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[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]
Lawrence Schiller
February 1999

[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]
Lawrence Schiller
October 1999

[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town - The Movie]
Perfect Murder
Perfect Town
Lawrence Schiller
Two Part
February 2000

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
by Lawrence Schiller


A Death In Paradise

By Lawrence Schiller

Who killed JonBenét Ramsey? In the 26 months since the body of the 6-year-old child-pageant contestant was found in the basement of her parents' sprawling Boulder, Colo., home, there have been no arrests. To the police—and to much of the public—the girl's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, are key suspects, but the Ramseys steadfastly maintain their innocence. The celebrated case—with its bizarre three-page ransom note, war between cops and prosecutors and endless tabloid speculation—is the subject of Lawrence Schiller's 621-page book "Perfect Murder—Perfect Town," which is being published this week. Schiller hasn't solved the crime, but his book is a richly detailed exploration of the Ramsey family, the crime and the culture of the city in which JonBenét died. The author, who draws on 571 interviews to reconstruct the Ramsey case, is accustomed to mapping crime's tangled terrain: in the 1970s Schiller won exclusive access to Gary Gilmore and provided Norman Mailer with the basis for "The Executioner's Song." A 62-year-old producer, director and photographer, Schiller also wrote "American Tragedy," the definitive book on the O. J. Simpson case. This exclusive NEWSWEEK excerpt takes you inside the Ramsey investigation, with all its twists, turns and lingering mysteries. "I think there will be a resolution to the case," Schiller says. "I think all the evidence will come out, but that doesn't mean someone will be convicted." At the moment, a grand jury in Boulder is weighing evidence and taking testimony. It is expected to conclude its work in March.

"Do roses know their thorns can hurt?" JonBenét asked me that one morning. I was the landscaper at the Ramseys' home during the last two years of her life. I remember how intelligent JonBenét was. That's why I never talked to her as if she were just a little kid. So when she asked me about thorns, I told her, "They're a rose's shield. They keep away animals who might eat them."
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Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
by Lawrence Schiller
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