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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

JonBenet Ramsey Murder - December 26, 1996
Reported Crime Scene Photographs
755 15th Street, Boulder, Colorado

As of this date there is no proof that any official from the Boulder Police Deparment in Boulder, Colorado distributed any of the actual crime scene photographs to be viewed by the the public.

This web site shows photographs that were accessed from a variety of public domains, news sources, broadcast media, documentariese, published media as well as from what has been reported as being from Lou Smit's Power Point presentation that was used as part of various public broadcast shows. These same photographs have appeared on the Internet on various JonBenet Ramsey discussion forums and Internet news organizations. Some of the photographs are marked as "Crime Scene Photo - Not for Publication" while others show a sequencing number on them and some have both the notification message as well as the number.

However, a variety of these same photographs have been located on the Internet that are identical photographs as those marked as "Crime Scene Photo - Not for Publication" but with no markings whatsoever. Therefore, the conclusion is that the words, "Crime Scene Photo - Not for Publication" was not perminently stamped on each photograph at the time it was taken at the actual crime scene but could possibly be an overlay of words included during a presentation of the photos either within or part of the Power Point presentation or during the public broadcasting of the various shows where these photographs were on display.

The webmaster of this web site is not doubting that the photographs are clearly from the 755 15th Street residence or that some of the photographs came directly from the Boulder Police Department evidence files via Lou Smit's Power Point presentation. But the webmaster of this site is questioning as to when the photographs marked "Crime Scene Photos" was actually taken. What was the actual time and date as none of the photographs are marked as such. The apparent sequencing number on some of the photographs is also questioned as it is unknown if that number is/was part of Lou Smit's Power Point presentation or the sequencing of the actual crime scene photographs the morning of December 26, 1996.

Furthermore, it is the understanding of this webmaster that the crime scene photos taken on December 26, 1996 were both done using a still camera as well as a video camera. The Boulder Police Department had the house at 755 15th Street for ten days to collect evidence which could logically spread any crime scene photographs taken over that period of time between December 26, 1996 and January 4, 1997. After the ten days, the house was released back to the Ramsey family on January 4, 1997 at 6:30 P.M. and there was no doubt there was ample opportunity for the Ramseys private investigators to obtain yet another set of crime scene photos.

Since no exact time or dates are stamped on any of these photographs, there is no way of knowing which set/sets are of the first original photographs taken of the crime scene or those taken anytime during the ten day police access period or those taken by the Ramsey's private investigators after January 4, 1997. Other individuals who were not part of any law enforcement agencies or private investigation agencies were also allowed access to the 755 15th Street residence by Ramsey family representatives.

On January 3, 1997 Lawrence Smith sold photos obtained at a photo processing facility to Brett Sawyer and those photos were later published in the Globe on January 12, 1997. There were also reports of photographs taken out of trash bins of a photography processing facility used by the Ramsey investigators. In the early summer of 1997 two Ramsey family representatives agreed to show a Daily Camera reporter through the Boulder house (Reference: Daily Camera article; "Ramseys open up to press" by Clay Evans dated Thursday, September 11, 1997) and on September 10, 1997 Diane Sawyer gave a video tour of the inside of the Ramsey house on Prime Time Live.

In early 1998 both producers, Michael Tracy and David Mills obtained video footage of the inside of the Ramsey home for the July 7, 1998 Documentary ‘Who Killed JonBenet’ that aired in Great Britain and then later aired again in the United States in August 1998 under the title of "JonBenet's America’. In addition to all of that, the Ramsey representatives allowed Susan Bennett, also known on the Internet as Jameson access to the Ramsey home in late 1998 as well as being allowed to take photographs inside. Many of these same photographs later appeared in the tabloid newspapers as reference of being crime scene photographs.

It is important for those viewing these web pages to keep these facts in mind when viewing photographs from what has been reported from various sources as actual "Crime Scene Photos." This is especially important when one is trying to associate actual time and dated events reported from available transcripts, depositions, books, live broadcasts, visual presentations, etc. regarding this murder case and then using the reported crime scene phototgraphs when attempting to establish fact from fiction in relation to events.

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