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[Flight755 Movies]
Movies References in the Ransom Note

[IMAGE] . Release Date
December 23, 1971 (USA)

Warner Home Video

VHS Release Date:
September 16, 1997

Run Time: 102 minutes

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller, Drama

Rated: R
Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood)

Reviewer: Roberto Frangie (Leon, Gto. Mexico):

"The film might easily have passed for a popular tale of cops and robbers or, more particularly, cop and psychopath had it not been for the ruthlessness of Harry's methods...

In this character, Eastwood is the archetypal cop of the 1970s... He is unsociable, insensitive, silent without apparent reason, incapable equally of thought or of any human feeling, solving all problems with a blast from a revolver so heavy that it takes two hands to aim it... In fact, the reason why Clint Eastwood behaves so ruthlessly in "Dirty Harry" is carefully plotted at one point in the film: his wife was killed by a hit-and-run driver escaping from the scene of a crime, so he hates all baddies...

'Dirty Harry' supplanted suspense by action, tension by brutality, character by a bigger and better bullet...

Eastwood is a plain-clothes policeman who puts his faith in his Colt Magnum.44 and his ability to use it... He is ready to shoot down a criminal as arrest him... Eastwood brought the rude justice of the lawless West to the regular laws of the modern city... Perhaps his behavior would have been less controversial if he had merely been a renegade cop who broke the rules when roused by anger, but in the cool neon light of his superior's office, he is evidently unrepentant about his behavior...

Eastwood had played 'Dirty Harry' five times in the sequels 'Magnum Force', 'The Enforcer', 'Sudden Impact' and 'The Dead Pool.' Callahan is always in a situation where he has to be his own judge and jury... Harry always gets somebody who's very lethal... In the case of "Dirty Harry", it was a psychopathic killer... Callahan wants to get him off the streets so that nobody else becomes a victim... He is a man on the side of the public... He feels that the law is wrong and he should fight that or try to solve it... Harry is not a man who stands for violence... He is a man who can't understand society tolerating violence...

Eastwood is reassuringly indestructible and in real situations he adopts the fantasy mastery of a traditional Western loner... He may be beaten up, but never beaten by the criminals or by authority..."

Movie Lines:

'If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies'
'The delivery will be very exhausting so I advise you to be well rested.'
'If I even think you're being followed, the girl dies'
'It sounds like you had a good rest. You'll need it.'

On November 29, a month before JonBenet's death, the movie 'Dirty Harry' had aired on TBS in Boulder.

[IMAGE] . Release Date
June 27, 1986 (USA)

Walt Disney Video

VHS Release Date:
July 31, 1989

Run Time: 93 minutes

Genres: Comedy, Crime

Rated: R
Ruthless People (Danny Divito and Bette Midler)

Amazon Reviewer: Kurt A. Johnson (Marseilles, Illinois, USA):

" Sam Stone (played by Danny DeVito), millionaire women's clothing mogul, is tired of his fat, irritating wife Barbara (Bette Midler), and is ready to murder her. But, when he finds out that she has been kidnapped, and will be murdered if anything goes wrong, all of his dreams have come true. Ken Kessler (Judge Rienhold) and his wife Sandy (Helen Slater) were ripped off by Sam, and figure that by kidnapping Barbara, and getting Sam's money that they would be even, but they wouldn't hurt a fly. Sam's mistress Carol (Anita Morris) has a boy toy of her own and wants to get her hands on Sam's money. Also, there's a cold-blooded murderer stalking L.A. and he could be anywhere. Oh oh, this could get complicated...and hilarious!

This is a great movie! Created by Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker, this offbeat movie is just as funny as their other hits, Airplane and The Naked Gun, but has a more solid storyline. I loved the characters and the non-stop hilarity, and have watched this movie many times over the years.

Now, I must mention that this movie is rated R for a reason. There are numerous "adult" scenes (though no nudity) and a good deal of swearing. So, if you are going to watch this movie with the whole family, you'll have to stand by the fast forward button.

But, that said this is a great movie, with non-stop hilarity! If you are looking for a side-splitting movie, then look no further. Buy this movie!"

Trivia: Loosely based on the O. Henry story, "The Ransom of Red Chief".
Plot holes: Ken's first attempt to collect the ransom from Sam Stone happens on a Monday. When Sam fails to show, Ken reschedules the drop for Wednesday. Following the failed attempt, there is a scene when Sandy goes down to the basement to bring Barbara more magazines. Barbara asks how long she's going to be there, and Sandy says, "As soon as Mr. Stone pays the ransom. Should be Monday." The day is Monday, so she should say "today."

"Verbal Ransom Demand"

Mr. Stone,

Listen very carefully !!

We have kidnapped your wife. We have no qualms about killing and will do so at the slightest provocation. Do you understand? I don't like repeating myself. Do you understand? You are to obtain a new black American Tourister brief case, model #8104. Do you understand? In it you will place five hundred thousand dollars in unmarked non-consequential one hundred dollar bills. Do you understand? Monday morning at eleven you will proceed with case in hand to Hope Street Plaza and wait for a phone to ring. You will receive further instructions then. Do you understand? You will be watched at all phases of execution. If anyone is with you or if action is not carried out to our complete satisfaction it will be considered an infraction to the rules and your wife will be killed. Do you understand? If you notify the police, your wife will be killed. If you notify the media, she will be killed. If you deviate from our instructions in anyway, she will be killed. Do you understand?

[IMAGE] . Release Date
October 4, 1991 (USA)

HBO Home Video

VHS Release Date:
January 13, 1993

Run Time: 104 minutes

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama

Rated: R
Ricochet (Denzel Washington, John Lithgow)

Reviewer: Brad Cooper "Author of Guilty by Association" (Beckley, WV):

"I can remember the first time I saw this movie. It was on HBO right after the George Foreman vs. Lou Savarese fight a few years back. Being a film with Denzel Washington and John Lithgow, I was surprised that I hadn't heard of it before then but was in for a big surprise.

Being a 1991 film (and an HBO Original Production), this was made before Denzel Washington really hit it big but it's one of his finest films in my opinion. While Washington portays a young cop turned bright futured district attorney, the best job in the film is done by John Lithgow, who plays one of the best psychotic yet genius characters in recent memory (Earl Talbot Blake). Lithgow, in fact, does such a good job playing this insane yet calculating killer hell bent on revenge that it's very strange to turn around and watch him on 3rd Rock From The Sun!

The supporting characters played by Ice-T and Kevin Pollak are well done and well written, but also very important in the storyline...something that isn't always true in mainstream films.

The plot is very interesting, and not something that has been 'done to death'. As the film winds down, it seems a little predictable but also the only suitable way for everything to end. Ok, so it's not a blockbuster 4 star masterpiece, but RICOCHET is still a very well written film that is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Highly recommended."

Movie "Ricochet"

An article was in the perp's prison cell, with X's on people's faces, and the perp had a vendetta against the guy that put him in jail. It showed the perp going up the staircase in the movie, past framed pictures.

[IMAGE] . Release Date
June 10, 1994 USA

Studio: 20th Century Fox

VHS Release Date: November 15, 1994

Run Time: 115 minutes

Genres: Action, Thriller

Rated: R
Speed (Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper)

A mad bomber (Dennis Hopper) is out for revenge against LAPD rookie cop Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), who, with the help of his partner, Harry Temple (Jeff Daniels), foils the criminals' plot to extort money from the city by holding hostage an elevator full of people. He plants a bomb on a bus, set to arm itself when the vehicle hits 50 mph, and detonate if it drops below that speed. The hero, with the help of a beautiful passenger named Annie (Sandra Bullock), must defuse the explosive device before the bus runs out of gas. This fast-paced thriller received two Academy Awards for Best Sound and Best Sound Effects Editing, as well as a nomination for Best Film Editing.

Movie Lines:

'Do not attempt to grow a brain'

[IMAGE] . Release Date
September 22, 1995 (USA)

New Line Cinema

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Rated: R
Se7en (Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman)

A film about two homicide detectives' desperate hunt for a serial killer who justifies his crimes as absolution for the world's ignorance of the Seven Deadly Sins. The movie takes us from the tortured remains of one victim to the next as the sociopathic "John Doe" sermonizes to Detectives Sommerset and Mills -- one sin at a time. The sin of Gluttony comes first and the murderer's terrible capacity is graphically demonstrated in the dark and subdued tones characteristic of film noir. The seasoned and cultured Sommerset researches the Seven Deadly Sins in an effort to understand the killer's modus operandi while green Detective Mills scoffs at his efforts to get inside the mind of a killer... Written by Mark Fleetwood {mfleetwo@mail.coin.missouri.edu}

Movie "Se7en"

In the movie, "Se7en" a "proper burial" is referred to towards the end of the movie, when Spacey's attorney is making a deal with the police where Spacy will show the police where the last two victims are so they can have a "proper burial."

[IMAGE] . Release Date
November 22, 1995 (USA)


VHS Release Date:
January 1, 1998

Run Time: 89 minutes

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Rated: R
Nick of Time (Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken, Courtney Chase)

Amazon Editorial Reviews (From The New Yorker):

"John Badham directs this ninety-minute thriller in real time; the story-Johnny Depp must kill the governor of California by film's end or his kidnapped daughter will die-is hyped at every turn by flashy moviemaking, and the suspense trickles away. Although the script seems modelled on Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much," Badham has evidently forgotten how to invest a scene with the quiet menace that a good thriller needs. Christopher Walken, as the kidnapper, plays his usual bulging-eyed psycho with his usual aplomb. (Not many directors seem to realize that a little Walken goes a long way.) And Depp, a calm actor whose characters barely have a pulse, looks like he's in danger of suffering a heart attack from all the frenzied action long before the movie's preposterous finale." -Bruce Diones Copyright © 2006 The New Yorker

Movie Lines:

'Listen to me very carefully!'

1999 February 18 - Lawrence Schillers book "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town Page 225:

"On the night JonBenet was murdered, the movie 'Nick of Time' aired at 7:30 P.M. on a Boulder cable channel. The story centers on an unarmed political faction that kidnaps a six-year-old girl. The victim is told, "Listen to me very carefully.' Bill Cox, who was staying with Fleet and Priscilla White, told the police he remembered watching the movie that night."

[IMAGE] . Release Date
November 8, 1996 (USA)

Walt Disney Video

VHS Release Date:
November 4, 1997

Run Time: 121 minutes

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Rated: R
Ransom (Mel Gibson, Rene Russo)

"When it comes to ramping up to vein-bursting levels of tormented anxiety, Mel Gibson has a kind of mainstream intensity that makes him perfect for his heroic-father role in director Ron Howard's child-kidnapping thriller. When you think of Ransom, you automatically think of the scene in which Mel reaches his boiling point and yells, "Give me back my son!" to the kidnapper on the other end of several torturous phone calls. Trapped in the middle of any parent's nightmare, Mel plays a self-made airline mogul whose son (played by Brawley Nolte, son of actor Nick Nolte) is abducted by a close-knit group of uptight kidnappers. But when a king's ransom is demanded for the child's safe return, Mel turns the tables and offers the ransom as reward money for anyone who provides information leading to the kidnappers' arrest. Thus begins a nerve-racking battle of wills and a test of the father's conviction to carry out a plan that could cost his son's life. The boy's mother (played by Rene Russo, reunited with Gibson after Lethal Weapon 3) disapproves of her husband's life-threatening gamble, and a seasoned FBI negotiator (Delroy Lindo) is equally fearful of disaster as the search for the kidnappers intensifies. Through it all, Howard maintains a level of nail-biting tension to match Gibson's desperate ploy, and the plot twists are just clever enough to cancel out the overwrought performances and manipulative screenplay. Ransom may not be as sophisticated as its glossy production design would suggest, but it's a thriller with above-average intelligence and an emotion-driven plot that couldn't be more urgent. Adding to the intensity is a superior supporting cast including Gary Sinise, Lili Taylor, and Liev Schreiber as the kidnappers, who demonstrate that even the tightest scheme can unravel under unexpected stress. Remade from a 1956 film starring Glenn Ford, Ransom is diluted by a few too many subplots, but as a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, it's a slick and satisfying example of Hollywood entertainment." --Jeff Shannon

Movie Lines:

'Do not involve the police or the FBI. If you do, I will kill him'

[IMAGE] . Release Date
November 22, 1996 (USA)


VHS Release Date:
November 4, 1997

Run Time: 113 minutes

Rated: PG13
Star Trek - First Contact (LeVar Burton, James Cromwell)


"The time is the 24th century and the ship is the newly commissioned Enterprise-E. It's captain, Jean-Luc Picard, has been ordered not to interfere in a combat between a Borg Cube and ships from the Federation. However, seeing the Federation is about to lose, Picard ignore his orders and take command of the defending fleet. With his knowledge of the weak spot of the Cube, they destroy it. However, a small part of it escapes and plot a course directly to Earth. The Enterprise chases it and enters a time distortion created by the Borg. They end up in the mid 21st century, their only chance of stopping the Borg from assimilating Earth being to help Zefram Cochrane make his famous first faster than light travel to the stars... Written by Marc-André Deschênes {imer@videotron.ca}"

"The Borg have returned, in another attempt to conquer Earth. Disregarding orders, Capt. Picard and the new Enterprise-E rush to save the Federation Home World, only to get sucked back in time with the Borg as they attempt to interfere with the course of human kind's evolution into a peaceful, unified race. Written by Matthew Dworkin {mdworkin@pobox.com}"

Movie "Star Trek - First Contact"
November 22, 1996 Release

This information was found on the www.crimenews2000.com forum on the Internet by a person under the name of 'Cutter':

"While Picard is trekking his way through the intricate maze of Jeffries Tubes, trying his best to stay one step ahead of the ever-pursuing Borg, Picard is suddenly caught from behind by Lily Sloane, who has fashioned a makeshift garrote and is using it to strangle Picard. Picard assures her that he is not associated with any faction and that she must trust him and do as he says."

Dialog from that scene in the movie:

Lily Sloane: "Who are you?!"
Picard: "My name is Jean-Luc Picard."
Lily Sloane: "No, who are you with, what faction?!"
Picard: "I'm not with the Eastern Coalition."
Picard: "There's a new faction that wants to prevent your launch tomorrow."

FYI: "Star Base 118 is the home base for the Star Trek space ships, and what they call the "United Federation Of Planets".

Who is the "Star Trek" fan?"



1997-08-15: Ramseys link killer to films - Hunter objects to ad's content

Ramseys link killer to films
Hunter objects to ad's content
By SANDRA FISH Camera Staff Writer
Friday, August 15, 1997

Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter said Thursday he objects to the Ramsey family using in an advertisement movie lines that may have been part of a ransom note.

A spokeswoman for the Ramsey family said Thursday that a full-page ad will run in Sunday's Camera with lines from the movies "Dirty Harry," "Speed" and "Ransom" - the latter a movie about the kidnapping of a child.

"We continue to honor our agreement with law enforcement authorities," the ad begins. "... We are not publishing any actual verbiage of the ransom note. We can tell you that phrasing used in the ransom note suggests that the murder of JonBenet was planned in advance. JonBenet's killer appears to be obsessed with techno-crime movies and phrases from them."

The ad is one of a series of weekly full-page ads in the Sunday Camera run by the Ramsey family in the month after John Ramsey issued a scathing statement criticizing the investigation of his daughter's murder. The 6-year-old was found strangled in the basement of the family's home Dec. 26, about eight hours after her mother reported finding a ransom note on a back stairway.

When told the ad would include phrases from movies, Hunter said, "We object to that. Whether it's exact or not exact, we have objected. In terms of the investigation, it does not advance the investigation at this point."

If lines - or phrases similar to those lines - from the note are published, Hunter said it would make it difficult in questioning suspects about the contents of the note.

"We would like to have them tell us what's in the note, rather than to have them read it in the paper," he said. Ramsey spokeswoman Rachelle Zimmer did not return calls late Thursday seeking a response to Hunter. Zimmer said in a news release that the content of the ad also will be mailed to Boulder households.

Among the movie lines listed in the ad:

From "Speed": "You know that I'm on top of you. Do not attempt to grow a brain." Reports have said the note includes the line, "Do not attempt to grow a brain, John."

From "Dirty Harry": "If I even think you're being followed, the girl dies."

From "Ransom": "Do not involve the police or the FBI. If you do, I will kill him."

Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby wouldn't comment on the advertisement. But when asked if the Ramseys, their lawyers or their public relations representatives contacted him about the ad, he replied, "They have not contacted me in six months."

Ramsey attorneys say calls to the number listed in the ads have resulted in several leads, but they have refused to say what they are.

When asked if the Ramseys have shared such information with his office, Hunter said: "In a very general way. I have received no specific report from them about information they have received."

Camera wire services contributed to this report.

1997-08-17: Ramsey ad hints killer likes crime movies

Ramsey ad hints killer likes crime movies
By SANDRA FISH Camera Staff Writer
Sunday, August 17, 1997

From mysterious men to samples of handwritten letters, the expensive ad campaign mounted by the Ramsey family in search of JonBenet's killer takes another turn today with the suggestion that the murderer might be an aficionado of "techno-crime" films.

The Boulder County district attorney on Thursday denounced the ad planned for today's Sunday Camera because some of the movie lines included are too close to lines in the ransom note that authorities want to keep secret.

But family supporters wish that such advertisements had run right after 6-year-old JonBenet was found strangled in the basement of her family's University Hill home on Dec. 26. Her mother reported her kidnapped early that morning.

And one criminal justice expert says such an ad campaign most likely serves one of two purposes: exhibiting indignation about police work or creating a smokescreen for the family and those close to them who might be suspects.

"Those are the two extremes," said Zug G. Standing Bear, associate professor of criminal justice at Colorado State University and a retired federal agent. "There may be something in the middle."

Today is the fourth Sunday in a row the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation has paid about $3,100 for a full-page advertisement seeking the girl's killer. Standing Bear said such publicity is "relatively infrequent. I think there's a lot more com plexity to it than what their motive is and why they're doing it."

But former Ramsey spokesman Pat Korten said the only unusual thing about the Ramseys' approach is that they are a victimized family with the resources for such a campaign. "John (Ramsey) and his team are doing what they can afford to do and what they believe will produce results," said Korten, a Washington, D.C., public relations expert.

Other victims' families suffer in silence or reach out to the community for support, as the family of a police shooting victim in Fort Collins has done, Standing Bear said. In that case, church members and others have supported the family, with media coverage in terms of news stories, he said.

"They go where they have friends, which can be more powerful or as powerful," he said.

The Ramseys ran their first advertisements in May and June, smaller ads headlined "$100,000 Reward," seeking general information leading to an arrest. The early ads included questions about any mysterious men who may have been spotted in the family's neighborhood.

Those ads led to a parody flier on the Downtown Mall in Boulder featuring John Ramsey's photo in place of his daughter's, and referring to him as the "murderer."

The ads during the past month were preceded by a statement from John Ramsey denouncing investigators who "have limited their investigation ... to me and members of my family."

The most recent ads feature information from investigators and a former FBI profiler, John Douglas, hired shortly after JonBenet's death. The sequence of ads has included behaviors the killer - the ad indicates the killer is a man - might display, individual characters from the ransom note found by JonBenet's mother, Patsy, and, today, movie lines apparently similar to those in the ransom note.

Information in the ads also is being mailed as fliers to Boulder neighborhoods. In some instances, the ads have been preceded by news releases on behalf of the Ramseys.

Before last week's ad, for instance, Ramsey spokeswoman Rachelle Zimmer said the family wanted to include either the entire ransom note or passages from it, but agreed not to at the request of law enforcement authorities. But this week's ad features lines from the movies "Dirty Harry," "Speed" and "Ransom" - the latter the story of a young child kidnapped from a wealthy family.

Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that the ransom note includes lines similar to those in the three movies. And although a statement from Zimmer on Thursday said the ads don't violate agreements with authorities because the "actual verbiage" isn't included, District Attorney Alex Hunter objected. He told the Daily Camera that publishing anything similar to the content of the note could harm the investigation because it provides information that should be known only to investigators and the girl's killer.

But Korten said it's too bad such material couldn't have been made public early in the investigation. He said Douglas, the former FBI profiler, "is very high on this."

"It's something that we would have loved to have been able to do in the first few weeks after the murder, when it could have had its best chance of success," Korten said.

But Standing Bear noted that running the ads because of dissatisfaction with investigators is "interesting in that the police lack of performance has to do (in part) with their (the Ramseys) reluctance to do an interview."

John and Pasty Ramsey didn't consent to an interview with police until late April after lengthy negotiations. The Ramseys did talk to CNN about their daughter's death on Jan. 1, the day after JonBenet was buried.

Meanwhile, a University of Colorado film professor said it isn't so much the lines from a movie that might reveal details of JonBenet's killer - if, indeed, the movie lines offer clues.

Instead, it's the psychology and the attitudes of the characters who delivered the lines that should be examined, said Bruce Kawin, who has taught film studies for 20 years.

"If it's Dennis Hopper who says that in "Speed,' it's one thing, if it's a cop, it's a different line," he said.


[John Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams
June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Movies, Rentals, Television)

2 MIKE KANE: There are these phrases in
3 here that seem to have some kind of Hollywood
4 connection? What did you think about that?
5 JOHN RAMSEY: It didn't dawn on me at
6 the time, because we (INAUDIBLE) so much. But that
7 came out later. There was a couple of phrases that
8 came out later: "you must grow a brain"; and we
9 can talk about the of the fat cat; and other fat
10 cats here, or something like that.
11 MIKE KANE: You're not the only fat cat
12 around.
13 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. Those are the phrases
14 that we, you know, later we thought we had heard
15 from people around us who have tried to
16 reconstruct who, where.
17 MIKE KANE: When you say we thought?
18 JOHN RAMSEY: Patsy and I.
19 MIKE KANE: Okay. And how was it that you
20 heard?
21 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, grow a brain, fat
22 cats. We'd heard those before.
23 MIKE KANE: Were you ever able to --
24 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, we had some names
25 we came up with. We passed on (INAUDIBLE) our

1 friends in Atlanta, "Atlanta fat cats" later in
2 that week.
3 MIKE KANE: When was that specifically?
4 JOHN RAMSEY: That was when she was back;
5 when we were back for the funeral.
6 MIKE KANE: (INAUDIBLE) friends saying that
7 about?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, when we went back, Ron
9 Westmoreland had like a little reception after the
10 funeral, and some of my friends were there, and he
11 has a beautiful home in Atlanta. He makes a lot of
12 money. It's not a stretch for him to have it. It's
13 very nice.
14 My friends were around me, consoling me and trying
15 to give me advice.
And to be a part of that group
16 it's the Atlanta fat cats.
17 MIKE KANE: And grow a brain. Does that
18 ascribe to anybody?
19 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't remember now. I'm
20 trying to remember that confrontation, but I don't
21 know. But I kind of forget who we came up with on
22 that. Do want me to give any number --
25 JOHN RAMSEY: One of the names that came

1 up was Jim Reno because Don Paugh, I remember him
2 saying that in the mall once. "Grow a brain," to
3 one of the media indigents. And that was one of
4 the recollections that came up.
5 MIKE KANE: How about that "listen carefully"?
6 JOHN RAMSEY: No, it didn't really mean much
7 to me.
8 MIKE KANE: What about the reference to "the
9 delivery will be exhausting, so I advise you to be
10 rested"?
11 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, that concerned me because
12 I didn't know whether that meant it was going to
13 be the next day that we'd get a call, and I'd be
14 out of mind by then. Certainly couldn't rest.
15 MIKE KANE: What about connections about
16 having something along that line before?
17 JOHN RAMSEY: I didn't have anything
19 MIKE KANE: And likewise, the "talking to the
20 stray dog"?
22 MIKE KANE: Look at the second page --
23 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. It didn't mean anything
24 to me. It doesn't ring a bell. It didn't then.
25 MIKE KANE: Subsequently, now that we've had

1 discussions, do you know where that might have
2 come from or an association?
3 JOHN RAMSEY: No, we hadn't really focused
4 on that.
5 MIKE KANE: In the ads and the flyers
6 you put out, did you make references to movies
7 like "Dirty Harry"; because that was an original
8 line in "Dirty Harry."
9 JOHN RAMSEY: Is that right?
10 MIKE KANE: You didn't know that until today?
11 JOHN RAMSEY: (INAUDIBLE) said that, no.
12 MIKE KANE: Okay. And any discussions about
13 that and going through all of this --
14 JOHN RAMSEY: Not the "stray dog" line.
15 We talked about some of the other lines that came
16 out. One of them came out as apparently as this
17 "Ransom" movie, which I never saw.
There was
18 similarities, we were told. Some people told us if
19 that it was or if we read the newspaper or what,
20 but apparently there's some very strange
21 similarities to some of these phrases, none of
22 which I don't believe, we had seen or have seen.
23 MIKE KANE: Have you ever seen "Dirty Harry?"
24 JOHN RAMSEY: Seems like I have. That's an
25 old movie, right?

1 MIKE KANE: Um hmm.
2 JOHN RAMSEY: (INAUDIBLE) that it's Clint
3 Eastwood, but I don't remember what it's about or
5 MIKE KANE: Did you see it before, or had
6 you seen it since?
7 JOHN RAMSEY: No. I haven't seen it since.
8 If I saw it, it was well before.
9 MIKE KANE: Did you see that in a theatre or
10 rented it?
11 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't remember seeing it.
12 I just remember I know the name and it's Clint
13 Eastwood. Usually what we did was we rented. If we
14 watched a movie we rented them. We watched them at
15 home. We very rarely went to the theater. I'm not
16 sure that I did go to the theater and see "Dirty
17 Harry."
18 MIKE KANE: How often did you rent?
19 JOHN RAMSEY: Actually not that often.
20 We had a projection, video thing in our bedroom
21 which would probably used it more frequently when
22 we first got it. But the kids watched, they liked
23 their kinds of movies.
24 The thought was when we rented a movie, we put it
25 in the bedroom so we could all pile in the bed and

1 watch a movie together. But (INAUDIBLE),
the kids
2 liked and I liked the ninja movies
and Patsy liked
3 something else, so. It was always difficult to
4 rent a movie that appealed to the whole audience.
5 MIKE KANE: What was it, kind of action
6 movies?
7 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, I liked Harrison Ford
8 movies, "Indiana Jones", things that have
9 airplanes and boats and stuff going on. It's
10 entertainment but not -- I liked old movies, you
11 know, the old, old classics.
12 MIKE KANE: What's your favorite movie
13 of all?
14 JOHN RAMSEY: "African Queen".
15 MIKE KANE: what others?
16 JOHN RAMSEY: "Animal House" is one of
17 favorites. I've watched that one probably five
18 times or more. I mean, "African Queen", if I could
19 watch that kind of movie every week, I'd do it.
20 They just don't exist. That's a great movie.
21 MIKEE: Were you with a fraternity?
23 MIKE KANE: And was it (INAUDIBLE) "Animal
24 House"?
25 JOHN RAMSEY: (INAUDIBLE). Not quite as bad.

1 MIKE KANE: Anyone break a guitar over
2 your head?
3 JOHN RAMSEY: No, we just rode our
4 motorcycles and (INAUDIBLE).
5 MIKE KANE: That movie system that was
6 up in the bedroom, was that already added when you
7 had the remodeling done?
9 MIKE KANE: And do you know how that
10 came about? I mean, was that -- I mean, was it
11 your idea or was it Patsy's?
12 JOHN RAMSEY: That was mine. We had
13 wanted a basement home, which we enjoyed back in
14 Atlanta. Be we never went down in the basement. So
15 it was silly to have that in the basement. Just
16 put in our bedroom where we live, you know, when
17 we're home most of the time.
18 MIKE KANE: Did it have a screen that
19 came down from the ceiling?
20 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. And the room was
21 long so it was kind of a perfect set up to do it.
22 MIKE KANE: So that you never saw the
23 (INAUDIBLE) either before or after?
How about some
24 of the other ones that your ad talked about the
25 "Speed"?

1 JOHN RAMSEY: I watched "Speed" on an
2 airplane, and airliner without headphones. And if
3 you ever watch that movie without the sound, it's
4 the stupidest movie you can imagine. (INAUDIBLE)
5 throughout the whole movie. And it didn't have
6 sound. So I've seen it, but without the sound.
7 MIKE KANE: Before or since?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: Before. When it was out,
9 it was on one of the airlines.


13 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I'd go during school
14 days or a school day. (INAUDIBLE) Patsy and Burke,
they used to watch the business
16 channel in the morning. Those were the only two
17 channels I watched on television.
18 The kids would be in bed by 8:30, 9:00.
19 And we'd go to bed shortly thereafter.
20 MIKE KANE: Were they
21 difficult to get to bed, either of them?
22 JOHN RAMSEY: No, not
23 really. If there had something going on, they'd
24 sometimes put up an argument. They used to like to
25 watch the movies when they went to bed. Sometimes

1 we would let them do that. That was about the only
2 argument we had, whether or not they could watch
3 the movie that night. It wasn't an argument, it
4 was just a discussion.


16 MIKE KANE: Okay. Let me jump
17 around a little bit here. The train room, you
18 know what I mean when I say the train room, is
19 that what you guys called it? There was a train
20 set down there?
21 What was that? I know you said
22 that there was a lot of storage down there and
23 from looking at it on the diagram, it was --
24 actually looks like there was a little bit of a
25 divider in there so it was two different rooms.

1 Where was, you said there were a lot of things
2 stored. Where were they stored?
3 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, we had, this
4 used to be an elevator shaft and that was like
5 the electronics for the elevator, so that's --
6 we were kind of' stuck with that when we bought
7 the house, so we had stuff stored in those
8 closets.
9 There was stuff, I think we had
10 some shelving installed, here, here, stuff
11 stacked on shelving. There was a little
12 bookcase here. What's that is. Usually had
13 junk in it.

June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Movies, Rentals, Television)

14 MIKE KANE: Did the kids play
15 there?
16 JOHN RAMSEY: They played, Burke at
17 course played with the train off and on.
18 Sometimes the would play back here. Not a lot,
19 but once in awhile.
20 MIKE KANE: Was it primarily used
21 for storage and--
23 MIKE KANE: And did they play with
24 the trains at all?
25 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, Burke did a

1 lot.
2 MIKE KANE: There was, I don't
3 believe we have a picture of it, but there was a
4 poster hanging up. Do you remember if there was
5 a poster?
6 JOHN RAMSEY: Okay. Some movie
7 posters, right?
8 MIKE KANE: Yeah.
9 JOHN RAMSEY: Hung up. Those were
10 from our old house, the space where we had the
11 theater, we had those hanging on the walls.


14 done, I have run numbers and letters, I have
15 tried to figure code. I have looked in the
16 bible extensively for that reference. Talked to
17 people who know a lot more about the bible than
18 I do.
The only thing I have heard that makes
19 sense are that it's star-based technical
20 command, was a term on I think Star Trek, one of
21 those, Star Wars, Star Trek, I think, which kind
22 of fits the movie theme.
23 You know, this freak had a passion
24 for movies.
Or Sanibel and, whatever her name
25 was, Claus, or the T could have possibly been a

1 J, Sanibel or Janet Claus. But the T would have
2 had to have really been a J, that's the only
3 thing.
4 Then there was a guy early on that
5 was going to believe that had a tee shirt that
6 was Santa Barbara Tennis Club and I checked, and
7 there was a Santa Barbara Tennis Club and but
8 other than that I don't have a clue what means.
9 LOU SMIT: You said you looked at
10 a biblical theme. In what sense?
11 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, just because we
12 had heard there were psalms circled, possible
13 118 being 118th psalm and there was some, I
14 think some interesting things there. So I tried
15 to just take it another step, does SBTC mean
16 anything in the bible. I couldn't.
17 MIKE KANE: Did you do some
18 research yourself in that regard?
20 MIKE KANE: What kinds of things
21 were you looking in the bible for?
22 JOHN RAMSEY: Any time I pick
23 up the bible I look in the index. I read
24 passages, I read thinking does that stand for
25 anything. You know, looked in the dictionary.

1 I looked it up on the Internet, there is a Web
2 site called SBTC, it's a little bit bizarre, as
3 far as I could tell.
4 MIKE KANE: Was that the one that's
5 the Small Business Technical Center that's on
6 the Internet -- had you ever --
7 JOHN RAMSEY: I saw that, I think
8 I saw that.
9 MIKE KANE: It's like a small
10 business trade organization?
11 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, I --
12 MIKE KANE: Access was never
13 involved in at all?
14 JOHN RAMSEY: No. So we would
15 have -- that's been puzzling to me from day
16 one.


22 LOU SMIT: Before we take a
23 break, Mike, what I would like to do and then we
24 will get back in, there is an area here, in
25 order to determine, a lot of things are going to

1 have to be determined. Let's say you wrote out
2 a check for duct tape. People want to know if
3 you did or didn't. We are going to need a lot
4 of records from you, do you have any objection
5 to signing waivers for records? I mean,
6 yourself.
7 Now I will tell you just some of
8 the records we are going to need okay, and I
9 made kind a list of them and they are just
10 general, we don't have specifics. But we are
11 going to need, for instance, we are going to
12 need your bank records, if we can get them. We
13 are going to need credit card records, to see if
14 you charged anything on credit cards.
15 We are going to need movie rental
16 records, just to see if you rented "Speed" and
17 "Dirty Harry" or any of those movies. We are
18 going to need --
19 JOHN RAMSEY: You don't have any of
20 that, those kind of records now?
21 LOU SMIT: Certain records
22 require permission to do that or we need a
23 subpoena for certain records, so we can
24 either have it where it's given
25 voluntarily or sometimes I have to go

1 through a subpoena, and that's one of the
2 Grand Jury things that would need to be
3 done. But again we are asking here for
4 these things and it's up to you whether
5 you want to --
6 JOHN RAMSEY: Absolutely no
7 problem with that.


4 MIKE KANE: Okay. I talked a
5 little bit about movies, you said "Animal House"
6 you have seen four or five times. You have
7 never seen "Ransom", never seen "Speed"?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: "Speed" only
9 sitting in an airline seat.
13 MIKE KANE: I guess I already asked
14 you about "Dirty Harry". You talked about, when
15 you had the theater, theater installed, you had
16 a different taste in movies, and I don't know
17 that I followed up on that. What, you said you
18 liked adventure, Indiana Jones type stuff, and
19 you said but the kids were different and Patsy
20 was different. What did the kids like?
21 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, the kids liked
22 kids' movies. Patsy, gosh, I don't know,
23 she -- you know, I would come home, like
24 sometimes I come home with these older movies
25 that were kind of semiclassic movies, but...

1 MIKE KANE: When you say come
2 around.
4 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, she --
5 MIKE KANE: Patsy --
6 JOHN RAMSEY: She always fell
7 asleep so it wasn't an issue for long, but.
8 MIKE KANE: Where did you grab
9 there down in --
10 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, Blockbuster,
11 on -- well, Blockbuster on 28th usually where I
12 went.
13 MIKE KANE: Okay, used to be a
14 video store at Baseline and March. Still there.
15 Do you remember going there?
16 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't think I ever
17 went there. But.
18 MIKE KANE: Have you had any
19 inclinations since this talked about how you
20 have done some of your own research about this.
21 I was surprised you haven't gone back to see
22 "Dirty Harry".
24 MIKE KANE: I thought you were
25 looking for clues.

1 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't know, what's
2 the clue in "Dirty Harry"?
3 MIKE KANE: Well some of the
4 language out of there?
5 JOHN RAMSEY: I thought --
6 MIKE KANE: The dog, talking to the
7 dog. Be arrested, you're going to need it, that
8 kind of stuff. That's were the fliers that were
9 put out?
10 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I didn't do
11 those. In fact, I don't know I even saw them.
12 I don't like to watch any movie now that has
13 anything to do with violence, children, I mean.
14 MIKE KANE: I mean watch it on
15 entertainment about --
17 JOHN RAMSEY: No, it would be hard
18 for me to watch frankly. I am very careful with
19 what movies we do watch. I haven't been to see
20 "Titanic". I know it's going to be a sad movie
21 and I don't want to deal with that.


15 LOU SMIT: Have you ever seen the
16 movie "Nick of Time"?
18 LOU SMIT: And it's about the
19 kidnap of a six-year old and it just happened to
20 be on cable, according to one of the Internet
21 things I read, on the 25th.
22 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I have never --
23 it doesn't ring a bell at all. I wasn't aware
24 of that.


15 LOU SMIT: That was posters in the
16 basement of movies?
17 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, yeah.
18 MIKE KANE: Okay.

[Patsy Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: Patsy Ramsey Interview (Thomas Haney, Trip DeMuth)
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth - Present also were Patrick Burke and Ellis Armistead June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Movies, Rentals, Television)

6 TOM HANEY: How about movies, what is the
7 last movie prior to this that you had seen?
8 PATSY RAMSEY: Oh, dear.
9 TOM HANEY: Maybe we should distinguish, at a
10 theater. Do you go to the movies a lot?
11 PATSY RAMSEY: I didn't go to the movies too
12 much. We would usually -- well, we didn't rent many
13 movies. The kids watched a lot of movies, the videos
14 in their room; put the big screen up in our room.
15 TOM HANEY: You had TVs and recorders, pretty
16 much spread around.
17 PATSY RAMSEY: Right. Gosh, I can't remember
18 the last movie. One time it could have been close to
19 Christmas, we got (inaudible). The movie about this
20 guy decorating his house. I mean, it was about
21 Christmas, and he put all the lights on in his house
22 and he turns the light on and the whole town is blacked
23 out. It was hysterical. I don't know the name.
24 TOM HANEY: These were more for the kids.
25 PATSY RAMSEY: No. For us too. I don't

1 remember what it was. I just remember that one scene.
2 Anybody know the movie? His whole house was all
3 decorated for Christmas and he was all excited. He
4 plugged it in and turned it on, the whole city dimmed
5 because he had so much, you know.
6 TOM HANEY: Okay.
7 PATSY RAMSEY: I think we saw that around
8 Christmas. I don't know.
9 TOM HANEY: So I guess what you are saying is
10 the movies mainly were for the kids.
12 TOM HANEY: And can you think of any that you
13 would have rented for yourself?
14 PATSY RAMSEY: We saw that one with Mel
15 Gibson. It was like set in Ireland about the Irish
16 war.
17 TRIP DEMUTH: Braveheart.
18 PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah, Braveheart.
19 TOM HANEY: Scotland.
20 PATSY RAMSEY: One of those places over
21 there. That was real good. It was real long, we
22 thought. I remember that one.
23 TOM HANEY: Whose choice was that?
24 PATSY RAMSEY: John. He and Burke usually go
25 pick them out. I usually fell asleep. He loves

June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Movies, Rentals, Television)

1 like -- what is the one, Andrew Longqueen, all of the
2 old movies. We get a lot of those.
3 TRIP DEMUTH: Like Humphrey Bogart?
4 PATSY RAMSEY: Right. I mean, he loved that
5 one.
6 TRIP DEMUTH: Who is he?
7 PATSY RAMSEY: John. I would fall asleep.
8 (Inaudible). He would usually pick the movies and I go
9 to sleep, usually fall asleep (inaudible).
10 TOM HANEY: How about things like Dirty
11 Harry?
12 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't know.
13 TOM HANEY: Speed.
14 PATSY RAMSEY: I think I might have seen that
15 on an airplane. Is that about some bus or something
16 that loses the brakes?
17 TOM HANEY: I think so.
18 PATSY RAMSEY: I think I watched that on an
19 airplane.
20 TOM HANEY: Okay. Now, at our house I am
21 getting the Dirty Harry, the James Bond, all of those,
22 and my wife wants to watch Sleepless in Seattle. She
23 gets that and I fall asleep. So do you put John to
24 sleep with some of your choices?
25 PATSY RAMSEY: No because I never -- I don't

1 think I picked them very much. He and Burke would get
2 them.
3 TOM HANEY: Where did they get them?
4 PATSY RAMSEY: Blockbuster.
5 TOM HANEY: Did they get them anywhere else?
6 PATSY RAMSEY: The little video place down
7 the -- in the little shopping center on Robinson.
8 Sometimes I think we get some there.
9 TOM HANEY: You know that as far as Speed and
10 Dirty Harry, and I think there is some other movies
11 that even John Andrew had made some mention about the
12 different words, phrases, and we talked about that a
13 little bit the other day, that some of that stuff seems
14 to come into the ransom note.
15 PATSY RAMSEY: We were talking about that?
16 No, I have never seen Dirty Harry, so I don't know.
17 TRIP DEMUTH: That surprises me, because I
18 mean, we are the same age, approximately, and I thought
19 everyone at our age group has seen Dirty Harry.
20 PATSY RAMSEY: You must be a lot older than
21 me. I don't know.
22 TRIP DEMUTH: Clint Eastwood.
23 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't think I have ever seen
24 Dirty Harry.


[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]1999-02-18: "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder"
Written by Lawrence Schiller, February 18, 1999

PMPT Page 84

"On one wall were three framed movie posters: Star Trek, Somewhere in Time, and a third poster of Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra in The Devil at 4 O'clock. Leaning against the wall was a poster of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile. In the small storage closet where Fleet White and John Ramsey had looked just before JonBenet's body was found, the police found a plaque with the lettering SBTC on it."


PMPT Page 225

"On the night JonBenet was murdered, the movie 'Nick of Time' aired at 7:30 P.M. on a Boulder cable channel. The story centers on an unarmed political faction that kidnaps a six-year-old girl. The victim is told, "Listen to me very carefully.' Bill Cox, who was staying with Fleet and Priscilla White, told the police he remembered watching the movie that night."


[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence” written by John and Patsy Ramsey

DOI Page 307

"The term BORG comes from Star Trek and refers to a civilization of people linked to a collective consciousness; the BORG followed one mind-set and were incapable of independent thinking. Their mantra was, "You will be assimilated; resistance is futile." Believe me, I was stunned. Real-life BORGS!"


[Crime News 2000 Forum]2001-01-25: From CrimeNews 2000 Forum thread,
"FOUND: Another piece to the puzzle"

1/25/01 09:10 PM
FOUND: Another piece to the puzzle. [Post#: 2207 ]

The ransom note contains at least one movie reference, ("don't try to grow a brain" is from the movie "Speed".) There are possibly two additional obscure movie references in the note.

Who would include movie references in a ransom note? Obviously a movie buff would. John Ramsey is a movie buff. The inventory list of items removed from the Ramsey house lists many video tapes, and Donald Foster even examined them while working for the BPD. (ITMI - p.281) -- BUT, more importantly, along with being a movie buff, John Ramsey is a Star Trek fan.

John Ramsey's pet name for those who think he and Patsy are guilty is, "the BORG". The "Borg" are a notorious arch-villain in both the Star Trek TV series, and at least one Star Trek Movie.

Besides referencing Star Trek characters in his speech and his tome, "Death of Innocence", John Ramsey even decorated his home with Star Trek and other movie memorabilia. This is from Schiller's book "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town", (page 84):

"On one wall were three framed movie posters: Star Trek, Somewhere in Time, and a third poster of Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra in The Devil at 4 O'clock. Leaning against the wall was a poster of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile."

John Ramsey has given too much of himself away. Because I now believe John actually used his interest in Star Trek to create the entire scenario for the kidnapping cover-up.

On November 22, 1996 the movie "STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT" was released in theaters across the country. Star Trek fans across the country were eagerly anticipating its release, and in all probability it would have been playing on multiple screens in Boulder as it was everywhere else. It went on to gross over 120 million dollars.

This is a portion of the movie's script posted on a Star Trek web page:

While Picard is trekking his way through the intricate maze of Jeffries Tubes, trying his best to stay one step ahead of the ever-pursuing Borg, Picard is suddenly caught from behind by Lily Sloane, who has fashioned a makeshift garrote and is using it to strangle Picard. Picard assures her that he is not associated with any faction and that she must trust him and do as he says.

The actual dialog from that scene in the movie:

Lily Sloane: Who are you?!
Picard: My name is Jean-Luc Picard.
Lily Sloane: No, who are you with, what faction?!
Picard: I'm not with the Eastern Coalition.
Picard: There's a new faction that wants to prevent your launch tomorrow.

Now, not only is an additional movie reference tied into the ransom note in the form of the word "faction", but that word is actually tied to the use of a "makeshift garrote" in a movie that John Ramsey would have had easy access to in Boulder, and as a Star Trek fan, probably couldn't wait to see.

I will be forwarding this information to Mark Beckner tomorrow along with the information KrayonC discovered on the Subic Bay pedophile market.

Just a couple more nails in the Ramsey coffin...

1/26/01 09:30 AM
Related [Post#: 2221 / re: 2216 ]

From the evidence inventory lists:

BAH15--Two video cassettes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH19--One video cassette--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH22--One VHS video tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH24--One Betamax video tape--Boulder 12/29/96 11:00 p.m.)
BAH25--One video tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH26--One VHS tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH30--One Betamax video tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH50--One video cassette--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH55--One cassette tape (video?)--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH67--One VHS tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH70--Twenty-two video tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH71--Ten video tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
BAH78--Twenty video tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB02--VHS videotape 12-31-96--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB03--VHS videotape 12-31-96--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB05--VHS video tapes 12-31-96--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB06--VHS videotapes 12-31-96--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB09--Fifteen VHS tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB10--Nine VHS tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB11--Seventeen VHS tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB12--Thirteen VHS tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB13--Four (five) VHS tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB14--One VHS tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
JRB21--Two VCR tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
KKY77--Ten video tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
KKY78--Seven VHS tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
KKY88--Seven VHS videotapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
KKY89--One VHS tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
KKY90--Three VHS tapes--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
KRV17--One video cassette tape--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)
MTE13--Video from Hallway--Boulder 12/29/96 (11:00 p.m.)

Over 160 video tapes.
And an additional Star Trek reference taken from a recipe for preparing "Tribble" (Apparently a favorite delicacy of the "Klingon" race.):

Star Trek : Klingon Academy.
As featured in the Klingon Galactica Encyclopedia: "First one must garrote the accursed beast across its torso and bleed it dry.*

(*Not related to the movie, possibly from an episode on the TV series.)
[credit to janab on JW, who compiled the tape list]

1/26/01 12:49 PM
It gets even better! [Post#: 2223 / re: 2221 ]

Censusgrrl on JW has found the following:

(From the Good Morning America chat with Steve Thomas.)

Dana T writes: "Do you have any theories behind what S.B.T.C. signifies?"

Steve Thomas: You know, we searched high and low, far and wide, and heard everything from "Saved By The Cross" to Ramsey's own suggestion of "Star Base Technical Command," but were never definitively able to attach a source to that acronym.

And guess what... "Star Base 118 is the home base for the Star Trek space ships, and what they call the "United Federation Of Planets".


CLICK HERE: Flight 755 15th Street Main Directory

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