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7:15 AM MDT, Fri. 7/12/02 (day #2023 week #291 month #66 year #5
1. returning courtside

Good Morning!

The search for the body of 6 year old Abby Blagg in a Mesa County Colorado landfill will probably end next week, her father's next court appearance is next Thursday. Tomorrow there will be another memorial service for Jennifer Blagg, this time in Oklahoma.

Beat me, whip me: Colorado is home to men-gone-bad, and the women who love them.

The "Me-Too" Factor: Another suspect has emerged in the apparent abductions of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis - and it's a "rule number one" type. So don't be shocked. Both their mothers were given lie-detector tests this week. As usual, Ashley's mom was not available to comment.

The last thing Judge Mudd did before leaving on vacation was to reverse his previous ruling barring Damon van Dam from the court. Damon has to promise not to stare at Westerfield though (does that mean he can attack him instead?). Meanwhile Brenda's very good friend Denise Kemal has been fired by the airline she worked for because they have a zero-tolerance policy on drug use. Anti-climactic. But she was right about one thing - Westerfield is "creepy".


8:48 AM MDT, Sat. 7/13/02 (day #2024 week #291 month #66 year #5
1. "Rastro"

Good Morning!

Elizabeth Smart sighting? Convenience store clerk in Nebraska calls cops after seeing tearful 12 to 14-year-old in company of three creepy men. A blonde too. Local gendarme sounds like a dim bulb. Authorities in Salt Lake tried to contact Nebraska about this, but did they run the Pennsylvania tag first - or yet?

Is your head spinning yet? No? Well lookee here. Another, yes a THIRD, suspect in the Pond/Gaddis case. Pretty soon (but don't hold your breath) we may even recover bodies.

Calling it a "brazen attempt", scraggly dude smelling strongly of cigarette smoke tries to kidnap a 12-year-old girl in Boulder County last night.

Speaking of smoke - - Today's Rocky Mountain News weekend edition cover story is on the recent DNA link breakthroughs from the retesting of evidence in cold cases. JonBenét even gets a mention, but in a negative light, her legacy here is that she fouled up the Tantra Lakes investigation.

Blast From the Past: Remember the "Red Rodeo Rapist"? All the Ram-Huggers had their bowels in an uproar over this serial kidnapper/rapist wandering the West back in '97. Weel, he's safely locked up in Colorado, and if he is ever released now faces 45-90 years in Wyoming too.

HOUSEKEEPING: Heads up. One week from today the Bradys begin our annual two-week hiatus to Undisclosed-Location, New Jersey to commune with nature, risk skin cancer, drink vast quantities of alcohol, eat over-priced, fattening food and sleep. This page will be "dark" from July 20th through August 3rd.


9:20 AM MDT, Sun. 7/14/02 (day #2025 week #291 month #66 year #5
1. Looks like fun!

Good Morning!

Give that dog a bone!: Thwarted kidnapping in Lafayette, Colorado on Friday involved athletic efforts by intended victim and intervention by her dog. Police have released sketch of pep (but I haven't found it yet).

We already knew that but, Denver Post confirms that the search for Abby Blagg will likely end this week, 3600 tons at landfill searched, only 400 more tons to go.

Washington Post: High profile cases like van Dam and Smart, in addition to the recent, unsatisfactory conclusion of the Lisk and Silva cases, has parents across the US nervous, and their children sleepless.

Ricci's preliminary court hearing on the burglary charges has been postponed until July 31st. The Smart family will be "resting" today. Slipped in, almost as an afterthought, is that there was a search in Columbus, Ohio yesterday...why? huh? what? Did the Pennsylvania Astro Van travel from Nebraska to Columbus?

FBI acknowledges flurry of activity this past week in the Pond/Gaddis case but continues to be coy about use of the "S" word and refuses to offer optimism on resolution.

Defense witnesses smiling at, winking at, giving thumbs up sign to David Westerfield "humanizes" him and damages prosecutions' case, say legal experts.


7:05 AM MDT, Mon. 7/15/02 (day #2026 week #291 month #66 year #5
1. Like Geraldo, rising from the dead

Good Morning! Sorry so late, got waylaid surfing up Grover Cleveland's illegitmate son, I must have A.D.D.?

Proving the Judge's statement, "When there's nothing live, there will be something contrived", correct, the San Diego Union-Tribune speculates on the 11 day Westerfield trial hiatus impact.

On a lighter note, a Union-Tribune columnist wonders how we all will cope without the van Dam Channel? And more, reaction from NORML on the Denise Kemal firing because of her pot admission.

Just because, it's funny, it's Monday, it's July: The Peoples' Republic of Boulder outdoor-upholstered furniture ban goes into effect August 1st - here's how they are (not) coping, so far.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, entire show promised to be on the van Dam case.

TV AVOID: Phil Donohue's new show on MSNBC premieres tonight.


8:09 AM MDT, Tue. 7/16/02 (day #2027 week #291 month #66 year #5
1. fell for the ol' lost puppy scam

Good Morning!

Another devastatingly beautiful little white girl has been snatched by a sick puppy, this time in Stanton, California.

An incident in Lincoln, Nebraska on Thursday, that I found on Friday afternoon (and reported on, and then had here Saturday morning, has finally reached the family of Elizabeth Smart, and hence, picked up by the AP today. Dang slow, IMHO.

(BTW, one of my submissions made Lucianne's Short Cuts today, I'm really in the big time now!)

Former Boulder Mayor Leslie Durgin, of No-Intruder-on-the-loose fame, endorses BPD's Joe Pelle for Boulder County Sheriff, the Colorado primary is August 13th.


8:00 AM MDT, Wed. 7/17/02 (day #2028 week #291 month #66 year #5
1. Suspect and Most Wanted

Samantha Runnion is dead. They haven't announced it yet, but I just know.

Despite a speedy Amber alert, feature on the FBI's home page and world-wide pickup of the story. I wish the Feebies would just look in their own files. He's not Hispanic, he's Jewish. Duh.

Linkages?: The kidnapping of Samantha on Monday night and two little Denver girls in February may be linked (scroll halfway down to "Kidnappings").

Connecting the dots: Still no sighting of the mysterious, Lincoln, Nebraska van with Pennsylvania plates.

There oughta be a law: Who, exactly, is that dude you hired to re-caulk your master bath? We thought Ed Smart was doofy for allowing Richard Ricci into his home, thus risking his children's safety, yet there is no standard for checking criminal pasts of home contractors.

Can't keep all the players straight without a scorecard, so Oregon TV station summarizes all the "suspects" in the Pond/Gaddis cases that have recently revealed themselves.

You say green-honda, I say black-honda: (Maybe he had it painted?) Nearby, a case of a missing and presumed dead Oregon boy back in 1998 is being re-opened as a possible kidnapping (registration required, but it accepts fictitious information and then gives you a cookie, I claimed to be 102 years old!).

Meanwhile, back in Boulder: Defense attorney argues that stabber who calls 911 for help for her victim "called so that he would be saved,".

Case Characters: Trouble is brewing for former Ramsey-case-brain-trust member Dave Thomas' congressional campaign.


7:19 AM MDT, Thurs. 7/18/02 (day #2029 week #292 month #66 year #5
1. No new search...

All together, very depressing news...

Posed, not Dumped: Lala Times says body recovery area was staged to send a message. The story is running coast to coast and world-wide, so maybe it's time to tell our legislatures that we want the death penalty, nay!, public hangings!, for child murderers. Enough is enough!

A similar attempt in San Diego? And a similar kidnapping in Pennsylvania? Some similarities, small green car, dark haired perp, moustache.

I suppose the Smart family in Salt Lake City was behind closed doors grieving for little Samantha yesterday, in the meantime, it's proven again, that Richard Ricci is just plain bad, bad, bad.

They've had it in San Diego, small wonder, cops announce that they have decided not to search a second landfill for missing 2-year-old Jahi Turner.

Weird Colorado: Cretin stole his ex-girlfriend's cat, holding it hostage so she won't testify against him in an assault case. Souvenir manhole covers are now being sold in Vail, for $295 a pop, no word on how you're supposed to get 'em home. Not carry-on, fershure.





7:56 AM MDT, Fri. 7/19/02 (day #2030 week #292 month #66 year #5
Oh My!

Listen Carefully!

The Brady family is departing for our annual hedonistic revel. Although USA Today claims that baby-killers are merely this summer's shark-attacks, here are links to hold you over until Ma's return on Sunday August 4th...

Blagg, Mesa County, Colorado - KMGH Denver TV 7, ABC affiliate; Grand Junction Sentinel
, Fort Collins/Philadelphia serial rapes - Fort Collins Coloradoan,
, Oregon City, Oregon - See the links in the right hand column
, Boulder, Colorado - Ma's Daily Regimen
, Stanton/Orange County, California - Orange County Register, KTLA
, Salt Lake City, Utah - Deseret News, Salt Lake City Tribune
Turner/van Dam
, San Diego, California - See the links in the right hand column
All cases
- Our friends at CrimeNews2000 and Cybersleuths.

(And to any baby-murdering, pedophilic scum reading here...God knows who you are! Why not spare your relatives and heirs the heartbreak and kill yourself today. Go ahead. Or would you prefer to be locked up with a bunch of maniacs who will torture and butt-f*** you before you burn in hell for eternity? Just be sure to leave a full-confession in your suicide note first.)

What's new on each of the above, also in alphabetical order...

BLAGG: The searchers sifting through a landfill looking for the remains of Abby Blagg have re-hit a strain of trash connected to Michael Blagg's employer, raising hopes that they will find her soon. His preliminary hearing on murder charges has been set for October 10th (scroll down halfway to "date set").

GRAVES: Well, he's locked up but aparently still on U.S. Government payroll. The Coloradoan has a neat Troy Graves archive set up if you need a review.

POND/GADDIS: You can't swing a lil' dead beauty queen without hitting a suspect lately. Maybe they're all planning book deals. My advice is to get a good ghost writer, just like...

RAMSEY: Hey, the death penalty is alive and well in Colorado, and Mary Keenan is itchin' to use it. But don't hold your breath, according to this comedian, Boulder couldn't catch a bear in a phone booth (then again, they ain't in no phone booth, they're in Vinings, Georgia or vacationing in that one bathroom, Charlevoix, Michigan fixer-upper, dummy.) Unlike Boulderites, I'm not going to shy away from the subject.

RUNNION: ((Sigh)) They are going to break this one. And soon. Again, I just know it. Being on the front page of the New York Times all the way over here on the RIGHT coast doesn't hurt. BTW, the business they searched in Temecula, California is Guidant. The bad news is that they have over 2500 employees. Seen on the Lucianne forums, one poster related that a person "from another country" said that there they would tie a cloth around the perpetrators' penis, light it on fire and then hand him a knife. His choice. I really like that.

SMART: Sadly, this case is starting to fizzle, relegated to mere side show and bizzare case characters. Even the Deseret News is having a hard time thinking up new crises. This time it's email. NINMTU. Wonder if they thought about contacting their service provider. Duh.

TURNER/VAN DAM: David Westerfield caught a break during the trial hiatus with the Samantha Runnion kidnapping and murder. The trial resumes on Monday (hope my rental has CourtTV!). In the meantime, California authorities have promised to start immediately notifying residents of abductions, rather than waiting for corroboration. How nice. Tomorrow is Jahi Turner's mother's 19th birthday, to celebrate another volunteer search has been organized. Creepy.

Oh my, I said "penis" and alluded to the F-word today, it's time for a vacation! So have a safe remainder of July. Keep your babies close to you. I'll see you back here on August 4th.