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[IMAGE] Patricia Phenomenon
"AFriend" (Patricia) Story
July 1999 to November 11, 1999


The "Friend/Patricia" Story (Rough draft)
As seen through the eyes of ACandyRose
Through personal account and observation
May 18, 2000

In the spring 1999, an Internet poster named "Cheesy" (aka Patti) from the Yahoo forum went to the www.findagrave.com web site and found an entry for JonBenet Ramsey. The name given at the site as donating the picture and quotations was only listed as "a friend of the Ramseys" with an e-mail address.

Cheesy wrote to the address and asked who the person was who put the information on the findagrave site. This started an e-mail communication between Cheesy and this "a friend of the Ramseys." Cheesy believe at the time (an may still believe) that this was a hoax created in the mind of another Internet poster known as Jameson, a strong advocate for the RST (Ramsey Spin Team.)

Much of Cheesy's early letters and response show that Cheesy was accusing this person of being Jameson and this person kept telling her no. Cheesy tested her over and over again and at times you could feel the anger on both "Cheesys" part and this "Friend/Patricia" part within the e-mails. This "Friend of the Ramseys" was either being extremely coy at the beginning or really didn't know who the poster known as "Jameson" aka Susan Bennett was although in later e-mails she did write that the connection could be through her sister, Pam, whom she states she has no control over on what she says or who she talks to.

A few weeks after "Cheesy" began her correspondence, another Internet poster known as "Gsquared" started communicating with this "a friend of the Ramseys" also. Although "Gsquared" also thought there was a "Jameson connection" she appeared to take on the task within the letter writing to determine who this person was. She searched out the aid of Michael Tracy, a friend at the time and Professor at the University of Colorado and to some authorities to try and find out who this person was.

It is important to know that both "Cheesy" and "Gsquared" were not on good terms with this other poster named "Jameson" and in retrospect, this was also about the time frame when Jameson had been outed (May 18, 1999) from being the moderator of the WebbSleuths Community Forum by "Murphy" who accused her of posting others personal information and the apparent catalyst for that outing came about the time and on the same posting thread where "Gsquared" had asked "Texas1" to post some information on the WebbSleuths Community Forum. But that is a whole other story.

On the "Cheesy" connection with Jameson, the webmaster of this site can only surmise that the animosity displayed by Jameson toward Cheesy was because Cheesy was writing to Patricia Ramsey or thought she was writing to somebody claiming to be Patricia Ramsey. Jameson has posted that she is "a close friend of the Ramseys" and has an obvious dogmatic protection against anybody who claims to know the Ramseys other than herself. Jameson obviously has attempted to discredit Cheesy on this situation as well as other events early on during the communiation between Cheesy and this "Friend of the Ramseys" and moreso later in the fall of 1999 when Cheesy let it be known via her posting threads that she had contacted the Ramseys as well as the authorities on this situation.

It was not discovered until the summer of 1999 that a third Internet poster known as "Twoplustwo aka Collins" had also been writing to this person only "Twoplustwo" also said he received snail mail (US Mail) communication from this person via a P.O. Box in Atlanta, Georgia. Many believed that "Twoplustwo" was also the author of the letters although e-mail I personally received from this person did not indicate that at all. A large portion of the e-mail content mentions Twoplustwo (usually referenced as Collins) and not in a good light. This "Friend/Patricia" claimed he was dangerous and sent her hateful mail and actually warned others about him.

The writer of the e-mails also spoke of communication with Carol McKinley, Mame, Michael Tracy and some others names not mentioned but referenced. The name of Susan Bennett aka Jameson and a Susan S are also referenced as well as the sisters of Patsy Ramsey.

The jest of the letters over the seven month plus period was this "a friend of the Ramseys" went from being stated as "just a friend" to actually signing the letters as Patricia Ramsey and went on and on and on with the promise of a theory, asking for help, advice, compassion on the death of her daughter. The letters are emotionally draining and frustrating as this person, "Friend/Patricia" writes about things yet is extremely coy on how and what is worded.

This "a friend of the Ramseys aka Patricia" started talking about a mystery man who was apparently been writing to her for almost a year prior and talked about his love for JonBenet to the point that at times it was wondered if he was the killer of JonBenet.

According to this "Friend/Patricia", this "mystery man" visited JonBenet's grave and another Internet poster known as "Amanda" did witness a stranger at the grave several times not to say that this "mystery man" is one in the same. Amanda came to the WebbSleuths Forum in the summer of 1999 under the hat name of "MandyArt" and and talked about her knowledge of the Ramseys within a close environment with hers thus some thought maybe even she was this "friend of the Ramseys."

Amanda later took on the hat name of "Webbsleuther" which put her in a position of suspicion by other Internet posters as this was during the time of the "Murphy/Jameson" split up over the WebbSleuths forum. Murphy was and is the owner of WebbSleuths Forum and Jameson was her moderator. They had been together close to a year prior and when Jameson left her position as moderator she convientently took the WebbSleuths name with her along with the chat room she set up for the forum in IRC.

The name of the forum as "WebbSleuths" was a major topic of discussion so when Amanda took the name of "Webbsleuther" as her hat name then several posters thought that was strange considering the war that was going on at the exact same time between Murphy and Jameson. Of course Jameson attempted to tell her new following that the old WebbSleuths Forum she was asked to resign from was now called "Murphy's WebbSleuths" and her forum was called "Jameson's WebbSleuths" and here was Amanda using the hat name of "WebbSleuther" so some thought she was even associated with Jameson. Amanda claimed later that it was just a coincidence that she selected that hat name.

Amanda then came to the ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum and used the hat name of "WebbSpyder" and then "Amanda2000" and proceeded to tell a story about how she visited JonBenet's grave in Georgia and how this mysterious man would hover over the grave and even lay upon the slab in what appeared to be a praying position for hours upon hours. When the poster, "Gsquared" was told about this by Amanda then Gsquared told the "Friend/Patricia" about the stranger who obviously went into a panic and warned Gsquared to have this Internet poster stay away from the mysterious stranger at the grave. Amanda was also a member of the Quiet Samantha Foster Forum under the hat name of "Lilly" and "Rhiannon Knight" and she got into discussion on that forum with Cheesy about the "Friend/Patricia" letters so she was drawn into the mystery in more than one direction. Unfortunatly for Amanda, more than one poster thought she was the author of the "Friend/Patricia" letters and gave her a hard time about it on the forums.

The direction of the letters are mixed with emotion and control.

The ultimate end is that many believed they were actually writing to Patricia (Patsy) Ramsey and as of this date that has not be disproved.

In the book, "Death of Innocence" John Ramsey states this was not the Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet Ramsey and also comments that he suspects this could also be the killer of his daughter.

The web site I have constructed is a composite of those who were involved in one aspect or another along with the individual 350+ e-mail collections of both Cheesy and Gsquared converted to text format that can be read now by everybody.

Was this really Patsy Ramsey? I don't know.

Is this the killer of JonBenet Ramsey? I don't know.

Was this part of the RST (Ramsey Spin Team" campaign? I don't know.

This "Friend/Patricia" claims this mystery man contacted her parents and after receiving some e-mail from the findagrave site he contacted her personally and this started the year long communication between them.

As others (Cheesy, Gsquared, Twoplustwo and others) wrote to the address on the findagrave site then this "Friend/Patricia" began responding to their mails but she always claimed she did not have control of the e-mail server account and that two other friends were helping her to accomplish this communication (behind John's back).

Character Legend:

For ease in understanding the characters referenced in the e-mails,
please use the following legend:

"Gsquared" also uses the hats of "Closer2" "Secret" and "Pogey" and within the e-mails is referenced as "Gail."

"Cheesy" is also referenced as "Patti" in the e-mails and in the book, "Death of Innocence" is referenced as "The woman from Wisconsin."

Carol is Carol McKinley of "McKinley@foxnews.com" as referenced

Mary is "Mame" of http://www.holoworld.com/ramseyreports/

"Twoplustwo" is referenced "2+2" and as "Collins" and "Jim Collins"

"Jameson" is referenced as Susan Bennett and Ms Bennett

Tracy is Michael Tracy of the University of Colorado

"Amapola" was a friend of "Cheesys" on the Yahoo Forum

Amanda was "WebSpyder," "WebbSleuther," "MandyArt," "Lilly," "Rhiannon Knight," and "Amanda2000."

Colfax is J.T.Colfax aka James Michael Thompson of Denver who was charged with starting the fire at the Ramsey house

"B4UCry" was a poster on the Webbsleuths Forum.

"The Patricia Phenomenon - Part 2"

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