CASE NUMBER – 08-69208





YM: And the date right now is September 8, 2008, and the time right now is 0937 hours. Detective Melich with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Case number 08-069208. I’m with uh, Detective/Corporal Eric Edwards. Also with uh, Tony Lazaro. Uh, Tony you’re aware this is being recorded?

TL: Yes sir.

YM: Any uh, objection to that?

TL: No.

YM: Okay. Uh, Tony we, we talked to you for sometime uhm, before today (unintelligible) that we had some things to kind of go over and uh, you know we asked if you’d come down. Obviously you came down of your own accord. Uh, with, with your parents downstairs, explained to them I guess what was going on and you, you have no problem with him coming up here and answering some more questions, right?

TL: No sir.

YM: Alright. Uhm, a couple things that we wanted to go over with you is to uh, obviously we, you just went through a polygraph examination and there were some questions that came up through that about some statements that you made to the paleographer, to the FBI, and we wanted to clear up.

TL: Alright.

YM: One of the statements to that, you made to the FBI was a conversation you had with Casey about uh, children and then what type of children uh, you would like for a family and so on.

TL: Right.

YM: And so on.

TL: Right.

YM: Can you tell us a little bit about that?

TL: Yeah (affirmative). Uhm, I remember uh, mentioning, which I always you know, I always mention about I want to have boys. You know, I want to have boys to raise up for baseball and sports, whatever. I mean uhm, I have two sisters and I know. I have two younger sisters.

YM: (Chuckles.)

TL: (Laughing.) I know how it is raising with two younger sisters. And I know I wouldn’t make a, an ugly child, so I’d have to worry about that.

YM: Alright. And uhm, when uh, when you brought this up to the FBI, is uhm, what was the reason that came to mind then and not before? What, what, what…

TL: Well after, when they came to me I, they came to me a week beforehand.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: And it was right at the last week of school. Uhm, when I was done with all my tests I was able to reflect a lot more. And the night before I actually was able to reflect a little bit before I went to bed. Uhm, it really didn’t even trigger until he actually asked the question uh, firsthand. Uhm, the first time he actually first gave a test. And then he, I didn’t say anything when he gave the second test.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: And then he asked me after it. Uhm, and he asked me why I didn’t say and it just didn’t, and uhm, uh, every single time I even told the guy, I was like, “It’s every, look you’ve asked me questions and things are just rolling through my mind.” I, it’s, you know, I’ve never really been through that kind of, any kind of situation where I have to remember everything so.

YM: (Chuckling.) Understandable.

TL: (Coughs.)

YM: What about uhm, you also made uh, a comment where you also went a little bit more into detail about the day that she ran out of gas at the Amscot and uh…

TL: Right. I also uh, was able to think about a lot more of like uhm, by going into my phone records, and going into time of day, and talking to uhm, people and triggering things that day with my roommates. Uhm, I just was able to figure out, uh, just like thinking about like what I remember pulling up now and actually calling her again. Seeing her outside of the car and like actually kind of like mocking her because it, it was the second time in a row that she ran out of gas. Uhm, and then pulling into the parking lot and she walked right up to the car with her bags. And I said, “I (unintelligible) what do to. Do I need to look at it?” Like, “Do you want me to look at it?” And she goes, “No, you know, my father will take care of it.” And I was already you know, again, like I had to go back to school and…

YM: Alright.

TL: …hand in my things. So I wasn’t really too much, I was kind of a little irritated to go there and pick her up in the first place, but.

YM: And you said that you called her just as you’re, you’re looking at her and you, you got on the phone?

TL: I was at the light ready to make a U-turn on Goldenrod.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: And I called her and she was like standing outside of her car.

YM: Was she standing at the back of her, or side? Was the door open, anything?

TL: She was, her car was parked I guess like here’s, I know we can’t see it on the, the thing, but here’s like the uh, the uh…

YM: Dumpster?

TL: Uh, dumpster. Her car was parked like this like kind of cockeyed.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Like somebody pushed it in. So uh, she was standing out on the other side, like…

YM: Off to the side of the car? She had been…

TL: Yeah (affirmative), facing out the, the road on the…

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …cell phone with the groceries on the back of it. I guess on the back, whatever. But she wasn’t standing in front of the car. She was standing behind the car, by the trunk.

YM: Okay. So she had already had the groceries outside on top of the car…

TL: Yeah (affirmative), she was…

YM: …waiting, like uhm, she was waiting for you?

TL: …outside. Waiting outside, yeah (affirmative).

YM: Uhm, what time of day was that? You said you, you…

TL: Uhm, if I pull uh, I think the first call when she first contacted me was 1128 and I got there at 11, I think the, the second call was like it came out at 1140, 1146 or something.

YM: In the morning?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Are we still sure of the date? It was the 27th?

TL: Yes.

YM: Okay. It couldn’t have been the 26th at night that this happened, or the 26th morning?

TL: The 26th at night I have, I have class nine to one in the, in the 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

YM: You have class from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.?

TL: Yeah (affirmative), I have lab. That, well that month I had 9:00 p…9:00 a.m. classes to 9:00 to, 9:00 p…9:00, yeah (affirmative) 9:00 a.m. classes to 1:00 p.m., and then that same days I would have 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

YM: Oh.

TL: As well as a on-line class that I was doing.

YM: Okay. So…

EE: On that day, may I? On that day of 27th did she mention anything to you about squirrels, a animal on her car, anything?

TL: I can’t remember her ever mentioning anything with a…

EE: Okay.

TL: …animal.

EE: We just need to, we just need to make, make sure.

TL: I remember her, I remember when, when I brought it up to her the 16th, I brought it, uh, she brought, she’s like, I did remember tell, she’s like, she’s (unintelligible) with me that she told me that.

YM: The 16th of?

TL: July.

YM: Okay.

TL: When I told you that she contacted me?

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Right.

EE: I just blocked your thought and I’m sorry.

YM: Thought blocker.

EE: Oh, (sighs).

TL: Uhm…

EE: That was, that was like interview 101 I just failed.

YM: Is that (inaudible.)

EE: On the 27th? Oh, that’s a different day.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: I failed again miserably. On that same day, on the, on, on that same day…

YM: (Inaudible) that is.

EE: …you…

YM: He’s had, he’s had too much sugar.

EE: Yeah (affirmative). You two were supposed to gone to JC Penny’s together too. Did you leave from Amscot and go to…you don’t remember? I’m sorry Yuri, go ahead. I’ll shut up.

YM: You picked him up, uh, you picked her up around eleven something. You said you had to go back to class.

TL: Well no, I didn’t go back to class. I had to go drop off my project.

YM: Okay. Okay.

TL: So I was only at school for like no more than like I don’t know, twenty minutes, nothing.

YM: Alright. So you picked her up, went to your apartment. Was there anyone at the apartment at the time?

TL: Uhm, I can’t remember. Cam could have been there.

YM: Is that your friend?

TL: My roommate, Cameron. Because I remember, I remember just seeing him beforehand and talking to him. And be like, “I got to go pick up Casey again. She ran out of gas.”

YM: Okay. You got to go pick up Casey again? I know I’m going to go on a tangent here. When was the, that was the second time you picked her up, right?

TL: Right. Well that’s the second time I, yeah (affirmative), where, where she ran out of gas.

YM: And…

TL: Because that’s what she told us.

YM: The first, well I want to ask you about the first time but I don’t want to, I also don’t want to break off of this. You went to school. You dropped off your project.

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: It took you about an hour, right?

TL: Uh, I…

YM: Ballpark?

TL: I guess. I don’t know. I had to, I had finished right printing up some and then we, me and uh, my, the person I was working with had to hand it in.

YM: Okay. And then you came back she was still at the apartment?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Did she say she had gone anywhere, or do you, do, do you remember her saying anything about hey, I went out somewhere, or hey, uh, anything like that while she was at the apartment?

TL: Which I don’t know where she would have gone because she didn’t have the vehicle.

YM: Right. 28th, the following day.

TL: Right.

YM: What did, what, what did you guys do? She, she’d just run out of gas. Her car is not there. She’s, she’s with you…

TL: We could have went…

YM: Uhm, do you need some refresher on what uh, Eric has gone over on the 28th

TL: We could have went…

YM: …or….

TL: We could have went food shopping. Uh, we could have went and gotten something maybe for to go for, just to chill out. Because the 28th would be, looking at a calendar. Let me pull it up. It would be right around the same time also that I was supposed to be leaving.

YM: The 28th was a Saturday.

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: You went to Fusion that night is what you originally said, or was it the night before?

TL: The 27th, the 27th is when I do, is uh, Fri…it’s Friday, so it was the 27th.

EE: Friday you went to Fusion?

TL: Right.

EE: The next day what you said is the 28th, 29th and 30th….

TL: We should have just…

EE: …you guys kind of hung out together and laid low because you were flying out?

TL: Right. So I was either, I was, I was either, if we were doing anything we probably went to uh, actually we could have. I mean there was a bunch of times that we went to the movies but I can’t remember because I don’t have the m…

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …the movie stubs. Uhm.

YM: What time’d you fly out on the 30th?

TL: Early morning.

YM: Okay.

TL: I think my flight was uhm, I know that Cam had his flight like ten something, and mine was like a little bit after. So we both got, drove out the same time. So we went a little more, more according to his flight time.

YM: So from the time you got back from your school, from dropping off your school project on the 27th, you guys, you spend time, went to Fusion that night, the 28th, the 29th stayed together, do you recall any period over that weekend where she went to do her own thing, or you went to do your own thing?

TL: (Sighs.) I can’t recall. I, I just remember being in there with Cam, me, Cam and her just hanging out. I can’t remember if there was a time when we went out or not.

YM: Okay. The first time she ran out of gas…

TL: Right.

YM: …was that the day that you went, that was a day where, well, that was a day where you picked her up, went to her parents’ house to get the gas cans, right?

TL: Right.

YM: And you said she was, she ran out of gas somewhere in a subdivision.

TL: Right.

YM: Do you remember where exactly that was?

TL: I’d have to see a, if we had a map I (inaudible).

YM: I can get you, I can get you a map. It’s not a problem.

TL: Yeah (affirmative), I can….

YM: Uhm…

TL: …definitely give you a general.

EE: Could you jump in a car and take us there?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: You’d be able to take us right where she was parked if needed, if need be?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Well…

TL: I, I can, uh, I can go by landmark.

YM: Alright. We’ll get you, we’ll get you a map to see if we can do it by map. And if we can’t then after your parents leave because I don’t want to, I don’t want to, to hold them up.

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: We could do…

TL: Right.

YM: This doesn’t have to be done right now.

TL: That’s no problem.

YM: So…

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Are you that familiar with it? You remember (inaudible)…

TL: I’m that familiar. I can, definitely it was by a corner. I can definitely tell by looking at it.

YM: It was at, it was at the corner off of Chickasaw or was it (inaudible)?

TL: No. It was like a subdivision that was off of Chickasaw.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Like if you’re, say you’re going from her house back up Chickasaw.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Like it was a left, and then it was, like it almost looked like military housing, like a little bit more like over a…

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Or like a, like, like a ghetto kind of area.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Like all the houses looked the same. Very small uhm, houses. And it was like, and then it was like off, like it was down a road and then it was like to the left a little bit right (inaudible).

YM: So it was kind of deep in the subdivision? It wasn’t like right off of Chickasaw she ran out of gas and pulled off? It was, she was in there (inaudible).

TL: It was like, I know it was a, it was like a subdivision that I guess that she uses to make a short cut through.

YM: Okay. Uhm, I’ll, I’ll get a map and we’ll and if we can’t…

TL: Sure…

YM: …figure it out on a map then we’ll, we’ll take a drive sometime later this week. It might have to be with Eric because I’m going to, as I told your dad, I fly out.

TL: Right.

YM: From the 16th, go back to the 16th of June now.

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Well that day that you guys went to Blockbuster.

TL: Right. I do remember that.

EE: I want to ratchet down one thing on the 27th then so we can…

YM: Oh, we’re back on…

EE: And we’ll put that to rest. Yup (affirmative).

YM: Alright.

EE: That is in fact, surveillance video from the JC Penny on the 27th where…

TL: Right.

EE: Where grandma’s card was used.

TL: Okay.

EE: You had said you thought she used…

TL: I do remember, I….

EE: …grandmas card about…

TL: I….

EE: ….nine times or whatever.

TL: I do remember her just buying something for, to wear to Fusion that night.

EE: Okay. What, do you remember what she bought?

TL: I think she bought shoes.

EE: Shoes?

TL: Like heels.

EE: Okay, I’m going to list this as what I’m going to show you today under Article 1. Just sign that for me by the X please. So was this right after you picked her up from the car?

TL: It could have been any time during that day.

EE: And is this her?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: And is that you?

TL: Yes.

EE: Okay. The 27th is out of the way.

YM: The 16th. Uhm…

EE: A couple things to lead into that.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: I want to go back to the 15th, Father’s Day.

TL: Correct.

EE: Because that’s our day where we have the baby on the video.

TL: Right.

EE: Okay? We, looking at the phone records, her phone records, up until she calls your cell phone.

TL: I was talking to her late at night.

EE: Constantly. You got…

TL: Right.

EE: …uh, at 2206, which is….

YM: 10:06.

EE: 10:06. You got 619 seconds. 2238, 22…257 seconds.

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: 2245, a hundred and seventy-eight (178) seconds. 2344, 4,814 seconds. So that’s a long call.

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: That 15th, and that would be the night after what you determined was probably the first night she stayed over with you was the 13th to the 14th.

TL: Right.

EE: Then so it, now you guys are kind of, she stayed over with you and maybe you’re developing and maybe she’s interested in more serious stuff here.

TL: Yes.

EE: The 15th, content of those conversations, any idea?

TL: (Sighs.) Those are late night conversations, pillow talk. Uh, uhm….

EE: But she’s home, or is she out on the town?

TL: I (inaudible) I don’t know.

EE: Well was it like her?

TL: Well it doesn’t sound, it didn’t sound like, every single time I have talked to her, I mean I would have been like, “Where you at?” You know, that would make, that would stand out to me. Uhm…

EE: Did she say anything…

TL: She always would…

EE: Go ahead.

TL: She would always make it seem like she was outside of her house always when she’d talk on the phone. Or like, like when I talked to her when I was in New York she was outside of Amy’s house. So I was never able to like hear anybody in the background of, of the phone. I’ve never heard anybody in the background of our phone conversations.

EE: We, we’re aware of something significant occurring maybe on that night between her and her mom. Some kind of fight or altercation. Did she, would she call you bitching about anything like that?

TL: Uh, she probably could have brought up that. That could have been the night that she brought up about her thing with her mother and her father. Like I told you that they were having, the reason why she wanted to stay at my place was because that there was a problem with her father and her mother.

EE: Well tell me about, was that over these phone calls or no?

TL: Uh, it very well could have been. I can’t, I mean to remember what…

YM: Well you think if, if, if it happened that….

TL: The content.

YM: …if it happened that night, she was at her parents’ house. She was upset. And you, obviously (inaudible).

TL: I mean I do remember her telling, I mean it’s very, like she used to talk about it a lot, about like her mother and her father about how they haven’t….

YM: She, she say anything about physical confrontation between her mom that night, like pushing, or shoving, or, or her dad….

TL: Oh, no, no, no.

YM: …or anything like that?

TL: No, she’s never brought up any kind of physical.

YM: She say any threats that mom made to her about taking the kid away?

TL: Uh, no. She was still, I think we were still uh, she was still talking about how she was supposed to get the house. Her and Amy were supposed to get the house.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: There was a huge argument about how now, like it was always a back and forth thing that saying that her mom was going to give her the house, and then now she’s taking it away because of some thing. But I never got to hear any of the arguments that they had.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Because she would always go outside on the phone.

YM: So you can’t specifically remember if that’s the night that she started complaining, or if she said maybe, that’s why she spoke to you so long…

TL: I just remember…

YM: …then?

TL: I just remember her bringing it up a lot. So I mean to remember the actual day it started happening, that very well could have been.

YM: Okay.

TL: I mean because if that’s the, if that’s also the week that she started staying more, I do remember her….

EE: That next night she starts staying with you.

TL: Well I do remember her staying that night, that night of the 16th because we went to Blockbuster and got. Now since you brought up the whole Blockbuster thing and again…

EE: Well let me show you these. I’m going to make these Article number two (2).

TL: Okay. We got....

EE: We’ll, we’ll have to come back…

TL: I think we got like two movies.

EE: …to the 15th after we get done here.

TL: Sure.

EE: Look at those surveillance videos.

YM: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Tell me about, tell me about what you’re looking at.

TL: I’m looking at myself and uhm…

EE: Can you circle yourself?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Okay. And who’s with you?

TL: (Sighs.)

EE: Let me get you’re a larger one to look at.

TL: Yeah (affirmative), I got a better picture, well it looks like, I mean it would, I don’t think it would be…

EE: Alright.

TL: …anyone but her. But I don’t remember her wearing a hat.

EE: They’re not necessarily, they’re a little bit grainy.

TL: Oh. It looks like her.

YM: Now did you go to a Blockbuster with anyone else on…

EE: (Inaudible.)

YM: …the 16th?

TL: I mean I…uh.

EE: Let me see if I got a little bit better picture. Here’s what gives it away.

TL: Well that’s a good picture. Yeah (affirmative), that’s her. I wouldn’t be doing uhm, uh, that’s her.

YM: (Laughs.)

TL: That’s Casey.

EE: Well circle that whole thing and write that somewhere in there where I can. So you guys are hugging. So you…

TL: Right.

EE: And you can do that to this one too. That’s a smaller one of that same picture. And I just need you to sign those pictures.

TL: Where do, just do it anywhere or…

EE: Yeah (affirmative), sign up here…

TL: …mostly on top?

EE: ….in the white where you can see it and then we’ll sign the other, the other ones here as we go along. That’ll all be, that’ll be four colored photographs under Article number two (2).

TL: Yeah (affirmative), when you brought that uhm, I mean the other day I was thinking about it. Well, well what happened, what helped me a lot was going back to my phone records.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Uhm, I saw like and when the last time that she texted me and that’s probably around, see because this is what about, six o’clock?

EE: And we’ll get to that in a minute. Just sign these things so I don’t forget to get you signing them and we’ll, we’ll ratchet it down.

TL: Just right here, or…

EE: Yeah (affirmative). We will uhm, we’ll go back and articulate all those facts in a moment. I’m trying to say that instead of ratchet down.

YM: It’s mechanics.

EE: It’s more professional. (Inaudible.) Alright. Alright, let me...

YM: (Inaudible)…

EE: …real quick…

YM: Before we get into too much detail…

EE: Okay.

YM: …about, about day-by-day, I had a kind of a general question. From the 16th, up until the 27th, how many times did she drive, or did you drive her car, you were in her car? The 16th to the 27th.

TL: I never drove, I actually never drove her car.

YM: Okay.

TL: Uhm….

YM: Blockbuster. How’d you guys get there?

TL: Blockbu…that should be my truck that day. That should…

YM: Okay.

TL: …be my truck. I mean uhm….

YM: And Fusion, that night, uh, the 20th, how’d you guys get there?

TL: I’ve always drove to Fusion.

YM: Okay. Does she drive her own car or does she go with you?

TL: She’s always came with me to Fusion. She’s never…

YM: Always come with you to Fusion?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Okay.

TL: She’d always go in my car to Fusion. Uhm…

YM: Okay.

TL: …the only, the one week that uh, I think I didn’t have a vehicle I drove my friend Clint’s car.

YM: Okay. The 16th to the 27th

TL: But other than that I (inaudible)…

YM: …now you’ve never been in, and do you recall being in her car in that time frame?

EE: Let me go back to my calendar.

TL: I think so.

YM: Hmm?

TL: I think so. There was a day, I, there was a day that actually uhm, I just actually had a conversation yesterday with uhm, with one of the prom…one of my promoters.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: We were, uh, well uh well, it was around the same time that I was also looking for a house.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Or for an apartment house or whatever. The two dudes that I work with also looking for a place to stay. So I’m pretty sure that there was one day when I was meeting with them that she tagged along. Uhm, and she met me I think at that house, at their apartment. And then we left with her car I think and my friend’s car. And there was a time when I was in the car and there was a time when I was in his car.

YM: And when was this in the…

TL: (Sighs). I can’t…

YM: Just because (inaudible)…

TL: It had to be uh, it, it is definitely between the 16th and the 2…the, the 20th then. I’m thinking that. Maybe the, I’m not trying to give exact dates because I don’t, I don’t want to be…

YM: No, that’s fine. Uh, what, well you said you’ve been with these two guys. You guys were all going to look for a house?

TL: They might, we, we might be able to figure out exactly what day because we’d actually looked at a house, and we talked to a guy, and we, and we were going to get follow up with this guy.

YM: Do you remember which house, or where this house was?

TL: I could, I could call up uhm, I could call them up and get them because it was more of their finding the house. And maybe they can get the contact of that guy. Hopefully they still have it.

YM: Now you, all, all four of you went to see the same house?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Okay. Four…

TL: It was just, it was just, it was a three bedroom house just for me and two other guys. I never planned on, I mean (inaudible) the fact that she put in her statement that she was looking at a house with me.

YM: Yeah (affirmative).

TL: We never had any, there was no her…

YM: What were…

TL: I had never (inaudible)…

YM: What were the names of these other two guys?

TL: Uhm, Sean Hickey and Drew Hemen.

YM: Are they friends of yours?

TL: Yeah (affirmative), oh, those are the two guys that I uhm…

YM: How do you spell Hemen?

TL: (Sighs.) I don’t know how to spell it. I think it’s like H-E-Y though, and then just men.

YM: (Inaudible.)

EE: You got a phone number?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: Can you give them to him while he’s writing that down?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

YM: Thanks.

TL: Uhm…Drew. Okay, his number is uh, 954…

YM: Which one is this?

TL: Drew. Drew.

YM: 954?

TL: 954, uh, 993-1400.

YM: Got it.

TL: And (inaudible). His number is 954, uh, 214-1187.

YM: Okay. Alright. When was the last time you talked to either one of these guys?

TL: I usually am on the phone very often with these guys.

YM: Oh, okay, so they’re good friends?

TL: Because I work, because I work, yeah (affirmative), they’re good friends and I work with them.

YM: Oh, okay.

TL: We usually do have, because that’s what, it’s me and them that do the Friday nights at Fusion.

YM: Now are they part of uh, what is it DBC?

TL: That’s, that’s uh, that’s their, yeah (affirmative), DBC is theirs.

YM: It’s their company. Where do they live?

TL: Uhm, they were living at Arden Villas. Well…

YM: Either one of them…

TL: …when we were hanging out.

YM: …ever live in Sawgrass?

TL: Uhm, what’s that?

YM: And either one of them ever live in Sawgrass?

TL: No, they were…

YM: Did you, any of the guys with DBC that lived in uh, Arden Villas, uh, that uh, lived in Sawgrass?

TL: No. The only two, the only two people that I knew that were, that we had working with us were uhm, I know where my DJ’s live.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Uhm, and my MC’s, uh, and the promoters. I never knew…

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …the, where the uh, where my bouncers lived.

YM: Okay. Who of this…

TL: They were friends, they’re, that’s, it’s their friends that they, that they have as bouncers.

YM: Who from the DBC lived in Sawgrass that you know of?

TL: I don’t know anybody that lived in Sawgrass?

YM: You know where Sawgrass Apartments are though, right?

TL: No.

YM: Uh, Conway and Michigan. No?

TL: No.

YM: Alright. Eric? I’m going to ahead and pull a map.

EE: Okay. Uhm…

YM: If you got a question.

EE: …I’m going to ratchet down this uh, (inaudible).

YM: I’ll be back.

EE: So the 15th, now seeing the Blockbuster…

TL: Right.

EE: Which was the 16th.

TL: Well wait. When you uh, when you mentioned it earlier I went to my phone records to try and figure out, uh, get, get like a timeframe of…

EE: Any, does that jar anything from the night before when you were talking? Did she….no? You just knew she was coming over the next day to hang out?

TL: I, you know what? We probably didn’t even make plans until that day to hang out.

EE: Okay. Here’s what I’ll go over then. I guess we’ll, the, so the 15th you guys didn’t go out? That, that would be a Sunday night. Monday….

TL: Right.

EE: Monday morning, the 16th. Did you have school Monday?

TL: Uhm, this is June? No.

EE: Okay. Here’s what happens Monday, the 16th.

TL: Right.

EE: On her phone on the 16th

TL: It was later in the day.

EE: Well, at three o’clock in the morning on the, that night of….

TL: Right.

EE: …the 15th, the end of the 16th, at three o’clock in the morning she calls you for 862 seconds. That’s another call.

TL: Right.

EE: Do you remember the content of that? Because I mean that’s a pretty, if someone calls me at three o’clock in the morning I’m going to remember it.

TL: Uhm, I’ve done that mul…multiple times.

EE: With her?

TL: Have late night calls. Well with any, with girls period.

EE: Any late night calls like that where she was upset about anything, or was it all just lovey-dovey stuff?

TL: Just lovey-dovey stuff.

EE: Okay, no, no sense of urgency stuff at three o’clock in the morning of the 16th?

TL: No.

EE: Okay. Now the next time she called you and actually gets a hold of you…

TL: It’s later that morning.

EE: Right.

TL: One o’clock. Was there a call later that morning?

EE: Yeah (affirmative), 1,115 seconds at 1147.

TL: That’s because I was just looking at last night. Yup (affirmative).

EE: Ten minutes to twelve.

TL: Right.

EE: What was talked about at ten minutes to twelve, remember?

TL: (Sighs.)

EE: No? Okay. Again at one o’clock.

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: For 8…uh, 829 seconds. Calls you again. No, no recollection?

TL: (No verbal response.)

EE: She slides one in there with Amy at 0144; a lengthy one. Jesse Grund at 0252; a lengthy one.

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: You get a call, she calls you at 0418…

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: …with no connection. And then she gets a hold of you at 0419 with 58 seconds. Like you guys talked for like a minute, or she must have left you a message.

TL: Okay.

EE: Did she leave you a message on, no, no recollection? Okay. We’re just, I’m trying to be methodical man…

TL: Right.

EE: …and go through everything.

TL: Right. No, yeah (affirmative), no definitely. Go ahead.

EE: Now…

TL: Did you guys pull up text messages too? Because I remember seeing after calling she’ll also send me text messages. But I couldn’t, like uh, that’s when I was trying to bring up the fact…

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …that I wanted to check out the text messages. But I can’t, you can’t pull up what they said.

YM: You (inaudible).

EE: I’m going to show you a picture she posted on her photo bucket on the 16th. Do you recognize that?

TL: Yeah (affirmative). That’s actually uhm, a, a pre-photo. Not….

EE: Well…

TL: …actually a photo of a night. That’s like a, that’s of the club when….

EE: Well which club?

TL: …by the owner. Fusion.

EE: That is Fusion?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Can you write that on there for me then, “inside of Fusion”?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Why would she have this posted on her photo bucket?

TL: Because she wanted to be a part of the uh….

EE: Just sign it.

TL: Yeah (affirmative). She wanted to think that she was a part of uh, DBC and helping out. And….

EE: Like a promoter?

TL: Yeah (affirmative). But she, so she tried pro….well she would as a, I guess as my girlfriend, would help me promote for what I did.

EE: Hmm.

TL: Which I’m not going to complain about that, whatever. Uhm, yeah (affirmative), those pictures, uhm, there’s like a bunch of pictures of uh, Fusion that are just like of like the furniture and stuff like that. That’s a, those are old pictures of the owner took to have of his, of his place. Uhm, and we have those just to, just to show off how nice the place is.

EE: Okay, when George Duke came over there and met you after, remember when you, you gave him that uh, those handwritten notes. The direction sheet you called me and told me about and I had George get them from you? You found them in your truck?

TL: Right, yes. Yes.

EE: Okay. That same date you guys found some receipts in your truck.

TL: Right.

EE: And we took those. And one of those receipts is actually the Blockbuster incident there.

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: Let me flip to those real quick here.

TL: Yup (affirmative). It should be I think The Jumper.

EE: The jumper?

TL: Yeah (affirmative). Jumper and Untraceable.

EE: Untraceable, what’s that movie about?

TL: Diane Lane, FBI, uhm…

EE: (Inaudible.)

TL: The FBI one where it’s uh, she’s, it’s like the guy that has the website and a homicide. I don’t, it’s uhm, he has like a website that’s like he puts up, he, he like, I guess like take, captures people and has a little website.

EE: Okay.

TL: And if people go onto it it starts killing that person. The more people that go onto that, that website and watch it it kills them more, or faster I should say.

EE: Alright. That transaction, according to this receipt right here, that transaction occurred at 1958, which is 7:58 p.m.

TL: Right. Which that’s, like I said, it sounds, that’s where uh, right around after the times that I, when I looked at the, the phone records that was close to the time on the phone records on the text messages and all that stuff like that around that area.

EE: Okay.

TL: A little before that though.

EE: Did she meet you at your apartment…

TL: Yeah (affirmative), she’s…

EE: …and then you rode over? How’d that go down?

TL: She’s, I have never met her except for those two times picking her up.

EE: So on this day…

TL: She would always come to my apartment first.

EE: She drove to your apartment first? And then you guys drive down there in her car or in the Jeep?

TL: Should be in my car.

EE: Well try to remember for me.

TL: Uhm, I wish they had outside surveillance. Uh, I don’t ever remember driving to Blockbuster in her car.

EE: No?

TL: Ever.

EE: Most likely in your truck then?

TL: Right.

EE: Was the baby with her?

TL: No.

EE: You know for certain…

TL: Yes.

EE: …the date that you rented Untraceable….

TL: Right.

EE: …the baby was not with her?

TL: No. That was for sure.

EE: What was her demeanor? How did she act? Anything odd now looking back it that stands out to you?

TL: I mean it was just, if I can remember, I can’t remember really so much. But I can remember more of the fact of just uh, just being the normal, close girlfriend that she was. I mean…

EE: So she wasn’t panicky, sweaty? Didn’t strike you odd? She was a normal girl?

TL: I never, she was never like that during the day.

EE: You said that she would wake up at night (inaudible).

TL: One time, a couple times that I had her, she had nightmares and she had these sweats, but I can’t remember exactly what days those were.

EE: Now you guys went right back to your apartment?

TL: Correct.

EE: Who was at the apartment at that time?

TL: Uh, Nathan.

EE: Nathan?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: Did you give me Nathan’s number already?

TL: Uhm, no I didn’t. I’ll give it to you. I might have actually, but if you don’t so…

EE: So that would….

TL: …no big deal.

EE: The three of you watched movies together?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: And what’s Nathan’s last name?

TL: Well he was, I mean he was in the room.

YM: Lezniewicz.

TL: Lezniewicz. He was in the room but he had his headphones on playing the guitar (inaudible).

EE: But he saw you two together?

TL: Yes. Yes.

EE: We’ll, we’ll need to call him.

TL: 772-713-5882. Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Okay.

TL: If you just bring up, just bring up the movie Jumper, Untraceable and he’ll remember that.

EE: Jumper and Untraceable?

TL: Right.

EE: Did she go out to the car often during that? Did it, do you remember anything about….

TL: The only, like I said, when she would go use her phone she’d go outside. So I don’t have no idea if she went to her car.

EE: That night though in particular do you remember? No?

TL: She did it, she did it often where she said she would talk to her mother. Like she’d always be like, “Oh, my mom’s calling me,” and she’d have a specific ring so it sounded like it was always her mom.

EE: Okay, what time’d y’all go to bed that night do you think? Because you got the movies about eight o’clock-ish?

TL: Right.

EE: You got home…

TL: We watched both of them.

EE: You watched both of them?

TL: So it’s going to be a little bit, it’s probably going to be after midnight. I don’t, I mean I normally never went to bed until after midnight. It was probably later. So it’s probably like one, one-ish probably. Like don’t hold me to that but it was definitely after the lengths of two movies.

EE: What did she bring to your apartment that night clothing-wise?

TL: Just probably something to sleep in.

EE: So she didn’t like show up with a ruck sack and a, that big bag that her brother ended up coming? That wasn’t the night she brought that?

TL: No. I don’t think she brought, she didn’t have that until I think from, I’m pretty sure until the 27th. That’s when she had stuff.

EE: Okay. So she…

TL: That’s what made me think that when that was the time I guess when she started staying…

EE: When she set up camp?

TL: Just yeah (affirmative), well that’s….

EE: So before that she was just driving back and forth to Mom and Dad’s getting fresh clothes?

TL: I wouldn’t, uh, there would be times where I, I’m, that’s why I was saying that it was like, it’s kind of hard to remember if she, she might have been there the nights that I was, I was home. But staying there during the day I don’t know. I know for a fact that when I came back, and right before I, I left she was there during the days at my house. Like after that then she was like staying there. I don’t think she ever left my place.

EE: That night did she wake up, do you remember, after that movie? Is that one of the nights of the cold sweat night?

TL: (Coughs.) I can’t remember.

EE: Okay. Let me go back. Article number three (3) is going to be that picture she posted in photo bucket of the inside of Fusion.

TL: Right.

EE: Let me show you Article number four (4).

TL: That’s one of the nights at Fusion.

EE: Well, that’s at Fusion?

TL: Right.

EE: Go ahead and write that in there for me and then sign it please. Tell me about that picture.

TL: Alright. One of the Friday nights.

EE: One of the Friday nights?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: She posted this in photo bucket on the 17th, which would be that Tuesday.

TL: So it had to be the, the Friday before.

EE: So this would have been the night at the Hip Hop Showcase?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: On the 13th?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: Just write that then. Hip Hop Showcase. Is that how you were dressed for Hip Hop Showcase? Do you remember?

TL: It was either that shirt or….

EE: That’s like an ‘80’s….

TL: …two other shirts that I had.

EE: …style type...

TL: It’s an ‘80’s style, you know.

EE: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: (Chuckles.) You could loan him your tie for the next one.

EE: That’s right. Get up off my tie. Oh, you know.

YM: (Laughs.) How long have you known Nathan?

TL: How long have I known Nathan?

YM: Yeah (affirmative).

TL: Uh, since I went, he, I, I started going to school with him.

YM: Okay. Has he been to Fusion with you guys? Party with you guys?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Has he met Casey and partied with her as well?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Okay. The uhm, I want to go on a tangent here if it’s okay at the point…

EE: Yup (affirmative).

YM: …Eric.

EE: Yup (affirmative). I’ll just keep my thoughts.

YM: (Unintelligible) uh, it, it’s out in the news, but it’s not really hard to, to, or it’s not something I don’t want to tell you or I’ll, I’ll, I’ll tell you, there was, there was a trash bag found in her car the night that it was actually (inaudible). I that trash bag was a receipt. And that receipt was, (inaudible), and that receipt was for, I’m showing you here, Fusion Ultra Lounge. But this is back in May. And there’s a receipt belonging to Nathan, which is curious to me because we were trying to talk to Nathan after we found this receipt. Now that you mention that he’s a

friend of yours it kind of makes sense as to why this would be in the garbage bag inside the car.

TL: Okay.

YM: Because he’s tied in. With that being said, do you have any idea where this garbage bag that was in the car may have come from? Because if, if it, it, I would find it hard to believe that she would have Nathan’s receipt.

TL: Right.

YM: I would find that difficult to believe that she was at her parents’ house and Nathan threw it in her parents’ garbage. So…

TL: No.

YM: …I don’t think it’s going to be her parents’ garbage.

TL: She probably got it from garbage. She probably threw it in a garbage bag and then put it, or she was cleaning up. Because she was cleaning up my apartment all the time.

YM: Okay. I’m just curious why would she put a garbage bag in the car as opposed to just taking it to a dumpster? And she was coming from her parents house. So that would mean that she would have had to put the garbage back from you apartment in her car, drive to her parents’ house with the garbage bag in the car and then run out of gas as she’s driving back up north. And I was just curious, do you, do you, if that any of this rings a bell to you. If you, you know was she normally the one that took your garbage out? I mean (inaudible).

TL: Uh, we all did. Me, Cam, Nate. Uhm, she...

YM: Yeah (affirmative).

TL: She would clean up. I mean but I never actually saw her take garbage out. She could have. I mean to do, like to throw garbage out like to go, the dumpster…

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …at my place is all the way in the front.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: So I put my stuff in the back, in trunk to bring it to the front.

EE: Let me know when I can jump back in.

YM: Jump.

EE: Okay. Number, my Article number five (5). So the 16th you watched movies, the two movies? You probably go to bed late?

TL: Right.

EE: That’s the day that we had talked, you and I had talked? That’s, the 17th is a Tuesday. You, you missed school that day.

TL: Right, I did.

EE: Because you guys hung out together that day?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: What time did y’all get up?

TL: It had to be a late morning if she was there.

EE: Can you, do you remember anything about that day? I mean…

TL: Just relaxing probably and then just probably me, if, just doing my homework because I have homework to do every day…

EE: (Inaudible.)

TL: …for my on-line class.

EE: You’re missing school now. So now you got even more homework well to be worried about.

TL: Well yeah (affirmative).

EE: Do you go anywhere together that day that you can recall?

TL: No. Which I can go again back into the phone records and see what I was, who I was talking to that day, and e-mails maybe to find out what I was doing more.

EE: (Inaudible.) She get up early and go outside? You talked on the phone that you remember? Anything that…

TL: She’s done that a couple times. Numerous amount of times where she’s been on the phone. Well if she got a phone call I’m not going to wake up. But I don’t, I’m pretty sure that day….

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …that that didn’t happen.

EE: That she didn’t go outside?

TL: No. Because I remember not going to school for a reason.

EE: Uhm….

TL: And staying in bed.

EE: Okay. So it was the morning of uh….

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Consensual understanding?

TL: That’s why I know I didn’t. That’s what it is.

EE: Sex in the morning?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: So no leaving the room to make phone calls or visit the car or anything like that?

TL: (No verbal response.)

EE: Can you describe for me the 16th through the 17th? What clothing did she show up wearing on the 16th after looking at that video (inaudible)?

TL: Uhm, (sighs).

EE: And what clothes when she left the house she may have been wearing if you can remember. If you can’t, that’s fine.

TL: No, I can’t remember.

EE: You can’t remember?

TL: Oh, I have a question. Uhm…

EE: You can’t ask any questions.

TL: Why can’t I ask questions?

EE: No, go ahead.

TL: Alright.

YM: (Laughs.)

EE: Because you picked on my tie.

TL: Uh.

EE: Go ahead.

TL: Uhm, I was, when I was just like (sighs), it scared me when I saw this police photo, the photo of the, of the, of the, of her clothes, of the clothes that they, supposedly she has.

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: On Fox News. That black dress.

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: That looks familiar that black dress.

YM: Familiar how? I mean…

TL: That either she showed me that she was going to like wear that dress one night and never did. The one, I’m talking about the one with the silver, the silver things on the side.

YM: Okay.

TL: Do you know what I’m talking about?

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: That photos that released? Uhm, now I couldn’t see that pink back pack, but do you have a better photo of that pink back pack?

YM: A pink back pack. Whose pink back pack?

TL: There was a picture uh, that I saw on Fox News. It was like a picture of like a black dress with this silver thing, and a pink back pack.

YM: Uhm…

TL: In the woods. Some, that somebody said they found.

YM: Oh. Oh, okay. So it’s a, it’s a picture of something that was found, not something that she was…

TL: No.

YM: …(inaudible).

EE: Civilians wound up finding that bunch of stuff over by Amscot I think is the story you’re talking about.

YM: That’s, that’s a black dress I’m, that’s the only black dress I’m…

TL: No.

YM: Okay.

TL: No, I mean I know that black dress.

YM: Okay.

TL: But I’m just (inaudible), but…

EE: That’s the only thing black that I’ve got her video on. No?

TL: No. I’m talking about like it’s like a shiny, the one that I saw, I mean it could be just me and my mind playing tricks on me, looking at it on the news.

YM: (Inaudible) that’s all…

TL: But….

YM: …that’s all the same. Who is that by the way? Do you know who that is?

TL: That’s Mike Wood.

YM: Okay.

TL: A kid I go to school, most of the kids are all, all kids I know that I go to school with. I never, like I said, like she never really, when we started hanging out like she didn’t hang out, we didn’t really hang out with any of her friends.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: She would hang around with my friends.

YM: Alright.

EE: The uh…

TL: When, when I was with her she was with, I mean.

EE: That morning, did you guys have, on the 17th, when you got done in the morning, did you go get something to eat? Did you just stay there and did homework and she left, or you can’t remember?

TL: I can’t, I don’t remember.

EE: Wednesday is, did she come back that night and stay over? Because…

TL: Uh…

EE: …she stayed somewhere from that point on.

TL: I can’t remember if she was there that night or not. I’d have to look, uh, it’s, it’s better if I go in my phone records. Because if I’m talking to her at night then I know she’s not at my place. If I’m not talking to her then she’s probably, she could very well could be to my place.

EE: Fair enough. And we may get you to print those down and go through and make sense. You can, can you print those down? Do you have access to those?

TL: Oh, yeah (affirmative).

EE: In your free time if you’d do that. And you say well she must have been here this time.

TL: Actually I might have them saved in…

EE: Well don’t…

TL: …drafts.

EE: …don’t, because we, we’re trying to remember your parents are down there.

TL: Oh, okay.

EE: Well I can over that again.

YM: I could probably…

EE: The, the 18th being the Wednesday…

TL: Right.

EE: You would have had to go back to school.

TL: Right.

EE: Right? So you would have been at school all day?

TL: Well, no. The, those days, that, that, that month I had class Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

EE: Okay. So you were off the 18th?

TL: Yeah (affirmative), I have off Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

EE: Okay, let me ask you this then.

TL: Sure.

EE: You had said that you’d gone down to the house several times with her that you can remember. And…

TL: Right.

EE: …we’ll get to, eventually we’ll ratchet it down the gas can thing. And you also remember maybe the 11th or the 12th visiting the house to get clothes (unintelligible) change….

TL: Right. When we went to the….

EE: When and you went to the mall?

TL: Yes.

EE: Okay. That leaves another one that we’re not really sure about. At any time did you go to that house with her, in her car, and she maybe backed into the garage?

TL: Uhm, no, she never pulled into the garage.

EE: Did she ever back into the driveway?

TL: No.

EE: Did you ever go to that house with her in her car?

TL: Yes.

EE: When was that?

TL: That should be that day.

EE: What day?

TL: The day that I went and they got changed for her going to the mall.

EE: Okay. Because your truck’s back out of the, out of the shop on the 9th.

TL: Right.

EE: Well…

TL: But she, I’m pretty, I, I can almost remember her driving that day for going to the mall.

EE: The 10th or the 11th?

TL: Right.

EE: Right before that Hip Hop Showcase that….

TL: Right.

EE: …pictures of?

TL: I didn’t, I, uh, she drove.

EE: Okay.

YM: Were her parents home at the time?

TL: No. Uh, that’s, I never met her parents until, I never met her mom until the 15th of July.

YM: Okay.

TL: I was supposed to meet her, but it never fell through, it never, it never happened.

YM: You got a break some questions so I can show him some pictures real quick? Just give me….

EE: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: …real quick?

EE: Yeah (affirmative). I just want to…

TL: Yes sir.

EE: I just want to, and what I’m trying to ratchet down here is you, we have this shovel incident that keeps coming up. And I want to make sure that that 18th that day wasn’t one of those days. Do you remember her ever borrowing a shovel from a neighbor while you were with her?

TL: No.

EE: Okay, I just to have to ask that and rule that out.

YM: Okay.

TL: Never went, never went to a neighbor’s house. Never…

EE: You were only there to get clothes, or whatever the case may be? Okay.

YM: I’m going to show you a series of photos.

TL: Sure.

YM: Basically some from gar…this is a garbage bag, alright?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

YM: I want you to kind of go through, see if any of this rings a bell. Okay, if it just looks familiar. Everything that you would normally have in your house. Something that’s unique. Uhm…

TL: Pizza box.

YM: Oh, we all eat pizza, so that doesn’t, it’s not really.

TL: A lot of the stuff does look familiar.

YM: Alright. Where do you normally order your pizza from?

TL: Broadway, Pizza ‘Rellas.

YM: Uh, this….

TL: Cherry Cokes. Velveeta cheese. It looks like my roommate’s uh, usually gets uhm, that kind of uh, deli meat.

YM: Well, who, who chews?

TL: Nate.

YM: Nate does?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: Alright. What about uh, smoking? What kind of smokes you, would you, you don’t smoke, right?

TL: I do. I smoke Camel Lights.

YM: Alright. So…

TL: At the time I wasn’t smoking. This event made me start smoking again.

YM: Okay, who smokes the uh, who smokes Marlboro?

TL: That could have been just one of my roommates’ friends.

YM: Alright.

TL: My roommates’ friends are always over, were always, is like over every single day.

YM: Okay.

TL: Every night.

YM: What kind of beer do you guys normally drink? Bud? Bud Light? Miller? MGD?

TL: They, I mean it’s uh, it, it depends on…

YM: What’s cheapest? What?

TL: (Chuckles.)

YM: (Chuckles.)

TL: It’s whatever my, like I said, my, my roommates, my roommate and my, his friends, they hang out every night.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: And they’re the one, and like he has different people that bring over.

YM: What about Crystal Light? Is that something you guys use?

TL: My roommate drinks that.

YM: Oh, okay.

TL: Well Cam may just drink that. Arm and Hammer is..

YM: Alright.

TL: …something that I use.

YM: Oh, yeah (affirmative)? What’s that, fast acting cleaner. Like a…

TL: Well…

YM: …sneaker cleaner or something like that. Is that something you guys would use?

TL: Uhm…

YM: (Inaudible.)

TL: …that was uh, something that Clint, Clint had. He left it at my house. I didn’t know that that was empty though.

YM: Now this is, it’s all in a trash bag, whether it’s empty or not, but something you recognize? Maybe, maybe….

TL: Yup (affirmative).

YM: …maybe not? Okay.

TL: I do.

YM: Uh, I’ll go back a little bit. Is that the type of trash bag that you guys normally use in the house? Does that look familiar? Because I know sometimes…

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: ….the drawstrings, some people have drawstrings, don’t have drawstrings. So….

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: Alright. Uh, a pizza box. Uh, okay and Cherry Coke. Cherry Coke is something you guys normally drink, or…

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: …is in the house? Stouffers?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: And I don’t know the stuff is unique, but you know…

TL: And it looks…

YM: …(inaudible).

TL: It looks like my trash.

YM: Okay. Because I know I don’t drink Dr. Pepper, so nobody would pull a Dr. Pepper can from my trash. But uh, if there’s something here you’re going oh, no, absolutely not. No, we don’t, you know, no one…

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: …in the house drinks Milwaukee (inaudible).

TL: Honestly there could be, there could be a numerous amount of drinks. Numerous amount of…

YM: Okay.

TL: …just food because I said, like I said, my roommates’ friends are over all the time.

YM: Right.

TL: It looks like drier sheets.

YM: Yeah (affirmative). Uh….

TL: It’s a dirty garbage bag.

YM: Yeah (affirmative). Yeah (affirmative), it sat there for, well this is the receipt from Nathan. Again there, there’s a date on there, so May 24th….

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: So that would explain why Nathan’s receipt would be in the bag, uh, probably a bag of….

TL: Right.

YM: …garbage from your apartment. Alright. Fusion.

TL: I don’t know why she would have my garbage though.

YM: That’s kind of what leads me to go through this is why, why she would have your garbage period. Or why she would have your garbage in the trunk of the car. Uhm…

TL: I would…

YM: …do you think that, if I, if I, when I lived in an apartment complex I’d put the garbage on the deck lid…

TL: Right.

YM: …and I’d drive it to the dumpster and I throw it out because I don’t want that stuff in my car. That’s just me.

TL: That’s what, that’s me too. I mean, I mean I put, I mean I put it in my, it’s a truck and I leave my, not the tailgate open, but the lift gate.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative). Yeah (affirmative).

TL: That’s how I bring it. And I bring it to the tra…the, the trash. But I actually, I started taking my garbage and bringing it to the, the fence and throwing it over the fence to the other dumpster.

YM: Yeah (affirmative), it’s close.

TL: Because, because it’s closer.

YM: Okay. Alright. Oh, I appreciate it.

EE: The uh, Friday the 20th you said that it was a hot body contest at Fusion.

TL: Right.

EE: I’m going to make that number six (6) in my notes.

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: Now, not body contest at Fusion. She starts texting and sending e…stuff, like almost like she’s promoting to all of her old friends to try to fill the club up for you is what it looks like (inaudible).

TL: I guess yeah (affirmative), that’s what she (inaudible).

EE: Is that what she was trying to be, an event planner?

TL: She was, yeah (affirmative), I guess trying to be an event planner.

EE: Is that Friday of the hot body contest do you remember if that’s the day she ran out of gas the first time?

TL: I remember calling you and telling you a date. Whenever uh, whenever I called you and told you that I had a date it was because it was, uh, my friend got in a car accident. And I remember after doing that getting a call…

EE: That same day?

TL: Yeah (affirmative). I was like, I remember I have a, because he, because I remember, well it jogged my memory looking at the phone records again that I got a call about mid-day, or a little bit after mid-day if I can, I’m not going to give you a time because I don’t, I’d have to look back at it, but getting a call about how he got in a car accident. So I called him up. And he said it was uh, whatever day it was when I, when I called you up and told you that.

EE: What’s that friend’s name that had that accident that day?

TL: Shawn Jarrett.

EE: Well do you have his phone number?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: Jarrod?

TL: Jarrett, like uh, not, it’s with a T, not a D. Uhm, and S-H-W-A…S-H-A-W-N.

YM: And what day was this accident?

TL: Like I said, I don’t know off the top of my head. But I remember do, that uh, giving, calling him up and giving him….

EE: I remember….

TL: …a date.

EE: …you calling with that content. I just need to find it.

TL: 914-374-9528.

YM: Alright.

TL: Because I remember him giving me a call when I was driving after doing this with, well you know, picking her up, you know, and her getting her car, and her following me. I remember specifically him calling me saying, you know, asking if I could come get him because he lives over, all the way over by Rollins.

EE: Can you call him real quick and see if he remembers what date that was that…

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: …(inaudible).

TL: I can do that.

EE: Instead of me looking around through my notes.

TL: It’s 1028. Well hopefully he’s awake. (Sound of cellular phone buttons being depressed.) If not there was other people that were in the car I can call, so.

YM: What was the name of that guy? Eric? Northwest…

TL: (Speaking on cellular phone to who is assumed to be Mr. Shawn Jarrett.) What uh, Source? Uhm, ‘yo, what was again the day that you got into that accident?

YM: (Inaudible.)

EE: Sorry.

TL: Yeah (affirmative), you got the card? Alright, cool.

YM: (Inaudible.)

EE: Oh.

YM: (Inaudible.)

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: (Inaudible.)

TL: Okay. Alright. Alright, that makes sense. Alright. Yeah (affirmative), I’m (inaudible). Where you guys at? Oh, you’re at school? You’re in school right now? Oh, you started the business program early? Yeah (affirmative), I didn’t

know that. I’m starting at the end of the month. Alright, well I just wanted to, I just wanted to know that. I’ll give you a call a little bit later. Alright. Peace. (Mr. Lazaro ends the cellular phone call to who is assumed to be Mr. Shawn Jarrett and resumes speaking with Detective Corporals Edwards and Melich.) He says on the card it was the 23rd.

YM: 23rd.

EE: The 23rd?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: Well, that’s the day of the gas can incident. That was the first time you went to get her?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: So and the second time, okay.

TL: Now it makes sense because it was around the same time. So that’s why I would probably mock her about picking her up the second time.

EE: Alright, let me run, let me run back then to the, I just want to make sure that wasn’t the 20th.

TL: Okay.

EE: Anything stand out in your mind? She stay overnight that night of the hot body?

TL: Oh, yeah (affirmative).

EE: So…

TL: Stayed over that night.

EE: You say oh, yeah (affirmative). How do, how do we know that?

TL: Because I remember her being, the reason why she even did the hot body was because she got a little drunk that night, and she also ran my bar, oh, she ran, because I al…I usually go in there, I’ll usually go there early, like seven, eight

o’clock, order some food, make sure everybody gets there on time, like I was working, and have my tab opened, you know? Never actually run, you know never ever actually have a tab. I made the mistake of saying you could buy a couple drinks on my tab. Well, because, because (inaudible) I get my money for that night and I got to use it to close the tab. So, she spent like sixty dollars on my tab that night. That’s how I, I can remember stuff like that.

YM: (Laughs.)

TL: Uh, because I remember scold…I was getting, I got pissed about that one.

EE: Is that the night she’s in the blue dress dancing with a girl in shorts there?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

YM: That’s 20th, right? That’s…

EE: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Yeah (affirmative), that’s 20th.

EE: Okay.

YM: Alright.

EE: So she gets a little tipsy that night…

TL: Oh, yeah (affirmative).

EE: …and runs up sixty bucks on your tab, and she goes home with you that night?

TL: I do also remember, and we can talk about that, I remember conversations just, I just remembered conversations, just bringing that up to tell you the truth. Just talking about…

EE: What conversations?

TL: How she wants to, it was like how she said that she was going to, like really drunk conversations like how she’s going to be a singer. How she could be a singer. Or the, (inaudible), but she said she was going to, she’s like, “You don’t

even know I can sing. I can sing so good.” And I’m like, “What are you talking about?” It was more of just like me trying to get her to go to sleep and shut her up…

EE: Alright.

TL: …and her just babbling. Yeah (affirmative).

YM: This is after you guys left?

TL: Yeah (affirmative), well after…

YM: Alright.

TL: …I brought her back to the uhm, we came back to my place and she was drunk. Just….

EE: How would she have had aspirations to be…

TL: I have no idea if it was aspirations. It was just a drunken, randomous (sic) talk.

EE: Go ahead.

YM: Well along that note, every time that you guys, the, those times that she went to Fusion and worked at Fusion, how drunk would she get? Would she get…

TL: She never worked. She was just, she….

YM: Well what I’m saying is uh, she managed the shooter girls. And so….

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: When she was at Fusion…

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: …how drunk would she get? Is it like…

TL: That was the night, that was the only night that she got, she got drunk really.

YM: That’s the only….

TL: Other than that she was, she was, but I mean she had a couple beers…

YM: Alright. Uhm…

TL: …that I saw. Like I said, I mean, I actually wouldn’t be with her for more than like a minute or two because I was running around, making sure that uhm, there was no fights, no one passing out at the bar. I kind of do, what I do is I get, I promote also, but I brought in, I had this spot originally so I brought in the promoters. I brought in the, the uhm, the DJ’s….

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …and the entertainment. So I basically just make sure that everyone would be yup , he’s okay; the shot girls are doing their job; the bartenders are not getting harassed; and just down lines of what a manager would do at the night, at a, at a night club. So I was just running around. I ‘m usually running around the whole time.

EE: Busy?

TL: Yeah (affirmative), busy. So…

EE: Not drinking? Not partying? You’re busy?

TL: I, no, never drinking at those places.

YM: Okay. Does that look familiar as one of the, one of the guys that maybe showed up at Fusion or, or partied there? A friend of hers, Ryan?

TL: I mean I’ve seen a ton of faces.

YM: Offhand though does that ring a bell? Does, does, you, does it kind of jump out at you at all for anything?

TL: Not necessarily, no.

YM: Alright.

EE: Alright, that weekend of the 21st and the 22nd, after the hot body contest, that morning of the 21st, she probably sleeps in or what?

TL: I would say so.

EE: Oh, nothing, n…nothing that really you could remember from that weekend?

TL: Like I said, I just remember her being really drunk and a stupid conversation about her being a singer and that was about it.

EE: Okay. The 23rd. I know we talked about this over the phone. Now you can remember actually driving her down to her, or she c…how, tell me about that incident. She calls you over the phone and says I ran out of gas. I need…

TL: Right.

EE: …. a ride?

TL: Right.

EE: What time of day was that?

TL: It had, I think it’s afternoon.

EE: (Inaudible.)

TL: That makes sense. Uhm, I definitely was home. Uh, she gave me a call and she told me to head, you know, “Drive like you’re just going to my place.” Uh, probably gave me directions because I don’t really remember. She was just telling me to go down Chickasaw. So I took, first I went down Chickasaw and I saw her walking towards her house, on Chickasaw.

YM: A good, a good time to bring up a map maybe?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: Alright. Here’s Curry Ford. I’ll just give you a bearing.

TL: Right.

YM: Curry Ford. Here’s Chickasaw heading south.

TL: Right.

YM: And around that corner there’s two churches over here. The high school is over here. I’m sorry, the middle school is over here. This is where she lives. This is Suburban Drive.

TL: It should be the sub, the sub, the uhm, anyway the subdivisions in this area.

YM: Okay. Well if you come out, okay, you go to get the gas cans…

TL: Well this is, is this an old map? Because I know there’s a subdivision that, that links to a l…a, a, a bigger road. Like a….

YM: No, this….

TL: …a main road.

YM: …this, this links to Goldenrod right up here.

TL: Okay.

YM: And there’s a traffic light uh, where’s the traffic light.

TL: It’s something that l….

YM: There’s a traffic light…

TL: Okay.

YM: …right around here.

TL: Well it’s something, it’s something that, it could be actually this one because I know it’s, it’s a thing that she uses as a short, I remember her saying oh, we used it as a shortcut. So it was definitely something that linked to another main road.

YM: Okay. Do you remember if it was at the traffic light? Because there’s a traffic light right there if you head back north on Chickasaw.

TL: Is it just uhm…

YM: And I believe the traffic light’s going to be here. Let me go ahead and zoom in in here for you.

TL: Why don’t we do, also do like a street view?

YM: That’s what we’re about to do.

EE: (Coughs.)

TL: Because it looks like a wooded, yup (affirmative), it looks like a wooded area.

YM: (Inaudible.)

TL: And then you can make a left.

YM: That’s a traffic light right there. This is looking you’re now looking south. You’re looking towards, you’re driving to her house.

TL: That’s driving to her house, right?

YM: That’s driving to her house.

TL: So yeah (affirmative), from her house you’d make, be able to make a left, right?

YM: Yeah (affirmative), let me pull up a little bit here so you can kind of give it a good eyeball.

TL: Yup (affirmative). That would…

YM: Alright.

TL: …that would look like uh, where we would, you have to go down that road.

YM: Alright.

EE: You want to call out what you’re looking at where I can jot down the names?

YM: Alright, we’re heading uh, north on Chickasaw. (Inaudible.)

TL: And I think that’s too far.

YM: Yeah (affirmative), I just went past it. Cascade Road. Go ahead and pull up Cascade.

EE: Spell?

YM: C-A-S-C-A-D-E, Road. And we’re going to be heading west on Cascade. Alright.

TL: There should be houses coming up soon. Turn into somewhere.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative). Alright, heading down Cascade, this is the first right right over here.

TL: (Coughs.)

YM: And the road looks like it bends a little bit to the right, see?

TL: Right.

YM: Going down that way?

TL: That looks familiar. Might have made a left though.

YM: Alright. Let’s see what road that is. That’s Cascade Oaks Drive. Let’s go left and see what happens.

TL: It should be a short road. There should be somewhere to turn. (Inaudible) the pictures around there real quick. Uhm…it was, there was, I remember going down the road and then like passing through like a very short side street to another longer road.

YM: There’s a short side street.

TL: Okay.

YM: Sumpter Court and uh, and this look, it looks like a bend, so. Do you remember it bending?

TL: I remember there was a shor…there was like a side street. Here’s like, here’s the side street and it would kind of (inaudible).

YM: Well let’s, let’s, let’s do this. Here you go. Okay, Cascade, you take it to the end and it’s Anthony Lane.

TL: Okay.

YM: If you make a left, you said it was a left. There’s Eric Court, and it’s a real short one. And it’s like a little dead end. And it’s also on the way to go out. Because if…

TL: Right.

YM: …she’s going to use this as a cut through, Goldenrod is right there.

TL: Right.

YM: She’s going to have to turn and go down to turn.

TL: That would be easier to see in person I think.

YM: That’s fine. We can do that. See, the only way out of this subdivision is either Turin Drive….

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: …or Quail Pond Street.

TL: Right.

YM: Or go onto Goldenrod. So if you’re coming down uh…

TL: That would…

YM: …Cascade….

TL: That would mean, that would seem more likely what…

YM: Okay.

TL: …she would do. But like I said, if we do…

YM: We can drive down. That’s fine.

TL: If we do that in person I’d probably be able to do it.

EE: Which way was the car facing? Like she was coming from…

TL: Alright.

EE: …her house or towards her house?

TL: Towards her house because uh, the way that we, like I said that, it was like a short like street. And then there was like uhm, you make a left and her car was heading towards where we came from. So I turned around and I parked in front of her car.

YM: Did you help put gas in it or how’d that work?

TL: Uh, I just held the gas. She…I was going to put the gas tank, like I wanted to put the gas in the, in the car, but she was Ms., she wanted to put the gas in the car. Like, like pour the gas in the car.

YM: She wanted to pour the gas in the car?

TL: Yeah (affirmative). So I mean I just, uh, there was one point when she handed me one of them and I uh, I put it down.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: And then I handed her the other one.

EE: So there was two cans?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: Alright uh, well are you…

TL: I don’t think she used….

EE: Go back to…

TL: …all the gas in the second one.

EE: So you see her walking down the road.

TL: Right. With a backpack on.

EE: What’d the backpack look like?

TL: A Jansport backpack I think. It looked like a black, uh, black and pink and white backpack if I can remember.

YM: Is it’s the one that’s been on TV?

TL: Yes, well…

YM: She walked into her attorney’s….

TL: …that’s….

YM: ….office?

TL: Yeah (affirmative), that’s the one (inaudible).

YM: What about a duffle bag? You ever see her with a duffle bag?

TL: Uhm…

YM: Black and gray maybe?

TL: I think that’s a small one.

YM: Uhm, maybe. Maybe, maybe.

EE: So she’s walking down the road. She’s got the backpack on and she jumps in the car with you.

TL: Take her to…

EE: What did she say?

TL: She says, “Oh, I need to get gas. Drive back to my place.” So we go back to her place. She goes to the gas, we get the gas can in her shed and then we go to her car.

EE: You go in the backyard with her to get the can?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: You do go in the backyard?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Okay. You said that you saw the neighbor that day. Can you describe him?

TL: Uhm, it was, when you’re pulling up and you’re looking out to the street, it was to the right.

EE: A white male, black male?

TL: White male.

EE: Heavyset? Thin?

TL: Heavyset.

EE: Heavyset? And you went in the backyard with her?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: Did, did you have to help her break the lock on the shed, or did she do that herself? You broke the lock on the shed? I can’t hear you.

TL: Yes.

EE: Okay. What’d you, what’d you use to pry the lock off the shed?

TL: Uhm, I used one of my tire irons. Now just…

EE: This was, this was on the 23rd?

YM: This….

TL: Right.

YM: This isn’t getting you in trouble. Don’t worry.

TL: Well I mean also I mean….

YM: We just need to kind of, we need to explain as to what, what happened.

TL: I also want to…

YM: (Inaudible.)

TL: …bring that up though the fact that, I mean…

EE: Well she lives there and she’s got the right to do those things. And that’s between (inaudible).

TL: I mean I’ve done that before. I was going to say I was like, I’ve done that on my shed and I’ve told my parents right after the fact. I had to get gas uh, from the, the shed. I mean and she told me that she was going to tell her dad. I mean but she also told me that her dad took care of the car too, so, I’m mean.

EE: Okay. Uhm, fast forwarding ahead. Anything (sighs), your senses, anything in the backyard? Any odors that you detected? Any odors at the car other than you know, gasoline? No? When you went into the shed on the 23rd, common shed? Yard tools, things of that nature?

TL: It looked…

EE: Shovels?

TL: It was just, it looked like it was packed out. Just packed out shed. And I remember the gas cans being on a top of a shelf.

EE: Okay, so you grabbed the gas cans and carried them out with her?

TL: She grabbed them and I, I carried them.

EE: Okay, did, did she ever go in the house that day?

TL: Uhm, yes, because we went through the, what happens is she always goes through the, opens up the garage and then walks into the garage, through the garage, in through the back door. And goes out the sun room I guess she has. Is that what you call it, a sun room?

YM: Yeah (affirmative).

TL: With the screen?

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Alright, you give me an indication that, you, are you curious at all about what this was?

TL: Well that’s why I asked you. I was….

EE: Any idea what this was? What’s that girl’s name?

YM: Jenna. One of your shooter girls. The cute…

TL: Oh.

YM: …redhead.

TL: Yes.

EE: That’s the directions to her house. Okay.

TL: I know that she hung out with her while I was away.

EE: She did?

YM: Is that your room?

TL: No.

YM: Okay. Any idea who the people in the picture are?

TL: No.

YM: Okay. Do you know if that’s Casey?

TL: It doesn’t really look like her. I can’t tell.

YM: Okay. Because that doesn’t look like you. So, that’s why I was…

TL: No, it’s not.

YM: …kind of curious.

TL: No, it’s not me. I don’t have those shoes either.

YM: Did you ever see a bag like that or her carry in a bag like that, like a gym bag she used to work out? The duffle bag, something like that?

TL: I remember seeing some kind of duffle bag, but it was always, it always had like, it was always wide open and had a bunch of clothes in it.

YM: How big of a duffle bag?

TL: It didn’t seem like uh, that, like I mean that looks like a normal, that, that looks like a gym bag like I would have from, a bag like for lacrosse almost. Like….

YM: Right.

TL: …a big, duffle bag. Uh…

YM: (Inaudible.)

TL: …hers didn’t seem like that big.

YM: Okay.

TL: I can’t remember though.

YM: Alright. Well that’s what I wanted to show you. I wanted to see if you had…

TL: Right.

YM: …recognized the room or whose that was. So that’s not yours?

TL: No.

YM: Okay. Uh, one other thing I wanted to kind of…

EE: Go ahead.

TL: I have beige walls.

YM: That’s okay. One thing I wanted to share with you, and this stays between us, okay?

TL: Okay.

YM: Uhm…

EE: And the recorder.

YM: Yeah (affirmative), well obviously.

EE: (Inaudible.)

YM: Uhm, when you used to e-mail her or text her what was her, her, her e-mail, or her persona name? Like if you uh, e, send an e-mail to me it might be under you know, YMelich or whatever.

TL: Right. Uhm…(sound of cellular phone ringing in background).

YM: Cas…Casey O’Marie…

TL: Sorry.

YM: …sound familiar?

TL: That’s her AIM, screen name.

YM: Okay.

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: What about Special Agent Jack Four? Whose screen name was that?

TL: (No verbal response.)

YM: Alright. I want to show you something that we found. And that’s one of the reasons that we’re very concerned. (Sighs.)

EE: Really?

YM: Yeah (affirmative), it’s just, and I’ll let you read along. Marie, I can hit up my friend Annie for some Zanax. This, it’s not a question of whether she was doing drugs. We know she does drugs.

TL: Okay.

YM: It’s a question of….

TL: Did I ever see it?

YM: Well, not only that, but I’m sure you’ve also heard on the news it’s not only Zanax that we’re concerned about. It’s also Chloroform. And they all, and we all know that Chloroform is something that you can, you get high off of. You know, it’s not that hard to get off the Internet. Everyone can order it. Before we get surprised by something we, we need to hear it from you if uh, you know, your group is into the, you know, obviously you know, zani bars isn’t that uncommon, especially over in uh…

TL: Right.

YM: In Full Sail. You know it’s either zani bars or weed, one of the two.

TL: Right.

YM: So…

TL: There, I mean…

YM: Talk, talk to me about this real quick. And what, what, what else do you know about Zanax and, and her, or Chloroform.

TL: I know (sighs), I know that… Chloroform I don’t know about. But Zanax I know that people can get uh, can get Zanax at Full Sail.

YM: Yeah (affirmative).

TL: Definitely.

YM: Who….

TL: She definitely could have overheard that from one of my roommates’ friends.

EE: Is there a lot of drugs in and out of the apartment over there at the time where your roommates are peddling or anything like that? We don’t want to get blindsided with.

TL: Uhm…

YM: Because we don’t need someone to come out to us and say, yeah (affirmative), you know, I remember this guy used to always come to Tony’s apartment and then try and, and he’d sell stuff and then he would sell to uh, and he, he’d sell it or give it to, to Casey.

TL: I think the only thing that really was putting, was being, going through, like or people were coming over to, to do was smoke.

EE: Smoke pot?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: Okay. Did you guys, did she smoked put with you almost every day, or just before you went….

TL: I actually…

EE: …clubbing or?

TL: I actually kind of stopped smoking pot around, I don’t know, around April. So I, uhm, I only remember a couple times of me actually smoking weed. I might have…

EE: With her?

TL: With her. I remember coming home a couple times with her being, she was high. Like when I get out of class at 1:00 a.m. she was smoking with my roommates.

YM: What about uh, any of your roommates does zani bars or do Chloroform or anything like that? You got to be honest with us man.

TL: Chloroform? Yeah (affirmative). No, Chloroform, no. Zani bars I know…

YM: Who’s into that?

TL: Cameron.

YM: Cameron pops that? Who else?

TL: Uhm, I’ve never seen Nate pop a zani bar at all.

EE: Okay.

YM: Cameron never said he’d give uh, zanies to Casey or…

TL: Never.

YM: Or she tell you about that?

TL: Never said that he actually gave it to her. I mean….

YM: Well what about an experience that she might have had with Zanax before? He ever mention that, wow, man, her first trip….

TL: She’s…

YM: …was pretty…

TL: She has never talked about any other drug at all.

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

YM: Does Cameron, you got to help me out here. Does Cameron actually sell zani, or does he…

TL: Uhm, I would, no, he doesn’t sell it on a regular ba…I mean he might say…

YM: On a regular basis?

TL: Like he would, he probably would know, like the way this would work out would be like uhm, say somebody that he knows would have I guess a couple of them.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: He can say alright, well I can get you, you know, if…

YM: So he’d be the middle man?

TL: Right, he’d be a middle man.

YM: So if Casey wanted, if Casey wanted a Zanax he’d ask, she could ask Cameron and Cameron’d say….

TL: Right.

YM: …how much do you want?

TL: Right.

YM: And then he’d be a middle man to (inaudible)?

TL: But I’m pretty sure he would tell me that if that happened. I mean I don’t think…

YM: Well…

TL: …he would…

YM: (Inaudible)…

TL: …he would plan to hide that from me.

YM: People have gone it a long time and we’re just realizing other people have hid stuff from us. I’m not, you know, I’m not….

TL: Right.

YM: …not you.

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: I’m just saying you know, it happens.

TL: True.

YM: So. (Sighs.) Anything else Eric?

EE: Yup (affirmative). That uh, and I know, I’d like to get with you and drive out and look at that place, and that general…

TL: That’s…

EE: …area.

TL: Yeah (affirmative). I’d…

EE: So I’ll call you (inaudible)…

TL: That’s the best way to do it.

EE: …for Thursday. Uhm, see she sends a text message on the 24th to a friend that, “I haven’t lived home in nine days.” So that leads us right back to the 16th.

TL: Right.

EE: Which mean’s she’s been staying somewhere.

TL: Right.

EE: Which it looks like it was with you?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: And that week of the 25th, 26th and 27th, and the 27th she runs out of gas again. You go pick her up on the 27th. Well the day before that day she posts some things in photo bucket from your roommate’s account there. Can you peruse those photographs for me on the 26th and see if there’s anything…

TL: Yes sir.

EE: …in there with significance?

TL: Uhm, she would always go on I guess like looking at art pictures.

EE: And what would she be saving those for? Just to put on her My Space account?

TL: Put on her, she was all, she was always into uhm, she did, she redid my My Space page. She did…

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …my roommate’s….

EE: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: …My Space page. (Inaudible)….

EE: So this is just…

TL: …page.

EE: …a picture of you two together where?

TL: This was the 20th.

EE: That’s the 20th?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: Can you circle that with a pen and then write the 20th. So that is the hot body contest?

TL: Yup (affirmative).

EE: Uh, and as far as Article number, I’m having him sign Article number five (5), a photograph (inaudible).

TL: Uhm…

EE: That, that would be…

TL: …actually…

EE: …the two of you together on…

TL: …I do remember her wearing that dress though twice. I can find out though when that photo was printed because the, I know the kid that takes the photos. So he has prints.

EE: What’s his name?

TL: Teddy.

EE: Do you have…

TL: Teddy Piper.

EE: …Teddy’s number?

TL: He was on the (unintelligible) as (inaudible).

EE: Okay.

TL: Teddy Piper. They have the prints, so I mean.

YM: Yeah (affirmative), we have…

TL: But I do remember, I could, I mean I don’t, that’s why I don’t want to be exact on it.

EE: That’s fine.

TL: But I’m pretty sure that it was either the 20th or…

EE: Who’s this?

TL: That’s Casey.

EE: And?

TL: That’s her, uhm, Amy.

EE: That’s Amy? Can you circle that for me?

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

EE: Casey and Amy. Anything else in there strike a bell, strike a chord?

TL: Uhm, that’s a DBC flier for one of our nights. Pr…probably one of the last two, the last one of the two weekends.

EE: So that’s a Fusion flier?

TL: Uh-hum (affirmative).

EE: Circle that. Alright. Now flip the page. Anything there ring a bell?

TL: Uhm…

EE: Strike you odd? Maybe you’ve seen it before? She used it for something?

TL: Uhm, well there’s another picture of me. Uhm, there was, I was getting a bunch of pictures like Foo Fighters, uh, Weaser, stuff to make, she was going to make a collage of like concert photos, of concert uh, things and put them on my background and make a collage of that for…

EE: From your web page?

TL: For my My Space.

EE: Okay.

TL: I asked her, I only remember the, I don’t remember seeing any of these stuff. But I remember seeing, not even AC/DC one. Uh…

EE: Are these a common…

TL: …these (inaudible).

EE: …symbol used in the, in the club world, these apples?

TL: No.

EE: So have you ever seen…

TL: No, no, I have never….

EE: …anything like that before?

TL: …seen anything like that in my life.

EE: How about the two skeletons kissing down there, making a heart?

TL: Nope (negative).

EE: You never seen anything like that either?

TL: No.

EE: I’m just wondering if it was anything that was needed for promoting or if it was…

TL: No.

EE: ...common.

TL: We would, we would stay more along the lines of classy…

EE: Okay.

TL: …with a girl and on there.

EE: Just sign the bottom of that for me then (unintelligible) those today.

TL: They’re actually weird photos.

EE: What makes them weird?

TL: Because I don’t, I’ve never, I don’t, that’s looks like gothic.

EE: Gothic?

TL: Yeah (affirmative). Well I was, I mean skulls and apple? What?

EE: Alright, we’ll just, we’ll get together next week because we’re running out of time I guess. Go ahead Yuri, whatever you.

YM: No, that’s it. I know your parents are waiting and they want to spend some time with you before they fly out. I don’t want to sit here and…

TL: That’s fine.

YM: Almost an hour and a half, so. Uh, I would say before, raise your right hand? You swear…

TL: Yeah (affirmative).

YM: …and affirm everything you told us is the truth?

TL: Yes sir.

YM: Before I shut this off, is there anything that’s been on your mind uh, since I guess the last time we spoke? Something that you wanted to tell us as we’ve been doing most of the asking here…

TL: Right. Uhm…

YM: …is there anything that kind of jumps out about something you think is important we need to know about?

TL: Uh, I, the thing I want to address was that, that, that drunk conversation. I mean since, because the FBI just said that everything, I didn’t really think that everything, like little things would, would be…

YM: (Chuckles.)

TL: I didn’t really know how, I, I don’t know how these things go, so.

YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

TL: But yeah (affirmative), I want to bring up that. And I think off the top of my head right, right this second, no.

YM: Okay. If you, if, you dad suggested a good thing. Take notes. If something comes that you want to remember to talk to us about…

TL: Sure.

YM: …take notes. Write it down.

TL: Will do.

YM: So by the way uh, when we get with you later on then you say hey, you know what? I remember this and I want to make sure you guys were aware about it.

TL: Right.

YM: That’ll work. Okay.

EE: Print your phone records out and do that.

TL: That’s, well I’m going to do that too. I’m going to go through the phone records and do it that way.

YM: Alright.

TL: That’s probably a better idea.

YM: Alright. The time right now is 1053.

End of recorded statement.

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