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6:30 AM MDT, Mon. 10/1/01 (day #1741 week #250 month #57 year #4
1. serial rapist

Good Morning!

Philadelphia police have released a photo of a man wanted for questioning in the Center City/Fort Collins, Colorado rapes/murder. He is a dead ringer for the suspect sketch too. (I'm looking for an on-line photo, none posted yet).

In other news (focusing on good news only, trying at least)...

Go ahead and hit me: Pakistan says chances of Taliban hand-over of bin Laden doubtful.

Pitfalls: Deposed Afghan King's suggestion to call a congress of Islam leaders may backfire.

Extradition: Terror suspect sent to France.

Food for Thought: Political Correctness is to blame (WARNING: This is from NewsMax and is flamingly conservative).

Ridiculous to Sublime: Disney (Disney?!?!) buys rights to bin Laden book.

Housekeeping: I've removed the archive list on the right-hand column to make the page easier to load. It will return when time permits. If you are getting load errors please email me with the date/time of error and your browser name and version. I am now reading ALL EMAIL.


6:37 AM MDT, Tue. 10/2/01 (day #1742 week #250 month #57 year #4
1. salute

Good Morning!

No news worth mentioning out of Colorado today, vast wasteland. Not to worry, I'm still doing daily scans...

The Mikkelson's have been busily updating their rumors page including this happy/uplifting one. I may start admitting I'm half German...

Bad Potty Training Maybe: Saudi Prince says Osama had an unhappy childhood.

Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?: Russians tell where to find him.

Thanks to the miracles of the internet, you can look at "the lair" too. Be sure to wave 'howdy'...

Tit for Tat: Iran asks U.N. to put Israel's Ariel Sharon on trial for terrorism.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Columnists I read this morning...

Don't know whether to laugh or cry: Radical columnist Ann Coulter calls for the deportation of all Muslims from suspect states.

Here's another one..."sounds like the kind of place where Big Brother would report for work..." Chicago Tribune columnist looks askance at office of Homeland Security.

Amen: Atlanta's Brent Bozell praises media coverage - in general.

Another 'Incident': Chilling excerpts from 911 calls from "Incident #0727" in Sunday's New York Daily News, not for the feint of heart.

Who's to Blame?: Heads will roll, eventually, at Logan. (Sorry Bostonites, but that airport has always sucked, excuse my French, and should be bulldozed. Maybe Ann Coulter could set up her internment camp there?)

In other news, Happy Birthday Email!

Housekeeping: Yeah, the page looks different today. For some mysterious reason our Netscape readers were drawing blanks - hope this helps for the time being.


6:27 AM MDT, Wed. 10/3/01 (day #1743 week #250 month #57 year #4
1. In Ohio

Good Morning!

Passenger slits the throat of a Greyhound bus driver, many fatalities, Tennessee ...developing...

Hey I found some JonBenét news today. Well, it's not really news as much as it is "stuff"...

- Things to do in New York when you're bored.
- Ditto in
Confession T-shirts for sale - in bulk.
- Why bother.
Bert did it.
- NO!
D.B. Cooper did it....
- ...
"Quentin Burke" did it...
- Is it
art? Or is it Minnesota?

Meanwhile, back in Boulder - Judge Roxanne Bailin plea bargained her "failing to yield to oncoming traffic" down to "defective headlight" in the crash she caused outside of the INjustice center last June.

And Stun-Gun theorist Doberson has skidadled to the Big Apple to help identify Twin Tower victims.

Back to the front: Washington Post acquires 1996 document on foiled bin Laden capture.

Humor: Did you catch the Taliban ambassador on all the talk shows last night? Hardeeharhar...

Art Bell's website has loads of pre and post attack pictures.

Gary Condit has changed his mind? Seeking re-election?



7:25 AM MDT, Thur. 10/4/01 (day #1744 week #251 month #57 year #4

1. Good Morning!

Breaking News... Passenger jet plunges into the Black Sea...authorities cannot rule out terrorism...more soon...

JonBenét in the News: When is a hoax not a hoax? And the dirty skivvies are still undergoing, they prolly can't get anyone to volunteer to do the tests, do you think?

Mental Health: "Source" of bio-hazard-soaked sponges in the mail urban legend comes forward...and, of course, they're from Boulder...

Litigation: Peter Boyles settles libel suit (scroll down to "SWAT team suit settled").

In other Colorado nooze...Is that mold in your pocket or are you happy to see me? Faces are red at the Adams County Coroner's office. Hey, let's get them to look at some stun gun marks....KMGH even has a picture (WARNING!: GRAPHIC! UGH!).

Just because I can: Help me find out who murdered my friend. Please read this. Some idiot hit her with his vehicle and left her for dead ... The dog came home without her. Her husband Kevin, 14-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son grieving.Find the vehicle and you've found the scumbag. Help us. The vehicle will likely have front passenger side damage...

Other news that has me totally burned up this morning... Sacramento, California and Ulysses, at your own risk.

Are you a cupcake? The FTC wants to talk to you...



"Ramsey Internet tip a hoax - Boulder police said the
Internet 'confession' to the December 1996 murder
of JonBen
ét Ramsey was a hoax carried out by
a 14-year-old Ohio girl."


6:48 AM MDT, Fri. 10/5/01 (day #1745 week #251 month #57 year #4
1. my costume

Good Morning - running horridly late due to computer crankiness, need to Defrag...

The Boulder Daily Camera web staff finally got their maximus glutinous in gear and uploaded the Thursday "Internet Hoax" JonBenet story - so if it was a dead link for you yesterday you can read it now (but they haven't added it to the Ramsey case archive page yet, so they're still on probation-status).

Follow-up story with more detail of the libel case settlement by Peter Boyles/KHOW - also scroll down for a funny story about Interior Secretary Gail Norton...

Speaking of the Republican-Right...I hate to say I told you so (that Ann Coulter was a dangerous nut, not to mention her disgusting, overt flirting with Skunk-head)...but she's been canned.

Tony Blair has published the evidence against bin Laden on the Number 10 Downing Street web site - It's getting so much activity the server may burp you, so I also saved the document here on this site.

Do you think it's a strange coincidence that an TABLOID employee contracted anthrax? Do you think it's odd that it was possibly contracted in NORTH CAROLINA? Yee gads. BeammeupScotty ... Best wishes and prayers to Mr. Stevens and his family.



Something suddenly came up!"
Mrs. Brady is taking Saturday off. She will return tomorrow morning.


6:33 AM MDT, Sun. 10/7/01 (day #1747 week #251 month #57 year #4
1. PMPT movie

Good Morning!

In case you missed it: "Ex-Nederland teacher registers as sex offender - - Former Nederland Elementary School teacher David Paul White was released from prison and registered as a sexual offender in Boulder on Monday..."

The first Sunday of the month is a traditional slow day, so I updated the JonBenet book sales rankings. Now includes the "ebook" version of the latest John Douglas manifesto, Henry Lee's awful book (although not in the title, it evokes JonBenet on the cover, and hence is fair game), and the truly dreadful new offering by a "latent pedophile".

Back to the 'war'...

This will make you feel better: George Tenet's memo demands action.

This will make you feel worse: Naming Names, no it's not all about Bill Clinton.


6:33 AM MDT, Mon. 10/8/01 (day #1748 week #251 month #57 year #4
1. Angry Eagle

Good Morning!

The Sun tabloid offices are closed after second employee tests positive for Anthrax. Heads up Boca Raton...

Matt Drudge tops USA Today, etc. now ranked in top 20 of internet sites.

CNN gets pissy over "exclusive video", sends threatening fax.

AIP/AFP report at 25 dead in Afghanistan.

Resources: The UN explains the term "jihad".


6:33 AM MDT, Tue. 10/9/01 (day #1748 week #251 month #57 year #4
1. Bush and Ridge

Good Morning!

Possible third anthrax case with link to AMI Boca Raton office - Northern Virginia patient with flu-like symptoms - later reports refuting link based on "preliminary tests".

(Hey, didn't the Rammers visit the Boca Raton offices of AMI in March?)

Polygraphs called "no more than that of astrology or tea-leaf reading," new Brain-Print technology offered for terrorism interrogations.

What exactly is Homeland Security?

And when Ridge calls for all of us to be involved is this what he means?

Blame Game: Gary Condit's House committee gets nasty.

Still looking for Ramsey news everyday...


5:50 AM MDT, Wed. 10/10/01 (day #1749 week #251 month #57 year #4
1. Lawyers?

Good Morning!

Boulder Scandals: City Council puts judge on ice, City attorney says due to "very, very personal information"...developing...

Boulder Scandals Too: City Council member calls 911. Domestic. Soon-to-be-ex-husband. Cops respond. No one arrested. Shades of Adams County DA Bob Grant. Whatever happened to Colorado's mandatory arrest law?

Would you like some fries with that?: The Smoking Gun has acquired the Commerce City, Colorado police reports on the "Penis in a bottle" incident.

I'm searching Ramsey related news every day, stay tuned. Now, back to the front...

Way to go Yvonne! Why was the Taliban so eager to release Yvonne Ridley? "...the Taliban found themselves in the same predicament as the kidnappers in O. Henry's short story 'The Ransom of Red Chief': They had captured more than they bargained for..." -

Way to go Joe! "If I had been president I would have sent the same darn memo." Someone in Congress is leaking, and Dubya has gone postal (And this is the article that contains the leaks). the "first, kill all the lawyers" category.


7:15 AM MDT, Thurs. 10/11/01 (day #1750 week #252 month #57 year #4
1. Public Figures

Good Morning!

Ramsey related: Georgia court rules that Richard Jewell was a public figure - bummer for Lin Wood (heh).

Today's best fakes...

Happy Halloween: The email predicting terrorist backlash at U.S. shopping malls on Halloween Day is a hoax - debunked by Snopes.

Many Germy Returns: The rumor that an "arab-looking" intern wrote a foreboding email at AMI is just that - a rumor - debunked by Palm Beach Post.

Nevermind: British Twin Towers widow will be permitted to stay in U.S.

Today's best 'reals'...

But yes, they did indeed turn up a third case of Anthrax in Florida yesterday.

On the Freedom of Speech front - the administration has asked TV networks not to air bin Laden's messages.

Why I'm Late (again): I was cruising WinMX for Halloween 'noise' so I can burn a is my playlist so far...

Theme, Psycho
Theme, Nightmare On Elm Street
Musica Ricercata II reprise - Dominic Harlan (Eyes Wide Shut)
Theme, Friday the 13th - Main Theme (Extended)
Theme, The Shining
Theme, Silence of The Lambs
Theme, Michael Oldfield - Tubular Bells (Exorcist)
Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack - Feed Me, Seymore
Theme, Poltergeist
Disneyland - Haunted House - Sound Effects
Theme, Halloween
Theme, Ghost Busters
Theme, John Williams - Jaws
Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46- In the Hall of the Mountain King


6:00 AM MDT, Fri. 10/12/01 (day #1751 week #252 month #57 year #4
1. Lin Wood client

Good Morning!

TV ALERT: Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, late of JonBenét fame, will be on NBC's Today Show this morning (early in the third hour, ie: 9:05 AM) to discuss this article. He's a good kid, tune in and watch.

Sometink Stinky in Boulder: Sources say the mysteriously, suddenly suspended judge is not expected to return - Council now talking "settlement"...I'll be watching...

Things are snapping on the WWIII front - can't bear to watch it and can't keep up. Staying mellow here in Pennsylvania. Bought a new car. Made in the U.S of A. Meanwhile TheDonald wants a parachute - much more inanities at Drudge.


5:30 AM MDT, Sat. 10/13/01 (day #1752 week #252 month #57 year #4
1. Osama, Yo Mamma!

Good Morning!

Three strikes you're out: Hear the one about the disgruntled former-tabloid employee? Who happened to be in 30 Rock when the news hit that NBC was an anthrax target? I've pleaded with Jeffrey Shapiro not to come to Philly.

Happy Anniversary!: Heh, and they said we'd all be gone - two years after that awful day when The Hunted announced that the Ramsey Grand Jury was dismissed and no charges had been filed, we're still here. Karma- - I met my husband 21 years ago today at a surprise party for a mutual friend.

XGen Patsy: A Parkersburg, West Virginia native "with a Miss America Smile" among victims at World Trade Center.

Frequent Flier Bonus: You can now get a free sexual titillation (I like that word) when flying out of DIA - but be forewarned that it may be a convicted felon who is performing the 'massage', and, please, leave the studs at home.

FOI Boulder: Suspended judge of the potential-scandal resigns, but when severance package is defined we'll find out the who-when-where-how-why...

Elsewhere: Reno, Nevada case might not be anthrax, but experts offer conflicting analysis after second series of tests prove negative. And Culver City, California case possible after Sony employee hospitalized.

Have a nice weekend!


6:16 AM MDT, Sun. 10/14/01 (day #1753 week #252 month #57 year #4
1. Kentucky Fried

Good Morning!

Classic Chuck Green (keep tissues handy, tearjerker alert).

Rudy Giuliani to be Knighted by the Queen...won't be "Sir Rudy" though.

On to the bad news, if you don't want to ruin your Sunday, leave now...

Some British imports we could do without. And one from Bulgaria too.

Anthrax confirmed in Nevada case, possible second infection in New York (also NBC) and five AMI employees test positive for ANTIBODIES, not necessarily "infected"...

USPS fact sheet on what to do if you receive a suspicious item (Ironic note: As of this morning they are still in denial, see headline).

7:04 AM MDT, Mon. 10/15/01 (day #1754 week #252 month #57 year #4
1. Gander: Tragedy and Triumph

Good Morning!

Weird confluences that make me go hummmm...

6000 souls / 6000 surrogates...

11th of September / 11th of the month departure...

101st Airborne Division / 101st Airborne neighbor...("The FBI is seeking a Saudi pilot who bought two planes in August from a small Tennessee airport near Fort Campbell, Ky., where some of the U.S. elite special forces are stationed, officials said.")

Daily Ramseyana dose - looks like I have to wait until Saturday to find out what's behind this Municipal Judge potential-scandal (scroll down to "Boulder judge"). But there is something...stinky is not the right word...rancid about this so far that makes this intuit believe this is not about a barking dog...

Related: Beauty Pageants go on...

Humor: What's the hurry, Hill? La Senatorita's entourage slams through security barricade and injures officer. (So go ahead and send me nasty emails...)

Why so cranky? It's the weather stupid: Hey my family almost moved to Florida and then Atlanta when I was a kid. Seven years ago we mulled a transfer to sunny Southern California. But we didn't go because we didn't want to be stupid. (So flame away.)





5:42 AM MDT, Tue. 10/16/01 (day #1755 week #252 month #57 year #4
1. Binny Heaven

Good Morning!

Clone: 6 year old male model/actor compared to JonBenét. Mother and grandmother deny pressures...

Brill's Grilled: Brill's Content, infamous for "JonBenét, Inc." cover story (with shameless use of huge photo of JBR herself), has folded. Don't let the door hit you in the ...

Hear no Evil: Fear of libel suits will likely keep City of Boulder 'suits' mum in judge mini-scandal.

On to the Front...

Longing for the 'good ole days': Remember when all we worried about was Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus? Hoo Hoo. Anthrax updates from the AP.

There will be lots of buzz on this New York Times article revealing moment by moment developments on September 11th.

What I was looking for yesterday - details on the Fort Campbell/101st Airborne connection.

New DeBunkment: The "Binch" not associated with Children's Hospital, or any children for that matter (from Snopes).

Airline insecurity at Dulles, Phoenix, Denver, Philadelphia, etc. And more on LaHillary's security breech yesterday. Of course, I told you that Logan sucks.

Humor: One way ticket and/or parachute offered to "traitor" in Maine and Osama's Diary.

I woke up suddenly at 3 AM EDT in the midst of a nightmare that two Russian submarines had been I think I'll turn off cable news and play with The Sims all day where the scariest things are merely Mimes, Guinea Pigs and swimming pools with no ladders...



6:38 AM MDT, Wed. 10/17/01 (day #1756 week #252 month #57 year #4


1. Wanted!

Good Morning! Hey, we have real Ramsey news today...

Dems Fightin' Words: Lin Wood ramps up the knarly PR/spin campaign related to the multitudinous (like that word, you can borrow it) libel suits.

(It should be noted that our beloved Daily Camera finally saw fit to update their Ramsey case news archive, adding both the article above and the tip/hoax dubunkment of almost two weeks ago - finally.)

Fatally Hip: This article on the demise of Brill's Content actually notes the lurid JonBenet coverage as one of it's weaknesses.

sIcKpUpPy: Literally caught with his pants down. ("Crash" must have been peeper tripping over his trousers?) And be sure to scroll down to "do you want some fries with that? Dude and his "happy meal"...only in Boulder...

Not even a barking dog: Mini-scandal on suspended Boulder Judge likely just a "morale problem". Sheesh.

Rare: Boulder Judge Roxanne Bailin, Mary "Stinky Fish" Keenan and other local celebs are pictured on the cover of the current Longmont Daily Times-Call.

Elsewhere - otherwise...

This doesn't pass my sniff test, but Matt Drudge (which all mediaphiles should peruse everyday) is headlining this story about a Taliban change-of-heart.

Shameless pimping: (yeah, well, at least I disclose that I'm a Republican, I even vote regularly) Barbara Olsen's last book is out and it looks like a dilly.

Elsewhere - Anthraxobia...

They can dish it out but they can't take it...: AMI tries to divert legend about anthrax-infested/infused tabloids on the National Enquirer Star web sites.

Round up of Anthrax hoaxes and scares-processing from today's USA Today, and yes, USA Today itself is among the targets listed.

Anthrax or not: Update on the Nevada case. Yes, it's anthrax. But no, no person has tested positive - yet.

I like to leave you laughing, so here's some Anthrax humor. Does it pass the 'sniff' test? Reminicent of the old Cheech and Chong routine about two Russians and a pile of excrement...why, why, why would you SMELL a suspect envelope? As the Patster would say, Grow a brain!


6:56 AM MDT, Thur. 10/18/01 (day #1757 week #253 month #57 year #4
1. Ouch! UN-PI word slips through US Navy Media

Good Morning!

JonBenét just flak off the media radar - scroll down to the bottom, "How quickly they forget"...

Also in WestWord - more creepy Argenbright tales.

Boulderana: BPD responds to anthrax scare with uncharacteristic aplomb.

Other weird Colorado doings: "Psychic and teacher of witchcraft" ordered to turn over 3 year old twins to their mother. And with typical promptness, Colorado officials announce break in 1969 murder case (sheesh).


Blast from the past - The AP fails to mention Three Mile Island's notorious past...

Meanwhile the ACLU is protesting that the rights of 600 "material witnesses" detained since September 11th are being ignored - says that those people need lawyers. Please.

Also here in Pennsylvania - an ultimate irony for Tom Ridge? Commonwealth may have funded terrorists.

Russia is the suspected source of "weapon grade" anthrax by disgruntled former employees...

Heads up Atlanta!: Someone among you has mailed anthrax to Kenya...yeah, that's in Africa.

Humor: Can't shoot him? Can't find him? Can't bomb him? Then hire a libel lawyer and sue bin Laden's ass.


7:45 AM MDT, Fri. 10/19/01 (day #1758 week #253 month #57 year #4
1. Holoworld Exclusive!

Good Morning!

First of all, there is no significant news in the JonBenét front over night. Coloradans are continuing to be oh-so politically correct that I want to either spank them or ship them out on the next bunker buster.

Secondly, you can trust ma, you are not going to die of anthrax. Period. In Tom Ridge I trust and you should too.

But, that being said, thirdly, yesterday I 'wigged' on my spouse of 20 + years when he unceremoniously dumped a pile ("here's your mail") on the kitchen counter. Right next to the freakin' Cuisinart. (Sigh) We must all be vigilant.

If that's not funny enough, some child is trying to sell their Cowboys tickets on Ebay, the punch line is that they want $175....


7:15 AM MDT, Mon. 10/22/01 (day #1761 week #253 month #57 year #4
1. Boulder, September 1998

Good Morning!

Sheesh, It's impossible to catchup with all the new information, articles and columns from a brief weekend respite. Next weekend I plan to travel north - far enough to see the renovated New York skyline and then the weekend of the 3rd I'm going here. I just need to.

Mildly JonBenét related: For you conspiracy fans, there's a city official in Erie Colorado (pronounce that EERIE) who is charged with molesting a child over a period of YEARS (pronounce that YEERY) including TYING THEM UP, and they are still working for the CITY (pronounce that JEERY).

Retired like MOI? Uncle Sam needs you, and wants you, especially if you had a government job in the past. Hey, I like it...

U.S. Postal Service now recommends washing your hands after handling any mail. Great. Now all I have to do is to get my darling husband from dumping it on the kitchen counter...

Be part of the Solution: Did you at least register to vote? Yet? Did you know that it's a MYTH that if you register you'll be called for jury duty? Yep, they use utility records now so if you have running water or electricity...

Time to make a new appointment to give blood again. All it takes is time. No cash required. Isn't that nice?

TV ALERT: Barbara Olson remembered - Ted Olson on Larry King Live, CNN, 9 PM MDT, keep box of tissues handy and kick the kids out of the room.


:31 AM MDT, Tue. 10/23/01 (day #1762 week #253 month #57 year #4
1. He's baaaaack...

Good Morning!

TV ALERT: Pacific and Mountain zoners can catch Prof. Donald Foster analyzing the language used in the anthrax letters to Daschle and Brokaw, ABC's Good Morning America, 30 minutes into start of the program.

Related article on handwriting analysis and profiling in yesterday's USA Today mentions the infamous Ramsey Note in the sidebar.

Missed one (Dang): Boulder gadfly and case personality Frank Coffman protests the protestors in the Thursday issue of the Boulder Daily Camera (scroll down to "Making excuses for terrorism" (link compliments of Jan). Meanwhile the ACLU is defending the rights of war protestors to march with their faces covered...

Casualties of War: Two children die of carbon monoxide poisoning after a two hour wait at the border.


6:31 AM MDT, Wed. 10/24/01 (day #1763 week #253 month #57 year #4
1. Hk

Good Morning!

What a mess - National Enquirer Editor admits he tested positive for anthrax exposure in the current issue.

Ramsey anna - Another family feels Alex Hunter.


6:04 AM MDT, Thurs. 10/25/01 (day #1764 week #254 month #57 year #4
1. Anthrax This!

Good Morning!

Really sorry about yesterday's issue, I must have been distracted - or sumtink...

Is NO WHERE safe? Is NOTHING sacred? They had to evacuate the Boulder County Justice Center yesterday due to a bomb threat. Boulder's finest tried to XRAY a backpack, unsuccessfully, then BLEW IT TO SMITHEREENS. Holy Halloween, Batman!

And while you're at the City of Boulder website check out this sick puppy who's trying to lure little girls into his car - Heads up, Lou...Time for John to add another postscript to his ghost-written book...Time for Lin to hold another press conference...yadda...yadda...

Bummer: Elsewhere in Colorado, the SuperMax prison which houses terrorists Ramzi Yousef and Eyad Najim had an anthrax scare yesterday. Wouldn't it be ironic....ah, nevermind.

Quibble and Equivocate: Wonder why Ridge, Mueller et al have hesitated to point the anthrax finger at Al Queda? The New York Post, who's staffers have a need for revenge, exclusive reveals the horrid reason.

This is just plain funny - -, the conservative conspiracy theorists delight, claims "EXCLUSIVE", dated TODAY on Brooklyn student - - that our Jeff Shapiro nabbed about two weeks ago. Shish boom.

But here's some good and heartwarming news, that loud droning noise you might hear from above is, for the first time in over 200 years, non-US military VOLUNTEERS protecting our homes. Hug a Belgian today.

Repeat after Ma, you are not going to die of anthrax, and if you know anyone who's taking Cipro tell 'em to stop it, but wash your hands...


5:42 AM MDT, Fri. 10/26/01 (day #1765 week #254 month #58 year #4

Good Morning!

Saying that "the law does not treat people differently," Judge sentenced Fleet White to the cooler for 30 days - despite the prosecutor asking for community service - despite the spurned supoenor asking for a mere 5 days - leaving Pris and the kids to the mercy of ... who knows what ...

So who is this fellow, Jefferson County District Judge Frank Plaut? Well, the voters don't like him nearly as much as the two others who were retained in '00...but Gays and Lesbians love him. And here's a similar case that he screwed up and was reversed.

Okay, that's enough bad news for today, here's something fun and patriotic to do with that big orange vegetable that's sitting on your front step. Ma says be careful with knives...

...and be sure to wash your hands...


6:47 AM MDT, Sat. 10/27/01 (day #1766 week #254 month #58 year #4
1. Rammers at AMI in Boca, 3/01

Good Morning!

At last! An article 'linking' the Rammers to 911...No wonder their former investigator, Ellis Armistead, quit, with income like that why work for anyone? (Seriously though), Denver Post on Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols and terrorist Ramzi Yousef (background Yousef here and Nichols here). And just for fun, check out this .pdf file revealing Merilyn Jerritt's compensation.

Note to the Los Angeles Times, (lol), we aren't dead yet - pundit calls JonBenét, Elian, Condit and O.J. scandals "shells of stories", "space-fillers", "false gods" and undeserving...Let 'em have it.

Vaguely Ramzeesque - It's an ugly bird, but I told you to buy Lockheed stock, didn't I? Maybe now John-Boy will be able to afford the monthly monitoring fees to his burglar alarm company? We can only hope...

(And I told you AOL was tacky...)

Sad, sad, sad - Longmont Daily Times-Call (always a day late, but worth it) coverage of the Fleet White incarceration. You will have to scroll down to the second article, their html is messed up. (And if you get there too late it will be gone and unarchived, so I also saved it here for you.)

Recaps - More mentions of the Fleet White jailing from yesterday, Court TV calls it "More JonBenét Intrigue" and, whoo hooo, even made the New York Times.

On a sadder note, my favorite Rocky columnist is leaving - to go off into the sunset chronicling his death.

But I hope this report from Iran will make you smile - "...Iran has emerged as one of the few Muslim states where people have taken to the streets in sympathy with the US..."

And how oh so satisfying would it be to finally tie all this to Saddam - and bomb that cretin back into the stone age?


7:39 AM MST, Sun. 10/28/01 (day #1767 week #254 month #58 year #4
1. I've become a SIM?!?!?

Good Morning!

Utterly Mystified: Hey we made the New York Times again! This time it's just a mention in a book review, not even a JonBenét book. But hey that's okay. Enjoy!

Another reason why I hate Boston: Here's one import we don't need in Pennsylvania....

Okay, this little ditty has been making the email rounds, so if you haven't seen it enjoy it now, we bomba osama...

Been getting alot of buzz on the "Hijack this..." photo - here's a follow-up...

And just because I can - I love it when one of Wee Willy's friends is exposed.


6:56 AM MST, Mon. 10/29/01 (day #1768 week #254 month #58 year #4
1. Pink Pug Pig

Good Morning!

Sorry I'm so late, I started shopping and ...anyway there is no JonBenét news today. Stay tuned loyal readers, I do still surf the regimen daily...

World: Israeli Special Forces arrested terrorists carrying a radioactive bomb on the Jordanian border.

Domestic: Censorship and freedom of the press - Another reason why I hate ABC News...

Housekeeping: I played around with the HTML again this morning. I wanted to make the un-visited links pop off the page for you. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please email me a description of the problem and be sure to give me the browser name and version number you were using.


6:54 AM MST, Tue. 10/30/01 (day #1769 week #254 month #58 year #4
1. Disaster-proofed

Good Morning!

Anthrax in Boulder? Maybe...

Fort Lupton, Colorado: Really stupid child molester nabbed - again.

Something you can do: Being in control and being active is the best way to avoid the most wanted terrorists screen saver, it's free and your monitor could help catch those dirty devils..

Today's reason why I'm late: I watched Mavis Leno on FNC this morning and had a scathingly (if I may say so) brilliant idea - what if all us U.S. women wore burquas and refused to take them off until this war is over?


6:26 AM MST, Wed. 10/31/01 (day #1770 week #254 month #58 year #4
1. Halloween Greetings to the Taliban

Happy Halloween!

Hey Patsy! You made it into a movie review, and on the oh-so suave Salon...that's the good news, the bad news is that it's not oh-so flattering. Take comfort you could always sue them, but the bad news is that, like all dot-coms, they're probably broke.

Dang, I missed one - I think I purposely avoided Bill Johnson's column on Saturday because I figured it was another tear-jerking ode to the almost-late Gene Amole, but he mentions the Fleet White incarceration.

Of all the Ramsey case characters, you have to admit that Darnay Hoffman and Sidney Biddle Barrows are the most lovable, here's an update on what they're up to...

Trick or Treat: Some idyot is impersonating a police officer in Boulder, (now why would they want to do that?) and so convincingly that they fooled BPD's Chuck Heidel.

Halloween Gifts: Oh you hardy visitors can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. We'll make that Million visitors mark a bit slower than originally predicted. But who's complaining? Not me. Rest assured that I am searching JonBenét news on a daily basis and I'm committed to being "their" worst nightmare.