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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony Missing Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida

Age: 2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown at this point as the mother Casey is not cooperating with authorities
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Cindy Anthony Video INTERVIEW Part 1 08/01/2008

Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com (from VIDEO file)

Cindy A. Interview VIDEO Part 1 - http://www.local6.com/video/17566675/index.html

Orange County Sheriff's Office
LE: Detective Yuri Melich
Investigator Eric Edwards
Cindy A. Anthony (Mother of Casey Anthony)

ACR HERE: This is a partial transcript from the above video and I'm not sure where it fits in to the whole interview, front, middle or at the end.

Cindy: Now on the 22nd [06/22/08 Sunday] I talked to her in the morning and Zanny's, actually I think she said Zanny's roommate has come in, Raquel, that's right, Raquel was with her, said Raquel was with her, ah, when they went to Busch Gardens. That was the 21st [06/21/08 Saturday], Zanny and her roommate were together.

LE: She called you the 22nd and told you that?

Cindy: Yeah.

LE: So they were going to stay at the park for the day?

Cindy: Because, they were going to stay at the park for the day, uhm, because Zanny had taken, Zanny and Raquel had taken the girls to see the animals at Busch Gardens.

LE: Did you ever meet Raquel?

Cindy: No.

LE: Did you ever meeet Juliette?

Cindy: No, and I never met Zanny.

LE: Well we know that.

Cindy: I know, I was just saying I never met them.

LE: ??

Cindy: No, but she talked about Raquel and Jennifer long ago as being Zanny's roommates.

LE: When did they get back?

Cindy: Well here's the deal, they ended up staying at the park so Casey and Juliette could actually go to the park too, so all four adults and the two girls went to the park that day and then she said they stayed one more night and was on their way back Monday morning on the 23rd [06/23/08 Monday].

LE: When was the accident?

Cindy: On the 23rd [06/23/08 Monday], she said it was just, they were just getting off, I hadn't heard from Casey all day, She told me they were suppose to be home by around noon.

LE: On Monday [06/23/08 Monday]?

Cindy: Yeah on Monday. I think at some point I called George and asked if he had heard from Casey, if she had gotten home, I can't remember what time and he said no. So I think I left Casey a message or two to find out what was going on because I just wanted to make sure they got back safely. I finally got, Casey finally called me back because she hadn't called me back and realized we were worried and I had a little sick feeling that something wasn't right. So she finally called me back later in the evening, probably after 5:30 because I was already leaving work and she, she was apologizing, she said, "Mom I know I should have called you..."

LE: This day?

Cindy: Yeah sometime after 5:30 I'm sure because I was on my way home from work.

LE: On your cell phone?

Cindy: Yeah it was on my cell phone I'm pretty sure, I'm positive, eh, at some point she called me back, I know, I wasn't at work, she may have tried to call me at work but ...

LE: What did she say...

Cindy: She told me they had gotten in, that her and Zanny, I mean Raquel and Zanny were about eight cars ahead of her, and Juliette and the girls. Casey had her car and Zanny had their car. So Zanny and Raquel were in the car ahead and somehow there as an accident and Casey and Juliette witnessed the accident. So they followed them, the paramedics to the hospital and I asked her was it Tampa General and she said yeah. She said they went to Tampa General Hospital.

LE: So they were all at Tampa General on the twenty third sometime after five thirty?

Cindy: Yeah, well they weren't there during.... the accident happened in the morning is what she said but I found out about it when Casey finally called me back and she actually apologized to me for not calling back sooner but she said they were tied up, she was there in the ER with Zanny and Raquel.

LE: So Zanny was treated for an injury?

Cindy: ??

LE: At Tampa General? Okay we'll get past that, we'll do it now, I mean if it was an oversight then we'll just move past it.

Cindy: I told someone, if not you I told...

LE: That's the kind of, that's why were here. Alright. That's pretty significate.

Cindy: Yeah, she said that Raquel had a broken arm and she said they finally got a hold of Raquel's Mom. Raquel's mom lives, was coming from Jacksonville so she could come down and be with her.

LE: Broken arm and what kind of injuries did Zanny have?

Cindy: She said Zanny had a concussion.

LE: Concussion?

Cindy: Aha, and she thought and she had put a call to Zanny's sister and her sister couldn't bring, come up that night so Casey stayed with her. I was more upset with Casey because I told her because I said where's Caylee, I said where's Caylee and she said well Juliette went back to the hotel because they were just real close she said they'd barely gotten onto the interstate, I believe she said they had just gotten on 75. So they went back to the hotel and get back into the hotel and that she was with the girls. Juliette was watching Annabelle and Caylee.

LE: She stayed over from the accident on the 23rd? And she stayed over in Tampa again on the 24th [06/24/08 Tuesday].

Cindy: Right.

LE: She stayed at the hospital with...

Cindy: Casey

LE: ??

Cindy: And she had told me, I talked to her in the morning and she said there was potential that Zanny was going to be released and Raquel....

LE: Zanny was an over nighter?

Cindy: Yeah, actually it lasted a little longer.... I'll explain.

LE: Okay

Cindy: That Raquel's mom was going to take her back to her apartment back in Orlando, Zanny and Raquel's apartment and get Raquel's ... and she actually told me she was going to be seen at Juliet where I use to work at.

LE: At Jewett Orthepedic Clinic for a concussion?

Cindy: No, no, no, Raquel had a broken shoulder and ?? had a broken arm. Well, her shoulder, anyway later on that day they were going to release Zanny but she said they had found, Zanny started vomitting and blacking out, she was suppose to go home that day but they didn't, they kept her over night because she was starting to vomit and have black outs. So they were working her up a little bit more. She said they also found a laceration behind her ear, she was real specific, laceration behind her ear and they had to give her some stitches and then ah....

LE: She had a cut behind the ear that in triage they missed?

Cindy: I guess

LE: ??

Cindy: Well it sounded like a concussion since she was vomiting and blacking out.

LE: aha.

Cindy: So they kept her overnight. She also started complaining of some difficulty breathing and she said she had a fractured rib and it was pushing on her lung but it didn't punchure the lung.

LE: So Casey was staying in Tampa while Zanny was in the hospital?

Cindy: Yeah.

LE: So she stayed from the 24th to the 25th?

Cindy: She told me that on Wednesday [06/25/08], over here on the 24th (pointing at calendar) that the sister had come up, Zanny's sister...

LE: Did she say her name?

Cindy: No. I think her name is Stephane or something like that.

LE: But she arrives the 24th [06/24/08 Tuesday]?

Cindy: Yeah. With Zanny's mom. Zanny's mom from what Caseys told me over the last several months has been in and out of the hosptial.

LE: Which hospital?

Cindy: She never told me, I never really asked.

LE: So you don't know if it's Miami or Jacksonville or.....

Cindy: I would think it would be local, she made it sound like she was local because Zanny was checking on her periodically and it wasn't like they were leaving the town to go to see her.

LE: So it wasn't like it took days and days for her to get to the hospital.

Cindy: Casey said Zanny's sister and mom had come up to the hospital that day. They thought she was going to be released but when Zanny couldn't be released, her sister took her mom back home because she didn't bring her medicines and stuff and her sister had other things she had to do. So that's why Casey said she came home to pick up Zanny's insurance information. And I thought that was kind of weird, I said well that stuff could be told over the phone or faxed but she said the sister didn't know where to look in the apartment.

LE: So Casey's there the 24th [06/24/08 Tuesday] and 25th [06/25/08 Wednesday] but she comes back home to get insurance paperwork?

Cindy: Casey said she drove home on the 25th [06/25/08 Wednesday] to get, eh, Zanny's, um, insurance paperwork at the apartment. Zanny told her exactly where to go, Casey had her key and everything so she was able to get in the apartment. And I asked her, Zanny's apartment, I asked her why can't Raquel or someome just call it in when they get back?

LE: Do you know if that's the same apartment that she took me to?

Cindy: I would assume it, wherever this Zanny person lives, where she was going to but I have my suspicions.

LE: Please share.

Cindy: Let's go with this before I take you off kelter with this..

LE: That's even better..

Cindy: Let's finish this..

LE: You can see already that I can jump around and get lost easy.

Cindy: Yes and I can jump around and get lost too and I don't want to do that.

LE: Let me finish this one, she went to the apartment to get the insurance papers.

Cindy: Right and then she stopped home to grab something and that's when George saw her.

LE: That was the 25th [06/25/08 Wednesday]?

Cindy: Yeah.

LE: You sure about that?

Cindy: I think it was the 25th.

LE: Was it the same day the report was made to the sheriff's office?


Cindy: George and I had gotten back our, I think we got back that refund check, that Stimulas check and he and I both had to go to the bank and he had told me earlier that day that he had made that report about the gas can and him and I met up at the bank and for some reason he was going to go right from the bank and something, he said he had to go back home for something and Casey was at the house.

LE: And to make a long story short with the gas cans, Casey had taken the gas cans earlier and he confronted her, she gave them back. When would she have taken the gas cans if she had just come to the house?

Cindy: I have no clue.

LE: And she was in Tampa?

Cindy: I don't know. But see George had, I don't know, I don't know, the last time he remembers seeing them, we were trying to figure out was maybe mowing the grass, I don't know.

LE: So Casey being in Tampa for one, two, three, four, five days.... first off let's clarify one thing, the report actually said the 24th [06/24/08 Tuesday] so we're off on a day here now... That being said...

Cindy: ??

LE: So if she's in Tampa how can she get the gas cans?

Cindy: One of the days she said she came home to pick up the gas cans, after George saw her in the car she had come to get the gas cans, the day she got the gas cans was the day she was coming to pick up Zanny's insurance information that she came back to the apartment to pick up the insurance information and while she was in town..


Cindy: Whatever day George made the report.

LE: Tampa, the accident...

Cindy: No, no it was the same week, I'm sure George made the report this week (pointing to calender)

LE: Right, you mean on the 24th?

Cindy: If that's the day, that's the day she said she came home and got the gas cans but she told me at one point during that time that she had come home to get the insurance information.

LE: And she stopped by your house to get what?

Cindy: She said well she was going to pick up some clothes and there was a few of her clothes missing.

LE: What about her clothes for her trip she took on the 16th, how much, you said initially about that night that she didn't take anything except a regular diaper bag and baby clothes..

Cindy: That I saw, again, George and I are at work I don't know, she had access to the house during the day, she couldn have come in at any point and gone into the house. You know they were still not in Tampa here (pointing at calendar) so any point she still could have...

LE: Didn't you tell me you asked her about baby clothes and she told you she bought all new clothes?

Cindy: Yes for Caylee.

LE: Right.

Cindy: No, no, no, I said Zanny keeps clothes. She said there's always clothes for Caylee at the babysitters but then she said on the weekend that they did shopping and Zanny took her shopping and bought more clothes.

LE: Because that was one of the things you were worried about because you asked her.. why don't you take her clothes and she said we don't need the clothes because we bought her all new clothes because I remember you told me that that night.

Cindy: Right, on the 21st [06/21/08 Saturday] they bought clothes but she told me because I started asking her about Caylee's clothes here and she said "Mom, Zanny always has extra outfits and clothes, shoes and things at her house."

LE: Let's get back to the weekend, we're a little off.. This is the first interview I've ever done with my interviewer standing behind me.

Cindy: Sorry, I'm trying to look at the dates, sitting over there I can't see the calendar. You want me to sit, I don't mean to intimadate you.

LE: You're not intimadating, it's just like a new pair of pants, it takes a while to get use to. (Another LE moves the interviewee chair and then puts Cindy's purse on desk) I'm going to put this right up here because I don't want you to walk out with out it.

Cindy: Oh I'm not going to walk out without my purse. Woman don't leave their purses in cars or other places. Bottom line is one of these days, I always thought it was a Wednesday but whatever day he filed the report. But I thought the 24th was a Wednesday too so... Anyway this is, it ended up being the day they were coming back from Tampa, the 27th [06/27/08 Friday]. I remember that because I got a phone call from Casey in the afternoon they were going straight back to work. Juliette and her needed to check in because they had been off all week. They'd been communicating with Tom, Tom Frank, her boss at the event coordinating place. Later I thought for sure when I got home they would be home but I found out later that she said Jeff was in town, ....jacksontown...

LE: Last name Hopkins, Jeff Hopkins?

Cindy: The one who introduced her to Zanny.

LE: Did you see him or meet up with him at all?

Cindy: No.

LE: You just knew he was in town because Casey said?

Cindy: And she told me Jeff was in town from the 28th [06/28/08 Saturday] until the 30th [06/30/08 Monday]. And Casey was excited to see him because they hadn't seen each other since December, somewhere around there, December, somewhere around the first of the year when he went to Jacksonville. And Jeff is the one that has Zachery.

LE: ??

Cindy: Jeff, two and a half years ago, he, right about, just before Jesse, I'll tell you how he introduced Jeff into our lives as a person. Casey was still working at Colorvision or Kodak and I can't remember when the switch went...

LE: The hostile takeover?

Cindy: Yeah, it wasn't hostile but that really did happen I remember, I spoke to her bosses then, I mean I talked to her bosses then. But anyway, uhm, Jeff was one of the IT guys and I remember Jesse, she said Jesse was jealous, and Jesse tells me he remembers them talking about this person..

LE: Jesse was jealous?

Cindy: Jesse was jealous and they were still engaged then when she first met Jeff. And Casey and Jeff were friends and Jeff had a child, a son that was almost a year older than Caylee. And he was dating this person Zanny at the time. And, the same Jeff, Jeff introduced...

LE: There are so many names that...

Cindy: I know, I can imagine, Jeff uhm,

LE: I took you off track

Cindy: (chuckles) That's alright, so I mean anyway, after Jesse and Casey broke up in June, probably a couple months later Jeff and Zanny broke up and Jeff and Casey started seeing each other and Jeff and Zanny remained friends and she continued to watch his son Zachery and Jeff encouraged Casey to let Zanny watch Caylee as well, save money just do whatever, Zanny was doing it whatever basically as a friend and Jeff was taking care of all that. And that happened....

LE: So when Jeff and Zanny broke up she still watched both Jeff and Casey's....

Cindy: Yeah, they remained friends and Zanny started dating someone else from what she said, and that, Zanny became Caylee's main, primary babysitter, from what Casey said, probably from October, probably right around Caylee's first birthday [1st birthday was 08/09/2006] into present time, you know what I'm saying so this person wasn't made up, just a month ago or whatever. But what I'm thinking, "I think that Zanny, at this point, was a real person in the beginning, but I think Zanny is now whoever's watching Caylee," In my mind...

LE: Transferred the responsibility...

Cindy: Yes, so I think she refers to, I believe...

LE: Do you think we're spinning our wheels looking for a Zanny?

Cindy: I'm not sure but my, I have two theories and I'll share that with you. I think Zanny could be either Amy or Jesse at this point. Which, we're going to need another hour after we're done to go into because I only have 20 minutes.

LE: I'm here for 20 more years.

Cindy: I know but we do have to get to that other...

LE: But real quick on this thing...

Cindy: Finish telling you all this stuff...

LE: On this week, on the conference week, do you ever get on the phone, do you remember..

Cindy: I talk to her every day

LE: Every day you talk to the baby.

Cindy: No, I stopped talking to Caylee, the last time I talked to Caylee was the 15th [06/15/08 Sunday]. I did not have a conversation with Caylee after that. And...

LE: What time was the last conversation, do you remember?

Cindy: With Casey?

LE: Uha, no Caylee.

Cindy: Sometime on the 15th when we put her to bed. Now George had conversation with her in the morning, she was there in the morning, had breakfast and the normal stuff.

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