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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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RECAPS: State of Florida Public Documents
Release 11/26/2008 (www.wesh.com Set)


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Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 01 (.PDF 5.94mg) --- Pages 2271 to 2320

Page 2271-2277: Report Information, Witness Information

Page 2277-2320: Investigative Report
- OCSO first met Casey Anthony at the residence 07/15/2008 and spoke with her away from other family members.
- Casey was told the incident she reported was very suspicious and her version suspect.
- OCSO gave Casey Anthony the opportunity to tell them a different story than her 07/15/2008 written statement.
- Casey stated on 06/09/2008 she left to go to work at Universal Studios between 0900 (09:00am) and 1300 (01:00pm) hours.
- Casey stated she left Caylee at the stairwell of apt#210 at 2863 S Conway Road, with Zenaida Gonzalez.
- Casey stated she knew Zenaida for four years and that Zenaida was babysitting Caylee for the past 1-1/2 years.
- Casey stated she left work around 1700 (05:00pm) hours and went to apt#210 to pick up Caylee but no answer at the door.
- Casey stated she tried calling Zenaida's cell phone (number unknown) but got no answer.
- Casey stated she went to places Zenaida was known to frequent but couldn't locate Zenaida or Caylee.
- Casey stated she was "pacing and worrying" and then went to her boyfriend (Anthony Lazarro) were she felt "safe."
- Casey stated she told two Universal Studio co-workers, Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis about Caylee missing.
- Casey stated she lost the phone that had telephone numbers of Jeffrey Hopkins, Juliette Lewis, Zenaida Gonzalez.
- Casey stated the last time she seen Jeffrey Hopkins was 1-1/2 week prior but she can't find a phone number for him.
- Casey stated if OCSO could find her missing phone that they could find the numbers to call Hopkins, Lewis and Gonzalez.
- Casey stated she filed an incident report on her lost phone at Universal Studios 9 days prior to this 07/15/2008 interview
- Casey stated she left her phone on her desk BUT she hadn't been "at work for at least three or four days."
- After the "first" 07/15/2008 Interview, Casey agreed to take OCSO to the last known locations of Zenaida.

Page 2280-2281: Photos: 2863 S Conway Road #210, Sawgrass Apartments
- Casey took OCSO to building at corner of Glenwood and Robinson, she said Zenaida lived there early 2006 to mid 2006.
- Casey took OCSO to another building later identified as 301 N Hillside Dr., a seniors only facility.
- Casey took OCSO to 2863 S Conway Road apt#210 where Casey confirmed she left Caylee on 06/09/2008.

Page 2281-2283: Photos: Crossings Apartments at Conway
- Casey took OCSO to the Crossings at Conway, a town home community near Michigan Ave and s. Conway Rd.
- Casey stated that Crossings at Conway is where Zenaida's mother Gloria allegedly owned a condo.
- Casey stated she dropped Caylee off several times mid 2006, early 2007 at Zenaida's mother's condo.
- OCSO rode through the Crossings at Conway complex but Casey couldn't remember what the address was.
- OCSO knocked on three addresses (4279, 4283, 4273), all tenants did not know Zenaida or her mother Gloria.
- Casey stated she didn't know the exact house claiming she stopped paying attention since she came there so many times.
- OCSO dropped Casey at her residence on Hopespring. Her father, George was concerned that she was holding back.
- OCSO asked about Caylee's father, Casey said his name was "Eric" and he died in Georgia, mid, late 2007.
- Casey claimed she had an obituary for Caylee's father at one point but can't recall where she put it.

Page 2282-2283: Investigative Report Continued:
- OCSO met with Dave Turner, Amanda Macklin (The Sawgrassw Apartments), neither claimed to know Zenaida.
- Dave Turner (Maintenance), Amanda Macklin (Manager) at Sawgrass confirmed Apt#210 was vacant.
- Sawgrass searched their system (Gloria Gonzalez, Jennifer Rosa, Raquel Farrell)
- Sawgrass did find a Zenaida Gonzalez "Apt#210 guest card applicant" on 06/17/2008, but was never a tenant.
- OCSO went to Universal Studios, met with Investigator Leonard Turtora
- Leonard Turtora search Universal Studios results: Casey Anthony was fired from Universal on 04/24/2006
- Leonard Turtora search Universal Studios results: Jeffrey Hopkins was fired 05/13/2002
- Leonard Turtora search Universal Studios results: Juliette Lewis was NOT found as current or former employee.
- Leonard Turtora search Universal Studios results: Zenaida Gonzalez was NOT found as current or former employee.
- Casey told OCSO her office extension at Universal was 407-224-1000 x104. Turtora said that was not a valid ext.
- Casey stated her supervisor at Universal was Tom Manley. Leonard Turtora stated NO Tom Manley worked there.
- Leonard Turtora identified Tom Mattson as head of events department at Universal Studios.
- Casey said she couldn't find her current Universal Studios Identification card.
- Casey could NOT give OCSO building number or location where she worked at Universal Studios.

Page 2284-2284: Aerial Map: Back Lot Universal Studios Orlando
- OCSO brought Casey to Universal where she admitted she didn't tell the truth, she was not a current employee.
- OSCO took Casey to a conference room at Universal Studios where the conversation was recorded.
- Casey admitted she lied about the Apt at 301 N. Hillside being one of Zenaida's.
- Casey admitted her ex-boyfriend Ricardo Morales lived across from 301 N. Hillside.
- Although Casey stayed at Morales place during the time her child was missing, she never mentioned this to OCSO.
- Casey claimed she might find Caylee or Zenaida had visited Universal Studios.
- OCSO Notation: At no time during the 07/15/2008 interview did Casey show emotion as to the loss of her child.

Page 2285-2286: Investigative Report Continued:
- OCSO called the Zenaida Gonzalez "Apt#210 guest card applicant", she denied knowing Casey or Caylee
- OCSO showed photos of Casey and Caylee to Zenaida "Apt#210 guest card applicant", Zenaida didn't know either of them.
- OCSO pulled all Zenaida Gonzalez's in DAVID system, showed Casey photos and Casey knew none in age range.
- OCSO pulled photo of Zenaida Gonzalez "Apt#210 guest card applicant", Casey didn't know her, said "she's too old."
- Casey was given opportunity to change her original statement. She did not. She was placed under arrest.

- OSCO instructed Det. Beasley to "collect everything that had been in the car at the time it was picked up from Johnson's Wrecker earlier on the 15th." George Anthony gave his approval to take these items. "Inside the car were some adult shoes lying in the back passenger seat, as well as, a child's car seat in the back passenger side. In the front passenger seat, she observed a black case with various cd's/dvd's. She also observed a dark colored belt in the vehicle. George Anthony completed a statement affidavit allowing us to "search and provide an evidence to help bring back my granddaughter, Caylee."

- Casey's Compaq laptop computer, owned by the Anthonys but used by Casey was handed over to the OSCO.
- OSCO collected Caylee's cloth bodied baby doll (unclothed) and Dora the Explorer backpack, a child's toothbrush
- OSCO collected a dinnerware knife and black leather bag containing various papers.
- OSCO informed Cindy washed pair of Casey's pants plus all clothing Lee brought back from Lazarro's house.

Page 2287-2287: Photos: Evidence Wall Board contents of garbage bag.
- George Anthony showed OCSO where the trash bag was thrown from Casey's car trunk to the Johnson Towing dumpster.
- 07/15/2008 OCSO collected white trash bag from Johnston Wrecking dumpster
- There were food items, small flies, maggots were inside the trash bag.
- "The smell from the trash bag was distinctively different from the smell coming from within the car."
- "The trash DID NOT smell like the inside of the car, but the odor of decomposition DID carry over to the trash bag."
- Trash bag contained a pizza box BUT NO pizza inside the box. (**NEW)
- Upon opening the driver's side door of Casey's car, OCSO noticed a strong smell of decomposition from inside the car.

Page 2287-2288: Investigative Report Continued:
- There is still NO ONE aside from Casey herself, who ever saw or spoke with the "nanny" Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

Page 2288-2290: Investigative Report Continued:
- 07/16/2008 01:26pm - Casey Anthony's First Jail call to Cindy Anthony
- Casey to Cindy (Jail call): "Because I don't fucking know where she's at. Are you kidding me!
- Casey to Cindy (Jail call): "Do me a favor, just tell me what Tony's number is. I don't want to talk to you right now."
- Casey to Lee (Jail call): "Because I called to talk to my mother and it's, it's a fucking waste"
- Casey to Kristine (Jail call): "Oh, my God. Calling you guys, a waste. A huge waste."
- Casey did tell Kristine during 07/16/2008 jail call police should check NY and NC for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez

Page 2290-2291: Investigative Report Continued:
- 07/17/2008 Casey's cell phone (407-619-9286) records were obtained by OCSO from a court order
- Casey's cell phone records show NO numbers for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, Jeffery Hopkins, Juliette Lewis.
- OCSO note interesting call from Jamie Realander 07/15/2008 11:35am for 23 minutes
- K-9 Cadaver dog "Genus" (trained only for human and NOT biological decomposition) was requested for search
- K-9 Cadaver dog "Genus" alerted on Casey's 1998 Pontiac Sunfire rear passenger fender/trunk.
- OCSO searched Anthony Lazarro and roommate Cameron Campana's apartment. (Statements were recorded)
- OSCO obtained audio interview from Danny Calamarino (Cast Iron Tattoos) where Casey got "Bella Vita" tattoo.
- Melissa England (Troy Brown's friend) spent hours 07/03/2008 with Casey who hardly mentioned she had a child.
- Melissa England over heard "annoyed" phone conversation while inside Target {07/03/08] between Casey and Cindy
- 07/21/2008 OCSO showed Cindy and George Anthony the 06/15/2008 pic of Casey from Father's Day.
- 07/21/2008 OCSO collected toothbrushes, a hairbrush, comb, oral thermometer used by Caylee for DNA.
- 07/21/2008 OCSO collected epithelial and hair samples from Casey Anthony in jail.
- 07/22/2008 George and Cindy Anthony confirmed Caylee did visit her grandfather 06/15/2008 on Father's Day.

Page 2291-2294: Investigative Report Continued:
- 07/24/2008 OCSO interview w/Simon Burch, Johnson's Towing who smelled a foul odor coming from Casey's car.
- 07/15/2008 Simon Burch was with George Anthony when car door, then trunk was opened.
- 07/15/2008 Burch said odor from car reminded him of finding 5 day deceased body one time towing company.
- 07/15/2008 Simon Burch tossed trash bag from Casey's car trunk over fence into tow lot dumpster
- 07/15/2008 OCSO collect that same trash bag that night from Johnson Towing lot dumpster.
- 07/24/2008 George Anthony requested meeting away from Cindy with OCSO. (Meeting was surreptitiously recorded)
- 07/24/2008 George Anthony: "I had bad vibes the very first day when I got that car."
- 07/24/2008 George Anthony: "I'm just having a hard time grasping what my wife is doing to you guys."
- 07/24/2008 George said Casey told her attorney she had five thousand, or fourteen hundred to give as retainer.
- 07/24/2008 OCSO asked about the car odor, George said, "I believe that there's something dead back there."
- 07/24/2008 George: "When I first went there to pick up that vehicle I got within three feet of it I could smell something"

Page 2294-2297: Investigative Report Continued:
- 07/24/2008 George told OCSO Casey said she was robbed at gunpoint when working at Sports Authority.
- 07/24/2008 George told OSCO he went to Sports Authority and found out Casey never worked there.
- 07/24/2008 George told OSCO there was something fishy about a $4,000 deposit ticket Casey gave her mother.
- 07/24/2008 George told OSCO it seemed strange, same amount ($4,000) he sold his Camry for in Aug 2006
- 07/24/2008 George told OSCO about the backyard gate was left open and the pool ladder up. (06/16 or 06/17?)
- OCSO report notes Cindy call them 07/15/2008 about the gate was left open and the pool ladder up. (06/16 or 06/17?)
- OCSO played the 07/15/2008 911 calls for George and Lee Anthony before they were played by the media.

Page 2297-2297: Investigative Report Continued (Casey talks about Zenaida during parents Jail Visit):
- 07/25/2008 Cindy and George visited Casey in jail, video taped and monitored live by OSCO.
- 07/25/2008 Casey told parents people should check New York, Charlotte, Miami for Zenaida.
- 07/25/2008 Casey told parents Zenaida's roots are in North Carolina and her Mother Gloria is in her 50's
- 07/25/2008 Casey told parents regarding: Zanny: "she needs to return Caylee" and "I forgive her."
- 07/25/2008 Casey told parents Zenaida drove a 2008 Ford Focus, no tint, very basic, pink floral car seat.
- 07/25/2008 Casey told parents Zenaida has everything Caylee needs (shoes, socks, toys, etc.)
- 07/25/2008 Casey told parents she stole from Amy Huizenga during a "time of desperation."
- 07/25/2008 Casey described Zenaida: curly brown hair that's been straightened, 5'7", 140 lbs, brown eyes, no tattoos.
- 07/25/2008 Casey said Zenaida's father's name is Victor (possibly Fernandez) and her Mother is Gloria.
- 07/25/2008 Casey said Zenaida's older sister is Samantha, and that they have different fathers.
- 07/25/2008 Casey said Zenaida has "a lot of money", her roommates were Raquel Farrell and Jennifer Rosa.
- 07/25/2008 Casey said Jennifer works for an ABC distribution center, Raquel worked for "Fridays."
- 07/25/2008 Casey said both Jennifer Rosa and Raquel Farrell comes from families with money.
- Lee Anthony sent OCSO e-mail with all the information Casey told her parents during the 07/25/2008 jail visit.

- OCSO NOTE at bottom page 2297: "As a note, there are NO people named Jennifer Rosa, Raquel Farrell, Samantha, Gloria Gonzalez, or Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez or names similar to these in the defendant's cell phone contacts nor were any calls placed from June 1st through July 16th to anyone with those names."

Page 2298-2298: Investigative Report Continued (Colorvision, Kodak, Universal Studios):
- Casey claimed her manager at Kodak was Mike Cozak and co-workers were Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis.
- Dee Crawford, HR of Event Imaging Solutions Group (aka Kodak) confirmed Mike Cozak worked for them.
- Dee Crawford, HR of Event Imaging Solutions stated NO employment records for Jeffrey Hopkins or Juliette Lewis.
- Casey stated Kodak was taken over by Colorvision in 2006. (But Casey NEVER transfered to Colorvision.)
- Dianne Tighe, VP of HR for Colorvision said NO Jeffrey Hopkins, Juliette Lewis or Casey worked for Colorvision.
- Rich Garrad of Carlson Restaurants who own TGI Fridays stores, confirmed NO Raquel Farrell worked for them.
- 07/28/2008 Casey told Lee Anthony during jail visit Zenaida changed phone numbers often (prefixes: 407, 321, 954)
- 07/29/2008 Lee Anthony provided OCSO w/Thomas Franck e-mails to Casey regarding Universal Studios Event.
- Leonard Turtora of Universal Studios confirmed Thomas Franck is NOT a Universal Studios employee.
- Leonard Turtora confirmed other names mentioned in the Thomas Franck e-mail are NOT employees of Universal.
- OCSO attempted sending e-mail to Thomas.Frank@events.universal.com but that domain does not exist.
- 07/30/2008 OCSO spoke w/Mike Cozak: Casey worked for him in 2005, was terminated for "job abandonment."
- 07/30/2008 Mike Cozak also stated he could not remember Jeffrey Hopkins or Juliette Lewis.

Page 2298-2301: Ryan Pasley Interview 07/30/2008 RECAP:
- Ryan Pasley has known Casey since age 5. He lives in Jacksonville, FL, last saw Casey May or June 2008.
- Ryan Pasley was in Orlando June 14-16th to visit family but he did not see Casey then.
- Ryan Pasley is listed in Casey Anthony's cell phone contacts as "Best Friend."
- Ryan Pasley said he NEVER heard the name Zenaida ever since he's known Casey.
- Ryan Pasley worked for Sports Authority and Casey told her parents she worked there also but she never did.
- Cindy Anthony called Ryan Pasley three and a half weeks BEFORE Caylee was missing to verify some Casey lies.
- Cindy Anthony asked Ryan if Casey ever worked at Sports Authority and Ryan told her no, so Casey lied.
- Ryan Pasley said Casey only came to Sports Authority to hang out with him.
- Cindy told Ryan Casey said she was transferred from the 436 and Colonial store to Waterford but that was a lie.
- Ryan on Casey using drugs: "she said, "Well you know just pot and you know whatever else is around."

Page 2301-2301: George and Cindy Anthony INTERVIEW 07/30/2008 with FBI
- OCSO states to reference the FBI report for synopsis of these interviews.

Page 2301-2301: Cindy Anthony INTERVIEW 07/31/2008 RECAP:
- Cindy stated from 06/16 to 07/15 Casey said Caylee was with Zenaida, no time allowing Cindy to talk to Caylee.
- Casey told Cindy at times she was in Tampa w/Zenaida for work but cell phone shows Casey never left Orlando.
- Cindy said Caylee's father is only known as "Eric" and only knows he died based on what Casey told her.
- Cindy claimed Attorney Paul Kelly helped them draw up paperwork for custody of Caylee.
- OCSO spoke with Attorney Paul Kelly who claims he has NO file created for Cindy's stated requests.
- Scheduling caused this interview to be shortened, Cindy volunteered to provide a second scheduled interview.

Page 2302-2302: FBI Laboratory on Hair Collect from Trunk of car:
- 08/01/2008 Nick Savage (FBI) informed OCSO hair collected from trunk exhibited states of decomposition.
- 08/01/2008 The same hair will be sent to FBI technician for mitochondrial DNA testing.

Page 2302-2302: Cindy Anthony INTERVIEW 08/04/2008 RECAP:
- Cindy stated she removed items from Casey's car prior to law enforcement being contacted.
- Cindy stated the slacks were on rear floor board of car along with pair of boots and pair of shoes belonging to Casey.
- Cindy stated she removed and washed the pants because they smelled like the car. Pants were put in Casey's bedroom.

Page 2302-2302: George Anthony INTERVIEW 08/04/2008 RECAP:
- George Anthony stated last time he seen his granddaughter Caylee was June 16th
- George Anthony said Casey was wearing a gray pair of dress slacks with unknown colored pin stripes.
- OCSO believes these slacks are same pair Cindy washed as stated in her 08/04/2008 Interview.
- George Anthony stated Caylee was wearing a blue jean skirt, pink top, pair of sun glasses with white trim.
- George Anthony stated Caylee had a white backpack with designs of monkeys and her hair was in a ponytail.

Page 2303-2303: Photos: Casey at Fusian 06/20/08
- 08/06/2008 OCSO discovered photos on local news of Casey dancing at a bar.
- The photographers were identified as Teddy Piper and John Azzilonna.
- The dates on the photos were June 20th and June 21st of 2008

Page 2303-2303: Valencia Community College:
- 08/06/2008 Crystal at Valencia Community College confirmed Casey never registered or attended courses at Valencia.

Page 2304-2304: Air Sample Testing at Oak Ridge Institute in Tennessee:
- 10/07/2008 Dr. Arpad Vass was analyzing air samples collected from Anthony's white sunfire. Dr. Vass indicated that his preliminary results indicated a lot of gas compounds associated with human decomposition. He also mentioned that he had found unusually high amounts of chloroform in the samples. This information was later shared with the FBI laboratory who confirmed the presence of chloroform in the trunk liner of the car.

Page 2304-2304: URL links to searches on Chloroform on 3/17, 3/18, 3/19, 3/21/08.
- OCSO requested forensics to exam computers collected in this case.
- OCSO requested keyword searches on: chloroform but ingredients us to make chloroform.
- Page 2304 shows a partial same listing of what was found during those searches.
- OCSO subpoenaed Cindy's work records, she was working on days of HP Desktop Google searches
- OCSO subpoenaed George's work records, he was not actively employed during March. (**NEW)

Page 2305-2305: OCSO Review of 911 Calls made by Cindy Anthony:
- 07/15/2008 911 Call: Cindy Anthony: "I found out my granddaughter has been taken. She has been missing for a month. Her, her mother finally admitted that she's been missing." - "That the babysitter took her a month ago. The daugh.. my daughter's been looking for her. I told you my daughter was missing for a month. I just found her today but I can't find my granddaughter. And she just admitted to me that she's been trying to find her herself. There's something wrong. I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car."

- 07/15/2008 911 Call: Casey Anthony: "I know who has her. I've tried to contact her. I actually received a phone call today now from a number that is no longer in service. I did get to speak to my daughter for about a moment, about a minute."

Page 2305-2306: Narrative: Casey's handwritten jail note addressed to Sheriff Beary 08/14/2008
- Note first given to Officer Marline Baker, then Sgt. Dennis Moonsammy, then Ltd. Melanie Monroe.
- The note was stapled shut by OCSO and opened in present of Sergeant John Allen.
- Casey's jail note was a request to meet with her father, George Anthony.
- OCSO and FBI met with George Anthony (Meeting was surreptitiously recorded)
- Casey's attorney Adam Gabriel was visiting Casey and her decision if Gabriel should be present.
- Casey changed her mind 1.5 hrs later and the meeting with her father was canceled.

Page 2306-2306: Casey's cell phone records for 07/15/08
- Casey claimed she received a call from Caylee the morning of 07/15/2008.
- OCSO checked phone records and NO incoming call from an unknown caller or private number.
- 07/15/2008 (1st incoming call) 11:35am was from Jamie Realander (23 minutes).
- 07/15/2008 (2nd incoming call) 12:52am was from Anthony Lazarro (93 seconds).
- 07/15/2008 (3rd incoming call) 01:11pm was from Cindy Anthony (89 seconds).
- Casey's phone records for 07/15/2008 show all incoming calls were from *known* callers

Page 2306-2307: Anthony Rusciano INTERVIEW 08/18/2008 (former Deputy Sheriff for OCSO):
- "Nyitaliano3" was identified as Anthony Rusciano, a recent employed deputy sheriff for OCSO.
- Anthony Rusciano admitted he knew Casey and spent time with her a few times in the past several months.
- Anthony Rusciano said he saw Caylee only once when he first met Casey late last year [2007].
- "Nyitaliano3" messages with "casey o marie" Re: Nanny/Zani on 05/03/08, 05/06/08:
- 05/03/2008 Casey typed: "my nanny is my back-up that night, Too bad she had a freaking date tonight"
- 05/06/2008 Casey typed (01:43:10pm): "she's coming back from Tampa. Her sister is getting married this weekend."
- 05/06/2008 Casey typed (01:43:47pm): "yeah, I just called her (the nanny). She's on I-4."
- 05/06/2008 Casey typed (02:08:47pm): "ha, want me to bring the little snot head?"
- 05/06/2008 Casey typed (02:53:36pm): "I did, She's (the nanny) still enroute Loads of traffic by Disney I guess"
- 05/06/2008 Casey typed (04:12:13pm): "I'm playing phone tag with both Zani and my mom"
- Casey continued with excuses: The Nanny had to stop at the store, was stuck in traffic in Oviedo, etc.

Page 2307-2308: Jamie Realander 08/19/2008 INTERVIEW RECAP:
- Jamie Realander was a Temp "Shot Girl" at Fusian Ultra Lounge, she met Casey on 05/23/2008 at Fusian.
- Jamie kept in contact with Casey, became friends and exchanged numbers but they never hung out together.
- One time in June they did plan to get together but Casey backed out claiming she had a speeding ticket.
- Jamie described Casey as a "happy person" and "older sister" figure who was protective of the other girls at Fusian.
- Jamie said Casey didn't mention Caylee or even the fact that she had a child until 07/15/2008
- Jamie mention to Casey about the young girl photo on Casey's Face Book, then Casey told her she had a daughter.
- Jamie stated that during the time she knew Casey that Casey never mentioned her daughter was missing.

Page 2308-2312:: Rick Plesea (Cindy Anthony's brother) 08/21/08 Interview RECAP:
- Rick stated Casey forged his mother, Shirley's checks for $354 to pay her AT&T Cell bill
- Casey claimed she needed the money to buy a new work phone for Universal Studios
- Rick stated Cindy seen a counselor who suggested she kick Casey out of the house
- Rick stated Cindy threatened Casey she would get custody of Caylee.
- Cindy almost went bankrupt from all the credit cards and debts that Casey ran up.
- Rick stated that Casey resented Cindy saying that Caylee like Cindy better than Casey.
- Rick tried to e-mail with Cindy to tell her that she's in denial believing Casey's lies.
- Rick told about his wedding 06/03/05 and Cindy was in denial that Casey was pregnant
- Rick says if Casey sees or hears something, she'll spin it into her own little world.
- Rick forwarded all of his e-mails with Cindy to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Page 2312-2313: Shirley Plesea (Cindy Anthony's mother) 08/21/08 Interview RECAP:
- Interview was recorded "without" her knowledge.
- First check Casey stole from her was 08/09/07 (Caylee's 2nd Birthday) for $54.00.
- Shirley confirmed Casey forged Shirley's check for $354 to pay her AT&T Cell bill
- Shirley stated she didn't press charges because of Cindy and Caylee.
- Shirley confirmed Cindy seeing counselor who suggested kicking Casey out of the house
- Shirley stated she heard the name "Zanny" for over a year but never met or knew her.
- Shirley confirmed Cindy's denial on Casey pregnant at Rick's wedding 06/03/05
- Shirley knew Casey & Caylee left the house, Cindy said they were "going to bond."
- Shirley stated the "bonding story" changed to they're on vacation, then they're in Tampa.

Page 2313-2313: William Procknow, DCF Investigator, Case #2008-436727:
- 08/25/2008 William Procknow met with Casey Anthony at Anthony home
- William Procknow asked Casey why she needed a babysitter if she wasn't working.
- Casey told the DCF Investigator that she was employed at Universal Studios and that the police "had it wrong."
- William Procknow stated DCF report closing case with "verified findings of inadequate supervision and threatened harm."

Page 2313-2315: Richard Grund (Jesse Grund's Father) 09/05/08 Interview RECAP:
- Richard Grund said it's Cindy that rules the house, "whatever Cindy wants, is what Cindy gets."
- Richard stated he picked up that Casey likes to tell stories, and that Casey has a problem with exaggeration.
- Richard stated Casey repaid Jesse $250.00 loan with a bad check. Cindy's reply, "well, she only did it once."
- Richard asked George Anthony "Why aren't you doing what ex-cops do" re: investigation.
- George Anthony told Richard Grund, "Because my wife doesn't want me to."
- Richard said he went to Sports Authority and found out Casey never worked there.
- Richard stated Casey told him two years ago she wanted out of that house, she didn't like her mother or father.
- Richard stated Casey told him "I don't want to turn out like my mother, I don't want to be around my mother."
- Richard stated Casey hated her father George over his gambling habit.
- Richard told Jesse he wouldn't perform marriage if Jesse, Casey lived out of wedlock
- Richard stated Casey wanted her and Jesse to live together to get away from her parents.
- Richard was told by Leonard Padilla that the Anthony's were actively trying to frame Jesse.
- Richard Grund: "What Lee [Anthony] had told Jesse uhm, was that the fight the night before had escalated to the point
that uh, Cindy had wrapped her hands around Casey's throat and was trying to strangle her."

Page 2315-2315: George Anthony ordered Taurus .38 on 08/29, purchased on 09/05/08
- Condition #15 of Casey's Conditions of Home Confinement: No Deadly weapons
- The Taurus .38 caliber revolver was recovered from within the house.
- Casey's home confinement was not violated based on this incident.

Page 2316-2317: Anthony Lazarro 09/08/08 Interview RECAP:
- During polygraph Lazarro mentioned comments he had not previously told OSCO in interviews.
- Not mentioned previously: Lazarro told Casey when he had children that he only wanted "boys" not "girls".
- 06/27/2008 Lazarro called Casey teasing her about running out of gas as he approached her in Amscot parking lot.
- 06/27/2008 Lazarro asked Casey if he needed to look at the car at Amscot but she said her Dad would take care of it.
- 06/27/2008 Garbage bag left in Casey's trunk appears to have come from Tony's apartment.
- 06/27/2008 Casey was suppose to be driving from her parents home toward Lazarro's apartment not the other way around.
- Inside garbage bag was a receipt from Fusian Ultra Lounge dated 05/24/08 01:50am belonging to Nate Lezniewicz.
- Nate Lezniewicz also recognized other items in the garbage bag as coming from Lazarro's apartment including the bag.
- Nate Lezniewicz couldn't explain why the garbage bag from Lazarro's apartment would be in Casey's car trunk
- 06/23/2008 Lazarro said Casey called him that she ran out of gas in a subdivision near her parents home.
- 06/23/2008 Lazarro found Casey walking south on Chickasaw Trail, from there he drove her to the Anthony home.
- 06/23/2008 Lazarro broke lock on the Anthony's shed with tire iron for Casey to get gas cans.
- 06/23/2008 Lazarro did not smell any strange odor coming from Casey's car while standing outside the vehicle.
- Lazarro said Casey would smoke pot with him and roommates but he didn't know if she also used drugs.
- Lazarro said his roommate Cameron Campana was known to use Xanax but he knows nothing of Casey using Xanax.

Page 2317-2320: Jesse Grund 09/09/08 Interview RECAP:
- Jesse stated that Casey always had a "kind of love hate relationship" with Cindy
- Jesse stated that Casey voiced to him that Cindy has actually called herself mommy to Caylee in front of Casey."
- Casey told Jesse in 09/2005 that her brother Lee tried to have sex with her years ago.
- OCSO found IM between "SpecialAgentJAG4" (Jesse) and "Casey o marie" re: Xanax. Jesse said the IM was early 2007.
- Jesse said he never knew of Casey to take any illegal or non-prescribed drugs.
- Early 2007 IM ("SpecialAgentJAG4" (Jesse) and "Casey o marie") mentions Jesse's roommate "Josh" (Melina's ex-fiance)
- Jesse stated Lee Anthony told him that Cindy tried to strangle Casey.

- Jesse Grund: "Uh, Lee, shortly after my second interview [07/31/2008] with Orange County, confided in me that uhm, the reason that he thought, Cindy confided in him that the reason he thought, she felt that Casey ran off was there was a big fight between the two of them and fight concerned Casey not being home a lot uhm, and uhm, not bringing Caylee by. Uhm, it got into a very heated argument, which turned physical, and Cindy started choking Casey."

- 11/18/2007 Casey's seizure (Page 2319): When asked, Jesse told us of an incident that occurred on Sunday November 18, 2007 in which Casey appeared to be having a seizure. Jesse told us that the Saturday before, they had all gone out. Casey got very drunk and spent the night at Jesse's apartment. The following morning, on the 18th, Casey left the apartment and returned a short while later. Jesse believes she went home. They fell asleep on the couch watching football. Jesse then stated: "Uh, we both passed out on the sofa. Uhm, a late night for both of us. I woke up, and tried to get up. Uhm, she was uh, well kind of drapped down across, her legs were across me and her head was on the sofa. So I just picked up her legs, moved them to the side while she rested. As I got up her eyes popped open. Uhm, it looked like she was just staring straight and I said her name a couple time and then she started foaming at the mouth and shaking uncontrollably. And from my limited first aide experience it, it looked like a grand mal seizure to me. So I moved a table out of the way, turned her on her side. Her lips turned slightly blue. She continued seizing for probably about, I don't know, six to eight seconds. Uhm, once she got done she let out this ahh, sigh, and then her eyes popped back open again and then closed and she was non-responsible." Jesse says he never found out what caused this episode, but this was the first and last time he'd ever seen Casey do this. Jesse was asked if this could have been an overdose. He said he wasn't sure, stating he'd never seen anybody overdose before.

- Jesse heard that Casey and possibly Cindy were going to try and blame him for Caylee's disappearance. Jesse: "Uhm, I was told by uh, a individual (Leonard Padilla) who was working with the Anthony family uhm, who had got to sit in on a couple of the attorney meetings, that uhm, Casey was telling her attorney uhm, and Cindy was backing her up on this, that uhm, I killed Caylee. That I planted the evidence in the car. That I had access to the car because I had keys. Uhm, and that I was framing her because of my obsession with Caylee."

Investigative Report Note: Since Cynthia had made claims that Jesse had been on their home computer the day Casey was arrested, I asked him about that. Jess confirmed that he did use their home computer, but only to look up his personal cell phone information for a meeting he was to have with Amy Huisenga, Ricardo Morales, and Troy Brown. He believe he also may have accessed his MySpace and Face Book accounts but wasn't sure.

Page 2320-2320: Rozzie Franco 09/11/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Rozzie, Heidi Walden, Mallory Parker all worked at Houston's Restaurant, Winter Park.
- Rozzie stated that Heidi said Mallory Parker said she was sure (Casey) "Killed the girl"
- Heidi Walden stated Mallory Parker (Lee Anthony's girlfriend) thought Caylee was alive
- David Portnoy (Heidi's boyfriend) version was that Heidi was just giving her opinion

Page 2320-2320: Nathan "Nate" Lezniewicz 09/15/08 Interview RECAP:
- Nate Lezniewicz lived with Anthony Lazarro at his Sutton Place address May thru August 2008.
- Nate stated he'd met Casey with Caylee a few times at the apartment in late May, early June.
- Nate stated Casey moved in "fulltime" around the second or third week of June and was there every night.
- After Casey moved in, both Nate and roommate Cameron Campana would quiz Casey on where Caylee was.
- Casey always told them Caylee was at the beach or at Disney.
- Nate said Caylee never mentioned the nanny's name or talked about her ever.

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 02 (.PDF 4.58mg) --- Pages 2321 to 2400

Page 2321-0000: Investigative Report Continued

Page 2321-2324: Nathan "Nate" Lezniewicz 09/15/08 Interview RECAP:
- Nate told Casey he was starting to think she didn't have a child since nobody seen Caylee.
- Nate told Tony don't screw this up since Casey was cooking, laundry
- Nate admitted Casey did smoke pot with them and drank beer in the apartment.
- Nate stated Casey would get drunk though when she was at Fusian Ultra Lounge.
- Casey told Nate she worked at Universal Studios and sometimes at home on her laptop.
- Nate said he neither talked or seen the "Nanny" not even a photo.
- Nate stated Casey said to much fighting and arguing at her house, didn't want Caylee there.
- Nate stated Casey told him her father George abused her in the past.
- Cindy told Nate & Tony 07/15/08 Casey was going to take them for everything they had
- Lee Anthony told Nate he wished he could have warned them about Casey.
- Lee Anthony told Nate that Casey was a pro at passing bad checks
- Lee Anthony suggested Nate, roommates check their checking accounts
- Lee Anthony told Nate "I don't know if she (Casey) has a job or not.

Page 2324-2325: Jean Couty 09/15/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Jean Couty lives across the street from the Anthony family.
- Couty heard two loud arguments between Casey and Cindy in May and June 2008
- Couty said Cindy was always calm but Casey was loud and swearing.
- Couty said Caylee was not seen during these arguements.

Page 2326-2326: Cameron Campana 10/06/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Cameron admitted to using Xanax but never saw Casey use any.
- Cameron stated he never supplied Casey with any Xanax.
- Cameron stated all he could remember was Casey smoking pot, drinking beer
- Cameron said first time Casey slept over she said Caylee was at Cocoa Beach with friend of the family.
- Cameron said Casey's relationship with Cindy was not good. ie: "at each other's throats"
- Cameron said Casey wanted to get Caylee out of her parents home.
- Cameron never seen, met or spoken with the nanny known as Zanny or Zenaida.

Page 2326-2326: Jeffrey Hopkins 10/06/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Hopkins met Casey in middle school and knew each other in High School.
- Hopkins said he and Casey were acquaintances but not really close
- Hopkins said he saw Casey at Waterford Lakes Ale House in July 2008
- Hopkins said Casey was with Brandon Snow, Sean Daly, girl named Lela at Ale House
- Hopkins said after July 2008 Casey started sending mass text messages about Club Fusian.
- Hopkins said he last seen Casey prior to that about a year earlier.
- Hopkins confirmed he had no children nor any in his family named Zackary.
- Hopkins said he did work at Universal Studios but left in 2002
- Hopkins said he never worked with Casey at Universal Studios.
- OCSO NOTE: Casey started working at Universal AFTER Jeffrey Hopkins left (**NEW)

Page 2327-2328: Melina Calabrese 10/09/08 Interview RECAP:
- Melina said she was a long time friend of Casey Anthony since 7th grade
- Melina spent time with Casey in High School then separate ways summer 2004
- Melina said she never seen Casey drinking alcohol or using drugs in High School.
- Melina worked at Universal Studios in 2006 at same time Casey did.
- Melina first learned of Caylee seeing photos on Casey's MySpace.
- Melina said Casey said Caylee's father was Jesse Grund even after DNA testing.
- Casey told Melina, Caylee's father was "Josh" she met at Universal Studios
- Casey told Melina "Josh" was from Georgia and died shortly after Caylee's 2nd birthday
- Melina said her friendship with Casey was on again/off again because of Casey's lies.
- Melina confirmed Casey was telling people she worked at Sports Authority in 2006
- Laura Gibbs (Caylee's babysitter) called Sports Authority and found out Casey didn't work there.
- Laura Gibbs confronted Casey on the Sports Authority lie but Casey still said she worked there.
- Casey told Melina she worked for an event company in Orlando, started just before her birthday 2008
- Casey told Melina it was through this event company that she started working at Fusian Ultra Lounge.
- Melina said the last time she saw Casey was at her birthday in March 2008
- Casey was to shop up at Melina's birthday June 17th but never showed up.
- From June 17th to when Casey was arrested, Melina communicated via MySpace and IM
- Melina said Casey mentioned a sitter at beginning of the year but didn't know names Zanny or Zenaida.
- Melina didn't kinow Juliette Lewis, but knew Jeffrey Hopkins from High School.
- Casey told Melina after Caylee born Cindy was "overbearing", extreme arguements over Caylee.

Page 2328-2360: FBI Laborotory in Quantico, Virginia (Pages missing)
- Evidence indicated decomposition event in Casey's car.
- Hair belonging to either Casey or Caylee found in Casey's car showed signs of decomposition.
- Michael Rickenbach, chemical analyst, confirmed residues of chloroform in spare tire cover.
- Michael Rickenbach, chemical analyst, confirmed residues of chloroform in trunk liner.
- Dr. Arpad Vass, research scientist, concluded portion of odor in trunk of car was decompositional of human origin.

Page 2361-2361: Casey Anthony (Suspect) Information and Driver License Photo
Page 2362-2362: Caylee Anthony (Victim) Informaton and Photos

Page 2363-2363: Anthony M. Lazarro (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo
- Lazarro took photo of Caylee Anthony on 06/02/2008 4:52pm using his cell phone
- Lazarro found handwritten note and receipts in his car believe belonged to Casey Anthony.

Page 2364-2364: Jesse Aron Grund (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo
- Jesse believed he was Caylee's biological father until DNA testing.
- Jesse reported that he hard Caylee's voice 06/24/2008 while talking to Casey on phone
- Jesse later reported he couldn't say with full certainty that he heard Caylee's voice.

Page 2365-2365: Amy Jennifer Huizenga (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo.
Page 2365-2365: Brittany Lee Schieber (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2366-2366: Katie Sue Robinson (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2366-2366: Ricardo Morales (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2367-2367: Troy Andrew Brown (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2368-2368: Lee A. Anthony (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2368-2368: William Ray Waters JR (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2369-2369: Brian Mark Burner (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2369-2369: Cynthia M. Anthony (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2370-2370: George A. Anthony (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)
Page 2370-2370: Lauren Carlene Gibbs (Witness) Information and Driver License Photo. (**NEW)

Page 2371-2375: Evidence Collected by Corporal Eric Edwards
- Four receipts found by Anthony Lazarro:
- #1.) Blockbuster 7702 University Blvd. 06/16/08 19:58 Hrs. Full Sheet
- #2.) Blockbuster 7702 University Blvd. 06/16/08 19:58 Hrs. Full Sheet
- #3.) Hess 11300 University Blvd. 06/17/08 18:31 Hrs.
- #4.) Blockbuster 7702 University Blvd. 06/28/08 21:43 Hrs. Full Sheet

Page 2376-2400: Investigative Narrative
- (Page 2386) Anthony Lazarro said Casey told him while in middle school her brother Lee was "touching" her sexually.
- (Page 2386) Casey told Lazarro she had problems with her father, he had an affair, gambling problem.
- (Page 2387) Jesse Grund said Casey lived her life by the My Space and Facebook.

Page 2393-2400: Amy Huizenga 07/23/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Amy Huizenga stated her roommates were J.P.Chat and Ricardo Morales and that her former roommate was Troy Brown.
- Amy stated she didn't know Troy's friend Melissa [England].
- Amy stated her good friend is Will Waters and that she works with him at Houlihans.
- Amy stated the first time she ever met Casey's mother Cindy was on 07/15/2008 when Caylee was reported missing.
- Amy stated she had always wanted to met Casey's parents because she was planning on living with Casey and Caylee.
- Amy stated Casey told her Cindy was moving to a condo in Winter Park and was turning the Anthony house over to Casey.
- Amy NEVER seen nor spoke to Caylee's "nanny" babysitter that Casey refered to as "Zani."
- Amy stated she never witnessed a phone call to or from the "nanny" babysitter.
- Amy confirmed Casey reported she had two flat tires 05/14/2008 after Amy, Ricardo, Troy returned from Voyage Nightclub.
- Amy, Troy Brown and Casey went to Buffalo Wings in Waterford 05/24/2008 then to a party where Casey first met Tony Lazarro.
- Amy stated Lazarro wasn't DJ'ing the 05/24/2008 party that night but playing beer pong with Casey.
- Amy stated at the "No Clothes party" 05/25/2008 that Casey had somewhat a run-in with a guy named Brandon.
- Amy stated Casey claimed she had a miscarriage with this Brandon and was upset when she seen him at the party.
- Amy stated at Troy's birthday at Voyage 06/04/2008 that Ricardo Morales was upset that Casey brought Tony Lazarro.
- Amy stated on 06/06/2008 Casey claimed her boss sent her to Fusian Ultra Lounge to check on his daughter.
- Amy stated the last time she seen Caylee was 06/09/08 (overnight) and 06/10/08 at Ricardo Morales' apartment.
- Amy stated she may have heard Caylee in the background on a phone call with Casey on 06/13/2008 but she's not sure.
- Amy stated Casey said her father had a "mini" stroke excuse to cancel a planned trip to Jacksonville 06/13/2008.
- Amy stated Casey told her she had been smoking a lot more pot than her once a week smoking pot or a brownie.
- Amy stated Casey told her 06/25/2008 that her car smelled like something died in it, claimed her Dad ran over something.
- Amy stated Casey told her 06/27/2008 part of an animal was plastered to frame of her car but she got rid of it.

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 03 (.PDF 3.20mg) --- Pages 2401 to 2450

Page 2401-2412: Amy Huizenga 07/23/2008 Interview RECAP:
- OCSO NOTE: "According to the phone report Amy Huizenga recieved messages from the phone number of Casey Anthony, 407-619-9286, on June 27th at approximately 11:34 hrs the message read, "There was definitely part of a dead animal plastered to the frame of my car."

- OCSO asked Amy about Caylee's location 06/27/2008, Amy replied: "Uhm, I just remember her mentioning uhm, that you know, the nanny had taken the kids, her and the other kid that she watched, to the beach for the weekend. And uhm, that there was, that her mom was meeting them up there and was probgably there like two days. But they were at the beach longer than what her mom was there according to the story."

- Amy stated Casey text Msg her on 06/27/08 or 06/28/08 asking if she had a gas can.
- 06/30/2008 Amy and Casey went to Target and Amy bought Casey a new gas can.
- Amy recalled Casey spent week 06/30/08 thru 07/05/08 at Morales apartment while Tony Lazarro was out of town.

- Amy on Casey's explanation why Caylee wasn't with her 06/30/08 thru 07/05/08: "Always had an explanation. We never even had to ask. Always had an explanation. We'd just talk about it. She'd also talk about the fact that she was so upset that she barely been able to see Caylee lately. But it's just, you know, it's better for her. She's you know, just playing and having fun. They're going everywhere. They'd gone to you know, Busch Gardens for a while. And she was like, "You know, they're just, you know, she's having fun. So at least she's in a good place and not involved in all of this other stuff," made up stuff that all this other stuff that's happening."

- Amy stated, she, Casey, Troy Brown went to Voyage and Mako's night clubs 07/02/08 and Casey & Troy went out 07/03/08.
- Amy stated Troy said Casey got upset on 07/03/08 when her brother Lee called her that he was coming to look for her.

- Amy stated Casey said Caylee was now at Sea World when they were at William Water's 4th of July party at his residence.
- Amy stated, "Yeah (affirmative), the Fourth, the Fourth of July they're at Sea World. I know there were times in that week that they're at different amusement parks. That they were at Universal. They were, but I don't remember which days she said they were where. The only one I remember specific was Fourth of July and Sea World."

- Amy stated Casey spent 07/05/08 w/Will Waters, even talked w/him on the phone on route picking up Tony Lazarro at the airport.
- Amy picked Casey up 07/08/08 at Lazarro's apartment to drive her to the airport. Casey did not have Caylee.
- Amy stated on 07/15/08 Casey picked her up at the airport, then Amy drove back to airport to get Richard, Troy and J.P.
- Amy stated that she and J.P. went to Florida Mall and that's when Casey's mother Cindy called her 07/15/08 looking for Casey.
- Amy stated Cindy told her about the smell coming from Casey's car trunk.
- Amy stated Cindy told her about Casey's lies, George didn't have a stroke and they weren't getting a divorce or moving.
- Amy stated Cindy told her she hadn't seen Caylee in over a month and Casey kept telling her "She's with the nanny."
- Amy stated Cindy told her Casey was an unfit mother and that she was going to file for custody of Caylee.
- Amy stated Cindy told her they were afraid it was Casey and Caylee in the trunk of the car because of the smell.
- Amy stated Cindy told her Casey had been stealing money from them for years, stolen money from her grandmother.
- Cindy asked, "do you know where Casey works?" And I [Amy] was like, "Universal?" She's like, "I'm not even sure she has a job."

Page 2412-2417: Brittany Schieber 07/24/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Brittany Schieber lives down the street from the Anthony family, and attended High School with Casey.
- Brittany stated she and Casey had a mutual friend, Lauren Gibbs who told her Caylee's father was a one night stand.
- Brittany stated Casey had invited her to Fusian Ultra Lounge 06/12/08, 06/20/08 and 06/25/08 thru text msgs.
- Brittany stated Casey sent text msg 06/09/08 requesting girls who could sing as Lazarro was looking for R&B vocalist.
- Brittany's last text msg was 07/16/08 when Casey stated Caylee had been missing 32 days.
- Cindy told Brittany Caylee's baby doll was in her car seat in Casey's car and a bag of a few diapers, but no clothing.
- Brittany said "Caylee never leaves without her baby doll. She took that baby doll everywhwre she went."
- Cindy told Brittany, Casey said she was going to Jacksonville for a month for a job.
- Cindy told Brittany, Casey said Caylee dropped off at sitters before she left for Jacksonville.
- Cindy told Brittany there were jealousy issues between her and Casey regarding Caylee.
- Cindy told Brittany every time Casey came to the house she was stealing money.
- OCSO asked Brittany if she knew of a nanny and Brittany answered no.

- Brittany stated re: Casey's items missing from her room: "None of, yes. Uhm, Cindy told me that Casey would call occasionally to meet up with her, or have a reason for her mother to leave the hosue, and that gave Casey just enough time to get in the house, take stuff that she needed, but never took any of Caylee's stuff. And Caylee's stuff was never moved. No shoes, no pajamas, no clothes, no dolls, no anything."

- Brittany said Lee Anthony called her 07/16/08 and was frustrated that Casey was giving family false numbers to contact people.
- Brittany stated Lee Anthony called a 2nd time 07/16/08: "He called me back and I answered. And he asked if I was Juliet. And I told him no, that it was Brittany. and he got a little frustrated, saying that he believed, he guessed Casey gave another false number.
- Brittany stated Lee Anthony told her that Juliet was supposedly one of the girls Casey told about caylee.
- Brittany stated she knew of both Jesse [Grund] and Tony [Lazarro] as Casey's boyfriends but she never met either of them.

Page 2417-2417: Katie Sue Robinson 07/24/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Katie Sue Robinson was contacted during area canvass of Saw Grass Apartments.
- Katie stated she had some mutual friends with Casey Anthony but only seen Caylee once in her life.
- Katie stated additional information could be obtained from mutual friends, "Jay Ferrell, Matthew Crisp, Victoria Alveron."

Page 2417-2424: Ricardo Morales 07/25/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Ricardo Morales stated his two roommates were John Phillip Chat and Amy Huizenga.
- Morales stated he met Casey in June 2007 at Amy's [Huizenga] house.
- Morales stated he met Caylee early January 2008 at a barbeque at Troy's house. He started dating Casey Feb 2008.
- Morales stated that Casey and Caylee would spend the night at his place from time to time.
- Morales stated he never heard Casey speak to the nanny but of the nanny.
- Morales stated Casey did call the nanny "Zani" and confirmed one time her name was Zenita.
- Morales never went with Casey to drop Caylee at the nannys and he didn't know Zani's last name.

- Morales stated: "Uhm, for uh, as long as I've know her she said she worked at Universal Studios as an event coordinator. Uhm, and she said she'd been employed by Universal Studios for about four years." - "Uhm, she often spoke of Juliet as an, an uh, another event coordinator that was, she was very good friends with. Uhm, her boss, I know his name was Tom. Uhm, and she spoke of him often too, yeah (affirmative)." - "She talked about it. Uhm, she would say sometimes that she had to work later in the day, but from what I remember she never left straight from my place to work."

- Morales on Casey going to Valencia College: "She went to, she said she was going to Valencia to get an, a certificate in event planning. Uhm, she said she had classes on Thursday uhm, and she frequently had the day off from class."

- Morales did not recall any strong odor coming from Casey's car.
- Morales was not aware that Casey had got a new tatoo or that her car kept running out of gas.
- Morales confirmed that Caylee hit a table in his apartment 01/23/08 and brused her eye.
- Casey told Morales her life sucked because she couldn't do anything because of Caylee.
- Morales confirmed that both Casey and Caylee spent the night at his place 05/29/08, 05/30/08.
- 06/06/2008 Ricardo cook dinner for himself and Casey but she didn't show claiming she had to work all night.
- Morales later found Casey was at Fusian Ultra Lounge 06/06/08, she claimed her boss sent her there to spy on his daughter.
- 06/07/2008 Morales said Casey and Caylee came to his apartment at 11:00pm and spent the night.
- 06/09/2008 Morales said Casey and Caylee came to his apartment late again.
- Morales stated that 07/01/2008 was the first time Casey spent the night without Caylee and she slept on the couch.

- Morales said one time when Casey and Caylee slept over that Caylee was gone when they woke up: "There was one time that I can remember while we were dating that she actually started the night they were both in, in my bed, Uhm, I woke up the next morning and it was just Casey. Caylee, uh, uhm, yeah (affirmative) Casey. And case told me that uhm, her mom had called during the night and wanted her to bring Caylee home. And so she took Caylee back home and then she came back and..."

Page 2424-2429: Troy Brown 07/25/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Troy Brown was introduced to Casey Anthony 06/05/2007 by his old girlfriend Lauren Coppel.
- Troy Brown met with Jesse Grund, Amy Huizenga and Ricardo Morales on 07/20/2008 to work on a timeline together.

- Troy's statement regarding how much Casey paid her nanny: Troy: "Uhm, I uh, my sister does, uh, she's in grad school. Does babysitting. So uhm, uh, we were talking about how much she made. And I thought that it was a low amount for uhm, being a babysitter. And I suggested that we should uhm, ask Casey because she has a nanny. And so we were out, uh, we were watching the uhm, national championship, the college basketball national championship over uh, Richardo's house and my sister and her husband were there. And I asked Casey how much she paid her nanny and she never uh, gave me a concrete answer. She just told me that, "I pay her a lot. Don't worry, she's fine."

- Troy's statement regarding Casey's 05/14/2008 flat tire incident: Troy: "Oh, and I didn't mention this before, but uhm, on the night where she got the two flat tires. Uhm, she said she uh, she actually attempted to, when we couldn't get, because we got one of them on. And we were trying to get, well because there were two, we were trying to get Richardo's spare on the other one and it just wouldn't fit. You know... it was a square peg, a round, you know? And uhm, and then she actually, she was saying she has, she had to get home uhm, for Caylee in the morning. And, and so she actually attempted to drive home on the two flat tires. And then sparks flew and everything was flying. So she pulled off maybe a half mile to a mile down the road. And then we uh, then me, and she parked it a residential neighborhood. I'm not sure which one it was. And then uhm, and then me and Ricardo drove her home."

- 05/24/2008 Troy Brown, Casey and Amy Huizenga met Tony Lazarro for the first time.
- 05/25/2008 Troy Brown, Casey and Amy Huizenga all attended a party together [Reference to "No Clothes Party"].
- 06/24/2008 02:40pm Casey left Troy a message on his Facebook account: "She [Reference to Amy Huizenga] still has yet to move into the house. hell, in the past 9 days, i haven't even been living at the house. DRAMMMMMA. i'll fill ya in later on."
- OCSO: Counting backwards from 06/24/2008, the last date Casey was living at her parents house was 06/16/2008.
- 07/02/2008 Troy, his friend Melissa England, Amy Huizenga and Casey all went out together.
- 07/02/2008 Casey wanted Melissa to get a tattoo but Melissa refused, then Casey showed up with her "Bella Vita" tattoo.
- 07/03/2008 Troy's friend Melissa England and Casey spent like five hours together and Caylee was never mentioned.
- 07/03/2008 Troy, Melissa, Casey all went out. Casey upset after call from her brother Lee who was coming to get her.
- Troy Brown stated Casey's reasons for not going to Puerto Rico was she needed to find a place to live and needed a car.
- Troy Brown stated Casey seemed on a roller coaster of emotions, seeming carefree then upset when contact with her family.

Page 2429-2450: Lee Anthony (Casey's Brother) 07/29/2008 Interview RECAP:
- 07/15/2008 Lee said smell was so horrible in Casey's car in the garage, he couldn't stay there more than 2 min.
- 07/15/2008 Lee arrived at his parents home before Cindy and Casey even arrived.
- Lee Anthony never heard Casey ever call the babysitter anything other than "the nanny."
- Lee Anthony never heard the name "zani" or "Zenaida" until 07/15/2008 when Casey was talking to OCSO.
- Lee Anthony said Casey never provided food, clothing, shelter, toys to Caylee, his parents did all that.
- Lee Anthony asked Casey why she won't let them see Caylee and she answered "Well maybe I'm a spiteful bitch."
- Lee Anthony said before the cops even arrived that Casey said, "I haven't seen Caylee in thirty-one days."
- After Casey then says Caylee was kidnapped, Cindy immediately says, "What have you done?"
- Lee Anthony said Casey said that the family are not to trust Jesse Grund.
- 06/05/2008 was the last time Lee Anthony saw Caylee on his mother's birthday.
- Lee Anthony confirmed that Tony Lazarro came to his parents home the day Casey got the gas cans.
- 07/15/2008 Casey told Lee car smell was from 2 dead squirrels that died under the hood on 06/05/2008.
- 07/15/2008 Lee said stuff of Casey's he picked up at Tony's was too neat, organized, unlike Casey.
- Lee said his father always cleans the cars every weekend inside and out, habit from being a car dealer.
- Lee said his father worked as car salesmen after he left law enforcement, 6-7 years before they moved to Florida.
- Lee told OCSO that Casey claimed she did stake out watching her parents house.
- Lee said Casey said 31 days Caylee had been missing as though she was counting.
- Lee Anthony concluded that 31 days from 07/15/2008 was approx. 06/15/2008 since Caylee missing.

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 04 (.PDF 3.36mg) --- Pages 2451 to 2500

Page 2451-2452: Lee Anthony (Casey's Brother) 07/29/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Lee Anthony said Cindy didn't know how George could drive Casy's car 07/15/2008 as the small was so bad.
- Lee said no receipts found in Casey's stuff at Tony's showed she had anything for Caylee.
- OCSO noted as of the date of this report that Lee has not reported any additional information.

Page 2452-2453: Will Waters 07/30/2008 Interview RECAP:

Page 2453-2459: Brian Burner (Anthony's neighbor) 07/30/2008 Interview RECAP:
- 06/10/2008 Burner drove his family to Chicago for vacation
- 06/16/2008 06:00pm Brian Burner and family returned from Chicago
- 06/17/2008 Burner recalled seeing Casey's car back into her parents garage.
- 06/18/2008 or 06/19/2008 01:30pm (approx) Brian Burner said Casey borrowed his shovel (car backed in)
- 06/18/2008 or 06/19/2008 02:30pm (approx) Brian Burner said Casey returned his shovel
- 06/18/2008 or 06/19/2008 02:30pm (approx) Brian Burner said Casey didn't appear muddy or sweaty.
- 06/20/2008 (early afteroon) Brian Burner saw Casey back into the garage at her parents home.
- 06/23/2008 Brian Burner recalls seeing a pickup truck, hearing Casey's voice, along with a male at Anthony's garage.
- 06/24/2008 George Anthony told Burner's son an FYI that his shed was broken into and gas can stolen.

Page 2459-2460: Cindy Anthony (Casey's Mother) 07/31/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Cindy stated that she did not take Caylee to the beach.
- Cindy stated she and George went to the beach on a weekend of her vacation.
- Cindy was on vacation the first week of June 2008
- Cindy stated Caylee was with her most of her vacation week, in the pool and Publix on Lee Vista.
- Re: Jesse Grund, Cindy felt Jesse was disappointed that Caylee wasn't his child
- Re: Jesse Grund, Cindy was told Jesse had child by previous girlfriend.
- Re: Jesse Grund, Cindy was told Jesse's "other child" was babysat by same nanny that Casey later used for Caylee.
- Re: Jesse Grund, Cindy caught Jesse and Casey in bedroom in 2005 and a confrontation took place.
- Re: Jesse Grund, Cindy said Jesse would babysit Caylee at their house while everybody was at work.
- Cindy stated Caylee's father was named "Eric", a school friend of Caseys
- Cindy stated Caylee's father was killed but Casey stayed in touch with his widow and Caylee has half brother.
- Cindy stated she and George drafted paperwork with attorney for power of attorney if anything happened to Casey.
- Cindy said Casey told her "Zanny" had a new car after her last car was totaled.
- Cindy said her recollection was that "Zanny" had no children of her own.
- Cindy was told that "Zanny" was in a hospital in Tampa due to a car accident.
- 06/24/2008 Cindy was told "Zanny's" sister and mother drove to Tampa from Orlando to visit "Zanny".
- 06/25/2008 Cindy said Casey drove to Orlando to get "Zanny's" insurance papers
- 06/25/2008 Cindy said Casey then stopped at the house and had confrontation with George regarding gas can theft.
- Cindy reported she had no knowledge of Casey taking her Toyota from the home address.

Page 2461-2467: Jesse Grund (Casey's Ex-Fiance) 07/31/2008 Interview RECAP:

Page 2468-2468: 07/31/2008 Meeting: Cpl Edwards, FBI, Sgt Allen, Cpl Melich:
- FBI interview with George Anthony reported Casey took Cindy's SUV, traveled on 408 and George followed her.

Page 2468-2479: Cindy Anthony (Casey's Mother) 08/04/2008 Interview RECAP:
- Cindy said Lauren Gibbs was one of Casey's best friends and use to babysit Caylee.
- Cindy reported Jeff Hopkins dated "Zanny" when they first met.
- Cindy reported Casey stated dating Jeff Hopkins and "Zanny" would babysit both children.
- Cindy reported "Zanny's" roommate "Jennifer" would babysite if "Zanny" wasn't available.
- Cindy stated she would voluntarily bring Casey's gray pants to law inforcement
- Cindy did not return later phone calls and the pants were recovered during a search warrant.

Page 2479-2499: George Anthony (Casey's Father) 08/04/2008 Interview RECAP:
- George did not have a stroke on 06/13/2008 as Casey told her friend Amy
- 06/16/2008 was the last time George saw his granddaughter Caylee.
- George stated he seen Casey take Cindy's SUV, he chased her on 408. He said check E pass records for date.
- 06/24/2008 George discovered his shed lock broke and made police report on stolen gas cans.
- 06/24/2008 George discovers Casey at the house, then discovers she has the stolen gas cans in her trunk
- 06/24/2008 Casey wouldn't let George in the trunk, she opened it and said "Here are your f..ing cans"
- 06/24/2008 George did not look in the trunk of the car.
- George Anthony said he felt for two years that his daughter hasn't been working.
- George stated he knew Casey's using another computer to send e-mails to herself.
- George said he and Cindy found out Casey was bringing boyfriends to the house when they weren't there.
- George recalls day when pool ladder was on the pool, gate was open but he couldn't remember what day.
- George didn't like the smell in Casey's car when they picked it up at Johnson Towing.
- 07/15/2008 After George came home (Night of 911 calls), Cindy sent him back to work, said she'd take care of things.
- George claimed he'd provide e pass records but as date of this report he has not provided any e pass accounts.

Page 2499-2499: 08/06/2008 OCSO Det. Mark Hussey contacted Tampa Police Department:
- No information was discovered to gave any credibility Casey's story re: "Zanny" in Tampa hospital

Page 2499-2499: Anthony Lazarro Phone Interview 08/07/2008:
- 06/23/2008 Lazarro recalled going to Anthony home with Casey for gas cans, saw neighbor.
- 06/16/2008 Lazarro said he spent this day with Casey.
- 06/17/2008 Lazarro said he spent this day with Casey, even missed school to stay with her.
- Lazarro said Caylee Anthony was not at his apartment on 06/16/2008 or 06/17/2008

Page 2499-2499: 08/07/2008 Detective Karen Toledo researched Anthony's E-Pass Records:
- The E-Pass records DO NOT support George Anthony's account re: chasing Casey in Cindy's SUV.

Page 2499-2499: 08/07/2008 Mark Fuhrman met with Orange County Investigators:
- 06/17/2008 is the date Mark Fuhrman said George and Cindy stated the gate was open and pool ladder moved.
- 06/17/2008 was date also reported pool supply box was also moved near the pool.
- Mark Fuhrman said this date was very specific yet George could not provide date during his interview.
- Mark Fuhrman also reported that George and Cindy explained Cindy and Casey had arguement on 15th or 16th June.
- Mark Fuhrman also reported Cindy stated she would like to know one way or another if Caylee is dead or alive.

Page 2500-2500: Anthony Lazarro INTERVIEW 09/08/2008 RECAP:
- Lazarro positively ID'd colored photos from Blockbuster surveilance video 06/16/2008 of himself and Casey.
- 06/16/2008 Lazarro stated they stayed up late watching movies that he skipped school 06/17/2008.
- Lazarro stated he and Casey stayed in bed late the morning of 06/17/2008.

Page 2500-2500: William Waters Telephone call to Cpl Eric Edwards 09/16/2008:
- Waters was concerned of being accused on TV of having information on location of Caylee Anthony.
- Waters statedhe had no knowledge of Caylee's whereabouts, claim was determined to be unfounded.

Page 2500-2500: Katie Sue Robinson Called 09/17/2008 by Cpl Eric Edwards:
- OCSO was called Katie Robinson regards to additional information she may have re: Sawgrass
- Katie Robinson agreed to come to OCSO 09/18/2008 10:00am but fail to show up.

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 05 (.PDF 2.82mg)

Page 2501-2501: Katie Sue Robinson Called 09/25/2008 by Cpl Eric Edwards: (**NEW)
- Attempt to reschedule interview, Katie Robinson was unwilling to be interviewed.
- Katie Robinson stated Casey was good friend with Vicky Aleman and suggested LE contact her.

Page 2501-2501: Casey Anthony was taken into custody by members of the OCSO:
- While in an unmarked vehicle, Casey Anthony invoked her rights, her Miranda rights were read.
- During the trip to jail Casey spoke of willingness to assist LE, but that her offers were never acted upon.
- Asked if Attorney Jose Baez responded would she still be willing to assist, she answered "yes."

- "As the unmarked car exited I-4 towards John Young Parkway, Corporal Eric Edwards advised Casey Anthony that a right hand turn would take her directly to jail and a left hand turn would take her to an opportunity to assist in the search efforts. Casey Anthony requested that the left hand turn be made and her attorney was called. Casey Anthony was put in a recorded interview room and Corporal Eric Edwards allowed her to utilize a cellular phone. She called her attorney, the number called was 407-705-2626. After Casey Anthony spoke to Attorney Jose Baez, Corporal Eric Edwards was handed to phone and he spoke to Attorney Jose Baez. Jose Baez responded to the Orange County Sheriff's Office Central Operations Building. Attorney Jose Baez was afforded an opportunity to speak with Casey Anthony. At the conclusion of that conversation, Attorney Jose Baez requested that Casey Anthony be taken to the Orange County Jail. No additional information was made available by Casey Anthony during this contact. Casey Anthony was transported to the Orange County Jail. Corporal Eric Edwards read Casey Anthony the warrant and her charges. She was then booked into jail."

Page 2502-2502: Anthony Lazarro INTERVIEW 10/16/2008
- OCSO recorded lengthy interview with Anthony Lazarro as they traveled to loctions.
- Anthony Lazarro traveled with OCSO to location where Casey first ran out of gas.
- Lazarro traveled with OCSO to amscot at intersection of Goldenrod and State Road 50.
- Lazarro traveled with OCSO to Lazarro's old apartment he rented at the time of Caylee's disappearance.

Page 2502-2502: Ricardo Morales INTERVIEW 10/27/2008

- FURTHER POLICE ACTION REQUIRED: Transcripts outstanding
- REFERRED TO: State Attorney's Office
- DATED: November 5, 2008

Page 2503-2505: FBI Laboratory - Report of Examination 08/01/2008
- 07/30/2008 Date Specimens Received - Items from Vehicle - Florida Tag # G63 XV
- Q1 Debris from front edge of trunk (Item Q-1)
- Q2 Debris from interior trunk floor (Item Q-2)
- Q3 Debris from right side interior fender well (Item Q-3)
- Q4 Debris from spare tire cover (Item Q-4)
- Q5 Debris from spare tire cover (Item Q-5)
- Q6 Debris from right side of trunk liner (Item Q-6)
- Q7 Debris from middle of the trunk liner (Item Q-7)
- Q8 Debris from left side of trunk liner (Item Q-8)
- Q9 Debris from left side of trunk liner (Item Q-9)
- Q10 Debris from left side of trunk liner (Item Q-10)
- Q11 Debris from left directional wire (Item Q-11)
- Q12 Debris from left side of trunk liner (Item Q-12)
- Q12.1 Hair from specimen Q12 debris from left side of trunk liner

- 07/30/2008 Date Specimens Received - Items Listed as Belonging to Victime-Caylee Marie Anthony.
- Q15 Hairbrush (Item K-3)
- Q16 Comb (Item K-4)
- K2 Head hair sample from Casey Anthony (Items K-8 and K-9)

- Results of examinations: "A Causasian head hair found in specimen Q12 exhibits characteristics of apparent decomposition at the proximal (root) end. This hair is microscopically similar to the Causasian head hair recovered from the Q15 hairbrush, however a more meaningful conclusion can not be reached as this is not a suitable known hair sample. The proximal (root) portion of the hair, which exhibits the apparent decomposition has been preserved on a glass microscope slide. The remainder of the hair, designated Q12.1, has been submitted for mitochondrial DNA analysis. No other hairs exhibiting characteristics of apparent decomposition were found in specimens Q1 through Q7 and Q10 through Q12. No hairs were found in specimens Q8 and Q9. Due to the circumstances of the case, no other trace evidence examinations were conducted. The specimens were examined visually using stereo-microscopy and comparison microscopy."

Page 2506-2507: FBI Laboratory - Report of Examination 08/06/2008
- 08/05/2008 Date Specimens Received - Items from Vehicle - Florida Tag # G63 XV
- Q22 Piece of spare tire cover (OCSO Item #22, Q-18)
- Q23 Spare tire cover (OCSO Item #26, Q-21)
- Q24 Left side of trunk liner (OCSO Item #25, Q-20)
- Q25 Right side of trunk liner (OCSO Item #24, Q-19)
- Q26 Debris from trunk (OCSO Item #1, Q-14)
- Q27 Debris from inside trunk (OCSO Item #3, Q-15)
- Q28 Debris from trunk interior and fender well interior (OCSO Item #6, Q-17)

- Results of examinations: "Specimens Q22 through Q25 and debris collected from specimens Q26 through Q28 were examined fro the presence of hairs exhibiting characteristics of apparent decomposition; however none were found. Hairs and fibers collected from specimens Q23 through Q28 have been preserved on glass microscope slides and in vacuum canisters for possible future comparisons. The specimens were examined visually using stereo-microscopy and comparison microscopy."

Page 2508-2510: FBI Laboratory - Report of Examination 08/08/2008
- 07/30/2008 Date Specimens Received - Items were examined in the DNA Analysist UNit II
- Q12.1 Hair from specimen Q12 debris from left side of trunk liner
- K1 Buccal sample from Casey Anthony (Items K-6 and K-7)

- Results of examinations: "Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences were obtained from the Q12.1 from the hair from the Q12 debris from the left side of the trunk liner and the K1 buccal sample identified as coming from Casey Anthony, identified as the mother of Caylee Marie Anthony. The mtDNA sequences obtained from items Q12.1 and K1 are the same. Therefore, neither Casey Anthony nor Caylee Marie Anthony can be excluded as the source of the Q12.1 hair."

Page 2511-2512: Air Analysis Results 07/30/2008 - Michael E. Sigman. Ph.D.
- 07/29/2008 Analysis conducted for OCSO
- Findings: "Sample 1 was not analyzed at NCFS. Samples 2-4 provided evidence for low concentrations of volatile organic chemicals in the trunk of the automobile. Samples 5a and 5b provided evidence for the presence of gasoline vapors in the trunk, as determined by comparison of the GC-MS data to data of the same type in an ignitable liquids database maintains by the National Center for Forensic Science (NCFS). In addition to the gasoline components, Samples 5a and 5b also contained dimethyl disulfide,tetrachloroethene and chloroform. Samples 5c and 5d were not analyzed by NCFS. Analysis of Sample 6 also provided evidence for the presence of gasoline vapor in the automobile trunk."

- Interpretation of findings: "Dimethyl disulfide, tetrachloroethene and chloroform are known to be liberated from decomposition of human remains. These three compounds were not found in a representative gasoline sample in the NCFS database. Dimethyl disulfide also occurs naturally in cabbage and onion. Tetrachloroethene is used in dry cleaning and may be used in spot removers. Chloroform may be used as a degreaser and may be formed through the reaction of chlorine bleach with some organic chemicals. Based on these results, it is my opinion that the presence of dimethyl disulfide, tetrachloroethene and chloroform does not conclusively demonstrate that human decomposition was previously present in the automobiles trunk due to other possible sources of these materials."

Page 2513-2517: Odor Analysis of Trunk Carpet Sample 08/26/2008 - Arpad Vass, Ph.D.

Page 2518-2531: Test Results determination of decompositional event 09/24/2008 - Arpad Vass, Ph.D.
- Conclusions: "the correlation between all the techniquest, the comparison to what is known about the decomposition of human and animal remains, indications of early decomposition products and the presence of the five key major compounds associated with human decomposition (primarily the sulfur containing compounds) indicates that a portion of the total ordor signature identified in the Florida vehicle trunk is consistant with a decompositional event that could be of human origin. Additional components that made up a portionof the total order signature included gasoline constrituents and an unusually large concentration of chloroform - far greater than what is typically seen in human decompisition."

Page 2532-0000: Amscot Financial Records 07/24/2008 Casey M. Anthony

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 06 (.PDF 3.46mg)

Page 0000-0000:

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 07 (.PDF 2.58mg) --- Pages 2601 to 2650

Page 2601-2605: Cindy Anthony's AT&T Cell phone (407-808-4721) records for March 2008 (**NEW)
- 03/17/2008 (M) 11:15am Incoming 866-547-2606 (?min)
- 03/17/2008 (M) 02:24pm Incoming 866-547-2606 (?min)
- 03/17/2008 (M) 04:24pm Incoming 407-629-9286 (6min)
- 03/17/2008 (M) 06:18pm Incoming 8??-549-6053 (?min)
- 03/17/2008 (M) 06:19pm VMAIL--- 407-808-4751 (5min)
- 03/17/2008 (M) 06:23pm 800 ------ 800-756-5626 (2min) Bank of America
- 03/17/2008 (M) 06:26pm WINTER- 407-629-9286 (2min)
- 03/21/2008 (F) 08:12am 800------- 800-756-5626 (4min) Bank of America
- 03/21/2008 (F) 08:34am 800------- 800-756-5626 (2min) Bank of America
- 03/21/2008 (F) 08:35am 800------- 800-756-5626 (2min) Bank of America
- 03/21/2008 (F) 08:53am 800------- 800-756-5626 (6min) Bank of America
- 03/21/2008 (F) 05:51pm VMAIL--- 407-808-4751 (2min)
- 03/21/2008 (F) 06:44pm WINTER- 407-629-9286 (?min)
- 03/21/2008 (F) 07:45pm Incoming 407-629-9286 (4min)

Page 2601-2605: Cindy Anthony's AT&T Cell phone (407-808-4731) records for March 2008

Page 2615-2615: Iassen Youriev Donov Information and Driver License Photo

Page 2616-2631: Iassen Youriev Donov "doorknob375" IM snippits with "casey o marie"
- 06/13/2008 11:10:20am: "casey o marie" inviting "doorknob375" to Fusian
- 06/19/2008 01:42:55pm: "casey o marie" inviting "doorknob375" to Fusian
- 06/20/2008 11:27:54am: "casey o marie" inviting "doorknob375" to Fusian
- 06/27/2008 05:39:35pm: "casey o marie" inviting "doorknob375" to Fusian
- 07/13/2008 11:26:21am: "casey o marie": "can't wait to get into my own place"
- 07/13/2008 11:26:28am: "doorknob375": "when is that happening?"
- 07/13/2008 11:26:37am: "casey o marie": "probably within the next week"
- 07/13/2008 11:26:42am: "doorknob375": "oh true, you and tony?"
- 07/13/2008 11:26:50am: "casey o marie": "just me and the kid"
- 07/13/2008 11:27:02am: "casey o marie": "possibly in winter park villas"
- 07/13/2008 11:29:32am: "doorknob375": "so what do u do when u work? with the kid that is"
- 07/13/2008 11:29:46am: "casey o marie": "i have a nanny. i love her."
- 07/13/2008 11:29:55am: "doorknob375": "how much do they charge?"
- 07/13/2008 11:29:55am: "casey o marie": "we've been friends for over 6 years. definitely someone i trust"
- 07/13/2008 11:30:09am: "casey o marie": "i pay her a lot more than most nanny's make"
- 07/13/2008 11:30:55am: "casey o marie": "she's a friend. between myself, and one of the coworkers, it's her main source of income"
- 07/13/2008 11:40:51am: "doorknob375": "wheres the other guy?"
- 07/13/2008 11:40:53am: "doorknob375": "the spanish guy"
- 07/13/2008 11:41:14am: "casey o marie": "ricardo and i aren't really even friends anymore"
- 07/13/2008 11:41:21am: "casey o marie": "we stopped dating in march, right around my birthday"

Page 2632-2641: Anthony Lazarro's Cell Phone Number log"

Page 2642-2644: Anthony Lazarro's Text Messages with Casey 07/16/2008"

Page 2645-2650: Anthony Lazarro's e-mail from Annie Downing fwd to Yuri Melich (OCSO) 07/24/2008"
- 07/23/2008 Text Message from Annie to Anthony Lazarro FWD to Yuri Melich (OCSO)
- 07/16/2008 Text Message between Casey and Anthony Lazzoro FWD to Yuri Melich (OCSO)

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 08 (.PDF 3.40mg)

Page 0000-0000:

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 09 (.PDF 2.56mg)

Page 0000-0000:

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 10 (.PDF 3.83mg) --- Pages 2751 to 2800

Page 2751-2775: CD Contents of 06/20/08 Fusian photos of Casey by John Azzilonna

Page 2776-2779: Document forms that can barely be read

Page 2780-2780: Handwritten paper found in Tony's car with "Casey Lazarro" scribbles

Page 2781-2784: Calendar (May,June,July) Island of Adventure, Universal Studios

Page 2785-2785: Yahoo E-mail from Cheryl Davis (cheryl.davis76@yahoo.com) re: Battle of the Bands
- To: trusiano775@yahoo.com; gabbygabe4@hotmail.com; caseyomarie@yahoo.com; justme@gmail.com; manny45@hotmail.com; gapgirl4@yahoo.com, senoramoe@yahoo.com; riggrigg79889@gmail.com; sweetprin@gmail.com; jlewis84@yahoo.com; bbsmom322@gmail.com; general5o@hotmail.com

Page 2786-2786: Amy Huizenga's Resume - Stage Management

Page 2787-2788: OCSO Suppliment 21 (10/22/2008) Sawgrass Apartments
- Casey told OCSO Investigator Sawgrass Apt#210 had furniture and children's toys inside.
- OCSO Investigator could clearly see Apt#210 was vacant, confirmed by Sawgrass since 02/2008
- Casey told the Investigator she had been inside Apt#210 several times.
- Last resident of Sawgrass Apt#210 was a white female, since evicted.
- Sawgrass Mangement did computer search for combination names:
- Negative Search combinations results: Zenaida, Gonzlaez, Fernandez, Gonzalez, Gonzales, Fernandes
- One Silver Ford Focus located on Sawgrass property belonging to a white female.

Page 2789-2794: OCSO obtaining hair and buccal swab, photos of Casey Anthony 07/21/2008

Page 2795-2798: Computer Forensic Report Case # 08-074777 - Ricardo Morales 10/28/08
- MacBook Laptop Hard drive 60GB Toshiba, Model: MK6034GSX. Operating System: Mac OS X
- 02/09/2008 It appears that a user logged on to the caseyomarie@yahoo.com account
- 04/08/2008 It appears a user logged on to the Facebook account named "Casey Anthony"
- There are no search hits for the misspelled word "chloraform."
- There are no web pages or pictures referencing "chloroform" on this computer.
- Search for "peroxide", "acetone", "xanax", "zanny", "zani", and "xanny" (no value)
- Search results for "Casey", "Caylee", and "zenaida" were online current news articles

Page 2799-2800: Computer Forensic Report 08/20/2008 Case # 08-074777 (Anthony's Computers)
- George and Cindy Anthony's Computers - Summary of findings after August 20, 2008
- HP Desktop Computer user profile "owner" required password "rico23" set on 05/14/08.
- HP Desktop Computer user profile "casey" required no logon password.
- Compaq Laptop user profile "bobby" required no logon password.
- HP Desktop forensics showed a user Google searches on the following dates:
- 03/17/2008 13:43:41 to 13:55:34 "chloraform", "alchohol", "acetone", and "peroxide"
- 03/17/2008 13:53:25 to 13:58:38 Wikipedia searches: "inhalation", "chloroform", "alcohol", "Acetone", "peroxide", "hydrogen peroxide", and "death"
- 03/21/2008 14:16:30 to 14:28:18 "how to make chloraform", "how to make chloroform" [spelled correctly], "self defense", "household weapons", "neck breaking", and the word 'shovel"
- 03/21/2008 14:16:34 to 14:28:26 Wikipedia searches: "Shovel"
- 03/21/2008 web sources such as blogspot.com, sci-spot.com, druglibrary.org and instructables.com for the words "making weapons out of the household products", "chloroformhabit", "chloroform", "how to make chloroform", and "chloro2".
- HP Desktop search for keyword "death" appears in deleted yahoo web mail fragments.
- HP Desktop search for keyword "Universal" appears in yahoo webmail fragments.
- Both HP Desktop and Laptop search for "hopkins" referenced Facebook profile for Jeffery Hopkins ID#707917422
- 06/16/2008 for HP Desktop showed no activity between the hours of 0100 and 0700, the 0900 hour, the noon hour and again between 1500 and 2300 hours.
- 06/16/2008 for Laptop showed several system files accessed during 1600 hour but no user activity.
- 06/17/2008 for HP Desktop showed no activity in the 0200 hour, between 0500 and 0800, 0900 to 1200 hours and again between 1500 and 2300 hours.
- 06/17/2008 for Laptop showed several system files accessed during midnight hour and again during 1400-1500 hours. There was Safari Internet activity during the 1600 hours and other user activity between 1900-2300 hours.

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 11 (.PDF 4.16mg) --- Pages 2801 to 2850

Page 2801-2802: Computer Forensic Report Case # 08-074777 (Anthony's Computers) (**NEW)
- George and Cindy Anthony's Computers - Summary of findings after August 20, 2008
- **HP Desktop (OCSO search) "mike16acres" referenced MySpace and Photobucket websites.
- Compaq Laptop (OCSO search) "mike16acres" results no references.
- Fragment of Yahoo web mail from "Cheryl Davis, East Coast VP of Marketing" (See Page 2846-2847)

- 05/14/2008 email from "Thomas.Franck@events.universal.com" Subject: **EVENT TONIGHT
From Tom [thomas.franck@events.universal.com] To: C.Anthony@events.universal.com, Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 12:20:05 PM, subject **EVENT TONIGHT, Hello All. NBC called in a favor, and are hosting yet another event at Studios. Please report in by 7:30pm. Dress attire. Bring jeans, just in case. Not everyone will be required to dress-up, but I'm not sure who I'm putting where. Call me if you have any questions. I'll be back in the office around 6. Thomas Franck, Event Director, East Coast Operations"

- ***Fragment of Yahoo web mail "can't sleep, stupid hot flashes wake me up.." - "can't sleep, stupid hot flashes wake me up then I start thinking about you and Caylee. Dad said he went to work at 9am and he got home at 6:30p, he said he did not come home in between. I don't know who or what to believe anymore. You've told me everytday that you were going to call me and you haven't but you choose to call when you know know I won't be home. What the hell is going on? I've tried not to bug you to death but I still haven't gotten to see pictures of Caylee or gotten to speak to her. It's been over a month now. Am I ever going to see her again? are you still with Jeff? Are you going back to work? I saw on the news that anheiser Bush is being bought by a foreign company that doesn not want the theme parks only the beer part of the Co. What is that all about they're talking Disney or Universal may get to buy the theme parks. I though Universal already merged with them? I'm not sure how much longer I can continue on this day to day course. I'm going freakin nuts not knowing what's going on with you. I had a breakdown at work, can't take much more stres"

www.acandyrose.com notes:
**http://www.myspace.com/mike16acres (Mike Lowe) Occupation: News Cameraman/Tattoo Artist
Colonial High School Orlando,Florida, Graduated: 2001
*** Estimate date of 07/13/2008 for "can't sleep" web mail (when "Anheiser Busch bought by foreign company")

Page 2803-2843: CD Contents of 06/20/08 Fusian photos of Casey by John Azzilonna

Page 2844-2845: HP Desktop and Laptop Activity Charts for 06/16/08 and 06/17/08

Page 2846-2846: Property form for Ricardo Morales MAC book computer/charger 10/27/2008 (**NEW)

Page 2847-2847: Fragment of Yahoo web mail from "Cheryl Davis, East Coast VP of Marketing"
- "Good Afternoon. I'm letting you all know that I will be back in town, sometime late this evening. I had to make a trip back to Tampa, to complete the workshop. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I know that we have some new people starting tomorrow, which is wonderful! I can't wait to meet each of you. I will be stopping tomorrow morning, and make keys for everyone, so there won't be any further disruptions in the regular day-to-day shuffle. I heard that things went great last night, and that surely its a relief. Tomorrow night, we are switching things up a bit.; There will be an opening act, thanks to Gabe and Mike's promotions over the past few days. We are also trying to set-up the Battle of the Bands, for the first weekend of June. I'll update you more on that, as we sign more artists. As of right now, we have 25 confirmed, and another 15 that have been invited, over the past few months. We do however need to get more help before then, so if you know anyone interested in volunteering for the event, or anyone interested in a part-time postion, please have them forward me their resume, and we will get things put together as quickly as possible.

I'll be checking in with Tony periodically, and I will update you as I have more information.

Don't forget, black polos, dark jeans, and black shoes for LIFEHOUSE.

Casey, VIP reservations need to be confirmed before 5pm today. Please email me when you have done so. I know you already hae the list, and had started making calls last week. Just remember how important it is that we make last minute adjustments flow as gracefully as we can.

Justine, the Back Stage area will be revamped for tomorrow night's performance. Check with me for the new layout after 8am tomorrow mornning.

Manuel, Ticket Sales havfe not yet been sold out. However, we see the numbers rises very quickly.; I will make sure that you hae plenty of estra hands.

We are placing Juliet, Bonnie, and Hector as the floaters, meaning, they will take turns learning the ropes with each of you, throughtout the night. The buddy system always seems to work the bst, so here's to hoping!

I'll be in touch. Someone has to keep things going :) Cheryl Davis, East Coast VP of Marketing/Sales."

Page 2848-2850: Computer Forensic Cell Phone Report "Nokia RH-87" 10/21/2008
- Nokia RH-87, model 2610 cellular phone software was updated
- As a result of the software update, OSCO was able to extract additional data.
- OCSO Forensics extracted 391 more incoming messages from cell phone

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 12 (.PDF 9.69mg) --- Pages 2851 to 2900

Page 2851-2900: Computer Forensic Cell Phone Report "Nokia RH-87" (**NEW)

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 13 (.PDF 3.06mg)

Page 2901-2906: Computer Forensic Cell Phone Report "Nokia RH-87" (**NEW)

Page 2907-2907: Shirley Plesea hand written letter to Yuri Melich (**NEW)

Page 2908-2950: Shirley Plesea e-mails to her sister, son Rick and daughter Cindy (**NEW)

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 14 (.PDF 2.70mg)

Page 2951-2980: Rick Plesea e-mails with Cindy Anthony Fwd to Yuri Melich (OCSO): (**NEW)

Page 2981-2981: Rick Plesea Driver License Information and PHOTO (**NEW)

Page 2982-2987: Rick Plesea's postings on the MSN Groups Forum (**NEW)

Page 2988-3010: Rick Plesea's postings on Topix Forum "Oh Well Thread III" (**NEW)

RECAP by "www.acandyrose.com" for www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)
RESOURCE: http://www.wesh.com/news/18152171/detail.html

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 15 (.PDF 4.94mg) --- Pages 3011 to 3061

Page 3011-3016: "RickA1P71" (Cindy's brother) postings on Topix Forum (**NEW)

Page 3017-3027: Rick Plesea e-mails with Cindy Anthony Fwd to Yuri Melich (OCSO): (**NEW)

Page 3028-3030: Lois Jean Peter STATEMENT 08/29/2008 Regarding Dakota RECAP:
- 08/01/2008 Lois Peter and daughter Dakota (age12) offered to volunteer for Caylee vigil.
- Lee Anthony's girlfriend mother, Jody Parker offered to drive Dakota to vigil.
- 08/03/2008 Lois and Dakota went to Cindy/George's home, they gave Dakota a tour
- 08/08/2008 Dakota arranged a vigil thru church pastor for Caylee in St. Cloud
- 08/23/2008 Lois got e-mail from Casey wanting to met Dakota (Plus 3 more emails)
- Cindy Anthony alerted Lois not to tell anybody about Casey writing to Dakota
- 08/24/2008 Cindy gave Dakota an envelope w/letter from Casey plus a braclet Casey made
- Cindy Anthony alerted Lois not to tell anybody about Casey giving Dakota a braclet
- Cindy told Dakota to be at computer 08/27/2008 to wait for message from Casey.
- 08/27/2008 Dakota heard DNA news on TV, started screaming, ran from the house
- 08/27/2008 Dakota told Lois she wanted to die and will kill herself if Caylee's dead.
- 08/29/2008 Dakota is currently in Psychiatric care at Park Place in Kissimmee, FL

Page 3031-3032: Dakotas mom Myspace Email to "myspace/401605006"

- 08/21/2008 06:25am Dakotas mom wrote to "myspace/401605006": "Hi my name is Lois I am in St. Coud Fl my daughter Dakota held that candlight a couple weeks ago. We pray for Caylee every hour we possibly Dakota cries daily wanting to find Caylee. I love your profile that song 'keep holding on' was sang by my 12 yr to Cindy and George and Lee at the vigil she copied a cd of it for them to listen to. Just wanted to say hello and let you know we are all here for Caylee. God Bless Lois Please add me as a friend also I'd like to keep in touch"

Page 3031-3032: Dakotas mom Myspace Email to "myspace/401605006"

- 08/22/2008 03:17am Dakotas mom wrote to "myspace/401605006": "Good moring Saw that u are online and just wanted to say hello. I had a real rough afternoon and evening last night. My daughter Dakota is so distraught over the taunting that Cindy and George and Caey are getting she was so upset that she changed her clothes into her Caylee t shirt and ran out the door in the pouring rain I had the entire neighborhood looking for her. I found her dripping wet walking in a trance back from the lake front. I emauiled george and thank God Cindy called Dakota last night she really needed to hear from Cindy. Dakota is emtionally touched by this as she was abandoned by her mohter my daughter and has bonded to George and Cindy. She cried so hard asking "why didd God let this happen" She is so young and just does not understand she wnats to meet Casey just to give her a big hug. Dakota has adopted geroge and cindy a grandparents and no one better say or do anything in front of her concerning the anthony family. I let her see your web site which comforted her some. Are you immediate family? I know we all are a part of this family too. God Bless you hope to hear from you soon Lois"

Page 3034-3034: Dakotas mom's 08/22/2008 e-mail to Casey Anthony re: Dakota

- 08/22/2008 03:19pm Dakotas mom e-mail to Casey Anthony regarding Dakota: "Hi Casey, This is Lois, Dakotas mom I'm sure your mom has tod you all about Dakota. She is very anxious to meet u also and give u a great big hug. Keep strong girl. Have mom play you the recording of the song she sang to your framiloy at the candlelight vigil that Dakota organized. "KEEP HOLDING ON" by Avril Lavine ? Did you see the video of Dakota perfoming on state on memorial Day? Well girl I've got to go Dakota getting ready to go out to dinner... Take care see you sunday... Lois"

Page 3031-3032: Dakotas mom Myspace Email to "myspace/401605006"

- 08/23/2008 02:11am Dakotas mom wrote to "myspace/401605006": "Good morning Geez I was just on Cafe mom and finally wrote a replie to some of these sick people. I talked to Cindy the nighyt Casey got out. I just wish people would conitnue praying for Caylee and Casey along with the family. Caylee to come home soon and safe... Casey to give her the truth.. and the famiuly for strngth as they are living hell right now. I can;t believe that lawyer called the news yesterday to tell them Casey just left his office. Naturally the media was right there and they had to show her leaving the lawyers office. Whats wrong with that Lawyer? I don't trust him nor the bounty hunter I'll be going to the vigil tomorrow night I will meet Casey. She is not a monster as they are making her out to be,. Nor is cindy and George. I hate it that they are bashing the grandparents THe crap some of these people wnd what they are doing is not helping bring Caylee home. I am contining to pray and keeep faith Iknow its hard at times but prayer will not fail... Hope youk are doing well today... Talk to you soon... Lois"

Page 3034-3034: Casey Anthony 08/23/2008 e-mail to Dakotas mom re: Dakota

- 08/23/2008 03:48pm Casey Anthony e-mail to Dakotas mom: RE: Can't wait to meet u "lois, i just wanted to thank you, from the bottom ofmy heart, for everything that you have done for my family. i can't wait to finally meet you and dakota. God bless you both. all my love, casey."

Page 3035-3035: Casey Anthony 08/27/2008 e-mail to Dakotas mom re: Dakota

- 08/27/2008 12:51pm Casey Anthony wrote to Dakotas mom: "Lois & Dakota, just wanted to say a quick hello. i will be in contact as much as i can. i love you both dearly, and can't wait to see you. Dakota, keep your head up, and be safe. you're always on my mind, love. always, Casey."

Page 3036-3036: Dakotas mom 08/27/2008 e-mail to Casey Anthony re: Dakota

- 08/27/2008 03:41pm Dakotas mom wrote to Casey Anthony: "I Relized u didnt have dakota as a friend shes having a fit. heres her mspace please add her http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user,viewprofile&frendid=329504772&MyToken=46f194a1-5f35-4f3d-a362-771e107e79d3

Page 3033-3033: Dakotas mom 08/28/2008 e-mail to Myspace "starlovesferret"

- 08/28/2008 03:12am Dakotas mom wrote to "starlovesferret": "Oh then last night Caylees gramma called she was concerned she wants to go see Dakota today I am not gonna let her I love her to death I can't imagine what she is going thru knowing her own daughter killed her granddaughter It's best if I just keep it all this away from her right now."

Page 3036-3036: Casey Anthony 08/28/2008 e-mail to Dakotas mom re: Dakota

- 08/28/2008 09:09pm Casey Anthony wrote to Dakotas mom: "hey lois, I can't stop thinking about dakota. i pray that everything will be alright, and that she will come home soon as well. what a girl. she has a such a big heart. I love you both so much. take care of that girl for me. hopefully we can get together soon. I'll see what I can arrange. if you need anything, please, i'll do whatever i can, and more. oh, and can you send me the email that you use for her myspace?"

Page 3037-3037: Stewart Opham Hendricks STATEMENT 09/12/2008 (suspicious hole in ground)
Page 3038-3038: Paul Edward Kyger STATEMENT 09/12/2008 (suspicious rope on stick in dirt) (**NEW)
Page 3039-3039: Patrick Paul King STATEMENT 09/12/2008 (suspicious rope on stick in dirt) (**NEW)
Page 3040-3040: Thomas Lynn Berning STATEMENT 09/12/2008 (suspicious rope on stick in dirt) (**NEW)
Page 3041-3041: Branden Newark STATEMENT 09/12/2008 (suspicious rope on stick in dirt) (**NEW)
Page 3043-3043: Receipt 10/27/08 for "Signed and dated photo" from Ricardo Morales (**NEW)
Page 3045-3053: Danti Tucker Salati Interview 09/08/08 (Full Transcript)
Page 3055-3057: Wanda Denise Wery STATEMENT 07/23/08 (Caylee Airport Sighting)
Page 3058-3059: Nicholas Marlin Hunt STATEMENT 07/23/08 (Caylee Airport Sighting) (**NEW)
Page 3060-3061: Chris Stutz handwritten timeline note regarding Casey (**NEW)

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