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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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Danny Colamarino INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 (Owner of Cast Iron Tattoos)


Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

3 CASE NUMBER - 08-069208
4 JULY 17, 2008
9 PR: Okay, this is Detective Rivera with the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Today's
10 date is July 17, 2008. The time is 1346 hours 7/24/08. Here uh, (unintelligible)
11 investigation on ca~e number 08-069208. I'm here present with, please state
12 your name sir?
13 DC: Danny Colamarino.
14 PR: Okay, and how do you know uhm, Casey Anthony?
15 DC: Oh, she's a regular customer.
16 PR: A regular customer? Uh, when was the first time you met her?
17 DC: Probably about a year and a half to two years ago.
18 PR: And she got a tattoo at that time?
19 DC: Uh, she was coming in with a crowd and they were all getting tattooed.
20 PR: And when was the last time she got a tattoo here?
21 DC: Uh, from what my guys are telling me, it was on my day off, about two weeks
22 ago.
23 PR: And when was the last time you saw her?
24 DC: Uh, Tuesday of this week.
25 PR: And what was that for?

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 DC: Uh, she was scheduling an appointment for Saturday to get tattooed again with ...
2 PR: Well ....
3 DC: one of my guys.
4 PR: about approximately what time on Tuesday?
5 DC: I'd say between the hours of two and four.
6 PR: So she came in to schedule an appointment for herself or some, some friends?
7 DC: For her and a friend.
8 PR: For Saturday, right?
9 DC: Yes.
10 PR: And did they mention what kind of tattoo they were going to get?
11 DC: Uh, no, not to me.
12 PR: No?
13 DC: No
14 PR: No reason for the tattoo? Just, just here to get a tattoo?
15 DC: Yeah (affirmative), pretty much.
16 PR: Okay. And what kind, what type of tattoo did she get two weeks ago? Do you
17 remember?
18 DC: Uhm, it was wording on her back. I believe it was Spanish for a, a beautiful life
19 PR: Do you know we spell that?
20 DC: The way it was written in Spanish? No. My guy's, Bobby would. He's the one
21 that tattooed her.
22 PR: How was her demeanor when, when you had can ... with her recent contacts with
23 her?
24 DC: I mean going from what I read in the paper today, it was ...
25 PR: No, just from what you know.

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 DC: Uhm ...
2 PR: Her demeanor when she was coming in here.
3 DC: She was always very polite, very nice. Usually had her daughter with her.
4 PR: When was the last time you saw the uh, her daughter?
5 DC: It's been a while. I would say at least three to six months.
6 PR: Three to six months ago?
7 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
8 PR: How about when she came here on the 15th and about two weeks ago, how
9 was ...
10 DC: Well I wasn't here two weeks ago when she came in.
11 PR: Oh, that's right.
12 DC: She came in on my day off. Uh, but when she came in Tuesday, knowing what I
13 know now, it truly blows me away how normal she was. You know ...
14 PR: She was totally normally you think?
15 DC: She gets tattooed by my guy Bobby.
16 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
17 DC: So if it's a regular customer normally I'll go out and say hello. I'll greet them,
18 "Hey, how you been?" I talked to her about her daughter.
19 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
20 DC: I asked her how she was doing. How come ....
21 PR: When would you, when did you ask her that?
22 DC: While she was here Tuesday.
23 PR: Okay.

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 DC: You know, I said, you know, "How's the baby? I haven't seen her in a while."
2 She told me she was going to bring the baby in Saturday when she got tattooed.
3 And I'm a father of four, so I connect with kids real easily.
4 PR: Okay.
5 DC: And uh, it's usually I remember their, their kids before I remember them.
6 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative).
7 DC: But yeah (affirmative), she's a very much a regular client that comes in a lot. So I
8 knew her by name. I asked about her daughter. She told me that uh, the
9 daughter was with the nanny. She was on her way to pick up friends from the
10 airport. That they were coming in from Puerto Rico on a trip she was supposed
11 to have gone on. And she was driving one of the friend's cars.
12 PR: Okay. So on that Tuesday ....
13 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
14 PR: You had a conversation about her driving a friend's car?
15 DC: Yes. It was like uh, a darker, well a red or a maroon, like an anodized, like
16 almost washed out paint job of a, it was like a mid-size car, like a four door
17 Toy ... Toyota or something along those lines.
18 PR: Was it a compact uh, import?
19 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
20 PR: Maroon?
21 DC: Maroonish-red, washed out.
22 PR: And she was with a friend that day?
23 DC: No. She was solo that day.
24 PR: By herself?
25 DC: She was ....

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: And then she came in that car?
2 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
3 PR: And she said she was going to pick her friend up?
4 DC: She was picking a couple of friends up from the airport that were coming in from
5 Puerto Rico.
6 PR: Coming in from Puerto Rico. And that she was supposed to be on that trip?
7 DC: She was supposed to have been on that trip, 'but she was saving money to move
8 out of her mother's house into her own place and that's why she couldn't go.
9 PR: She was planning to go with the friends she was going to pick up? People out of
10 that trip?
11 DC: Yeah (affirmative). She was originally supposed to go on the trip with them is
12 what.. ..
13 PR: Okay.
14 DC: ... the way she made it.
15 PR: Uhm ...
16 DC: You know the reason the car came up is because she said she didn't have
17 enough room in her car to carry all their luggage so she had to go borrow the
18 friend's, pick up the friend's car to pick them up. Just very, very nonchalant,
19 carefree. You know, like I said I talked to her about her daughter for a good few
20 minutes.
21 PR: So she had the car because she couldn't use hers?
22 DC: That was her story. She couldn't fit all the luggage of everybody into her car.
23 PR: Okay. Uhm, how long was she here for?
24 DC: About a half hour.

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: (Inaudible.) Do you have uhm, when she got this tat. .. oh, the friend that you told
2 me about that knows all her family?
3 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
4 PR: He, he's an artist here?
5 DC: Uh, no, he's a piercing apprentice. Yeah (affirmative), but he works here.
6 PR: And what is his name?
7 DC: Jonathan Daly.
8 PR: Jonathan.
9 DC: D ...
10 PR: How do you spell his last name?
11 DC: D-A-L-Y.
12 PR: Uh, Daly. He's a close friend?
13 DC: Yes.
14 PR: Of her and the family?
15 DC: Oh, well no. His whole family, she's close friends of his whole family.
16 PR: Oh, okay. But they know each other as friends?
17 DC: Yeah (affirmative), yeah (affirmative), since like uh, middle school.
18 PR; And she's friend's with his family?
19 DC: Yeah (affirmative), his brothers, his pa ... his parents are very friendly with her.
20 Everybody in his family and crowd, they all used to hang out together.
21 PR: With her?
22 DC: Yeah (affirmative). Yeah (affirmative), that's how we wound up meeting her the,
23 the, the two boys, Jonathan and Sean Daley, and their crowd of friends started
24 coming in and getting tattooed. And he, the younger brother, Jonathan, started
25 to get real interested in you know, talked us into giving rlim a shot.

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: Oh.
2 DC: So now he works here.
3 PR: So he works here piercing?
4 DC: Yes.
5 PR: And you met him through Casey?
6 DC: Well, I met the whole crowd, just of them coming and becoming regular
7 customers.
8 PR: Oh, okay. But basically they were coming in and well you met them through her?
9 DC: Not all of them.
10 PR: Oh, well they ...
11 DC: Yeah (affirmative), they just uh, started coming in ...
12 PR: In a crowd?
13 DC: ... as a crowd.
14 PR: Okay. Do you know where I can find him or his phone number or anything like
15 that?
16 DC: Yeah (affirmative). Uh, he'll be in tonight. He works at oh, uh, moving furniture
17 during the day.
18 PR: Uhm.
19 DC: And his phone number would (BLACKED OUT)
21 (Unknown males talking in background - inaudible.)
22 PR: And uhm, you have a waiver form they have to sign?
23 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
24 PR: Before they're getting tattooed?
25 DC: Yeah (affirmative).

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: Do you, do you have that?
2 DC: Uh, Lance?
3 UM1: What's up?
4 DC: Before you get real started with him can you pull me out uh, where would I find
5 her old, last waiver form?
6 UM1: Uhm, I got to find out from Bobby when exactly he tattooed her. I think it was ....
7 DC: Two weeks ago.
8 UM1: Two weeks ago? Is the ....
9 UM2: 2nd of July.
10 UM1: The 2nd of July.
11 UM2: Yeah (affirmative).
12 DC: . So if it's this month it should be in there, right?
13 UM1: It should be.
14 PR: Do you have any video here? No video?
15 DC: No. It was just shocking. I mean you see a girl that interacts with her kid and
16 she seemed like a good mother. Then you see the, I saw the News 13 clip last
17 night and she didn't look like she didn't give a shit.
18 PR: Yeah (affirmative), oh, though she was acting just normal, right?
19 DC: Oh.
20 PR: Well could she have been uh, did you notice she was under the influence of any
21 alcohol, narcotics?
22 DC: No. She, I was actually making comments to Lance and Bobby she'd actually
23 looked prettier and better than she's ever looked.
24 PR: Okay. Is she known to ....
25 DC: Not to me

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: ... excessively (inaudible).
2 DC: Like I said, she's more of.
3 PR: .... from alcohol?
4 DC: ... a regular customer than a friend of mine. You know Jonathan would know her
5 extra activity ...
6 PR: Oh.
7 DC: ... of partying or whatnot.
8 PR: Do you know of her uhm, a boyfriend of hers or anything like that?
9 DC: Just in rumors. Yeah (affirmative), I was talking to Jonathan last night and
10 apparently from what he was making it Casey had pulled herself out of their
11 crowd for about the last month, month and a half. I'm trying to remember the
12 guy's name.
13 PR: Pulled away from Jonathan?
14 DC: That whole crowd.
15 PR: Just the whole crowd?
16 DC: Yeah (affirmative). She's been hanging out with a different crowd. And uh, she
17 had said supposedly she was dating a guy named I believe it was Rodrigo.
18 PR: Okay. And she, and started with uhm, hanging out with other people?
19 UM1: (Unintelligible) don't find it in here.
20 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
21 UM2: He said Bobby can probably find it.
22 UM1: Yeah (affirmative), let me ...
23 UM2: Want me to have him look for it (inaudible).
24 UM1: Yeah (affirmative), yeah (affirmative), definitely, Hey (unintelligible)?
25 PR: Okay.

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 UM1: Bobby.
2 PR: So Jonathan's going to be in here tonight?
3 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
4 PR: I'll come ....
5 DC: What time is Jonathan coming in Lance?
6 UM1: Uhm, he should be here by like 6:30. By the time he gets like out of work and
7 gets here it's usually between 6:00 ....
8 DC: 6:30 and 7:00?
9 UM1: 6:30. Sometimes he'll get here like 4:00 or 5:00 depending if they cut him early if
10 he's not out of town.
11 PR: Okay.
12 UM1: Uhm, can you try to find the paperwork because uhm ....
13 PR: You think he'd be willing to talk to us?
14 DC: Oh, yeah (affirmative).
15 PR: And then he, she uh, the boyfriend's name?
16 DC: I believe it was Rodrigo or ...
17 UM1: (Inaudible) "might be missing (inaudible).
18 DC: ... Ricardo, or something, Richard in Spanish. But....
19 UM1: (Inaudible) probably in this.
20 PR: Okay.
21 UM1: Because I'm getting ready (inaudible).
22 PR: Is he, is this guy part of the new ....
23 (Talking in background - unintelligible.)
24 PR: ... crowd she started hanging out with?

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 DC: Yeah (affirmative). Because I asked Jonathan, "Have you ever met the guy? Is
2 there any way we can get a hold of him?" And Jonathan's like, "No. Well she
3 never brought the guy around." You know but then when, you know we, we were
4 playing detective last night and uh ...
5 PR; Oh, yeah (affirmative).
6 DC: ...It was like, at that point as much as lying as she's doing, who did uh, who's to
7 know if any of it's true.
8 PR: Okay.
9 DC: You know, because they, they, she had made mention of uh, the girl Amy. And
10 Jon ... we looked it up on the My Space and Jonathan says the girl's been to his
11 house for a party but he doesn't know the girl.
12 PR: Okay. She's been hanging out with Amy?
13 DC: No, no, the ...
14 PR: No?
15 DC: ... it was mentioned that about. ..
16 PR: Amy?
17 DC: A fraudulent check she was writing.
18 PR: Oh, okay.
19 DC: And it was some girl, Amy.
20 PR: Alright. Does she have a My Space page?
21 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
22 PR: Uh, Casey?
23 DC: Yeah (affirmative). But it's all changed over to my kid is missing, which.
24 PR: Oh, okay.
25 DC: You know it's her page and her brother's got one that has all the information.

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 PR: Who's putting that information on?
2 DC: Who's putting it on hers? I have no idea. I would imagine the brother is putting it
3 on his own and ....
4 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative). Uhm, you know uh, the baby's father?
5 DC: No. There's ....
6 PR: You never heard of ....
7 DC: ... rumors of that being a one night stand. It was a guy in the military. You know,
8 again, stuff like that you're probably better off getting it from Jonathan. The
9 PR: .... Okay.
10 DC: ... hearsay stories to it, it was just stuff we were talking about last night.
11 PR: We're getting the uh, waiver? Well it should have some signature and all that?
12 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
13 PR: She consents to.
14 DC: Well we'll have her i.d. (identification) on the back. We take it step further than
15 the Health Board needs us to.
16 PR: Okay.
17 DC: But to cover our own butts we copy everybody's driver license and ....
18 PR: Anything else? Anything you would like to add or I missed you think would be
19 important for us?
20 DC: Well, like I said, the only thing that I thought was so important was the, the
21 constant mention of Puerto Rico and the new boyfriend and ....
22 PR: She was constantly mentioning Puerto Rico? How long when those Puerto Rico
23 conversations started?
24 DC: Just Tuesday, you know, about her going to pick up the people at the airport.
25 Like I said, I wasn't here two weeks ago when she got tattooed last. So I didn't

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 have a general conversation with her at that point. You know, just, and I can't
2 get over the fact of how nonchalant she was and openly talked about the kid and
3 you know how she was going to bring the kid in next Saturday when she got
4 tattooed. And just no emotion at all finding out now what I know.
5 PR: Uh-hum (affirmative). Right.
6 DC: But I didn't know if like ....
7 PR: What she, what was she talking about Puerto Rico,? She wanted to go or?
8 DC: She had wanted to go. It was a trip that all her, I guess her new friends were
9 taking that she was going to pick up at the airport at the moment. She seemed
10 like, oh, well, but like a slightly bitter like she wanted to go on vacation, which you
11 know, when you're talking'at that point it makes sense. You know, sure I'd like to
12 go to Puerto Rico too. If all my friends went I'd be a little bummed.
13 PR: Hmm, yeah (affirmative).
14 DC: But you know, just all very nonchalant.
15 PR: Her friends of her new crowd?
16 DC: She never said. You know ....
17 PR: Not been said?
18 DC: ... and I guess she knows I know like Jonathan and that whole crowd. She
19 didn't...
20 PR: But it wasn't Jonathan's crowd?
21 DC: No, not at all.
22 PR: It was probably her boyfriend Ricardo's crowd?
23 DC: Possibly. Yeah (affirmative), just said ....
24 PR: Possibly (inaudible).

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

1 DC: ... you know, "I'm picking up friends." She had to pick up one of the friend's cars
2 because her car couldn't handle all the luggage. So I assumed it was more than
3 one.
4 PR: Okay. Alright.
5 DC: Uhm, yeah (affirmative), just uh, it just blows me away how calm of a demeanor
6 she had and openly talked about her kid. And you know knowing what I know
7 now there was no emotion that ....
8 PR: Yeah (affirmative). Okay. Well if you have any do you have any, anything. else,
9 any (unintelligible) for more information give us a call. You got. our number,
10 right?
11 DC: Yeah (affirmative).
12 PR: Okay .. Give us a call. I appreciate it. And uhm, raise your right hand?
13 DC: Right hand?
14 PR: Do you swear/affirm everything you told me is true and correct?
15 DC: Oh, correct.
16 PR: Alright. Well the time is 1402 and this concludes this interview.
17 End of recorded statement.
18 This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.

Colamarino, Danny/Case #O8-069208/GG

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