3 CASE NUMBER 08-069208

4 JULY 23, 2008


6 Um, the date right now is July 16th, 2008, it's about 1320 hours. We're at

7 Universal Studios I'm here with Sergeant Allen, um, I'm here with Detective Appie

8 Wells, um, also here with Casey Anthony.

9 Q And Casey, we talked earlier this morning and we're working a case looking for

10 your daughter Caylee, is that correct?

11 A Yes.

12 Q Okay. We came here to Universal Studios, we're sitting in a little conference room.

13 Obviously the door's unlocked. We just closed it so we could have a little

14 privacy and talk to you.

15 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

16 Q And ah, couple more questions came up I need to ask you about. Remember

17 our, how I opened this whole thing in the morning?

18 A Yeah.

19 Q About saying that you know we need to get complete truth and the snowball

20 effect and.. and...

21 Absolutely.

22 Q ...how it goes? Okay. Um, we're about half was down that hill, three quarters

23 down that hill and it's a pretty big snow ball. Which means that there's a lot of

24 stuff going on right now.

25 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q And I can tell you just for certainty everything you've told me so far has been a

2 lie. I can tell you with certainty and let me explain why. Since I left you this

3 morning.

4 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

5 Q I've gone to every address that you've told me. I've looked up every name, I've

6 talked every person that you..you wanted me to talk or try to.

7 A Huh-huh. (Affirmative)

8 Q I've reached out I've talked to your ex-boyfriend, I've talked to Amy. Ah, I talked

9 to Tony. Um, I came over here I've already talked to all the employees.

10 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

11 Q And found out all these names you're giving me are people that either never

12 worked her or been fired a long time ago okay. So, where we are right no is in

13 a position that doesn't look very good for you.

14 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

15 Q And this is gonna be your..your escape hatch so to speak. This is gonna be the

16 point where you stop all lies and you stop all the fibs and you tell us exactly

17 what's going on.

18 Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

19 Q I'm just being you know being straight with you.

20 A Yeah.

21 Q Cause obviously I know and you know that everything you've told me is a lie

22 correct?

23 A Not everything that I told you.




Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Okay.

2 Ah, pretty much everything that you've told me. Including where Caylee is right

3 now.

4 A That I still, I don't know where she is.

5 Q Sure you do. And here's...

6 A I absolutely do not.

7 Q Listen to me let...

8 A ...know where she is.

9 Q ...me, let me..let me explain something. Together with combined experience in

10 this room we all have bout 30 years of doing this.

11 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

12 Q Okay both myself and Sergeant John Allen worked for homicide division for

13 several years. We've dealt with several people, we've conducted thousands of

14 interviews between the three of us. And Appie's 20 years so just between the

15 three of us we've got several years. And I can tell you for certainty that right now

16 looking at you I know that everything that you've told me is a lie. Including the

17 fact that you know you're child was last seen about a month ago. And that you

18 don't know where she is. Yeah I..I'm very confident just by having talked to you

19 the short period of time that you know where she is.

20 A I don't.

21 Q You...you do. And here's the thing, we need to get past that because we could

22 sit here and go back and forth all day long about I don't, I do, I don't, I do. It's

23 pretty obvious that with everything that you've told us. Nothing had been true.

24 You know where she is. Now my question to you is, is this. We need to find



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Caylee. I understand that right now Caylee may not be in very good shape. You

2 understand what I'm saying?

3 A (no verbal response).

4 Q She may not be the way we or the way your family last remembers her. We

5 need to find out from you where Caylee is. This..this..this right now is just..this

6 had gone so far down hill and this had become such a mess.

7 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

8 Q We need to end it. It's very simple we just need to end it.

9 A I agree with you. I have no clue where she is.

10 Q Sure you do.

11 A If I knew in any sense where she was this wouldn't have happened at all.

12 Q You know..listen.

13 A It wouldn't have happened whatsoever.

14 Q This stuff about Zenaida the care taker or the nanny taking care of..

15 A It's the truth.

16 Q It's not the truth. Because we went to the apartment complex there's no person

17 that ever lived there by that name. The apartment's been vacant since March.

18 That same apartment. Now the apartment you pointed out to me the two

19 story apartment. That's an old folks home. It's right across the street from your

20 ex-boyfriend's house, who you never mentioned. And you said you wrote the

21 address down because it was across the street. That's a lie because I've already

22 talked to him and we've already been by the house and we've already you know

23 looked at everything we need to look at over there.

24 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Everything you've told us is a lie. Well, now there's a couple of ways that this

2 goes. Right now we can you know we..I've never met you before. So, I can look

3 at you in a couple of ways.

4 A Hm.

5 Q I can look at you as a person who's scared. Who's concerned and who's kind of

6 afraid of what's gonna happen because of something bad that happened before.

7 Or we can look at you as cold, callous and a monster, who doesn't care. Who's

8 just trying to get away with something that..that something bad had happened

9 and trying to cover it up.

10 Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

11 Q It's gonna be one of those two options. Now as for much what I've already talked

12 to you. Okay you seem like a very bright young lady. You don't seem like

13 someone who had no education.

14 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

15 Q Alright. Now what we would have to do is we have to determine which was is

16 this is gonna go. Are you..are you a person who's scared about the consequences

17 of what happened? Or are you scared about something that happened? Or are

18 you, are you really this cold callus person, who doesn't care about what

19 happened? It's one of these two options.

20 A I'm scared that...I don't know where my daughter is.

21 Q So...

22 A I would not have put my entire family...


24 Q Hold..hold on I want to ask you something.

25 A Yes sir.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Like he said you, you seem like a pretty bright person okay. You're here

2 willingly, right?

3 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

4 Q You're here 'cause you want, you're here to try to help, right?

5 A Absolutely.

6 Q Your whole reason for talking to us is, is to try to help, right?

7 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

8 Q Nobody's forced you to talk to us, right?

9 A No.

10 Q You, you want us, you want us to...you're here because you called, you want us

11 to help find your daughter, right?

12 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

13 Q Now let me, let me ask you something. I want you to put yourself in, put yourself

14 in some...put yourself in my shoes for a minute okay. Since you've talked to him

15 this morning. In an attempt to try and help find your daughter, you've given him bad addresses okay.

17 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

18 Q You drove me all the way out here. We walked from the gate back here all the

19 way to your office, right?

20 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

21 Q Okay. To the, to an office that you don't have. We got all the way to the building

22 into the hallway out here before you finally says, well I really don't have and office

23 here. But (Inaudible)... we were walking to your office, right?

24 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

25 Q Okay so I mean does any of this make sense to you?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A I understand how all that sounds. I...

2 Q No, no, no, no, no, here's the problem with that though. Here's the problem with

3 that okay. Um, you can carry the weight of this room for a long time it's not

4 gonna get any easier okay. What he's trying to tell you right now. I'm gonna tell

5 you, you know and in the amount of time that I've done this, almost 30 years

6 okay.

7 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

8 Q I've learned this, people make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. We,

9 every..all the three of us have all made some mistakes...mistakes in our lives.

10 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

11 Q We've done some thing we're not proud of okay. But then there comes a point

12 in time you either own up to it, you say you're sorry, you try to get past it. Or you

13 lie about it, you bury it, you lie about it, and you bury it and you buy it and it just

14 never, ever, ever, ever, ever goes away.

15 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

16 Q Okay, That's it okay. Now you know.. you know i want you to stop and think

17 about what's going on here okay.

18 A (No verbal response).

19 Q At this point we can explain that you're afraid. You know that you were ashamed

20 of maybe something bad that happened. You were afraid that maybe what

21 happened. But now we're giving you this opportunity and you continue to lie and

22 you continue to lie. Then what happens at some point it becomes there's no

23 excuse, there's not reason, there's no reasonable, a reasonable person can look

24 at this and go wow, this is a person who really just doesn't care, okay. I mean, I

25 mean think about what would go so far okay. You say you called us because


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 you want out help. You want us to find your daughter okay. I'm calling you and

2 I'm asking you for help. I'm asking you to help me find my child.

3 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

4 Q That's been gone now for a month okay. And to help you, help me find the child,

5 What I've done to this point. Is I've given you a bunch of bad addressed to go

6 look at. Addresses and people that don't exist okay. Then I take you to a place

7 where I tell you that I work okay. And I walk you past the security gate okay. All

8 the way to my office that I don't have.

9 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

10 Q Okay. You sort of get the picture?

11 A (No verbal response).

12 Q Is this, is this, do you understand where we're headed here?

13 A I understand.

14 Q Okay. Now you you're..by hiding this. By burying this okay, you are not

15 going to get yourself to a better place okay. What you're going to do is you're

16 going to cause everybody else around you to suffer okay. And at some point this

17 is going to come out, it always does.

18 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

19 Q It always comes out okay. Now your best bet is to try to put this behind you as

20 quickly as you can. Go to you parents and tell'em you know some horrible

21 accident, whatever happened, happened. Get it out in the open now okay.

22 Instead of letting them worry, and worry, and worry, and worry okay. How old are

23 you?

24 A Twenty-two

25 Q At some point okay, you're gonna want to...to mend things with your family.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

2 Q Okay. You let this drag out for another three day, another week, another two

3 weeks okay. You make us solve this some other way, We'll solve it, we always

4 do okay. Okay, I mean it..it..there's no point in coming forward to say, oh my

5 God this is what really happened, once we figured it out okay.

6 Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

7 Q You ever had anybody do anything wrong to you? Did anybody hurt...

8 A Of course.

9 Q ...you in any way okay. Let me ask you a question. When somebody's hurt

10 you in the past. And they've come to you and said I'm sorry okay. I really am,

11 from the bottom of my heart sorry for what happened. Do you forgive'em?

12 A Yes.

13 Q What about somebody that does something to you and lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.

14 You forgive them?

15 A It's a lot harder to sometimes.

16 Q A lot hard to do. Tell me the last time somebody hurt you over and over and then

17 let you suffer for a period of time. And then lied about it the you caught'em

18 okay, well what..when you caught'em that apology didn't mean a hell of a lot did

19 it?

20 A No.

21 Q Okay.

22 A No.

23 Q Alright. Right now your best bet is to just get it out in the open whatever

24 happened, and tell us now okay. So, we can, we can kind of start getting past

25 this. Try to help you explain okay. Cause keep in mind you're talking to people


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 There's nothing you're gonna tell any of the three of us that's gonna surprise us

2 okay.

3 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

4 Q I've had to sit down with..with mother;s who rolled over their babies accidentally.

5 I've had to sit down with mothers whose kids have drowned in swimming pools.

6 I've had to sit down with mothers who had boyfriends who beat their kids to

7 death. Ah, you know who..who felt horrible about what happened. And then try,

8 and I had to go to them and help them try to explain to their families okay. And

9 then I've also had to deal with people who have done horrible, unspeakable

10 things to children. And then lied about it and lied about it and lied about it okay.

11 And I'll bet you somewhere near I probably dealt with somebody who maybe

12 made a mistake, but continued to lie about it. Maybe they weren't such a bad

13 person. But maybe the whole world didn't see it that way. Maybe their family

14 didn't see it that way 'cause they kept lying, lying, lying, and lying about it. And

15 then when it finally...and then months down the road or days down the road when

16 they finally decided to come forward okay. People were past it, you told me that

17 you lied to me for the last time. I..I would've listen to what you had to say.

18 Don't talk to me anymore okay.

19 A Yeah.

20 Q Yeah we...we've had to you know we've had to go into court and try to help

21 people explain situations. We've had to go in court at times and say, you know

22 the person just never said they kept lying to us and kept lying to us and lying to

23 us and lying to us okay. We're all human beings.

24 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q ..okay. You tell me I mean you're..you're..you know you're a smart person,

2 figure it out okay. So far the only thing that we can say for sure at this point

3 okay. Is that you have lied to him about all these things.

4 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

5 Q You brought us here okay. Alright, I want you to look at this from an outsider's

6 perspective. Somebody somewhere down the road and we have to decide you

7 know how this all plays out.

8 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

9 Q What would you do? How would you see that person? How would you see that

10 person different? You might see somebody maybe a young mother who made

11 a mistake and you know maybe initially was afraid to tell the truth. But at some

12 point came forward and said, a horrible thing happened. I'm sorry I feel terrible

13 about it, but I have to tell you.

14 A The horrible thing that happened is, this is the honest to God's truth. Of

15 everything that I've said I do not know where she is. The last person that I say

16 her with is Zenaida. She's the last person that I seen my daughter with.


18 Q Um, see here's the problem and I...

19 A Yes.

20 Q ...think Sergeant Allen, Sergeant Allen is trying to get to this. Is we..we know

21 that's not the truth. We know..

22 A (Inaudible).

23 Q Listen, listen...

24 A Absolutely is.



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q ...listen, we know that that's not true that can't be the truth. Because if that were

2 the truth, everything you would've told us would've been on the money. The

3 addresses you would've taken us would've been on the money. Everything else

4 would've matched. If you had told us the truth, we wouldn't be here at Universal

5 Studios at a place that you've been fired since 2006. With you trying to explain

6 to us you know you got an office and all that stuff.

7 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

8 Q We wouldn't be here, So, we know and this is the part we need to get past. We

9 already know that you're not telling us the truth. That you know what happened

10 to Caylee and you know where Caylee is.

11 A No.

12 Q But here's...here's..here's what we're trying to get by is that there's..you're

13 you're you fall under on or two categories. And I'm sure he explained it and I

14 explained it. Is that if this is something that an accident happened and, and no

15 matter how you think people are gonna look at you. They're gonna look at you a

16 lot worse if they show... it you continue to show that you're callous or not caring

17 and that you just show complete dispassion and disregard for human life.

18 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

19 Q Or they can look at you as someone that, you know what, I can understand I'm a

20 young mother. Or she's a young mother, first child, something horrible

21 happened. She's thinking oh my God my life isn't going good right now. I

22 already know my life is struggling. People don't see me in that great of a light, I

23 know I got problems at home, I've got problems with friends. I know I got

24 problems at work, or lack of work.

25 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 All of a sudden something bad happens to my child, people are gonna think I'm

2 just the devil. See there's a difference between this person who makes a

3 mistake and says, listen I'm sorry this is the reason that I lied to you. This is the

4 reason I was scared. Compared to the person who might sit here and say, I

5 have no idea what you're talking about.

6 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

7 Q There's a big difference there. And I can tell you now that everything you've told

8 me is a lie. Everything that you've told me this morning from ...from..from Zani

9 from the addresses, from Universal, from all these people that you've talked to

10 including people that you never told me their names. I found them and talked to

11 them.

12 Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

13 Q You know everything that you've told me this morning is a lie. Every single thing.

14 That there's one or two options right now. You need to tell me the truth and we

15 can work with that.

16 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

17 Q Or if you continue down this path and continue lying I can tell that when this snow

18 ball gets to the bottom of the hill. The only person who's gonna get hurt is you.

19 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)


21 Q That's not true, alot of people around you get hurt.


23 Q Your parents

24 A A lot of people are hurting right now. And...



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q And you know what, one person could put a stop to that.

2 A I been trying.



5 Q You haven't been trying.


7 Q Wait a minute, wait a minute okay. Let's go through this again.

8 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

9 Q Okay. Stop me at the part that I cay it's not true okay.

10 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

11 Q I want to go through this and I want you to stop me at the part that isn' t the truth

12 okay.

13 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

14 Q You take your daughter and drop her off on June the 9th

15 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

16 Q ...okay. At somebody, at a baby sitter's house okay. Now this is a baby sitter's

17 that lives at this apartment okay. That's been vacant...

18 A I dropped her off at that apartment.

19 Q Okay.

20 A At those stairs.

21 Q Oh you just walked her..you dropped her off..

22 A Walked her to the stairs that's where I've dropped her off a bunch of other times.

23 Besides...

24 Q And...

25 A ...just that day.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Okay and when you dropped her off who... who took her at that point?

2 A Zani did she took her at that point.

3 Q You left her, you left her in Zani's care.

4 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

5 Q On June the 9th? Okay, so far that's right?

6 A Yes.

7 Q Okay. You first called the police about this when your mother and father okay.

8 Ah, actually you don't call the police to report your daughter missing. What

9 happens is your parents find their car has been towed...

10 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

11 Q ...from Amscot and your parents ask you where your daughter is. And you tell

12 your daughter..or your parents that you haven't seen your daughter for over a

13 month, right?

14 A (No verbal response)

15 Q That's true okay. So, I haven't said anything

16 that's not true okay.

17 A That's all true.

18 Q Okay, sounds...true sounds reasonable to you correct?

19 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

20 Q Okay, when the police do get involved okay, when you're, when you're parents

21 involve the police in an attempt to locate you child because they're worried.

22 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

23 Q The first thing you do okay, is lie to the detective who's job it is to try to find

24 your daughter and get her back into safe hands okay. You give him all kinds of

25 bad addresses to look at right, okay?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A (No verbal response)

2 Q So, far I'm on track right?

3 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

4 Q Okay. Then you bring out to Universal where you say you work in an office

5 Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

6 Q To try to help find stuff that will help us find your daughter. I'm on track so far

7 okay.

8 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

9 Q And we get here, we walk all the way down the hall to where you tell us, you

10 don't really work here. You don't have an office here okay.

11 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

12 Q So, far everything I said is true and correct?

13 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

14 Q Okay. Now that sounds reasonable to you okay. I'm telling you this story, I'm

15 saying to you listen, I drop my child off five weeks ago at the baby sitter's house.

16 And she's just disappeared.

17 A Hm.

18 Q Now I didn't call the police and tell them. Matter of fact I made some attempts to

19 locate her on my own. But I didn't really get the police involved or you know do

20 anything like that okay. And oh by the way um, I got my mom and dad's car

21 towed and then when my parents asked me what happened to my daughter I told

22 'em I hadn't seen her in five weeks. So, they call the police okay. Now what I did

23 is I lied to the police when they got there okay. I told'em a whole bunch of crap

24 that isn't true. Gave'em a bunch of bad addresses to go look at, where I know



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 my daughter's not there. And I did all this to try to help find my daughter. Make

2 sense to you right?

3 A Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

4 Q That makes sense to you?

5 A (No verbal response)

6 Q It makes sense to you that I'm trying to help the police find my daughter. by

7 giving'em a bunch of bad addresses. That makes sense to you?

8 A That's what I said, yes.

9 Q No, no I'm asking you, that makes sense to you. My...

10 A That part of it, no not at all.

11 Q My attempt to help him find my child okay. What I've done to try to help him find

12 my child. Is I've given him a bunch of addresses to go to that are bad

13 addresses. That's what I did to help him try to find my child. That makes sense

14 to you?

15 A I took him to the last place that I seen my daughter. Besides that I took them to

16 other places that I...

17 Q Okay when you..

18 A ...seen Zenaida.

19 Q ...when you brought us here, when you brought us here to go look in your office

20 That was suppose to help us how?

21 A (No verbal response)

22 Q Cause everything we're doing here is about finding you daughter okay. So, I

23 want you okay, to explain to me how coming here to come to an office that you

24 don't have I want you to tell me how that's helping us find your daughter.

25 Because everything..every bit of focus right now okay. You got three people


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 here to try to help you, that's what we're here to try to help you find your daughter

2 okay.

3 Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

4 Q Alright. We came here to look for clues to look for evidence that will help you find

5 your daughter okay.

6 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

7 Q Now I want you to tell me how that's helping find your daughter. We're here to

8 go..to come search your office for anything that will help us okay. We're here

9 cause you brought us here right?

10 Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

11 Q Now I want you to tell me how that's helping us to find your daughter.

12 A It's not.

13 Q But..but everything we're doing is to find your daughter. That's the most

14 important thing in the world to you right now, right?

15 A Caylee's been up here maybe we could talk to security see if she's come through

16 the front. I know she's come to the park. She's gone to Disney. She's been at

17 Sea World.

18 Q Whoa, ho-hold on...

19 A She's been to other places.

20 Q Let's go back to, let's..let's...

21 A It's...

22 Q We're here.

23 A ...backwards way of...

24 Q No, it's you know it..

25 A ...of looking.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Why do you think it's backwards? It's backwards 'cause you haven't been

2 truthful with us okay.

3 A 'Cause I've been reaching.

4 Q You've been reaching, huh?

5 A I've been reaching to try to figure out a place where she actually is.

6 Q So, once again okay 'cause you never did answer my question. Your reaching

7 and helping find her by bringing us here to this office that you don't have. It's

8 helping us find her how?

9 A It's...

10 Q Because what you're doing right now, is you're doing everything you can to find

11 your daughter. You have three experienced detectives right now, whose sole

12 focus is here to help you find your daughter okay. And we're here 'cause you

13 brought us here, correct?

14 A Absolutely.

15 Q You directed us here because we're going to your office to find evidence.

16 A Hm.

17 Q That will help us find her okay. Now that we're here I want you to tell me how

18 that's helping. What is it we're doing here, what's helping us right now okay.

19 A (No verbal response)

20 Q Well coming to an office doesn't exist.

21 A It's not helping.


23 Q So, why'd you do it?

24 A Honestly I wanted to come up and try to talk to security. Maybe pass around a

25 picture of Caylee. I legitimately have not seen my daughter in five weeks. I don't


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 want anything happen to her. Except I trusted her with somebody. Somebody

2 that had been taking care of her. That had been taking good care of her.

3 Someone that she was comfortable with, that I was comfortable with.

4 Q What about, what about Jeff you said Jeff worked here about ah, about two

5 months ago?

6 A No he hasn't worked here for quite a while.

7 Q Ten months? How long?

8 A It's been at least ten months.

9 Q Okay, he got fired in...

10 A (Inaudible)

11 Q ...2002. He hasn't been employed here since 2002. What about ah, the girl?

12 A Juliette?

13 Q Yeah what about her?

14 A She left two months ago that exactly what she had told me.

15 Q Juliette Lewis never worked at Universal Studios.


17 Q Yuri, I'm sorry. Is the baby's daddy actually dead?


19 Q That's a good question. (Inaudible)...


21 Q Would you...

22 A I...

23 Q How do you..how do...

24 A ...I still have a copy of the obituary at home.

25 Q Alright, well you've told us some many untruths right now I'm confused.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A That's...

2 Q Would your parents be upset if you had given the baby back to the daddy to take

3 back for his grandparents..for his parents to take care of?

4 A He passed away last year. We hadn't even talked much before that. She...


6 Q Let me ask you this. Is the obituary in your office?

7 A No, I think I have a copy of the obituary at home. There's no office so there's no

8 anything anywhere we've made that clear already.

9 Q Right.

10 A So, if I have a copy of it still it would be on my computer at home. I'm pretty sure

11 I kept that. I don't think that's something I would've gotten rid of.


13 Q Zani's never worked here. How do you explain that?

14 A She has and I.D. She has an I.D. with her name on it.

15 Q Just like you have..

16 A I've seen it.

17 Q ...just like you have an I.D.?

18 A I do have an I.D., somewhere at my house. Both of my parents have seen it.

19 Both of my parents know...

20 Q Just like you have an office.

21 A ...that I worked here. I used to have an office.

22 Q Now, just like you have an office?

23 A No I don't have an office now.

24 Q Okay.



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q And we're here to, to go to what, to do what? We're here because, why?

2 A Try and put things together.

3 Q Well, we're here in this building because.. we've put a lot more together then I

4 think you realized we've put together. My question to you is, we're in this office

5 because..we got here because..we got here how, to do what?

6 A (No verbal response).

7 Q Our purpose of coming here was to do what? Go where?

8 A I guess there wasn't a purpose. There wasn't purpose whatsoever to come up

9 here.

10 Q so, we're wasting time valuable time which ought to be spent looking for your

11 daughter.

12 A I'm trying to think of places...

13 Q No, I...

14 A ...I know she's been.

15 Q You're not answering my question.

16 A Help me.

17 Q You want us to help...

18 A Yes.

19 Q ...help find your daughter?

20 A I do want you to help.

21 Q Well then you need to help...then..what..a good starting point would be to

22 answer the questions okay.

23 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

24 Q If I say you were here because and then you just ignore that like as if I never

25 asked it and got off on some other direction. Is that answering the question?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A No.

2 Q Okay. Alright, let's go through this again. We're here because? We got here

3 how? To do what?

4 A Because I lied, because I brought you up here. And honestly I was reaching

5 for...

6 Q Now stop right there.

7 A ...another avenue.

8 Q I want you to tell me how lying to us is going to help us find your daughter.

9 A It's not going to.

10 Q Huh?

11 A It's not going to.

12 Q Well then if...if you're...if the main thing you want to do it find your daughter.

13 And you don't think lying to us is gonna help us find her, why would you do that?

14 A Because I'm scared and I..I know I'm running out of options, it's been a month.


16 Q What are you scared of?

17 A I'm scared of not seeing my daughter ever again.


19 Q Okay and if you're scared...

20 A And I'm honestly petrified...

21 Q ...if you're scared of not..

22 A ...of not seeing her again.

23 Q ...seeing your daughter again okay. I want you to tell me how lying to us is going

24 to solve that problem and help find your daughter quicker.

25 A It's not.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q 'Cause if that's what you want okay, obviously you're doing things to help us find

2 your daughter, right? And I want you to tell me how lying to us is getting to that

3 end. How is lying to us helping to find your daughter faster?

4 A It isn't.

5 Q Then why would you do that?

6 A See I don't know. I'm telling you that I just dropped her off and that was the last

7 time that I seen her. Even starting with that everybody else is like, well and what

8 happened after that?


10 Q You...

11 A That can't just be it.

12 Q You remember the phone call you were telling us about?

13 A Uh-huh. (affirmative)

14 Q Is that true?

15 A Yes.

16 Q Did you actually talk with..what day was it you talked to her?

17 A Yesterday.

18 Q You remember what time of day?

19 A Around noon. It was from a private number.

20 Q Okay what'd she tell you? What's your daughter say to you?

21 A She said, hi mommy.

22 Q And that's it?

23 A And she started to tell me a story talking to me about her shoes and books and...

24 Q It's important that you tell me. I mean maybe there's something in what she said

25 that can help us figure out where she is. What did she say?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A I tried to ask her where she was...

2 Q Okay.

3 A ...and she just kept talking about the book that she's...


5 Q Right.

6 A ...reading. We have videos of her reading the story and she's telling me the

7 story.

8 Q So, she seemed happy and...

9 A (Inaudible) ... a thousand times. She's...

10 Q ...she seem happy and...

11 A ...fine.

12 Q She's fine, she's happy?

13 A She seemed perfectly fine.

14 Q She was telling...

15 A There was nothing in the background...

16 Q ...telling you about a book, that would not seem not...no sign of any type of stress at

17 all?

18 A Not at all.

19 Q Great that's wonderful. Let me ask you a question. Your daughter hasn't seen

20 you in over a month and she's not, she...

21 A She was excited, she was excited, sorry, to talk to me. But at the same time it's

22 crazy that she didn't get upset when she talked to me. Which...

23 Q Yeah.

24 A ...had it been my mom.

25 Q Is that another thing...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A I know it would have been.

2 Q ...is that another thing...

3 A ...totally different.

4 Q ...that makes sense to you?

5 A She never gets upset when she talks to me. Whether I haven't seen her for an

6 entire day or if I had to work late at night I didn't see her almost and entire day

7 until the next one.

8 Q The last time, the last time somebody took her and you didn't see her for five

9 weeks was when?

10 A Never.

11 Q Okay. Now you haven't seen her in five weeks. She has not seen you in five

12 weeks.

13 A No.

14 Q Okay. She's been with this woman for...or somebody for five weeks. Hasn't

15 been in her own home, hasn't seen her mother in five weeks.

16 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

17 Q That didn't upset her.

18 A She was fine.

19 Q She was fine she talked about the, y'all talked about the book. I mean is all that

20 stuff you're saying true, right?

21 A She's always been like that though.

22 Q Oh...

23 A I don't understand...

24 Q Okay.

25 A ...how, but she's always been like that.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Okay but I'm getting that, but let's get back to, you say this had never happened

2 before.

3 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

4 Q She's never not seen you for five weeks.

5 A Huh.

6 Q But now she...now after five weeks of not seeing her mother.

7 A Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

8 Q Not talking to her mother okay. She finally talks to her mother after five weeks.

9 You're..you ask her where she is. You begin asking her these questions and

10 she just wants to talk about the book, she's happy, she's not worried, doesn't

11 seem upset.

12 A She's always like that. You can even ask my mom she's the same way.

13 Q Okay, let me go back to the..when was the last time you didn't see her for five

14 weeks? When was the last time something like this happened where she was

15 gone and you didn't see her for five weeks? The last time this happened when?

16 A Never.

17 Q Okay so this is the first time Okay.

18 A This is the first time I've been away from her for more that a day.

19 Q Okay. This first time you ever been away from her for more then a day and she

20 wasn't the least bit upset?

21 A No.

22 Q When you talked to her on the phone that day?

23 A She wasn't the least bit upset when I talked to her.

24 Q She went on about, you know I miss you mommy none of that I just..she talked

25 like you said she talked about that book and all that stuff right that's it?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A And when I asked her to give the phone to another adult to somebody else she

2 was fine, she was willing to do it, but the phone hung up. She doesn't hang up

3 phones. I know...


5 Q And that's the phone she called you on your cell phone?

6 A Yes.

7 Q Can I see that real quick while you guys are...


9 Q Now if this is the first time she's ever been gone for...away from you for more a

10 day. I'm a parent too.

11 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

12 Q I would've been, I would've been just beside myself.

13 A I have been.

14 Q I would've called the police immediately and that's the part that I just don't

15 understand. We got...

16 A I didn't know...

17 Q ...so many resources...

18 A ...what to do.

19 Q ...out there that we could help on day one.


21 Q You didn't know what to do. At that point I'm thinking, okay they haven't been gone

22 A I didn't know what to do. At that point I'm thinking, okay they haven't been gone

23 that long. Maybe I can find them. Maybe I can track them down.

24 Q They haven't been gone...

25 A That first day...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q ...they haven't been gone that long.

2 A That first day...

3 Q (Inaudible)...right.

4 A No that very first day that all of this happened. That I went to pick up Caylee and

5 she wasn't there.

6 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

7 A Initially my thought is that they went out to do something for a little bit. Maybe I

8 just missed a phone call.

9 Q Right.

10 A Maybe I didn't get the call or the text message. Maybe something fell through

11 the crack. It's happened before.

12 Q But now after...

13 A (Inaudible)...

14 Q Right I understand all that okay. I want you to focus on what we're doing here

15 okay.

16 A uh-huh. (Affirmative)

17 Q Alright. Because I want to make sure we get this right. After, after having, after

18 having not seen your daughter for five...or heard from or not knowing where your

19 daughter was at for five weeks. She calls you on the phone. You have a

20 conversation with her where she talks about the books and other stuff.

21 A Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

22 Q But then you ask her to speak to an adult and then she hangs up. Or the phone

23 hangs up okay. Correct?

24 A She can't...

25 Q Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa hold on, hold on let me finish.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A Go ahead.

2 Q Okay. You have this conversation with her after not seeing her or hearing from

3 her for five weeks. The phone call's terminated. You don't get a change to talk

4 to an adult okay.

5 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

6 Q The very next thing you do after that is what? Call the police because now

7 something really strange has happened so you must've called the police right

8 after that. Did you call the city police or do you remember who you called?

9 Which police agency did you call yesterday?

10 A I didn't call anybody at noon after I got that phone call. I sat down ...

11 Q You...whoa. You didn't think that was odd? This con.. you didn't think this...

12 A I thought it was extremely odd.

13 Q But not odd enough to call the police and try to get help.

14 A (No verbal response).


16 Q Let me, let me throw something in if you don't mind.


18 Q Sure.


20 Q Um, Rick is in the office and Rick's finishing up the interview and

21 that was actually Rick calling me. You know Ricardo right obviously your ex-boyfriend+

22 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

23 Q We brought him down to the office and he's been talking to a couple of our

24 detectives down there. And he was able to help us because he's telling us

25 something obviously completely different then what you're telling us. And I was


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 just able to tell him that pull the surveillance camera from the video across the

2 street at the old folks home that you drove my by.

3 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

4 Q And ah, we're gonna get it enhance to see if we an actually get some good detail

5 on pictures and faces. But Ricardo was saying that you spend the night with him

6 on the 9th and left on the 10th. And this is being, this is being corroborated right

7 now, which again show that you're continuously lying about the 9th being the

8 day that....

9 A I stayed over at...

10 Q ...(Inaudibe)...

11 A ...at his house...

12 Q And ...

13 A ...on the 9th of this month.

14 Q No

15 A Not of last month. I was not at his place the 9th of that month.

16 Q So, you stayed at your ex-boyfriend's the 9th of this month when you're staying at

17 your other boyfriend's house, Tony the rest of the month?

18 A He'd been out of town so I was staying over at another friend's place while he

19 was gone. I wasn't staying in his apartment. I was staying with Amy and Ricardo

20 and JP. JP and Ricardo own the house.

21 Q So, why didn't, why didn't you tell us you were staying there. We drove right by

22 the house this morning didn't we when we went to...

23 A (No verbal response).

24 Q Okay and you're at this old folks home, which is another lie, right?

25 A uh-huh. (Affirmative)


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q 'Cause Amy never lived there. Am I correct?

2 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

3 Q Okay, why were you pointing at this old folks home and saying that Zani lived there at

4 one point which she didn't?

5 A Because she had gone there before I seen her there.

6 Q She went to the old folks home?

7 A Yes.

8 Q But you never dropped your kid off to her at an old folks home. You never went

9 into the old folks home you went to an apartment with her.

10 A No.

11 Q Yet across the street from this old folks home right there on Glenwood is where

12 Ricardo lives.

13 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

14 Q With Amy and JP.

15 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

16 Q All of whom are at our station talking to our detectives right now. So, obviously

17 you know we're..we're not stupid okay. And what you're doing right now is

18 you're treating us like we're stupid in which I take that you know to be a personal

19 insult. I can't speak for them. Here..here's where it comes down to. None of us

20 are sitting here believing what you're saying because everything that's coming

21 out of your mouth is a lie. Everything. And unless we start getting the truth,

22 unless we start getting the truth we're going to announce two possibilities with

23 Caylee. Either you gave Caylee to someone that you don't want anyone to find

24 out because you think you're a bad mom. Or something happened to Caylee

25 and Caylee's buried somewhere or in a trash can somewhere... and you had


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 something to do with it... either way right now it's not a very pretty picture to be

2 painting. Either way, either way right now with everything that you're telling us.

3 You're painting yourself as a very bad person. Your family's gonna suffer for

4 this. Your friends are gonna suffer for this. And remember what I told you about

5 all these people coming? They're gonna crucify you for this. Because of all the

6 lies that you have been telling us. We need to stop that right now. Everything you've

7 told us is a lie. You're looking me in the eyes, you're looking a...everything

8 you've told us is a lie. Every single thing.

9 A No it isn't.

10 Q And you can't.. Yes. And you can't keep sitting here and telling us the same

11 thing and getting constantly over and over and over again we disproving

12 everything that you're telling us. You're telling us that you lied to us. You're

13 telling us you're giving us misinformation, everything you're telling us. Okay this

14 needs to end.

15 A The truthfully think....

16 Q This needs to end.

17 A ...is I have not seen my daughter. The last time that I saw her was on the 9th of

18 June.

19 Q And what happened to Caylee?

20 A I don't know.

21 Q Sure you do. You need...

22 A I don't know.

23 Q Listen, something happened to Caylee. We're not gonna discuss where the last

24 time you saw her. I..I'm guessing something bad happened to her sometime



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 ago and you haven't seen her, So, that part is true if you say you haven't seen

2 her because she's somewhere else right now.

3 A She's with someone else.

4 Q She's either.. No she's either in a dumpster right now or she's buried

5 somewhere, she's...she's out there somewhere and her rotting body is starting to

6 decompose because what you're 'telling us. And here's the problem the longer

7 this goes the worse it's gonna be for everyone, everyone. The worse it's gonna

8 be for everyone. Right now everything you've told us we've locked you into a lie.

9 Every single thing that you've told us has been a lie. We're proving all that. Now

10 right now it's gonna be one of two things. Either we find Caylee alive, which is

11 gonna help you out extremely by telling us the truth. Or we find Caylee not alive,

12 which if you start telling us the truth. Might still paint you in a better picture. But

13 here's where it needs to end. Here's where the truth needs to come out okay.

14 No more lies. No more bull coming out of your mouth. We've been very

15 respectful, we're taking our time and talking to you. But we're tired of all the lies.

16 No more lies. What happened to Caylee?

17 A I don't know.

18 Q You do know.

19 A I don't know...

20 Q What happened to Caylee?

21 A ...where she is. That is the God's honest truth.

22 Q Okay, where was she last time that you put her somewhere? Where was she?

23 A The last time I saw here was on those steps at that apartment that I took you to

24 this morning. This same apartment that I took the other officers to last night

25 was...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q But you didn't give her to...

2 A ...the last time...

3 Q ...any..you didn't give her to anyone while you were there.

4 A I did.

5 Q See (Inaudible)..NO, 'cause...

6 A No.

7 Q ...listen, listen...

8 A I...

9 Q ...listen, listen, listen to me. We even pulled a surveillance video an

10 apartment complex and they have to keep this by law for several days okay. And

11 we're not seeing you over there. We're not seeing you there at all that day. You

12 think that we're stupid and we're not gonna...

13 A I...

14 Q ...do all this stuff. Okay.

15 A That's...

16 Q We're not seeing you there so now if..if you're not there and you're not being

17 seen there and somebody's already saying that you're not there. And everything

18 else you've told us is a lie. That's telling me... Remember we had those,

19 remember we had those two people that we were talking about the person who

20 had an accident or made an accident or made a bad decision? And a person

21 who's just a cold blooded callous monster. That's telling me that you're the

22 second person. This cold blooded callous monster..

23 A I'm not.

24 Q ...who doesn't care and doesn't want to help because she's afraid that

25 something so heinous happened. That everyone's gonna look at her and say,


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A ...person...

2 Q No, that's not true.


4 Q Zenaida give you any money that day?

5 A No. I would not have sold my daughter. If I wanted to really just get rid of her. I

6 would've left her with my parents and I would've left. I would've moved out. I

7 would've given my mom custody.


9 Q What about the baby's dad's parents would you have left her with them too?

10 A I haven't talked to them since we were probably six or seven years old. Since we

11 were little kids. That was probably the last time I saw...

12 Q You don't have a phone...

13 A ...or talked to them.

14 Q ...for'em?

15 A No I do not. I would not have let anything happen to my daughter. Except I

16 made the mistake of trusting another person with her. That's it.


18 Q No, no, no.


20 Q Whoa.


22 Q You.. you.. no.. no stop. You, you...

23 A That...

24 Q ...you.. you made...

25 I've mad a lot...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Stop.

2 A ...of mistakes.

3 Q You've made a lot more mistakes...

4 A Yes.

5 Q ...then that. Because everything that you've told us, every single thing from the

6 point that you opened you mouth to the police officer this morning to right now.

7 Everything has been a lie. We're sitting at Universal Studios because of a lie.

8 We've got all these other people in the station right now talking to us, because of

9 a lie. We've got all these other apartment buildings that we've got people that

10 had to check on, because of a lie. Okay. We need to stop this lie. Your mother

11 has called me countless times today okay. And that's why my phone keeps

12 going off.

13 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

14 Q Countless times because your mother knows, your father knows, everyone knows, everyone

15 around you know that you have lied completely and absolutely from the get go.

16 Everyone knows. Why you're not coming out with it and why you're not telling us

17 the truth, no on has an answer to. The only person that has an answer to that is

18 you. And this is what we're trying to implore upon you. You need to tell us the

19 truth about what happened to Caylee. It's not that she's with someone and you

20 didn't call...

21 A It's the truth.

22 Q That's not the truth.

23 A It is the truth.

24 Q That's not the truth. You need to tell...

25 A Absolutely the truth.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q No it's not the truth. See we can't get past that unless you go ahead and tell us

2 the truth.

3 A There's nothing to get past because that is the truth. If there was anything...


5 Q Well, let's get past this.

6 A ...else something would've happened.

7 Q Let's get past how we got to Universal Studios. Let's get past ah, why you talked

8 to your daughter yesterday on the phone. Ah,having no idea where she's at and

9 haven't seen...and having not seen her for five weeks and you didn't call

10 anybody. Did you just think that one day she just gonna show up at your house?

11 A No I sat around yesterday trying to figure out what to do. I'm glad that I ended up

12 seeing my mom. That all of that stuff happened, happened for a reason because

13 (Inaudible)...

14 Q You're glad you saw your mom. Let me ask you this. You could've saw your

15 mom five weeks ago, said mom I don't know where... You could have called

16 your mom five weeks ago.

17 A I was scared.

18 Q What does that mean?

19 A I saw my mom's reaction right off the bat and it would've been the same from the

20 get go.

21 Q Well, so you're more afraid...

22 A (Inaudible)...

23 Q So wait a minute. So, you're afraid of your mom's reaction then you are if

24 you ever see your daughter?



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A No, I'm absolutely petrified. Absolutely petrified. I know my mom will never

2 forgive me. I'm never gonna forgive myself because there's a chance that I

3 might not see Caylee again and I don't want to think about that.

4 Q Well let me ask you, let me ask how...by lying to us and sending us all these

5 goose these while goose chases.

6 A (Inaudible)...

7 Q Hold on a minute okay. I want you to tell me okay this is a um, I mean is it, is

8 there some other thing more important in your life right now that...

9 A No.

10 Q ...maybe that.. Nah, but you just weren't kind of, you just weren't really focused

11 on what you were saying when you told us? Yet kind of just accidently told us

12 you had an office here and we needed to be here 'cause we might find

13 something would help? Or did you lie purposely or did you purposely mislead

14 us? Which if those two is it?

15 A I purposely misled you.

16 Q Okay so you purposely misled us. This was all an attempt to help find your

17 daughter right?

18 A No.

19 Q That makes sense to you correct?

20 A Again and in a backwards sort of way yes.

21 Q In a backwards sort of way.

22 A I'm coming back to places that are familiar to me that I know are familiar to her.

23 Familiar situations that maybe...

24 Q What did you think...

25 A ...just maybe...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q How old is she?

2 A ...would help. She's almost three.

3 Q She's almost three.

4 A In a month.

5 Q What do you think she's gonna take a cab here? I mean...

6 A I know she's not.

7 Q ...how did you think she's gonna get here?

8 A Because she's with someone else. If I could find her if...

9 Q She's with someone else.

10 A ...I could track her down.

11 Q Wait, she's with...

12 A This wouldn't be happening.

13 Q Okay hold on a second let'd put this together where it makes sense okay. She's

14 with someone else whose hid her from you for five weeks.

15 A Yes.

16 Q Who let her call you on the phone yesterday, but then hung up.

17 A (Nonverbal response).

18 Q But you brought us here today 'cause she might be here.

19 A She could be anywhere.

20 Q Boy. That's true, but why here? Why would.. let me ask you this okay. Why

21 would a person, why would a person who has hid your daughter from you for five

22 weeks okay. Bring her to the building that you used to work at?

23 A (No verbal response)

24 Q I mean did you think we'd walk in here she'd be sitting in the lobby or...

25 A No.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Okay well you brought us here to find her right?

2 A (No verbal response)

3 Q 'Cause you thought maybe some weird sort of what you said backwards way that

4 we find her here. That this would help. So, I'm asking you.

5 A Maybe she's been here within the last five weeks. Maybe they have something

6 from up front her coming through the turnstiles. I don't know.

7 Q So, you think that this person who's hid her from you for five weeks. Okay that

8 had her call you on the phone yesterday and tell you about this book she was

9 reading then hung up. Would bring her to Universal Studios? And this office in

10 particular?

11 A No in this office. Coming to this office...

12 Q Well this is where you brought us.

13 A (Inaudible)...

14 Q You didn't take us to the turnstiles did you? You brought us here, right?

15 A You're right.

16 Q Okay. Now when you, when you told him about these other places that were

17 wrong earlier today. That was also an attempt to help us find her right?

18 A These were other places that I've gone to and either seen Caylee.

19 Q Right.

20 A Or I know that her nanny has been too.

21 Q And you're completely truthful with'em about all that?

22 Q Yes. I was completely truthful about those places that we've been to. I've been

23 to those steps that's where I've dropped her...

24 Q Now we're not talking about steps okay we've already...

25 A I'm talking about the other places. The other houses, I know...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q The old folks home?

2 A Not the old folks home.

3 Q Oh so that was not really all the way true?

4 A I know Zani has been to the old folks home. So, I've never...


6 Q You know you pointed out, you pointed at the 3rd floor window and you said, well

7 that's what's her name's bedroom, and Zani's bedroom is right below...is on the

8 other side. That's what you told me. So, that was a lie?

9 A That was a lie.


11 Q And that was gonna help find her how? Telling..lying about, lying about that

12 bedroom, where is Zani's bedroom that was gonna help find her how? Huh?

13 A It's not helping.

14 Q Then why would you do it? 'Cause we are...I mean that's what we're here for

15 right, finding her?

16 A I don't know what else to do anymore. If I knew where she was if something had

17 happened...

18 Q Well let me ask you this.

19 A ...I would've admitted that a long time ago.

20 Q Do you think, do you think..do you believe thinking up more lies to tell us will

21 help us?

22 A No.


24 Q Is your daughter in a better place

25 A No she's not.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Are you worried about her?

2 A I'm absolutely petrified. If she was with her family right now she'd be in the best

3 place. She's not. She's with someone that I absolutely do not trust. And I'm

4 absolutely scared that...


6 Q That you don't trust yet was baby sitting your daughter for a year?

7 A I don't trust her now, because of what happened.


9 Q What point did you stop trusting her?

10 A The moment that her phone was cut off and I couldn't get in contact with my

11 daughter.

12 Q So, you thought man something ain't right?

13 A Something's wrong.

14 Q And when you started thinking that something was wrong, which police agency

15 did you call first us or the city police or who did you call first? Who did you go to

16 for help first to help try to find her?

17 A No one.

18 Q No one okay, alright. Okay. Well I'm glad we got that straightened out.


20 Q I can't think of anything else that I can say that...that's gonna convince you on

21 how to do the right thing...


23 Q Let's start..let me talk to you outside about the surveillance tapes and maybe

24 look back and give her a little bit.



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB



2 Q Yeah. Not only that um, you want to turn it off help yourself.


4 Q No that's fine. You want some water or something?

5 A No, I'm fine.

6 Q No you're good.

7 A My one goal is regardless of how it happened...the thing is I don't care I will lie, I

8 will steal of do whatever I can to find my daughter.

9 Q Well...

10 A I put that in my statement and I mean that with all of my heart.

11 Q I know, but we don't want you, we don't want you to lie because...

12 A No.

13 Q ...we work off of truth.

14 A I know that.

15 Q And, and we want to find your daughter as much as you do. And I don't think

16 you're a monster or anything like that. I think you might have some pressures in

17 your life. Who..who put..who exerts the most pressure on you? Like my

18 parents used to do me?

19 A Um, my mom does absolutely.

20 Q She..does she not think you care for your daughter good enough or...

21 A Its...

22 Q I mean...

23 A My...

24 Q ...it's kind of rough you're single..you're a single mom.

25 A I live at home with my parents.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Got to be rough. Got to be rough. You'll never live up to your mother's

2 expectations right?

3 A At least not right now.

4 Q Right.

5 A But that no way means that I would ever do anything or let any harm come to that

6 child. She's the one thing in this world that I love more than anything.

7 Q And I understand that and I believe it I see the tears in your eyes. Okay.

8 A (No verbal response)

9 Q My concern is, is I know from my years of experience I know what, I know what

10 young adults and young mom's and dads can do when parents exert too much

11 pressure on 'em. They don't live up to their standards, they don't...so not that

12 you would hurt your child. But you might ah, because you...if your parent just

13 constantly talks down on you makes you feel like crap. You're not good enough...

14 A It's not constant. I brought that on myself. The stuff that she says, the thing that

15 she said....she's been right about everything.

16 Q What kind of things did she say?

17 A She told me that I took advantage of her and she's right because...

18 Q And how?

19 A ...for a very long time.

20 Q How did you take advantage of her?

21 A By using credit cards. When I had my own money I still used some of her

22 money. I went and bought material things for nothing.

23 Q Right.

24 A Whether it was things for myself, going out to eat.

25 Q Right.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A Spend a little bit of times with friends or went and took Caylee shopping. For

2 whatever reason I was extremely selfish.

3 Q Right.

4 A I was extremely selfish for a few years, quite a few years.

5 Q What about, I don't know anything about this. Like I told you before I was just

6 sitting at my desk and he said, hey come on. Something about a car at Amscot.

7 A My car...

8 Q What...what's up with that?

9 A My car ran out of gas. I was driving actually to different places...

10 Q Your car?

11 A My car yes.

12 Q Okay.

13 A The car they brought from brother three years ago.

14 Q Okay.

15 A Sucks because I ran out of gas. My gas gauge is obviously reading wrong. The

16 sensor could be wrong.

17 Q Right.

18 A It showed I had a half a tank of gas, but it was empty.

19 Q When did it run out of gas?

20 A Ah...

21 Q What that before or after your baby was missing?

22 A Oh it was definitely after.

23 Q Yeah.

24 A It was definitely after.

25 Q And it ran out of gas in the parking lot of that check cashing store?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A No it was right at the corner of Goldenrod and 50. As you can turn, you get in

2 that merging lane where Sam's is and the Amscot.

3 Q Right, right, right.

4 A As you're going to get onto Goldenrod from 50 that's where my car stopped right

5 there. So I had to get out, two guys helped me push it into that parking lot.

6 Q Okay.

7 A And I left two notes on the car even saying I was gonna come back and put gas

8 in it.

9 Q Why is your mother saying that's her car? Or is she? Is that what I heard?

10 A It's still in my parents' name.

11 Q Oh.

12 A It was my brother's car. He ended up that was the car they bought my brother in

13 high school.

14 Q Okay so they bought...

15 A He bought the bought the car, he paid off the car and then...

16 Q And he sold it to you?

17 A ...he sold it to me. Yes.

18 Q But not, not officially.

19 A No.

20 Q ...with the title transfer?

21 A My parents kept the title whether for insurance purposes or whatever else. They

22 still kept it in their name.

23 Q Oh, okay. So, the fact that it was at the check cashing place it's just coincidental

24 because you ran out of gas?

25 A 'Cause I ran out of gas.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q It's not like you went there...

2 A It wasn't on purpose.

3 Q ...to cash a check.

4 A No I...

5 Q You didn't go...

6 A ...didn't go...

7 Q ...to the store...

8 A ...there to cash a check. No I didn't go into the store.

9 Q Right.

10 A I wasn't abandoning my car.

11 A Right.

12 A Just happened circumstantially I ran out of gas.

13 Q Right.

14 A I had to call my boyfriend Tony to come and pick me up.

15 Q Hm. Well, if you were in our shoes what could we do to help you find your child?

16 A I don't know.

17 Q What more can we do? Do you have a computer at home?

18 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

19 Q Did you ever send ah, what's the nanny's name?

20 A Zenaida.

21 Q Did you ever send her any emails or did she...

22 A Her email accounts bounce back. I've tried twice I tried...

23 Q Does she...

24 A ...twice this morning.

25 Q ..does she..Have you...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A She had email.

2 Q Even when, even when y'all were in good times would she send emails back

3 and forth?

4 A On occasion we would...

5 Q Okay.

6 A ...talk online. Not usually three in the morning.

7 Q So, we might be able to track her, we might be able to track her...

8 A If I check my logs we could probably find her through instant messaging...

9 Q What would be great is if we could have our forensic computer guy.

10 A Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

11 Q Take your computer with your permission and search it and he can probably

12 track her by her AOL or whatever account and maybe see... 'cause she's got to

13 set up another account somewhere she goes.

14 A Oh yeah. She's gonna...

15 Q Would that be something...

16 A ...set up (Inaudible)...

17 Q ...you'd be willing to do?

18 A I'm okay with that.

19 Q Yeah.

20 A 'Cause I know that I have documentation on my computer somewhere.

21 Q Okay.

22 A I have to.

23 Q Well he can find it. He, what he does he makes a copy of what's on your

24 computer so you don't lose anything on your computer.

25 A Yes. That way he can just pull it.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q And then he can search through...

2 A And go through it.

3 Q And ah, maybe there's some clues there as far as where this lady has gotten off

4 to. Um, and when she was watching your baby. She helped you for a year and

5 a half?

6 A Almost two years.

7 Q Almost two years. Was she always in same building?

8 A She'd been at a house over in Andover Lakes for a while. That was one of the

9 main things...

10 Q Was it her house or was it one she was sharing?

11 A No it was a friend's house.

12 Q So, it probably wasn't in her name?

13 A No it was not.

14 Q Is that one of the addresses Yuri had?

15 A No. Not that house.

16 Q Do you know that address?

17 A I do not know the address.

18 Q Andover Lakes, where is that at?

19 A off of Dean and Curryford.

20 Q Okay. That's out by, is McDonald's out there?

21 A Out towards Waterford. Yeah.(inaudible)...

22 Q Do you remember how to get to that house?

23 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

24 Q So, we can get the address maybe do a title search or...

25 A Ohhh.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q But she was probably just renting a room or...

2 A I think she's just renting a room there for a while. She had a couple other

3 roommates. I know the house wasn't in any of their names. I think they were

4 just renting though...

5 Q Did you know any of those roommates?

6 A I have names I have two names for them. But nothing...

7 Q Have you given'em to Yuri?

8 A Yes.

9 Q Okay. What are those names?

10 A Raquell Ferrell and Jennifer Rosa.

11 Q Okay. You had any contact with them?

12 A No.

13 Q Have any way of getting a hold of their cell phone numbers?

14 A I never really talked to them much anyway. I think I probably saw them maybe a

15 handful of times.

16 Q Right.

17 A Their schedules were completely opposite of mine. They were never really

18 anybody that i met besides just in passing. Even with the boyfriend that Zenaida

19 had last year.

20 Q Right.

21 Q I saw him maybe twice.

22 Q Right.

23 A They only dated a couple of months it was never anything serious. She never had

24 him around Caylee or the other children she baby sat. So, it was never an



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 uncomfortable situation. But this is so heart wrenching because there was never

2 a sign. Never a single sign that this was gonna happen.

3 Q Right. Do you know where she was from? With a name like Zenaida whatever.

4 A Zenaida.

5 Q Zenaida.

6 A She's mixed she's Puerto Rican and her father's black. She's from New York

7 from what I've been told that's where she was born.

8 Q Right.

9 A She moved to Miami, she went to U of F

10 Q You said you went to Colonial High School.

11 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

12 Q Did you go to college afterwards or...

13 A Valencia.

14 Q What ... how many years at Valencia?

15 A About a year and a half.

16 Q Yeah and a half.

17 A I got my planning certificate.

18 Q Yeah. Oh that's when you got hired on here at ah...

19 A Well I got that outside of all this. I just wanted do event planning period and

20 working occasional events even before actually coming to the event department.

21 Q Right.

22 A Part-time or as a seasonal employee. Which is something I always wanted to do

23 anyway.

24 Q Right.

25 A So.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Hm, when you were growing up you take any medicines or anything?

2 A No.

3 Q No. Ah, your baby take any medicines?

4 A No.

5 Q She needed any medicine?

6 A Not at all.

7 Q She's good health?

8 A She's had one cold and it lasted two days her entire life.

9 Q Yeah. Wow.

10 A She's extremely healthy.

11 Q Hm. Pediatrician? Who's your baby's pediatrician?

12 A Dr. Silva.

13 Q Did ah, these chairs aren't very comfortable.

14 A No.

15 You (Inaudibe)..lay way back.

16 A Exactly I'm not comfortable.

17 Q I feel like I'm gonna..

18 A (Laughs)

19 Q Did the nanny ever take ah...

20 A No.

21 Q ..baby to the doctor?

22 A The only people that were on the list was myself and both of my parents. And

23 my dad he come with me to couple visits. My mom I think came to one. It was

24 usually just Caylee and I.

25 Q Favorite place to go. Ah, I guess Universal's one of'em.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A Well as theatrical thing of course.

2 Q Right.

3 A But she liked Jay Blanchard Park. Going to Lake Underhill and walking around

4 the lake.

5 Q Whereabouts in the park did she like best?

6 A The playgrounds.

7 Q Right.

8 A She liked to just attempt to run around Lake Underhill. She like to go and walk

9 big trail at Jay Blanchard Park.

10 Q Yeah that's a big trail.

11 A She loved that. Oh yeah.

12 Q Yeah we just finished walking that trail. That's where ah the jogger was killed I

13 believe.

14 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

15 Q It's a pretty park.

16 A My mom didn't want me going out there to run for that reason.

17 Q Yeah.

18 A She didn't even want me running on the outside running around Chickasaw for

19 the longest time because of that.

20 Q Trying to think when you pull into the park is the playground off to the right if

21 you're looking at the creek or the river?

22 A There's two playgrounds.

23 Q Which one did she play at?

24 A She's played at both of them. But usually the bigger on that stops where the Y

25 is.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Right. That's the one she liked the most?

2 A Yeah. 'Cause there's more things to climb on and for her to run around there's

3 usually a lot more kids.

4 Q Yeah.

5 A So and there's swings.

6 Q When was the last time she was there?

7 A The last time I know that she was there was the end of May. I took her in April a

8 couple of times.

9 Q Okay.

10 A I've taken her a few times myself this year. The lat time that I know that she went

11 with someone other then myself is the end of May.

12 Q The end of May. And she last..you last saw her on June the 9th?

13 A Ninth. A Monday.

14 Q Hmm. Do you remember what y'all did on June the 8th?

15 A It's a Sunday.

16 Q I can't think of what I did, but. Anything significant?

17 A I think I might've been at Tony's. I think my mom took Caylee up to see her

18 parents in Mt. Dora. She either took up there that Sat or that Sunday.

19 Q What's Tony's...

20 A It's my boyfriends apartment.

21 Q Oh okay. Mt. Dora, Mt. Dora, Mt Dora, Mt. Dora.

22 A It's just north of Apopka.

23 Q Yeah. So, it was like a day visit?

24 A For my parents or for my mom, yeah.

25 Q And...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A And my mom goes up there even just by herself or with my dad or I go up there

2 with her. It's usually just...

3 Q Your mom will go..it's your..you current boyfriend right?

4 A Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

5 Q That what you said?

6 A Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

7 Q So, you mom will go up there and she, she likes (inaudible)...

8 A My mom will go up to Mt Dora to see her parents.

9 Q Oh, okay. And your, your boyfriend (inaudible)...live up there to. They're not..

10 A No he lives off of University.

11 Q Oh. Okay. I got you. So, your baby went up there with your mom to see...

12 A Yeah.

13 Q ...her parents?

14 A See her great grand parents.

15 Q Yeah. How old are they?

16 A Oh my grandfather's I think he's 88 maybe.

17 Q Wow.

18 A And my grandmother is probably 82, 83.

19 Q Hang on a second.

20 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

21 Q (on phone) I'm in an interview Mick. (off phone) That's my partner. He's going

22 on a cruise to Bahamas I think.

23 A Nice.

24 Q What is that three day, four night or...

25 A Usually.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q ...or four day three night or something like that.

2 A Yeah.

3 Q That'd be nice. I guess but I don't like boats.

4 A (laugh)

5 Q So, man I just don't know everything that was asked of you and I just don't know

6 how...You're...you're our biggest help. You're gonna be our biggest help in

7 solving this.

8 A I have nothing to go off of that's the problem. I have perspective ideas of maybe

9 where she could go.

10 Q Tell me.

11 A At the same time...She could've gone back up to New York. She could've gone

12 up to Jacksonville where we have a friend. Could've gone down to Miami where'

13 her mom and her sister live now. She could've gone anywhere.

14 Q Did she have any children?

15 A No.

16 Q And we're talking about the baby sitter right?

17 A Uh-huh.(Affirmative)

18 Q She didn't have any children?

19 A No.

20 Q Could..could she have children?

21 A I...

22 Q Is this something that she could've done and...

23 A I'm pretty sure that she could that was never anything that came up. But I men

24 I...

25 Q Did she ever...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A (Inaudible)...

2 Q ...when she was back did she ever make any funny, oh like I love this child you

3 know and I wish you were mine or anything like that? Or...

4 A Never that i have witnesses or anybody else had ever told me. She used to just

5 say how much she loved Caylee and that she was such a good kid. And you

6 know she was very, very proud of how she was being raised.

7 Q Right.

8 A It was always, good praise, but more of things that I heard from other friends.

9 Nothing that sounded out of the ordinary that was ever strange or weird.

10 Q Right.

11 A But then this just happened. And she was nonchalant with me the morning of.

12 Everything was perfectly fine.

13 Q And when you contacted, when you would call..like you would drop baby off in

14 the morning or for the day or..was it 'cause you got to go to work and she was

15 watching.

16 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

17 Q Would you call during the day? Call her up during the day say...

18 A I would always call and check on Caylee or send a text message. Or if I was

19 online just to make sure that everything was okay. She would occasionally call

20 me just to...

21 Q Can you get online here at work? Can you sent text messages from work?

22 A I usually just use my phone.

23 Q oh okay.

24 A I usually text from..well use my computer instant message from you know

25 anywhere else where I have access.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Well once again I mean that phone I'm not an electronic geek. But I mean the

2 phone might have some valuable clues in there that could help us try to track

3 down..maybe that...

4 A The only bad thing is it only saves 20 calls at a time.

5 Q Ohhh.

6 A And text messages it only saves the messages that I receive it doesn't show

7 anything that I sent. That's why I pull up a list of stuff for them..

8 Q Is that ah, Boost phone?

9 A No...

10 Q What is that?

11 A ...it's a Nokia. It's an AT&T phone it's probably one of the cheapest..cheapest

12 crappyest, simplest phones.

13 Q But the phone's..

14 A (Inaudible)...

15 Q But the phone company your service will have your telephone itemized for

16 (Inaudible)...

17 A Yeah I have everything. But...

18 Q Incoming and outgoing right?

19 A Incoming and outgoing. The thing is...

20 Q Do you have those itemized bills for...

21 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative) I printed off the ones for July.

22 Q Did you give'em to Yuri?

23 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

24 Q Okay.



Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A We did last night. Actually I put them on a zip drive for him. I gave him my zip

2 drive that has pictures.

3 Q Okay.

4 A And it has two different word documents one has my text messages, when they

5 sent to what number.

6 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

7 A And ones that I received. It didn't show the actual message itself. But at least

8 showed texts were sent at this time to such and such number.

9 Q Right.

10 A Um, the same thing with the phone list. I just need to go back through, go back

11 on the Cingular website and find the other months.

12 Q Right.

13 A They know she's had at least three different phone numbers in the last almost

14 four years that I've met her.

15 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

16 A And I know that she was on two different phone plans at...

17 Q That she's lived in...

18 A ...at two different places.

19 Q ...places since...

20 A Well...

21 Q ...that you know of?

22 A She's lived at a couple of places.

23 Q Since she's been watching your child?

24 A No she's lived just in Orlando since I've met her. But she had just moved here...

25 Q At Andover Lakes. She lived...was she watching your baby there?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 A Yeah.

2 Q And then in the ah, whatever this other place is or...

3 A There's another apartment that she had been probably right about the time that I

4 met her.

5 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

6 A It's Alafaya Club Apartments

7 Q Does Yuri know all that?

8 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

9 Q Alafaya Club Apartments? So, she...

10 A She'd only lived there for a few months. I think Caylee probably was only there

11 maybe once or twice.

12 Q did she live in the apartment that you dropped her off at the steps? Was that

13 one of the ones she lived in or was that ah...

14 A That was one of the places where we had met up a couple of different times. I

15 actually have a couple of friends that live in that complex so does she.

16 Q Okay.

17 A A good friend of mine from high school still lives there. He has a one bedroom

18 apartment.

19 Q Do you know who...

20 A Right around (Inaudible)...

21 Q ...do you know who her friends were in there? Where they lived or names or

22 anything like that?

23 A I do not. She used to talk about people all the time, but would never use specific

24 names or really go into any detail about anything. And it never seemed weird

25 some people are just very particular about giving out details or specific...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Right.

2 A ...details about other people. So, I understood all of that, but looking back at

3 stuff now the privacy, the way she was a little bit changing phones and ...

4 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)

5 A It just, it didn't seem right whatsoever.

6 Q Right.

7 A So, looking back at any place that I know that she had ever gone to or that again

8 would seem familiar to me. That maybe I've gone to, to meet her to drop off

9 Caylee or to pick up Caylee for that reason. We'd find mutual places sometimes.

10 Q Right.

11 A Or I'd go and pick her up at a grocery store if that's where they were. To try and

12 make it a little bit easier.

13 Q If, if we found the nanny today and we found your baby what...what's your

14 biggest, what's the next biggest hurdle for you in your life as far as who's it..

15 maybe explaining something to somebody or who..who..what's the next biggest

16 concern? I know your major concerned now is finding your baby.

17 A Honestly that's all I care about at this point. And I'll..I'll take that necessary stuff

18 with whatever with you know...

19 Q Who would that be? I mean...who...who's gonna be the next hurdle in your life

20 as far as trying to explain no I'm not a neglectful mother. I'm not you know..is it

21 gonna be your mom?

22 A Myself. No, it's gonna be saying that and proving that to myself everyday. My

23 mom flat out told me yesterday she would never be able to forgive me. And I

24 even told her, I'm never gonna be able to forgive myself. Everyday I've been

25 beating myself up about this. Every single day.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q Right.

2 A Not knowing where to go, what to do. Running in circles literally 'cause it's all I

3 can do at this point.

4 Q Right.

5 A Even if I would've had my car in perfect condition you know under perfect

6 conditions. It wouldn't have mattered where would I have gone just...driven

7 around for nothing? That's what it feels like.

8 Q Yeah I just you know I mean I would hope this would never happen to you again.

9 But I think if this ever...

10 A I would never..

11 Q ...happened again.

12 A ...let this happen.

13 Q Ah, the very first...

14 A If I ever (Inaudible)...

15 Q ...phone call should be to the...

16 A Absolutely.

17 Q ...the police.

18 A Be to the police.

19 Q 'Cause we got so many resources.

20 A I wouldn't hesitate to talk to my parents this if something happened.

21 Q Right.

22 A I mean I learned the biggest lesson from all this. I made the greatest mistake

23 that I ever could've made as a parent and I even you know told Yuri that this

24 morning and he said he couldn't disagree.

25 Q Right.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB



2 Q You going out?


4 Q No I'm just gonna stand up stretch my legs.


6 Q Okay, Alright.


8 Q Well I know you been in here a long time. Appreciate your talking to us and

9 whatnot. I mean...

10 A I'm sorry I've given you guys the runaround.

11 Q We're not, we're not trying to be scary guys, we're just trying to...

12 A Oh I know and...

13 Q We're just trying to make sure we get accurate information so we have

14 something to work off of.

15 A Oh I understand that.

16 Q Um...

17 A I just wish I honestly had more things to help with. We've talked about going

18 through my computer maybe trying to find past conversations through instant

19 messenger or through email, something.


21 Q Okay.

22 A I'll offer up my computer in a heartbeat. Just like with my phone logs and

23 everything else. Anything that could possibly help that's why we set up websites

24 and have been making phone calls and trying to get a hold of people. I had such

25 a limited number of people that I was actually trusting at that point thinking


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 maybe they could help. They they'd have some insight. I didn't want to involve a

2 bunch of people that maybe didn't know the situation. The biggest mistake was

3 not calling you guys right off the bat. I understand all of that. It's the biggest

4 slap in the face and I did that to myself. But the worse is I've done this to my

5 daughter by allowing her to still be with someone else.'

6 Q Yeah that's true. Um, you're right about that. By failing to notify somebody. And

7 I'm glad you realize that by..by failing to notify somebody. You've put your

8 daughter at greater risks.

9 A Even bigger risks.

10 Q You put your daughter in terrible danger by just letting this drag out five weeks

11 and not telling anybody. Thats ah, you're right I'm not gonna argue with you

12 there.

13 A No.

14 Q Okay. Ah you want to head back to the office and...


16 Q Yeah.


18 Q Yeah outside of ah, I want to bring this Zenaida up on the ah...I'm gonna put that

19 name in DAVID and see what we get. Better take a look make sure we're...

20 A Both of my parents were even saying to try to figure out all her names. Is she

21 went by something else.


23 Q Let me, let me just go ahead because this still running I noticed it. Raise your

24 right hand for me. Just like this morning.

25 A Yeah.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB


1 Q You swear everything you've told me is the truth now about the lies and...

2 A Yes.

3 Q ...everything else? Okay.





8 Signed this 12th day of August, 2008.



11 ____________________
















Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB