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6:39 AM MDT, Tue. 10/1/02 (day #2103 week #302 month #69 year #5
1. Omega Man

Good Morning!

Playing the race card: He's mad as hell that only missing whities are getting media attention, so, Omega Man to the rescue! Up, up and away! Mention of JonBenét and this cartoonist's failure to turn Precious Doe into the Black version of her.

Was it good for you?: When is rape not a rape. When you don't enjoy it or don't remember it? Defense of Boulder County crime spree burglar/intruder says client was drunk and doesn't remember anything.

Mother Mary: One of Mary Keenan's assistant DA's has been busted for DUI, just like Mary's daughter and Mary's son. Coincidence? Read the remainder of this entire police and courts article, lots of Boulder wackiness.

A River in Egypt: I think the local coppers investigating the Short family murders and kidnapping of Jennifer are suffering from a serious case of DENIAL - results expected today to finally end the question of who the skull with a bullet shot through it belongs to.

AOL Sucks: Too much, too late, in a overt public sympathy move, AOL says it will start broadcasting Amber Alerts. I predict within a month subscribers will (ironically) be receiving porn spam and viruses as well.


5:55 AM MDT, Wed. 10/2/02 (day #2104 week #302 month #69 year #5
1. Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Good Morning!

Tape Released: So, who done it. CBS will make it's third (at least) attempt on Friday, 7 PM CDT, 8 PM EDT/PDT, 9 PM MDT, to convince us that the poor, put-upon, persecuted Rammers are not ducks, or monsters. Okay.

( - Meanwhile, another Boulder bichon frise is the talk of the town. Wonder what ever happened to Jacque (sic)? - )

Tape Quelched: The tape recording, presumably an apology for murder, made by Ward Weaver for his daughter Mallori, has been ruled attorney/client privilege and won't be heard by the Grand Jury.

Golden Hour: In response to the obvious bungling of Ashley Pond's claims that Ward Weaver was molesting her, Oregon has put in motion a new system that requires follow-up on abuse claims within one hour. example of why parents should be licensed, or degreed, or certified somehow. Ashley Pond's mother. And I use the term "mother" loosely.

Way Harsh: You have to register to read, but it accepts nom d'plums, defense attorneys go on defense, say supporting the rights of child molesters, stalkers and predators (to go on molesting, stalking and preying ala Avila).

Ala Avila...speaking of monsters, the "other Ramsey", Zachary Ramsay, missing and presumed dead, won't get his day in court because his momma is IN DENIAL, and now notorious child-molester, serial creep, and possible cannibal may file a civil suit saying cops and prosecutors damaged his reputation. NINMTU.

"Closure" is a bunch of pap: Father of Jeffrey Curley says it's hooey.

Not Hooey: Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, of JonBenét Avenger fame, is still beating the drum to try to get someone, anyone, to look at New York area middle-eastern-descent teens and tweens that appear to have prior knowledge of terrorist attacks. WARNING: will give you goosebumps.

Something to think about: How come when hundreds of children are missing in Florida the press makes a big stink about it. But when hundreds more are found missing in California it barely rates three paragraphs? Easy. The Governor of California is a Democrat running for re-election. The Governor of Florida is a Republican and Dubya's brother as well.

Lucianne's server is down, and I'm mad as hell.


6:11 AM MDT, Thurs. 10/3/02 (day #2105 week #303 month #69 year #5
1. Banned in Boulder

Good Morning!

Weeel, this is interestink! Another Rammer-suspect-in-waiting! CBS (what an apropos name, heh, See BS) has found a fresh one to trot out for the Ram-fans tomorrow night. Enjoy - sounds like the Denver Post is skeptical too...

It's been over a week since the bones of a 9-ish-year-old, white, female were found just over the state border from the Jennifer Short home...I knew Southerners were, uh, 'slow', but this is ridiculous.

Ignore your kids, get bombed, be promiscuous, in short, be a lousy mother and whatcha get? A trip to Washington to meet the President. Gag me. Your tax dollars at work. There oughta be a law.

Some hard news on Gaddis/Pond - what did they know, and when did they know it?

Someone with way too much time on (his) hands has morphed some porno pix of missing Elizabeth Smart. Just plain sick.

Housekeeping: I have discovered that I'm alergic to BandAids. Really. Besides that, I've discovered that the Denver Post, bless their hearts, URLs have been tweaky lately. I'm working on a permanent fix (the one in the headliner today should work though).


5:55 AM MDT, Fri. 10/4/02 (day #2106 week #303 month #69 year #5
1. Rammers make another appearance

Good Morning!

When is an 'exclusive' not an exclusive? When your subject(s) are so promiscuously omniprescent that they'll talk to anyone. Get a clue, Liz (tho I should consider the source, over-the-hill windbag).

Related: I wonder what someone like Hodges or Foster would make of Erin Moriarity's slip on the CBS Early Show this morning when she said the Rammers are "in a legal LIMO". Very funny, Erin, and how true.

The DNA testing is taking forever, but there's finally some action in the Jennifer Short case - they are not calling this guy a suspect, but I will. He looks like a duck...

The Associated Press believes that Ward Weaver may be formally charged for the murders of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis today.

Now that David Westerfield is under lock and key and awaiting sentencing, the van Dam murder seems to have dropped off the radar, except for this poignant moment noted in the end of this column, scroll down to "Bits and Bites".

TV ALERT: 48 Hours, CBS, 7 PM CDT, 8 PM EDT/PDT, 9 PM MDT. The Rammers Part XVII. But if you are a Neilson family please - don't watch. Just say "no". I'm going to make a list of all the companies that are advertising their products on this pandering piffle and I'll share it with you tomorrow so we can all start to boycott. Noisily. Heh.


5:53 AM MDT, Sat. 10/5/02 (day #2107 week #303 month #69 year #5
1. Good night, Jennifer

Good Morning!

Jennifer Short is officially dead. They announced a DNA match yesterday. The prime suspect, who fled to Canada, is in custody courtesy of the RCMP.

More Closure: Ward Weaver WAS indicted/charged for the murders of Ashley and Miranda yesterday.

Now, on to the Rammers...

Unbelievable. Michael Kane says he did not watch the Rammers Redux last night but Charlie Brennan gets him to comment, and rebut, on it anyway.

Unbelievable too. Who the hell-o goes grocery shopping from 9-10 PM on a Friday night? Mark Beckner, that's who, who ALSO says he didn't watch the docu-drama last night. The interesting thing in here, though, is that Beckner say NO ONE has been "cleared". Also, Mary Keenan didn't watch but asked someone to tape it for her. That's nice.

No telling whether he watched or not, but perenial-pundit John Douglas pipes up on the subject, they even evoke the sickening old Silence of the Lambs saw.

And here's an earlier AP story on the show that started wiring after our deadline here yesterday.

As promised, here is the list of companies/products who helped sponsor the drivel. Just say no, write them a letter and tell them why you will be refusing to add to their baby-killin'-pandering advertising funds in the future...

Campbell's soup
(ran twice, so double-whammy on their piddies)

J.C. Penney
(also ran two, I'm canceling my credit card)

Lever 2000
Prego pasta sauce
Radio Shack
Sprint - PCS Vision
V-8 Splash
T.D. Waterhouse


6:06 AM MDT, Sun. 10/6/02 (day #2108 week #303 month #69 year #5
1. "The Hunted"

Good Morning!

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely...Yeah. Rocky Mountain News editorial has just two words for you... Alex Hunter. 'Nuff said. Heh.

Out of the Closet: Despite yelps of homophobia and misogynism from the Libs in Boulder - it's true - exposed in court - that the 19-year-old Boulder store clerk was stabbed to death due to a homosexual romance between her father and the murderer.

One of Jennifer Short's uncles had a heart attack and died on Friday. Ripple effect. So sad. More bad news - Canada may refuse to hand over the primary suspect because both Virginia and North Carolina are death penalty states. The only good news for the family is that the Sheriff has now formally quashed the rampant rumor that Jennifer's sperm donor was in doubt. It was merely a 'device' on.

Counts: Seventeen, count 'em, 17 charges against Ward Weaver, includes some against an un-named 15-year-old girl on July 17, 2002 - huh? Was I asleep at the switch (again), or is this something new? Here's the Sunday wrap-up from The Oregonion, long but worth it and oh-so satisfying.

Oh, blow me: Skip this. Here's another one of those poor-me, I'm-so-misunderstood missives about criminal defense attorneys who make it their life's mission to protect creeps - this time a pity-party for a Colorado death row inmate's lawyer. Gag me.


6:07 AM MDT, Mon. 10/7/02 (day #2109 week #303 month #69 year #5
1. No razor? No credibility.

Good Morning!

Boulder has a new peeper. This one is clever and uses a mirror to spy under dressing room doors. Inventive!

Canada is still holding the Jennifer Short murder suspect, U.S. officials expected to get up there today.

Tieray Jones is dirty: A private investigator hired by Jahi Turner's sperm donor and paternal grandmother says Jahi's stepfather lost his wallet around the same time that Jahi disappeared - and hence, more searches.

Someone's dirty in Connecticut: The Skakel prosecutor, Henry Lee and Timothy Dumas speculate on whether Michael had help cleaning up/covering up after murdering Martha Moxley, but the statute of limitations preclude any serious pursuit. Meanwhile, bail request was denied Friday, without comment.

Someone wants to get dirty in California: A judge will hear arguments today on Robert Blake's bail request, the Supremes want it to be heard immediately, the prosecution wants to consolidate in a hearing scheduled for next month.

That's a lot of dirt!: The unfunded committee responsible for an indian bones repository were thrown a wild pitch when they had to open up for Elizabeth Smart searchers - also revealing their secret location in the media.


6:39 AM MDT, Tue. 10/8/02 (day #2110 week #303 month #69 year #5
1. Racist Media

Good Morning!

Today's one of those days when I just don't feel like being here - and will be suitably terse...

Maybe this is why - another race-baiting screed by some dumb blonde in Oregon - evokes Patterson (daddy's a bank robber) and Turner (step-daddy is dirty) and claims she's bored by missing kid stories, "blatantly biased victim-based media sensationalism is perpetuating the problem". Obviously a Hillary Clinton accolyte. Prolly doesn't shave her pits. That's it! Eureka! We need a hairy-pits-factor on this pap. A new coinage - Hairy Pits Factor. I give this lady a 9.8...

Ashley Pond's teacher, who reported to authorities that Weaver was abusing her, reacts to his murder indictment. Sounds like a blue-haired church-lady. I give her a 2.2...

No HPF rating here - I've been purposely avoiding the Lolita trap by not reporting on the movie Trapped - sure, it usually mentions van Dam, Runnion and all but the Hairy Pit Lady favorite vics above - but here you have it.

Hard News - Animal hairs again. Drat. It makes for such boring, technical testimony. Preview of the State of California v. Alejandro Avila, aka the Samantha Runnion case. (This may be one of those pesky register-to-view sites that are sprouting up like noxious weeds all over the internet, just give 'em fake info and read on).

HOUSEKEEPING: I rarely check the page stats anymore (used to do it daily), but was pleased to see we're still getting an average of 400+ visitors a day, so we'll keep on plugging as long as you keep reading. This HPF rated 0.0 lady thanks you.


6:53 AM MDT, Wed. 10/9/02 (day #2111 week #303 month #69 year #5
1. Sideshow figure in the news

Good Morning! Sorry, overslept again (but sleeping well)...

One of Michael Bynum's friends is dying. Background update on status of CBJ, also home to former assistant DA Ram-hugger and Santa-harrasser Trip DeMuth.

A Denver youth roller hockey coach has been charged with sexually assaulting two 12-year-old boys.

Where are they now? The Portland Tribune updates the whereabouts/status of players in the Pond/Gaddis case. Also and update/insight into the charges, the DA will seek the death penalty.

Investigators in the Short case are taking their time packing. Not expected to go to Canada until Thursday. Canadians worry that Americans are playing word games in order to extradite this 'person of interest'.

It's deja vu all over again - Salt Lake Tribune on peaceniks and Elizabeth Smart conspiracy theorists. Looneys on the Loose!


7:00 AM MDT, Thurs. 10/10/02 (day #2112 week #304 month #69 year #5
1. Silvermans, now there's four!

Good Morning!

Havin' my baby: Craig and Trish Silverman are breeding! Again! Yikes! (scroll down to "Second Son", below midpoint). They say via email "Samuel" was their second choice for baby's name, first-runner Jonathan rejected 'cuz in combo with first-born's the duo would be "Jon, Benny". NINMTU.

Heh. Ramsey Brain Trust member Denver DA Ritter calls Rocky on using Alex Hunter as a "poster child". Backhand slap. We clap.

Come here little girl, want some candy? Dumb sick puppy offers his child victim cell phone, car, for recanting testimony in Boulder County. Big spender...

Who's yer daddy: Colorado State Trooper busted, sent to jail for 2 years, for molesting a little girl since she was 8 years-old.

Assuring that David Westerfield is broken and penniless, a woman is suing him over a car accident involving him, his Porsche and a couple of rum and cokes.

It could be a year before Ward Weaver goes to trial due to a case backlog in the courts.

Good, they've got their work cut out for them, here's another editorial claiming that defense attorneys are misunderstood victims who have to humanize monsters. Let them eat cake.

Apropos: I like this (suspected) murderer's name - Garrison "Storm" Bowman - kind of just rolls off the tongue, nes se pas? Anywho, looks like our dear neighbors to the north are gonna cough him up to the mercy of the blood-thirsty Virginia/North Carolina coppers. It's a good thang, y'all.


6:17 AM MDT, Fri. 10/11/02 (day #2113 week #304 month #69 year #5
1. Ram-opoly

Good Morning!

That's entertainment!: Cyril Wecht leaves 'em laughing at an event where he kept the crowd enthralled with his tales of death...and comes up with a new line on JonBenét.

Cellmark Labs strikes again! Just like Wecht and Lee, it has JonBenét on its' resumé, and hence, she shows up in coverage of an unrelated murder, a Virginia couple killed in Ocean City, MD. Cellmark has ID-ed the bodies.

Boulder DA's wimp out, again, won't seek death penalty in a shooting murder earlier this year.

Something kinky was going on with this "kidnapping" that started in Arkansas and ended in Denver...

...but Denver's on a roll - They've solved three rape cases this week thanks to the new Colorado DNA database at the CBI.

Utah authorities are quick to emphasize that a body of a female found yesterday is NOT Elizabeth Smart.

An Important Witness: It was just a matter of time before all the perp-huggers would start defending the "witness" who fled to Canada after the murders of Jennifer Short and her parents.


8:46 AM MDT, Sat. 10/12/02 (day #2114 week #304 month #69 year #5
1. Lee

Good Morning!

Well, it disgusts me, but some fools have a JonBenét and D.C. sniper linkage today, so I must. It's just another one of those Ramsey-Resume deals for Dokka Ree. Now why, why, why, of all his work they have to mention that gawdawful Famous Crimes Revisted book...

What does JonBenét and a shaken baby have in common? Not much, but we can grumble, gnash our teeth and sneer over this major faux pas by the Boulder County Department of Social Services. Remember that rumor that was floating around back in '97 that someone had reported the Rammers?

Southerners are slow, Northerners are FAST: Gosh, I love our Canadian neighbors. Just when they could have gone all lefty, liberal and mushy on us, they didn't. They're deporting Garrison "Storm" Bowman essentially turning him over to U.S. authorities for "questioning" as a "witness" (wink, wink) in the Short murders.

Yee Gads! Like father, like son, like GRANDSON! Ward Weaver's kid, the one who called 911 after his girlfriend was raped by daddy and claimed daddy confessed to murdering Ashley and Mirands - yeah that one - is making death threats against extended family members. Talk about Gene Pool, this is a Cesspool.

After weeks of silence (besides that silly lawsuit) on the van Dam case, finally some forward action - Judge Mudd has reluctantly agreed to unseal more transcripts after Westerfield is sentenced, but boy, is he P.O.-ed about it. Barely concealing his distaste and disdain for the media, who obviously want to play "what if"-games with the stuff (and yep, I can't wait either).

Knock, knock...A San Diego radio station is reporting that the cops are ready to turn the case of missing Jahi Turner over to the District Attorneys office. Tieray pleads ignorance and hopes they'll give him a call. Fershure.


7:10 AM MDT, Sun. 10/13/02 (day #2115 week #304 month #69 year #5
1. Bad Karma

Good Morning!

Today is October 13th...22 years ago tonight I met the man who would become my husband at a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend...3 years ago today, Alex Hunter held his infamous press conference to announce "I must report to you that I and my prosecution task force believe we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time."

I'm not, it messes up my news searches: JonBenét in a sports column. Writer thinks it's great that there's news about a 'Ramsey', not me.

It's a good thing: As a follow-up to a story here Thursday (scroll down to "who's yer daddy"), the Colorado state trooper convicted for molesting a little girl committed suicide last night by throwing his body in front of a speeding tractor-trailer. Dramatic, messy and very permanently over.

Calling it a "long simmering resentment", finally the race card gets played in Salt Lake, the poor and minorities are totally ticked that Elizabeth Smart got so much attention.

(WARNING: TEAR JERKER) Jennifer Short was buried yesterday. Appropriately, Henry County deputies were the pall bearers.

I endeavor to leave you laughing, but today I will leave you angry. If you don't want to be, don't read it.


7:14 AM MDT, Mon. 10/14/02 (day #2116 week #304 month #69 year #5
1. Missing since October 6th

Good Morning!

Rocky TV columnist surmises that viewers "miss" JonBenet coverage after "tepid" CBS 48 Hours Investigates Rammers episode won network time period (sure, everyone was tuned to FNC instead). Maybe tepid because it didn't even crack the top 20...with a 7.3/14 rating/share.

Journalist says O.J. and JonBenet coverage hurt media's reputation. No kidding.

The CBI, again, delays the Blagg case.

Mom of the year, Debra Rose, who is implicated in the kidnapping of her 9-year-old son, is not getting her meds, says attorney, and should be released from jail.

Too Dumb to be Deadly? We've heard that one before, but what about Too Drunk to be Deadly? That's the tune the friends of "the witness" in the Short murders are now singing, saying "Storm" drank a case of beer each day.

Michael Skakel's lawyer, Mickey Sherman, reveals his true colors. I was right about him all along (trust your intuition when it speaks).

The head of the NCMEC says media coverage of kidnappings is " like buying real estate - location, location, location". Here's the latest victim, Shawn Hornbeck, an 11-year-old boy from Richwoods, Missouri.

Statistics lie, and liars quote statistics: We knew it all the time, but now the Fed says polygraphs are B.S.

Just ignore references to politics, and you can imagine and remember the total crap on the JonBenet message boards, especially back in the early days. Saying this is "our only means of expressing ourselves and feeling validated at the same time'', the Boston Globe looks at internet bulletin boards in "Freedom to Flame". Very interesting and poignantly amusing at the same time.


7:05 AM MDT, Tue. 10/15/02 (day #2117 week #304 month #69 year #5
1. 'Shapiro' character in PMPT movie, compliments of Skydog

Good Morning!

As a fan of both, it's gonna be ticklish - Jeff Shapiro is suing Larry Schiller. NINMTU. Based on the 'libelous' quote, IMHO, the FBI should be suing not the Jeffster, but - it's another sideshow to watch (and justify our existence while we seek 'validation'). You decide, here's the spurious line...

"the FBI talked to Shapiro about the possibility that he had engaged in extortion with Thomas"

...two little letters, H E.

Don't Let This Happen To You: Calling both the Simpson and Ramsey cases "classic" crime scene bungling by investigators, slipped into a review of new TV series CSI: Miami.

Mary Keenan is playing the Death card again. Likely just saber-rattling that she can point to later - when she runs for re-election.

Shawn Hornbeck, missing and presumed abducted in Missouri has a web site. Investigators and searchers are getting pessimistic.

In other cases...

Samantha Runnion's mom, Erin, remains dogmatic.

Jennifer Short investigators have returned from Canada. "Witness" has another court hearing.

Elizabeth Smart's family seems to be moving on.

No news today on Blagg, Gaddis/Pond, Jahi Turner or van Dam...

Just Because We Can: Got Gourd? Good. Now here's what to do with it.


6:13 AM MDT, Wed. 10/16/02 (day #2118 week #304 month #69 year #5
1. Keenan and Hunter giggling

Good Morning!

Gee, that was fast. Mary Keenan says death penalty headline in yesterday's Denver Post (see 'Death Card' below) is "misleading".

He Said: He Said - Fingerpointing among former cellmates. One Sick Puppy says the Other Sick Puppy told him he raped, killed and buried a little girl back in the 70's, but a search of his former residence in Broomfield, Colorado yields nothing.

There he goes again...JonBenet on his resume, platitudes packed... Dr. Henry Lee arrives (with media fanfare) in Utah to join the Elizabeth Smart search.

Grab a binkie: Speaking of the Smart case, Project Linus gave blankets to the missing teen's siblings. Never heard of this group before, but it sounds like a nice idea (and easier to keep clean than a stuffed animal).


6:14 AM MDT, Thurs. 10/17/02 (day #2119 week #305 month #69 year #5
1. Keith Aaron Schwinaman

Good Morning!

Colorado Governor Bill Owens' son is being charged with a felony after case transferred from Arapahoe to Denver DA due to conflict of interest.

It's official: Boulder officially arrests inmate for three rapes back in the '90's, after DNA tests match CBI records. Tantra Lake rapes still unsolved.

Running late, have a veternarian appointment in an hour, might be back with more, here's something to read in the meantime...


7:10 AM MDT, Fri. 10/18/02 (day #2120 week #305 month #69 year #5
1. Watch out Mary, Trip is commenting...

Good Morning!

Trip DeMuth as Pundit?: Oh, no, say it aint' so! Yes. The Daily Camera has called upon him to comment on the Tanner Dowler case.

This case fascinated (and enraged) me: Erie, Colorado Building official charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. Allowed to remain on the job for months, entering people's homes, roaming residential neighborhoods paid by taxpayers until his late August conviction. Formally sentenced to 17 years on Wednesday. (The Longmont Daily Times-Call does not archive, so if the link above is bad it's also saved here on this server.)

Judge throws book at Colorado serial pedophile, former Episcopal priest and foster parent.

Out of the mouths of babes: Children are so wise. The rash of Denver area child molestations, kidnapping attempts, flashings may be thwarted thanks to a program thought up by two fifth-graders.

Elizabeth Smart's parents ask Utah deer hunters to be on the lookout for the missing teen, give details on her sneaker tread that may leave tracks to watch for.

Oregon City cops hope to use the Ashley Pond/Miranda Gaddis case to feather their nest.

Sad: Isn't it awful that some people use the internet for nefarious purposes? And that makes us cynical/suspicious to the point when, when it's valid, it gets reported to the Urban Legend Cops? Yes, the case of missing Shawn Hornbeck is "status: true".

Not sad, or I have no sympathy: Christian Science Monitor looks at the "Scarlet Letter" stigma on poor lil sex offenders vs. Megan's Law.

They are no Gentlemen: Atlantic Monthly looks at over use and inappropriate use of the term "gentleman", ugly when referring to child molesters/killers.

A child in many ways, Holly Maddux finally got some justice yesterday, urban jungle style. The headline about Ira "the Unicorn" Einhorn's conviction and sentencing to life in the Philadelphia Inquirer today is about two inches tall!

Sorry yesterday was so short, cats are all fine and passed their annual physical with flying colors, even the two that were half-dead in late summer.


6:47 AM MDT, Sat. 10/19/02 (day #2121 week #305 month #69 year #5
1. Sketchman

Good Morning!

I think it's just plain gruesome under normal circumstances, but allowing the murderer to view his victim's body is way weird. Nevertheless, a Boulder judge has ruled that the sperm donor can go visit his baby son one last time. Keenan still mulling death penalty - again. Don't hold your breath.

Controlling the Spin: Boulder County prematurely crows that it has been "exonerated" by the State of Colorado in the above case. But not, says State...apparently all the County did was "found no prior referrals to Social Services about the couple, and also looked into police records but found no history on the Dowlers". (And hence, it's easy to see why the complaint about the Patster bleaching her 5-year-old's hair, and whatever else, was ignored.)

Inmate kills Colorado prison employee. I think this is the creep that killed his baby daughter by grabbing her by the feet and bashing her around the interior of his trailer, actually causing dents in the walls. Yet, they said he was an exemplary member of the prison community and allowed him the perk of working in the kitchen. Go figure.

Cops continue to stress that Gary "Storm" Bowman is not a suspect in the Short family murders

Missed this one on Thursday, and it's not our usual type of crime, but this in-depth report from the Washington Post on how and why the 13-year-old survived being shot by the Beltway Sniper is a definite must-read...and makes me certain to renew my pleadings to my first-born to consider medical school.


7:00 AM MDT, Sun. 10/20/02 (day #2122 week #305 month #69 year #5
1. No-name murder victim

Good Morning!

Heh. Why Boulder Sucks. With references to unnamed little dead beauty queen. Enjoy!

There's not much out there today. All resources, and ink, devoted to last night's sniper re-emergence, this time in Ashland, Virginia, just north of Richmond.

Serve up for Sunday reading pleasure: Both the Denver Post and Daily Camera feature lengthy descriptions/excuses of the Tanner Dowling case.

Voyeurism is good for you. With mention of our fascination with the Elizabeth Smart case, Utah columnist opines that it's outrage, not anything prurient, that makes us watch.


6:57 AM MDT, Mon. 10/21/02 (day #2123 week #305 month #69 year #5
1. GIGO in action

Good Morning!

Reports on Boulder County's Tanner Dowling funeral in the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post

Werewolves of Boulder: Report on sex offenders on Colorado campuses, 30 statewide, 3 at CU-Boulder.

Related, (here's a lawsuit that I can applaud and is way overdue) the co-ed who claims she was raped by CU football players at an off-campus party last December, spurring a looooong investigation and loooonger plea bargaining and pussy-footing, is suing CU for "fostering an environment of sexual harassment by football players". Goferit!

Elsewhere in the nation, it's Monday so it's a slow news day, nothing new on Gaddis/Pond, Short, Smart, Turner, van Dam, but they were busy in Missouri looking for Shawn Hornbeck.

Followup: Proof that cold weather preserves your I.Q. (and why I can say Southerners are "slow").

Totally unrelated: Here's why I'm a Republican and not ashamed to say it, and why I hang out at rather than waste my breath, fingers and grey matter at any JonBenét forums.


7:18 AM MDT, Tue. 10/22/02 (day #2124 week #305 month #69 year #5
1. 3 in a row in the dark

Good Morning!

Enough already, where's Homeland Security when you need it?

Oh Shut Up: Miranda Gaddis' mom is making public appearances urging passage of a nationwide Megan's Law. Not exactly a role model mom, eh?

NIMBY: Suspected Sex Offenders No Longer Housed in Vista Jail. Makes Vista residents happy, but what about those who live in Otay Mesa? Whatever. Punch line here is that David Westerfield remains in solitary in San Diego pending sentencing next month. Wonder what he does with his days? Writing a book? Inventing a new medical device?

Utah cops want to make their Most Wanted more user-friendly, cite the use of the media in the Elizabeth Smart case, albeit unsuccessfully, to announce Most Wanted creeps.

Doin' a Darlie: Fast work in Washington State. Mom who stabbed 9-year-old son to death and then slashed at herself on Saturday, arrested and held on suspicion of first-degree murder on Monday.


6:30 AM MDT, Wed. 10/23/02 (day #2125 week #305 month #69 year #5
1. New chance for Whites?

Good Morning!

Not quite dead yet, the Fleet and Priscilla White criminal libel lawsuit over the Mystery Woman fiasco gets a new chance at legs - compliments of Mary Keenan.

Proof that Boulder is so over JonBenét, and her daddy, article announcing that Access Graphics (now renamed GE Access) is moving out of Boulder has no mention of any Ramsey.

Related, robbing Peter to pay Paul?, the owner of an exclusive children's clothing store is caught shoplifting at two other Boulder stores with the intention of re-selling the items at her shop. Also charged with some odd item, "Driving Under Restraint", what's that? Bondage? Leather? Handcuffs? A Boulderism for DUI?

Like a needle in a haystack, you've got to wonder how useful a tip in the Shawn Hornbeck case can be when all it does is point to a 30,000 acre (thirty thousand acres?!) ranch. Get it while it's hot, the STLPost does not archive, second item down.

Gary "Storm" Bowman is back in the good 'ol U.S. of A. Sheriff says he's being "cooperative" as they continue investigating the murders of Jennifer Short and her parents.

San Diego County, home of the van Dams and , unfortunately for them, David Westerfield, passed a resolution condemning pornography.

Another Pennsylvania connection to Elizabeth Smart - (me, heh, and the Lincoln, Nebraska sighting of a van bearing Pennsylvania license plate number ECJ-1368) - in Sewickly (NINMTU), Pennsylvania they will offer a musical remembrance to Liz on her birthday.


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1. I want a perp walk!

Good Morning!

The Justice Department now confirms that a militant black muslim and his sidekick have been captured and are likely the I-95 sniper and his driver/ghost writer. FBI profilers doing serious career re-assesments after describing "angry white male" ad nauseum.

Virtually a repeat of yesterday's story on the Whites criminal libel pursuit being revived.

Tanner Dowling's mom, and I use that term loosely, in a biological sense, was formally charged in Boulder yesterday and could face up to 48 years.

Alert Colorado Springs cop foils kidnapping, but what if they hadn't run a red light? The ACLU would be screaming.

"BobbyDigital" busted for porno pix like "BABYGRL 9MTH" was a day care worker at CSU and part-time babysitter. Your tax dollars at work.

Proof again that deferred sentencing just plain sucks, and sex offender "treatment" doesn't work - murderer/rapist convicted yesterday in Denver "was on a four-year deferred judgment sentence for a 1995 sexual assault on a 10-year-old female family member. He attended mandatory sex offender treatment sessions on both days that Ashley and Boatner were killed."

Housekeeping: I'm so confident that dey got der perp wit da gun that I've removed the sniper info in the right column (it's still accessible at the Washington Post), and I'll be updating and adding to the links for our cases-to-watch in the near future.


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1. Cover Girl Patsy

Good Morning!

Hmmm, I'm skeptical, but I'll buy it. The Enquirer claims it has procured Patsy's handwriting tests (see cover pic above), but watch the screaming begin if they did.

And I suppose that now that their headquarters has been cleared of anthrax and they can re-gain access to their files, AMI, publisher of the Enquirer, is making good it's earlier threat to start publishing books - and yes, the series includes one on the Lil Dead Baby Beauty Queen and her wacky parents.

It was only a matter of time that someone used a JonBenet in reference to the sniper, but I didn't expect it to come from the Boulder Daily Camera. I thought they were "so over JonBenet"?

But why are they (the Camera) so complacent? The Washington Post is just plain ticked off that profilers rigged the investigation toward "white males", specifically pointing out the perenial pontifications of Ram-hugger John Douglas, and whip out the "J" word too, AND noting his controversial pronouncement of John Ramsey, his EMPLOYER, as "innocent".

(Speaking of reverse-racial-profiling, Andrew Sullivan wonders WHY no one else is wondering if about half of the shootings could have been averted if the racial profile hadn't been out there, and WHY no one else is damned pissed off about it.)

Before we move on, here's another JonBenet sighting, in this music review in Yale Daily News. Never heard of the "Meat Puppets", never heard them either. Glad about both. But really with people would stop confusing my Philadelphia Inquirer with the National Enquirer.

Ward Weaver, Ashey Pond and Miranda Gaddis all wrapped up in the sniper story too, compliments of the vanilla Associated Press which tries, and fails miserably, to look at father/son connections.

No Sniper connection, unfortunately because it probably affected viewership, but the case of missing Missouri 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck was featured on CBS' 'Without a Trace' last night.

Incest is best. The Dr. Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science at the University of New Hampshire has received a $2 Million Federal grant to crime scene investigation school. Mentions Elizabeth Smart.


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1. another year almost up

Good Morning!

Top Secret: Saying only that the police have been "very busy" since Dr. Henry Lee left Salt Lake City and that the family is now "very hopeful", the rest of the details are hazy in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping investigation.

More friends and acquaintances of Gary "Storm" Bowman are speaking out to the press claiming he is innocent of the Short family murders.

Yesterday marked six months since the "disappearance" of Jahi Turner. Volunteer searchers still looking.

REMINDER: Daylight Savings time ends tonight. Turn your clocks back one hour before going to bed.


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1. sanctioned escape of the prime suspects

Good Morning!

Did you set your clocks back one hour? No? Well, go do it and then come back, I'll just sit here and wait for you...

For some reason this local rag felt a need to go out and interview Samantha Runnion's sperm donor, one last time, hopefully.

Debra Rose, mother of the year, is still in the lock-up, but her buddy, Carla Bender, is still on the lam, also with an abducted child.

Political Football with Danielle van Dam: Ah ha! The media's motives are finally clear. The reason they want Judge Mudd to release all the court documents and transcripts is the public's "right to know" before election day...

Gary "Storm" Bowman, despite local officials' platitudes, is called a "potential suspect" according to court papers acquired by a Canadian paper. Is that P.S. or P. of S.? Not to be confused with Person of Interest or POI?

Meanwhile a photo studio near to where the Short murders/kidnapping occured offered free head shots of children so parents could be prepared in case the most awful happens.


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1. Rescued from the Laptop archive

Good Morning!

JonBenét sighting of the day: Brief mention of O.J. and the tragic lil'-dead-baby-beauty-queen in this review of Larry Schiller's new book. Unfortunately, the reviewer slaps Schiller's piddies at the end - he is sadly uniformed of the brouhaha over Big Larry's failure to take sides in PMPT and obvious Simpson-pandering in American Tragedy...(30 day search finds no other reviews, or articles, by this writer - it's a good thing).

Monday morning update on the case of missing 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck (The Post-Dispatch does not archive, so get it while it lasts), family and friends are still in denial hoping he'll just walk in the door.

More hanky-panky in Missouri: Yuck, you know I just detest criminal defense attorneys. This one sounds like he really believes his client won't be a danger to the public lurking around loose, despite his criminal record at the young age of 16.

Samantha Runnion has her own song. Lyrics ask for just five minutes alone with her murderer, Alejandro Avila.

Sick Puppy on the loose in New Hampshire...New Hampshire?!?! No, you've got to be kidding. No, I kid you not. Apparently they love plea bargains and deferred sentencing there too.

Housekeeping: Yeah, I'm still working on those links for the right-hand column, in the meantime, in preparation for the SIXTH anniversary of JonBenét's murder, I'm digging up some old graphics from the laptop. (Check out the Saturday and Sunday pix below if you missed them) Enjoy!


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1. With apologies to Lewis Carroll, RIP

`And just as I'd taken the highest tree in the wood,' continued the Pigeon, raising its voice to a shriek, `and just as I was thinking I should be free of them at last, they must needs come wriggling down from the sky! Ugh, Serpent!'

Ramseys want case reassigned - asks that fresh tips be given to another police agency

`Suppose we change the subject,' the March Hare interrupted, yawning. `I'm getting tired of this. I vote the young lady tells us a story.' `I'm afraid I don't know one,' said Alice, rather alarmed at the proposal.

Ramsey cops mulled coercion - Investigators talked about using media to pressure parents

Poor Alice! It was as much as she could do, lying down on one side, to look through into the garden with one eye; but to get through was more hopeless than ever: she sat down and began to cry again.

Attorney for Ramseys presses case - Defends release of deposition tapes

`I never heard of "Uglification," Alice ventured to say. `What is it?' The Gryphon lifted up both its paws in surprise. `What! Never heard of uglifying!' it exclaimed. `You know what to beautify is, I suppose?' `Yes,' said Alice doubtfully: `it means--to--make--anything-- prettier.' `Well, then,' the Gryphon went on, `if you don't know what to uglify is, you ARE a simpleton.'

Former Ramsey attorney accused of driving drunk

(I couldn't resist, spank me and call me Sally...)