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7:17 AM MDT, Fri. 5/24/02 (day #1975 week #284 month #64 year #5
1. current Enquirer cover

Good Morning!

Shades of the infamous Globe "autopsy" photos of JonBenet, Colorado grocery stores pledge to censor the National Enquirer's purloined Harris and Klebold as dead bodies being released today.

Boulder rapist nabbed by random DNA database check will be a very old man before he ever sees light of day.

Denver's suspected serial flasher agrees to interview with Denver KMGH TV 7's Julie Hayden.

San Diego Union-Tribune tries to keep interest up in the missing Jahi Turner case.

Bad. Local forensic experts comment on the breakthrough in the Levy case in light of the similar disappearances of Pond and Gaddis.

Good. Mark Fuhrman's book Murder in Greenwich on the Moxley case is being made into a movie.

Awful. New York Post, taking a cue from tabloid sisters, implies, based on anonymous source (of course) that Chandra was "tied" up.


7:19 AM MDT, Sat. 5/25/02 (day #1976 week #284 month #64 year #5
1. photo I.D., mug shot and composite sketch

Good Morning!

While Fort Collins self-congratulates at speedy end to Troy Graves matter, I noted similarities to unsolved Boulder case (see photos above).

Today is Missing Children's Day.

Human remains found, female, and in two locations but Clackamas County says unrelated to Pond or Gaddis.

Meanwhile, the Pond/Gaddis case is the cover story of this week's People magazine, with input from two former FBI profilers who speculate on the suspect(s).

Brava! Good for her. Mother of victim of "freak accident" uses his headstone to vent and point finger of blame.


8:00 AM MDT, Sun. 5/26/02 (day #1977 week #284 month #65 year #5
1. just your average tabby

Good Morning!

I'm beginning to think that the Denver media is conspiring to keep murder and mayhem unreported on Sundays. But the Longmont Daily Times-Call has two examples of Boulder County style Justice in the Saturday issue - get it before it disappears (around 10 AM MDT).

Would you like some fries with that?: The body of a female found in Oregon that raised alarm bells among those concerned about Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis is that of a 25-ish, Asian McDonalds employee. Hello, Ronald? Missing one of your happy, peppy people?

Speaking of missing, the New York Times is doing a bang-up job of skewering the "authorities" (and I use that term loosely) down in Florida over the misplacement of Rilya Wilson.

Also in the Sunday Times, a new study quantifying handwriting analysis that could raise confidence levels beyond Daubert :-)

How many is too many?: Two college sophomores adopt a kitten. Nine months later, about to depart the campus, they start seeking a "solution" to their cat problem. "I know, let's call Greg's mom! She has five cats, what's one more?". Call me a softie, but yes, cat number 6, Milhouse, a neutered male tabby, is under the couch in the rec room. We'll likely see him again in about a week.



Since she overslept (woke up at 9 AM, yikes) Mrs. Brady is taking Monday off.
Have a nice day. She will return Tuesday Morning.


6:24 AM MDT, Tue. 5/28/02 (day #1979 week #284 month #65 year #5
1. cartoon Alex

Good Morning!

I never called anyone "morally obtuse": On the day of her memorial service, radio talk show will bash Chandra Levy and her parents' behavior, calling her a home-wrecker. You can tune in here and listen on the web at 11 AM MDT.

Could a case like Rilya Wilson happen in Colorado? Sure, accoring to new report, Rocky article by Lisa With-The-Two-Last-Names.

Smile! Lackadaisical and inept child service workers will be required to take pictures of their charges every three months.

Also in today's New York Times, DNA evidence from the O.J. Simpson case has been donated to the Smithsonian by Cellmark labs.

Have a nice day :-) , Colorado is experiencing a shortage of police officers, reports the AP.


7:00 AM MDT, Wed. 5/29/02 (day #1980 week #284 month #65 year #5
1. ouch, OUCH!

Good Morning!

durn cat bit not one but 2 of my fingers - hurts to type, so here are headlines only - sorry...

New Web site lists Colorado arrests

Explicit photos of teens earned suspect thousands - pornographer held on 886 counts of sexual exploitation of children

Law enforcement officials are looking for a would-be kidnapper who tried to abduct an 8-year-old girl last week in Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Girl Nearly Abducted While In Her Garage

Jury selection begins in van Dam murder case - Jury Selection Continues In Westerfield Trial

Levy Case Is a Homicide

Skakel Defense: Doubt Is Cast, But Inexact Science, Memories Blemish Team's Final Day - Doctor testifies, Skakel defense rests, State questions time of death - Final Skakel Witness Raises Doubts - Newsday Writer Called To Testify

seeing doctor & getting tetanus shot today, sorry 4 mess above, hope better tomorrow.


6:08 AM MDT, Thurs. 5/30/02 (day #1981 week #285 month #65 year #5
1. Find the ring, find the killer

Good Morning!

I knew we could count on Westword to make the connection to the Ramsey case..."This isn't the first time law-enforcement authorities have blamed the messenger, and it won't be the last. In early January 1996, the Globe published photographs of JonBenét Ramsey taken in the coroner's office -- and Boulder residents called for a boycott of any businesses selling the evil tabloids."

Erie assaults, teen suspects in sex assault plead innocent, head to trial.

Poignant look at the Blagg case searchers' devotion.

The latest mini-scandal in Boulder has residents' panties in a wad, "folks demanding the lowdown on B-1 flyover".

An older scandal makes today's New York Times.

In San Diego, the search for missing Jahi has abruptly ended and jury selection for the van Dam murder case may end today.

I have an "under toad" feeling about this - Skakel case witness says it was "common knowledge" that he was sent to Elan due to Moxley murder as the prosecution winds up it's rebuttal.

Sorry so terse, two fingers on left hand badly swollen, here's hoping the antibiotics help.


6:00 AM MDT, Fri. 5/31/02 (day #1982 week #285 month #65 year #5
1. Convicted or not, still a creep

Good Morning!

Oops, they did it again: Boulder Valley School District is sued by parents of 5-year-old who was repeatedly sexually assaulted by an older student - and then BVSD found out - and investigated - and then, months later told his parents about it. Shades of that Christmas assault that didn't get reported to the boy's mother until January.

Hopefully, this will be the last article on the Fort Collins/Center City rapist - He's sorry and will offer up his bod to FBI profilers to study. Great.

Colorado's nifty new toy, a Criminal background Web site, gets record-breaking traffic after it's launch. Methinks it's just the actual criminals checking their own backgrounds though, something that escaped their notice here.

Hmmmm, murder or manslaughter, manslaughter or murder. Oh, nevermind says sloppy Skakel prosecution. More undertoad for chances for Moxley justice.

Porn 'R Us: Ex-Toy Store Worker Punished for Porn, used his job at Toys 'R Us to cruise for victims. Lovely.

Heh. I finally made the big time at, one of my submissions is on her list of "must reads". Victory, SBTC! Proof that Cipro is a great 'lil drug.