My Opinion on the John Karr Circus.

By ACandyRose

August 28, 2006


Nobody is suggesting that John Karr is not a pedophile, actually just the opposite and it is sickening to think he was pawing on little girls all these years and that many of them were probably his students or children in his care. Whether he hurt or killed any children has yet to be proven.

And if it turns out he's guilty of JonBenet's murder then I say hang the b-a-s- t-a-r-d.

But at this point nobody has put John Karr in Boulder on Christmas day night 1996. And it's not up to Karr to prove he wasn't there, it's up the Boulder DA, Mary Lacy to prove he was there. And when Karr himself has said, "my DNA might not match" well, h-e-l-l, if your guilty and confessing then you should say, "You'll see my DNA matches." But then we may not be playing with somebody with a full deck. John Karr obviously has emotion issues.

But this is what I have gleaned from what I have researched so far on this circus. I still have more to go but this is just a starter.

Flashback to 2001 in Sonoma County California

From my research, nobody has officially convicted John Karr with being a pedophile AND he really was never convicted of that 5 counts of porn in Sonoma County, California back in 2001. He was arrested and charged and his lawyer at the time filed that the search of his computer was not legal because Karr never gave consent which he didn't, not for the computer. All he told the police back then was that all they were allowed to get out of the house in a search warrant was some small binder with a Polly Klass' death certificate and a letter Karr said he had from Polly's killer in jail. (These court records are on the Smoking Gun web site) (

So in 2001 John Karr, wife Lara and three children were in the process of moving while he was having these conversations with Wendy Hutchens in California the end of March 2001. The Hutchens woman turns him into the Sonoma County LE because his phone calls and e-mail obviously show he's interested in little girls. They are chilling to say the least. She said he confessed to the murder of JonBenet but I haven't heard the audio files or emails showing that. A pedophile yes but murderer, no, not yet.

The LE get a search warrant based Hutchens tapes and on permission from Karr’s landlord to search the house Karr was moving out of (the landlord sold the house and that is why there were moving) and some of Karr's stuff was still in the OLD house because they hadn't moved it all including his computer. So when the police went there (with landlord's permission) they grabbed the computer and found the porn. So thus he was arrested on the porn charge in April 2001.

Sonoma County California wants this guy off the streets

But after he was arrested, because of these telephone calls and emails he had with Hutchens, the LE was trying to find out if Karr was responsible for other murders in the local area and even other states so they were investigating him while he was sitting in jail (that's probably when they alerted the Boulder PD who were apparently picking their noses) waiting on the outcome of whether he was going to get out of the porn charge because of the illegal search issue. Hutchens even said on LKL Aug 24th that she called and e-mailed the Boulder PD to come check this guy out but got no response.

So six months pass and it's October 2001 and John Karr was still in the Sonoma County jail in California waiting for his day in court. And his wife, in the meantime files for divorce (it was probably her first chance to really escape from him) and she restricts him from seeing his three kids. In the meantime for some strange reason he was allowed out jail with supervision in October 2001 and apparently he skipped town sometime after that. He had a court date in December 2001 and he never showed up and Sonoma County put out a warrant for his arrest. So then he's on the lam.

John Mark Karr, world traveling teacher hooks up with Tracy

So from there Karr has been flitting around the globe getting teacher jobs, lying on his resume (which he had to since he was on the lam) and getting fired one after the other and moving from country to country ending up in Thailand. And I would even guess that it was shortly after he went on the lam when he started e-mailing with Michael Tracy since Tracy said the correspondence started four years ago and the beginning of 2002 would have started the four years.

So it sounds like, with Karr getting charged on the porn, losing his wife, kids, his whole family, everything he owned, his identity, his country, etc, he was trying to reconnect with somebody, anybody in this strange new world he was now in, on the lam. So he bumps into this guy in Paris who just happened to know Michael Tracy. How lucky was that? John Karr was a JonBenet murder case buff (as so many of us are) as well as following other cases, Polly Klass murder being one, and he wanted this guy in Paris to hook him up with Tracy to talk about the case.

So Karr's only connection to reality of his old life in America was to talk with Michael Tracy about the JonBenet case. That is probably what kept him alive and sane (debatable) for the four years. Of course being a pedophile he obviously got carried away with his correspondence and started trusting Tracy too much. Or Tracy could have been baiting him and that could be another issue legally.

John Mark Karr arrested, media circus begins

Here's the sad part. If Karr gets out of the Boulder charges for the JonBenet murder then the worse he gets (debatable for a sick person) is back to Sonoma County California for the warrant and face the 5 cts of porn if they can make it stick because of the illegal search. This guy could very well walk. But at present he's being literally convicted in the public arena because he's obviously a pedophile and because of the porn charges and because of all these reports from the media interviews that he's basically is a creep but all of that doesn't make him a murderer. He could be totally innocent of the actual murder but not of the other stuff.

I mean look at all the people coming out of the closets. This "busman guy" who alerted Boulder LE posted on the Internet two years ago this same story saying he thought the guy looked like Bill McReynolds (Santa) at the Boulder bus stop Christmas night 1996 and now he's claiming the guy looked like John Karr. Bill McReynolds had a full natural white beard down half his chest so there is no mistake it wasn't John Karr. So the Boulder DA's office on their 72 hour deadline are going to be chasing faux leads on a man they claim they already have evidence on for the Murder of JonBenet.

The first ex-wife is just now speaking up. I'm not doubting her story but it's just her word as she has no paper trail to prove it in a court of law. Friends with old yearbooks are finding handwriting to compare, and things Karr wrote years ago are being taken out of context, Hutchens obviously wants him off the street and rightly so and she has documentation, people who have known him for years are now saying, "well he was kind of creepy all along," ex in-laws are saying he signed letters with S.B.T.C. What's next? Was he a Trekkie fan? Even John Ramsey thought the S.B.T.C. meant Star Base Technical Command. .

But right now it really is a true mob mentality with ... "he's a pedophile, he's charged with pornography, he's a creep, he likes little girls, k-i-l-l the b-a-s-t-a-r-d, who cares if he didn't k-i-l-l JonBenet, charge him anyway, hang the son-of-a-bitch."

It's a catch 22 situation. I don't want see him railroaded if he's innocent of the murder but at the same time I don't want to see him back out on the streets lusting for little girls and eventually murder one of them. But Boulder can ONLY charge him for the murder of JonBenet and he is innocent until he's proven guilty in a court of law. So this charge, this trial is going to be a biggie in the legal and media arena because this man could be the killer and he could very well walk.

Enters Colorado Professor Michael Tracy

Now comes Colorado Professor Michael Tracy who has produced numerous documentaries on the JonBenet case since 1998. Several of the Ramsey private investigators who are now unofficially unpaid, they say, are the stars of Tracy's documentaries. These guys are Ollie Gray, John San Augustin, David Williams, Jennifer Getty, Pete Peterson (all private eyes who were at one time or another on the Ramsey payroll) and Detective Lou Smit, who sort of unofficially works for the Boulder DA. He says he really works for JonBenet. They have been targeting what they call other prime suspects since 2001, the same time period that Michael Tracy was corresponding with John Karr.

One of the so called suspects was Michael Helgoth (aka bootman) who reportedly committed suicide Feb 1997 and the BPD said his DNA or boots don't match but as late at 2004 he is still featured in Tracy's media. Dead men don't talk. Another guy who is a pedophile named Gary Olivia who is in jail at present was featured and they said his DNA didn't match but they featured him anyway. They also targeted a man known as "CandyCane Man" in Boulder who collects weird memorabilia of crime. Gee don’t we all. You should see my hard drive.

The last guy they targeted was John Gigax where Tracy is suggesting in his 2004 documentary only shown in the UK that Gigax was partners with Helgoth in the murder wearing ninja outfits and the show suggests that later Gigax murdered Helgoth to shut him up and made it look like a suicide. Of course they both lived in the same trailer park in Boulder so that fits the story line. And the documentary included comments by a John Kenady, who was apparently helping these keystone detectives get those boots of Helgoths out of his house when he died. If that deadman can’t talk maybe those boots will. And Kenady helps to verify the weirdness of Helgoth. In that documentary they wouldn't name Gigax by name, he was just the mysterious suspect they claimed they couldn't find but were looking for. Some detectives. It’s amazing what a goggle search in the Internet will bring up.

But they flashed his criminal records on the TV screen which a lady in Scotland (thanks Jay) was able to do a screen capture of and then Tricia Griffith from Utah, who owns was able to obtain information on who this so called prime suspect was, this John Gigax. Griffith found him within ten minutes in a goggle search on the Internet selling jewelry on a web page. Gigax was notified and called the Boulder DA's office and they said they were not looking for him. Gigax offered to go in and talk with them if they needed and they said no.

In 2005 Michael Tracy CO-produced yet another media show on Court TV called "A Closer Look, The Investigators" featuring the bumbling (my opinion) detective work of John San Augustin, Ollie Gray, and Pete Peterson and who are they targeting but Michael Helgoth, the dead man again whose DNA doesn't match. This show was aired in the US and it is identical to the one shown in the UK in 2004 with the exception that they did not include John Gigax as Helgoth's partner but they suggest that Helgoth and "a partner in crime" were the 1996 Boulder Burglars in ninja outfits who could have murdered JonBenet on Christmas night..

John Mark Karr and Professor Michael Tracy’s e-mails

Now we have Michael Tracy, under the watchful eye advice of Ollie Gray and Lou Smit, turning in hundreds of four year e-mail communication data with John Karr and he gets turned in as the prime suspect. It took them four years to determine that? What is wrong with this picture? Was Tracy too busy making movies? Was Tracy running out of new material and prime suspects to feature in his documentaries? How lucky could Tracy be to magically run into pedophile John Karr from this chance meeting with a friend in Paris? (Maybe that’s the foreign faction connection) Could fate really be in the stars? Is John Karr guilty of murdering JonBenet, I don't know. What I do know is that it seriously looks like he's being railroaded as just another prime suspect in Michael Tracy documentaries.

And who I ask was the person who leaked these suspicious e-mails to the media? None other than Ollie Gray. I find myself singing the tune to “Alice’s Restaurant.” (Am I dating myself?) (

Then there’s Professor Michael Tracy’s book

In the meantime Professor Michael Tracy is sitting in the bleachers getting the final chapter of his book that he's been working on for the past several years while his is being quoted in the media as saying, something like "this Karr guy is innocent until proven guilty" you know, because that is the American legal system. Remember, Michael Tracy's book in progress is NOT about the Ramsey case, it's about the media lynch mob and Internet crazies obsessed with the Ramsey case. I'm obsessed with the Ramsey case and have been for ten years. I know I have more files, documents, etc. than John Karr will ever have. But fortunately I'm not a pedophile.

So Tracy has the final chapter of his book whether Karr is the killer or not. Michael Tracy has conveniently created a media lynch mob and the British hypocrite will no doubt state in his book, this is "JonBenet's America," the media lynch mob, the very name of his first documentary on this case. That is what he wants to prove to the world, that America is a lynch mob with our independent free speech. Case closed as Tracy is packing his pockets with a smug look on his face.

After ten years of following this case, of collecting thousands of files and information hoping some day for justice for JonBenet Ramsey, can it be that fate or God has placed John Karr into the hands of Michael Tracy, the very man who wants to convince the world that Americans are blood thirsty media hounds who will lynch a person in the public arena before their day in court as Tracy has accused them since 1998 of doing to the Ramseys? And in the same token here’s Tracy making documentaries accusing innocent people of being prime suspects in a murder without their day in court.

A fair trial ? Oh right, if John Mark Karr gets his day in court, what planet will that be on?

What is wrong with this picture?

That's it in a cracker barrel.

The John Karr Circus.

Happy Fourth of July !!

The British are coming !!

Will there be Justice For JonBenet Ramsey, the victim

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