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June 1, 2002


Since it's 2 AM, EDT here and I haven't been to bed yet, I am most likely taking Saturday off so I can sleep in. I may surprise myself and be able to blog on, but I doubt it, so I'll see you on Sunday.




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1. Ugh

Good Morning!

Sorry about yesterday. Cipro has nasty side-effects. I slept until 10:30 A.M.

A JonBenet sighting! On a Sunday! (Amazing)...California lab uses "geeky" tools like glue fuming and vacuums to raise indentations ala the Ramsey-note.

Another pedophile busted in Denver. Cops seeking more victims. Creep had nice little set up including hot tub and pool table and was a foster parent and tutor in Denver schools.

Sex-offender registries are under attack by the courts again, Colorado and California lending aid to Alaska battle to retain them.

Meanwhile, Boulder goes the "deferred" route with 15-year-old who admitted sodomizing an 8-year-old at least six times - - no mention of life-time sex offender registration for him which is really scary.

And they have a sick puppy on the loose who tried to kidnap a 3-year-old girl on Thursday night, with other sick puppies in Saturday's police briefs (kidnap attempt is last one on this page). Now, what is a toddler doing at a department store at 9:30 PM? She should have been home, in bed, asleep.

South of Boulder, the cretin who's trying to lure kids into his red car may have picked the wrong kid to lure - cops get their most detailed description yet from calm, controlled, observant 14-year-old.

The van Dams won't be permitted in the court room during David Westerfield's trial for the murder of their daughter since they are witnesses to key events leading up to Danielle's kidnapping.

And, here's another reason why you don't see me saying much about the Skakel trial - it's just not entertaining, according to USA Today.


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1. Greta, pre-surgery

Good Morning!

More details on the case of the Boulder-area 5-year-old who was repeatedly molested by an older student in a Boulder Valley School District after-school program. His parents are now suing BSVD. Good for them.

Amen to that, Skakel case is crap, declares Post columnist. Be prepared for not-guilty verdict. Deja vu like reading Steve Thomas' book, I'm humming "Is that all there is?"...

On a lighter note, a Court TV reporter lets loose with a string of trivia about the trial that is hilarious when taken together.

And, I don't know why this surprised me, but there's an overtly-pro-Skakel website. Wonder if they have the same PR firm as the Rammers?


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1. ...what we see every day...

Good Morning!

Boulder police have released a report on the attempted kidnapping of a 3 year-old last week and sketch of the sick puppy. (Adobe Acrobat required to read .pdf file) And they have mysteriously re-opened the South Boulder/Tantra Lakes serial rape investigation, but they perp does not look like Troy Graves.

Saying 'whoo hoo, the system worked, but we dont' know why' Denver social services almost brags that they de-licensed the pedophile (see yesterday's issue) just busted for molesting little boys in his hot tub and pool table lair.

Shades of "Mystery Woman": A mother who's recovered memories of abuse and satanic rituals defies court order to allow her son to visit her (wealthy) parents.

Hmmm, and then again, maybe it's not crap. After reading the summary of the prosecution's closing argument in the Skakel case, I'm really not sure anymore about the outcome, but still disappointed that there's not more 'beef'.

David Westerfield's trial begins today and opening arguments will be carried live on local TV and streamed on the internet. The prosecution has asked to present several photos of Danielle showing the length of her hair in order to prove the time frame that hairs were left in Westerfield's motor home.

Saying "I'm not going to end up on the news, begging some pervert to give me back my kid" some Tacoma, Washington parents say they will move after a second attack on elementary school students by unidentified sick puppy.


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1. again, Henry Lee

Good Morning!

JonBenet sighting - in a Chandra Levy article as part of Henry Lee's resume as he comments on "a little luck" needed to solve the case.

Human remains found in Grand Junction landfill believed to be from either Jennifer or Abby Blagg. Leg with attached foot found in area where refuse from Michael Blagg's employer would have been dumped in November '01.

"Inappropriately dressed" meant that he was walking around the house naked and lost his license to be a foster parent - now he's busted in Denver for child pornography and molestation.

Another gruesome discovery this morning - the Daily Camera has redesigned it's web site. Gone is the faux malachite wallpaper we all loved to hate. In is a sterile, black and blue look. Icky.

Summary of the opening statements in David Westerfield's trial for the murder of Danielle van Dam yesterday. My advice is to skip CourtTV and just watch it on the internet (no commercials, no Nancy Grace) see the updated links on the right hand column.

What did the Skakel/Moxley group do yesterday while waiting on the jury? Like a cocktail party. And that Mikey Skakel is a barrel of laughs.


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1. Jennifer, back among friends

Good Morning!

Body in landfill is Jennifer Blagg - - Michael Blagg ARRESTED in Georgia - - more...

Rocky Mountain News cover story

Today's Denver Post

Searchers and volunteers are devasted but express mixed emotions of loss and closure.

Blagg on suicide watch.

Really gruesome details on what happens to a body when dumped in a landfill. (More than you really want to know, thanks anyway.)

And an updated timeline of the case.

Aurora, Colorado teacher arrested for having a two-year affair with a student, began when she was an 8th grader.

Tommy Skakel, once a suspect himself, shows up at court yesterday in a display of support.

Truly horrid testimony in the van Dam murder case yesterday - now I want to bitch-slap Damon too.