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6:51 AM, MDT, Friday 6/16/00 (day #1269, week #182, month #41, year #3)
1. Another Sketchman sighting!

Good Morning!

Jay Leno last night - Did you hear that the Ramseys' former home in Boulder is for sale? It's a 3 story house - John's Story, Patsy's Story and ...(lost the third, I was laughing too hard, maybe "Burke's story")...

This just in from "the jerk" (as pronounced by Alex Hunter on World-wide TV) Jann Scott...

* TONITE on ROUTE 66; Jann takes comment line calls and reviews "Tremors in the Blood" the CIA secret text book on how to beat Lie detector tests. A book that John and Patsy Ramsey had removed from all Government and legal Libraries in the state of Colorado and Georgia, CIA Expert John Wesley tells Jann the Ramseys lied in text book fashion and were coached by former CIA ops for cash. Wed. 7:30 P, 12: 30 a and Thur. 11:30 a Boulder cable 54 ...

Brief rewrite of the Ramsey Home for Sale story is running on Ram-Hugging KUSA Denver TV 9.

What do JonBenet and photo radar have in common? They are both "failed experiments", and hence, the BPD should just not bother investigating murders.

Yeah Right - I am enthralled with Boulder's latest Mirabal murder trial - the strangulation/decapitation of Natalie Mirabal.

Oh I wish I was in Boulder, doo dah, doo dah: Those nuts at G.W. Hanaway have added another Boulder web cam view - see "West End" here.

Rocky columnist Bill Johnson comments on Colorado's murdering parents and grandparents, four cases this week alone...

Meanwhile, in New Mexico...I've been watching this case of a missing boy with the help of our friends at CrimeNews2000 and Cybersleuths...starting to sound like a Ramsey case clone...same for the "good Christians" excuse to pop, developing...


8:00 AM, MDT, Sat. 6/17/00 (day #1270, week #182, month #41, year #3)
1. Stolen from libraries?

Good Morning!

What's the password? (WARNING: sickening, get a barf bag handy) - Patsy's fan club is having a party camera's permitted, in a secret location...puhleeze! (sleuthing procurement compliments of Chris).

Betsy was RIGHT! JonBenét isn't dead, she's addressing the San Jose City Council (link compliments of ibnora).

Well, I highly doubt it - The mysterious "how to beat a lie detector test book, Tremor in the Blood (see Jann Scott press release in Friday's issue below) is readily available at

Take a pill - to cure your pedophilia? In some quick, satisfying justice the Arapahoe County Target store molester has been sentenced to 75 years.

Mirabal defense continues to pound search for mysterious kidnapper, says crime "went awry".

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Why O.J. Simpson Won", A&E, 1 PM, MDT, includes an interview with defense attorney Barry Scheck, who describes how Simpson's legal team challenged the credibility of detective Mark Fuhrman.


7:45 AM, MDT, Sunday 6/18/00 (day #1271, week #182, month #41, year #3)
1. like a garrote...

Good Morning!

It's really dead out there, so it's time to take a look at what JonBenét books are selling from Amazon - ITRI remains at the top of the heap....

Mark Fuhrman gives a rare interview to the Boston Globe, focuses on his investigation of the Martha Moxley case.

Speaking of Fuhrman, you can listen to his Crime radio show Thursdays from 3-7pm MDT on KXLY.

Another one bites the dust - For the third time within the past 3 years, Newsweek has moved their web site, unfortunately this time to the un-navigable, unintelligible MSNBC - and sans search function - good luck digging up classic Glick now...


6:19 AM, MDT, Monday 6/19/00 (day #1272, week #182, month #41, year #3)
1. Sketchman's Mom

Good Morning!

The long news drought breaks! Not one but two Ramsey stories today!

From the Ramsey Mountain News, a new poll shows Coloradans not swayed by the Rammers' self-sponsored polygraph - Beckner quote calls them "tests paid for and controlled by those who are under investigation." (and it should be noted that the Time magazine poll, still active, shows 74% believing a member of the family did it).

A new slant from the oh-so conservative Boulder Daily Camera on optimistic movement towards possible July re-interrogations..."The Ramseys remain under police suspicion"... "and expressed hope police suspicion will move past them"... "Under Colorado law, suspects and witnesses have the right to refuse to talk to police."... "The last interview the Ramseys gave to police was in June 1998"...Whaaaat? Call me dumbfounded!

Ah ha - The Hell Hole is now listed on the MLS (link compliments of Sabrina)

Not very funny and downright eerie: Two letters to the Daily Camera - - first says the DeMuth campaign for DA needs to stop joking about guns (second letter from the top) - - and then one from "Jeb Bennett" says he can't live with Ramsey case derision (see "Not afraid to show compassion" halfway down).

The National Lampoon is featuring "America's Fun Couple", John and Patsy, as their Photo Of The Week (scroll halfway down this page, link compliments of SDean1).

Did I give you this link before? I can't remember, must be my half-heimers...The National Enquirer article "How JonBenét's Parents passed lie detector" is now running on their web site.

Trivia - Here's a foundation out of Boulder that's really doing something with their money - named in honor of someone's horse! No lie, I'm not making this up...

More Trivia - Leeza Gibbons is going back to her roots - and no, I'm not talking about her hair.


6:39 AM, MDT, Tues. 6/20/00 (day #1273, week #182, month #41, year #3)
1. well-dressed sketchman

Good Morning!

Oh, I hate it when I find things like this funny...but, have to highly recommend Boulder Weekly's Wayne Laugeson's column this week on the BPD..."Boulder police don't solve most murders, rapes and robberies. Those crimes confuse them"...the truth hurts!

Trivia - Another Vortex-Victim? Former Boulder city spokesperson David Grimm, a consultant on the Perfect Murder, Perfect Town mini-series, has been arrested - obscure, but interesting, eh?...

Oh goodie! The Burt Hubbard story from yesterday's Rocky on the self-sponsored Rammer polygraphs un-impact on public opinion is running nationwide.

Newly released vital statistics reveal that the second-leading cause of death for Colorado children aged 1 to 9 is homicide, right after unintentional injuries...

No mention of Henry Lee, just Barry Scheck connected to JonBenet, in this O.J. retrospective of the case characters.

Meanwhile, on the Right Coast, today is the hearing on whether Michael Skakel should be tried as an adult in the murder of Martha Moxley - get all the breaking news at the site.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "Cold Case Files", A&E, 8 PM, MDT, Florida detectives trace a gun used in a 4-year-old murder to the killer, who confesses after interrogation and then kills himself. In Vancouver, DNA tests identify a skull of a 14-year-old boy who went missing 6 years earlier. When a second skull is found, investigators fear they have a sexual stalker and killer in the area.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Dead Wrong", Discovery Channel, 9 PM EDT/PDT, 8 PM CDT, 10 PM MDT, when a murderer can't hide the body, he'll conceal the facts in another way and hope others think the death was a suicide or committed by someone else - three cases prove that when investigators dig deeper, clues point to the real murderer.

TV ALERT: FBI Files, "Cat and Mouse", Discovery Channel, 10 PM EDT/PDT, 9 PM CDT, 11 PM MDT, two young girls were abducted and murdered in 1985, the FBI used their behavioral profiling skills, forensic evidence and investigative prowess to find the killer and end his short but deadly reign.


6:27 AM, MDT, Wed. 6/21/00 (day #1274, week #182, month #41, year #3)
1. not stolen...

Good Morning!

No JonBenét news today, so here's some miscellaneous flotsam I surfed into that you may find interesting...

Stayin' Alive - Alex Hunter's buddy and mouthpiece, Bob Grant, is fighting term limits in Adams County which could oust him from his comfy office in 4 years...

Gone with the wind - JonBenét's former elementary school, Martin Park, may be re-named.

Another cop busted for sex assault on a child - and aggravated incest - this one "served as the (Denver Police) department's spokesman, handling inquiries from the media"

Gloves,field trips and DNA - Not enough blood to test, not a large enough spot to test, etc....from the wrap-up of the Matthew Mirabal murder trial happening in Boulder.

Strange bedfellows, really strange - Mark Fuhrman will serve as a "crime scene" consultant for the filming of Larry Schiller's American Tragedy mini-series...

Also in today's New York Post...the history of the National Enquirer, ousted scion to write tell-all book on the tattling tab...

Shades of JonBenét grave vandalism, serial killer/cannibal Ed Gein's headstone has been stolen - cops watching internet auctions for it to pop up...


6:08 AM, MDT, Thurs. 6/22/00 (day #1275, week #183, month #41, year #3)
1. Cyril Wecht haunt

Good Morning!

JonBenét crime scene FUBAR, says Cyril Wecht on this new Internet TV show, Investigators. Watch the streaming video of the interview here.

JonBenét task force member Jane Harmer will receive the Criminal Justice award from the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault in Denver tonight for her work with Detective Chuck Heidel on the Boulder gang rape case from last summer.

More on Adams County DA, and Alex Hunter-apologist, Bob Grant's attempt to exempt himself from term limits in today's Denver Post.

Letter to the Daily Camera calls for a citizen's review board to inspect BPD handling of major crimes like the Ramsey murder - scroll halfway down to "Police".

Another Sick Puppy: Greeley, Weld County, Colorado kid's soccer coach nabbed for sex assault, pornography, etc.

Oh I wish I was in Dixie...Reminder: Today through Saturday, Miss West Virginia Pageant, Robert C. Byrd High School in Clarksburg.


6:19 AM, MDT, Friday 6/23/00 (day #1276, week #183, month #41, year #3)
1. Classic Colorado

Good Morning!

Oh Goodie! Coming in September, Who Will Speak for JonBenét? by Mother Gone Bad author Andrew G. Hodges - could have been called Investigation Gone Bad - new breakthroughs in deeper intelligence, confessions and MOTIVES!

John Douglas confession? Another book to look forward to, Douglas and Olshaker's Cases That Haunt Us, to contain a chapter on the Ramseys self-sponsored consultation and infamous profile, coming in November

(And if you are really desperate, the reverse-speech book JonBenét Knows Evil Love is technically available via

Sick Puppy Gone Bad: Remember Tibis Kneipp? (We thought he might be "good for" the murder of Susannah Chase but was cleared by DNA in January). He faces additional charges in a murder of a Fort Collins college student.

Politician Gone Bad: Another blurb on Bob Grant's appeal to reverse term limits that would oust him in 4 years.

Pets Gone Bad: For all our animal lovers out there, Telluride musician needs a book What to Name Your Pet, he tours with friends Booger, Snot and Gassy (see photo above).