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6:03 AM MDT, Tue. 5/1/01 (day #1588 week #228 month #52 year #4)
1. Too awful for the GLOBE, ok for NBC

Good Morning!

Ah, spin-free, objective, and solid reporting on day one of the Lou Smit travelin' medicine man show from Christopher Anderson of the Boulder Daily Camera.

Oh so predictable: Lin Wood takes a page from Hal Haddon's book and gets Lisa-with-the-two-last-names to trot out a classic PR piece on the Lou Smit interviews...and...

Oink, oink, ouch: She also did a sidebar on the stun-gunned pig tests, too bad Doberson prevaricates and couches his opinions though, heh.

As promised, NBC has a transcript up of the Monday show...but I don't see any of the promised pictures...Part one and Part two.

The CITY OF BOULDER responds, even though they said they wouldn't. Look at the stats, the stats speak loudly. This is old, discredited stuff running on NBC...beware moldy, spoiled spins...

Associated Press, normally vanilla, picks up the 'stolen' photos irony ala 1997.

UPI coverage, boring except that the UPI usually does NOT report on JonBenét.

Elsewhere: Chuck Garrison will not face death penalty in the murder of his wife. (Remember this one?) Sharon may have been a bitch. She may have been a shop-a-holic, but don't you wonder why?

TV ALERT: Today, NBC, (check local listings), part two of the Loose Smit/Perky Couric interview.

AUDIO ALERT: The Morning Show with Peter Boyles, KHOW 630-AM radio Denver, (sorry, due to sensitive artistes bitching over copyright and royalty fees the KHOW internet feed is 'temporarily' down), 7-9 AM MDT, recap and regurgitation Boyles style.

TV AVOID: MSNBC, (various times during the day, play hunt and peck), Dan Abrams with two legal pundits dissect the Lou Smit 'revelations': blonde Jill-Clayburgh-look-alike former prosecutor seems uninformed but holds her own; and Merrilyn Jerritt. Run. Do not collect $100. Watch All My Children instead.

TV ALERT: Geraldo, CNBC, 7 PM MDT, heh, this was too hot to handle last night and tonight good ole' skunkhead promised to have his primo panel of experts back.

HOUSEKEEPING: Welcome new visitors....

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Read the articles. Yeah, click on the embedded links in each sentence. That will divert you to the article I'm talking about. Isn't the internet neat?

Make an INFORMED opinion. Be analytical. Keep in mind that journalists, lawyers, detectives, prosecutors and pundits all arrive with agendas.

Bookmark this page so you can visit in the future. If you are looking for smarmy JonBenét photos this is not the place, I rarely run pix of the victim.

Do not email me and ask for an interview or punditry. I will no longer contribute to the muck. Crap is crap.

Do you know WHO killed JonBenét? Don't call the cops. And definitely don't call Team Ramsey. It's worth a cool million $$$, call the National Enquirer, see the masthead above.


6:38 AM MDT, Wed. 5/3/01 (day #1589 week #228 month #52 year #4)
1. that poor pig

Good Morning!

Again, nice work from the Boulder Daily Camera - - "It defies the logic of what the weapon does." stun gun theory disputed, "Dr. Robert Stratbucker, who has conducted several experiments on stun guns and is considered a courtroom expert, said he takes "considerable issue" with Smit's stun gun theory. Stratbucker said it is "pure nonsense"...

AP coverage of the Tuesday, part two Today show on the stun gun - suddenly the Melody Stanton report of a single scream becomes "cries"/plural, interesting spin, yah?

Speaking of Spin, a sneak peek at Part three of the Smit Show, Lisa-with-the-two-last-names says that Lou will say there was a struggle.

Looks like Baba Wawa and ABC have some 'splaining to do, excellent graphic web page on the stun gun myth.

(Then they (ABC) turn around and pimp NBC's Today Show new information, go figure.)

Primer material for Newbies, a good refresher for the beer can collectors : LizzieB's summary of Wecht's summary of the autopsy report. Sumting Wong.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder...

Same song, different case..."she didn't think she could convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt to convict" stalker walks, arrested four times, last one was when he wigged out on his wife, stalking case is another woman, and he's a Boulder County Sheriffs Deputy, how cozy!

Peeping Headmaster Case spawns lawsuit, two teachers claim they were fired for hiring a private investigator who set up the sting which nabbed head of prestigious private Boulder school peeking in bedroom windows at night.

Ewwwww, registered sex offender (but gave the local homeless shelter as address) nabbed by CU cops for masturbating in the library, maybe those autopsy photos got to him and he just - snapped. Scroll down to "Sex offender arrested after library incident".

TV ALERT: Today, NBC, (check local listings), part three of the Loose Smit/Perky Couric interview.

TV ALERT: MSNBC Investigates the JonBenét Murder Mystery, MSNBC, 8 PM MDT, "The story that captivated the country is a crime that remains unsolved. Well show you never-before-seen crime scene photos and hear from a former detective who is speaking out for the first time." (but do you really think any MSNBC or CNBC or NBC program is going to investigate Perky Couric's work on the Smit interview? Get real.)


6:36 AM MDT, Thur. 5/4/01 (day #1590 week #229 month #52 year #4)
1. endorsement

Good Morning!

You say po-ta-TOE, I say po-TAT- o: Daily Camera's Chris Anderson trots out an expert who says skull fractures don't always bleed.

Read your Rocky - now drop that paper - turn on your TV - says Lisa whats-her-name...this series belongs in the entertainment section.

Meanwhile, I thought the Denver Post was totally ignoring this whole mess, running exciting articles like "Former Yule Trees Now Free Mulch" and "Couple share their wonder of Inca city", until I discovered that they are uploading their Ramsey case articles only into their "JonBenét" special section, with no mention of them on the front page, or the news front page, or the get the picture...but their new software doesn't hyperlink for some reason.


But so you don't miss gems like this quote from the Governor of Colorado's office - "There's nothing new in the material presented by Mr. Smit, and nothing that would not be refutable if the district attorney's office and the Boulder police could ethically discuss this in public," - The hyperlinks below will not work but click on "ignoring" above, then click on JonBenét in the left-hand column and you will find...

April 27th - Ex-investigator to go public with Ramsey photos

May 1st - 3 back theory intruder killed JonBenét

May3rd - Detective says JonBenét was sexually assaulted

Yesterday's installment on strangulation transcribed and streamed on the Today show site.

JonBenét's Legacy and Lawsuits: Chalk up another one, but this is the only one claiming age-discrimination, so far. Reporter on the JonBenét beat gets beat because he's in his 50's, sues KMGH.

Boulder crime: Woman dragged off of Creek Path and raped. Police artist sketch is laughable. Also streaming video report on the KMGH site.

Sick Puppy: Colorado teacher with sick obsession for 12-year-old girl.

Otherwise: You know all the problems Coloradans have with their telephones, here's a new one, ironic since we can't get streaming radio on the internet...

TV ALERT: Today, NBC, check local listings, part four of Lou Smit, on the ransom note, and the beat goes on.

TV ALERT: MSNBC, times various, repeat broadcasts of today's Today Smit segment, comments from legal pundits...

TV ALERT: Geraldo, CNBC, 7 PM MDT, more comments from pundits...

Waiting for Katie Couric to point out that NBC and Access Graphics are both owned by GE...


7:36 AM MDT, Sat. 5/5/01 (day #1592 week #229 month #52 year #4)
1. January 2001, examining Boot's boots

Good Morning!

It's Saturday so that means it's SUNday for the Rocky Mountain News - so they put together a "package" on the Smit stuff...

"handful of veteran Colorado law enforcement and legal figures are rallying behind retired detective Lou Smit's belief that an intruder likely killed JonBenét Ramsey. Support - but it's the same old magnificent 7 - Ainsworth, Anderson, DeMuth, Doberson, Russel, Smit and Walta.

Poll:An "interactive" poll asks if a new investigation should begin and allows comments too...

"Police hostility to suspects is a mistake, he said."..."Now, Smit has taken public almost the entire case for an intruder, withholding only some of evidence related to hair and fibers." Evidence Man Lou prays and smokes and schmoozes and shares evidence with suspects to get confessions.

Poll: poll on whether Lou's Christian faith has clouded his judgment and gotten him too chummy with the Rammers.

Poll: Has the investigation focused only the Ramseys or did they consider enough/other suspects?

The INTURDER summarized, using terms like possibly, probably, and maybe...

The Patsy-did-it-alone theory summarized (hey, unfair, this is the Steve Thomas theory, not necessarily the current and/or prevailing theory).

Poll: Which scenario (inturder vs Parental Unit) makes more sense?

This will take you hours to get through, enjoy! Is it clues? Or is it "points of evidence"? Smit's view of several bones of contention. This page also contains nice quality crime scene photos, I especially like this one that they are running upside-down. Nice work.

Poll: A parent wouldn't do that to their own child, or would they?

Illustration of Ramsey house and neighborhood. I think this is the only image on the page not prominently marked "crime Scene photo - not for publication".
Not sure
what his point is, but they also chime in with a Mike Litwin column asking What if Lou Smit is right? Complete with poll and comment area, sets cookies, no stuffing the ballot box...Yeah, what if...

And the forum is back open, I'm sure temporarily, to discuss the Intruder Theory - only, if you want to discuss parental conspiracy theories or malfeasance of public officials you are not welcome I suppose.

This whole package reminds me of the post-grand jury frenzy, they had weeks to prepare it and you ought to ask yourselves - Why?

AP story running in the Denver Post focuses on Smit's admission that uncooperative Ramseys stymied investigation. Ugly but usable link...,1002,56%257E29947,00.html

Camera's Christopher Anderson summarizes the Smits (sic) week-long presentation on the inturder (intentional).

Miller-White: Daily Camera (based on wire reports) update on the Tom Miller Ransom note case and clarifies the latest status of Fleet White (NOT arrested) in the court's eyes.

Walk slowly and carry a big shtick: Arts and ENTERTAINMENT news column in La La Times, oopsey, "ET" got a complaint call from NBC for snagging their precious crime scene photos. Scroll down midway to "Fair Use Questions:"...

If you can't get enough, the New York Times Abuzz section is also running a few JonBenét threads in reaction to the Today Show May Sweeps Smit Show.

Get it while it's hot - Longmont Daily Times Call reveals/reminds u that Smit-boosters DeMuth and Ainsworth were the targets of an internal Ramsey case espionage/tampering investigation.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, DA adds 5 more child sex assault charges against (allegedly) molesting Boulder headmaster Alan Temple.

Elsewhere: Patsy's "personal life coach" has her own web site (isn't the internet cool? compliments of Skydog).


7:34 AM MDT, Sun 5/6/01 (day #1593 week #229 month #52 year #4)
1. Murder for Dummies

Good Morning!

Yeah-But: Daily Camera editorial urges Governor Bill Owens to shut up on the Ramsey case.

Camera "Guest Opinion" slams them for their support of Mary Keenan's decision not to try the "molesting baby-sitter" as an adult. Finally an informed voice of reason from the mother of two of the victims.

Saturday Rocky Mountain Poll results thus far...

...if a new investigation should begin...
Yes 92%, No, nothing new 6%, No, enough already 1%

...whether Lou's Christian faith has clouded his judgment ...
No, not relevant 37%, Yes, conflict of interest 26%, Yes, clouded his judgment 19%, No, he's convicted other Christians 17%
(total No 54%, total Yes 47%)

...Has the investigation focused only the Ramseys or did they consider enough/other suspects...
Yes 65%, No, right target 18%, No, there are others 14%, Yes, new evidence 4% (total Yes 69%, total No 32%)

...Which scenario (inturder vs Parental Unit) makes more sense?...
Ramseys 55%, Intruder 45%

...A parent wouldn't do that to their own child...
No, people are capable of anything 61%, Yes, too brutal for a parent 39%

(Don't let the RST stuff the ballot box, if you didn't vote please do so today!)

Here ya go Lou: Sick Puppy serial child molester/abductor with rope, duct tape and stun guns - and, best of all, he's dead! No, even better! You can claim that your Today Show series caused him to wig out! (Synchronize your watches, let's see how fast they jump on this guy)...

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Gary Heidnik and Jeffrey Dahmer", A&E, 12 PM MDT, A look at two serial killers who acted in chillingly similar ways. Interviews, photographic records, and media coverage document how both men forcibly confined, killed, and cooked their victims.


7:15 AM MDT, Mon 5/7/01 (day #1594 week #229 month #52 year #4)
1. May 2nd Boulder rapist

Good Morning!

I was hoping it would happen and it did: Chuck Green responds to Lou Smit's "revelations" in today's Denver Post...ugly but workable hyperlink for Post's new database...

If you are just wandering in after a lazy weekend (tsk, tsk), check out the Saturday issue of the Rocky Mountain News, more Smit-Spin than you can shake a garrote at...scroll down on this page to my Saturday issue for all the links...

I've updated the JonBenét Books page with the latest rankings and found that although the top-seller PMPT hardback is now "out of print", you can now download the audio book on the internet, for a price that is...

Elsewhere: Libel lawsuit dismissed by Fed Judge, says author had no way of knowing that information was false, all copies of book destroyed anyway.

TV ALERT: Investigative Reports, "Boy Crazy-The Mary Kay Letourneau Story", A&E, 8 PM MDT, The bizarre case of a 34-year-old teacher who fell in love with a 13-year-old pupil and had the boy's child. Imprisoned for statutory rape, she was released under a court order to stay away from the boy--but was caught in the back of a car with the boy again within a month.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow, Tuesday, 5/8, Dateline NBC, 10 PM EDT (check local listings to verify), "NBC News Presents a Katie Couric Special, In a one-hour primetime special, NBCs Katie Couric reports on the ongoing investigation into the murder of JonBenét Ramsey."

Housekeeping: Anyone else getting sick of those "X10's Amazing XCam2 Wireless Camera!" pop-up ads? I'm ready to send them a check for $79.99 just to leave me alone - permanently.


7:16 AM MDT, Tue 5/8/01 (day #1595 week #229 month #52 year #4)
1. Going, going...

Good Morning!

Looks like the hell hole has a buyer, and it won't be a bed-and-breakfast or a mystery dinner theater...

Andrew Cohen, KWGN Denver TV 2 legal analyst column on the Smit chit, "reiterating his too-many-times-reiterated position that the Ramseys didn't kill their little girl."

Scroll down to "Smit theory implausible", Finally a Rocky reader wakes up...

"Beyond" JonBenét: Holly and Mr. Holly have scanned and uploaded the entire 26 page Boulder District Court record for the Fleet White criminal libel complaint. Put on your spectacles and get comfy...

Bad Condensation: No mention that it's only SIX people and they've been on board for a while, the RUMOR that Smit's theory is "gaining support" repeated in Monday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

NBC feeds "public's taste for the tawdry" with JonBenét specials, from Los Angeles Times. "If she had been African American, poor and unphotographed," - honey if she had been black and living in Boulder that alone would be news...

Git out yer tiny violins: Stale, tired old editorializing that JonBenét gets more broadcast news attention because she was "blonde, white and a glamour beauty queen"...go suck an egg Martin. Take a look at these two cases and you decide which one is "horrible"...

Hernandez Sunday, Hernandez Monday, Hernandez Monday

Davis Tuesday, Davis Sunday, Davis Sunday, Davis Obituary

Lots of hype for tonight, New York Post, Washington Post, Associated Press...

And because I don't want John, Ollie and Lou to be bored...

Sick Puppy: Child molester sentenced to "attempted sex assault on a child" in Boulder plea deal and in Fort Collins Tibis Kneipp has been sentenced to life plus 48 years for murder, once was a suspect in the Susannah Chase case, located via tip from America's Most Wanted.

Sick Puppy Too: Colorado child molester arrested in Montana.

Sick Puppy Research: Progress, soon all offenders in Colorado with two or more felony sex assaults will listed on an internet sex offender registry.

TV ALERT: Dateline NBC, 10 PM EDT (check local listings to verify), "NBC News Presents a Katie Couric Special, In a one-hour primetime special, NBCs Katie Couric reports on the ongoing investigation into the murder of JonBenét Ramsey."


7:34 AM MDT, Wed 5/9/01 (day #1596 week #229 month #52 year #4)
1. the infamous heart

Good Morning!

Ever the diplomat (would think so, at $10 Mill a year), Katie Couric still firmly "on the fence" - despite Smit.

Rocky's Entertainment columnist comments on the Smit/Smit/Smit NBC broadcasting...during May Sweeps.

Mention of JonBenét - and the very loooong 4.5 years - so far, in this column on how time flies.

Sad, depressed, angry? Maybe it's God' fault, enjoy the Christian parody Betty Bowers' take on Laura Bush, and be sure to float your cursor over the pictures (compliments of BobC).

Even more off beat because they are serious, student of Feng Shui applies principals of air, light, fire and water to determine it's not an intruder, but an inturtle who killed JonBenét - enjoy! (compliments of Mapek)

Here come da judge: Fourteen Boulder lawyers have applied to be in the pool of candidates for the new District judge-ship, names not released but you can just imagine....

Strange Bedfellows, Incestuous Politics and Krispy Kreme: Convoluted, but if you read carefully about this Denver media/public relations scam you can understand why we are skeptical about motives and spin, ala the mysterious here today, gone tomorrow, undenial denial that there is a Ramsey spin team with deep pockets. Ugly but workable Denver Post link here...,1002,53%257E31446,00.html

And just in case you didn't believe that NBC and Access Graphics are both owned by General Electric, here it is in black and white.

Inturder Patrol: Two Colorado sick puppies arrested in other states, one each in Montana and Missouri, molestations and child porn charges dating back to '92.


7:22 AM MDT, Sat 5/12/01 (day #1600 week #230 month #52 year #4)
1. handwriting analysis

Good Morning!

Heh. The Boulder Police Major Crimes Unit IS still working on the Ramsey case...dead-drop mention at the end of Longmont Daily Times-Call article on the DNA breakthrough in the ancient, 1982 murder.

Tomorrow three networks coincidentally take on exploitation of little girls, specifically BLONDES, with heavy JonBenét references, hey, we're back in the New York Times again...

On JonBenét..."She scared me." another reviewer looks at kiddie beauties. Thank you to that anonymous citizen who leaked the pageant videos to the press.

And another, this one complete with picture of Swan, a pageant veteran at age 5. (In other words, don't miss the HBO documentary tomorrow night, bring popcorn.)

Even the Rammers home-town paper chimes in: Children of pro-athletes suffer from fame "'s like the JonBenét Ramsey deal --- you don't want to expose them too much."

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, dog poop vigilante arrested by BPD.

TV ALERT: The System, "Death of an Angel", Court TV, 10 PM CDT, 11 PM EDT/PDT, midnight MDT, The case attracted national attention because the murder took place in a Christian home that extolled "family values". Roger Scaggs was a respected church elder. Penny Scaggs taught a course on how to have a successful Christian marriage. But Roger Scaggs was living a secret double life, having an affair with a woman half his age.

UPCOMING:Tomorrow, 5/13, Little Blonde Girls night... check local listings for correct air times in your area...

Wonderful World of Disney, "Shirley Temple", ABC, 7 PM EDT...

Mini-Series, "Blonde", CBS, 9 PM EDT...

Documentary, "Living Dolls", HBO, 10 PM EDT.




1. Mrs. Brady is taking the day off to contemplate her navel and
hide from her evil, alien spawn...see you on Monday!

6:51 AM MDT, Mon 5/14/01 (day #1602 week #230 month #52 year #4)
1. clicking off

Good Morning!

Just when you thought this case couldn't become any weirder, and proving once again that you DO have to follow the bouncing ball on a DAILY basis, the Daily Camera scoops everyone else with juicy excerpts from Linda Arndt's deposition in her civil suit against Koby, Beckner and the City of Boulder - too bad there is no mention of blacking out and seeing flames...

Then today the Rocky Mountain News, the Denver Post and Associated Press picked up the Arndt story.

Also in Sunday's Camera, one Boulder reader denounces their "Decency" in running autopsy photos of JonBenét, really.

Stop, what's that sound?: That writer (above) is not alone - TV sets across the nation were clicking away from Perky Couric and her Loose Smit special last Tuesday. Can you say dead last? I'm not being punny.

Did you watch "Shirley Temple", "Blonde" and "Living Dolls" last night? Good doggie. This reviewer in Kansas drew the inevitable JonBenét connection and advises middle-America to "just say no".

It slipped past our notice, but an eagle-eyed forum dweller alerts us that the Rammer's have been inducted into John Montgomery's Creep Hall of Fame - and congrats to John and the brave woman who is making a honest man out of him.

JonBenét in a SPORTS column? Oh, sure, why not, especially when it's about "pimping".

`OK, what are you leaving out?': First impressions count- publicity for client- it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it- Those poor Ramseys- blah, blah, blah - Robert Blake's attorney is trying not to repeat Team Ramsey errors. I knew it was just a matter of time before JonBenét would pop up in a Blake-case article. And it aint no In Cold Blood.

Public Service Announcement: Chandra Levy is missing from Washington D.C., reward offered for information.

Housekeeping: Now that he is of legal age and a college sophomore, Greg absolutely refuses to do any more special Mother's Day issues of Mrs. Brady's URLs, and hence the real reason why this page was blinko blanko yesterday. (And the next time he asks me to do his laundry you know what my answer will be...)


6:20 AM MDT, Tue 5/15/01 (day #1603 week #230 month #52 year #4)
1. Suzanne Goebel, Patsy's 'personal life coach'

Good Morning!

Doggie Downer: Some Linda Arndt suit claims thrown out by U.S. district judge, but...

Puppy Upper: A more optimistic headline in the Denver Post, "the federal claim made the state claim redundant", so that's all, it's really still intact?

Million Dollar Baby: The Boulder Police have released a report on updated expenses on the Ramsey file through 2001 to date.

Ram-huggers at Channel 9, KUSA, plan to respond to a Rocky Mountain Media Watch petition by making it look like the Ramsey ransom note? huh?

Well if they didn't squander their money on high-priced lawyers sending threatening letters to Peter Boyles... Focus on the Family is in $ trouble - again.

Sick Puppy: Boulder woman woke up to find a homeless man fondling her in her bed. University Hill is his 'territory'...

Elsewhere: Baba Wawa in a snit over her baby, 20/20, getting schedule shuffle for Fall '01...tsk, tsk maybe it's because of 'soft-ball' interview questions.

Other cases to watch...

TODAY: Hal Hebert preliminary hearing, the 58-year-old Denver man has been behind bars since April 12, after the body of his wife, Carol Hebert, was found in the trunk of her car, shot in the head.

TV ALERT: Burden of Proof, CNN, 10:30 AM MDT, Harlen Braun, Attorney for Robert Blake, joins Roger Cossack for an exclusive live interview about the investigation into the death of Blake's wife, Bonny Bakley.

UPCOMING: Tomorrow, Wednesday, 5/16, Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, will focus on the murder of Bonny Lee Bakley, the wife of actor Robert Blake.


6:24 AM MDT, Wed 5/16/01 (day #1604 week #230 month #52 year #4)
1. Boulder Burglar on the Loose!

Good Morning!

Oh goodie: Lou Smit goes live on Larry King next Monday, 5/21, get your questions and comments in early! There's at least two pop up java boxes you can vent on...

Wah, no bed and breakfast, no mystery dinner theater, potential buyer of Ramsey manse says "they can still come by, but eventually they won't see anything" Hell Hole to be rendered unrecognizable.

Sleepy Rocky wakes up and one day late runs an update on the Andt suit tailoring - (yes, punny).

Not Sleepy, just slow - Story on the Arndt suit and deposition by B.J. Plasket, (and also saved here because the LDTC is a leeetle sllooooow moving their files to their otherwise tre' excellente Ramsey archive.)


Okay, here ya go Lou, Ollie and John - Pedophile. Male. Colorado. Victims aged 4 to 11. Female victims. Dating back to at least July '97. Go get 'em. (found on Cybersleuths).

Boulder's Creepy Crawly Peeping Tom Fondling Burglar: Scumbag has a record dating back to '82 and suspected of up to 50 burglaries - but the real question is why wasn't he in jail? Oh wait, duh, this is Boulder...


911 dialin' daddy, James Garner, who was acquitted in murder trial last year, seeks custody of his three daughters who were asleep in the townhouse as his wife and in-laws were murdered.

Vice is Nice, But Incest is Best: Would you like vanilla or vanilla? Rumor that ABC and CNN 'are flirting', this just after we heard that CBS and CNN may merge news operations, huh?

O.J. as Litmus Test: A Texas Judge has ruled in favor of a prosecutor excluding jurors based on their opinion on the O.J. murder acquittal.

TV ALERT: In a Child's Name (miniseries), Lifetime, Noon CDT, 1 PM EDT/PDT, 2 PM MDT, (this sounds like the Garner case, see above) In 1984, a New Jersey woman fights to have her sister's husband, Kenneth Taylor, put away for her sister's brutal slaying. She then battles overwhelming odds for custody of her nephew when he is illegally adopted by Taylor's manipulative parents.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 9 PM EDT, 8 PM CDT, 7 PM MDT, 6 PM PDT, will focus on the murder of Bonny Lee Bakley, the wife of actor Robert Blake, but of course a bushy haired stranger did it. Does Gary Busey have bushy hair?

TV ALERT: City Confidential, "Boston- Betrayal in Beantown", A&E, 10 PM EDT, 9 PM CDT, 8 PM MDT, 7 PDT, another bushy-haired stranger murder, the murder of Carol Stewart. "Carol's husband, Charles, shot her and then called 911 to claim that an African-American car-jacker had committed the crime."

TV ALERT: The System, "Interrogation of Michael Crowe", Court TV, 9 PM CDT, 10 PM EDT/PDT, 11 PM MDT, Twelve-year-old Stephanie Crowe was found brutally stabbed to death in her bedroom in Escondido, CA. The family awoke to the gruesome scene that began a never-ending nightmare. Finding no signs of an intruder, police began to focus on Michael, the victim's brother, as their prime suspect.

TV ALERT: Homicide-Life on the Street, drama, Court TV, 10 PM CDT, 11 PM EDT/PDT, midnight MDT, a woman is found in the park with panty hose wrapped around her neck Detectives think the motive is a sex crime or robbery. Detectives meet with Assistant Medical Examiner and she points out the two tiny contusions on the side of the victims neck.

UPCOMING: Tomorrow and Friday, another motions hearing in the funky Tom Miller ransom note case, trial scheduled to begin next month. Will Fleet White show up?

UPCOMING: Monday, 5/21, Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, Colorado detective Lou Smit talks about his theory that an intruder killed JonBenét Ramsey.


7:49 AM MDT, Thur 5/17/01 (day #1605 week #231 month #52 year #4)
1. Offensive Cartoon

Good Morning! I'm late because of CONTENT, and lack of quality, and tangents...

O.J. sends Robert Blake some advice, gawd....says to "do a Ramsey".

Journalists 'of color' find JonBenét coverage objectionable, okay.

Scroll down to "State of bliss" on this page, JonBenét is even famous, infamous?, in Israel.

The domain name JonBené is for sale on Ebay.

From my weird email...The Conseco CarmelFest, Carmel, Indiana, July 4th, parade, America's Heartland, who's the Grand Marshall? usually some unsung hero - this year it's Richard Jewell, yeah that one.

Boulder, Colorado has been named the Best Small City by, why? a low crime rate - shish boom...

Boulder rapist Shreck fires public defenders, wants to represent himself in Boulder rape case circa '90, ID-ed by DNA database search for Susannah Chase linkage.


Baba Wawa has gone beyond snit - thweatens to leave ABC after 20/20 booted to lessew fwequency.

Update on the case of Chandra Levy, missing from Washington DC since May 1st - beginning to look like Anne Marie Fahey? (found on CrimeNews2000).

TV ALERT: Biography, "Dominick Dunne- Murder He Wrote", A&E, 6 PM MDT, Profile of the author who became rich and famous writing about the rich and famous.

TV ALERT: American Justice, "Why O.J. Simpson Won", A&E, 7 PM MDT, includes an interview with defense attorney Barry Scheck, who describes how Simpson's legal team challenged the credibility of detective Mark Fuhrman.

TV ALERT: FBI Profiles - Criminal Minds, The Learning Channel, 7 PM CDT, 8 PM EDT/PDT, 9 PM MDT, Trained to understand the minds of serial killers like Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy, the profiler is one of the FBIs most effective tools in narrowing the search for these elusive killers.


7:21 AM MDT, Fri 5/18/01 (day #1606 week #231 month #52 year #4)
1. JonBenét's Ghost

Good Morning!

In Denver? Bored? Have a spare 100 bucks? Hal Haddon, referred to as "who represents John Ramsey", (huh? I thought that relationship was like real over) and members of the media will discuss tabloidization of JonBenét today, open to the public.

I'm tickled that Boulder Weekly implies the Boulder Hell Hole property will be haunted by JonBenét's ghost, ala Poltergeist (in fact, scroll down to "Prospective Poltergeist", worth the trip).

Amazing. The May 16th Rocky Mountain News article on the potential sale of the Hell Hole is running on the Scripps-Howard National Wire and picked up by the AP, why?

As a refresher on the real estate maneuverings, here's the MLS listing for the 755 15th Street crime scene (complete with "Partially finished basement")

Meanwhile the Jenny Pruitt Realtor listing for che' Ramzee' in Vinings (at the intersection of GARRAUX Road, Patsy has such a weird sense of humor, non se pas?) has been souped up with Macromedia Flash so now you have to enter the FMLS number 437097 to bring up the Pink Palace.

And I love it when 'we' make Slate's KEEPING TABS column, even if it's a backhand mention.

Sick Puppy Patrol: Two more Boulder "home invasions", both probably involved unlocked doors (alarm systems off, no foot prints in the snow - hey, wait a minute, this is MAY) was "awakened at 4 a.m. Saturday by a man holding a knife to her neck and then scroll down to "Woman walks in on burglar", rifling through her wallet in the kitchen, also official City of Boulder press release with neato police sketch.

Colorado County Coroners do not have to have any medical training, or any training for that matter, with comment from STUN GUN proponent and Ram-hugger Michael Doberson.

Jeffco, Grand Juries, Santas: Protesters refuse to show up and are jailed, claims that "requiring him to testify was a form of harassment with the potential to chill First Amendment rights" - note to Fleet...

Elsewhere: This one gets my personal Weird Crime of the Week award (found on CrimeNews2000).

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Safe at Home?", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CDT, 11 PM EDT/PDT, Midnight MDT, traditionally viewed as an unpenetrable fortress of safety, the home is increasingly becoming a site for crime. Investigate the risks from both unknown intruders and trusted acquaintances.


6:46 AM MDT, Sat 5/19/01 (day #1607 week #231 month #52 year #4)
1. Managing the High Profile Case

Good Morning!

Don't say I didn't warn you, someone should have gone to that Denver symposium yesterday and asked some really good questions, instead we get the same old bullshit, spin and innuendo.

Leaks: You leaked first, no you did, neaner, neaner, neaner, so's yer old man... "if you can't shut up, try to be wily", attorneys admit they leak and spin, from the Rocky so it's also hastily corrected Haddon's status to to past tense "...who represented John Ramsey...".

Circus, Circus: Hey, the Friends of JonBenét have incorporated themselves, but they still can't spell, what a wonderful world - anywho, they started a petition on this cutesy (but prolly impotent) web site called Petition, Petition, trying to inspire a launch of a "new investigation" into the murder. Worth a look for entertainments sake, especially the signatures page of those who agree, and the list of other new petitions is a real hoot too...(link compliments of JR on JW).

Sick Puppy with interesting last name, on the lam for 14 years after molesting his two daughters, nabbed in Denver after America's Most Wanted tip...of course he fled to Colorado, where else?

If it Bleeds it Leads: Trying to boost circulation, stung by their relegation to mere Saturdays, The Rocky Mountain News weekend package today is on murder/suicides...

Cover story by Lisa-with-the-two-last-names...

Dashner case of depression...

Walters case, also by L.W.T.T.L.N.

Shoemaker case

...and another James Garner case, didn't realize the name was that common...

VCR ALERT: Monday, 5/21, Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, Lou Smit Redux.

UPCOMING: Midnight, Wednesday May 23 - deadline for a settlement in the Linda Arndt lawsuit.


6:36 AM MDT, Sun 5/20/01 (day #1608 week #231 month #52 year #4)
1. Layla Brady

Good Morning!

A good read, a refresher on all the early vortex crud, Daily Camera on more Linda Arndt depositions.

Boulder Justice is an oxymoron: Column by Clint Talbot reveals the judges are part of the problem. Warning: This will make you very angry.

(This will help perk you up though.)

Elsewhere: Update on the case of missing intern Chandra Levy in yesterday's L.A. Times.

TV ALERT: Mugshots, Darlie Routier, CourtTV, 8 PM CDT, 9 PM EDT/PDT, 10 MDT, The murders took place in 1996 at the family home in suburban Dallas. The prosecution claimed that Ms. Routier killed her sons due to stress: financial stress and the strain of raising three young children. Ms. Routier's supporters claim that she was convicted because of a smear campaign by the prosecution. She is currently appealing her conviction and seeking a new trial. A searing documentary.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow, 5/21, Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, guest is Lou Smit and his handy dandy PowerPoint presentation.



6:34 AM MDT, Sun 5/27/01 (day #1615 week #232 month #53 year #4)
1. Hoppin' Lou

Good Morning!

Atlanta, Georgia: The puzzle palace (CNN) schedules Lou Smit show - again - for the third time, in the Memorial Day ratings basement.

Lincoln, Nebraska: Forensics course justified by "With cases such as O.J. (Simpson) and JonBenét (Ramsey), people have become aware of the importance of evidence and how it works..."

Kansas City, Kansas: Scroll halfway down to "Looking for racism", editorial on JonBenét vs. Precious Doe criticized.

Boca Raton, Florida: Tabloid defends it's "McVeigh corpse" photos.

Arapahoe County, Colorado: Doctor busted for possession of child pornography.

Boulder County, Colorado: Man who kidnapped and raped a Boulder newspaper delivery woman "first person in Boulder County to be labeled a sexually violent predator." P.S., he used duct tape too.


6:04 AM MDT, Mon 5/28/01 (day #1616 week #232 month #53 year #4)
1. Wickman and Pitt

Good Morning!

He's Baaaaaack: Charlie Brennan in the New York Post today on the Linda Arndt lawsuit.

CNN's web site is still insisting that they will air the taped Lou Smit interview tonight, yep, on Memorial Day, how tacky.

Said taped interview again (third time's the charm?) selected by Yahoo, as the "Spotlight" event of the day, maybe perhaps possibly Lou Smit on LKL...

Worth a visit to get your perspective back: CrimeNews2000 annual Memorial Day tribute to the victims of crime.

MAYBE TV?: Perhaps? Larry King Live, might be? CNN, kind of? 7 PM MDT, possibly? Lou Smit?

TOMORROW: First day in court for the Linda Arndt lawsuit starring a a stunning array of Ramsey case characters. Denver. Be there or be square.


5:58 AM MDT, Tue 5/29/01 (day #1617 week #232 month #53 year #4)
1. Subpoena?

Good Morning!

TV ALERT: Mountain and Pacific time zoners can catch replay of parts of the September '99 Linda Arndt interview on Good Morning America, ABC, 40 minutes into the first hour.

Okay, 'fess up. Who stole Linda Arndt's psychiatric records? Come on...

Good catch, the AP reports that Arndt's attorneys will subpoena jOhN aNd PaTsY - why?

Transcript of Lou Smit on Larry King Live last night. I was sleeping off too many hot dogs...

TODAY: Arndt suit - seven-day trial begins.

TODAY: Gang Rape - jury selection begins in the trial of 24-year-old Sonny Lee, Grand Junction, Colorado.


6:19 AM MDT, Wed 5/30/01 (day #1618 week #232 month #53 year #4)
1. J.T's "artwork"

Good Morning!

It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission: Lin Wood tries, again, to get the Rammers "cleared", this is the part that cracked me up, he says John and Patster..."would pledge their 'full cooperation.'"...ROTFLMAOAPIMP! You're talking cooperation - Ramseystyle...

HELLO CHARLIE!: He's not quite dead yet, James Thompson, aka J.T. Colfax, erstwhile performance artist/arsonist, reports the skinny from the Arndt civil trial, complete with fashion statements, pen chewing and name dropping...

Now compare that to the bland coverage from the major dailies...

This is about as good as it gets, the Daily Camera

Rocky Mountain News

Denver Post

Associated Press

I think he's missed his calling, leaves the professionals in the dust, WestWord should snap him up before CNN calls...

Colorado sex offenders who fail to register with the local gendarmes now face stiffer penalties, scroll down to "Bill cracks down on sex offenders".

Meanwhile Mary Keenan is in Grand Junction trying to seat a jury in the first gang rape trial, due to change of venue the judge will permit cameras in the courtroom.

Sick Puppy of the day: Library flasher sentenced to three years in the clink, targeted young children.

TODAY: Jury selection continues in the Arndt civil suit in Denver.

UPCOMING: Friday June 1, Boulder Headmaster/Child Molester, Alan Temple will be back in court.

UPCOMING: Tuesday June 5th and Wednesday June 6th, videotaped depositions of Patsy and John in the Wolf v. Ramsey suit.





6:20 AM MDT, Thur 5/31/01 (day #1619 week #233 month #53 year #4)
1. Outwit, Outlie, Outlawyer

Good Morning!

Day one of the Linda Arndt pen-chewing...

"Her mistakes...may ultimately prove to be the barrier to a successful prosecution of the JonBenét Ramsey murder..."

(Trial) "will air 'dirty laundry' that will not be helpful to the homicide investigation of JonBenét Ramsey"

(Poor Linda) "one of the most hurtful articles was in Vanity Fair, which compared her to Mark Fuhrman"

Surprise! Even the Colorado Springs Gazette is covering the Arndt civil trial - "Arndt's mistakes will be a focus of this trial..."

Boring and bland - the AP version and Reuters version of day one.

Oh goodie, I love polls! KMGH Denver TV 7 (ABC affiliate) version of Lin Wood's self-serving request, ("Wood said they would consider going to court to have the case moved out of Boulder") along with a public opinion poll.

So short it's almost not worth mentioning, but the Wood request is also running on KCNC Denver TV 4 (CBS affiliate).

Ramsey doings made two major dailies yesterday - New York Times nation in brief has paragraph on the Arndt suit - and the Atlanta Journal Constitution CHOSE to summarize Lin Wood's latest request to freely pursue more lawsuits.

Always a day late, Longmont Daily Times-Call article by B.J. Plasket (complete with some atmosphere - "Koby, who had grown a beard and shoulder-length hair...was clean-shaven, and his hair was cut above the collar") on the first day of Arndt case jury selection, also saved here if that link is stale.

Mary Keenan exercises a woman's prerogative...and changes her mind - files charges against molesting baby-sitter in adult court, could now face life in prison instead of 2 year max from juvie court.

Inconsistent: Then she cuts a sweetheart plea bargain for one of the gang rapists, cuts 21 years off his sentence.

TODAY: Arndt day three, beginning with testimony from Sgt. Larry Mason.