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Dean Cole

Reportedly installed Marble Countertops
In Ramseys House Thanksgiving 1996

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case
Dean Cole
Individual Date Reference Key ? Gave Prints Gave Blood Gave Hair Handwriting Got DNA Cleared or Alibi
Dean Cole
(Ramsey House Worker)
(J.T.Colfax Jailmate)
Cole told J.T. Colfax while in jail that he installed the marble counter tops in the Ramsey kitchen five weeks before the murder. He spent two days in the Ramsey house. Cole said "others" in Ramsey house doing other remodeling work.
Cole recalls the Ramsey wanted job done by Thanksgiving

Cole said he and other workers did go into the basement to get buckets of water from the water heater
Colfax Diaries

Cole told Colfax he didn't own Hi-Tec boots
--- YES --- --- --- --- Investigated by
Heidi Bunch
Ron Gosage ?


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1998-10-17: Colfax Diary; October 17th - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

October 17, 1998 - JT Colfax Letters from Boulder County Jail
The full unedited text of letters from J.T.Colfax

Posted on the Boulder News Forum
Colfax Diary; October 17th
1colfax - 06:56pm Oct 22, 1998 MST
James Thompson at Boulder County Jail


On Friday Oct.16th in the kitchen, some of us trusties and one jail employee were casually discussing the R. case. A new kitchen trusty named DEAN COLE went by and then came back to join the conversation. Cole said he installed the marble counter tops in the Ramsey kitchen 5 weeks before the murder. Cole specifically recalls the Rs wanting job done by Thanksgiving but it wasn't finished. Cole spent 2 days at the R. house. Cole said the Rs stayed elsewhere because of the mess. Cole said he met John Ramsey and that he "was a real nice guy." Cole said he didn't find anything "wierd" about Ramsey. Ramsey inspected progress and left.

Others were in R. house doing other remodeling work. Cole said he did enter the basement of the R. house to obrain buckets of water from the water heater. Other workers from other companies working elsewhere in the house did the same. Cole said the police never contacted him about anything to do with the R. house. Cole said "they may have called "so and so" and Cole mentioned a couple of his employees names. But Cole had no knowledge of any remodeling workers actually being contacted by the police. Cole said that the Ramseys "signed off" on the marble job the day after it was completed and that they were happy with it. End Cole story.

(JonBonet photographer arrested for indecent exposure being teased for tonight's news.)

Are these the kinds of things you web people want to know? Should I bother with them? I realize it's just a snippet that doesn't necessarily point to anything. But it certainly could explain the HI TECH boot mark.
Cole lives 2 cells down from me, I guess I could ask him about that. But I don't really know him and it's embarrassing to "interview" people in this situation. Oh, and I have no idea what Cole's case is and THAT I wouldn't tell you....

....MORE ON COLE: I asked him about HI TECH. He doesn't have any. Couldn't resist asking though. He is in here on VERY minor charges and will be gone before this is posted. Trying to get him to call Peter Boyles, but he's too shy.END...

...Someone should ask BLUE LOU SMIT why HE NEVER talked to all the remodelling workers. THE SHOES. THE SHOES. ANYONE could have stood in HI TECH SHOES. Cup-O-Diarhea in yer face LOU.

The following is part of the above letter but was not included in the posting on the Boulder News forum:

"Now back to just chatting with you Matthews. I think their 4 eyes will BUG OUT over the above, don't you. And coincidentally it's SO FRESH. This Cole guy will SHIT if he finds out. But it's NOT his CASE INFO. And I can't believe the cops didn't contact all those workers. It's CUZ there's NO NEED TO. They'd have DONE IT if it was logical.

Do NOT embellish on Cole's story. He's just a plain old construction guy. He has NO IDEA with what interest I listened to his words.

I guess the others who email me can NOT see the mail left by each other, Right? That would be an actual WEB site, Right?

Also you might be wondering where is the COLFAX in the glop I've sent so FAR but for right now I think it's important to come across factually and soberly. Don't worry I'm lurking right here. Try also to avoid having to interpret what I say. Like this Cole thing for instance don't let them ask YOU about it. And there's nothing more to it. So let 'em stew.

In other news for YOU only right now, last night I wrote a letter to the editor of the Weekly. It's signed by 12 inmates, including me. It says basically: "On Nov. 3rd, you FREE Boulderites must make a choice as to whom you want to lead the BCSD (Boulder County Sheriffs Dept.) in the next term. Your choices are George Epp or Dale Goettz. WE the undersigned inmates don't care either way - Nope - not even a little. We would however, nominate John & Patsy Ramsey for Jail Prom Royalty if they ever get here." In political anticipation we are! end letter.

Signed by 12 inmates including JT (rock back and forth) Colfax and Frank (poor hostage) Hollowitz. Larry "Robittussen" Bucy etc. it should appear in the Thurs 29th issue."


[http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/arkansas/1023/index2.html 'Colfax Diaries with all the original letters']1998-10-26: Colfax Diary; October 17th - James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

Matthews post from BNF 72hrs
after he posted the 17th letter

the Boulder P.D. can read...and they read this!

matthews - 12:31am Oct 28, 1998 MST

Hey guys, I just found out something pretty neat. I checked my e-mail today and look at dis...(It's from J.T. via phone to friend to my e-mail)

October 26th-7:00pm-(special arrangement) Big nervous day.
Dean Cole was still here this morning. They called him to booking. There, he was suprised to be met by Det. Heidi Burch and some other detective who by description I ASSUME was Gossage. He was asked for a palm print. Was asked various questions about working at R. house. Asked to name other workers and name the co. he worked for. Came back to module very angry at me. Within minutes a guard entered the module and called up to Cole telling him to "wrap it up". He got out of jail RIGHT THEN, GONE. WHY DID IT TAKE 2 years to decide it was time to contact the construction workers? And, then, only by monitoring me on the net. I spent the afternoon lockdown with the chair in front of my door. Nervousness doesn't stop me from proceeding. More to follow by snail jail mail.

Yes, J.T. had 'a friend' send this to me 'cause it was urgent. It was received by my mailbox yesterday and I just looked now. Thank you for sending it. For those who can't follow this..Go to Colfax Diary Oct 17th.


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