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Longmont Times - 06-15-1998 - JonBenet Ramsey on the web
"The leader of the mainstream Web pack is a woman who calls herself ``Mrs. Brady.'' She offers daily updates on the case, listings of crime-related topics on the talk shows and a directory of the latest tabloid rumors. But Mrs. Brady comes off as normal as Florence Henderson when compared to some of the other JonBenet aficionados."

Boulder News - 08-28-1998 - Ramsey 'cybersleuths' to gather in Boulder
"One of the most popular destinations on the Web for Ramsey news junkies is an eponymous page of the day's headlines maintained by a Philadelphia woman known only as Mrs. Brady. For Mrs. Brady, who last week visited JonBenét's grave in Marietta, Ga., next month's trip to Boulder will be like a journey to Mecca. "I feel like I know Boulder like the back of my hand," she said. "I've been threatening my friends that I'm going to rent a puppy, light up a cigarette and drink a Coors on the Pearl Street Mall and see if I can get arrested." At JonBenét's grave, she said, she told her husband, "I'd like you to meet my boss. This is the person I'm working for right here."

Westword - 09-10-1998 - The Mom Squad
"It's hard to blame Mrs. Brady for wanting to get as close to the scene of the crime as possible. After all, her Web page, Mrs. Brady's URLs, is one of the premier JonBenét Web destinations. When JonBenét was killed, Mrs. Brady didn't have much Internet experience. "Retired" from her job as director of operations for a large franchising company, she was just "floating around," she says, and found herself hooked on JonBenét. By February, she'd "jumped in with both feet. Her dedication won her a 1998 Westword Best of Denver award"."

Cybersleuth's visit Boulder, Colorado
September 18th, 19th, 20th, 1998
[September 1998] [September 1998] [September 1998]
[September 1998] [Pasta Jays] [Pasta Jays]

Denver Post Online - 09-19-1998 'Cyber-sleuths tour land of JonBenet'
"Mrs. Brady, the self-described housewife who spends hours a day updating what is the mother of all Ramsey-related Web sites, took a few hours Friday to answer e-mail and let her faithful readers know how the Boulder excursion is going. And she took time to post a photo of herself, Catnip and Panico dining at Pasta Jay's on her home page"

From CHANNEL3000 - 09-28-1998

"Most cyberdetectives chat online under an alias, such as, one of the most prominent members of the group -- Mrs. Brady, a housewife who spends several hours a day updating an encyclopedia of JonBenet-related Web sites. Mrs. Brady's site also includes current news about the case."

The Leeza Show - Thursday, October 8, 1998
With special guest Judith Phillips
[Leeza Show 10-08-1998]
Leeza Show


From Aboutcom - Bill Bickel - 01-05-1999:
"Mrs Brady" is the pseudonym of a woman who's spent the past two years keeping tabs on the JonBenet Ramsey case and related cases. On her website -- updated daily -- she lists every fact and every rumor, and every news special and interview. When she joined us for a chat last August (the edited transcript is here), I described her this way: If the JonBenet case is a media circus, then Mrs Brady is surely the ringmaster."

From USAToday - 01-26-1999
"Mrs. Brady, who is no relation to fellow cybersleuth "Jan Brady," rises every day at dawn to check online newspapers and build computer links for her readers to JonBenet-related news stories, broadcasts or commentary. One day last week, 1,400 Web surfers visited her site. She maintains three computers and multiple phone lines and has spent an estimated $7,000 on her mission. Her attendance at the Boulder conference made her something of a celebrity here. She went on talk radio shows and gave a steady stream of news media interviews."!

[Page 272 PMPT]
Larry Schiller's
Perfect Murder
Perfect Town
Page 272
[Page 273 PMPT]
Larry Schiller's
Perfect Murder
Perfect Town
Page 273
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Westword Online - 10-21-1999 'Two Days in the Death of JonBenét'
"Forty-something Pennsylvania mother who uses the pseudonym Mrs. Brady on her nationally recognized Ramsey-centric Web page, at www.joshua-7.com/mrsbrady. Previously profiled in these pages ("The Mom Squad," September 10, 1998), Mrs. Brady has an update online by 6:30 a.m. complete with a staggeringly lengthy roundup of JonBenét stuff from Tuesday introduced by the comment, "Tick, tick, tick...hurry up and wait. Maybe today?"

Brills Content - 02-00-2000
"Mrs. Brady" gets up at 3 or 4 every morning to troll through newspapers and television transcripts and write a comprehensive summary of the most recent JonBenét coverage. "Mrs. Brady's URL's", one of the most popular sites, has logged nearly 600,000 visitors since September 1997. And a recent chat sponsored by about.com's Crime and Punishment site right before the grand jury verdict ran for a marathon 8 1/2 hours without a break."

AboutCom - Steve Thomas Chat - 11-14-2000
"stevethomas: Thanks to Mrs Brady, for her tireless efforts --several of the cops and those associated with case read there daily, and all appreciate her efforts. it is sad the case is dwindling, and that there is little news to report anymore. She has done a great job, all should be thankful. What an effort!"

By B.J. Plasket - The Daily Times-Call - 03-17-2001
"If any site could be considered a clearinghouse for news and information on unsolved murders , it would be "Mrs. Brady," a site operated for the past four years by a Pennsylvania woman whose first name is Carol but whose real last name is a secret. The Brady site has had more than 800,000 "hits" in the past four years. Even as the Ramsey case fades from the headlines, Brady still gets up at dawn every day — searching newspaper and TV Web sites for stories about the Ramsey case and other crimes. Her Web page provides links to those stories and also contains unabashed opinion and commentary from Brady herself. During the peak years of the Ramsey investigation, many of those involved in the case openly admitted visiting Mrs. Brady every day. Among those on that list were former assistant district attorney Bill Wise, grand jury expert Michael Kane and Suzanne Laurion, who served as DA Alex Hunter's spokeswoman."

"The Mother of Us All"
Posted by New York Lawyer on 14:17:09 7/07/2001
I know I couldn't have won the recent verdict in Denver federal court without Mrs Brady's website. Most of the information I've gathered on the case came from her postings. The Ramseys use her too. If Chris Wolf wins his libel suit, and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh too, it will be a direct result of Ma Brady's tireless archiving of trenchant and important developments in the Ramsey case. Love ya, Ma!"

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