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7:00 AM MST, Fri. 11/1/02 (day #2134 week #307 month #70 year #5
1. Wanted!

Good Morning! Late because I'm really tired (55 trick or treaters last night)...

Loser Linda: Arndt aren't gonna get second hearing of her lawsuit claiming that she was unreasonably gagged from clearing up a few factoids about her involvement with JonBenét from day one...

Update on the status of the Smart family and announcement that they will be on Larry King on Sunday night.

Uh Oh. Expect lawsuits to be filed over the Short murder case - this is looking nasty.

O.J. didn't. David Westerfield didn't. But San Diego's latest accused murderer will. Take the stand in her own defense.


6:06 AM MST, Sat. 11/2/02 (day #2135 week #307 month #70 year #5
1. Another Contingency for Woody

Good Morning!

The Globe's November 12th issue has a an article about a breakthrough in DNA testing that they breathlessly imply can solve the murder of JonBenet... Candy's summary at the end of this thread.

Left Coast: Too late for our morning edition yesterady, the Modesto Bee reports that Gary Condit has hired Lin Wood who's already saber-rattling at the National Enquirer.

Creepy, and utterly tasteless: What do you expect of trailer trash? Ward Weaver's charming son Francis says he may claim the $80,000 reward offered in the Pond/Gaddis case.

REMINDER: The case of missing Shawn Hornbeck likely to be on America's Most Wanted tonight.


6:18 AM MST, Sun. 11/3/02 (day #2136 week #307 month #70 year #5
1. What would Delta say about this?

Good Morning!

Hold the phone: Some good news and forward movement in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping????

Draw me a picture: Sheesh, is this a sign of a totally functional-illiterate world or what. Brief mention of Elizabeth Smart in this puff piece about new law enforcement software that literally makes a picture/diagram of crime scenes.

Bad News in New Mexico: Human remains have been found near the home a missing teenager, Robert John Stroup, 15, of Moriarty.

Bad News in North Carolina: Human remains may be those of missing 13-year-old Christopher Dixon of High Point. Scratch that 'may'. It is him.

Good News, the Mushroom did it: Or... Not Human Remains.

Dr. Richard Krugman wrings his hands and issues more non-sequitors about "abuse" after a recent rash of non-licensed parents in the Denver area take out their frustrations on their newborns.

Totally off-subject, but lacking anything else (sans politics) to end up with today, if you haven't visited Redneck Neighbor in a while (or never), you're in for a treat - the site has been updated with the latest of JD8's home beautification projects.


7:42 AM MST, Mon. 11/4/02 (day #2137 week #307 month #70 year #5
1. Boulder Planet pokes fun at Ramsey internet groupies

Good Morning!

Late because I had to run something Marcia forgot over to the High School, sorry. Not much news out there, it's all politics and elections.

State lab examining items taken from witness in Short slayings, this is so slow it's killing me.

Update on missing New Mexico teenager Robert Stroup from the Associated Press, no determination yet on whether remains found on Saturday are related.

Christopher Dixon of High Point, NC was not killed by a crazed pedophile - he died from falling a highway bridge.

That's it. So now you have lots of time on your hands - go call a friend and offer to take them to the polls tomorrow.



Mrs. Brady is taking Tuesday November the 5th off so that she may
persuade uniformed voters at her polling place today. And she is
very persuasive...


7:30 AM MST, Wed. 11/6/02 (day #2139 week #307 month #70 year #5
1. Class and good breeding prevails

Good Morning!

I'm tired, hoarse, sleep-depped but victorious. The internet is really slow today as liberal Dems seek spin and solace. God Bless America! On to Baghdad...heads up Saddam, we're mad and MANDATED...

Sue This: Colorado Governor Bill Owens, openly critical of the Rammers, but never sued by Woody, reelected in a LANDSLIDE.

BPD less one Good Cop: Commander Joe Pelle won election to replace term-limited George Epp as new BOCO Sheriff. Tom Faure ditto to outgoing BOCO coroner John Meyer.

Another Murderer Who Fled to Georgia: Michael Blagg's attorneys seek to media access to his upcoming trial for the murder of his wife Jennifer, discarded in a dumpster, and his beautiful, innocent 6-year-old daughter, Abby, whose remains have yet to be found.

Incredibly sad, Incredibly stupid: Classmates and friends of Miranda Gaddis and Ashley Pond are killed in senseless DUI head-on with a bus. Students at their middle school reeling from shock. (Note to Oregon: Time to license your sperm donors. Seriously.)

Just in time for Christmas: Hey, I microchipped my cats, but I'll draw the line at making my (future) grandchildren wear a bulky "wristwatch GPS locator on their wrist - while sleeping ? in bed ? at night ? Whatev, this California (read, left coast wacko) hawks product by evoking the names of Samantha Runnion and Danielle van Dam.

The "S" word: Okay, it's a campus press, but did they have to trot out the dreaded "S" word in relation to this new "suspect" in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping? Shame on you. Back to Journalism/PC class. Thou shalt always say "person of interest".

Oh yeah, for you knuckleheads still grasping the belief that Al Gore won the popular vote 2 years ago, here's the reality in the form of a David Westerfield enema. California never counted thousands of absentee ballots. Thousands. Just pitched 'em in the trash. Case in point the DA's race in San Diego.

Love means never having to say you're sorry? City of Brotherly Love, in a classy move, apologizes to Fort Collins, Colorado cops for comments made by a Philly Dick on ABC program about alleged 'uncooperation' by FC in pursuing serial rapist Troy Graves (second item on this page). Mark Beckner, OTOH, is still waiting for apologies from BOCO Dick and Colorado Springs Sheriff, may they burn in hell.

I apologize to readers who may be offended by any partisan remarks I made over the past few days. I'm a tad torqued. We'll get over it and move on - 6th anniversary coming up and ...

... TV ALERT: Entertainment Tonight, syndicated, check local listings, segment on JonBenét.


6:05 AM MST, Thurs. 11/7/02 (day #2140 week #308 month #70 year #5
1. Runner-up for image of the day for Halloween '02

Good Morning!

Heh. I love it when they mispell his name (Smit as 'Smits', suppose they are trying - and failing - to give him Jimmy's star power? Nah, 'they' is just stoopid), but it really grits my agates that Court TV implys that ole Loose (as in lips that sink ships) is "at some of our nations top law enforcement organizations" (most in our nation would say 'huh?' if El Paso County was bounced off of them). This program reeks of "settlement" to me. And don't hold your breath waiting for to expose this journalistic duplicity. (Someone call E&P?)

Rocky media critic disdains the above with double whammy, pronouncing the CBS attempt to sway American opinion about the poor, misunderstood Rammers.

Another shrill screed evoking JonBenet and Britney Spears urging kids to be just kids - instead of hankering for breast implants.

Speaking of Britney and JonBenet - - they have something else in common. Both names have a 'charitable foundation' - - and both foundations look like tax scams.

A wackadoodle with "way too much time on his hands", homeschooled no less (heh) in South Carolina (we know what the Carolinas can produce), tried to extort $3 million from the Smart family for the safe return of Elizabeth, kidnapped back in June.

TV ALERT: The Elite, "JonBenet: A Second Look", CourtTV, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST/PST, 9 PM MST.

Be back later with more (hit 'refresh' for latest version)...And here you go...

Oh Shut Up: Miranda Gaddis' mom defends her "life choices" while admitting that she failed Miranda.

Proof that the AP is running amok, today they are parroting Shawn Hornbeck's mother's theory. Odd.

Grisly: Remains found in New Mexico confirmed to be those of missing teen Robert Stroup.


5:55 AM MST, Fri. 11/8/02 (day #2141 week #308 month #70 year #5
1. Boulder Souveneir

Good Morning!

All Fall Down: Tom Wickman is leaving the BPD to become police chief in Frisco, Colorado. More promotions, and ghosts of Ramsey case past, in second item in this story.

Oh, So!: Thought the story line on the CourtTV Dramamentary last night sounded familar? It was, in reality, Bucky Tracey's much ballyhooed third attempt produced for British TV. Okay. (Scroll down to last item this page). If you missed it, the Loose Smits show repeats at 3 PM EST/PST tomorrow.

JonBenét on his resumé: Larry Schiller has yet another mini-series coming out (Sunday, CBS), and this TV critic pans it.

Good News, Bad News: It seems that the Meat Puppets are no more. But have reincarnated, and are continuing to sing about JonBenét.


6:57 AM MST, Sat. 11/9/02 (day #2142 week #308 month #70 year #5
1. vintage, classic WestWord art

Good Morning!

Two more TV reviews of Larry Schiller's latest mini-series, both mention previous JonBenét outing, and, both are positive.

And he'll die there: 87 year old (no, that's no typo) repeat sex offender sentenced to 16 years in the Colorado slammer.

For some reason Ward Weaver's daughter, the ill-fated Mallori, will be permitted to visit her father behind bars.

On another front, playing some "head games" - both Weaver and his father (in a California prison for an eerily similar murder) are offering up interviews for a price.

Repeat after me, the Post-Dispatch does not archive, so get the latest on missing Missouri teen Shawn Hornbeck while it lasts.

The dude whose accusations started the manhunt/extradition of Gary "Storm" Bowman in relation to the Short family murders has issued a statement and claims to have passed a polygraph. Oh goodie.

TV ALERT: Repeat broadcast of Bucky Tracey's third Rammer docudrama, Court TV, 2 PM CST, 3 PM EST/PST, 4 PM MST.





:30 AM MST, Sun. 11/10/02 (day #2143 week #308 month #70 year #5
1. ...You don't send me flowers - anymore...sing it Babs!

Good Morning!

Amazing, CourtTV's stupidity never ceases to amaze me. They added a 'disclaimer' to the bottom of their promo page for the Bucky Tracey cartoon starring "Smits" (sic), but fail to mention that they are having their asses sued...and hence, are vulnerable to arm-twisting. Where's Brill's Content when we need it?

The last time I'm using any review (it's starting to bore me) - - this TV reviewer absolutely hates Larry Schiller's news mini-series - - calls it "The Master Spy who bored me", but mentions JonBenét. Starts tonight on CBS...

Long, but worth it, reflection of the equally long Jennifer and Abby Blagg investigation, mentions Boulder/Ramsey brouhaha.

Then, almost as an aside, they drop this bomb, without Abby's body, the DA is not going to seek the Death penalty - will try skanky Michael for just his wife's murder (shot in the eye, dumped in the garbage to rot).

Followup: The serial rape suspect, wanted in San Diego as well as three other Western cities, who fled to Colorado is fighting extradition.

But wait, you're not safe yet, here comes news that there is ANOTHER West coast serial rapist - this one has chalked up 31 attacks over a span of six years in California and Washington.

Really Scary: The much ballyhooed Colorado sex offender registry is - just that. Just a registry. Registered sex offenders are moving in practically across the street from schools, willy-nilly across the state. It seems that no one (duh) thought to actually map the trend until KMGH Denver did.

Oh Goodie: Too late for the Whites (or maybe because of Fleet and Priscilla, hmmm), the Daily Camera trumpets that it now has an "Ethics Policy", which will prohibit accepting such doo dads as free cookies. NINMTU.

TV ALERT: One last chance to see the Rammers latest commercial exploit, like Willard it's that Legacy thang I 'spose, or what the meaning of "is" is...Court TV, 10 PM CST, 11 PM EST/PST, Midnight MST.


TV ALERT: The latest from the team of Larry Schiller and Norman Mailer, Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story, CBS, 8 PM CST, 9 PM EST/PST, 10 PM MST.


6:11 AM MST, Mon. 11/11/02 (day #2144 week #308 month #70 year #5
1. Another Boulder Planet classic

Good Morning!

No Doubt: Boulder's homicide rate is up for 2002 to date. Here's a list of the carnage so far....

You've heard of SWAT, now there's SPAT (Sexual Predator Apprehension Teams): Unlike Colorado (see "Really Scary" in Sundays issue below), San Diego are cops take sex offender registration very seriously. With mention of the Danielle van Dam murder and the Jahi Turner disappearance.

Virginia investigators insist they are still working hard on the Short family murders. Yep.

Cameras in the Courtroom?: Though the media is salivating over the potential in the sniper case, this attorney picks it all apart, complete with boring, ponderous cites. Mentions the wildly popular Westerfield trial.

It's a Good Thing: Rape victims are coming out of the closet and demanding stiffer penalties and relaxed rules for obtaining restraining orders.


6:10 AM MST, Tue. 11/12/02 (day #2145 week #308 month #70 year #5
1. Wood Bait

Good Morning!

Recovering from the gloming they took last Tuesday, the Daily Camera lowers itself to actually covering the ongoing JonBenét Ramsey circus sideshows! Yes, an update on who's suing who and who's appealing what. (See also TV ALERT below)

Quick work: The serial rapist cops say is responsible for up to 31 incidents from Long Beach, California to Seattle Washington dating back to 1996, has been arrested after a voluntary DNA test linked him to evidence left at the scene.

The much publicized search for Alexis Patterson in Milwaukee, used as a blatant race-bait diatribe against the media, has broken up. No surprise there, her step-daddy's resumé kept getting in the way, ala Jahi Turner. Just like the Rammers, her 'parents' decided to move. Unlike the Rammers, (and ché Bourgeois has a missing child, not a corpse remember), they didn't even tell their own investigators where they now live or their new telephone number.

Totally off-topic: Here's a tempest-in-a-teapot that hopefully the fine folks at Urban Legends will get around to...Leftist (and prolly Democratic) University Professor sends poison pen email to Air Force Academy cadet...subsequently Atlanta's Neil Boortz gets ahold of it and whammo - apologies flying like 'carpet bombs'. Enjoy!

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MST, Linny Woody sitting pretty, must be time for Atlanta's 50 Most Beautiful People awards. Hey, somebody puhleeze call in and ask him about representing Gary Condit.


6:47 AM MST, Wed. 11/13/02 (day #2146 week #308 month #70 year #5
1. no choker, just a punch

Good Morning!

In case you missed it, here's the transcript of last night's attempt by Lin Wood to change the public's perception of the Rammers. The words alone don't do it justice. Just turning off the volume and watching Patsy's body language was worth investing the hours time. Includes this tough interrogation from Loose Smits...

''I know you're a Christian, John. Would you swear to God you didn't do this?'' you suppose ol' Loose just expected JohnBoy to turn to jello with such hardball tactics?

Thwap! Boulder gadfly, and incisive writer, Frank Coffman puts some Boulder wackos in their place with a letter to the Boulder Daily Camera today.

All Hell's breakin' loose: The parents of missing Missouri teen Shawn Hornbeck are fed up with the local gendarme's inaction - took to picketing. Also the reward fund has a "limited time" boost (sounds like a fire sale, tacky).

The DA who successfully ushered the van Dam murder through the courts has been ousted in favor of a woman with ...uh... some unusual 'lifestyle choices'. In a related development in San Diego, the 'American Beauty' murderess, who poisoned her husband among rosepetals, has been found guilty, giving the current incumbent one last major victory.


7:10 AM MST, Thurs. 11/14/02 (day #2147 week #309 month #70 year #5
1. no 'sketchman'

Good Morning!

Tough tawk from Mary Keenan: Transient who picked up a 13-year-old on Pearl Street Mall and then raped her is fighting Keenan on transfer from mental hospital to prison.

Sperm Donor Hell: Mexican immigrant beats her 3-year-old to death - prosecutors conjecture that the dead baby's daddy was also her grandfather. Shades of 'Chinatown'!

A "new police strategy of 'openness'"?: Elizabeth Smart investigators, possibly due to the prompting of Dr. Henry Lee, are now sharing more details with the public in the hopes of shaking some new leads loose.

In what sounds like a drug deal gone bad, a 27-year-old father of six, with one on the way (no fertility problems there) was shot in killed in the same apartment complex in Lake Elsinore, California that Samantha Runnion's murderer lived - and fled to in August. Time to move.

Other than that, for a Thursday, it's a very dull day out there, late because I was desperately trying to dig something up (lack of murder and mayhem is a good thing though).


6:50 AM MST, Fri. 11/15/02 (day #2148 week #309 month #70 year #5
1. will he confess?

Good Morning!

Where's Waldo? I mean, Where's Darnay? Not in Atlanta to make an appearance for Linda Hoffmann-Pugh. Couldn't get a flight? Woody thinks case will now be dismissed - developing....a new Nanny-gate?

Well, this will really tick O'Reilly off: First off, No, I'm Not Making This Up - David Westerfield's attorneys filed papers yesterday asking for a delay in the sentencing date because (this gags me) they aim to prove that Danielle was killed in her bedroom, not, by strict definition of the term, kidnapped. Why? They're hoping to get him life instead of death. Totally disgusting.

And here's their thin evidence - and un-named police source in this magazine article.

Jahi Turner's relatives just can't understand why they can't get the media's attention - instead they attracted a self-serving scumbag who extorted money from them while masquerading as a charity.

Follow the money: More about "nutcase" Douglas Pierce. Even the van Dams couldn't stand him.

Segue to Elizabeth Smart: If this is the kind of "openness" we can expect from the Salt Lake cops, I'd like less of it.

Picketing Works?: There's a shakeup in the Shawn Hornbeck investigation. And his parents will appear on James Van Praagh's show soon. More proof that they think he's dead.

Gary "Storm" Bowman, released from the clink, appeared before a Grand Jury yesterday.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, a preliminary hearing for one of Boulder's latest murderers confirms that it was a spurned-gay-lover situation. DA reiterates she will not seek the death penalty (too bad, because this creep really deserves it)...

...And, Honey Bun? Latest gossip (scroll down to second item) from inside the BOCO Jail.





7:00 AM MST, Sat. 11/16/02 (day #2149 week #309 month #70 year #5
1. HOW did he do that?

Good Morning!

Ward Weaver got them drunk. Wants to 'visit' with Mallori. Bad idea, right? But this is Oregon. 'Nuff said. The court ruled that she can.

It's that time of year again. Time for lovers of venison to take to the woods armed with long guns. Time also for them to keep an eye out for missing kids. The Smart family tapped this resource earlier this year (to no avail), and now the family of missing 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck are also asking hunters to keep on the look-out.

Things that make me go "huh"?...Here's a Canadian who's in prison in Missouri for rape. The Canadian government takes up his cause to force U.S. prosecutors to retest evidence for DNA. One of the items? A "curtain valance" that has semen stains. Now, how the hello did he do that?





It's a cold, rainy Sunday and I have a turkey in the oven. Rather than spoil the mood,
I'm taking the day off. See you first thing Monday morning.


7:17 AM MST, Mon. 11/18/02 (day #2151 week #309 month #70 year #5
1. Klaas Killer to meet van Dam Killer?

Good Morning!

Slap his piddies: Judge in Atlanta is considering disciplinary action against Darnay Hoffman after he failed to get a ticket to fly down there in time for a hearing in the Linda Hoffmann-Pugh lawsuit against the Rammers. (Hint to Darnay: Next time, get in a car, rent one if you have to, and drive, it will only take about a day, you can do it).

Here's an example why felons flee to Boulder. Public Defender Cary Lacklen (and we remember what wonderful work he did for J.T.Colfax, right?) successfully negotiates away a possible TEXAS death sentence on behalf of a TRANSIENT who shot a man in the Lone Star State.

And, it's official. Despite the heinous and depraved manner in which a homosexual slaughtered an 19-year-old store clerk in order to get back at his lover, the victim's father, Mary Keenan will NOT be seeking the death penalty. Only in Boulder...

Shades of Patsy and her Lazarus: Not quite dead yet...Colorado parents of dead 2-year-old have his body embalmed so they can pray for "resurrection", a miracle?

Elsewhere, something to dream on, extensive look at the living conditions of the undead on California's death row, in anticipation of a possible death sentence for David Westerfield this week. We hope. Pending his sleazy attorney's last minute ploy to overturn the kidnapping charge, claiming that Danielle was murdered in her bedroom...(this is why I'm so late today, got caught up reading various death row inmates pleadings for penpals, money, legal assistance, of course they are all wrongly convicted too. Right.)





7:23 AM MST, Tue. 11/19/02 (day #2152 week #309 month #70 year #5
1. the DNA myth debunked

Good Morning!

Weeel, we've been saying such for about 4 years now and finally Charlie Brennan confirms that this is not a DNA case. Glad too that Michael Kane got one last 'thwack' in before he re-assumes Commonwealth of Pennsylvania duties. Although too many gratuitous Woody comments slipped in here as well.

Like children playing with matches, the thought that Fleet and Priscilla now have some Mystery Woman files in their possession gives me a nasty case of undertoad.

Boulder's busted serial rapist, Keith Aaron Schwinaman will be getting his day in court (what? no plea bargain? what's Boulder up to?)

Elizabeth Smart will be getting some national exposure at the end of the CBS drama 'Without a Trace' Thursday night.

Speaking of 'thwack!', the marvelous and telegenic Jeff Dusek has responded to David Westerfield's attorneys latest slimy manuever.





7:00 AM MST, Wed. 11/20/02 (day #2153 week #309 month #70 year #5
1. Hypocrite Photo Op

Good Morning! Sorry I'm late, my parents called...

Sloooooowww Meltdown? For the second time within a week Darnay Hoffman has skipped a court appearance, with disastrous results.

As usual, the Associated Press takes someone else's investigative work, regurgitates it, and totally garbles the facts with the Michael Kane underwear/DNA item from yesterday.

Denver Post plays Ketchup: Reports/rewrites Regensburg from Daily Camera yesterday and slips in brief mention of the Hoffmann-Pugh libel suit demise at the end (mercifully, with no grandiose quotes from Woody).

Boulder homicides up, but Joe Pelle says there's no cause for alarm (yep?) because there's no trend, or common denominator. Not particularly reasurring, but li kely that Boulderites are too busy protecting songbirds and shade trees to notice. With sidebar listing all homicides back to 1995 including infamous JonBenet case.

'Tis the Season: Speaking of the BPD, they report that there's been a cluster of residential burglaries in District 4, which includes the former Hell Hole.

Sue 'em until they bleed from the eyeballs: For some mysterious reason Brenda and Damon van Dam have been moved to hire a lawyer...and not just any old garden-variety attorney...the aggressive Gloria Allred herself (so glad it's not Woody, tip compliments of Sask, yes, I occasionally check my email).

Wrong, Judge, you're already on Mars: Jurist in Clackamas County Oregon (which is about as weird and left-wing as Boulder) moans about media saturation and jury pool pollution in the upcoming Ward Weaver murder trial.

Meanwhile, LaRon and Ayanna want us to know that they think we're all a bunch of racist bigots and that they are very sad about their daughter Alexis. Okay.

Housekeeping: This page will be 'going dark' from Monday the 25th through Monday December 2nd. Why? (1) Thanksgiving week always produces a malaise and dearth of news, (2) Our firstborn will be home in a rare visit from college, (3) I'm lazy, (4) I've got other things to do, and (5) it'll give me time to properly housebreak my Sim pets in Unleashed.





7:16 AM MST, Thurs. 11/21/02 (day #2154 week #310 month #70 year #5
1. Deputy Doody and Trippy are making a mini-movie, oh goodie

Good Morning!

Late because I was Christmas shopping online. $700 at Sharper Image...$300 at The Gap...onto J.Crew...OMIGAWD! It's 8:45!...So let's make lemonade out of this late-lemon. Mom says always check for electronic coupons at before shopping on the internet. It's worth the trip (I saved about $100 already this morning). Now onto the (late) news...

Hey, hey it's the Trippy and Stevie Show! Some Maroon at the Discovery Channel has decided that the Mirabal case (Hubby murdered and decapitated wife, dumped body, and head, then called 911 to report her missing, to collect life insurance and to continue his affair with his sister-in-law, who was later found guilty of perjury after Howdy-Doody caught her writing passionate letters to convicted hubby, whew) - - is deserving of it's own 1/2 hour show - with 'thwacky' comments from Trippy.

Blast from the past Too: Jeffrey Scott Shapiro penned an opinion piece for the San Francisco Examiner - - only in the land of 'Latte Pelosi' could someone claim that John Walker Lindh is misunderstood, and a mere scapegoat. NINMTU.

Ironic Justice: Two case workers from Oregon social services that were responsible for the Ashley Pond FUBAR have been suspended. Mom says it's a (long-overdue) good thing.

With a name that's a perfect foil for headline writers, Michael Blagg's journey through the courts will be humorous at times - love this one, "No Gag for Blagg".

If you're irritated at the Longmont Daily Times Call always posting it's internet edition a day late, you'll just hate the Sullivan (Missouri) Independent News that uploads an entire WEEK late - anyway, here's the latest gruesome details on the Shawn Hornbeck disappearance, which sounds remarkably detailed for someone the cops are dismissing as a hoaxster.

Might be back with more...


6:40 AM MST, Fri. 11/22/02 (day #2155 week #310 month #70 year #5
1. Tieray, Tameka, Jahi...

Good Morning!

(CU) Men Behaving Badly: Star basketball player attacks woman in her College Inn room. CU scuttling to defend behavior. Scholarship at risk.

Another promotion for Rammer-Nemesis Colorado Governor Bill Owens.

Hold the phone: Those suspended Oregon caseworkers responsible for mis-handling Ashley Pond's case may only get their piddies slapped.

Not nice to fool with Mother Nature: 11-year-old girl goes on a two-day joy ride with 17-year-old prompting massive search, emotional televised pleas in area nearby to where Samantha Runnion was kidnapped.

"ElizabethSmartKidnapper" indicted by grand jury, faces up to 25 years in the clink, chats up Salt Lake Tribune over the phone.

Well, I knew he was dirty, so maybe they are using Maryland drug charges, unrelated to missing Jahi, to make Tieray talk. But what we didn't know up 'til now is that Tieray is a rather .... prolific... sperm donor. The likely-also-knocked-up Tameka has rushed to Frederick to be with her 'husband' (to use the term loosely).

BUT THE BIG NEWS TODAY IS...keep your CourtTV close to you...David Westerfield is to be sentenced today and based upon a poll running on KFMB it will likely be a death sentence. Also stay tuned after the hearing (likely beginning at 9:30 AM, MST) for a press conference announced by the van Dams with their new attorney Gloria Allred.


4:15 AM MST, Sat. 11/23/02 (day #2156 week #310 month #70 year #5
1. David, in February, was very chatty

Good Morning! Early today because we're leaving in about an hour to go to the big game, have to tailgate first, bringing 12 pounds of chicken and shrimp kabobs to grill...wind chill is 10 degrees...wish me luck...

Ashley Pond's mother wants those case workers fired. Worse, she's threatening to sue the state of Oregon.

Citing the Jennifer Short case (in which it probably wouldn't have helped), Virginia's Governor enacts a state-wide Amber Alert plan.

(sigh) So now we have to wait until January 3rd to watch David Westerfield get sentenced (to death?). They asked for 60 days, Mudd gave them 41. You can't get blood from a stone, but the van Dams are going to try - later, after he's sentenced, likely to sue Westerfield. And doesn't Brenda look awful? Like she's aged 20 years. Damon, on the otherhand, still looks like a kid.


7:45 AM MST, Sun. 11/24/02 (day #2157 week #310 month #70 year #5
1. Gobble, Gobble

Good Morning! "We" won the football game yesterday, but the Bradys weren't in the stadium. Tailgating was too successful and fun to leave. Just think Woodstock at 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Shrimp and chicken was a big hit too.

Not much out there...The City of Boulder will be clashing with the likes of the ACLU and beloved Boulder Weekly over a proposed ordinance that will ban peddlers and beggars from the city's grassy medians.

Elsewhere, I wonder why Ward Weaver, like David Westerfield, is pleading not guilty...prosecutors release affidavit listing evidence against him before bond hearing tomorrow. The idea of bond, too, is laughable.

Muhammed and Malvo wannabees?: Have you been following the crime spree of Branden Basham and Chadrick Fulks? Well, looks like they've been implicated in another kidnapping/murder this time in West Virginia.

From A to Z: The Amber Alert, used for the first time yesterday in Arizona, is credited for the successful recovery of a 6-year-old kidnapped in a parental custody case yesterday.

TIME OUT: The week surrounding Thanksgiving is always a news-dead-zone, and hence, Mrs. Brady is taking the week of November 25th off. She will return on Monday, December 2nd.