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9:05 AM MDT, Sun. 9/1/02 (day #2073 week #298 month #68 year #5
1. Just because I can...

Good Morning! Sorry so late, cat's much better, just surfed away...

Making the FBI look like a bunch of bumbling fools - again - The Oregonian lays out the entire Pond/Gaddis timeline in comparison with Ward Weaver's relatives and acquaintances testimony...what took them so long?

Why was Richard Ricci "good for" the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart? The details are starting to leak out now that he's dead. And the Smart clan remains optimistic that despite this setback that someone else was involved and that Elizabeth may still be alive.

Amber's Legacy: A 16-year-old girl abducted from her Florida home Saturday morning has been found in Texas.

Git out yer tiny violins: The Denver Post tries to conjure up some sympathy for wacky Debra Rose, the druggie-stripper mom who incited the violent kidnapping of her son, Nicholas Farber, last week.

Just because I can - report on the annual cabbage judging at the Alaska State Fair.


8:17 AM MDT, Mon. 9/2/02 (day #2074 week #298 month #68 year #5
1. Labor Day

Good Morning!

Colorado News of Note: Latest High School prank involves a pickle.

The Denver Post has a lengthy article on missing kids in Denver, but they're mostly teen runaways.

Ashley Pond's funeral was on Saturday and one of her molesters, her "sperm donor", takes umbrage over her murder. Jerk.

The folks at Urban Legends have dug up a particularly base attempt at humor.

Nothing much else out there, the press must all be at picnics or recovering from hangovers.


6:46 AM MDT, Tue. 9/3/02 (day #2075 week #298 month #68 year #5
1. Susan Stine

Good Morning!

Bows and flowers: Ashley's and Miranda's classmates are heading back to school unsure of how they will memorialize them there. But an Oregonian columnist is not going to let the matter rest.

Life is like a box of chocolates: Angela Ricci comes out of hiding and still stands by her man, the number one suspect in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping. With smug photos.

Parents in Britain are getting their daughter micro-chipped so if she's ever kidnapped they can find her.

Get a life: Do you remember Catnip, Reporter, Jan and me mugging for the Boulder Weekly photographer with City of Boulder Police cars back in September '98? (Or was it '99? Whatever.) Well now that's grounds for arrest, and it's happening scarily close to the Brady homestead.

Pitter-Patter: Up early in La-La-Land? You're not alone.

TV ALERT: The penalty phase of David Westerfield's trial continues today (Court TV if you must, but the internet feed is much finer, no Nancy Grace too) with his two children expected to testify.

VCR ALERT: Tomorrow, Wednesday September 4th, Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, Richard Ricci's widow, Angela, in her first televised interview since his death.


6:35 AM MDT, Wed. 9/4/02 (day #2076 week #298 month #68 year #5
1. Knotted Scarf

Good Morning!

Crazy Colorado: Candidate for La Plata County Sheriff, in drag, an "undercover" investigation he says, shoots and kills a man who "kidnapped" him.

Crazy Colorado Too: Man who strangled a 14-year-old to death in 1983, served only SIX years, now has strangled his estranged wife too.

Miranda Gaddis' funeral was yesterday afternoon. WARNING: Tear Jerker. The Portland Tribune has some insight into her murderer's father and his trail of death.

In San Diego, it looks like the Defense had a hard time finding anyone from David Weste4rfield's past who would speak up for him - dredging up an old girlfriend who hadn't seen him in 30 years was a new low.

Maybe it would have changed Patsy's future? The Miss America Pageant will allow audience interaction via internet polling this year. Meanwhile, there is some controversy over which Miss North Carolina will appear this year in a case over bared breasts.

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, Richard Ricci's widow, Angela, in her first televised interview since his death.


6:48 AM MDT, Thurs. 9/5/02 (day #2077 week #299 month #68 year #5
1. He knows all the answers now, and I hope that makes certain people miserable

Good Morning!

That great sucking sound you hear is the Ram-Huggers all bemoaning the loss of one of their favorite fall guys, Santa Bill McReynolds, instead of some serious, Christian introspection about their own contributions to his demise, not the least of which the Rammers themselves, selling their ghost-written book and laughing all the way to the bank. Rest, Santa Bill, play with JonBenet, knowing all the answers now.

Sounds like a nice replacement "suspect" for Santa Bill: A self-proclaimed prophet is arrested in Nederland (scroll down to last item).

Disgusting: Denver Post glorifies 25-year-old "former" gang member, with SIX children (prolly all illegitimate) killed in a shooting. Gimme a break.

...and then goes on to try to muster some sympathy for druggie-stripper mom Debra Rose who gives them an "exclusive" interview from jail, where she is being held on a cool $1 Million bail for the violent kidnapping of her son, Nicholas Farber.

Sounding like an excerpt from Hitlery's book, Oregon officials are scrambling to explain three (count 'em, three) missing or messed up or ignored calls about Ashley Pond's allegations about Ward Weaver.

Guillotine! Westerfield's lawyer makes an unfortunate comment, jury deliberating his fate after saccherine testimony from his two kids (hope the jury wonders where Ma Westerfield was).



8:53 AM MDT, Sun. 9/8/02 (day #2080 week #299 month #68 year #5
1. no room for JonBenet in curriculum

Good Morning! Sorry so late, surfed away...

JonBenét in Drag: School kills gay-straight alliance, official cites little-dead-beauty-queen. Humorous JonBenét sighting-of-the-day gets 5 stars from this reader.

Oh Goodie: San Diego Union Tribune takes a look at what David Westerfield's life behind bars will be like.

Cops are frustrated over the case of missing Jennifer Short.

A serial killer of little girls is about to go on trial, again, in New York.

Not much else out there, most ink on 911 anniversaries.


7:45 AM MDT, Mon. 9/9/02 (day #2081 week #299 month #68 year #5
1. Little boys and their toys

Good Morning! Late because the internet is really slooooow today...

Shades of JonBenet: Evidence from the mysterious, simultaneous deaths of 5 and 4-year-old siblings has been sent to the CBI, and it will take "four to six weeks" for results.

The Roanoke Times had a lengthy update in Sunday's edition on the Jennifer Short search and investigation into her parents' murder and today's News-Record looks at the use of the media in missing child cases.

Ten pedophiles are going on trial in France, the largest child sex ring ever busted there.

Watching Ben Hur on HBO now, avoiding all news channels like the plague until Thursday, confident that Mr. B will shriek the moment the Westerfield destiny is is some humor to set your day straight.


6:40 AM MDT, Tues. 9/10/02 (day #2082 week #299 month #68 year #5
1. Retire Reno!

Good Morning!

911 coverage continues to dominate, and depress, whatcha say we do away with ghastly Labor Day and replace it, and lengthen summer in the process, with Patriot Day? I like it...

Hole-y War: Remember the City of Boulder-employed janitor who was caught peeking at women in the showers? They sprinked purple powder in the drop-ceiling, he was covered with it. Circa '96. Well, now it's CU that has a shower-peeper on its' hands, and this is a dilly.

They're all doing it, but ABC News does a story on the history of the Ward Weaver family, and their violence, the best.

San Diego Union-Tribune, waiting breathlessly for the Westerfield sentence recommendation from the jury, posits that the absence of not one but two ex-wives will figure in the decision. What about his momma? She was no-show as well.

They ought to worry about this instead.

Lest you forget, there are several very important primary elections out there today, do your duty, solemnly standing up for the voiceless victims, and go vote! This means you in the following...

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island


6:00 AM MDT, Wed. 9/11/02 (day #2083 week #299 month #68 year #5
1. A new day dawns

Good Morning!

A year ago today our headline read "Turn on CNN now!". I remember Mary Suma's story about padding downstairs in her jammies, seeing the headline, jumping into clothes and racing to the radio station to change the transponder to the national feed. That makes it all worth it. Grab the anger and embrace it - gladly.

Something fun to do today: The domain name, formerly home to the Rammer's shameless, money-grubbing, fact-twisting, ghost-written book, is for sale. What an opportunity! Such a deal. Can you imagine what a parodist like Digi could do with this? Hello?

Parental abduction back in 1996 concludes in Boulder. Hey, of course she fled to Boulder, wouldn't you?

The weekly press conferences by the Smart family are starting to take on a forward-looking tone. Seems they are now accepting that Elizabeth will never be found.

Two baby steps forward, one baby step back. One of the jurors deliberating David Westerfield's fate was hospitalized, they may have to start back at the beginning with an alternate. This is like watching paint dry.

Michael Skakel is not only a murderer, but a deadbeat as well, Mickey Sherman defends non-payment of investigators, expert-witnesses. Heh.

Early today because 45 minutes from now I'll have all the electronics in the house turned off. Better to hear the church bells ringing. Turn off CNN now!



Fighting a nasty virus, on meds and tylenol, overslept, taking Thursday off,
Mrs. B will return Friday, September 13th (FRIDAY the 13TH?!?! yikes...)


6:18 AM MDT, Fri. 9/13/02 (day #2085 week #300 month #68 year #5
1. Whites v. 'woman'

Good Morning!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!: Fleet and Priscilla, on rampage, again, manage to get judge to agree to at least mull over their request to have "mystery woman" documents released. Beckner protests. Yummy.

Westerfield deliberations go dark until Monday to allow time for juror #8 to recover, so slowly.

A creepy idea: Robert Blake's lawyers are still attempting to have him released on bail so that he can help them prepare his defense.

Meanwhile, out in Utah, the Smart family has organized another search for tomorrow. They just won't give up.

And in Virginia, too much, too late, they are dispatching divers into a lake to look for the body of Jennifer Short.


6:56 AM MDT, Sat. 9/14/02 (day #2086 week #300 month #68 year #5
1. Denver yesterday

Good Morning!

The Associated Press has picked up the Fleet and Priscilla White story from yesterday's Daily Camera (see also Friday issue below).

Homeland Security and Western Justice: You just gotta love this. A group of CU freshmen decided to take the law into their own hands and lured and then beat up a would-be-rapist on campus. A case to watch.

On the other hand, Colorado ought to be very careful about using it's new toy, the Amber Alert, lest it's laid-back citizens start to get ODed, ala 'cry wolf'.

Why they need Viagra: "Thank God I'm a Man", and "Warriors for Christ", the Promise Keepers met in Denver yesterday, swearing to "conquer"...shades of Tom Cruise in Magnolia, yes? Very scary.

Dingbat's in the Tuff Shed?: Police sources leak to the Oregonian that one of the bodies, either Ashley or Miranda, was frozen or refrigerated. May be simply a CYA on their part.

Totally Twisted: Whence the "summer of missing children?". Blame it on Roe v. Wade.


7:33 AM MDT, Sun. 9/15/02 (day #2087 week #300 month #68 year #5
1. Lawyered-up cartoon

Good Morning!

Because of the recent dearth of JonBenet news I updated the book ranking page, not much has changed, but looks like some (of the better Ramsey case stuff) is still selling.

An event at Sissy's Flea Market and autographs from Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell among ideas to keep the Jennifer Short case alive, and search funded.

New Leads?: A volunteer searcher for missing toddler Jahi Turner says based on new information they will be searching two areas this weekend. Here's a clue - the step-daddy did it.

Oregon child welfare authorities hvow to change after being nationally embarassed in the case of Ashley Pond, who got "mislaid".

Going to a kiddie funeral? gotta grieve? Leave your own kids at home, says this columnist. (Duh.) With mention of this summer's abductions/murders.

It's not nice to fool mother nature...appellate court rules that Judge Mudd of the Westerfield trial must stop being so secretive, not sure if this is good news or not.

Is J.T. Colfax performing his art again? Residents of tiny Turon, Kansas are receiving anonymous mail, with $10 bills enclosed.


5:27 AM MDT, Mon. 9/16/02 (day #2088 week #300 month #68 year #5
1. doomed Jahi

Good Morning!

Ah, a wise man: Search for clues related to the disappearance of Jahi Turner in San Diego yesterday declared unsuccessful, but they know who is being deceptive.

Judge Mudd's fan club and pen pals are getting archived for eternity, some of the comments sent to him are really hysterical.

Danielle's Legacy?: The gloves are off, at least in Southern California, as far as Megan's Law and general treatment of convicted sex-offenders' "rights".

But tweaking the law did little to help Wooster, Ohio teenager Kristen Jackson, parts of her body were found on Saturday, a convicted rapist is being held and neighbors are wondering why they weren't informed of his past.

Oh, those wacky AP writers, trying to play tricks on our old eyes, squint at this headline, quicky. The article is worth reading too.


7:07 AM MDT, Tue. 9/17/02 (day #2089 week #300 month #68 year #5
1. Murderer's Mother

Good Morning!

Hmmm, while I was napping yesterday afternoon, the Westerfield jury came back with a death penalty recommendation - he is to be sentenced on November 22nd - for an appointment with ol' sticky, heh.

In case that still leaves you with blood-lust, here's a detailed account of how the death penalty is carried out in California.

A memorial service for h"Santa" Bill McReynolds will be held at 4 PM MDT in Boulder today.


6:55 AM MDT, Wed. 9/18/02 (day #2090 week #300 month #68 year #5
1. Time to remember, smile and laugh

Good Morning!

Oh, you gotta love these JonBenet circus side-shows: Linda Arndt, first Dick at the scene and crucified by the press for botching the initial investigation, is back. And boy is she ticked. News to me, also in this article, that Mary Keenan is going to appeal the "ruling last summer that struck down Colorado's law barring grand jury witnesses from discussing their testimony. That lawsuit was brought by Linda Hoffmann-Pugh..."

And a mad titter ran through the crowd...Today's Camera has some wacky police reports, ah, youth! The CU students are not waiting until November to make their presence known.

Westerfield nearly confessed back in February. His attorneys were "minutes" away from sealing a plea bargain with the San Diego DA in exchange for revealing the location of Danielle's body - when the body was found by volunteer searchers. Creepy. This explains why Bill O'Reilly was practically foaming at the mouth last night. Now that the gag order is lifted all kinds of sordid and sad details are emerging. This will make a great book, or two...

More slimy defense attorneys: Michael Skakel's appellate team filed a list of 27 ways they plan to attack his conviction hoping for a new trial and/or his release on bail (claiming he won't run, yep).

Moving only as events warrant: The Smart family press conferences will now only be held if new information needs to be distributed to the media. And so, yesterday, announced that Utah Senator Orin Hatch's bill. Meanwhile, one-time-Smart-suspect Brett Michael Edmunds was in court yesterday looking to consolidate some of the cases against him.

A new angle in the Jennifer Short case? Not quite, something that happened back in '92 has the cops interested - could be the "who's your daddy" angle.


6:38 AM MDT, Thurs. 9/19/02 (day #2091 week #301 month #68 year #5
1. No spin, out of control

Good Morning!

BPD Detective Jane Harmer says two intruder/attacks in Boulder on August 11th and September 2nd are linked.

A potential Boulder plea bargain to watch (last item on page): Woman who stabbed her room-mate to death, although the coroner (again) failed to find a precise cause of death (duh, whatz that? a stab wound? another stab wound?) may have to serve no jail time at all. Good news for the Rammers, heh?

The DA has thrown the book at Michael Blagg, adding additional charges just in case the jury wimps out to a second-degree murder conviction. With more details on the case (that I don't remember seeing before).

Three follow-ups in one column: The lingerie rapist pleads guilty; The Calderas of Boulder have a new baby girl (their first, Parker, died in November of a brain tumor); Former stripper and Georgetown, Colorado mayor Koleen Brooks in a minor car accident.

Child sex-abuse expert is on a mission to educate police, teachers and parents in Oregon after shocking kidnap/murders of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis, saying parental intervention and awareness is key. But records on Ward Weaver, released by the state of California at Oregon's request, refute that any awareness could have prevented the murders.

A professor of psychiatry attempts to discern David Westerfield's motive for kidnapping and murdering Danielle van Dam for Reuters. Maybe Bill O'Reilly needs a psychiatrist too, announcing last night that he is bringing an ethics complaint against Westerfield's defense lawyers - because they knew too much. Yep.

Shades of Lolita: A major Hollywood studio has all but cancelled promotions for a new film, because it closely mirrors the van Dam case.

It's been a month, and so, the Sheriff has announced that he's scaling back the manpower dedicated to the Jennifer Short case, and that tips are dwindling too.


6:41 AM MDT, Fri. 9/20/02 (day #2092 week #301 month #68 year #5
1. Feldman, escaping after jury release

Good Morning!

Not much out there, generally, but the previously sealed transcripts from the closed-door hearings in the Westerfield case offer plenty of reading material. Ends the question of whether Mudd was biased - certainly not - toward the prosecution.

The Union-Tribune also surmises, in an editorial yesterday, that Westerfield's lawyer Feldman is just as despised as the murderer himself. Another says that Feldman did the public a service through vigorous defense, now the charges will stick - like crazy glue.

Fox News looks at the problem of paroled pedophiles.

The Associated Press picked up the story of Ward Weaver's previously sealed California arrest record and has added some new information.

A maternal aunt and uncle of missing Jennifer Short will ask a court to award her custody to them, if/when she is ever found - Paternal side of the family says "huh?".


7:39 AM MDT, Sat. 9/21/02 (day #2093 week #301 month #68 year #5
1. Predator, circling...

Good Morning!

Finally sought treatment and got emergency handling yesterday. On the mend and sorry I've been so late/distracted/terse lately. Bear with me.

Gresham, Oregon has a nasty sick puppy on the loose. Keep your babies close to you. And, most importantly, check the locks on your windows and doors!

In Oregon City, Ashley's and Miranda's "memorial fence" was dismantled yesterday. No trace of the evil remains.

One of the Westerfield jurors is speaking to the media as often as he can. And he has a profound message. I guess I'm proud to be an American anyway. And I suppose I can almost forgive Feldman too.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, calling it a "complex domestic relationship situation", BPD investigating it's fourth murder this year, the violent stabbing of a 19-year-old clerk at the Old Navy store by a 39-year-old man with a long Colorado criminal record. This is classic Boulder-speak - remember when they called JonBenet's murder an "incident". Like calling 9/11 a "tragedy". Utter bullsh**!

TV ALERT: There she is...Miss America! And this year you can get your two-cents in via internet polling. AND this year there are some definite "bark if you like meaty dog" candidates. Some pics here prove it. ABC, 8 PM EDT, 7 PM CDT, 8 PM PDT, 9 MDT (sorry, Westerners, polling will be available to us lucky right-coasters).


8:16 AM MDT, Sun. 9/22/02 (day #2094 week #301 month #68 year #5
1. History of Mary Short

Good Morning!

BPD still obfuscating on violent slaying of 19-year-old shop clerk, calling it a "domestic" although not a "romantic", prosecutors may seek death penalty. Stranger and stranger...

Foaming at the mouth, but making a lot of sense, Bill O'Reilly lays out his case, one more time, for digging into unethical defense attorneys spinning child molesters/murderers out of jail.

They SHOULD be worried - The San Diego Union-Tribune, which opened the entire defense attorney furor by revealing an aborted Westerfield plea bargain, angles for "fair and balanced" by a Sunday cover story study on legal ethics - "Since news of the aborted plea agreement broke last week, several criminal defense attorneys say they worry that public fury will make life difficult for every defense lawyer who stands in front of a jury and asks for an acquittal."

When or if missing Jennifer Short is ever found, she will have new guardians, her maternal aunt and uncle - new photos released of her murdered mother, Mary Short, an enigma, investigators plumming her past for leads.

A kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl in Bountiful, Utah yesterday was foiled by onlookers. Homeland Security Rocks!


7:26 AM MDT, Mon. 9/23/02 (day #2095 week #301 month #68 year #5
1. Beware...THE CLOWN

Good Morning! Sleeping late and often, taking vitamins, antibiotics and painkillers, drinking lots of water, getting better and better every day...

Boulder "gadfly" Frank Coffman has a letter to the editor published in today's Daily Camera - but, no, it's not about the Ramsey case (and no, "gadfly" was attached by someone else, Brill's Content).

I used to be a liberal. Really. Now I think the death penalty is a good thing. JonBenet and Samantha Runnion cited in this Houston Chronicle article on the latest sick puppy set to meet his maker in Texas tomorrow.

The van Dams are shaping up to be (along with the lovely, well-spoken Erin Runnion) the next Mark Klaas or John Walsh - walking the walk and talking the talk, putting their money where their mouth is and all the rest. SOME PEOPLE should take note. This is what grieving parents should be doing instead of suing the world and running around shouting about "me, me, me, poor me".


7:18 AM MDT, Tue. 9/24/02 (day #2096 week #301 month #68 year #5
1. Keenan "faces death"

Good Morning!

Oh, so it's 'a gay thang': Finally, despite BPD's best efforts to quash it, information is coming out on the brutal stabbing death of a 19-year old store clerk in Boulder on Friday. Turns out the perp was having an affair with ....(drumroll please)...the victim's FATHER. Only in Boulder...

Pity poor Mary Keenan, she now has not one but TWO potential death penalty cases coming her way, and just in time to give her some fodder to wimp out, a death penalty debate tomorrow by the Boulder County Bar Association - the timing couldn't be more suspicious.

Another Colorado child-abduction attempt reported, this time in Fort Collins, keep your babies close to you!

Ditto in Utah, this time it was a 6th grade boy.

Oh, just leave Judge Mudd alone already. "Legal Experts" are still questioning his decisions to hold "secret hearings" and withhold transcripts after the fact - truth is "we" won. It's all over but the injection. Westerfield is as good as toast.

A grand jury is considering charges against Ward Weaver this week, and a fund-raiser for the NCMEC in memory of Ashley and Miranda was held over the weekend.

Weekend furloughs and a drivers license for serial child predator? Oh yeah, he's a murderer and cannibal too. Only in New York...


7:42 AM MDT, Tue. 9/25/02 (day #2097 week #301 month #68 year #5
1. stabber and spurned lover

Good Morning!

Today's Why-I-Am-Late excuse: Computer is very ill, 2 years old, "dude, your'e getting a Dell!", time to go shopping....

The answer is "Darn Straight": (Playing Karnak here)...update on Linda Arndt's quest to clear her name as America's version of Jacques Clouseau...and here's the Associated Press' version of the same.

Peddaling as fast as she can, Mary Keenan refutes murmurings in the press about potential capital cases coming her way. There have been four murders in Boulder County already this year.

Yer safety don't mean squat: Rocky columnist looks at the worthlessness of restraining orders. Both parents of the Boulder stabbing victim had gotten them against Robert W. Powers.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about: I've been watching this case for about a week and it just keeps getting more and more bizarre - A United Airlines pilot, caught up in a DIA security sweep. Falsified his social security number. Defense attorney says it was a mistake. More. Accused of fondling two little girls this summer in a Target store...NINMTU.


6:42 AM MDT, Thurs. 9/26/02 (day #2098 week #302 month #69 year #5
1. Found?

Good Morning!

It's likely that the remains of Jennifer Short have been found. We should know more at/about 10 AM EDT, just refresh this page or try the front section. Rest in peace, baby.

There they go again: BPD sends Jane Harmer all the way to Massachusetts to investigate background of stabber/spurned-lover Robert Powers, although he hasn't lived there for the past 25 years. Can you say Ka-Ching?

Public Defenders assigned to the Michael Blagg murder trial ask the judge for more time, saying the CBI has been stonewalling them.

Goodies from San Diego: The Union Tribune publishes, finally, the recently released, by court-order, transcripts of the closed hearings in the Westerfield case, Enjoy. This should take you about a week to wade through.

And a side-show ends: Denise Kemal, who testified that she shared a joint with Brenda van Dam and Barbara Easton on the evening of Danielle's disappearance, has been reinstated as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines after appealing her dismissal.

Bad news and undertoad: The Connecticut Supreme Court has agreed to hear Michael Skakel's appeal of his murder conviction.

Follow-up: "Uh Oh the Clown" is dead. Good riddance.

More good news: A serial rapist wanted in at least four states has been apprehended - in Colorado. Of course (where all sick puppies choose to flee).

I notice that I'm still being a tad terse and late, sorry. Still under the influence of pain-killers, but getting better every day. Be patient with me.


6:22 AM MDT, Fri. 9/27/02 (day #2099 week #302 month #69 year #5
1. Protesters

Good Morning!

Sheriff says hairs do not match Jennifer Short's - but we know how notoriously specious hair analysis is - so wait for the DNA results. Meanwhile another body has been found in West Virginia.

Once again, a fugitive from justice flees to Boulder County - can you say trend? - the second non-custodial mother nabbed within a month.

The Deseret News mourns the lack of new information in the Elizabeth Smart abduction - spokesman says the family is still actively planning and searching.

Much to Rush Limbaugh's glee, Hitlery will have 6 fewer Dems available to vote for her re-election, but why did feel it necessary to dig up a 23 year old voter registration for David Allen Westerfield?


7:13 AM MDT, Sat. 9/28/02 (day #2100 week #302 month #69 year #5
1. "...two people..."

Good Morning!

Was the grand jury "concerned" that they were investigating the "wrong target"? I don't think so. Someone email ditzy Pam Regensberg and straighten out her REVISIONIST history - tirade over - apparently the Rammers are about to take to the airwaves again - like I said, it's all about "me, me, me".

Some 9-10 year-old girl in Southwest Virginia or North Carolina is dead - but authorities are still not sure if it's Jennifer Short or some other missing child. (Check Florida, huh?). And more info on the second body that was found in the Greenbrier State Forest.

At a discount: Some fool bought David Westerfield's house from Steve Feldman.



Mrs. Brady is taking Sunday off so she can play
the new Sims Expansion pack, Unleashed, all day.


6:46 AM MDT, Mon. 9/30/02 (day #2102 week #302 month #69 year #5
1. Morgue Art

Good Morning!

Tapes, tapes, who's got the tapes?: The Denver Post version of Saturday's story by Pam Regensberg focuses on WHO gave Rammer interview tapes to CBS. Deja vu all over again, but can you say 'duh'?

Among highlights of wildly popular Colorado Governor Bill Owens' tenure, the Rocky Mountain News lists his getting "national attention" by telling the Rammers to "quit hiding behind their attorneys". Ha!

The parents of Elizabeth Smart have reached an impasse - Ed believes, and dreams that she is alive - Lois accepting police theory of burglary-gone-wrong, and that she's dead. Mary Catherine, meanwhile, is in denial, and hence, likely headed to therapy.

Weird Mallori: She's not just spelled funny. Ward Weaver's daughter (maybe he was diddling her too?) got a tape recording from her dad, made the day before the first body was found. Now his attorneys are calling it privledged information and want to block the grand jury from hearing it.

San Diego Union-Tribune columnist, brunt of Bill O'Reilly's ire for defending the defense in the Westerfield case, fires back (but prolly won't volunteer to appear on his show in person to duke it out any time soon).

Wacky Liberals: The oh-so-left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle wonders if David Westerfield, and Cary Stayner, deserve(s) the death penalty. Of course it has Barry Scheck's Innocence Project fingerprints all over it.

Southern Californian children still afraid of the boogey man after summer of high profile abductions and murders.

I guess they've been under a rock somewhere. Six months after his disappearance, Jahi Turner's mother and step-father hold press conference, claim Tieray Jones is innocent, renew reward offer. Blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, porn spammers are getting more agressive and experts are worried that this "could lower the inhibitions of sexual deviants and provoke them to act out their fantasies in real life", according to Wired.

In other news, rare-female serial-killer Aileen Wuornos is headed for execution on October 9th.