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Basement Painter

Some guy in Boulder wrote Ramseys
Said Basement Painter had grudge against them
Basement painter was wearing ankle monitor

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Basement Painter
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Basement Painter
(Boulder, Colorado)
Painted Ramseys basement in '95 or '96 and somebody wrote to John Ramsey that this guy had a grudge.
Apparently was on restricted duty wearing ankle monitor John Ramsey
Atlanta 2000

Atlanta 2000 Ramsey 50pg Suspect List
--- --- --- --- --- --- As of Atlanta 2000 Interview, the information was given to unpaid private investigator, Ollie Gray


[Atlanta 2000 Interviews]2000-08-29: John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000 (Screen Capture on left is from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000
Interviewed by: Michael Kane, Bruce Levine, Mitch Morrissey,
Mark Beckner, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Ramsey Representatives Present: Lin Wood, Ollie Gray,
and John San Augustine


August 2000 John Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(Basement Painter)

10 THE WITNESS: Dennis Kelly. This
11 is actually very interesting.


5 THE WITNESS: Well, I started to
6 talk about Dennis Kelly, which interested me
7 because this is a note from a guy in Boulder
8 who lived near Kelly who apparently painted
9 our basement in either '95 or 1996. He's a
10 fairly dysfunctional fellow. I don't know if
11 you know his name or not.
12 Q. (By Chief Beckner) When you say
13 dysfunctional, what do you mean?
14 A. Well, I can give you copies of
15 these things, but he was wearing an ankle
16 monitor when he was painting our basement,
17 apparently. I don't know how this was
18 known, but obviously he was supposed to be
19 on a restricted duty.
20 MR. TRUJILLO: Mr. Ramsey, are
21 you speaking of Mr. Kelly as the person who
22 painted your basement?
23 THE WITNESS: Yes, Dennis Kelly.
24 Do you know that name or --
25 MR. TRUJILLO: I would have to go

1 back and look.
2 THE WITNESS: But anyway, this is
3 one of those that had a connection, in our
4 house.
5 MR. BECKNER: And that is the
6 type of thing that is particularly of
7 interest to us are people who have had
8 connections, because obviously there are a
9 lot of people that are going to write on the
10 internet and send letters and things.

August 2000 John Ramsey Atlanta Interview
(Basement Painter)

11 THE WITNESS: Right. Yeah. I
12 mentioned a wealthy friend I visited, da-dah,
13 da-dah, da-dah, and then Kelly said, yeah, I
14 know some rich people. Who? The Ramseys.
15 He seemed to have some sort of grudge
16 against you which he wouldn't explain.
17 But -- and this was March 2000. So I can
18 give you a copy of that.
19 In terms of the stuff that I have
20 been keeping track of, that's probably the
21 most interesting.


1 it.
2 Q. (By Ms. Harmer) Mr. Ramsey, this
3 Dennis Kelly that you brought up, the
4 painter, have your investigators contacted him
5 or done any follow-up that you are aware of?
6 A. I don't know of.
7 MR. GRAY: I beg your pardon?
8 MR. WOOD: Dennis Kelly, any
9 follow-up on Kelly yet?
10 MR. GRAY: I don't know a Kelly.
11 MR. WOOD: The painter.
12 MR. GRAY: Uh-uh (negative).
13 MR. WOOD: Give that to Ollie.
14 MR. GRAY: There are a couple of
15 others we followed up on, but not him.

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