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6:40 AM MDT, Fri 6/1/01 (day #1620 week #233 month #53 year #4)
1. WWW

Good Morning!

'Arndt' you glad that J.T. Colfax is still interested in the Ramsey case? Me too. He leaves all the $10/hour reporters in the dust...

Arndt feared for her life, requested bodyguard, "in 1997...asked for 'personal and professional' protection."

Daily Camera focuses on testimony of Larry Mason who "suffered unnecessary humiliation because Boulder police administrators failed to quickly clear up false accusations against him".

Everyone looked like an idyot: "Ramsey murder investigation smeared everyone connected with it..." from the Denver Post.

Day late as usual, but still worth it: B.J. Plasket's coverage of Arndt day #2 in the Longmont Daily Times-Call, (and if it's already pulled I also saved it here for you).

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?: Koby and Beckner dine together apres Mason...wonder who chose the whine? (scroll down halfway to "The Seen")...

Surrender Dorothy!: Lin Wood reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West, riding his broomstick high above Boulder, threatening poor, lil ole' Mary Keenan - days late, the Ramsey Mountain News gets it's chit together enough to write up the newest Team Ramsey barrage, you know the one, "me, me, me"...

Murder (not) on her mind: Our gal Mary Keenan is berry busy with gang rape trial in Grand Junction.

Oh jeez: The editorial board of the Boulder Daily Camera really has it's collective head up it's ****.


7:47 AM MDT, Sat 6/2/01 (day #1621 week #233 month #53 year #4)
1. Arndt

Good Morning!

Gosh, it makes my heart go pitty pat when the Daily Camera has bad links on the Ramsey case, really. But in the meantime you can read the first paragraph of the article on the Arndt case here, scroll down to "Expert...".

But the Rocky got the link right, even if it is boring as hell.

Rejoice! "We" made Slate's Keeping Tabs column again, over the demonization of murder victim Bonnie Bakley. "In the name of JonBenét, make it stop!"

(And speaking of the Blake case, Robert's ex called a press conference yesterday, Ramsey-style, just to announce that she has no comment).

Meanwhile, Back in Boulder: Molesting headmaster, Alan Temple, pleads guilty, expresses remorse, will be sentenced to 10 years-life in prison. Civil suit by parents against the Montessori school (ages 3 to 15) expected.


5:21 AM MDT, Sun. 6/3/01 (day #1622 week #233 month #53 year #4)
1. In Memory of Christopher Anderson

You can call it...

being in the wrong place at the wrong time,
the Vortex,
or JonBen
ét's revenge,

...but just try spinning a conspiracy theory out of this one...The Boulder Daily Camera's fourth reporter assigned to the JonBenét beat, Christopher Anderson, was killed by a lightning strike in Fort Lauderdale yesterday afternoon, the first full day of a two week vacation. Coverage below -

Sun Sentinel...

Miami Herald...

Associated Press in the Tallahassee Democrat...


Warning: Graphic content...WSVN, listed as an "independent" had a cameraman on the scene...

Cover article...

Last night's 10 PM news broadcast video, WARNING! very graphic.

Front page image of Anderson during treatment by paramedics.

Another still video image.

Boulder Daily Camera (Warning, tearjerker).

(The complete archive of Chris' work on the Ramsey case can be accessed here, sans yesterday's article on the Arndt case which has mysteriously disappeared.)

Briefly in the Denver Post

General information on lightning strikes...

The basics with no nonsense from NASA...

National Lightning Safety Week begins June 17th, isn't it ironic?...

News of current strikes from around the world, Anderson's tops the list...

An active forum for survivors of lightning strikes from Harvard.

My sincere sympathies to Mr. Anderson's family, friends and co-workers. He will be deeply missed by all of us fanatic fringe/internet junkies.


6:26 AM MDT, Mon. 6/4/01 (day #1623 week #233 month #53 year #4)
1. Fort Lauderdale

More on the Christopher Anderson death by lightning...

A second lightning strike 'incident' this weekend in Southern Florida, with follow-up on the Anderson case.

Miami Herald coverage of the Sunday lightning injuries and updates on the Saturday case, with statistical look at Florida's propensity for the phenomena and safety tips.

And WTVJ Fort Lauderdale (NBC).

Picture of Anderson's girlfriend, Lynne Allen, after her release from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

RealAudio interview with Allen...

Part one on her injuries...

Part two on the weather on the beach Saturday.

Brief follow-up story focusing on Allen, with picture, from WSVN.

WSVN RealVideo interview with Allen.

Matt Drudge, in linking to the Sunday Miami Herald article, seems to imply it's God's Wrath against "reporter"s.

The Camera pulled all six Ramsey case articles by Christopher Anderson, from May 29 to June 2, off the local news page of it's internet edition - but still has not removed his email listing on the staff page, go figure.

Very nice article on Christopher Anderson in the Camera-competitor Longmont Daily Times Call.

Sister publication Rocky Mountain News on the odd death of Christopher Anderson.

And a story is running on KCNC Denver TV 4 (CBS) and KUSA Denver TV 9 (NBC)..



5:23 AM MDT, Fri. 6/8/01 (day #1627 week #234 month #53 year #4)
1. Arndt as the whiny brat

Good Morning! Don't mind me, I'm just in a plain old bad mood today...

Notes? What notes? OH! THOSE notes...oh, you want notes? duh, yeah okay, which notes, (cripes, Patsy coulda confessed for all we know) - Linda comes across as dumb blonde...

Everything but the hormonal imbalance excuse (but gee, it was 'that time of month'), didn't have time, didn't have TRUST, whaz this about they just realized she had notes last year?

Typically bland AP coverage of yesterdays note fight.

Boulder Weekly ponders (scroll down to "She's suing us?") the Arent-Arndt, amazing because this was written before this notes stuff.

Wonder why now? Daily Camera reports on the Steve Thomas Defense Fund-raising, but quotes Lin Wood's snipes first. Might as well just put in a direct line, ala the White House to Atlanta, or better yet just place a full-time shill in the newsroom.

Finally, one week later, the Boulder Daily Camera tells it's readers there was a rape on the CU campus... on Friday, June 1... keep your babies close to you...

Oh yeah, in a final irony, last Saturday the Camera neglected to upload the late Christopher Anderson's story on the Friday June 1 Arndt case testimony - what would turn out to be his LAST words...they have finally, mystically even, appeared on la internet. you think the Camera is haunted?

Looking Forward: June 14th, trial begins in the odd Ramsey note saga of Tom Miller.


6:46 AM MDT, Sat. 6/9/01 (day #1628 week #234 month #53 year #4)
1. money, big money

Good Morning!

No doubt about it, these people have money (see pic of Hal Haddon's "office"), and they are not happy about some mere blue collar worker messing with their INCIDENT about THAT CHILD....

Similar faux shocked tones (like giving you words like faux and segue on a Saturday, if you don't use it you'll lose it) on the Steve Thomas fund-raising, now where were these people when that bogus JonBenét foundation was running amok? (there's another good word for yee).

WARNING: Tearjerkers...

Boulder Daily Camera staff collaboration on the life of late Ramsey beat reporter Christopher Anderson...and...

Likewise running on KCNC TV 4 - hard to believe it's already been a week, a week from hell.


6:47 AM MDT, Sun. 6/10/01 (day #1629 week #234 month #53 year #4)
1. Shocking correspondence

Good Morning!

Typical Sunday, nothing out there...the Denver Post comments on Steve Thomas' fundraising letters and emails! how shocking! how tasteless! (everything's relative).

Hoping for more on Monday, but it will probably be more Avs, Avs, Avs...


4:30 AM MDT, Mon. 6/11/01 (day #1630 week #234 month #53 year #4)
1. nothing "new"

Good Morning!

Oh, I love it when you speak French! 'Voyeurs'...yep, Arndt jurors to review her SECRET reports, yum, with strange bedfellows Bill Wise and Larry Pozner commenting...

And, your point is what? Arndt civil suit could "severely damage any future criminal prosecution". And? You pundits don't seriously believe that there will ever be a "criminal prosecution", do you? Or, are they thinking of the oddities like theft of morgue logs, coroners photos, ransoming the ransom note mayhaps?

More weird Colorado justice.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "New York Justice-Beat Reporters", A&E, 8 PM MDT, how two New York City reporters covered tough crime stories - each case unfolds as they track informants, interview witnesses, and try to uncover the truth behind the face of the crime committed.

TV ALERT: Mugshots, "Robert Ressler", CourtTV, 9 PM CDT, 10 PM EDT/PDT, 11 PM MDT, rebroadcast of the biography/interview with Ressler.




6:47 AM MDT, Tue. 6/12/01 (day #1631 week #234 month #53 year #4)
1. Bardach's infamous piece

Good Morning!

Remember that autumn day that you rushed out to buy Vanity Fair? Remember how you felt when you read Ann Louise Bardach's article? Incredulous, right? Well, it turns out it was deadly dead on...

Skip to the nitty gritty, Sandra Fish gives us delightfully rough notes on the Arndt suit testimony yesterday.

Let's have coffee! Linda and Patsy swap niceties, Barb Fernie sounds not so scary or stalky...

Buy that kid a thesaurus! Simply inconceivable, how many times can she use that word. Irked judge threatens to loose his Irish temper.

Tastefully not using the "R" word, Dateline NBC salutes Camera's bemourned Anderson, scroll down halfway to "Chris Anderson"...

And the beat goes on: Baseball bats, Boulderites weapon of choice, again.


5:49 AM MDT, Wed. 6/13/01 (day #1632 week #234 month #53 year #4)
1. Linda's alter ego?


Good Western Common Sense: Judge calls suit solely personal interest (Linda's), villain was not the City "but by the various media".

Further, if suit had proceeded it would have "place primacy on the reputations of individual officers at the expense of the integrity of the investigation itself".

Body, and otherwise, language from participants post-decision, childish.

Her "sole concern (was) how she was being portrayed in the public media."

Smacks: I love his adjectives! Sadly too short Charlie Brennan story in today's New York Post.

Linda might write a book but continues to talk in riddles: "unwilling and unable to see the facts as they are the first time around -- and now the second time around can't see things as they are -- then I can't make you see them" (huh?).

Dark foreshadowing, warning from KCNC Denver TV 4 on a potential Arndt book, will she learn from Steve's mistakes?

Terse, but gloating press release from the City of Boulder quotes Beckner and Halaby.

Two more that you can skip: AP version of dismissal story running from sea to shining sea, and bland brief from KUSA Denver TV 9.

Dark days for women, "modeling herself on Florence Nightingale", Rocky Mountain News editorial congratulates judge for dismissal.

Phoned in?: Letter to the Daily Camera applauds decision (scroll midway down to "Ramsey"), but wonders who is paying the lawyers.


Denver Post dispatched a warm body to cover the first day of the Miller witch hunt. After Arndt this should be a piece of cake (dismissal), but...

But who's the witch?: "John and Patsy Ramsey want to discredit Miller" so he could not testify that Patsy wrote the note, from the AP running in all the dailies - Camera, Gazette, Post. and Rocky (choose your own flavor).

In other news...

Freshman jitters? Daily Camera disembodied voice (editorial) on the recent gang rape conviction semi-victory, calls it sloppy work by Team Keenan.

Just plain bizarre...

This stuff is all pretty bleak, so kick up your heels and plan your funeral, complete with a casket that will make a statement.


6:25 AM MDT, Thur. 6/14/01 (day #1633 week #235 month #53 year #4)
1. today is Flag Day

Good Morning!

Fleet and Priscilla's criminal libel suit has been dismissed by the Attorney General. This is getting boring, maybe I should sue JR for my carpal tunnel, waning eyesight and arthritis?

Wanted men: This will not help with those defense fund contributions, "District Judge Jane Tidball issued warrants Wednesday for... Steve Thomas...and Fleet White...because the two men didn't show up in court Wednesday after being subpoenaed by Miller's defense counsel." Tsk, tsk.

Duh. Tom Miller testifies that he didn't know that Lewis' intent was to buy the ransom note. No why was he surprised by anything that Craig would do, Craig of the Jann Scott video...

"The extraordinary circumstances of one case did her in, not the malice or stupidity of her supervisors." - the great Camera disembodied voice comments on the end of Arndt.

Surfing away - 1911 murder compared to JonBenét's: Inturder or parent? Book still available in paperback via Amazon, compared to an '80's murder of Paula McCormick, and in search turned up a Jaclyn Dowaliby reference...

Real, live Boulder child sex ring, also operated in California: The sentencing hearing for one of the participants, Michael Ballard, has been postponed to August 17th (scroll down to 'Ballard hearing').

Offbeat: How about sending that crumbly, degraded DNA to another planet? Let the aliens figure it out.


6:44 AM MDT, Fri. 6/15/01 (day #1634 week #235 month #53 year #4)
1. Dave Thomas and Snidely Whiplash

Good Morning!

Ah, justice at last! Controversial side show denizen Tom Miller has been acquitted of the bogus, trumped up commercial bribery charges!

But can't resist a parting shot before he slips back into obscurity, "Patsy Did It!"...

And don't this beat all, he gonna write a book, heh. I hope it includes a gruesome description of the night the BPD and CBI raided his home and threatened to shoot his dogs.

Very interesting and detailed coverage of the Miller trial from Reuters and the same old stuff from the AP.

(Background on the Miller/Lewis bribery case in Westword, the only versions worth reading, can be found here and here).

The AP also picked up the minor sideshow story on the dismissal of the Whites' criminal libel suit.

Unrelated, if you aren't watching the unfolding drama of missing D.C. intern Chandra Levy, you're nuts.



8:36 AM MDT, Sun. 6/24/01 (day #1643 week #236 month #53 year #4)
1. More Mary

Good Morning!

Setting a goof example: Mary Keenan answering the phones at the Justice Center (scroll down midway).

Hip Hip Hooey: Don't you dare criticize Mary Keenan.

I tried to find out if these yoyo's were contributors to Mary's campaign but her official web site is down and the Colorado Secretary of State has yanked the 2000 data off the 'net.

Speaking of humping: He's humping a book, so there will be a lot on Dominick Dunne, but this is particularly candid and politically incorrect (delicious) in today's New York Post.


5:18 AM MDT, Mon. 6/25/01 (day #1644 week #236 month #53 year #4)
1. Miss West Virginia Reunion

Good Morning!

Inspiration for Janet McReynolds' "Hey Rube", Sylvia Likens gets permanent memorial (found on Cybersleuths).

Miss Appalachia, Danae DeMasi was crowned Miss West Virginia 2001 on Saturday night in Parkersburg.

Nice work, News Week is shaking out info on missing intern Chandra Levy


6:00 AM MDT, Tue. 6/26/01 (day #1645 week #236 month #54 year #4)
1. Unfortunate Confessor

Good Morning!

I'm beginning to think this is a deficient I.Q. problem: Fleet White to be jailed for contempt of court, "Miller's lawyer, Gary Lozow, asked Tidball to sentence White to five days for each day of the trial, for a total of 20 days"...(you can ask Tom WHY tonight, see "INTERACTIVE" below).

Buy Buy Miss American Pie: Oh won't you be my SweetTart? JonBenét classified as "all blond curls, lipstick and mascara" in this look at the tarting up of tweens in the Tallahassee Democrat.

Don't ask Don't tell: Parents of children molested by a Boulder Montessori school teacher/director/founder file civil suit against school claiming that staff knew that Temple was a sick puppy.

We've known this for years, but People Magazine is a leetle slow on the uptake: Hunky Dan Abrams is featured (page 80) in the current (7/2) issue as ("Sexy, Single, Sizzling") one of America's Top 50 Bachelors...

INTERACTIVE ALERT: Our pals at CrimeNews2000 are sponsoring a live chat with character-of-interest Tom Miller tonight at 7 PM MDT.


5:03 AM MDT, Wed. 6/27/01 (day #1646 week #236 month #54 year #4)
1. Slick Glick

Good Morning!

Curiouser and transcript from last night's CrimeNews200o talk with inscrutable Tom Miller really did not clear up the Fleet White/Steve Thomas testimony urgency - just opened more windows.

(There's a photo of Miller on the Judith Phillips site - click on Portraits, then Family, it's the 4th photo from the left, "Father and sons".)

Report of impending Fleet White incarceration in both the Rocky Mountain News and on KMGH Denver TV 7.

Likely to be sentenced to 12 years probation, molesting Boulder County baby-sitter pled guilty Tuesday to three counts of sexual assault as part of a 'deal'.

And, meanwhile, another sick Boulderite has been kicked out, again, from court-mandated sex therapy...was sentenced to 3 years probation, now faces jail?

Shades of Alex: El Paso DA in a snit over Colorado Springs Gazette columnist Lou Gonzales revealing inadequate plea bargains (gotta love it).

Elsewhere: Texas Murdering Mommy may be preggers...or maybe not.


6:45 AM MDT, Thurs. 6/28/01 (day #1647 week #237 month #54 year #4)

Good Morning!

No Ramsey news today but there have been several interesting developments on the legal front...

The Boulder coroner will soon be contracting out autopsies to a private firm - wonder how secure their photos will be?

Scroll down to "Child Fondler", one of my list of Sick Puppies to watch, Richard Hiatt, who was old enough to know better at age 60, got a slap on the wrist for molesting a 3 year-old girl at a mall, 10 years probation.

Hundreds of Colorado sex offenders are about to be released from prison and/or parole supervision due to a quirky (check that I.Q.!) law - coverage in the Daily Camera, the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post.

If you want the nitty gritty, the Rocky also has an amazing database, complete with names, ages and types of offense for these creeps (oughta keep Lou and Ollie busy).

New Colorado laws that go into effect on Sunday include one removing the statute of limitations for sex crimes in which DNA evidence is available and mandates DNA testing for all prisoners. (Hey John and Patsy! Now you just have to wait until your boy shoplifts!)

And more good news, looks like the internet streaming audio of KHOW's Morning Show with Peter Boyles will be back sometime next month, scroll down to "Untangling the Web".


5:10 AM MDT, Fri. 6/29/01 (day #1648 week #237 month #54 year #4)
1. He really said that...

Good Morning!

Tom Miller evokes Joan Rivers - Can We Tawk? - in a letter to Daily Camera...weird.

Weirder Still: I wonder why newspapers insist on publishing such drivel...writer from San Diego (San Diego?!?) claims solution to the mystery Who-Killed-JonBenét? Scroll down halfway to 'Oooo, yuck!'...

15 minutes of Fame: Interior decorator bristles over her appearance on tabloid cover - beside JonBenét. But she bought out all the stock (for her baby-book mayhaps).

Boulder County Sick Puppies...

Forrest Gump: "Hiatt also was convicted of sexual assault on a child in 1992." Weel, the Camera didn't tell us that! Times-Call coverage of the 10 years probation deal for what turns out is a repeat child molester.

Well, it was initially FUBAR, now it's a real mess - former CU football star thrown in the slammer for 1991 rape, was out on probation in a sweetheart deal, but violated terms not once, not twice, but three times. Keenan at her worst.

TODAY: Sentencing hearing Boulder for Paul Daw, 42, a tutor for Centennial Elementary School, who fondled one girl between January 1999 and February 2001 and attempted to sexually assault other children during the same time period.


6:37 AM MDT, Sat. 6/30/01 (day #1649 week #237 month #54 year #4)
1. Looks like a mug shot, but it's not

Good Morning!

Okay, I was bad, wasn't reading my email again, and hence this may be old news, but Steve Thomas admonishes us about gossip in an open letter.

Looks like an apology - Rocky runs corrected edition on the Steve Thomas bench warrant (says he was not really, actually, served) in it's weekend edition.

More sideshows: Fleet White has lawyered up, still looks like jail time.

Also more on Fleet in the Rocky Mountain News.

Something to look forward to - watching the ITV web site for news on Michael Tracey's next crockumentary.