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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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Lois Peter STATEMENT 08/29/2008 (Dakota's Grandmother)
(Cindy asked Lois to remain hush re: Casey e-mails)


Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com (from .pdf file)

Orange County Sheriff's Office (Case 08-74777)
Discovery Documents 11/26/2008 (www.Wesh.com) -- Part 15 (page 3028-3030)

Date of Affidavit; 08/29/08 16:30
Offense: 1st D Murder
Suspect Name: Casey Anthony
Date of Offense: Month: 06/07 Day: 16/15 Year: 2008

Peter, Lois Jean, age 35 DOB; 02/27/53 WF
St. Cloud, Florida 34769

Page 1

On Aug 1st 2008 myself & my daughter Dakota saw an email asking for volunteers for a fund raiser for Caylee Anthony in Daytona. I emailed them & explained that I had no transportation. Jody Parker-Lee's girlfriend mother emailed me back & offered to come & get us & take us to Daytona to help volunteer. We spent the entire day with the Anthony family & friends. Dakota got very attached to George & Cindy. Stuck by their sides all day. We were invited to attend the candlelight vigil the following Sunday at their home. Dakota was anxious to go so we went in the meantime. Dakota asked how she could help do something to help find Caylee. She asked about a vigil & talked to our church pastor, & she'd help her do this. Dakota arranged a vigil here in St. Cloud for August 8th

Page 2

when we went to the Anthony home on August 3rd for the vigil we had flyers allready made up for the vigil in St. Cloud. We were invited into the Anthony's home, shown the backyard, Caylee's bedroom & the rest of the house.

At our candlelight vigil Dakota was very emotionally involved ....ing (??) by the Anthonys side the entire night. Meantime Dakota & I had tables set up to hand out flyers & shirts to help find Caylee.

On Aug 23rd I got an email from Casey Anthony anxious to meet Dakota & I as I assume her parents told her about Dakota's help. Since then I've received 3 emails. Cindy Anthony told me to be careful that Casey is not suppose to email anyone & to keep quiet.

Sunday Aug 24th Cindy gave Dakota an envelope, in it was a letter from Casey and a braclet Casey made for Dakota. We were told by Cindy Anthony not to tell anyone that Casey gave her this & emails her as she's not suppose to email anyone.

On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 Dakota came home from school waiting to hear from Casey as Cindy told her to sit by the computer. Short after 3PM that day the TV was on and the news of the DNA results came back and broadcasted. Dakota was sitting at the computer her immediately turned around hitting the TV screaming "she's not dead" trying to turn off the TV. She ran out the door. I had to go get her from the

Page 3

lakefront & bring her back home. She was very distraught & upset, crying, she wanted to die. If Caylee was dead she wanted to be too. She threatened to cut her wrists w/a knife, or run away while I selpt to kill herself. She got very made at God saying the devil is more powerful than God. She is currently in Psychiatric care at Park Place in Kissimmee, She does not believe Caylee is dead nor had Casey done anything to hurt Caylee.

Discovery Documents 11/26/2008 (www.Wesh.com) -- Part 15 (page 3028-3030)


Page 3028-3030: Lois Jean Peter STATEMENT 08/29/2008 Regarding Dakota
- 08/01/2008 Lois Peter and daughter Dakota (age12) offered to volunteer for Caylee vigil.
- Lee Anthony's girlfriend mother, Jody Parker offered to drive Dakota to vigil.
- 08/03/2008 Lois and Dakota went to Cindy/George's home, they gave Dakota a tour
- 08/08/2008 Dakota arranged a vigil thru church pastor for Caylee in St. Cloud
- 08/23/2008 Lois got e-mail from Casey wanting to met Dakota (Plus 3 more emails)

- Cindy Anthony alerted Lois not to tell anybody about Casey writing to Dakota
- 08/24/2008 Cindy gave Dakota an envelope w/letter from Casey plus a braclet Casey made
- Cindy Anthony alerted Lois not to tell anybody about Casey giving Dakota a braclet
- Cindy told Dakota to be at computer 08/27/2008 to wait for message from Casey.

- 08/27/2008 Dakota heard DNA news on TV, started screaming, ran from the house
- 08/27/2008 Dakota told Lois she wanted to die and will kill herself if Caylee's dead.
- 08/29/2008 Dakota is currently in Psychiatric care at Park Place in Kissimmee, FL

Casey Anthony Documents Nov. 26 -- Part 15 (.PDF 4.94mg) --- Pages 3011 to 3061

*******Page 3031-3032: Dakotas mom Myspace Email to "myspace/401605006"

- 08/21/2008 06:25am Dakotas mom wrote to "myspace/401605006": "Hi my name is Lois I am in St. Coud Fl my daughter Dakota held that candlight a couple weeks ago. We pray for Caylee every hour we possibly Dakota cries daily wanting to find Caylee. I love your profile that song 'keep holding on' was sang by my 12 yr to Cindy and George and Lee at the vigil she copied a cd of it for them to listen to. Just wanted to say hello and let you know we are all here for Caylee. God Bless Lois Please add me as a friend also I'd like to keep in touch"

******Page 3031-3032: Dakotas mom Myspace Email to "myspace/401605006"

- 08/22/2008 03:17am Dakotas mom wrote to "myspace/401605006": "Good moring Saw that u are online and just wanted to say hello. I had a real rough afternoon and evening last night. My daughter Dakota is so distraught over the taunting that Cindy and George and Caey are getting she was so upset that she changed her clothes into her Caylee t shirt and ran out the door in the pouring rain I had the entire neighborhood looking for her. I found her dripping wet walking in a trance back from the lake front. I emauiled george and thank God Cindy called Dakota last night she really needed to hear from Cindy. Dakota is emtionally touched by this as she was abandoned by her mohter my daughter and has bonded to George and Cindy. She cried so hard asking "why didd God let this happen" She is so young and just does not understand she wnats to meet Casey just to give her a big hug. Dakota has adopted geroge and cindy a grandparents and no one better say or do anything in front of her concerning the anthony family. I let her see your web site which comforted her some. Are you immediate family? I know we all are a part of this family too. God Bless you hope to hear from you soon Lois"

******Page 3034-3034: Dakotas mom's 08/22/2008 e-mail to Casey at "myspace.com/kayseeomaree"

- 08/22/2008 03:19pm Dakotas mom e-mail to Casey Anthony regarding Dakota: "Hi Casey, This is Lois, Dakotas mom I'm sure your mom has tod you all about Dakota. She is very anxious to meet u also and give u a great big hug. Keep strong girl. Have mom play you the recording of the song she sang to your framiloy at the candlelight vigil that Dakota organized. "KEEP HOLDING ON" by Avril Lavine ? Did you see the video of Dakota perfoming on state on memorial Day? Well girl I've got to go Dakota getting ready to go out to dinner... Take care see you sunday... Lois"

******Page 3031-3032: Dakotas mom Myspace Email to "myspace/401605006"

- 08/23/2008 02:11am Dakotas mom wrote to "myspace/401605006": "Good morning Geez I was just on Cafe mom and finally wrote a replie to some of these sick people. I talked to Cindy the nighyt Casey got out. I just wish people would conitnue praying for Caylee and Casey along with the family. Caylee to come home soon and safe... Casey to give her the truth.. and the famiuly for strngth as they are living hell right now. I can;t believe that lawyer called the news yesterday to tell them Casey just left his office. Naturally the media was right there and they had to show her leaving the lawyers office. Whats wrong with that Lawyer? I don't trust him nor the bounty hunter I'll be going to the vigil tomorrow night I will meet Casey. She is not a monster as they are making her out to be,. Nor is cindy and George. I hate it that they are bashing the grandparents THe crap some of these people wnd what they are doing is not helping bring Caylee home. I am contining to pray and keeep faith Iknow its hard at times but prayer will not fail... Hope youk are doing well today... Talk to you soon... Lois"

******Page 3034-3034: Casey Anthony 08/23/2008 "myspace.com/kayseeomaree" e-mail to Dakotas mom

- 08/23/2008 03:48pm Casey Anthony e-mail to Dakotas mom: RE: Can't wait to meet u "lois, i just wanted to thank you, from the bottom ofmy heart, for everything that you have done for my family. i can't wait to finally meet you and dakota. God bless you both. all my love, casey."

******Page 3035-3035: Casey Anthony 08/27/2008 "myspace.com/kayseeomaree" e-mail to Dakotas mom

- 08/27/2008 12:51pm Casey Anthony wrote to Dakotas mom: "Lois & Dakota, just wanted to say a quick hello. i will be in contact as much as i can. i love you both dearly, and can't wait to see you. Dakota, keep your head up, and be safe. you're always on my mind, love. always, Casey."

******Page 3036-3036: Dakotas mom 08/27/2008 e-mail to Casey at "myspace.com/kayseeomaree"

- 08/27/2008 03:41pm Dakotas mom wrote to Casey Anthony: "I Relized u didnt have dakota as a friend shes having a fit. heres her mspace please add her http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user,viewprofile&frendid=329504772&MyToken=46f194a1-5f35-4f3d-a362-771e107e79d3

******Page 3033-3033: Dakotas mom 08/28/2008 e-mail to Myspace "starlovesferret"

- 08/28/2008 03:12am Dakotas mom wrote to "starlovesferret": "Oh then last night Caylees gramma called she was concerned she wants to go see Dakota today I am not gonna let her I love her to death I can't imagine what she is going thru knowing her own daughter killed her granddaughter It's best if I just keep it all this away from her right now."

******Page 3036-3036: Casey Anthony 08/28/2008 "myspace.com/kayseeomaree" e-mail to Dakotas mom

- 08/28/2008 09:09pm Casey Anthony wrote to Dakotas mom: "hey lois, I can't stop thinking about dakota. i pray that everything will be alright, and that she will come home soon as well. what a girl. she has a such a big heart. I love you both so much. take care of that girl for me. hopefully we can get together soon. I'll see what I can arrange. if you need anything, please, i'll do whatever i can, and more. oh, and can you send me the email that you use for her myspace?"

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