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This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
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[917 Baseline]
917 Baseline

Stacy Denton's
Strange Story

About her three homeless friends
and 917 Baseline Road

NOTE FROM THE WEBMASTER: I have had so many requests over the years asking me what information I might have saved from the online forum postings that relate to Stacy Denton's story regarding 917 Baseline as strange as it sounds. I, personally am not a believer of the story but for the sake of those who are and who have asked, I thought I would include the information I had saved on this webpage. :-)


00. 1997-12-24 News Article: 48-year-old homeless man, David Emmit Simpson, face was beaten

01. Stacy Denton, played guitar and sang at the Pearl St. mall with 3 homeless guys
02. She was a folksinger from the Pearl Street Mall for 11 years, with her bird, Dolly
03. Stacy Denton claimed JonBenet's murder happened at 917 Baseline Road
04. She said the murder weapon possibly was in the basement, in a heating duct
05. She said it happened in the basement at 917 Baseline on the pool table
06. She said the green fibers in JonBenet's hair were from the pool table.
07. She said her homeless friends spotted John Ramsey carrying JonBenet's body in garment bag
08. She said her friends reported what they saw and were murdered, dumped into Boulder Creek
09. The three homeless guys witness a man carrying body 12/25/1996 by 917 Baseline house
10. Two of the homeless men were Daniel Julian (July 97), Thomas Lemmon (Aug 97)
11. Third homeless man was David Emmett Simpson (aka "Mad Dog") who died Sept 97
12. Stacy Denton said JonBenet Ramsey died in a "A Dianic Wicca ritual"
13. Stacy feared for her life after her three friends died and she left the state
14. Stacy said "I found that around the U.S., Boulder is known as "Occult Central"
15. Stacy said "A painter found occult paraphelnalia in all of John Ramsey's offices!

Internet Subculture Feedback:

16. 1999-04-10 Starfist posted on Justice Watch about street person sending FAX at Safeway
17. 1999-04-10 Starfist questions whether the person sending FAX at Safeway is Jameson
18. 1999-04-14 Starfist obtained the political cartoon that was FAXED from Safeway
19. 2001-05-21 Stacy Denton tells story on BNF about political cartoon and 917 Baseline
20. 2001-05-21 Stacy Denton put her "Ballad To Jon Benet" on the Boulder News Forum
21. 2001-06-18 Nandee posts the house owner information on Cybersleuths forum
22. 2001-06-18 ACandyRose posts names of house residents on the Cybersleuths forum
23. 2001-06-21 Kimba posts some research on reverse telehone numbers on Cybersleuths forum
24. 2001-06-27 Chatter posts on Cybersleuths forum the location where house pic is
25. 2001-06-27 Jameson posts a picture of the house on her Webbsleuths forum
26. 2005-05-23 Eagle1 posts that he/she and others e-mailed with Stacy Denton at one time
27. 2005-07-21 BienHoa1968 posted names of 3 homeless men on Cybersleuths forum

Stacy Denton seems to have disappeared and Internet posters were still asking in 2005 if anybody has heard from her or anything else on this story. More currently in 2007, I found a Daily Camera News article titled, "Club offers support to homeless" that talks about "a Stacy Denton" and was wondering if this is the same Stacy Denton who told this story so many years ago?

Quotes from the following article:

"Rain or shine, snow or sun, every morning Stacy Denton grabs the same table in the back of the Pearl Street Mall Starbucks near the stir sticks and the creamer."

"Denton is sort of like the group's matriarch. Always concerned for her friends' well-being, she's become notorious for her constant storm forecasts, earning her the label "homeless weather lady."

"Although she's often a rock for others, Denton credits the morning meetings — which can last from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. — for keeping her off the streets."

"That's where she found herself in 1999, at age 46. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by "the nastiest divorce," Denton was eating out of Dumpsters and sleeping under a Boulder Creek tunnel."


[Susannah Chase]1997-12-24: 23-year-old woman dies from beating - Death ruled homicide

23-year-old woman dies from beating - Death ruled homicide
03:15:58 PM MST Wednesday, December 24, 1997
Camera Staff Writer


The 23-year-old University of Colorado woman found severely beaten in a downtown Boulder alley early Sunday died from severe head injuries at 11:35 p.m. Monday at Boulder Community Hospital.

The death of Susannah Chase was officially ruled a homicide by the Boulder County Coroner's Office Tuesday afternoon. Police do not have any suspects or motive in the weekend attack.

"Its' still pretty creepy that they don't have anybody locked up," said neighbor Linda Ellis, who lives one house away from where Chase is believed to have been attacked.

Chief Medical Investigator Tom Faure of the coroners office would not say if there any signs the woman was sexually assaulted. Complete autopsy results wont be available for weeks, he said.

Preliminary indications were that Chase was not sexually assaulted, Boulder Police Cmdr. John Eller told about 30 Whittier neighbors Monday night.

Eller, however, repeatedly stressed extreme concern for women walking alone at night in the Whittier neighborhood east of Boulders Downtown Mall.

About 2 a.m. Tuesday, a man with a red substance on his shoes who ran from police and referred to the woman and a baseball bat was arrested in connection with urinating in public and obstruction of justice. When stopped in an alley behind the 1100 block of the Downtown Mall, the man told a patrol officer that he had nothing to do with the womans beating. He said he saw a bat near his van near 19th and Pearl streets, near where Chase was beaten.

A search of the mans van did not reveal signs of blood, and the case was closed. The report was handed to Boulder Det. Kerry Yamaguchi, the lead investigator for the case. The man, apparently homeless, remains in Boulder County Jail on a $100 bond.

Detectives were unavailable to comment on the arrest.

Police have interviewed and released several people, including Chase's boyfriend, a man suspected of beating two other CU women and a homeless man. Family and neighbors said their good-byes to Chase during a 6 p.m. memorial service at First United Methodist Church. Flowers and a photo of the young woman were left at the southwest corner sidewalk of 18th and Spruce streets, where police believe she may have been attacked.

Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby pulled detectives from the JonBenet Ramsey murder case and Christmas vacations are being cut short to focus on the third murder in the city this year. More than a dozen detectives are working on the case, but investigators revealed little new information Tuesday.

"They didn't have anything they felt they wanted to share with the media or public," said city of Boulder spokeswoman Leslie Aaholm.

Police found Chase partially unconscious about 3:40 Sunday morning in an alley between Spruce and Pearl streets near 19th Street. It appears she was beaten and dragged on a sidewalk across the street from her home at 18th and Spruce streets. Police recovered a metal baseball bat in the area.

Boulder police have combed the streets interviewing people between the woman's home and Abo's Pizza at 950 Pearl Street, where an employee named Shannon told police he might have seen Chase at 1:15 a.m.

The employee has since left town and was unavailable for interviews. Another employee said reports that Chase and one or two men she was with got into a fight were exaggerated.

Some officials said they may look at links between Chase's murder that that of a homeless man found beaten to death on University of Colorado property near Boulder Creek in early September. David Emmett Simpson, known as "Mad Dog," also was severely beaten about the head.

"That's something we are going to have to look at," said CU Sgt. Brett Brough Tuesday. "We basically gave them (Boulder police) all the information we had" about Simpson's killing, which also is unsolved.

Brent Turvey, a forensic scientist who does consulting work for California law enforcement and defense attorneys, said judging by what he's heard of the violence inflicted on Chase, the beating was retaliatory. Chase represented something her assailant hated. Whether it was an institution or women in general, the beating was likely meant as a punishment, Turvey said.

"If she's sweet and everybody loves her, that defines a certain sort of victim. She's a daisy he needs to stomp on to make his point to punish somebody ... maybe females in general," Turvey said. "It's because of what she is and what she represents to the offender. Because of the level of the brutality, the motivation in this attack is retaliatory, he is punishing the victim for a real or perceived wrong."

Police advised residents to keep their doors locked and be on the lookout for anything that seems strange or unusual in their neighborhood.

Camera Staff Writer Heather Morgan contributed to this report.


[www.justicewatch.com]1999-04-10: Justice Watch Forum Thread, "RamseyFormsTeam"

15 . "Jameson in Boulder?"
Posted by starfish on Apr-10-99 at 05:55 PM (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Apr-10-99 AT 06:12 PM (EST)

Is that really true? The reason I ask is that one of my bros-in-law works at Safeway, and at about 4am this morning, he was called up front by a desk clerk asking if he knew how to work the fax. He said that one had a code he didn't know, but that he had the code for the upstairs one. There was a woman, a street person (she said) from Boulder, and that she needed to fax some important stuff to the Rocky Mountain News immediately. SHE knew who killed JonBenet and she was afraid for her family and afraid to go into Boulder itself. She said it was a group of witches that did it, because they wanted Patsy as their Queen Witch. But something went wrong, and it ended up with Burke accidentally killing her. One of the witches lives three houses down from Ramseys, supposedly, and SHE has the murder weapon---a big black maglite.

Anyhow, she didn't have the fax number for RMN and spent all this time looking it up and trying to fax and saying she didn't understand technology. My bro-in-law has a short fuse for that kind of thing and got away as soon as he could. I could have killed him! I would have tried to get as much out of this woman as possible.

Without telling him about Jameson, I asked for a description of the woman. It sure as hell sounded like her.

Oh, I know it's silly.

Do you think it could have been.....no, no no. Of course not.

36 . "I don't think it's really a big deal"
Posted by starfish on Apr-11-99 at 05:37 PM (EST)

but this did happen, and in actuality, I mostly posted it as a brief moment of levity. There were just so many weird symbolic things in it, enough to give the very superstitious part of me a creepy little thrill.

And a 'frisson' is just a little shiver. Or so I've always thought.

I just got off the phone with my brother-in-law, and you guys must understand that no one in my family shares our interest in this story as we do. The situation caught his interest and he told it to me in a humorous spirit. However -- he did check out ACandyRose and he said the woman looked VERY MUCH like the photos of Jameson. I'm not seriously saying it might have been her - especially after someone said she was at the seashore. But it makes you wonder, you know?

Now again, she said she was a street artist, that she was afraid to do this FROM Boulder, as she was afraid to go into town in fear the witches would discover her. And all the Safeways in this part of the country are 24-hour stores.

He also told me that she drew a picture and faxed that as well. Remember, he also left before she was finished as he was ticked off by what he considered a nutcase - I can't BLAME him, but I do so wish he had followed up. He doesn't know if he can trace the faxes, but he thinks the picture may be on the night manager's desk still. He told me he would check tomorrow and then he would fax me a copy.

And as Seashell stated above, there are plenty of witches in Boulder. Most of them are Wiccans, I believe, and I've met a few but never got into it much. Kind of a solitary, myself.

And I'm not MinnieMoe by any means, but I do remember that there was someone who was convinced all the forum queens were witches - didn't she get all paranoid about something in chat? I'm sure I only sound like myself. And with everything about Patsy being such a Queen and JonBenet a Princess, well, it all just seemed to come together so conveniently in this strange appearance. It wasn't in Boulder, it was in Louisville, which is just a few miles directly east of Boulder.

I will follow up. Maybe I can find out who she was trying to fax TO -- my bro said she had a name but didn't know the fax number to send to.

[Safeway Cartoon posted at Justice Watch Appril 14, 1999 courtesy of Starfish]1999-04-14: Justice Watch Forum thread
"Safeway Incident Cartoon"

"Safeway Incident Cartoon"
Posted by Chris on Apr-14-99 at 02:12 PM (EST)

Courtesy of Starfish

Note from Webmaster: I saved this cartoon when it was first posted on the Justice Watch Forum back in April 1999 and the two yellow spots that read "name removed" were like that when it was posted by Chris Wheeler on behalf of Starfish so I don't know which of the two posters blocked out the names nor do I know what information was blocked out. You would have to contact either Chris Wheeler or Starfish to obtain that information and I have no idea where to locate them.

I also want to comment that I have no clue what the cartoon means. It's not my story nor my theory of the crime. But I have had many requests over the years to add the information to my website so here it is. :-P


[ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum]2001-05-21: ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum
"Stacy Denton post on Boulder News Forum "ramsey expose hits the road"

General Discussion - Boulder News Forum: 917 Baseline Road

From: ACandyRose 6/18/2001 10:04 pm
To: ALL (1 of 2)

There appears to be a new Boulder News Forum at the URL below and the first post is all about 917 Baseline Road in Boulder. Another hoax or just a story to tell?


ramsey expose hits the road
Stacy Denton - 11:30am May 21, 2001 EST
Guest User

After making a political cartoon about Jon Benet Ramsey, and my editor refusing to print it...I called KOA Radio and told the listeners where the murder happened (917 Baseline Rd.) and where the murder weapon possibly was (in the basement, in a heating duct) then took to the road and passed out my political cartoon all across the United States on Hwy 10..got to Florida and used the internet to e-mail my ballad (expose to the cadence of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?") to radio stations, t.v. stations, newspapers across the u.s....then told etired police chief, Bob Nelendrs, about all this and he's been pounding Colorado authorities with the info ever since January....good grief! I feel 'drawn into the vortex" , as the detective stated! Wish my friends were not in the foothills Christmas night, wish they never spotted John Ramsey carrying Jon Benet's body in a garment bag, with the black flashlight under his arm, confused and dazed..then returned home to sneak her body into the basement...then my pals report what they saw and were murdered and dumped into Boulder Creek! Was never involved with the Ramsey thing before this happened...but the abuse of small children in Dianic Wica rituals, where they are drugged and molested ;;;and then can't recall a thing to report it (Jon Benet and Burke reportedly being their favorites!) amongst prominent citizens in this 'circle of friends'...was more than I could bear, being as my daughter and 3 step girls live there and my son, maybe my grandchildren one day! I found that around the U.S., Boulder is known as "Occult Central" and people see it as very believable that Jon Benet died in an occult ritual, especially since a painter found occult paraphelnalia in all of John Ramsey's offices!(he works now at the C.U. Bookstore with Rick Denton), but people in Boulder do not wish to think about it...they seem apathetic...917 Baseline Road..go check it out! A lot happened in the basement, on the pool table! The only forensic evidence that matters on Jon Benet is the green, hairlike fibers from that pool table, where she died when her bro accidently came to and struck her on the temple with a large black flashlight...this line of thinking needs to be investigated..local authorities I have given up on! Stacy Denton, folksinger from the Pearl Street Mall for 11 years, with her bird , Dolly, has to leave her daughter who has Lupus and is on dialysis to do this, cuz no man in Boulder has the guts to, or is willing to do it! Shame! Well, like the troubadour I am, off i go! stacydenton32548@yahoo.com

Stacy Denton - 11:37am May 21, 2001 EST (#1 of 51)
Guest User

This is a ballad written by Stacy Denton, about a theory that ought to be investigated; those who live in Boulder, Colorado know all about this theory..why doesn't the media!!??!!

Ballad To Jon Benet

Where have Jon Benet's warriors gone? (cadence of Long time passing. Where Have All The Where have her men gone? Flowers Gone?) Long time ago. Where have those who cared gone? Back to their t.v.s everyone.

When will we ever learn? Oh, when will we ever learn.

Where have the witnesses gone from that Christmas night? They were streetmen in the foothills When Mr. Ramsey came...carrying her body in a garment bag. (They were went to the authorities and reported what they saw and were murdered and dumped in Boulder Creek.) They knew too much so they were disposed of! It doesn't really matter. They were nothing but human refuse. They were only human refuse.

Where did the murder happen? Long time passing.. Where did she REALLY die? Long time ago.. At 917 Baseline Rd., on a pool table , in the basement. Yellow brick house on a corner. (A Dianic Wicca ritual) Evidence still abounds. All the proof you need is there! Like to green hairlike fibers the coroner found in her hair and on her jammies... fibers from this pool table.

Where has the worker gone? Long time passing.. He used to be a painter Long time ago. He saw occult paraphenalia in ALL of John Ramsey's offices! But he never told anyone. He was too scared to tell. (Now he works at the C.U. Bookstore at the University of Colorado with Richard Denton)

Why aren't the men outraged?! One of our girls has been killed!! Why aren't the dads outraged?! They do not care. They say, "My girl is safe in her bed and all is well." They must never know! They must never know!

We don't want to know the truth. It's too eerie to take in. We block out the truth. And we move on ..so all those in wicca move freely! While we sit in our comfy recliners, beer in hand, closing our ears to the cries of our daughters, "Daddy, are we safe in Boulder? Daddy, don't you care?"

God looks on these 'lukewarm' men, neither hot or cold (Book of Revelations, Chapter 3) and He spews them out of His mouth. Their selfish , lazy ways not pleasing to Him. He removes His presence from Boulder.

Boulder folks can't figure out why the town seems colder now. Mom and Pop shops close one by one and kids riot in the streets.

The wind sighs. The trees bow and moan. The rains cry. The doves coo, "Who? Who? Who will rescue us?"

2001-06-18: Cybersleuths Forum, Topic:
"917 Baseline Road?"

Member # 597
Rate Member posted 06-18-2001 12:21 PM
The BNF forum is back up and I'm told someone there is post there that says that JonBenet was ki8lled at 917 Baseline Road and that John Ramsey brought her body home. Who lives at 917 Baseline Road?
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Member # 396
posted 06-18-2001 06:12 PM
June 18, 2001
Additional Owner: ]PARTNERSHIP 1
Property Address: 917 BASELINE RD
Mailing Address: 2033 11TH ST 6

Assessor's Parcel Number: 701N313280080007584001
Assessed Value: $39,856
Percent Improved: 56.01%
Tax Amount: $3,203.88
Year Built: 1909
Total Square Feet: 4,696
Number of Baths: 3.0
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Rooms: 5
Garage/Carport: DETACHED
Garage Square Feet: 288
Construction Type: MASONRY
Last Sale Date: 03-27-1989
Sale Amount: $175,000
Block Number: 30
Lot Number: 21
Legal Description: LOTS 21-22-23 BLK 30 UNIVERSITY PLACE
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posted 06-18-2001 07:23 PM
Address: 1301 WALNUT
"Operating as West Point Properties, Dyroff, 40, and Ron Romano, 31"
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posted 06-18-2001 10:10 PM
These were the 1996 residents of 917 Baseline Road. None of them are listed for 1997.

1996 - 917 Baseline Road

BOULDER, CO 80302-7545

BOULDER, CO 80302-7545

BOULDER, CO 80302-7545

BOULDER, CO 80302-7545

BOULDER, CO 80302-7545

BOULDER, CO 80302-7545

I have the group for 1997 but I am not sure if that is worth anything.

I also have the whole listing of over 600+ names for 1996 for Baseline. I have it in a text file if anybody wants it just email me at acandyrose@netzero.net and I will send it to you. The text file is 47k and covers all names, address and telephone numbers of everybody who lived on Baseline in 1996.

If anybody wants me to look up another full street in Boulder, let me know. I also have 15th steet.

ACandyRose http://www.acandyrose.com/
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In looking at the names of 1996 residents below, one of the numbers is for someone named "Helen." I don't think fraternities have live-in housemothers anymore, and a national men's fraternity that is in-line with its corporate by-laws would not have a woman living in the building. Also, fraternity and sorority houses are either owned by a college itself (becoming very rare, due to liability and fairness issues) or owned by the national fraternity's house corporation. The name of the fraternity would be on the deed in the latter case.

Additionally, a reverse search for current phone numbers at that address lists 6 people. Of those names, one is overtly female ("Jessica"), another is probably female ("Shannon"), there is a "Chris" and a "D", which could be either gender, and a "Louis" and a "Bruce." None of the individuals listed shares a phone number with anyone else on the current list.

About the poster who put this on the BNF forum--maybe some of you remember several years ago when there was a cartoon submitted to Justice Watch by a Boulder woman who claimed JonBenet was killed in an occult ritual. She had some wild tale to tell at that time about trying to get the cartoon to the authorities and being threatened about telling what she knew. Does anyone remember this? It sounds to me like this is the same lady. At least she is sticking to her story after all this time, LOL!
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posted 06-21-2001 07:53 AM
Kimba, about that cartoon or whatever it was, I asked about the same thing on another board. I seem to remember that the cartoon or drawing was associated with a grocery store there in Boulder. Was it posted at the grocery store...come on oldsters (as opposed to newbies {G}) help us out.

Someone made a graphic of the cartoon I'm remembering and posted it on one of the fourms. I can still see it in my minds eye.

Not that this is a viable option IMO, Especially since it is being associated with Wicca. But if this is the same person they are consistent in their delusions. LOL.

BTW candy. You posted below, "It is no wonder that the cops openly laugh at internet posters."

I'm assuming this means "all" of us.....
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posted 06-27-2001 07:56 PM
Thanks for the newbie welcome. Where on the internet besides Jameson's is the house pic?

Editing to add that Jameson has a pic of this house, going to archive Wednesday night, so hurry if you want to see it. Very old-fashioned, simple inverted-v roofline and a wrap-around porch.

Also the 1996 occupants listed by ACandyRose weren't still there in January, a week after JonBenet's murder. Surely they didn't all graduate at once. Why would they all leave at once? I for one never heard of a frat house with only six people, but maybe others have. BTW, there's official confirmation that 3 homeless men drowned in the creek, so Stacy the poster isn't nuts. She left town like Chris Wolf's girlfriend, has been rather worked up about this. Koby stated a list of cases, including the 3 drownings in an interview reported Feb. 18, 1998. So she wasn't just imagining. In case anyone's interested, the Koby interview is at http://www.bouldernews.com/extra/ramsey/1998/02/18-1.html and I THINK maybe the BNF expired and became a porn site, but I may be very wrong about that.

Do you suppose the apparent JAR contact to Jameson just when this location comes into the spotlight is connected at all? (I have defended the R's when people were getting really too rough for no reason, BTW,just emotional, not solving the mystery, but we all want the whole truth.)

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2005-05-23: Cybersleuths Forum Topic:
"Rental House on Baseline in Boulder"

Member # 296
posted 05-23-2005 03:03 PM
Candy, were you the one who once posted a list of the Dec. 1996 tenants, and then one for the following year, maybe at Dunvegan's Justice Watch?

A couple of us emailed back and forth with a Stacy Denton, who played guitar and sang at the Pearl St. mall with 3 homeless guys, all of whom ended up dead together in Boulder Creek, so she went on the road, afraid she might also be a target of some killer.

She said the 3 homeless men were in the park by the Baseline house and saw a tall man carrying a child, who seemed to be looking for a cliff or someplace to put it. They assumed it was JR but I don't think he's tall, correct? We assumed she was maybe a little unstable mentally, but in the same circumstances maybe we would be also.

Anyone remember anything about that? I still have some printouts but this would be a faster way of finding out.
JMHO of the moment.
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posted 07-21-2005 09:06 PM
The murder list should include Lorraine Lawrence, found beaten to death in a Boulder construction pit, in early Dec 96. The "official" cause of death was exposure with seizure complications. Yeah, right.

The three homeless guys who died were:

Daniel Julian -- July 97.
Thomas Lemmon -- Aug 97
David Emmett Simpson (aka "Mad Dog") -- Sept 97

Anybody know where Stacey Denton (Roberts) is?

Lastly, anyone recall an incident in a house on 75th Street & Arapahoe Avenue, in Boulder, where a ton of child porn and drugs were found ca. 1985? Apparently, a Boulder cop, detective or sheriff's deputy got pissed, paid a visit and shot one of the pervs.


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Thomas D. Reisinger
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posted 07-21-2005 09:59 PM
Forgot to post an interesting little tidbit:

Janet McReynolds, wife of the late Ramsey "Santa," Bill McReynolds, authored a teleplay or screenplay back in the 70s which related to the abduction and murder of a young girl. (Their daughter and a girlfriend had in fact been kidnapped and the friend molested.) Its title? "HEY RUBE."

Recently, on page 3 of the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's last published book, there appears this interesting quote: "... There is always a rash of kidnappings and abductions of schoolchildren in the football months. Preteens of both sexes are traditionally seized and grabbed off the streets by gangs of organized perverts who traditionally give them as Christmas gifts to each other to be personal sex slaves and playthings." The title of his book? "HEY RUBE."

Tom Reisinger
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Thomas D. Reisinger
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posted 07-23-2005 11:58 AM
Thanks for all the details about the three homeless men who drowned in the creek, but not all on the same night? Wouldn't the second and third one know to stay away from that creek?

How did you find out their names and the dates, if you don't mind my asking? Way back when we were all inquiring at the Boulder newspapers, there was some reason I can't quite remember that they couldn't give out any information, probably that it was unsolved cases.

I have no idea where Stacy Denton is now, but if I point you to the college library where her ex-husband MAY still work,or someone there might know his location, will you share with us whatever you find out?

They had children together so he might know something. I hope she's still alive and well and that you will also take care. She played guitar, I think, with the homeless men at the mall. I forget if we have private messaging here but my email address may be in my profile. I'm also AOL.
JMHO of the moment.
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2007-01-01: Is this the same homeless street person named Stacy Denton in Boulder?

Club offers support to homeless
Friends help each other off the streets
By Vanessa Miller (Contact)
Monday, January 1, 2007

Rain or shine, snow or sun, every morning Stacy Denton grabs the same table in the back of the Pearl Street Mall Starbucks near the stir sticks and the creamer.

Moments after the 52-year-old coffee fiend orders her favorite brewed quaff, she sees a familiar face — and another and another. Before long about eight currently or formerly homeless men and women are gathered together near the fireplace, chatting about a broad range of subjects from a funny puppy outside to a not-so-funny police encounter.

Sarcasm can often shake the group with laughter as they rib each other for yesterday's adventure or poke fun at the popular elder, whom they call Old School. Sometimes, the friends bring gifts and pictures to share like kindergartners during show and tell.

Occasionally, conversation takes a more serious tone, calling on some of the group's stronger members to provide refuge and support for those facing tough times.

This makeshift breakfast club is the reason some of Boulder's homeless population have made it off the streets, and the reason others have hope to one day do the same. It's not organized by any official agency. The morning meeting grew out of the natural need for community — a gravitation toward people who "understand" and "who have things in common with you," Denton said.

"It's a nice place to come," she said. "And we can relate because we've been through the same stuff."

Denton is sort of like the group's matriarch. Always concerned for her friends' well-being, she's become notorious for her constant storm forecasts, earning her the label "homeless weather lady."

Although she's often a rock for others, Denton credits the morning meetings — which can last from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. — for keeping her off the streets.

That's where she found herself in 1999, at age 46. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by "the nastiest divorce," Denton was eating out of Dumpsters and sleeping under a Boulder Creek tunnel.

She was motivated to change by her 23-year-old daughter's desperate plea.

"She flipped out," Denton said. "She said, 'Please, Mom, try one more time.'"

Visiting a mental health counselor helped, and so did medication, Denton said. Community advisers began pushing her to file for assistance, and then a miracle happened.

"I got an apartment," Denton said. "It wasn't even real. I couldn't even sleep at night, I was so excited."

The combination of community services and a loving daughter pulled Denton out of despair, but something else is responsible for keeping her happy and healthy: her coffee-club friends — her people, she said.

"I would have gone nuts without this," she said. "These people have valuable things to contribute. They have so much to say."

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