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March 1, 1999


AUDIO ALERT: Ramsey Grand Jury update, Erin Hart Show on TalkSpot, (News and Politics Channel) Noon to 3 PM, EST, live chat also available on the same site, guests will include Craig Silverman, from KMGH-TV in Denver, Dan Broden, of Court TV, and special guest Dan Abrams of NBC

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 9 PM, EST, the topic is American's waning faith in the legal system with guests Gerry Spence, Alan Dershowitz and F. Lee Bailey.


March 2, 1999


6:07 AM, MST, Tuesday 3/2/99 (day #797)
Day #184 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 133
I call this one "Fat Fleet"

Good Morning!

The Ramseys probably WILL NOT testify before the Grand Jury because they won't be "invited", so predicts several experts in today's Daily Camera - possibly a retort to that ridiculous Canadian article this weekend.

Informative article on what's next for the Ramsey Grand Jury, background on the laws restricting
information and predictions on Hunter's options from Sunday's Daily Camera (did not appear in the online edition) and transcribed compliments of Frank Coffman (thanks, Frank!).

In the future, names of Colorado Grand Jury members can be kept secret, tucked away in a dark cellar, un-tamperable.

Columnist condemns the "sleaze parade" who exploit the death of JonBenét on talk shows.

Transcript of yesterday's Burden of Proof show on DNA collection and personal privacy contains brief discussion of DNA in the Ramsey case at the end of the program, but WHO is "Dr. Michael

Taken out of context? Misquoted? Larry Schiller hinted at the identity of JonBenet's killer at the public forum on Saturday, from wire service reports.

David Liebman's request to appear before the Ramsey Grand Jury is today's update to the Hoffman Files

Too busy with his talking-head chores as a Ramsey case pundit, a murderer walks free while Adams County DA Bob Grant fiddles with his calendar.

Transcript of a chat with the author of a book on the Lindbergh kidnapping, interesting parallels to our case (tip compliments of Steven).

Can you stand another transcript? Last night's lively discussion on fair trials in America on Larry King Live with Flea Bailey, Gerry Spence et al.


March 3, 1999


6:10 AM, MST, Wednesday 3/3/99 (day #798)
Day #185 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 132
Merilyn Jerritt

Good Morning! I'm obviously having technical difficulties here today...

Is it soup yet? Nope, according to the Local Digest column in today's Daily Camera the Grand Jury will continue into next month...

Recall Alex Hunter! Child molester walked free for 2 years because he "fell through the cracks", oops!

The UPI service has picked up the Matt Sebastian story from yesterday's Camera in which pundits
predict that the Ramseys will not be called before the Grand Jury.

Today's addition to the Hoffman Files is Cina Wong's letter requesting that she be permitted to testify before the Grand Jury on her handwriting analyis.

Sick Puppy?: Maybe this is the creep who was wandering around loose in Boulder due to the DA's inefficiencies.

The New York Times exposure of Payola at has now tainted the marketing of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Harper-Collins.

Here is the actual page revealing a "co-op" placement of PMPT on it's Non-Fiction page today.

Brief mention of PMPT in an article about how well another book is selling in Dallas...

PMPT is #3 on the best selling non-fiction list from the Wall Street Journal.

The Boulder Planet weekly has a short article on the letters from the Whites and Jeff Merrick purporting that they are portrayed inaccurately in the book.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Murder in the Family", A&E, 7 PM, MST, (repeats at 11 PM, MST) the growing number of homicide victims murdered by members of their own families. Cases include the Freeman Brothers, Jeffrey Howorth, and Lizzie Borden.


March 4, 1999


9:25 AM, MST, Thursday 3/4/99 (day #799)
Day #186 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 131
Darnay Hoffman

Good Morning! Sorry I'm late, the storm caused a "routing issue"...

Ooooh...Jeff Shapiro speaks out, and allows his photograph, a keeper! (tip compliments of Masked Man).

Neaner neaner neaner...the four members of the BPD still assigned to the Ramsey case are in Atlanta, reports Charlie Brennan in today's Daily Camera, (of course it's also in today's Rocky but the Camera version loads faster and is easier to read.)

Westword still loves us, a tip of the hat to the "best review of the book" by Darnay Hoffman in this weeks off-limits column (next time please call me a web activist, not amateur sleuth, thank you very much).

(You can read the entire Darnay Hoffman review here.)

But, in an interesting coincidence, Westword is running this ad for PMPT on their front page.

Reviewing the reviewers again, this time Slate takes on Perfect Murder, Perfect Town.

Today's addition to the Hoffman Files is the letter from Michael Kane responding to Cina Wong's
request that she be permitted to address the Grand Jury.

High Horse - The Sacramento Bee (no, I didn't make that up) lambastes Television News info-tainment and using JonBenét and Monica to boost ratings.

An interview with Lawrence Schiller from yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times reveals that Crazy Aunt Pam has Larry's number, hmmmm?

More on Monica, the media and the marketing of PMPT on "Scandal TV".

Article on Henry Lee and his recent projects strangely serves to bolster Cyril Wecht's reputation.

Sick Puppy?: Flasher in a flashy car is trying to lure little girls into his SUV.

Time to clear your cache! Wire service story on the penalty given to a Colorado man for merely
downloading child pornography from the internet. Scary.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "All In the Family", Discovery Channel, 12 AM MST, Every year, over 100,000 people are attacked by members of their own families. Has the American home become the most dangerous place of all?


March 5, 1999


6:15 AM, MST, Friday 3/5/99 (day #800)
Day #187 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 130
Grand Jurors

Good Morning! Day 800! Is someone behind the 8-Ball?

Well, they are in the mood, and now they have a track record to boot! The Ramsey Grand Jury INDICTS! but calm down - they passed down an indictment in the OTHER case which turns out to be (yawn) securities fraud.

Rampant speculation over the happenings in Atlanta this week from the Denver Post, my vote goes to more interviews...Note at the end of the article, another month for the Grand Jury is predicted.

Clarification on the mysterious visit to Atlanta by Wickman, Gosage, Harmer and Trujillo from Charlie Brennan (DNA?!) only makes my head hurt.

The tabloids are still buzzing in a post-PMPT high, and actually finding some new tidbits, March 16th issues transcribed for you in the archives. (Check out the "email" article from the STAR).

E'zine Slate thinks the tabloids are depressed - I think they are just depressing...with brief mention of the latest JonBenét coverage.

The National Enquirer's web site is currently featuring the "At Each Other's Throats" story from last week's issue.

The Reverend Harrington who married John and Patsy and conducted JonBenét's funeral services, has died. With brief mention of the Ramsey connection in this article from yesterday's Atlanta

Today's edition of the Hoffman Files now includes the letter from Michael Kane to David Liebman in response to his request to appear before the Grand Jury.

Wire service version of the BPD detectives in Atlanta story, just under KWGN Denver TV 2 coverage (with video feed) of the child stalker being sought.

On a lighter note, this week's JonBenet Trivia Question is really funny, and at second glance tougher than it looks, can you answer it correctly? (see pink box at the bottom of this page.)

There are some very, very strange people in Boulder...5 year-old girl assaulted in bookstore.

Clear your cache, redux...Baltimore journalist faces up to 30 years in prison for downloading and
transmitting child pornography - he plans to appeal calling it "research".

UPCOMING: Tomorrow night, Saturday 3/6, WROW radio and internet broadcast, 10 PM to 2 AM, MST, interview with Larry Schiller.


March 6, 1999


6:50 AM, MST, Saturday 3/6/99 (day #801)
Day #188 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 129
house in Vinings

Good Morning!

The BPD Ramsey team is still in Atlanta, generating credit card debt, holding return tix for

Today's edition of the Hoffman Files features the letter written by Cina Wong to supply Michael Kane additional background on her credentials.

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town has advanced to the #2 position on the Wall Street Journal's Non-Fiction list.

Don't let this happen to you...Journalist testifies at his sentencing hearing yesterday that he didn't know it was illegal to download child pornography.

Uh oh...another folder to empty? Priest "collared" for having child pornography files in his AOL "File Cabinet".

Even happening North of the border, Canadian man gets 6 month sentence for possessing child

TV ALERT: Today in America, MSNBC, 11 AM to noon, MST, entire show on the Ramsey case with guests Darnay Hoffman and Denver Attorney Scott Robinson.

AUDIO ALERT: WROW, 10 PM to 2 AM, MST, Lawrence Schiller, author of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, and Chuck Green, Denver Post columnist - other guests TBA - Listen live via Real Audio, also live chat and call in questions, 1-800-976-9590 (1--800-WROW590) 518-476-5959.


March 7, 1999


2:00 AM, MST, Sunday 3/7/99 (day #802)
Day #187 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 128
the Charlevoix home

Good Morning!

The Colorado Historical Association is looking for assistance in downloading articles on the case from the internet, for more information contact

Today's addition to the Hoffman Files is David Liebman's response to Michael Kane supplying more information on his credentials.

(I may be back with more, but I was up late listening to WROW, check back later?)






5:50 AM, MST, Thursday 3/25/99 (day #820, week #119, month #26, year #2)
Day #207 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 110
1. recovering Patsy with JonBenét and Burke

Good Morning!

The March 16th Ramsey case show on Talk Spot, including an interview with Lawrence Schiller, Frank Coffman and moi, is now up on their site as a Real Audio file, click on the link under past shows or enter this URL into your Real Player manually...

The Frank Coffman alphabetical Index to the first-edition of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town has been updated with about 25 new entries, this may be the last update, just print it out and stick it in your book for easy reference.

Yay, Alli! Former Daily Camera Ramsey case reporter Alli Krupski has been awarded $115,000 (ironic number) in damages since the Camera defamed her and damaged any future journalistic career she may seek.

The Daily Camera's Clint Talbot condemns the request of molesting elementary teacher David White for early parole from prison.

Schizophrenic Daily Camera? meanwhile an Editorial in today's issue supports Mary Keenan's decision to agree to White's request - turning Boulder County's children into BAIT for White ....only in Boulder...

Don't let this happen to you...Christian Science Monitor coverage of the DuPage 7 case - prosecutors and sheriffs on trial for deliberately setting up a perp in a child murder (similar to JonBenét's) - putting a man on death row.

TV ALERT: Leeza, "JonBenét: Truth or Tabloid?", NBC, syndicated, check local listings, Larry Schiller, Dan Caplis and Mr. Charles Elbot (principal of High Peaks Elementary School in Boulder) will make his first public statement on the Ramsey case.

TV ALERT: Oprah Winfrey, ABC, syndicated, check local listings, signs of sexual abuse in children.


8:30 AM, MST,Friday 3/26/99 (day #821, week #119, month #27, year #2)
Day #208 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 109
1. rear of the Charlevoix house

Good Morning!

Sorry I'm late, seems that my IP likes to take it's server down from 5 AM-10 AM EST and then sneak it back online hoping that it's customers don't notice...

It took them a week to catch up with us! Anticipating increased legal bills and less leisure time? the Ramsey's have "liquidated" the Charlevoix house - as reported here a WEEK AGO - (also in the Rocky Mountain News, but it's a bad link ).

Shocking!! (scroll down to the second story) - JonBenét's principal had the chutzpah to appear on "Leeza"! Wonder why the local press here didn't care that I was on in October...

The only JonBenét article in the tabloids this week - "Patsy: 'I'll be dead before any jury can convict me of killing JonBenét'" from the Star for the week of April 6th - is now available in the archives.

Accurate, fair and still hysterical - truth hurts, huh? Boulder Weekly coverage of the Alli Krupski victory over the Boulder Daily Camera.

It's a bird - it's a plane - it's a Ramsey story! The Associated Press on the Krupski award...

The Longmont Daily Times-Call nabbed a cute quote from an alternate juror, scroll down to the third story for their version of the Krupski victory.

How classy people handle their, uh, "problems"...Headmaster Resigns!, and disappears quietly into the night...only in Boulder...

Wonder where Patsy took her dry cleaning? Two managers of a Boulder Cleaners have been arrested for sexually assaulting minors who worked there...sick!


6:55 AM, MST, Saturday 3/27/99 (day #822, week #119, month #27, year #2)
Day #209 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 108
1. front of the Charlevoix house

Good Morning!

Not much news as we wind down the month and the Grand Jury takes a another vacation...

UPI wire story on the sale of the Charlevoix house - reported here 8 days ago!

Network TV and Monica and JonBenét - preference given to history with no facts...

This week's issue of the Mitchell's Boulder column on Digital City Denver has an updated JonBenét trivia quiz- what's your "J.Q"?

Not only in Boulder - sick puppy is sentenced to a mere 3 months in jail for sexually assaulting an 8 year old girl.

Not only men - (or "Mary Kay East") elementary school counselor pled guilty to enticement, for luring a 12 year old boy into a relationship.

Westminster, Colorado - child abductor on the loose, keep your babies close to you!


6:52 AM, MST, Sunday 3/28/99 (day #823, week #119, month #27, year #2)
Day #210 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 107
1. Stines and JR on the balcony of the Charlevoix house

Good Morning!

Talk of the Town - Boulder Daily Camera weekly miscellany column predicts challengers to Alex Hunter and a (duh!) rationale on tabloid journalism (scroll down further, straight out of PMPT).

Beth Miller and Erica Baker Cases: Once a "suspect" in the JonBenét case, Ohio's James Partin was sentenced to five years on Friday for child pornography - Colorado officers want to question him about the disappearance of Miller, Ohio wants to chat about the missing Baker...popular guy will now have time on his hands.

Have relatives? Better hope that they don't die suspiciously or violently as shown in this Hawaii "Shark Tale" - or if they do, be sure to construct a convoluted fish story, small foreign faction or Colombian necktie...

PMPT not a big hit in La-La land, (maybe the plot is too complicated) but remains #13 on the Southern California non-fiction ratings.

How classy people do it, Part II - (He'll get sentenced to community service then move to LA) - Former Boulder headmaster is charged in peeping tom incident, didn't lawyer up or hire a PR firm, tsk tsk...

And he'll be out in 2 years...a repeat offender has been sentenced to 20-24 years after taking the bait of a police decoy - Denver.

Risky business - Cobb County (Georgia, Atlanta-Metro) cops go public with a profile of perp in the kidnapping and strangulation (unsuccessful) of a 5 year old girl last week.

Gene Amole has a chilling column in today's RMN on his real-life experiences with stalkers and paranoia. Worth reading if only for the goosebump factor...

TV ALERT: "Guilty or Innocent", A&E, 12 PM-3 PM, MST, 1975 movie, George Peppard stars as Sam Sheppard, the surgeon convicted of brutally murdering his wife in 1954.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The Sam Sheppard Story", A&E 3-4 PM, MST, the media-frenzied trial that ended in conviction; and the second trial that led to acquittal.


6:27 AM, MST, Monday 3/29/99 (day #824, week #119, month #27, year #2)
Day #211 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 106
1. Pasta Jay and his trusty bat

Good Morning!

It's really DEAD...I may have to take some time off for a road trip...

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town is hanging in there as #6 on the New York Times Non-Fiction list

Short (considering the material) book review of PMPT in yesterdays Toronto News may frighten off "newbies" to the case (hope not).

Longmont Daily Times-Call coverage of the peeping headmaster incident

I found this amusing (but I had a twisted sense of humor) - Boulder public safety officials will be staging a Y2K drill on Thursday with mock riots, a blizzard and uncooperative computers - why not throw in a child abduction too?

??TV ALERT??: Hard Copy or Inside Edition is running a promo for today's show on a story on the Ramseys "return to Boulder", both syndicated, check local listings.


7:05 AM, MST, Tuesday 3/30/99 (day #825, week #119, month #27, year #2)
Day #212 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 105
1. JonBenét ice skating

Good Morning!

Article on concealed weapon permits inadvertently reveals Boulder's dirty little secret murder problem - - and shades of JonBenét - coroner photo seller Brett Sawyer's permit was revoked as well.

Facelift - Halle's Guide to the JonBenét Ramsey Case has been updated and has added a survey form, visitor link contributions, and a message board. Check it out...

Spinless or speechless? Editor and Publisher Interactive on the victory of Alli Krupski over the Boulder Daily Camera.

Grouped in with industry news - wire story on the jury award to Alli Krupski for defamation by the Camera.

The Kidnapping That Wasn't is the subject of a letter to the Daily Camera (scroll down to "Almost a Crisis"), and provides the full picture of the procedures that are now in place to respond to child abductions in Boulder County (too bad it didn't happen this way in late '96...).

So why wasn't Adams County DA Bob Grant arrested? prominent Grand County citizen protests Colorado's mandatory domestic arrest law.


6:34 AM, MST, Wed. 3/31/99 (day #826, week #119, month #27, year #2)
Day #213 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 104
1. JonBenét's first birthday

Good Morning!

EXCLUSIVE! New York Post's Cindy Adams predicts indictment in today's edition...(article compliments of New York Lawyer)...

Moment of truth in JonBenét slay case - by Cindy Adams
JonBenét case. Boulder's grand jury may hand down an indictment for Patsy Ramsey next month.
I'm hearing that Patsy and John Ramsey's own lawyers flew to Atlanta for a face-to-face sit-down at which this was told them.
Latest theory is she acted alone, then "staged" her own cover-up while John slept in their third-floor bedroom.
New York victims' rights attorney Darnay Hoffman, on this case since Day One, informs me: "John cannot make a deal with prosecutors because he doesn't have personal knowledge of what Patsy did that night, although he does suspect her."
However, there may be only one indictment. Possibly insufficient evidence of wrongdoing to charge John even with obstructing justice or being an accessory.
This Boulder grand jury expires by law April 22. DNA is its final piece. Four Boulder detectives went to Atlanta on an undisclosed five-day mission, presumably to take samples of possible matching subjects.
The DNA under JonBen
ét's nails is similar to the unidentified matter under Nicole Simpson's -- trace amounts that could come from anywhere, including dirt on the ground.
Assistant District Attorney Michael Kane, in charge of evidence, has urged grand jury members to "move past" DNA and focus on the damning handwriting. Experts have identified Patsy as writer of the ransom note.
A Ramseytown P.S. is that, since this case began reheating, a new ad appeared in a local newspaper drumbeating "custom steel window well covers," saying, "Uncovered windows allow easy access for thieves into a home. Many home security systems do not detect broken windows" which are "easy to open by an intruder." This ad shows a child about JonBen
ét's age. Noise in the Denver-Boulder corridor is that the new adverts look like they promote the "intruder theory."

Another Boulder Baby killer and another unclear cause of death from coroner John Meyer, and yet another plea bargain compliments of the BOCO-DA...

Yay Alli! The Planet, once suspected to be the paper Alli Krupski was fleeing to with all those expensive documents, celebrates her victory over the Daily Camera.

A lengthy list of "CYA"'s makes up Alex Hunter's brief in support of his motion to dismiss filed in December 1997, today's addition to the Hoffman Files.

Boulder Planet coverage of the peeping tom, but classy, headmaster tale.

Sick Puppy? Colorado women stalked in malls with surreptitious videotaping up their dresses - by a school custodian no less.

We've seen beauty pageants, kiddie pageants, pet pageants - are you ready for "leather pageants"? Nope.