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May 1, 1999

6:50 AM, MDT, Saturday 5/1/99 (day #858, week #123, month #28, year #2)
Day #244 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 73
1. my inspiration

Good Morning!

Not much out there, and it might be worse tomorrow...

The upcoming (2000?) TV Movie based on PMPT gets brief mention in the LA Times, scroll down to "Quick Takes" near the bottom of the page (Delta Burke is the hands-down winner for the Patsy role in our polls).

What if Boulder called a jury - and no one showed up? Interesting Longmont Daily Time-Call article on the steps being taken in Boulder County and Colorado-wide to both enforce juror attendance while enhancing "the experience".

Who's the World's Most Wanted? The killer of JonBenét! Mrs. Brady's URLs had another record-breaking month, recording 27,756 visitors in April...thank you for your continued interest (we're angry and not going away, Alex).

Gossip and Resumes: Justin Mitchell of CityWise/Digital City Denver debunks local Ramsey case commentator Jann Scott's claims in letter to the editor of the Boulder Weekly (scroll down to "Talking a lot of Scott" midway down this page) - sounds like dry reading, but it's a classic...

UPCOMING: (LOCAL) Sunday, May 2, Action News Sunday, WPHL Philadelphia TV 6, 8-9 AM, EDT, Dale Yeager of Seraph Consulting will be interviewed about school safety and the shootings in Colorado.


May 2, 1999

7:20 AM, MDT, Sunday 5/2/99 (day #859, week #123, month #28, year #2)
Day #245 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 72
1. mystery bag close-up

Good Morning!

Carol McKinley gave the following report on 'America's Most Wanted' (FOX) last night (transcription compliments of Jan...)

"Prosecution sources tell me the case is solved, the decision on a possible indictment might be handed down by Mother's day. Attorneys for the Ramseys have been trying to work out a contingency plan for Patsy Ramsey, should she be the one named in that indictment. They're trying to avoid the media frenzy. Meanwhile, sources tell me the Ramsey's attorney sent a letter to the Boulder district attorney asking that their client be brought before the grand jury. They claim it's unfair--the Ramseys haven't been allowed to tell jurors what they know about the death of their little girl. I talked with Patsy Ramsey's sister the other day, Pam Paugh says if Patsy--her sister, doesn't get to go before the grand jury and tell what she knows, and she gets indicted, Pam Paugh herself, is going to come to Boulder and have the prosecuting attorney, Michael Kane for lunch. Kate, back to you...."

Just for fun: a small comedy troupe has released a CD, selections include their humorous take on the JonBenét investigation scandals.

Boulder's community access TV (54) has held it's version of the Emmys - this page feature the winners complete with a picture of Digital City/CityWise Momma Karen Mitchell and top award to frequent Ramsey case commentator Jann Scott.

Deadly Digerati strikes again! She's created a handy-dandy index page to all of the Ramsey Case Parodies, scroll down to lower left for your opportunity to get...uh...creative with some of the more infamous characters... (NOTE: you will need to use Internet Explorer to have this page function properly due to a temporary glitch).

Don't compare the Harris and Klebold families to the Ramseys - warn legal pundits, neither is suspected of actually committing the crime.

Short States News Service update on the Ramsey Grand Jury, looks like it's based on Karen Auge's "three outcomes" article earlier this week.

TV News can't multi-task - commentary on thematic coverage, ad nauseum, whither Monica and JonBenét.

Rapist on the Loose! Boulder's serial rapist also struck in Lakewood, Colorado in 1994, according to a recent DNA comparison.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "The Case of Gary Gilmore", 1 PM, MDT, the first man to be executed in the U.S. since the reinstatement of the death penalty.

VCR ALERT: Monday, May 3rd, Leeza, syndicated, check local listings, "Ramsey Buzz", panel of guests including Peter Boyles, Frank Coffman, and Judith Phillips.


May 3, 1999

6:00 AM, MDT, Monday 5/3/99 (day #860, week #123, month #28, year #2)
Day #246 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 71
1. showing her stripes?

Good Morning!

Charlie Brennan interview with a Grand Jury geek debunks Pam Paugh's whinings that the Rammers are being shut-out from testifying. Read carefully, lots of jargon and complex sentences.

(Gee, remind me to stay on Ann Louise Bardach's good side) - "the case has been a magnet for every form of lowlife" - her review of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town is more like taking the Ramsey bus road kill and backing up over them, again, again, one emerges unscathed...

Patsy has a new jailer due to the retirement of one of George Epp's staff and the promotion of another.

TV ALERT: Leeza, syndicated, check local listings, "Ramsey Buzz", panel of Peter Boyles, Frank Coffman, profiler Michael Corcoron, Jack Furlong and Judith Phillips taped last Thursday in LA.

INTERACTIVE: Erin Hart Show,, News and Politics channel, 10 AM to 1 PM, MDT, the Ramsey case is one of four topics to be covered today, Real Audio feed and lively interactive chat.


May 4, 1999

6:10 AM, MDT, Tuesday 5/4/99 (day #861, week #123, month #28, year #2)
Day #247 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 70
1. In Boulder?

Good Morning!

Gag Me! Daily Camera article predicts that the Ramsey Grand Jury will be under a lifetime gag order, and some pundits predict leaks by using examples of past Grand Juries.

The States News Service-Georgia wire has picked up Crazy Aunt Pam's latest protestations and puffery.

Son of a Source: (read it and weep and remember not to kill the messenger) ...

"Despite an error printed in a Hollywood trade magazine recently, there is NO miniseries being produced in relation to Lawrence Schiller's New York Times Bestseller, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (PMPT). Schiller is producing his previous book, American Tragedy, into a television miniseries, and the show will have no relation to the Ramsey case whatsoever. In addition, based on information from direct sources, there are no current plans to produce any film in relation to PMPT at this current time."

Landing on his feet - Missed the riddle on page 36 of last week's TIME? Answer spelled out for you half way down this page in New York magazine, Intelligencer Gossip column, see "As the GLOBE Turns One More TIME."

A break in the Susannah Chase case?: Are you tipster #124 who called Boulder County Crimestoppers on February 1? If so, call home E.T.! The coppers need more information from you.

Shades of JonBenét: Florida "Super Mom" is the number one suspect in the murder of her 6 year-old son.

Boulder's latest plea bargain, the domestic "incident" involving famous Denver-metro reporter Keith Weinman will get NO JAIL TIME, charges include tampering with evidence.

TV ALERT: Leeza, syndicated, check local listings, the Darlie Routier case, part 1 of 2, to be continued on Wednesday's show, family members defend darling Darlie, on death row in Texas for the stabbing murders of her two small sons.

TV ALERT: Montel Williams, syndicated, check local listings, "sexual abuse leads to murder".


May 5, 1999

6:06 AM, MDT, Wed. 5/5/99 (day #862, week #123, month #28, year #2)
Day #248 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 69
1. Free J.T. Colfax

Can you stand it? Good news, bad news (and a primal scream)...

The Grand Jury met for only a half-day yesterday, Michael Kane was again seen wheeling out a cart with a VCR and a big TV monitor. Obviously there were no "deliberations".

Also yesterday, Chief Judge Roxanne Bailin ruled against a request by local TV stations to have a pool video camera at the arraignment of "any suspect or suspects". But eagle-eyes Charlie Brennan points out that the KCNC filing specified "Patricia and/or John Ramsey", which was parroted back in the denial by Bailin. Clearly the request was flawed but reveals local broadcast media's prognostication.

A further error in the KCNC filing, on behalf of all four local stations, is that it was limited to video, Christopher Anderson of the Daily Camera says a motion is forthcoming to request still photography, and no doubt an audio request will follow.

Optimism from the Poz? Yepper. Ray of hope is expressed by Larry Pozner, among pundits consulted by Karen Auge (Denver Post) to comment on the Bailin "no video" ruling.

CNN is featuring a Reuters wire story on the "no indictment" (see how those headlines get the facts twisted, don't they realize that some people read ONLY headlines and not the story?).

The rumored TV mini-series in the year 2000 based on Perfect Murder, Perfect Town has been picked up, and expanded, by internet entertainment site The Gist.

The National Enquirer is now running it's "JonBenét arrest drama - Mom linked to murder rope!" story from 2 weeks ago.

Insights into Alex Hunter - he is among the mourners eulogizing a Boulder County Judge, the infamous 1973 rape/murder case is recalled (scroll down to "judge will be missed").

TV ALERT: Leeza, syndicated, check local listings, part two of the Darlie Routier death penalty appeal show.

TV ALERT: 20/20, ABC, 8 PM, MDT, report on a sensational murder trial in Green Bay, Wis. that has shocked the towns residents.






May 6, 1999


5:37 AM, MDT, Thurs. 5/6/99 (day #863, week #124, month #28, year #2)
Day #249 of "Green Light" to provide media endorsements
Days until J.T. Colfax is released - 68
1. like bad Ethan Allen

Good Morning!

KWGN's Irene O'Connor has a streaming video report from the Justice Center on the Bailin ruling, full of pessimistic slant.

The Reuters and Daily Camera (Scripps wire) stories on the ruling prohibiting video at any arraignment are running on national wires and are getting picked up all over the U.S., including the Log Cabin Democrat of Conway, Arkansas (no I'm not making this up). Generally the headlines are still misleading the reader to think no photography will be permitted in any Ramsey case action.

The bulletin board feature of the Peter Boyles web site has been restored, JonBenét is conspicuously absent in the current postings.

Also back online - the home page of KHOW-AM, home of Peter Boyles - not much to see there though.

The Boulder Planet, suffering because of their weekly status, has articles in the current issue on the recent DNA clearing of a suspect in the South Boulder rapes - and on the plea for a Susannah Chase case tipster to re-contact authorities.

Sick Puppy? Boulder County man to be charged with felony sexual assault on a child, free on bond (scroll down to second story).

Hmmm,well, I don't know about this ...Denver area gymnastics coach admits he is a convicted child molester, says he's 'cured'...

The Dallas Observer (kind of a Westword-South) has a feature article on the latest twists in the Darlie Routier case, and the author's recent trip to LA to appear on the Leeza show. Long, but worth it.

Montrose County Colorado leaders have refused their DA's request for funding a prosecution of a suspected accomplice in a murder case - this could be us in a few years...

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM, MDT, guests will include Peter Boyles of KHOW 630-AM, Denver - watch for JonBenét references within Columbine discussion.


May 7, 1999

May 8, 1999


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May 9, 1999