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Bob Wallace

Handyman and Window Washer
John says Wallace helped Patsy with Christmas stuff
Wallace's friend, A Gilberto Rubio, pastry chef made the '94 Gingerbread house

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Bob Wallace and his friend
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Bob Wallace
(Ramsey Handyman)
(Nedra's Suspects)
Wallace and his friend put the Christmas trees into the wine cellar. Wallace put hooks up outside cellar room to hand wreaths. Wallace or his friend made the elaborate gingerbread house for the Historical Society tour '94. Did Christmas decorating. John thinks he was gay.
Worked '93-'94

Wallace, who had a goatee had a friend named Robert
or Rubio?

Big trees stored in cellar were not covered

Also cleaned windows
Patys Ramsey
April 30, 1997

John Ramsey
June 1998

ST Pg90

John Ramsey doesn't recall if Wallace was handyman in 1996
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Bob Wallace's Friend
(Handyman Friend)
(Nedra's Suspects)
Wallace and his friend put the Christmas trees into the wine cellar. Wallace or his friend made the elaborate gingerbread house for the Historical Society tour '94. John Ramsey implied they were gay.
John thinks Wallace's friend named Robert
or Rubio?

Helped Wallace put big trees stored in wine cellar '93, '94 ??
Patys Ramsey
April 30, 1997

Patsy Ramsey
John Ramsey
June 1998

ST Pg90
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1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado

TT: Okay. Um, other than Linda and Mervin, anybody else know about that cellar room down there?
PR: Um. We had people come and let’s see, like plumbers and stuff, but I don’t know if they would go down there. I can’t think who might, who had reason to know about that.
TT: Okay. You say that the artificial Christmas trees were stored in that room?
PR: Yeah, um hum.
TT: Okay. How do they…

PR: Oh, well, you know, Christmas before last, the guys that put them down there put the trees into the closed, into the cellar room there would have been Bob uh, Bob Wallace.
TT: With the goatee?
PR: Yes. Right.
TT: Okay.
PR: Bob Wallace and one of his friends. I don’t remember what his name was.
TT: Does anyone….
PR: They put them down there.
TT: Okay…
PR: Put the trees down there so they would have (inaudible).
TT: So Bob Wallace and his friend knew about that room?
PR: About that room. Yeah.

TT: How were the Christmas trees stored down there. Did you guys cover them up? Were they covered in any fashion?
PR: Well, those big ones were just set up in there. They weren’t even covered.
TT: Okay.
PR: The little ones, the little tabletop trees were back in the, back in the other room and I would put a sheet over them.
TT: Okay.
PR: But those big ones I don’t think they had anything draped cause, you know, it didn’t have any windows or anything so it didn’t get really dusty in there.

TT: Okay. Now, were the Christmas decorations stored down there too?
PR: Well, they were kind of hanging out in the, the wreaths and things were kind of hanging. Bob Wallace put up nails and…
TT: Um hum.
PR: … hooks and things to hang the, hand wreaths and put plastic over them…
TT: Okay.


[Patsy Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Screen Capture on left is from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth - Present also were Patrick Burke and Ellis Armistead June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Bob Wallace and his friend)

16 TOM HANEY: A Gilberto Rubio?
17 PATSY RAMSEY: That I believe is
18 the guy that made the gingerbread house.
19 TOM HANEY: What contact did you
20 have with him?
21 PATSY RAMSEY: He was a friend of
22 Bob Wallace's, Bob Wallace was a young man who
23 was washing my (INAUDIBLE), and subsequently, he
24 did a lot of floral arrangement for preparation
25 for the Christmas open house in '94. And

1 Gilberto Rubio was a pastry chef in Denver, so
2 they told me. A friend of Bob's. And he
3 photographed the house and then built a
4 gingerbread house to look like our house.
5 TOM HANEY: And do you know who he
6 worked for in Denver?
8 TOM HANEY: Did you ever have him
9 inside the house?
11 TOM HANEY: More than one occasion
12 or--

June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Bob Wallace and his friend)

13 PATSY RAMSEY: Um I -- I think just
14 one occasion he came in, delivered the house,
15 and you know, touched it up, the frosting and
16 little -- (INAUDIBLE).
17 TOM HANEY: So he was just in the
18 one time?
20 TOM HANEY: He had been there prior
21 to November?
22 PATSY RAMSEY: (Nodding).


22 PATSY RAMSEY: This guy named Bob Ballis
23 (phonetic) who did some Christmas decorations, he made
24 these things, you know, a year or more before when we
25 had the Christmas open house. He would know about

1 that.
2 TRIP DEMUTH: My question is: Who had been
3 in that room prior to Christmas of '96, Bob Ballis, was
4 he the Christmas of '95?
5 PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah. Right.

[John Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Screen Capture on left is from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams
June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Bob Wallace and his friend)

23 LOU SMIT: Just a quick question while you're
24 on that photograph, and let's show it for the
25 camera here. This shows Patsy and then the

1 children making gingerbread houses. I notice in
2 the report that for the past years you had always
3 bought gingerbread houses. And it seems like they
4 were always a part of your Christmas festivities?
5 JOHN RAMSEY: Well Patsy had one or two
6 made one year. She did an open house for the
7 Historical Society. We were always part of the
8 historical homes tour where they raise money for
9 the Boulder Historical Society, and our house --
10 we opened our house for that.
And she had this
11 really elaborate gingerbread house made by bob
12 Wallace, who did some handy work for her. And that
13 sat on our kitchen that year.
I think we actually
14 (INAUDIBLE) to use.
15 But then we put it in a plastic bag, and it was
16 real elaborate. And so I think it got reused a
17 year or two before it finally gave up. But I think
18 this is the first year she had had the kids
19 decorate gingerbread houses. And so they were
20 there, but I think it was.

21 LOU SMIT: Sometimes I'm going to be very
22 spontaneous. Bob Wallace, what kind of work did he
23 do for you?
24 JOHN RAMSEY: I think the first time he
25 worked for us he cleaned all the windows. We had


1 just finished our addition the third floor.
2 LOU SMIT: When would that have been?
3 JOHN RAMSEY: '94 maybe; 1994 or '93,'94,
4 somewhere in that timeframe. He was kind of our
5 handyman. Patsy had him help her decorate for
6 Christmas several years. I don't know
if he made
7 the gingerbread house or he had one of his friends
8 make it. I assumed he had the house made.
9 He did occasional handyman work, but mostly I
10 think it was decorating around Christmas time.
11 Because Patsy always decorated the house.
12 LOU SMIT: In '96 did he do that?
13 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I don't remember specifically
14 if he did. Probably not. You see, we were leaving
15 town the next morning after Christmas. So I don't
16 recall. We weren't going to have a Christmas
17 party, so I don't think Patsy did a whole lot of
18 decorating. So I don't recall if he did.
20 LOU SMIT: Did he have a friend that would
21 come with him occasionally?
23 LOU SMIT: And I've never been able to
24 locate
25 that friend's name.


1 JOHN RAMSEY: I think that he was the guy
2 that
3 did the gingerbread house. I don't know his name.
4 I don't think I ever did know his name.
6 or Rubio?
7 JOHN RAMSEY: Doesn't ring a bell. I don't
8 know if I ever knew his name. Or if I did, I don't
9 quite remember.
10 LOU SMIT: There's a chance that Patsy might.
11 (INAUDIBLE). Maybe tomorrow or whenever we get
12 together again, you can kind of learn that. It
13 just seems to me and, again, I've read so much in
14 this case that sometimes I'm full of information.
15 But it seems to me like I don't know what his
16 sexual proclivity was. But it seemed to me like he
17 was --

18 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, they were both gay.
19 LOU SMIT: That's what I was trying to get
20 at.
22 LOU SMIT: And that's why I was wondering
23 if he had a gay friend.
24 JOHN RAMSEY: My impression was that they
25 were both gay.


1 LOU SMIT: Would he give, this fellow, Bob
2 Wallace, give Patsy advice at certain advice at
3 certain times, or did they did discuss things? Do
4 you know that?
6 LOU SMIT: Do you know if he had a key to
7 the house?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: It's possible. I don't know
9 if he did. I doubt he did. I don't think that he
10 did. But Patsy, again, would know better than I
11 would.
12 LOU SMIT: Do you know where he came from?
13 I mean, how did she meet this guy?
14 JOHN RAMSEY: That's a good question. I don't
15 recall. I think he was from Denver. I don't know
16 how she ran across him.



June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Bob Wallace and his friend)

18 DAVID WILLIAMS: Well, yes. My point was: he
19 cleaned all the windows back in '93, '94. There
20 were screens on them at that time. See that's
21 where we (INAUDIBLE) the screens were already off.
22 JOHN RAMSEY: We took the screens off when we
23 painted the house and he would have cleaned the
24 windows after the paint was done.
25 LOU SMIT: When was the painting done?

1 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, it was finished just before
2 that Boulder Home Tour, the Historic Home Tour,
3 which I think was in '94. And the painting went on
4 for years.



4 MIKE KANE: You said that the house was
5 already decorated and the person who had done it
6 in the past was Bill Wallace?
7 JOHN RAMSEY: He had helped in the past.
8 I don't recall him being there this year. I know
9 Patsy knew specifically what she did. You know, I
10 don't remember, but it wouldn't have surprised me

11 a bit if she threw up some extra decorations. They
12 were pretty excited that we were having an extra
13 party and so forth. But I don't remember her
14 specifically doing it. But she'd remember.
15 MIKE KANE: Mostly from what I can see from
16 photographs there are garland and things like that
17 look to me to be artificial. Is any of it real?
18 JOHN RAMSEY: The Christmas tree was real.
19 That's about it.
20 MIKE KANE: Do you know if any of the
21 greenery from your yard (INAUDIBLE)?
22 JOHN RAMSEY: Sometimes she'd cut
23 (INAUDIBLE) in my yard, brought in ferns and stuff
24 for her room from the fir family, evergreen. But
25 I'm not sure.

1 MIKE KANE: You don't know?
2 JOHN RAMSEY: (INAUDIBLE) we got some
3 holly in the room.

6 MIKE KANE: You don't know whether Wallace
7 took part in that?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't, but Patsy would
9 know for sure.
10 MIKE KANE: When he assisted in doing
11 that, is that what he was? He assisted her?
12 JOHN RAMSEY: Right.
13 MIKE KANE: Or did he kind of do it
14 and she assisted? Which was it?
15 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't know. I knew he was
16 there, I guess, when (INAUDIBLE). I think he was
17 artsy, so I'm sure he had opinions and stuff on
18 what should go where. But I suspect it was
19 probably a joint effort.


9 JOHN RAMSEY: No, it's above that. And
10 typically, it hadn't been working for two or three
11 years, and I got things that needed fixing and I
12 got to fix them. But once the house was done, we
13 had the guy who used to mow the yard,
Patsy had
14 the Bob Wallace wash the windows once or twice.
15 On occasion we'd call (INAUDIBLE). That's about
16 it.


13 JOHN RAMSEY: There's no reason to
14 go in there. It was -- I don't know if it used
15 to be a coal storage or something that just was
16 a deed end room. It was, I think there was one
17 light, and it was -- that was it. There was no
18 reason to be -- the types of people that would
19 have known that we know that was there would
20 have been say the painter, because he put his
21 stuff in there. Whoever helped Patsy get the
22 Christmas stuff out, whether it was Linda
23 Hoffman or Rob or Father Rol or whoever it was,
24 but –


[JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation]2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 90

"Nedra gave us some two dozen suspects off the top of her head, and when we asked if the initials SBTC meant anything to her, she snapped, "Yes. Son of a bitch Tom Carson." Years before, Carson, the current chief financial officer at Access Graphics, had been involved in Nedra's dismissal from the company. She also pointed to Fleet and Priscilla White, Jeff Merrick and his "vicious" wife, housekeeper Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, a handyman, a painter, the gardener, the nanny, and a couple"

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