update on her by authoress-entraordinaire Ann Rule.

TOMORROW: Now the second-most famous intern? Monica Lewinsky and her daddy on Larry King Live, 7 PM MDT, CNN.


8:08 AM MDT, Sat. 7/14/01 (day #1663 week #239 month #54 year #4)
1. ...and quacks like a duck

Good Morning!

Late because I was watching the RST support Gary Condit on Fox News Network - strange but true...I say we put O.J., Patster, JohnBoy and Mr. Blow-dry on a leaky boat bound for Havana... So, briefly...

Thomas says eat me.

O'Reilly says bite me.

Gallup says sue me.

In other news...

This is truly frightening - thought police running amok in Ohio.

Weird Science: This is a Brady five-star recommendation - New York Times Magazine on internet careful what you ask for...

Meanwhile back in Boulder, (Sick Puppy) parent/volunteer at Nederland Elementary School (yep, that's where David White taught) arrested for child molestation.

TV ALERT: Fox News Network, just leave it on, all day, don't turn it off, don't eat, don't pee...


7:00 AM MDT, Sun. 7/15/01 (day #1664 week #239 month #54 year #4)
1. Ouch! Blacklisted in Boulder

Good Morning!

Virtual Pulitzers: Sunday wrap-up from Sandra Fish at the Boulder Daily Camera on the delightful mini-scandal of Beckner v Ainsworth/Anderson. Grab some java, get comfy and enjoy!

Ta Da, here are the three available letters...

(Another Brady five star award, *****) Beckner to Epp, May 6th

Beckner to Anderson, May 10th

Anderson's reply to Beckner, June 4th (NOTE: It took SIXTEEN, 16, "business days" to craft the response, wonder why?)

(Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?)

But, in a typically hypocritical manner, (confusing the hell out of me, and making my head hurt) the Camera also offers up Bucky Tracey's (a previously unknown British expat, a minor (see page 4) journalism professor from the Boulder backwater) take on the inturder theory. Don't read it - but if you do, you'd better blast off a reply.


I told you that Lin Wood would be heard from, didn't I? (see Friday below).

And Chandra and JonBenét again, joined at the hip, like odd Siamese Twins. My tan is fading. I need a shower. But I just can't turn it off. Haylp me Jeezus...

TV ALERT: Take your pick.






6:00 AM MDT, Mon. 7/16/01 (day #1665 week #239 month #54 year #4)
1. Chez Ramzee

Good Morning!

Rocky Mountain News running a tame version of the latest in the Beckner/Ainsworth sideshow developments.

Amazing that the only paper to pick up the Sunday Sandra Fish story on the Beckner v Ainsworth tiff is the teeny-weeny Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Another sideshow: Steve Thomas hearing today on the contempt of court charge - did he, or didn't he accept service?

Today's Chandra/JonBenét twin-ings...

Really pompous, unreadable editorial denounces " crowd whose tawdry pedigree includes abuse of innocent Richard Jewell..." "... and JonBenét Ramsey...."

Dubious honor - Time Magazine names Gary Condit it's "Person of the Week" - and throws some JonBenét references in for good measure...

(Inspiration?: On July 7th Condit was named John Montgomery's "Creep of the Week")

Not to be outdone, US News & World Report offers up a longer version, and throws out some JonBenét, OJ and Monica too. Tré smarmy ..."FBI agents in California are pursuing rumors about more than a dozen women with whom Condit may have had extramarital relations"...

Okay, comparison of Levy to Ramsey is inevitable, but what about Fahey? They didn't have a body in that case either...Listen carefully. If Levy is keeping you awake at night study up on the late '90's case in Delaware. The good news is it has a tidy conclusion. The bad news is that it took three years.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, psychic Sylvia Browne vs. James Randi.


7:00 AM MDT, Tue. 7/17/01 (day #1666 week #239 month #54 year #4)
1. Overalls?

Good Morning!

He said, She said: He hit me first, no you did, Subpoena server and Steve Thomas' stories differ radically.

Damn Ugly Shoes: Steve implies he wouldn't get caught dead in overalls...

And also briefly and buried in the Denver Post, scroll down halfway to "Boulder Detective..."

A wonderful piece of investigative journalism, Sandra Fish's Sunday piece on Beckner/Ainsworth has been picked up by the dinky lil Evansville (Indiana?) Courier-Press, and Nando Times.

Gee, I guess we ought to cover this! KMGH Denver TV 7 jumps onto the Beckner complaint story almost a week late.

What a way to go: (Attention Conspiracy Theorists) We knew there were spooks in Boulder, didn't we?

Today's Chandra/JonBenét sightings...

Ka-ching!: The pundits are back, with a vengeance...

A member of the LAPD lets loose, defends Metro cops, compares it to JonBenét.

Time Magazine on "Sex, Lies and Polygraphs"...

July 11th Time - Forensics expert cites Ramsey investigation to explain DC cops caution.

Bowing to pressure here - I started a free-standing page to archive Chandra Levy/Gary Condit items, after I noticed that 50% of visitors arriving here referred by a search engine are looking for that case, not Ramsey.

(And lest you forget, Condit is a Democrat).


6:35 AM MDT, Wed. 7/18/01 (day #1667 week #239 month #54 year #4)
1. Future interns?

Good Morning!

Not much out there on JonBenét today...

Chatty KMGH report on the first day of Steve Thomas' contempt hearing, read slowly because that's about it.

Peripheral characters: Remember Karen Mitchell of Boulder Bytes? Digital City Denver? of the "bad Ethan Allen"? Well the bad news is that she's taking early retirement from the Boulder Daily Camera - the good news is that she's older than me :-)

Ouch! The DC police web site is experiencing heavy traffic!

Reminder that the Chandra news now has it's own page here on, crossing my fingers that my boss doesn't mind...

TOMORROW: Fleet White's contempt citation hearing.


6:45 AM MDT, Thur. 7/19/01 (day #1668 week #240 month #54 year #4)
1. Vintage Coffman

Good Morning!

Love/Hate relationship: Thank God for kooks like Boulder "gadfly" (Brill's Content label) Frank Coffman who won't let Bucky Tracey get away with murder (scroll down to second letter), amen Frank!

So what's the hot topic in Boulder these days? Dog poop. No, I'm not making this up.

No Chandra/JonBenét twinnings today, so after uploading here I'll update the free-standing Chandra Levy news page...

TODAY: The Fleet White hearing on contempt of court charges.

Housekeeping: Heads up buckos! The Brady Bunch is about to depart for their annual excursion to our holy land for two weeks of navel-contemplation sans technology. Tomorrow (Friday) will be the last issue until our return on August 5th.



6:05 AM MDT, Fri. 7/20/01 (day #1669 week #240 month #54 year #4)

1. Good Morning!

Get Smart: Another Mike Bynum law firm member (which means rubbing elbows with Trip Demuth too) is up for a Boulder judgeship.

Go Directly to Jail: Fleet White's contempt hearing has been continued until August 31st.

Sounds Familiar: The National Enquirer is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to Chandra Levy.

Found on Cybersleuths: Do the rich/famous/beautiful get different treatment by the cops? Hell yes.

Bookmark please: More Chandra news today on the Where is Chandra Levy? page.

HOUSEKEEPING: Yes, seriously, I am going on vacation for two weeks. Here are some things that will be happening while I'm gone...

Monday, July 30th - The story of Annie Lemberger will be broadcast at 9 p.m. July 30 as part of the History Channel's "Forensic Firsts" program. 1911 murder similar to Ramsey, see book on Amazon for more details.

Tuesday, July 31st - Steven McGonigle's trial is scheduled to begin. McGonigle allegedly used a stun gun in an attempt to kidnap and rape a teenage girl, has pleaded not guilty in Douglas County Court to several felony charges. Named by the Ramseys as a person of interest.

Tuesday, July 31st - Continuation of Steve Thomas' contempt hearing in Golden, Colorado.

See you on Sunday, August 5th!