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BCTC Suspect


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"BCTC suspect"

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"BCTC suspect"

There was a sex offender who worked for the Ramseys at some time... he "lost it" a few days after the murder.

At some point he was at this facility:

Boulder Community Treatment Center
1770 21st Street
Boulder, CO 80304
This three story structure houses 64 residents. Both men and women are served at this location.

Looking at a map, it is clear that this facility is south of Pearl Street and I wonder if anyone there ever called it the South Boulder Treatment Center - SBTC.

It seems this man was in and out of jail and rehab - his name was given to police early in 1997 and they took saliva samples from him... but it is unclear if they did anything with those samples.

The sad fact is that in many cases they take samples but don't check them...

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about that facility - - was it ever called the South Boulder Treatment Center?

The man's name has never been made public and I don't believe he has ever been discussed - - but I am throwing this out here to see what happens.

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3. "RE: BCTC suspect"
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I know the BPD had his name, I know the DA investigators did as well.

This was a man who was in the jail off and on, he had a history and I feel sure they checked him. I am not accusing him at all and will not release his name - I am more interested in the fact that there was a treatment center south of Pearl Street (which I always took to be a main landmark in Boulder - the college was the other.)

And I wonder if he was interviewed - - maybe he "lost it" because he knew something. Just a thought.

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