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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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Data From Public Records, Police Reports and Media Interviews


Date DAY EVENT / INCIDENT Description of Event or Incident

2005-01-00 ---- Jesse Grund and Casey met/worked at Universal Studios (Jesse Aaron Grund INTERVIEW 07/23/2008 Pg2, line 9): EE: Okay. You first met Casey uh, at Universal Studios? JG: Correct. EE: Okay, when was that? JG: January of 2005. EE: And you both were employees there? JG: Yes sir. EE: Okay, you started dating about that time? JG: Uhm, the end of the month, yes sir.
2005-01-00 ---- Jesse Grund was undercover security at Universal Studios when he met Casey Anthony working at one of the Kodak Stores there. (Greta OTR "Casey Anthony's Ex-Fiance: 'She's Not the Casey I Knew' " 12/22/2008):
GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Jesse, let me start first with you. When did you first meet Casey and where? JESSE GRUND, CASEY ANTHONY'S EX-FIANCE: Universal Studios, back in January of 2005, working together. GRETA: Now, at some point, your relationship developed into much more than just co-workers. Tell me how that developed. I mean, what was it about her that you were interested in? Why did you find her intriguing? JESSE GRUND: Well, at the time, I was working as a loss prevention officer, undercover security, just walking around Universal Studios. And I saw this young woman, short, very beautiful, carried herself very professionally, working at one of the Kodak stores, and it was love at first sight. She was definitely my type and we just -- we hit it off and started dating. And next thing you know, I'm falling in love with her.
2005-01-00 ---- Jesse Grund said Casey had been dating somebody in High School the year before but no serious relationships. (Greta OTR "Casey Anthony's Ex-Fiance: 'She's Not the Casey I Knew' " 12/22/2008):
GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Is there -- when you first met her, obviously, at that point, she probably was already pregnant when you first met her. Did she ever talk about any other guy in her life? JESSE GRUND: Well, she said she dated somebody in high school the year before but she had not really had any serious relationships. She said I was different from anybody else. And there was a definitive chemistry there and a difference between the two of us. And I had, you know, dated other people before, but I felt something very different with Casey than I did with anybody else.

[GLOBE ARTICLE 'Who Is Caylee's Daddy?' 12-01-2008]
TUES Brandon Roghelia was killed 02/15/05. GLOBE states Brandon was HS Classmate of Caseys and she attended the wake. Ricardo Morales said Casey said Caylee's father's name was Brandon. (GLOBE ARTICLE: "Who Is Caylee's Daddy?" 12/01/08): "Brandon Roghelia, 20, a high school friend of Casey, was a passenger in a pickup [Driven by Dino Richard Ricchino of Orlando] truck [west on Boggy Creek Road in northeast Osceola County] that smashed head-on into another vehicle [Driven by Zachary Kersey, 28, of St. Cloud] on Feb. 15, 2005. He was thrown from the vehicle [west of Narcoossee Road] and killed. An Internet blogger claims some of Roghelia's relatives have wondered if they are related to Caylee and other blogger notes Casey attended the crash victim's wake. A third claims there is a striking resemblance around the mouth in photos of Caylee and Roghelia. And Morales [Ricardo Morales], 24, Casey's recent boyfriend, says she told him the father was named "Brandon and he died in a car crash." "So this Brandon Roghelia does make sense," Morales adds. "there is always a grain of truth in everything Casey says." Meanwhile, Morales denies speculatin that he is the dad. "I didn't meet Casey until June 2007, so it's impossible that I could be Caylee's daddy," he notes."
2005-02-00 ---- Jesse Grund said he and Casey broke up around Feb, March 2005, she was too "clingy" and sensitive about everything. (Greta OTR "Casey Anthony's Ex-Fiance: 'She's Not the Casey I Knew' " 12/22/2008):
GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: In the time between January [2005], about when you met her, and let's say late August or September [2005], did you ever think there was anything odd about her? I mean, did she ever lie to you or anything peculiar about her at all? JESSE GRUND: Well, at the time, she got -- I was just getting out of college, so she was a little -- I guess the best choice of words, I think my dad says it, too, is she was a little clingy for me at the time. And I just took it as someone who really cared about me. And she was very sensitive about everything. And that was part of the reason why I broke up with her somewhere in February, March of 2005. I didn't actually get back together with her and start a real serious relationship until right after Caylee was born.
2005-03-19 SAT Casey's Birthday Casey Anthony's 19th Birthday

[GLOBE ARTICLE 'Who Is Caylee's Daddy?' 12-01-2008]
SAT Rick (Reported brother of Cindy Anthony) tells how they discovered Casey was pregnant at his wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC 06/04/2005 but Cindy and George were in denial. Casey was 7 months by then ! (Rick posting on Topix thread, "Oh Well" thread III" page 774): (RickA1P71: #15586 Aug 20, 2008) "I got married June 4, 2005. We got married on the beach in Myrtle Beach. It was just to be a small little ceremony. I invited my mom and dad and Cindy and George. Cindy arrived the day before the wedding with Casey. Casey was wearing a tight fitting top and her belly was visibly extended with her navel protruding a good 1/2 inch. I ask Cindy and George when we were alone "do you have some news to tell me about Casey," and they what are you talking about. I said you know, she pregnant. They look at me like I was crazy. They say no way. I said she is pregnant I would bet on it. They said that they ask her and Casey told them that she would have to have had sex to be pregnant. They believed her. Everyone on my wife's side of the family said who is the pregnant girl. Even my wife's sons and her daughter asked. It was ridiculous. I told them to take her to a doctor. They finally did in July. She was nearly 8 months then! Talk about telling a lie. That is when i saw the first evidence of what a liar Casey was."
---- Richard Grund saw that Casey was pregnant, but Casey told Jesse it was female problems
"Well, about a month later, he gets a text message from Casey:
"I`m pregnant and you`re the father"
(Richard Grund on Nancy Grace Show 09/22/2008): (RICHARD GRUND, FATHER OF CASEY`S EX-FIANCE): "He [Jesse Grund] met her [Casey Anthony] at Universal Studios, when he was doing loss prevention, and she was actually working at Kodak during that time." - "They met. They dated briefly. She kind of scared him away with the immediate word "Love", I`m in love with you, within two weeks and latched on, and it kind of scared him away and they broke up." - "And Casey actually showed up at our house. First time I met Casey was summer of `05. I want to say June. She helped my younger son get a job at Kodak. I spotted right then and there she was pregnant, but she was telling everybody she had female problems and she wasn`t pregnant." - "Well, about a month later, he gets a phone call from her [Casey] and she says, I need to talk to you. But Jesse is in the middle of a seminar for a new job. He says, I can`t talk to you right now, send me a text message. And so while he`s sitting there in the middle of this seminar, he gets a text message says, I`m pregnant and you`re the father. That`s it."
---- Richard Grund said Jesse wanted Casey to give the unborn baby up for adoption, she said that wasn't an option (Richard Grund on Nancy Grace Show 09/22/2008): (RICHARD GRUND, FATHER OF CASEY`S EX-FIANCE): "He [Jesse Grund] meets with Casey and basically says, Look, both of us are too young to be parents. Let`s put this baby up for adoption to somebody who wants a baby that can`t have one. And Casey said, That`s not an option, that`s not going to happen. So Caylee is born August of `05, as we know. Jesse gets the call the minute she`s born, goes to the hospital and requests a paternity test, which we had all said, Best thing to do before you put your name on the birth certificate, let`s make sure you`re really the father."
2005-08-09 TUES Caylee Anthony Born Caylee Marie Anthony Born (Mother: Casey Marie Anthony, Father: ??)
2005-08-09 TUES Caylee Anthony born. Casey told Jesse Grund he was the father but his DNA test showed he was not the father (Jesse Aaron Grund INTERVIEW 07/23/2008 Pg2, line 17): EE: She had the child August 9th you said? JG: Yes sir. EE: 2005? JG: Yes sir. EE: Okay. You were Loss Prevention? JG: Uh-hum (affirmative). EE: And your math kind of figures November or December was uh, the conception of the child and you didn't even know her then? JG: Correct. EE: Okay. Uhm, being the primary motivator for the DNA test I would imagine? JG: Yes sir. EE: Okay. Well now it's... JG: She actually requested that I did not do one uhm, uhm, (sound of cellular phone ringing in the background) because she thought it was important that (inaudible) be no question.
[GLOBE ARTICLE 'I Heard Screaming at Caylee's House - On Day Tot Vanished' 09-01-2008]

[GLOBE ARTICLE 'I Heard Screaming at Caylee's House - On Day Tot Vanished' 09-01-2008]
TUES Bailey Dickens, Anthony's neighbor and former HS classmate of Casey's said he heard that Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption but Cindy made her keep the baby. (GLOBE ARTICLE "I Heard Screaming at Caylee's House - On Day Tot Vanished!" 09/01/2008): Page 4, "And in an exclusive interview, former classmate and Anthony neighbor Bailey Dickens, 21, tells GLOBE he heard Casey wanted to give away Caylee. "A mutual friend told me that when Casey first had her baby, she didn't want it. She was going to put the baby up for adoption," says Dickens. "Cindy made her keep it..took the baby for herself." Dickens said Caylee got in the way of Casey's partying. The troubled mom has been accused of boozing, taking drugs and bringing boyfriends to the house when her parents were away. "The baby cramped her lifestyle,' notes Dickens, adding that grandma Cindy was the one who cared for the tot. Another pal of Casey tells GLOBE, "Sometimes Casey would say that she couldn't have as much fun as everyone else because she had her kid." Dickins also claims Casey had been thrown out of the Anthony house, and took Caylee with her. They only returned to celebrate Father's Day [06/15/2008], he says. "During the 31 days she says that Caylee was missing, I am sure she was thrown out of the house, he says."
2005-08-09 TUES Cindy Anthony told Greta "OTR" Caylee's father was a friend of Casey's, lived out of state, started a new family, passed away. (Greta "OTR" Cops, Cases, Clues Part 2 08/10/2008 YouTube): GRETA: Who's the father, I mean that's the other big mystery that we don't know. CINDY ANTHONY: "Ah, Caylee never had a father, he was a friend of Caseys, he's never been in Caylee's life, he's not on her birth certificate. He was a friend of Caseys that lived out of state. By the time Caylee was born he had already started another family and he passed away earlier in the year, and again his family never had knowledge of Caylee and that was a mutual thing that he and Casey had agreed upon that he was not going to be part of Caylee's life."

[GLOBE ARTICLE 'Who Is Caylee's Daddy?' 12-01-2008]
TUES Cindy Anthony is quoted in the GLOBE that Caylee's father is named "Eric" who lived in Tenn. or KY. GLOBE article states an "Eric Baker" died 08/11/2007. (GLOBE ARTICLE: "Who Is Caylee's Daddy?" 12/01/08): "Casey's mom [Cindy Anthony], 50, told police in an interview that a mysterous man named "Eric, who had died, was Caylee's father. I believe that (Caylee's daddy's) first name was Eric He came into town. They were old school friends, they got together. They just had a one-night stand. I never met Eric. He lived in Tennessee or Kentucky." WILD THEORIES. Records on Casey's computer, which was seized by cops, showed a reference to an Eric James Baker R.I.P. with date of Aug. 11, 2007."
(OCSO 08-069208 COMPUTER FORENSICS REPORT): "Detective Melich requested a keyword search for "Eric Baker." The name "Eric James Baker" was bookmarked under the section of the same name within the report."

[GLOBE ARTICLE 'CAYLEE: What Really Happened' 09-15-2008]
TUES Ricardo Morales said Casey met Caylee's father's Thanksgiving '04. He was a friend of her brother Lee. His name was Brad or Brandon from Tenn. (GLOBE ARTICLE: "CAYLEE: What Really Happened!" 09/15/2008): "Ricardo first met Casey at a friend's birthday party in Orlando in June 2007. "We started a relationship at the beginning of February," says Ricardo, who probed his new girlfriend about Caylee's paternity. "She said the dad was called Brad or Brandon and he was a friend of her brother Lee. The guy was in Orlando on vacation around the time of Thanksgiving 2004," says Ricardo. After the father went back to his home in Tennessee. Casey found out she was pregnant, but she said he didn't want anything to do with the baby. "Then she said, "He died in a car crash just a few days before Caylee's second birthday last year. He ran off the road and he hit a tree."
---- Richard Grund said Casey told Jesse Caylee's father was a one night stand who died in auto accident (Richard Grund on Nancy Grace Show 09/22/2008): (RICHARD GRUND, FATHER OF CASEY`S EX-FIANCE): "Well, it was eight weeks after Caylee was born, and by then he [Jesse Grund] was emotionally invested. And while most guys would have been happy, he was emotionally devastated." - "What Casey told Jesse was that the father was a one-night- stand who, apparently, a year later, dies in some mysterious car accident. And so the answer to your question is nobody really knows, except for Casey."
2005-11-26 SAT Casey's Employment Casey Anthony stopped working for Event Imaging Solutions - A Kodak Company
2005-12-25 SUN Caylee's 1st Xmas Caylee Marie Anthony's First Christmas
2005-12-29 THUR Anthony's Divorce
Orange Co, Florida
Dissolution Filed
(www.myorangeclerk.com): George Anthony filed for divorce from Cindy Anthony - Case Number: 05-DR-0021291-O Filing Date: 12/29/2005, Case Type: DISSOLUTION, Case Status: CLOSED, Status Date: 11/28/2007, Current Judge: THORPE, J., D-A CYNTHIA ANTHONY DEFENDANT CLOSED, P-A GEORGE A ANTHONY PLAINTIFF CLOSED, P-A JON SABLOW ROSENBERG ATTORNEY

[GLOBE ARTICLE 'I Heard Screaming at Caylee's House - On Day Tot Vanished' 09-01-2008]
THUR GLOBE reports that the 18-page divorce document states George had been unemployed for two years with a knee injury. George was demanding alimony, sale of the house, and half the assets. (GLOBE ARTICLE "I Heard Screaming at Caylee's House - On Day Tot Vanished!" 09/01/2008): SHOCKING SKELETON IN FAMIL CLOSET. "Caylee's family has a stunning secret...just weeks after the adorable tot was born her granddad filed for divorce from her grandma. Amid constant TV cable news show appearances by Cindy and George Anthony after Caylee's disapparance, GLOBE has uncovered detailed court documents that expose the couple's rocky 27-year marriage. Caylee was born on Aug. 9, 2005, and registered nurse Cindy, 50, helped single mom Casey raise the baby at their home in Orlando, Fla. But shortly afterward, George filed the divorce action. The 18-page document, filed on Dec. 20, 2005, in Orange County Circuit Court, reveals George and Cindy were separate at the time. The papers disclose the former Trumbull County, Ohio, sheriff's deputy moved his family to Orando in 1989, and had been unemployed for two years with a severe knee injury. George was demanding alimony from Cindy, a clinical manager at an Orlando medical facility. He was also seeking the sale of their home and half their assets. Cindy eventually reunited with George, 56, who has since landed work as a security guard. He withdrew the divorce petition in November 2007."

[GLOBE ARTICLE 'Who Is Caylee's Daddy?' 12-01-2008]
SAT Casey Anthony and Jesse Grund Engaged (GLOBE ARTICLE: "Who Is Caylee's Daddy?" 12/01/08): "Former cop, Jesse Grund, 25, admits he thought he was the father when Caylee was born on Aug. 9, 2005. Casey and Grund were engaged from Dec 31, 2005 until May 28, 2006 and even after a paternity test proved he wasn't Caylee's father, he wanted to be her stepdad. "I wanted to take responsibility," he says. "I loved Casey so much and she broke my heart when she broke off our engagement." Casey's friend Kristina Chester, 23, tells GLOBE, "Casey told me Jesse was Caylee's father. After the paternity test, Casey was devastated that he wasn't the one."

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