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7:11 AM MST, Sat. 3/2/02 (day #1893 week #272 month #62 year #5
1. On Tour

Good Morning!

Hmm, apparently Alex Hunter and Henry Lee made good their threat to go on the road together. Looks like Alex has gained some weight too. From March 2000 symposium. The title of his speech was ""Investigation and Management of High Profile Cases", which is like Lucy and her novel "Don't let this happen to you".

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto: Remember "our guy won't walk"? Proper handling of the van Dam crime scene by a group that was not the BPD, was key.

Just like the Hell Hole, unwanted spontaneous memorials are popping up.

Someone, however, in the BPD is doing things right.


7:00 AM MST, Sun. 3/3/02 (day #1894 week #272 month #62 year #5
1. Frozen Pops (and Moms)

Good Morning!

You're here? It's Sunday and tomorrow's Monday which is even worse as far as news flow - so since there is no JonBenét news expected I updated the books sales list from Amazon. No surprises there other than the case continues to shrink from public awareness and appetite.

For your further edification I added semi-permanent van Dam case links to the upper right of this page --->

Love to read the official report on this, proof there is no intelligent "life" in Sunday (or Monday) news - someone stole 68 BRAS (apparently worth $38 each, now when was the last time I spent $38 on a bra? Like never) from a Victoria's Secret in Boulder. NINMTU.

Oh those wacky, fickle Nederlanders! Declaring that "Grandpa is such a hero for the rights of the temporarily dead" Nederland attempts to capitalize on cryo-frigid resurection-hopeful by "Frozen Dead Guy Days" festival.


6:40 AM MST, Mon. 3/4/02 (day #1895 week #272 month #62 year #5
1. Walsh

Good Morning!

While the two little girls who were abducted and molested in Denver struggle to recover, another sick puppy, also in a red vehicle, is attempting snatchings in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Updates on the van Dam case:

(Git out yer tiny violins) David Westerfield is getting grief from fellow inmates in San Diego, poor baby.

Oxymoron: "law-abiding pedophiles" examined, what caused Westerfield to snap? Girl Scout cookies? (Too much sugar?)

More on spontaneous memorials and "what many described as a deep, personal sense of loss".

Meanwhile, tomorrow is D-Day for everyone's favorite pol (to talk about), Gary Condidit, whose future will be determined in the California Democratic Primary.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MST, John Walsh on the Danielle van Dam case.

Related: Faces software is offering composites of how Osama might disguise himself. Very amusing.


6:55 AM MST, Tue. 3/5/02 (day #1896 week #272 month #62 year #5

Good Morning!

Gadzooks! More "child porn" in Boulder County - and I thought I was the only one getting spam like this.

I like to make fun of the work done by Boulder PD sketch artists, and apparently they do too, a real humorous group - story and a really funky picture.

Typical slow going in Boulder, snail's pace of the latest gang rape investigation (it will be three months) explained away as complex - they haven't even sent the DNA out for tests yet - meanwhile the perps, sexually violent, walk free.

Mad Dog: Well, if you had done it properly the first time (1997) you could have saved a life (1999), CU cops investigating murder of "Mad Dog" Simpson were stymied.

Leaky, leaky, leaky: Photos from the Columbine massacre are leaking out of the JeffCo Sheriff's office, victims relatives are incensed, but this isn't the first time it's happened.

van Dam: The Danielle search center office closed yesterday and more.



Mrs. Brady is taking the day off on Wednesday.
She will return tomorrow, Thursday, March 7th.


5:41 AM MST, Thurs. 3/7/02 (day #1898 week #273 month #62 year #5
1. "psychological autopsy"

Good Morning!

JonBenét on your resume: "Consulting", present tense, with the BPD on the Ramsey case, Werner Spitz testifies in an unrelated, Chicago-land trial.

Linkage: Dr. Steven Pitt, of JonBenét case fame, is leading a psychological autopsy team delving into the motivations of Harris and Klebold, of Columbine infamy.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder: There's a sicko on the loose! A sex offender is living a block away from an elementary school in Lyons, Colorado, Boulder County.

This saga in the Denver Schools is really fascinating me - like a train wreck, it's hard to look away. ANOTHER incident of a sex assault on school grounds on FEBRUARY 25TH (and we're just hearing about it now). Juxtapose the Denver situations (and there are many) with the CU gang rape case that occured on like December 6th - and they're still diddling around.

Doing something right in Boulder County: Tom Faure, the coroner's chief medical investigator, is running for coroner, would replace JonBenet autopsist John Meyer, who is term-limited, but Meyer to stay on as CME.

Doing something wrong in Arapahoe County: This is a classic NINMTU - They locked up a 16-year-old girl in the same cell with a serial rapist. Really.

Doing something right in Arapahoe County: After 30 years, they've reopened the murder case of 15-year-old Marilee Burt, and received over 40 phone tips, some of which is entirely new information (scratching my head over that).

Ending with good news and a laugh - Buhbye to Gary Condidit, but he's not going quietly, instead he and his suffering spouse are about to sue NBC for an episode of Law and Order that implied dear lil Carolyn offed Chandra Levy herself.


7:00 AM MST, Fri. 3/8/02 (day #1899 week #273 month #62 year #5
1. blueprint for stun gun

Good Morning!

And another one, JonBenét on your resume: Dr. Werner Spitz testifying again, and the writer has to name drop.

Excellent perp to pin the rap on, who beat, bound with duct tape, choked with a cord, shocked with a stun gun, sentenced to life in Boulder-area murder.

Two 12-year-old girls were led away in handcuffs from Boulder Middle school after a "hit list" was found.

El Dildo Bandito may run for legislature - but since he doesn't want a criminal record he's refusing plea bargains and will now go to trial on penis-theft.


7:17 AM MST, Sat. 3/9/02 (day #1900 week #273 month #62 year #5
1. Colin Firth, hubba, hubba

Good Morning!

Not much out there today...

Colorado Open Records For Sale: Jeffco authorities want over $1 Million smackers for copies of emails.

They finally passed the " Amber Alert" bill in the Colorado legislature.

Meanwhile in San Diego, a judge has gagged nearly everyone and their brother from speaking about the van Dam case. This is good. Two detectives attempted to speak to Westerfield the day Danielle's body was found and could have blown everything...


7:07 AM MST, Sun. 3/10/02 (day #1901 week #273 month #62 year #5
1. Bi-Coastal Ramsey case connections

Good Morning!

Case Characters and another case full of 'em: Cape Cod Times on the peculiar "incident" involving a Dentist, his wife, his lover, his in-laws, Michael Baden, Larry Schiller, et al, with mention of JonBenét and PMPT.

A 1991 DEFERRED SENTENCING of a mere four years for "sex addict" was apparently insufficient, Colorado Springs man, dabbling in child pornography, busted by FBI.

So, we drove over an hour north yesterday to visit our first-born at his college. As we surfed the FM band for road-trip-oldies we came across a station having "Dead Guys Days", famous tracks from famous, deceased rockers. Surely this was inspired by the event, over a thousand miles away, in Nederland, Colorado, celebrating their most famous (dead) resident.


6:46 AM MST, Mon. 3/11/02 (day #1902 week #273 month #62 year #5
1. Duct Tape Oops

Good Morning!

Sumting Wong: Children are dying in Colorado while "social services" fiddles away, and butt-covers - according to this excellent (yes, she did nice work here) article by Lisa-with-the-two-last-names in today's Rocky. To wit, "...reported 91 child-abuse or neglect deaths from 1998 to 2000, and at least 24 of those families, or 38 percent, had prior contact with social services, department documents show. The national average is about 12 percent...."

Two girls, one 12 the other 13, are missing, in separate incidents, from the same apartment complex in Oregon. Ashley Pond disappeared on January 9th, Miranda Gaddis on March 8th. Developing...

You know it's a slow news day when the New York Times (yes, THE New York Times) has a dispatch on Nederland, Boulder County, Colorado's "Frozen Dead Guy Days".

Speaking of New York, Michael Bloomberg sure ain't no Rudy Guiliani, and I swear I will never wish "for more news tomorrow" every again.


6:43 AM MST, Tue. 3/12/02 (day #1903 week #273 month #62 year #5
1. I hope he doesn't sue me, but...

Good Morning!

Dunno why this column by our favorite gadfly Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, dated March 3rd (?!) is just showing up in the search engines today, but it did, and it does mention JonBenét, and he does hit the nail on the head about the tabloids. Enjoy!

Oops - The latest Columbine-esque in Boulder (two little girls led out of school in handcuffs) is a lot more serious than I previously presumed. And these kids are around how old JonBenét would be now.

Cool head: An attempted kidnapping in Boulder of a 16-year-old girl thwarted by the victim.

Blame it on the Republicans: No lie. Crime is up in the Denver Metro area after a steady 9-year decline. Stats of note - Boulder's crime increase is worse than Denver's, and the rape-rate in Boulder County is up almost 50%.

Elsewhere, no sweat, David Westerfield, sick puppy who most likely murdered Danielle van Dam, tipped off cops because he was "sweating profusely". Tsk tsk. With more on the preliminary hearing.


6:24 AM MST, Wed. 3/13/02 (day #1904 week #273 month #62 year #5
1. Tartlets

Good Morning!

Boulder Bustings: Dumb Sick Puppy. No. No. No. Do not return to the scene of the crime. Never. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Man who attempted to kidnap a 16-year-old at knifepoint arrested after he returned to the site to kidnap another girl. Had DUCT TAPE in his pocket. Dumb.

Boulder Bustings Too: Man sentenced as habitual sex offender, had previous "incidents" in 1986 and 1990, but still, some dumb #@%&! brought him into his home and left him alone with his 7-year-old. Dumb.

Another Sick Puppy - this one poses as a member of the Sioux tribe to be able to recruit and train (but molests and assaults instead) children in tribal culture, in Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado.

Defense attorney for child-molesting-teacher (yeah, a teacher) down in Denver tries to get judge to issue a gag order and ban public from his preliminary hearing. Judge is mulling it over.

But if these sicko's tried to "recruit" via coaching youth sports teams, they might get caught if the Colorado legislature has it's way - background checks on coaches proposed.

Out in California, Westerfield looks like toast to me, but his defense attorney looks to be shaping up a Scheck manuever ala O.J. and the bindles.

Miranda Gaddis - here I go blaming the victim again - but what was her mother thinking? Tart her up and trot her out - twinkie defense if they ever find the kidnapper, "the navel ring was irresistable"?

Elsewhere: Three cheers for the Andrea Yates jury for not being swayed by left-leaning, feminist, bleeding hearts. Nice job.


7:05 AM MST, Thurs. 3/14/02 (day #1905 week #274 month #62 year #5
1. get "exposed"

Good Morning!

A fourth hit list in five months has been found in Boulder

Another flasher incident down in Denver yesterday.

This week's issue of WestWord has a cover story on a Denver child therapist who has gone beyond anatomically-correct dolls - leaping to authentic dildos instead. Chilling and graphic, belongs in the "what were they thinking?" department.

They really said that...real quotes from real folks in the funny papers...

"Anything that the town can do for any foreign frozen dead people under stiff circumstances we certainly are open to trying to help," said Miller, whose campaign manager is a talking parrot named Jose.

"He knew that he would go to jail. He knew that people would not believe him. He was afraid. He chooses instead to bury her in the front yard..."

The San Diego Union Tribune has some legal experts analyzing possible Westerfield defense strategies that will make your blood run cold.

And in Oregon, cops now believe that both Ashley and Miranda were abducted by someone they were familiar with since there's no signs of a struggle and no witnesses reporting screams.


7:32 AM MST, Fri. 3/15/02 (day #1906 week #274 month #62 year #5
1. Aerial view of Oregon City

Good Morning!

So, you live in Denver, and you're out of milk, it's dark - so you send your 8 and 9 year-old daughters down to the grocery store to get some? Another flasher strikes, two nights in a row, again a red SUV.

Every once in a while the Longmont Daily Times-Call has an article that is so interesting and germane that I simply must save it for posterity, this one is on how local residents can access sex offender lists, with stats on the numbers of sick puppies in Boulder County (also saved here since the Times-Call does not archive).

The LA Times has a lengthy piece on the missing Oregon City girls, complete with photos and quotes.

San Diego Union Tribune coverage of that awful inquisition of Danielle van Dam's parents at the preliminary hearing for David Westerfield yesterday.


7:25 AM MST, Sat. 3/16/02 (day #1907 week #274 month #62 year #5
1. Exploitation

Good Morning!

Sick Puppy: Quick work, Denver man meets 12-year old in internet chat on March 1. On March 6th he meets her and sexually assaults her. On March 12th he's arrested.

Sick Puppy Too: Arapahoe County man meets 13-year old on internet on March 13th, offers her booze and concert tickets in exchange for sex, arrested the next day.

Sick Puppy Three: "Bad". I love the notations The Daily Camera puts in their web addresses, ie, "". Yep, it is bad when a convicted sex offender is found roaming the hallways in a Boulder school.

Elsewhere, too much too late, the FBI is bringing in search dogs to look for clues in the abductions of Ashley and Miranda. And in San Diego, legal pundits are starting to get on local's nerves. Deja vu.


6:32 AM MST, Sun. 3/17/02 (day #1908 week #274 month #62 year #5
1. Not mine, I would never do this to one of my cats

Good Morning!

There's nothing worth mentioning out of the three major dailies or the three major TV stations as well. That's good news that there's no news. No internet pervs. No flashings.

So, found this on Drudge, and it's worth mentioning to start your Sunday on the wrong foot - Rusty Yates may have more children. Please. Someone sue him or charge him and get a judge to order a vasectomy. Hurry. Before Tanya Harding finds out...

On the other hand, surely Danielle's parents have learned their lesson well, and should they be blessed with another child, or not, will think twice before smoking pot, or drinking, or kissing, or slow dancing, or locking doors, or checking security systems. Go in peace.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and now the FBI says it has received over 500 tips and they are investigating "suspects" on a list of people that both Miranda and Ashley knew.


7:06 AM MST, Mon. 3/18/02 (day #1909 week #274 month #62 year #5
1. No, I'm not making this up

Good Morning!

Saying they are "optimistic" and "pleased" with progress, the FBI holds out hope that missing teenyboppers Ashley and Miranda may still be found alive. (Unlike the Danielle case, if we find out that these two have been hiding out, eating twinkies and painting their nails, I'll be really ticked)

Further South, under a gag order there's not much else for the San Diego Union Tribune to do but speculate (of course they'll go for the death penalty, you think your readers are dumb?).

Back to our main topic, all is quiet on the Front Range, all the sick puppies seemed to take the weekend off.

7:23 AM MST, Tue. 3/19/02 (day #1910 week #274 month #62 year #5
1. Condit and Ramsey compared

Good Morning!

Hey, it's a JonBenét sighting. But only another Ramsey case as litmus test for media mention. Rocky columnist says Andrea Pia Yates deserved ink, unlike lil dead baby beauty queen and Gary Condidit.

Oops! I strangled my wife! Oops! And I bound her up with cords! Oops! I buried her in the front yard! The bizzarre Garrison case is wrapping up (pardon the pun), added bonus is testimony by Dr. Michael "stun-gun" Doberson. Oops! I stabbed her with an icepick too!

Well, all was not quiet after all in Boulder County this weekend, woman slugs her husband with a rolling pin. Someone call Looney Tunes.

The only news on the Gaddis/Pond case in Oregon is that the major daily, the Oregonian (NINMTU), has set up a permanent page on the case.

And the only van Dam sighting is a case of misidentification.


6:44 AM MST, Wed. 3/20/02 (day #1911 week #274 month #62 year #5
1. beyond weird

Good Morning!

I am absolutely aghast - had to rub my eyes, get up, walk around the room, and then peek again - no, your eyes aren't foolin' you, apparently Team Thomas folded and walked from the libel suit, leaving Lin to crow, donors going 'huh?' and only silence in their wake.

So, I do what I always do in times of great shock and upheaval in the vortex - I go seeking the wisdom of Why_Nut. Spinless. Immaculate research. Unflappable. Logical. Most sightings lately at Websleuths.

Take a last peek, before (I predict) it disappears forever, the Support Steve Thomas web site that still (as of 7 AM EST) is soliciting donations to a defense fund.

Maybe they'll choke on it: Just don't count on seeing any of the settlement in the infamous yet squirrelly JonBenét Children's Foundation, and no, The Smoking Gun never forgets, updating year 2000 inactivity.

van Dam: The temporary memorial site at a nearby park has been dismantled, also on KGTV with a poll.

Pond/Gaddis: Another 80 tips have been received after two nation-wide TV appeals, investigators are now interviewing persons who made deliveries in the area. A Sacramento Bee columnist compares the case to Colorado's Beth Miller.



6:35 AM MST, Sun. 3/31/02 (day #1922 week #276 month #63 year #5
1. man-in-a-rabbit-suit

Happy Easter!

It's "Erie" alright: 15 year old found sexually assaulting 8 year old says the kid was the agressor.

When is a gang rape not a gang rape. When is a rape not a rape. When it's in Boulder and involves sacred cows (CU football players). Read carefully BPD's comments. Truly disgusting, and I'm sure there will be backlash. And one of the "suspects" took a PRIVATE polygraph test too. Not surprising, claims that it clears him. Same old, same old.

Hmmm, looks like a bomb, smells like a bomb, feels like a bomb. What should we do? Let's hide it.

That's all small potatoes in comparison. Today's real Easter treat is a package on teacher/pedophiles running in the Sunday Denver Post...

"Flaws in the law allow some teachers, counselors and others who work with kids to slide past without criminal background checks and permit teachers who've committed a sex crime to stay on the job"

"With schools one of the most serious challenges you have is denial"

"Teachers are highly educated and articulate, and those guilty of sexual abuse are often disarming and able to attract plenty of support from other teachers and parents"

" took two months for the board to decide how to handle teacher Cristina Caamano after she was accused of getting teenage students drunk and having sexual contact with one 15-year-old boy at her home and on a camping trip."

Graphics and other case studies including BVSD's David White.

In other news, the families of Miranda and Ashley held another press conference on Friday and jury selection begins this week for the murder trial of Michael Skakel