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6:26 AM MST, Mon. 3/26/01 (day #1552 week #223 month #51 year #4)
1. a MUST buy issue

Good Morning!

Boulder is quiet, but Sick Puppies and other sickos elsewhere are still making news... (Found on

Internet sting thanks to sharp-eyed mom, this creep is into bondage too!

Children of molester forced to pay for their father's care - no, I'm not making this up

Montana Cannibal case gets retrospective from the Hartford Courant.

Litigation Front: Complain about your lawyer at your own peril - Georgia attorneys want to be able to sue you for libel and slander.

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Something Snapped", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, midnight MST, The news is full of stories about seemingly ordinary people who suddenly snap in response to everyday pressures. What causes this inability to cope with daily life? And how can we prevent it?


6:36 AM MST, Tue. 3/27/01 (day #1553 week #223 month #51 year #4)
1. More sideshows

Good Morning!

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow, Catherine Crier Live, CourtTV, 5 PM EST/PST, guests will include Darnay Hoffman on the Ramsey case lawsuits...

VCR ALERT: Thursday, Early Show, CBS, approximately 10 minutes into the first hour, Lin Wood on the latest Ramzut© ('ramzut' copyright 2001, all rights reserved)...

VCR ALERT: Thursday, Today Show, NBC, approximately 30 minutes into the first hour, Lin Wood again, not being one of Atlanta's most beautiful people.

(Don't go away, the feces are about to hit the air-circulation device)

In other news, so you can't be accused of being a beer can collector with no life - - -

Obscure: Philippines (Subic Bay?) the "kidnap capitol" of the world.

Economics: Foundation grants surged last year despite slowing economy, with one notable exception.

Legal: Procter & Gamble suit over Satan rumor resurrected, Satan to sue certain fora for libel.

Shopping: Baby-sitter got fed up with his three young charges and bound the children's hands and feet with duct tape, handy-dandy, you can make wallets out it too - that float!

TV ALERT: Medical Detectives, "Grave Evidence", Learning Channel, 6:30 PM CST, 7:30 PM EST/PST, 8:30PM MST, forensic scientists reexamine a 20-year-old "accidental death" after the victim's wife marries one of his close friends. New evidence proves the victim was murdered after he discovered an affair between his wife and his friend.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Cold Cases", Discovery Channel, 8 PM CST, 9 PM EST/PST, 10 PM MST, these cases took years to solve. There's no statute of limitations on murder, so as a case turns cold the clues become scarce and investigators must rely on science to solve cold cases.


6:00 AM MST, Wed. 3/28/01 (day #1554 week #223 month #51 year #4)
1. Cover story

Good Morning!

Mary Keenan gets a letter of support in today's Daily Camera (scroll down to last letter).

Sick Puppies: Oh, Coloradans! When will they ever learn?

Get out your tiny violins: Poor Paul Bernardo. He's whining about being in solitary confinement - for life. (Found on Cybersleuths)

TV ALERT: Catherine Crier Live, CourtTV, 5 PM EST/PST, guests will include Darnay Hoffman on the Ramsey case lawsuits.

REMINDER: Lin Wood on both The Early Show (CBS) and the Today Show (NBC) tomorrow morning.


6:36 AM MST, Thur. 3/29/01 (day #1555 week #224 month #51 year #4)
1. that clip...

Good Morning!

TV RELAX: The Lin Wood appearances on today's CBS Early Show and NBC Today Show were canceled.

The transcript of the Darnay Hoffman and Scot Robinson appearance on Court TV's Catherine Crier show is up on the Cybersleuths forum (thanks Frannielou and Candy).

Meanwhile, CrimeNews2000 has scheduled a live chat with Darnay Hoffman on Tuesday, April 17 starting at 7 PM MST, and you can post your questions for Darnay in advance on their forum.

Best of Best of Denver: The only JonBenét reference I could find in the entire Westword annual issue.

Death of a Genre: LA Times looks at the dynamics of Cable/Broadcast viewer splits on Movie-of-the-week/Mini-Series production, cites American Tragedy and PMPT.

Intruders wearing Boots: Footprints in the snow are key evidence in Boulder's newest rash of burglaries...reminiscent of the old Cheech and Chong routine with two Russians, eh?

UPCOMING: Monday, April 2nd - 4/2 - Hoffmann-Pugh VS. Hunter - judge ordered lawyers for both sides to meet to discuss scheduling the lawsuit and begin negotiating a schedule for depositions.

UPCOMING: Tuesday, April 3rd - Wolf VS. Ramsey - Deadline for the Ramseys to file an answer to the complaint.

UPCOMING: ? - Ramsey VS. Thomas - stay tuned.


7:16 AM MST, Fri. 3/30/01 (day #1556 week #224 month #51 year #4)
1. newest defendant

Good Morning!

The first lawsuit by the Ramseys themselves has been filed - defendants are Steve Thomas and up to four unnamed members of the BPD, one a "Jane Doe"...

Boulder Daily Camera on the new Ramzut...

Rocky Mountain News, et tu...

(The Denver Post is not yet in the swing of things)

BUT THE BIG NEWS today almost slipped past my notice - sleepy, P.C Associated Press buries juicy nugget in their Ramzut article...the New York Post has filed vs. Mary Keenan to gain access to the Ramsey case files!

And the beat goes on - there's always some flake out there who will conjure up the ghost of JonBenét in poignant yet funny ways - "Victory S.B.T.C.!", (I wonder if thes is the same guy who tried to strangle Pasta Jay).

Sick Puppy: Cortez, Colorado 8-month-old infant critical after sex assault.

VCR ALERT: Sunday, 4/1, And Never Let Her Go, 9 PM EST/PST, based on the book by Ann Rule, dramatization of the Anne Marie Fahey murder starring Mark Harmon as Thomas Capano. Why VCR? You'll thank me later.


7:14 AM MST, Sat. 3/31/01 (day #1557 week #224 month #51 year #4)
1. wretched refuse...

Good Morning!

Obscure: Legal analysis of the Ramsey lawsuit finds it is based on a law "to allow black people to sue their states for engaging in governmental racism," - shades of Emma Lazurus! Let's all hum along...

And this story, but another bad link situation at the Daily Camera, "New York Post seeks Ramsey files - Attorneys for the Boulder County District Attorney's Office asked a federal judge this week to stop the New York Post from seeing stacks of documents from the JonBenét Ramsey investigation."

A fresh look (other than the omnipresent AP coverage) story on the suit from KMGH Denver TV 7 (ABC).

In other news... R.I.P. "Dr. Laura"...

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Body of Evidence - The Tom Capano Trial", A&E, 3 PM MST, Thomas Capano, the powerful former Delaware prosecutor who was sentenced to death for the murder of his ex-lover. Though Capano claimed another one of his mistresses killed the woman in a jealous rage, the case cracked open when Capano's brother admitted helping Thomas dump her body into the sea.

TV ALERT: Deadline Discovery, "Missing or Murdered?-The Search for Baby Sabrina", Discovery Channel, 5 PM CST, 6 PM EST/PST, 7 PM MST, A parent's worst nightmare. One morning they wake up and find their baby girl missing. Police say secret tape recordings make them the prime suspects. Did the couple commit an unspeakable crime against their infant daughter, or were they the victims?