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7:02 AM MST, Thur. 11/2/00 (day #1407, week #202, month #46, year #3)
1. Does she or doesn't she?

Good Morning!

The continuing big news for JonBenét watchers is the battle to replace the Hunted, another letter today... scroll down to "DA RACE - Clearing up some misconceptions"

News from where the Ramseys vacation..."in Charlevoix County in the summer and fall of 1998, according to the suit. The men also were accused of providing alcohol and marijuana to the boy and other victims who they lured to Charlevoix with offers of money to take sexually explicit photographs of them."

Don't do me any favors...the Daily Camera (the paper I love to hate) has cleaned up it's Ramsey case archive...but, whoops, it neglected to file stories from the last 8 months...

Colorado Justice: Just cuz I like to p*** you off - child molester out on bail granted by Arapahoe County murders woman -- criminal record dates back to 1981.

And, found on Drudge, just to cheer you up - Larry King Live dethroned by upstart Fox News Network! Yee Haw!


6:38 AM MST, Fri. 11/3/00 (day #1408, week #202, month #46, year #3)
1. ???

Good Morning!

You can expect the quirky from E'zine Salon, and so this review (which mentions his involvement in la affair JonBenét) of Donald Foster's new book delivers - and this understatement "it's somehow unsettling to realize that Foster isn't a superman".

Snagged from the Cybersleuths forum - Moderator/Webmaster Skydog received this unsolicited email from Colorado Governor Bill Owens...

Dear Mr. (skydog)
Thank you for your email regarding the
JonBenét Ramsey murder case. I understand your frustration given the length of time since this child was murdered and the fact that this case is still unresolved.
Since you
wrote to me one year ago
, it may look as if we are no closer to a conviction than at that time. New evidence in the investigation continues to come to light. I am confident that the right people are working on the case as an effective team.
I share your concerns about this case, and I also desire that the killer of JonBen
ét Ramsey be brought to justice as expediently as possible. I do not have the jurisdiction to call for a Federal investigation of the Boulder Police Department or the District Attorney's Office. This decision lies with the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, Boulder will elect a new District Attorney
this November and I am sure they will again review all aspects of this case.
I appreciate hearing from you.
Bill Owens

Sorry I am running obscenely late today - I might be back with more later....




5:58 AM MDT, Sat. 11/4/00 (day #1409, week #202, month #46, year #3)
1. My favorite dumpster-diving relic

Good Morning!

Okay, so I'm reading today's endorsement letter ("DA RACE - Now is the time for Real change" at top of this page), and I'm thinking 'hmmm, this is the BEST letter I've seen so far..' and then I get to the by-line (shish-boom)...FLEET AND PRISCILLA WHITE! No lie, check it out...

Finally, a Boulder newspaper with GUTS! Boulder Weekly has endorsed Dave Sanderson for District Attorney..."a vote for Mary Keenan would be an endorsement for business as usual"...

Masker on the Cybersleuths forum has posted a letter to voters from DA candidate Dave Sanderson that ran in the print edition of the Longmont Daily Times-Call (Scroll down to the bottom of this page).

Patsy's criminal defense attorney won't have his integrity or ethics questioned - Boulder County murderer's appeal for a new trial, citing ineffective counsel of Patrick Furman, denied.

Boulder Crime - Stark NAKED intruder rapes CU student...Highlight - City Spokesmamma Jennifer Bray's double entendre/innuendo..."That really stuck out."

I never promised you a rosegarden (just no more E**** stories) - - O.J. again - - his lawsuit against Robert Kardashian, inspired by the upcoming Lawrence Schiller American Tragedy miniseries (see below) has been thrown out.

For you conspiracy-theorists, more flotsam, FBI whistle-blower silenced, requests congressional oversight committee probe into top-secret, high level investigations.

TV ALERT: Painted Babies, The Learning Channel, 7 and 10 PM CST, 8 and 11 PM EST/PST, 9 and midnight MST, thousands of little girls five and younger competing in beauty contests throughout the South - not just the crowns, but cars, cash and vacations make these pint-sized contests major league.

TV ALERT: New Detectives-Case Studies in Forensic Science, "Remnant of Blame", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, midnight MST, the solution to the most heinous crimes often hinge on the smallest clues.

UPCOMING: ``American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story on the Simpson Defense'', CBS, two part mini-series next Sunday and Wednesday nights, November 12 and 15.




7:10 AM MST, Sun. 11/5/00 (day #1409, week #202, month #46, year #3)
1. Two Sisters

Good Morning!

See how they run - I'm beginning to think the Keenan camp is getting WORRIED! Today's letter is overtly defensive, scroll down to "DA RACE - Keenan just can't be bought at any price", in reply to this letter "DISTRICT ATTORNEY - Sanderson will work effectively with police" ...quaking in their boots, they is...

Camera rubs salt in the wound - repeats their brainless endorsement of "stinky fish" Keenan.

Longmont Daily Times-Call version of the Patsy-criminal-defense-attorney former client's murder appeal.

TV News version of the Simpson/Kardashian suit over the upcoming Schiller mini-series American Tragedy.




6:00 AM MST, Mon. 11/6/00 (day #1410, week #202, month #46, year #3)
1. Stinky fish?

Good Morning!

Tomorrow the future of the Ramsey case may be decided - for up to the minute polling returns in the BOCODA race check the 200o General election page and then click on District Attorney...SO GO VOTE!

If you don't want to wait until Wednesday morning to find out who will be the next POTUS, Matt Drudge has vowed to upload exit poll results. SO GO VOTE!

I have no crystal ball, but here's a glimpse - current Boulder County voter demographics in today's Daily Camera - a very interesting article. SO GO VOTE!

In other news - Drudge reports today that a criminal indictment against Bill Clinton remains a strong possibility... it all depends on the results of tomorrow's election! SO GO VOTE!

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Unlikely Villains", 11 PM EST/PST, ignore the prejudices and stereotypes about the kinds of people with criminal minds - four cases where the guilty party turned out to be the person you would least suspect.




6:23 AM MST, Tue. 11/7/00 (day #1411, week #202, month #46, year #3)
1. Sanderson for DA!

Good Morning!

A touching, human look behind the politics and mud-slinging - whither campaign managers? Both Keenan's and Sanderson's handlers describe their many roles.

"Results will be updated through the night at the Camera's Web site: ." or - remember you can get the full DA race results directly from the horses mouth - Boulder County.

But keep your java close to you - Boulder County is always slow on the uptake because they still use an antiquated IBM punch-card system, aaargh!

A ray of hope/hopelessness - It's 25% over - already... record numbers have already cast their votes through absentee ballots or the 'early voting' provision.

POTUS -Need a scorecard? Found one that is nifty from the Associated Press - listed by poll closing time and alphabetically - just print it out, mark out columns for Bush and Gore and you're all set.

Reminder: If suspense really kills you and you don't mind spoilers, Matt Drudge has vowed to release exit polling data throughout the day - defying mainstream media's embargo...

Non-political diversions...

Heh. "The mini-series O.J. doesn't want you to see"...update on the Simpson legal maneuvers to quelch the Schiller mini-series (found on Cybersleuths).

Heh heh. In other TV news CBS is set to announce they are moving Dr. Laura's talk show to 2 AM...heh.

LOCAL ALERT: Dave Sanderson for DA victory party, The Foundry, Boulder, starting at 6 PM, MST.

Keeping my fingers, toes and legs crossed, I am, your humble servant...





6:43 AM MST, Wed. 11/8/00 (day #1412, week #202, month #46, year #3)
MARY KEENAN 72,357 56.4%
DAVE SANDERSON 55,972 43.6%

1. Good Morning!

Keenan handily defeats Dave Sanderson - coverage in the Boulder Daily Camera.

BTW - Keenan's victory party was held at a restaurant RED FISH, not to be confused with DEAD (stinky) fish...

Keenan/Sanderson debacle also in today's Ramsey Mountain News and the Denver Post.

(Ray of hope - In this October 19th Denver Post endorsement, see the last two lines)

Don't believe my figures, read it and weep here...

Why? Well the Republicans didn't bother to come out and vote...

Related: Jefferson County DA and Ramsey case brain-trust member Dave Thomas was re-elected. Adams County DA and implied domestic abuser Bob Grant and Denver DA Bill Ritter were unopposed for re-election.

Meanwhile, Dubya and Al Bore are in a Florida slugfest, presidency may be determined by only 1785 votes -

Onwards...there is actually a JonBenét mention in the news today (forsooth!)...on Schiller's American Tragedy.

Sick Puppy: stark naked, totally birthday suit, yeah man intruder (insert snapping fingers sound here)...may be linked to other Denver-metro attacks.

Just plain sick...BPD, BOCO-Sheriff sued for $2 Million...Boulder man alleges "false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution and assault."





6:40 AM MST, Thur. 11/9/00 (day #1413, week #203, month #46, year #3)
1. IT's back!

Good Morning!

Finally some action - at least in a sideshow...

The Craig Lewis/Globe attempt to buy the Ramsey ransom note has been resolved - same homogenized article, intact, also appears in today's Camera - take your pick, it doesn't matter...

DA Thomas claims the quirky case was not an "effort to get Craig Lewis" - coulda fooled me, if it was someone even marginally likable, let's say Dan Glick even, would they have pursued it?

Even the Colorado Springs Gazette covers the Globe/Note story - I changed my mind about "restorative justice", now I like it, sweet irony...

Glad I didn't wait up... The Boulder County election results were delayed due to some "computer gyrations"....until 3:15 AM MST...

Playing ketchup - the Longmont Daily Times Call, habitually late on the upload, version of the Mary Keenan victory dance, says BOCODA office will be run on a TEAM concept (ugh) - with passing mention of the JonBenét mess...

This is cute - a Boulder kindergartner has launched a campaign to buy bulletproof-vests for the new BPD canines - you can send contributions to Vest-A-Dog in care of Maryanne Cast, 1197 Berea Drive, Boulder, 80305. JonBenét would like that!











6:25 AM MST, Mon. 11/27/00 (day #1430, week #205, month #47, year #3)
1. "...the world" = fame

Good Morning!

Ramsey Attorney Wants No Case (scroll down to the BOTTOM of this forum thread) - Candy from Cybersleuths kindly transcribed this Boulder Daily Camera article (which, due to their typical sloppy filing system did not show up on the on-line edition) which proves, once again that the Rammers cannot stand being out of the spotlight - i.e., they must be irked over the Gush-Bore ink.

No surprise, the controversial Hi-Tec Boots procured by a Rammer operative are not a match - from November 21st issue of the Daily Camera, with weak protests from RST snoop Oliver Gray.

Associated Press version (shorter) of the Boots not a match article.

Oh goodie! Another TV show spotlighting child/torture/beauty pageants...."pint-size Barbies with poofy hair, thick mascara and names like Thumper, Summer and Reagan vie for cash, clunky trophies and a chance to move on to the next level of competition".

Synopsis of the program reviewed above from the A&E web site, and of the series, The Competition, premiering on Friday.

In today's Camera - Boulder County court filings and DA records are going ON-LINE...patience, patience, patience...lots on Mary Keenan and her campaign promises, quotes from DA staff.

Colorado's sloppy coroners is the subject of last week's Westword cover story - heavy quotes from Doberson, mid-wife of the Smit stun-gun theory.

Just for Fun: What I did on my Thanksgiving vacation, watched many movies on cable TV and surfed for miscellany on each production on my favorite web site, the Internet Movie Data Base - so vast and rich I would gladly pay for it! (and the Brady house is still a mess)...


6:18 AM MST, Tue. 11/28/00 (day #1431, week #205, month #47, year #3)
1. Hey Rube

Good Morning!

Absolute bullshit - Anonymous Daily Camera editorial urges Mary Keenan to give "comfort" to the primary suspects (excuse my language, this really irked me and I needed to get your attention).

Coincidentally, the Daily Camera has finally uploaded the Lin Wood demand article to the correct file location - just in time for their selfish, Chamber-of-Commerce editorial above, hmmmm....

Sure to drive detractors wacky, another review of Donald Foster's new book, with a humorous twist.

TV ALERT: FBI Files, "Predator", Discovery Channel, 9 PM CST, 10 PM EST/PST, 11 PM MST, an eight-year-old girl disappeared from her Tucson, Arizona neighborhood and a drifter on parole for abducting and molesting children becomes the FBI's primary suspect.


7:00 AM MST, Wed. 11/29/00 (day #1432, week #205, month #47, year #3)
1. Dumb and Dumber

Good Morning!

Mary Keenan responds, kind of, to Lin Wood's most recent whining, no comment, and "certainly not through the media" - heh ... I'm beginning to like her, go figure.

Oh boy - This one stinks like smelly fish - Another perp-to-be invokes the spirits of JonBenét and Sabrina Aisenberg (ala the Patster in her "faith" soliloquy with O.J. and Susan Smith).

Only in Boulder - Rocky columnist and Boulder resident Bill Johnson takes a look at the City we love to hate latest - uh- eccentricities...

Nothing there yet, but the late/lamented Colorado Daily, once a prime purveyor of Ramseyana, is now back on the internet. Bookmark it!

TV ALERT: Justice Files, "Presumed Innocent?", Discovery Channel, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, midnight MST, every day people are punished for crimes they didn't commit - many were falsely accused of horrendous crimes leaving others to make remarkable efforts to correct miscarriages of justice.


6:47 AM MST, Thur. 11/30/00 (day #1433, week #206, month #47, year #3)
1. HiTecs = Ugly

Good Morning!

The only JonBenét reference of the day is this review of tomorrow night's A&E show on kiddie beauty pageants - but it's an angle that's lots of fun (if you like sique-ness).

Barry Hartkopp and Jane Harmer are among the recipients of Boulder public safety awards today.

Trivia: Who is Barry Hartkopp? (Answer here tomorrow).

This is weird - 300 lb man arrested for kidnapping, molestation and ... bank robberies? Weird. (Found on Cybersleuths)

More from the No-I'm-Not-Making-This-Up Department...Comedian David Spade was attacked in his home by an unknown intruder with a stun gun.

And more stun-gunning and sex assaults (from CrimeNews2000)